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iwaizumi appreciation week/oiiwa week – day 7, day 3

happy birthday, iwa-chan~!

headcanon: oikawa and iwaizumi have a tradition of doing sleepovers for their birthdays, just the two of them (this year, oikawa leant iwa-chan his favourite t-shirt for reasons).

Lookin’ Out For You

So this came about almost entirely because of this work of art by @iron-rion (this one by @gunnslaughter had something to do with it too tho). (Can also be found at AO3, if you prefer)

Actual Dad Gabriel Reyes tries to confront his tiny, drunk, cowboy son after he loses his arm. Enjoy~

“That cooool breeze feels real good on m’ stump.”

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I'm kinda new to the TW fandom and I hope you don't mind me asking but why do people hate Jeff Davis? :o I didn't notice any Sterek baiting and there's gay representation in the show

Oh, nonnie, sorry to ruin this for you but there was plenty of queerbaiting. And yeah I guess there’s gay representation in the show, but then you have to ask yourself: was it good representation? No, it really wasn’t. Danny was the token gay guy (forever bitter about that because Danny had potential to be so much but they crapped all over him and Keahu) and then Danny disappeared and Mason came in to be the token gay and black guy (since they killed Boyd just to further Derek’s pain when Boyd also could’ve been so much more). Danny/Ethan was substituted by Mason/I don’t remember the other kid’s name because god forbid they have more than one gay couple at the same time! Even though it’s supposed to be a homophobia-free world! Then there was Caitlin who was turned bisexual out of nowhere to bait Stiles’ bisexual arc that never happened and her girlfriend who came in lesbian to be killed. That’s not good representation, at all, especially considering how the show loved to praise themselves for being “progressive”. What a laugh.

Here are a couple posts where you can read about tw issues instead of having me talk forever about that bullshit: one two  

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Im sorry but like, I just, Spiderman!Jer gives me life. But I totally understand cause like, a lot of the time she was just, there, she didnt have much of an objective apart from being an outsider to the whole thing. Like just imagine Jer trying his damn best to impress Iron Man (I wanna say its Jake or some shit being Iron Man) or just Michael staying night to track down the bad guys? Big feels here dude -spiderman ask anon

((YEAH SAME…and it fits so well because Jer is so awkward and nerdy and cute just like Peter? And he’s so eager to impress and fit in and just be accepted it’s like they’re the same person oh my god

I FEEL THAT…Liz is a pretty boring character and she has no depth she’s not! Interesting! To me!!
Now if it were Christine in her place that would be a whole other story //strokes chin thoughtfully

HUHUHUU…but what if Iron Man was the Squip how great would that be? Father figure Keanu Reeves admonishes teenage boy for almost sinking a ferry and acts like a Stern Dad™

THAT SCENE WAS SO CUTE…when Ned and Peter tried to pull an allnighter in his room tracking the bad guys, and Ned had the Spider-Man mask on at some point hhh
Mike and Jer would just play Apocalypse of the Damned while they track the baddies hehehe))

sendtrees said: What is the Purple glowy thingy that you talked about???

((In Spider-Man Homecoming Peter and Ned find a weapon made by the bad guys that’s infused with alien technology back from the Avengers movie (remember when Loki brought in all those aliens to terrorize NYC? Yeah)
Basically the purple glowy thing is alien tech that becomes a bomb when exposed to radioactive rays so Ned had it in his pocket while he was going through security at the Washington Monument and they scanned it and it started to activate so Peter flipped out and tried to warn him about it over the phone))

So I kinda had a tiny art block for a like a full day; so I wanted to do something with drawloverlala ‘s ‘ Sonic Skyline ‘ AU. This is more like a design tribute than anything else. So the two technically three characters I’ve used for this was Cream the Rabbit/Cheese and Nicky Parlouzer (from the 1992 Sonic Manga; Because he’s super adorable and an opposite Sonic so, why not? ).  

I really like the flow of ribbons and scarves in Skyline, So I tried giving Cream the same kinda style the best I could. Nicky on the other hand.. he has some weird looking glasses? Anyway, Here’s my gift to you, Draw. I hope you like this!

Approval from the Kiseki no Sedai.
  • Kagami: So... um... yeah, I called all of you here so all of you can help me.
  • Kise: I'd like to help, Kagamicchi, but if you kept on hesitating, we won't be able to finish until the sunrise.
  • Aomine: That's right. Hurry up and tell us.
  • Kagami: I'd like to date Kuroko... but knowing you guys had been close to him, maybe you can give out some tips for me?
  • Midorima: You called all of us for that?
  • Murasakibara: No snacks present, though. I'll head home now.
  • Kagami: Wait! Hold on! I beg of you! I really like Kuroko and I wish to date him! But knowing Kuroko is dense and oblivious to this kind of stuff, I bet he wouldn't take it that way.
  • Kise: If you knew that from the start, aren't you exaggerating? Kurokocchi is not dense, I hope?
  • Aomine: Just how stupid can you be, Kagami?
  • Kagami: Shut up!
  • Aomine: Oh-ho, don't talk to me like that or I won't help you to win Tetsu's heart.
  • Midorima: Stop it. You guys are embarrassing me.
  • Kise: Says the guy who brings his lucky item all the time... and today is a wall fan, huh?
  • Midorima: Cancer is first thus I brought this wall fan with me.
  • Kise: I really don't get you.
  • Akashi: Enough with that. Kagami Taiga, would you mind continuing?
  • Kagami: Uh, yeah... sure.
  • Midorima: You're calm as ever, Akashi.
  • Akashi: I do things in the right order and never panic upon the situation.
  • Aomine: Well, if Tetsu is our main topic, isn't it going to be hard?
  • Murasakibara: Kuro-chin never became popular because none of his classmate notice him. They thought he was a ghost.
  • Kise: Aha-ha! I remember that-ssu!
  • Midorima: Kagami, don't you think asking us is the most regretful?
  • Kagami: Huh?
  • Midorima: We are quite protective over Kuroko.
  • Akashi: Thus resulting us as Tetsuya's parents. I'm the father, just saying.
  • Midorima: Hold on, Akashi!
  • Aomine: Hey, Kagami, hey, don't forget, I'm the big brother of Tetsu.
  • Kise: I'm Kurokocchi's puppy-woof!
  • Kagami: ...
  • Murasakibara: ...
  • Kagami: W-well, Murasakibara seems the nor---
  • Murasakibara: Kuro-chin is the youngest, I'm the second child, Kagami.
  • Midorima: Wait!!
  • Akashi: So... Kagami Taiga... do you have wealth to bring happiness to my dear Tetsuya?
  • Aomine: Tetsu is such a rich brat and he has never dealt with poverty.
  • Kise: Woof! Woof-ssu!
  • Murasakibara: Kise-chin, bite Kagami!
  • Kise: Woof!
  • Kagami: Stop! Stop!
  • Midorima: Hold on a second!? What are we playing?!
  • Akashi: Don't you get it, Shintaro? We're playing Kiseki no House. I'm the father and you are the mother.
  • Kagami: That's a weird combination...
  • Midorima: Why am I the mother?
  • Akashi: I'm not allowing you to be the father because you are a Tsunderima.
  • Midorima: Stop!!! Even if I'm Tsundere, I can be a father!
  • Aomine: We don't really care whoever is the father, though.
  • Murasakibara: As long as the mother knows how to cook.
  • Midorima: I don't!
  • Kise: Now that you mentioned it, Akashicchi can cook.
  • Akashi: No! I'm not gonna be the mother! No heck no!
  • Aomine: Come back here, Akashi-oka-san!
  • Kise: Wooof~ Woof---sssuuuu!!!
  • Murasakibara: Uwah, Kise-chin, wait! You forgot your leash.
  • Kagami: ....
  • Kuroko: Ah? Kagami-kun, it's unusual for you to be in this kind of place.
  • Kagami: Kuroko... Can I go to your place to ask your real parents about some important things?
  • Kuroko: Hah?
min yoongi probably.....
  • *meeting up with old friends*
  • Friend 1: yo it's nice that you get to hang out with us again man
  • Yoongi: i know right i'm so glad i can take a break from being an idol like you don't even know
  • Friend 1: yeah and you had to wear all that makeup and shit i don't even wanna know how you managed not to riot
  • Friend 2: hey guys i hope you don't mind i invited my girlfriend
  • Friend 1: damn is that her?
  • Friend 2: yeah
  • Girlfriend: *unbalanced eyeliner*
  • Girlfriend: *concealer doesn't match skin tone*
  • Girlfriend: *slightly smudged eyeshadow*
  • Yoongi: *twitches*

Sansa/Tyrion moments [1/?]

BTS - Taking a Family Picture
  • Jin: Alright, so today we're gonna take a family picture. You know what that means.
  • Jin: V.
  • V: Hm?
  • Jin: I know what you're planning to do
  • V: You have no control over me in this domain, manager hyung isn't here
  • Jin: What the fuck are you talking about
  • V: These images will represent my soul, my mind, and my body *starts taking off shirt*
  • J-Hope: Stop that rn
  • Jimin: I didn't even need to do it this time
  • Rapmon: Let's just take a normal photo okay.
  • Suga: Someone sedate him please
  • Jungkook: Jimin, let's be next to eachother
  • Jimin: R-really?
  • Jungkook: Yeah, I like you hyung
  • Jimin: *faints*
  • Suga: I don't care if ur dead, wake the fuck up and stand behind the backdrop
  • Cameraman: Are you guys ready?
  • Jin: Yes- wait Rapmon where are your pants!
  • Rapmon: Shit I lost them... *whispers* In ur eyes
  • Jin: Rapmon just put ur pants back on and yes we are ready.
  • Cameraman: alright. One, two, three. *takes picture*
  • J-Hope: Alright! Let's see it!
  • V: Wow it looks great
  • Jungkook: 10/10
  • Rapmon: I feel like it came out well
  • Suga: Wait a minute did Jin...?
  • Suga: I'm not taking another one, I have to get to work
  • Jin: but guys.....
  • J-Hope: Yeah I gotta go
  • Jin: *cries eternally*

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I hope you don't mind me asking for another request? When you're featured in a Bangtan bomb, what would you guys be doing (you're their gf)

[ I’m sorry this one’s so short. I’m still not feeling so great.. I hope you like it though, yeah? If not, I can rewrite it when I’m feeling better and more motivated. - Heather ]


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The two of you would just be eating some new food Jin hasn’t tried yet. He’d make you try it first, just to be sure it wasn’t completely horrible.


Originally posted by taejin

You would be learning something together. You’d be doing a lot better than Yoongi, which would cause him to giggle in embarrassment.


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Joonie would take this opportunity to teach you Korean! However, he’d teach you a phrase such as, “I am an idiot.” But he’d tell you it meant something completely different.


Originally posted by jinpout

You guys would be telling the most ridiculous jokes you could think of, both to each other and to the camera. 


Originally posted by cloudjimin

You would hide behind a door with the camera in your hands and jump out when he walks by to scare him. He’d have the cutest reaction, “Jagiiii, why are you doing this?”


Originally posted by averageoppa

You’d visit an animal shelter together! He’d be a happy lil muffin and you would follow him with the camera, giggling at his excitement.


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This cute bunny would be singing a song he’d been really into lately, and you’d start dancing to it. He’d get really flustered, “Ah… Jagi, you’re so cute!”

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I have this one really awkward moment that happened to me once and I was hoping you you could write it as like a percabeth or jasiper Au, so basically what happened was I was walking up the stairs at school and this girl fell forward and bother her hands cupped my butt and she was red and nervously laughing and apologizing while her friend was laughing her ass off and it was super awkward and I ended up running away (you don't have to include that) but yeah, you don't have to write it though.

The Library Steps

A/N: Yo, anon, that is super cute and ofc I will write you an AU. This is Jasper btw, and I hope you like it! (also sorry for the lame title and it’s pretty short too)


Thinking back on it, Piper would have loved to grab his ass for the first time in a completely different scenario.

She had just been minding her own damn business, walking up the steps of the library with Annabeth. Of course, she knew that the blonde guy from the coffee shop was in front of them (she would know his back anywhere; she stood behind him every morning waiting for her macchiato). Annabeth was talking about a paper that she had to write for one of her classes, and between that and the blonde dude in front of them, Piper wasn’t really paying that much attention anyway. She probably deserved it when she tripped.

But she didn’t deserve actually grabbing his ass when she reached for a hold on something to keep from falling. She stumbled to the ground anyway, whacking her elbow against the concrete steps.

Even the pain in her arm couldn’t rival the embarrassment that she was feeling when the blonde guy turned around. His face was blood red, and the glasses with the black frames were sliding down his nose. He looked extremely nervous for a big muscle guy that had just gotten ass-grabbed. Piper would have thought it was cute if, you know, she wasn’t dying from embarrassment.

“Oh my god,” she started, scrambling up from the stairs. “I’m–I didn’t mean to–I’m sorry!”

It really didn’t help that Piper could hear Annabeth laughing. She knew that her face must have been red by now too, but she wouldn’t just stand here and look stupid, even if she did.

The blonde guy shrugged, looking down at his feet. “It’s umm. It’s fine?”

“It is definitely not ‘fine,‘” Piper argued, feeling her face heat up more. How was that even possible? “I’m so sorry!”

He waved her off, staring down at the ground. His blue eyes were so fucking beautiful too, and Piper wished he would look at her even though she was incredibly mortified. His voice was low when he said, “I’m just gonna…”

He took off up the stairs before he could say anything else, disappearing into the library.

Annabeth was wheezing for breath when Piper turned around. “You… I can’t…”

“Oh, shut up, Annabeth, before I grab you by the ass and toss you down these stairs.”


The next morning when Piper walked into the coffee shop and saw him standing at the end of the line like always, she took a deep breath and marched over to take her place behind him.

She hoped her face wasn’t as red as it felt, but she reached out and tapped him on the shoulder anyway.

When he turned around and saw her, he blushed too.

“Hey,” Piper greeted, trying to be nonchalant. She had practiced this all damn night. “So I was thinking that I owe you a first date.”

He looked confused, staring at her with wide eyes. Piper ignored how fast her heart was beating.

“Since I, you know, copped a feel yesterday.”

His red face turned a shade darker, and he reached up with one hand to scrub the back of his neck. She gave up on thinking that it wasn’t adorable. “Umm, you don’t have to. I said it was okay. No worries.”

Piper tried to stop from grinning, but she really couldn’t help it. He was so fucking cute, she just wanted to squeeze him in a hug and never let go. Her voice was still light when she said, “Well at least let me buy your coffee today.”

He finally smiled shyly, ducking his head to look up at her from underneath his long eyelashes, and goddamn he was beautiful. He nodded and said, “Okay. I’m Jason.”

She smiled up at him, stepping around him to order their coffee (she knew it by heart from standing in line behind him for weeks on end now). When she was finished, she looked back to him with a smile and said, “It’s great to meet you, Jason. I’m Piper.”


ASOIAF Dreamcast - House Martell

(from left to right)

Mehmet Günsür as Quentyn | Katrina Kaif as Arianne | Ranveer Singh as Oberyn | Saqib Saleem as Trystane | Alexander Siddig as Doran | Deepika Padukone as Elia


1.06 v 1.22

(via gravitonium)