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I come to your blog for Carmilla (since you're the only one 100% dedicated to the show and the cast and have crazy anons with some amazing headcanons and discourse on the daily), but stay for the cuteness. Your cuteness to be exact. We all have down days. I've had down months. But they always get better. Find something positive to channel your energy into. Change your sleeping patterns. Even though you love the fandom so much, step away for a while and then come back with a new perspective <3

Cuteness?  That’s a first XD  Yeah, I’ll try to change my sleeping patterns bc it’s really messing up my days d:  I don’t think I’m the only one who’s 100% dedicated to the show but hearing that makes me happy since I sometimes feel so harsh towards them.  Also, I guess my anons will like that compliment XD  Thank you for this sweet message <333 

Hey, you should know that outside of everything fandom related, you are SO interesting and smart and kind and you deserve so many good things and on top of all of that you are beautiful, so jot that down.

It’s always so weird to me when people compliment my physical appearance bc I rarely upload pictures XD  I really only seem interesting online but I’d like to think I’m cool in person too XD  Thank you so much! <333

romeo and juliet: soukoku edition

Dazai: *begins looking under chairs and behind curtains* oh, wherefore art thou, chuuya?

Chuuua: wherefore doesnt actually mean “where" u uncultured fuck

Dazai: *rolls eyes* what-fore ever-fore.


Dazai: but soft! what light through yonder window breaks-

Chuuya: motherfucker, you better not be quoting romeo and juliet at me again.

Dazai: Tis the east, and chuuya is the sun!

Chuuya: yeah, so ur bitch ass better stay 93 million miles away or ill fuckin light you on fire. 


Dazai: quick, chuuya, pretend im dead

Chuuya: no need. you’re already dead to me. 

Dazai: chuuuuuuyaaaaa! you’re supposed to be devastated! 

Chuuya: *deadpan* sob sob.

Dazai: close enough. *shoves a flask in chuuyas face* ok now drink this poison so you can die in your arms before i suck the poison off your lips and kill myself


Dazai: you’re right, you’re right. this is crazy 

Chuuya: oh, you think?

Dazai: poisons not nearly romantic enough! *grabs chuuyas hand* come on, chuuliet, lets go find a nice bridge to jump off of!

Chuuya: death gets more appealing with every second I spend with you.

Dazai: that’s the spirit! double suicide, here we come!

Pencil - Johnny

You rush into the lecture hall, trying to be quiet as the professor turns to the board.  This is the fifth time this semester, if I miss one more class, apparently this professor will make me stay after class and do work for her…

“Whatcha doing?”

You freeze in your position hunched over behind someone’s desk and look up at the speaker.  Looking at you over the back of their chair is a guy you’ve seen around campus before.  I’ve heard he’s pretty chill… He better not turn me in.

“Hey…” you whisper lamely.  

He smiles. “Yeah, hi.  I’m Johnny.  And you’re squatting behind my chair, which I’m kinda afraid to ask about…?”

You cough awkwardly and look away. “Yeah well…”

“Alright,” you hear your professor say, “I’m going to begin to do roll call, please tell me if someone isn’t in their seat when I say their name…”

Johnny turns back and glances down at you. “Magic word?”

You look up at him and grin. “You’re for real?”

Johnny nods. “You totally owe me for this.  I’m doing this out of curiosity, okay?”

You continue your progress behind the back row of desks, half-crawling to your desk in the back corner of the room.  As you do, you see Johnny stand up in his seat.

“Professor,” he calls out, “I think that you dropped your pencil behind the podium.”

As the professor stops her roll call and bends down to look at the floor, you make a mad dash to your seat, sliding into your desk chair just as the teacher stands back up.

“Johnny, what in the world are you talking about? There’s nothing there.”

“Oh,” Johnny says with a laugh, “it must have been a shadow or something.”

Some people in the class laugh to themselves and the teacher shakes her head.  Johnny bows slightly to her and sits back down, looking straight at you from his desk.  He winks and you blush, offering him a small wave back.

You take out your things and focus back on the lecture.  But through it all, you keep casting glances at Johnny.  I never really noticed it before, but he seems really cool.  He’s handsome and smart and funny, he also dresses really well…

Johnny looks up and you quickly turn away, hoping he didn’t catch you staring.


After class, you rush out of the lecture, trying to avoid the conversation you expect is coming.  Maybe he won’t catch me…

“Hey! Tardy girl!”

You stop where you are in the hallway and sigh, then turn around. “Yeah…?”

Johnny jogs through the hallway, stopping in front of you with a smirk on his face.

You take a deep breath. Don’t think of him as attractive.  Think of him as… someone you owe. But that seems so much worse!

He shoulders his backpack and starts talking. “You’re welcome, by the way.  What’s your name? I mean, Tardy girl works, but I feel like it’s a bit too long…”

“I’m [y/n]” you say, “and thanks.  I don’t like owing people things, so what do you want? Money? Food?”

Johnny shakes his head and laughs.  “That stuff is too easy.  You’re not buying me off that quick.  I just need time to think of something really good.”

“Okay then,” you say. “Talk to me again when you’ve got everything figured out.”

“See ya around, [y/n]” he says, and gives you a mock salute.  You stand in the middle of the hallway, watching his retreating back as he walks away.

What just happened??


He’s going to think I’m doing this on purpose.  But I’m definitely not.  Am I?

You crouch down in the doorway of your lecture hall, late again.  Class was canceled for two weeks because of a project you the class was assigned, so it’s the first time you will see Johnny in a while.  You saw him across campus once, but you hid in the library before he could chase you down.

Should I just take the tardy and stay after class? Even though that would mean that I would have less time to study… WHY IS MY LIFE LIKE THIS?!??!

As quietly as possible, you crouch your way across the floor, trying to pass Johnny’s desk without attracting any attention.  But, somehow, it was like he knew you were there all along.

Just as the teacher calls out “I’m going to start roll call,” Johnny’s long arm shot out and latches onto your backpack pocket.  He tugs quickly, sending you sprawling behind his chair.

“Good to see you again,” he whispers, and your face heats up.  “Why did you ignore me that one time?”

“I didn’t see you,” you respond quietly, pulling your bag from his grasp. “I was too busy looking at books.”

“How did you know that was the time I was talking about?” he whispers back, a cocky grin on his face. Up close, hes even better looking…


“I’m saving you one more time, okay? This time isn’t for curiosity.  This time is just because.”

You make another mad dash to your seat, this time watching Johnny’s lanky form stand up and face the teacher.

“Is it okay if I present my project first?”

You breathe a sigh of relief as the teacher nods and motions for Johnny to sit down.  You watch him, but he doesn’t meet your gaze.  Instead, he raises a single hand and points in the direction of… my backpack?

You look at your bag lying on your desk, and turn it to face you.  Nothing looked off, except a pencil in your bag’s side pocket. Did he put that there?

You pull it out, noticing that there is a small note attached to it. It reads: I don’t know why, but I’m still kinda curious.  You owe me, so buy me coffee sometime.  But you’re required to be there.  So, I guess you owe me a date. Sound good to you?

Your heart hammering in your chest, you look over to Johnny, who’s attention is completely focused on his hands in his lap.  Other students in the class are milling about, getting their projects ready for presentation.  You take a deep breath and stand up, walking over to Johnny’s desk.

“Hey,” you say quietly, “I think you dropped your pencil.”

You set it on his desk and walk back to your own seat, nervousness causing you to look back as Johnny unravels the note again, smiling as he reads what you wrote: see you tonight.



204. We are not allowed to send fake anonymous love letters.

A/N: Dedicated to Anon. Without you, we wouldn’t know how bad James are Remus are at writing love notes. Well done.

James startled in his place when a giant book bounced on his bed directly in front of his view before tumbling off the side of the bed and landing on the ground with a resounding THWAK.

He looked up quickly to see Remus standing at the edge of his bed, his arms folded tight, and a deep frown etched on his face.

“Are you,” James paused, his eyes glancing at the fallen book on the floor before continuing hesitantly, “okay?”

“If I have to write one more word about why werewolves are dangerous,” he started, his eyes going darker with every word, “I’m going to find Professor Creed and show him just how dangerous werewolves can be.”

James flinched slightly, putting his own book away as he said, “Yeah, this assignment is bloody ridiculous. It won’t be a surprise when Creed isn’t invited to stay to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts next year.”

“He better not be,” Remus answered with a huff, sitting down against the edge of James’ bed.

“What do you want to do?” James asked, willing to put aside anything he needed to get done to spend time with his friend, “Sirius is at detention for back-talking and Peter is being tutored, but you and I could pull a prank on someone without them.”

“I think that any prank I’d come up with now would be too violent,” Remus admitted, “And likely have dire consequences that get us into loads of trouble.”

“Well,” James shrugged, “I’d stop you from doing anything too violent, and you know me. Loads of trouble isn’t something that’s likely to deter me from doing something I want to do.”

Remus smiled softly, letting out a brief chuckle, “I suppose that’s true.”

James lifted his fingers as he started counting off the list of ideas for pranks they could pull, “We could find Snivellus and charm his robes to be a different color again. Or we could reorganize all of the books in Creed’s office so he has to re-do them in the order he wants them in. Or we could pretend to be ghosts and hide in the bathroom stalls and freak people out when they’re trying to go.”

Remus shrugged, tilting his head as he thought about the merits of each different idea. He opened his mouth to comment when a bright pink slip of paper caught his eyes on the edge of James’ nightstand.

His mind diverted from their previous conversation, he pointed to the paper and asked, “What’s that?”

“Oh,” James rolled his eyes after looking to see what Remus was pointing to, “Just some dumb secret admirer note someone sent me this week.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “A secret admirer note?”

James nodded, “Yeah, I guess someone saw me playing last week and decided they wanted to send me a note to tell me I was good and stuff.”

“Why is that dumb?” Remus asked confused.

James snorted, reaching over to grab the paper and handed it to Remus for him to read.

My Dearest James,
You’re swift on a broom, as fast as can be.
I wish there was some room, so you could fly with me.
When I see you on the field, you make my heart soar.
I can’t wait until the next game, where I can watch you more.
Your Secret Admirer

“That’s,” Remus paused as he tried to think of the right words.

James suggested, “Creepy? Slightly stalkerish?”

“I was going to say terrible and a little over the top, but your words work too,” Remus admitted with a laugh.

He handed the note back, watching as James threw it on his nightstand, not wanting to deal with it at the moment, when the idea popped in his head.

“We should write secret admirer notes.”

James scrunched his nose skeptically, “Okay? Who do you want to write a note to?”

“No,” Remus corrected him with an eye roll, “Not serious secret admirer notes. We should write some as pranks.”

James eyes lit up as he jumped up from his spot on his bed, “That’s a fantastic idea! I think that I have some parchment in my nightstand if you want to grab some.”

Remus crawled to the edge of James bed and looked through his nightstand to find the spare parchment, “What are you grabbing?”

“I think Sirius has some ink I want to use,” James mumbled, looking through Sirius’ chest.

It was long before he let out an “Ah-ha!” and turned around, holding a small bottle of ink triumphantly.

Remus reached out, grabbing the bottle from James and looked at the label on the side, “Glitter Ink. Why on earth does Sirius have this?”

James shrugged unconcerned, “Why does Sirius have anything he has? I try not to question it too much.”

Remus snorted, handing the bottle of ink back to James along with the parchment.

“You should write the note,” James decided.

“Why?” Remus asked.

“Your handwriting is better than mine.”


“So, we want them to be able to read the note.”

“If you write slowly, people can read your handwriting too,” Remus paused before adding, “Besides, if you write in cursive your handwriting looks like a girl’s.”

James scoffed, “No it does not.”

“It does a little.”

“Ugh, fine, I’ll write the notes. Give me that,” he took the quill from Remus’ hand, ignoring his smug smile and dipped the quill in the ink.

“Who should we write the note to?” James asked.

They sat silent for a moment before they both answered simultaneously, “Snivellus.”

James started.

My dearest Snive-

Remus grabbed the parchment out from under James and crumpled it up before throwing it away.


“You can’t write Snivellus,” Remus scolded him, “That makes it obvious that it’s us.”

James nodded, “Sorry, you’re right. Force of habit. Let’s try that again.”

My Dearest Severus,
Your large sulking figure reminds me of a bat,

“This is supposed to be a love note,” Remus reminded him.

“Just wait and see,” James promised him.

When I wake up in the morning, I wonder where you’re at.

“Oh-kay,” Remus said slowly.

“You’re turn,” James prompted him.

“My turn?” Remus asked incredulously.

“Well,” James sighed, “I’m not writing this on my own. That would be weird.”

“Yes, that’s what’s weird about this whole situation,” he answered sarcastically.

“This was your idea!” James reminded him.

“Fine, fine, just let me think for a moment.”

Remus was silent, his lips moving slightly as he muttered to himself before saying, “Alright, write this down.”

I wonder if my fingers in your hair could go through,

“That doesn’t even make sense,” James complained.

“You hush and write,” Remus ordered him.

Would you let me touch it and maybe use shampoo?

“That’s gross,” James declared, “I feel dirty now.”

“That sounded a lot less sexual in my head,” Remus admitted.

Laughing James said, “You’re terrible at this!”

Remus argued, “You are too!”

They both laughed together, looking at the terrible note they’d written, unsure what to do with it.

“Should we finish it and send it?” James asked.

“It feels…wrong,” Remus said.

James nodded, crumpling the paper up and throwing it into the waste basket, “Let’s start from the top.”

Remus put his hand on James’ arm, stopping him from starting and suggested, “What if we write love notes to Sirius and Peter instead? I think we’d feel less creepy and we could see their reactions better.”

James nodded, “That is a great idea. To My Dearest Sirius it is.”

“Hey,” Remus added as James began to write, “When we’re done with this, let’s go reorganize Professor’s Creeds books in his office.”

James smiled widely, looking like a Cheshire cat that got the cream, “There’s nothing that would delight me more.”



“C’mon Sirius, we’re waiting for you,” James reminded him, leaning against his four poster bed.

“I’m almost ready,” Sirius grumbled, rifling through his trunk to find his money pouch to throw in his bag.

The four were about to leave the castle grounds to head to Hogsmeade and were waiting on Sirius to finish grabbing his stuff before they left.

Remus hummed disapprovingly and lectured, “If you would organize and clean out that trunk every once in a while, you’d actually be able to find your stuff when you looked.”

“My organization system is fine, thank you very much,” Sirius clipped out, sniffing a pair of socks he pulled out before making a disgusted face and throwing the socks in the corner where his hamper was.

James rolled his eyes and glanced over at the head of Sirius’ bed, where a slip of parchment caught his eye.

His heart pounded as he recognized the writing and he eagerly jumped forward to pull it out from under Sirius’ pillow.

“What’s this?” he asked teasingly, waving the letter in the air.

Sirius looked up to see what James was holding and froze in his spot. His eyes went wide briefly before he shrugged casually, “It’s just something I’ve been meaning to throw away.”

“Oh yeah?” James challenged, “Is that why you keep it under your pillow? Do you sleep with it every night? Read the words before you fall asleep?”

“What is it?” Peter asked eagerly, stretching his neck out to try and see what it was.

“It’s nothing,” Sirius said, “Now give it back.”

James opened the parchment, turning to Remus and winking before he read:

“My Dearest Sirius,”

“Stop it,” Sirius said, “It’s stupid, I know. I’ve been meaning to throw it away, but just haven’t. You don’t have to –,”

“When I see you swagger into the Great Hall in the morning,”

“Oh, is that what they call it? Swaggering?” James teased.

“Ha ha. Okay, you got me. Give it back now,” Sirius said humorlessly.

James continued:

“I can’t help but to think that your body needs a warning.”

“A warning for what?” Remus asked, his eyes sparkling more than normal, “for the days that you decide to have an impromptu breakfast chili with extra beans and spice?”

“I stand by that breakfast,” Sirius answered firmly, placing his hands on his hips.

“Your rock-hard abs are something I desperately want to see,”

“Rock hard abs?” Peter squeaked out with a guffaw, “What rock-hard abs?”

“Har har. You’re all hilarious,” Sirius said as the other three laughed.

“Wait,” James said, holding his finger up, “It gets better.”

“If only you knew what you do to me.”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing,” James said. 

Remus laughed as he walked over to Sirius and thrrew his arm over the other man’s shoulders, “It think it’s sweet. You do something to them.”

Sirius scoffed, ducking under Remus’ arm and taking purposeful strides over to James.

Seeing that Sirius was coming his way, James quickly jumped away, walking around the room to get away as he read faster:

“Everything about you is supremely divine,
My only wish in life is that you could be mine.”

Sirius caught up to James and snatched the parchment out of his hands.

James jumped onto his bed, taking a bow to Peter and Remus who began to applaud and finished, “With lots of love, your secret admirer.”

“Bravo!” Remus called out, “A true work of art!”

Sirius barked at the others, “Alright, alright. You all had your fun! Now get out of here.”

“You still haven’t found your money pouch yet,” Peter reminded him.

Sirius waved them away, “I’ll find it and catch up to you guys in a bit.”

“Works for me,” James said with a shrug, jumping down from his make-shift platform and nodded to the others to follow him.

“We’ll see you and your rock hard abs soon,” he said with a wink, bouncing out the door.

Remus laughed and added, “Don’t take too long swaggering to where we are.”

Peter laughed, waving good-bye not bothering to try and add anything.

As soon as the three were gone, Sirius let out a deep sigh.

He walked over to his trunk, glancing at the letter briefly before folding it nicely and placing it in a small compartment at the bottom of his messy trunk.

No one had to know.

TLC Shipweeks 2017- Week One Day One- Home.

tbh wolflet is as cozy as you can get honestly it was all i could think of when i thought of the theme. I wanted to make this look better but i haven;t slept in like,,,,a long time,,,and idk lmso. anyway yeah they went out dancing at the bar last night and she stole his shirt but Ze’ev was wearing those pants when they went out. idk how to draw him lol. i will probably go back and redraw this someday.

Imagine Sirius threatening anyone who hurts you

Originally posted by remus-j-werewolf

“Hey! Laurens!” Sirius called, ambling down the hallway. “Wait up, I wanna talk to you.”

Laurens, a rather shady Ravenclaw kid in your year, stopped and turned around. “Black? What do you want?”

“Oh, just a warning,” Sirius said, smiling. “About Y/N. Heard you were interested in her.”

The boy frowned. “What about her?”

Sirius leaned in close. “If you hurt her, I swear to God I will break your legs. I’m a Beater on the Quidditch team. Trust me, I can,” he whispered. He patted Laurens on the shoulder. “Better to just stay away, yeah?” Grinning widely, he walked off, satisfied. He didn’t need to turn around to know the Ravenclaw boy was glaring at him. He could practically feel it burning through his skull. 

But you were okay. That’s all that mattered to him.

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prompt: most of the people in the tower are intimidated by and wary of Bucky because he is sullen, glares at most everyone, only ever talks to Steve etc., so they're surprised when they see the way he is with Steve - Bucky positively melts and is the cuddliest, most charming teddy bear. And Steve doesn't understand why others stay away from Bucky because Steve only sees him as the sweetheart he is whenever they're together.

“котенок,” Bucky said, gaining Steve’s attention. He was currently watching something on Wanda’s phone. 

“Yeah?” Steve replied, looking up, turning to smile at Bucky. “What’s up?” 

Bucky smiled and walked into the living room area and sat down beside Steve, “nothin’ just made you lunch. You better eat all of that. I saw you skipped out on breakfast this mornin’.” 

Bucky,” Steve blushed and looked down shyly, still going to take his plate from Bucky to dig in. Bucky had always made the best food. He’d learnt from the best, his mother and Steve’s. 

“Good boy,” Bucky murmured just in Steve’s ear. Wanda looked away and gave them all the privacy the moment needed. 

“Want to try some Wanda?” Bucky asked. There were only a few that Bucky spoke to so freely at the Tower. He liked Wanda, she reminded him of his younger sister and he’d taken it as his job to watch out for her. Not that she needed it. But still, it eased his conscious. 

“Please,” she smiled and Bucky grinned, going to get her some. 

“It’s so good,” Steve said, humming happily as he took another bite. Meanwhile, Tony and Pepper stood in the backroom, watching. 

“He’s so kind,” Pepper smiled and then turned back to the business plans she and Tony had been going over. 

“I don’t get it,” Tony said, “he’s so…stoic. And yet, there…he’s like a big cuddly bear. H-how? I mean how?”

Pepper grinned, “some could say a similar thing about you. But I know better, don’t I? She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “You’re a softy under that suit of yours.” 

Tony melted and ducked down to kiss her lips, mumbling, “only for you.” 

And then, he got it. 

What about us. What about the girl. What about the moonlight, the crack on my window, the light in hers. What about the velvet lining the curtains.

What about her letters, her lipstick stain, the wind on Thursdays, the wind on Thursdays, what if I stay here. What if I build a home in the ditch behind her house. What do I do when her eyes swallow me home. I’m sorry, I meant whole. It’s getting windy outside, and the wind brushed away her window curtains. The light wasn’t on. Should that scare me? That crack stays on my window, I’m sorry, light doesn’t stay so easy.

What do I do when I’m suddenly whisked away by her fingers and her soft, and her soft. What do I do when she still loves me in the morning. What do I do when she still doesn’t love me in the morning. I can’t remember what’ll hurt worse.

This is what my heart looks like spilled on her desk at 2 in the morning. This is what it looks like to fall apart, to fall apart, to come undone.

—  @riciewho Our Windows

one of the guys got a little too close as Jon watched, Jon stepped forward, “i think you better take a step back.” he stated. 

the man turned to him, “oh yeah? and what are you going to do about it?” the man drew his sword.

Jon easily disarmed him, throwing him to the ground, “stay away from Y/N.”


requested by anon <3

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From: Foxy Chica Bonnie Freddy Puppet Golden Do you all need a hug im so sorry that the murder killed you so please be good and stay determined and don't cry we'll find away out i promise

Golden : Thanks, at least it’s better than … down there

Bonnie : We’re good now, uh, wherever we are. 

Freddy : I guess we’re in … heaven ?

Foxy : What ??? Heaven is supposed to look like this ??

Freddy : Dunno, never been in heaven before, and you ?

Foxy : Yeah, once, in my dreams, there were angels with ties and pizzaaa … and arcade game mach–

Bonnie : Shut up, both of you, shh !!

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I just finished reading if I stay and I feel like I've been out of touch with reality and now I back and Im sulking and kinda crying and my brother asked way I was sad and I was like cause I read a book and he walked away and I was like yeah you better walk away I could start crying at any time. I don't know how to feel it how to interact with people

Oh my god i feel this,,,,,,,,, I cried while watching the movie rip

(( ah.. the break was fun while it lasted ))
(( but um.. some thing happened at home yesterday and.. my dad’s really angry at me and he took away the internet router ))
(( he uh.. also threw my sister at a wall? yeah, so im just gonna stay off the computer bc i don’t want him to like actually physically hurt me ))
(( cuz like if i go on my laptop, hes gonna be like “oh, so you have the nerve to go on ur laptop?” and turn me into a pancake and that’s not gucci ))
(( it’s not like i have any internet on it either but um, looks like im gonna have to be dead… agaaain…. or i could do stuff on mobile if.. no one minds? :0 ))

I have something to tell you...

Hello everyone. It’s Jeremy Shada here and I have some news to tell you. I’ve thought about this a lot and I’ve finally decided to quit Adventure Time. The show has been taking a lot of time away from me and I think it’s better if I quit now so I can do what I love which is music. If some of you don’t know, I’m in a band with my friends called Make Out Monday. So, yeah, I am no longer the voice of Finn in Adventure Time. BUT! That does not mean that Adventure Time will not go on, the show is still continuing and it will still be amazing. Everything will stay the same, the only difference is that someone else will voice Finn. The main reason why I’m leaving the show is because I want to focus on my music. Music has always been the most important thing to me. I love singing and playing intruments. I want to continue making music with my best friends and doing something that I love and other people will love. I don’t want to continue something that I no longer enjoy, so I quit. I hope you guys support my decision. I know some of you might be angry and disappointed and I sincerely apologize but this is what I love. I hope you understand and I hope that you guys support my music since my friends and I spend a lot of time working hard on our music. 
I thought I should tell you guys on here before I write anything on my other social media sites. I will obviously write the news on my other sites so people will know but for now…

Please use the hashtag #GoodbyeJeremyShada on Twitter and Instagram to spread the word for people who don’t follow me on any of my social medias. 

Thank you and once again, I apologize. I hope you all understand and support me through my journey! 

- Jeremy.

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I've reported 6 fake twitter accounts in the last hour, they're popping up fast. People literally make me sick sometimes, sending Alycia hate when she has done absolutely nothing wrong, and people wonder why she doesn't use social media. This is the reason people, this is the reason that she's never on twitter and IG. It's this kind of shit that forces her to stay off it.

Yeah, and on IG is the same thing I reported several as well; fake accounts simply made to attack Alycia and harass her friends and co-stars. These ppl are disgusting and no wonder that girl stays as far as she can from SM. I agree with you on this 100%, She better stays the hell away from any media because the ugliness is truly bad.

Please, report all those fake accounts that you see kru, this behavior is not acceptable and we need to make sure she knows that she is respected and cared for.

ML Fandom Week Day 1: Reveal/Family

When Marinette, Alya, and Nino learn that Adrien is currently missing the family part of family dinner, Alya and Nino encourage Marinette to invite him to dinner with her family.

Both prompts are included in this story (mainly because I can’t resist finding new ways to write a reveal between these two).

“Sorry, I have to head home. It’s almost time for dinner.” Marinette gathered her things while she apologized to the small study group.

Alya glanced at her watch and grimaced, “Yeah, me, too. I guess we’ll finish this tomorrow.”

Nino nodded and packed away his tablet, “Yeah, I’d better go, too.”

Adrien watched them all quietly and smiled, “I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I’m gonna stay and finish up.”

All three froze and turned to stare at him. “Aren’t you going to be late for dinner?” Alya asked, a brow raised.

“Well, the chef doesn’t really mind if I’m a little late,” Adrien answered softly.

“Doesn’t your dad mind?” Alya asked as Nino awkwardly glanced away.

Adrien shrugged, tone neutral, “He doesn’t notice.”

And that was when all three of them realized that something they’d taken for granted their entire lives, a simple family dinner, was something Adrien lacked. Marinette’s grip on her books tightened as Alya breathed a soft, “Oh.”

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caslikescoffeeandfreckles  asked:

I get what you mean. It's admittedly been a while since I watched that season so I suppose I forgot how problematic that storyline was and the Winchesters were rather extra shitty to Cas at the time. I just liked how gentle and soft Cas was then ya know? It just made me happy to see him tending to bees and finally being at peace even though it happened in a horrible way. Actually now I've pissed myself off cause Cas deserves that kind of happiness and peace without having satan in his head!!

ah yeah i see it now, he was so sweet and soft, and that puppy headtilt on 7x21 how can anyone resist such a cutie, i added it as “how cute /adorable he was”

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 “now i pissed myself off” oh i know the feeling ;) and now i understand your point better, cas really deserves peace, like someone (i don’t remember who, at all) said, cas needs to help less, he needs to stay away from everything, no winchesters no angels just him, his bag, a new trench coat , a small job at a farm, meet new people who have no idea who he is,get himself a little van to live in, so that he could travel anywhere without worrying about not having where to stay, something completely new, the bros can even visit from time to time

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To anyone who might feel bad about it: those bad endings are actually Joker misremembering stuff thanks to the drugs until a certain someone triggers another scene. So they don't happen even in the BE scenarios.

Yeah, I heard you could imagine it so the bad endings won’t feel as much as a bad experience since Akira is still in the effects of those drugs.

But even outside of the bad endings there’s a lot of disturbing things, so if you’re too sensitive is better to stay away from the game or just enjoy the fandom and the gameplays.

Zodiacs: How they speak during arguments

Aries: dafuq is wrong with you?

Taurus: lol I’m done with this shit

Gemini: take that mathafakar.

Cancer: I thought you loved me and understood me?

Leo: bitch stay away from me!

Virgo: you’re unhygienic!

Libra: I’m right. And you know that you’re wrong. So,you better surrender!

Scorpio: Run away. As far as you can!

Sagittarius: I’m a peaceful person anyway. I don’t need you.

Capricorn: Don’t text me, imma celebrity!

Aquarius: your idea of love is listening to one direction during morning coffee. How is that even normal?

Pisces: Don’t let me don’t let me don’t let me DOWN. DON’T LETTER ME DOWN!!!