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credits: @darkosims3@pooklet.

So yeah. I said I was on hiatus and all that… well. I was feeling happy today (which is really great since I wasn’t feeling too good for the last few weeks) and decided to make something. So here it is. I might be making other stuff whenever I feel like it, but I won’t be taking any suggestions or anything. I don’t want to be stressed about anything. I want to make cc if I feel like it, not because I promised someone I will. I’m currently focusing on my mental health and stressing about sims is the last thing I want to do. I want to be able to create but also play games, read, watch movies and not worry that I won’t have a piece of cc to publish. So yeah! Wcifs are still open btw, just no requests please. Thank you and enjoy!

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Ok so where "do I find the ENXP crowd"? Preferred habitat? Likes? Mating rituals? What to do if I spot one? Do they bite?

Haha, okay, I’m glad you asked because I’ve been procrastinating on making a post like this for awhile and now I gotta. So here goes. Also guys, I’m dividing this male/female so I’m sorry if it doesn’t apply to you, but I don’t have time for any more descriptions (this is gonna be long)

As written by a female ENTP who knows many ENXPs…

How to find ENTPs


  • Male ENTPs look like the rest of the typical dudes around at first glance. But on closer inspection, they probably have a haircut that is supposed to be trendy but isn’t well-maintained and they also probably have crazy socks, or a crazy scarf, or are making some sort of stupid joke as you observe them
  • They joke all the time. Like there is not a time when you’re talking to them and they’re not thinking or talking about jokes. Could be memes, funny animals, slogans or advertisements…really just anything humorous. And they spew it.
  • They’re the annoying ones in the room. ENTPs are called “class clowns” but honestly I don’t find that to be a super accurate description of us since we’re pretty darn ambiverted. So it’ll be the guy in your class or office that’s really annoying yet funny and has outrageous philosophical or political views. Or has a crazy backstory/family life. Something crazy, I promise
  • Can be pretty shy or socially awkward, many ENTPs have Asperger’s
  • They are very silly and tacky. They wear comical shirts, have smirky expressions all the time, and are actual super softies. Like we’re talking hopeless romantic softie if they’re not super unhealthy. The stereotype is that ENTPs are “bouncy” with relationships and go from partner to partner, but that is largely untrue for both sexes. We may have a lot of partners, but we typically go into the relationship at least trying to make it work long term. It’s only that we break up with people a lot based on the fact that we feel like there’s a lot of stagnancy/we get bored/think that our partner is incompatible with us since we’re “hiding” our true selves, etc.
  • Really bad at using social media 
    • Most guys only have a few pictures on their pages, if they have a social media page at all (this is personal experience, not true for all of them, just seems to be a trend)
  • Wide variety of skills/ineterests/hobbies
    • ENTP friend loves skiing, lifting, exercising…and then is unhealthily obsessed with pug puppies and memes
  • Are usually friends with the STP crowd or the NF crowd, either or
    • Does usually have another NTP friend that’s pretty close to them

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the second pic may look awkward as hell but that’s bc that’s my Legit Smile, like how i smile when i laugh n stuff. it’s a good smile bc it shows that i’m rlly fucking happy right now!!!!!

an edit: this didn’t post earlier today for some silly reason so HERE IT IS NOW im still quite fuckin pleased 💜💜💜

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much cas hate. Now i'm just really in a bad mood now, not sad or angry just sort of... bleh, y'know? And I was going to be writing some of my original novel today, but now I just don’t feel like it, so d'ya think you’ve got anything fluffy I could read? Or maybe any music recommendations, book recommendations? Just anything really. Thanks <3 and I hope your day has been well! (2/2) (resend) Edit: yeah... there wasn't actually that much cas hate, i'm known for a little exaggeration, my apologies

*pets* Well, I am certainly sorry you are down. Seriously, ignore the stupid people who can’t enjoy Supernatural or acknowledge it as it is.

Well, for fluffy, if you haven’t, you need to check out the fic I’m currently working on, because it is made of fluff and laughter and the best kind of angst. The One with the Fanfic Competition, which people seem to really be enjoying as it has shot past all my other works to date in popularity.

If you are unfamiliar with podfic, might I suggest it. Imagine: someone reading you their favorite fics. Or, well, me reading you some of my favorite fics, as this case is going to be, that way you can just kick back and relax as the story unfolds. Or multitask and do laundry while reading fanfic at the same time.

Heartstrings and Hands - In which formerly blind Dean meets deaf Cas, and they forge a language of their own… [podfic length: 21 mins] 

Start Quoting Shakespeare and We’re Done - In which Dean has the hots for a librarian named Cas, Cas may or may not have the hots for a mechanic named Dean, and Gabriel joins Sam in the peanut gallery in the hopes that he might just get to do a horizontal tango of his own. [podfic length 01:45:27]

The Makings for Home - Metatron and Abbadon have both been defeated. Things with the angels and Heaven have been righted, and in the aftermath… Cas and Dean struggle to adapt to retirement from active duty. Cooking becomes involved, with dog-eared cookbooks, and lots of insecurity and feelings and love.[Let’s face it, the writers never give us a happy ending, so I tried my hand at what they won’t.][podfic length 39 mins 37 sec]

La Cucina - Dean turns around and Castiel is picking through the jars, turning them over carefully to read the labels, totally engrossed. Dean watches him.   

“Is there,” Dean says, “uh, anything in there you like?”

Castiel looks up at him and then back at the apples, sitting in a basket on the counter in their golden skins, ripe and pretty. Castiel smiles up at Dean. “I don’t know yet,” he says.

Good Girl - in which Team Free Will gets a four legged mascot.

   Sam drives her to a veterinarian’s office one day, in the stolen car he is now increasingly regarding as his, and she comes back sort of sulky and depressed from having been tricked into getting a series of vaccinations.

   “I know the feeling,” Cas says, at floor level with her, while the puppy licks the underside of his wrist and makes sad eyes. “I was once immune to tetanus, but now I am forced to endure booster shots.” He looks over at Sam and Dean, and lowers his voice to a whisper. “They told me they were taking me to the zoo,” he says. He pets her ears. “You will learn to trust again.” [podfic version; 13 mins]

Frowning Your Way Through Love - AU. Sam’s best friend is a quiet guy called Castiel. Dean is possibly in love with him. But all the guy does is frown at Dean. It sucks. [podfic; length 28 mins]  *This one is HYSTERICAL

I hope that helps? Seriously, don’t let the destieheller hate club bother you. They’re completely ridiculous. Just enjoy the show, and of course, all the fabulous fic. I’m currently trying to split my time between writing the next chap of a fic and reading The Game of God by @seperis and praying they will finally update and finish the fourth book in the series so my soul can continue to exist. Current events in fic have me currently VERY STRESSED OUT because seriously bad things are happening and I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to die. I’m enjoying it a lot. ^_^

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So, I was driving to class today and Issues by Julia Michaels popped on. Instantly thought of Proposal--it kinda hits both sides of Rey and Kylo and especially their little argument going on right now, as well as all of their issues throughout. "You do shit on purpose/You get mad and you break things/Feel bad, try to fix things/But you're perfect/Poorly wired circuit/And got hands like an ocean/Push you out, pull you back in"

OOOOHHHH New music! I’ll have to check it out. xD Yeah they’re two idiots, ngl. Thank you, Nonnie! 

EDIT: holy shit yes.

‘Cause I got issues
But you got 'em too
So give 'em all to me
And I’ll give mine to you
Bask in the glory
Of all our problems
'Cause we got the kind of love
It takes to solve 'em

Yeah, I got issues
And one of them is how bad I need you

basically. them. 


The overnight sensation who pushed herself to keep taking on her role.

Shukashuu is featured as part of the ‘Dressed Up VOICE GIRLS SPECIAL BOOK’, which was a special add-on for the March 2017 edition of B.L.T. releasing today!

The feature includes a beautiful photoshoot of Shukashuu in a furisode (a fancy long-sleeved kimono) for her coming-of-age ceremony, as well as Shuka’s own comments on how it feels to reach the age of adulthood.


So I started and finished the last gif today and I can really feel myself getting faster at this entire process i’M LEVELING UP HELL YEAH!! This scene is almost done I can almost taste it. o(*´д`*)o (but I have like 2 more to go orz)

I’m too lazy to edit in dialogue subs so have fun at looking at the pure animation \o/

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I watched almost adults today to procrastinate an essay and like... I was very close to giving up and just writing the essay.

glad I’m not the only one who feels this way like… its boring? and the editing… and the colour grading… and the writing… ugh. and trust me, I do enjoy a good bad film (see: all the terrible Amy Acker films I kinda enjoyed…) it’s just… yeah.

Happy First Time Baby

‘’okay? uhm? your birthday/ anniversary imagine was so good?? 😍😍 part two with smut?? reader and Dracos first time?‘’ - Anonymous.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy + Reader / Y/N.
Word Count: 1,5k+
Requested: Yes.
Warning(s): Smut baby.
Note: This is a part two to my other imagine, Happy Birthday Babe.
And I just really need to write because I am mad as fuck.
(And let’s forget the fact that boys can’t actually enter a girl’s bedroom (it’s an imagine after all (so you just have to imagine it hehe)))

+     +     +     +     +     +

As promised, your part of the anniversary would be tonight as you got dressed more properly for the show. With your hand you caressed it along your arm, up to your hair and enjoying the softness of your hair. Then you looked at yourself the mirror, big (colour) eyes watching each other as the dark red night gown hugged your body almost perfectly. You felt such a comfortable feeling going through you, fingers tingling as the new ring you got today shined around your ring finger.

The moment it appeared on your finger, your heart almost forgot how to beat as Draco murmured the spell and all those sparks danced around your ring finger to create the ring.

You bit you lower lip and smiled, twisting and turning the ring around before the door behind you opened. Draco stepped inside and his mouth went open to say something. But as soon as he saw you, his mouth closed again and he observed you very carefully, his eyes gliding downwards and upwards again until his eyes met yours. He stood still for another couple of seconds, so you decided to take a step towards him and throw him a smile.

A seductive one.

‘Y/N,’ he spoke, almost breathless as you walked slowly past him, closing the door of the bedroom and locking it.

‘Draco,’ you whispered, him turning around to face you as you blinked your eyelashes a few times, your hands behind your back as you appeared almost vulnerable.

He only needed one step to be only centimetres away from you, his breathe hitching as his eyes lowered and watched your mouth going open a little.

‘You look…’ he was searching for the right words as he looked at your eyes again, not letting them go as his hand rested on one of your hips. The other one was pressed just beside your head against the door. ‘Breathe-taking.’

That was the moment you leaned in for a kiss and he leaned in too, lips meeting each other in the middle as one of your arms threw itself around Draco’s neck and the other one rested on his shoulder. Sloppy sounds filled the room as the kiss went slow, but so perfect in sync as both Draco and you opened your mouths. 

Draco’s hand went from your hip up to your boob, softly squeezing one as his thumb circled around the area of the nipple. You moaned in his mouth and your back arched a bit towards his body, already craving for more.

He separated from you and looked at you, his eyes darkening as his breathe fastened a bit. Then he went from the ribbon around your waist, pulling at one of the ends and letting the night gown fall from your body.

A new pair of lace lingerie appeared, red and black, just like Draco told you. Something he’d always wanted to see you in, eager to rip it off your body and fucking you senseless in it when possible.

Well, this was his opportunity.

‘Holy shit,’ he whispered and for one moment you thought he dropped to his knees to thank the lord for this gift, but instead he first admired your panties and then slowly pulled them down until they dropped to your ankles and you stepped out of them.

His mouth immediately went for your clit, sucking and licking it between his lips as his index and middle finger went across your already wet pussy. A whimper rolled over your lips as you already had closed your eyes, one hand grabbing Draco’s hair. His skilled moves with his mouth were showing again, and it felt like he had this heavy make-out session with your clit, you giving him sometimes a yank at his hair when a shock went through your body.

His fingers had already made you wet enough, so he dipped those two in you suddenly and he started to pump at a slow pace. Moans left your mouth as your other hand grabbed his hair as well, whimpering as your legs started to shake already.

The feeling he gave you so many times before started to form again, the warm feeling that rushed down your body and the sparks flowing with it.

‘Draco,’ you moaned his name, ‘Draco, I have to… I have-’

That was the moment he pulled away and got back to his feet again, his figure towering above you.

‘Oh how I fucking love it to tease you,’ he whispered before kissing your again, letting you taste something from yourself as you moaned again. A soft moan was a response as the hard on from Draco was pressed against your lower stomach.

When you looked down, you could literally see the bulge, desperate for some air as it was hidden in his jeans.

‘Baby,’ he whispered, making you look up at him again, ‘you… you want to do this?’

For a moment you hesitated, as it was your intention to give away your first time to Draco. Same thing goes to Draco, since it was his first time too, to make love to someone.

‘Yes,’ you breathed out as you pressed your mouth on his while pushing him back onto your bed. His blouse went off and soon enough also his T-shirt and jeans. The shoes were already kicked off before he even laid down and so, he now was only dressed in his boxer.

He rolled on top of you and started to leave a whole trail of sloppy kisses along your neck and in between your breasts. He also pulled off his boxers and revealed his very hard cock, the tip already leaking some pre-cum.

He groaned and looked at himself. ‘This is what you do to me, baby,’ he said, bending down to get a condom package from his back pocket of his jeans, which was thrown on the floor beside your bed.

He carefully put the condom around his erection and sighed deeply, before looking up to you. You know how hard he tried to come across as calm and caring, but you knew how much he wanted to enter you right now.

‘Come one, big boy,’ you smiled, spreading your arms as he bent over you again, the tip touching the opening of your vagina.

‘Y/N, I’m serious,’ he whispered, ‘I won’t deny this. It will probably hurt first, but I promise you it won’t last long and after that, pleasure will wash over you.’

You just nodded, trusting him as he gave you an encouraging smile before he slowly entered you. And indeed, it was painful. You groaned in frustration and pain, actually not wanting to continue but once you said you didn’t want to, you knew you’d never continue and go farther than this.

So when Draco looked at you with a questioning look, you nodded and pressed your lips into a thin line.

He continued, slowly and careful not to hurt you anymore. Of course he did, but there was nothing to do about it.

Tears were almost spilling from your eyes, when the pain slowly faded and you actually started to enjoy Draco thrusting in and out of you.

‘Oh my god, Draco,’ you whispered, a smile spreading across your face as he smiled too, noticing the pain faded.

‘Yeah baby? You okay?’ he asked you, starting to pick up the pace more as you nodded, finally feeling the pleasure Draco had described. Moans fell from your mouth as Draco his head turned redder with the minute.

‘Y/N, I’m gonna-’ he was cut off by his own deep breathe as you moaned more.

‘Just cum already, baby, you did such a great job,’ you spoke in between moans and groans. Draco glanced one at you before swearing a string of profanities and saying your name multiple names as he spilled his juices into the condom.

Then he pulled out of you as the emptiness in you felt cold, but you didn’t care at all. You were glad you two did it this way, letting Draco enjoy his day too.

‘I’m sorry I didn’t let you finish,’ he whispered in your ear, pulling the covers on top of you, ‘it is your birthday after all. Oh my god, what was I thinking?!’

‘Draco, hush hush,’ you smiled, ‘don’t worry, it was amazing. I feel so good about it and me finishing will come later.’ You winked at him and he grinned deviously.

‘Yeah, it sure will,’ he said before kissing you again and brushing some hair out of your face.

‘I love you,’ you murmured against his lips and he hummed, definitely satisfied with those words.

‘I love you too, and, happy birthday and anniversary baby,’ he responded, you smiling.

‘Thank you. Happy first time to us.’ A giggle escaped your mouth as a soft laugh could be heard from Draco.

And all night long, you were talking and chatting about so much different things, until you both feel asleep in each other’s arms, happy how everything ended today.


Hello! Yes, as you may noticed, I changed my username. :) From lightcityluke to jetlukeheart. Yeah, I like this one more, it fits me more and idk why. Haha, okay, yeah. But, since I’ve got a new username, I have to edit a lot of posts and shit, because they have urls in it with lightcityluke and the url will lead you to nowhere. So, that will all happen soon too. But for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend and see ya soon! :)

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you never knew you had it in you

to be so selfless

but you let your tongue run the sharp edges 

instead of your heart - 

at least this time you’re not the one getting heart.

(idk if it’s been obvious that i haven’t been on or anything hahaha but yeah i think i’m going to disappear for a little bit more…just until this dark cloud over my head floats a little bit away and instead of getting suffocated by things i can’t see, there are other stimulations pricking at my skin. feels like i’m not getting air in my lungs even though i’m inhaling and exhaling, and like there’s stones in my body cutting me apart and dragging me down.  
sorry for the not up to par edit - it’s crappier than usual? just felt like i had to get something out for the last time since today was an okay day before i went back under.)


Thats so many! Thats, a lot!

Thank you to everyyyybody who’s here. I truly appreciate every follow, reblog, and like! Thank you for looking at my stuff and being excited about it (reading tags is hilarious and awesome and heartwarming)

To say thanks, feel free to submit any kind of drawing suggestion to my ask box including stuff outside of my fandoms and your own (or friends’) original characters and I’ll pick some out to draw! Which is a type of request I almost never take. Not sure how long I’ll have this open or how many I’ll do but, yeah! Thanks!

(edit: I’m not going to be drawing these right away, gotta do some work today first. feel free to keep dropping suggestions in as long as you see this post!

The Story-Part 7

Once again nothing was spoken about what happened. It just…was. I decided to do what I always do when something bothers me, ignore it. If they weren’t going to mention or bring it up, neither was I.

The next morning, I headed downstairs with every intention of starting breakfast for everyone when I caught the sounds of Jared and Shannon going over the last bits of editing.

“Yeah, I like that one too.” I heard Jared softly. “So how are you gonna tell her?”

Against my better judgement, I listened.

“We’re not even a hundred percent sure how she feels.”

“We’ll talk to her soon”

I scurried quickly back up the stairs as quietly as I could.

Making my way in to the master bathroom, I shut myself in. Talk to me about what? And what do they mean they don’t know how I feel? About what?

I turned on the shower. Extra hot today. I stepped in and let the water rush over me. It enveloped me and made me close my eyes recalling my night with Jared.

I mimicked the way that his fingers traced down my body as we laid there in bed, and I explored myself now, replaying the memories of him inside me.

My fingers now circled my clit as I recalled the dancing from last night… Jared behind me. Shannon in front. The man I loved and the man I couldn’t get out of my head.

I wanted to feel Shannon the way I felt Jared. I wanted to care for him the way I cared for Jared.

My moans picked up, louder now as I moaned and pined for both of them. Each name escaped my lips as I plunged my fingers deeper in to myself.

I ended my ride of pleasure crying out the older Leto’s name.

This time there was no guilt. Perhaps I’d gotten it out of my system. No more awkward thoughts. No more tension.

It all washed down the drain. Right?

so i just hit 4k followers today!!! this blog is just over a year old and lately i’ve befriended so many lovely people, i honestly feel so blessed and grateful to have you all!!! <3

i literally have no talent in editing photos or anything technical so um. yeah. this is the result hEH. but i literally can’t thank-you all enough for following a blog like mine!!! and im so glad that i can spread the yoongi love around and provide you all with yoongi-filled goodness! :)

if you can read this, then please know that i love every single one of you, to me you’re all more than just a number or some blog that follows me okay! i hope you all know this! please know that you’re such a beautiful person that is doing amazing in life, keep going! you are strong and important :) i love you <3

i was going to do like, favourite urls and that but whats the point of doing favourite urls wHEN I FOLLOW ALL OF YOU FOR THE SAME REASON? :’D

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♪ all out of love - air supply♪ come sail away - styx ♪ keep on loving you - reo speedwagon ♪ sundown - gordon lightfoot ♪ open arms - journey ♪ i want to know what love is - foreigner ♪ looks like we made it - barry manilow ♪ i can’t fight this feeling anymore - reo speedwagon ♪ wheel in the sky - journey ♪ lady - styx ♪ how am i supposed to live without you - michael bolton ♪ dust in the wind - kansas ♪ making love out of nothing at all - air supply 



Well it’s finally here.  Performing for you.


Anyways, dang…really sorry this came out so late, I severely underestimated the amount of work I had to do left.  Anyways, but yeah.  This video is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I actually learned a shit ton making this.

1.  Map editing, to make Day Viaduct Night Viaduct.

2.  Particle editing, for all those snowy sparkles you see.

3.  After Effects, exporting, compression methods, and all that other boring crap.

Also, I feel like a huge asshole I have a shit ton of questions or something I just found out I had today because like I’ve said, I have no idea how to Tumblr.  Sorry guys!  I’m going to answer them right now and hope you guys aren’t too pissed at me…

Heavy is wish-making fairy.

Man, but considering that as of Cap2 even Alexander Pierce was clamoring for Iron Man as a party guest, you know the Avengers all think they’re going to make Clint’s kids’ next birthdays EPIC.

And the kids are just totally unimpressed. Yeah, they’ve heard stories about Thor and Captain America, and see kids on the playground with the action figures, but mostly they feel like boring work stories that get shared at the dinner table when it’s Dad’s turn to talk about what he did today.

Tony’s like “Hey, so we were talking, for your kids’ party-” and Clint’s like “I’m glad you offered, I didn’t know how to ask. Do you have connections to get the limited edition Evil Pony Pal?” and Tony’s like “Um. We’re the Avengers? Earth’s mightiest heroes? I thought I could even wear the suit for them-?” and Clint’s like “Unless you have an Evil Pony Pal suit they won’t care.”