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Hi, I'm new to your blog and I saw that you answered a ask for the allies with a s/o who randomly grabs their hands, kisses it and says "I love you". Could you make that scenario for Poland, Romano, Norway, Switzerland and Portugal, please? (They're my baes and Poland, Switzerland and Portugal need more love)

Hello, welcome to insanity! (jk… maybe :D)

Poland: He’d laugh brightly, being pleasantly surprised and would directly tell them that he loved them, too. He values love a lot.

Romano: He’d smile a tiny bit (which yeah, is a lot for him), touch their nose and kiss them back. However, inside, he’d be incredibly happy and full of joy.

Norway: He’s the classical one, here. He’d reply: “I love you, too, s/o.” And he’d kiss them, too - surprisingly passionate, actually.

Switzerland: oh, who’s a tomato? HE IS! He’d blush so hard-core and would mutter like: “Y-yeah, I love you too.” But, like, beneath his breath. He’d hold their hands firmly and hug them.

Portugal: He’d flash a bright, honest smile at them and would kiss them back without saying a word. He doesn’t need them. He shows it.

Starting Anew

Hey guys and welcome to my blog. I’ve written a RP blog before, just a few months ago, in fact. But I’m starting anew, I warn you now that I might be a bit rusty and not 100% quality, I’m hoping I improve as the blog goes on.

My names Red(left), but you may know me better as Nanu(right). Rednu is also acceptable. Either way, I’ll answer to both names equally so go hog-wild!

You might know me from my time writing @thestarsarewatchingme, aka this asshat.

(shesus, that picture turned out big) Ain’t he just the happiest lil thing you’ve ever seen?
This is Xeph, better known as Junior, and his reign had been cut short due to my abrupt cut-off from the Fandom. Junior’s gone quiet as a muse, hell, I had trouble drawing the dude, which is a telling sign of my detachment to him now.

But I’ve had a few months to cool off and recently have gotten back into RPing and even designing and creating my own characters. I’ve decided to give Tumblr RP another shot, it improved my writing and ability to story build once, hopefully it can do it again!

So by this point you’re probably wondering; if this blog isn’t a remake of Junior, what is it?

Well, low and behold, it’s another Xephos blog.

I’m so creative.

Actually, I am.

So meet our new buddy! . . . I haven’t figured out a cool nickname for him yet.

As you can see, in comparison to (a very dubious) Junior, he’s a bit unique. But we’ll all see how that goes for us.

So… yeah, welcome to the blog, I hope this one goes better than the last.

Catch ya later!

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Hi!! I'm new to bts so I get really confused with all the nicknames they have so if it's not a bother or anything could you tell me their nicknames or things like that? Also I'm asking u because you seem nice and yeah hah, your blog is sO CUTE RIP ME

Hello there~ Welcome, new ARMY! You are so cute and sweet thank you for being so nice ily~ And I’m not sure if you meant my nicknames in the last text thing I posted or just their nicknames in general, so I’m going to list as many as I can think of and why they have them! Honestly there’s a lot and I went through a lot of the blogs I follow to see the nicknames they used to make sure I covered everything I hope it helps~

Kim Seokjin: Jin - stage name // Mama Jin or Cooking Mama - acts like a mother to the other members, feeding them and cooking for them // Jincess or Princess Jin - he loves pink, he’s adorable, and everyone loves to call him a princess //

Min Yoongi: Suga - stage name // Yoon-OG - OG stands for original gangster, and I just thought it was cute, so that’s normally the nickname I use for him // Motionless Min - he likes to sleep or rest a lot, as he works really hard, and once he’s out, no one wakes him up // Dad - not used often, though I have seen it, and it’s because the members apparently call him that due to the fact that he normally nags and disciplines the others // Swag - any nickname to do with swag is normally related to him because he seems to have the most // Min PD - I don’t see this one used often enough; PD stands for producer, and it’s something that he is very proud of, so he’s stated that he loves this nickname //

Jung Hoseok:  J-Hope - stage name // J-Horse - he won a horse race on Rookie King (link leads to a playlist of all episodes with english subs, though it will be on the third episode, which is where the instance took place - 31:20 for the exact moment) // Hobi - i have no idea where this originated, and I can only assume that it’s just evolved from his name over the years correct me if im wrong please // Hogie - I needed something that related to food, so Hobi turned into Hogie… xD // Screaming or Yelling or etc - he is the loudest of the group, so something related to being loud is probably related to him // King Wang Zzang - no one really uses this, but it means “the best” and he’s stated that he loves it, so some people may use it occasionally //

Kim Namjoon: Rap Monster or Rapmon - stage name // Namjoonie or Joonie - variations of his name // Dance Monster - he cannot dance or if he can he chooses not to and it’s become a sort of joke // NamJelly - again, just needed something that related to food for the food texts // God of Destruction - he tends to break things or himself often // 

Park Jimin: ChimChim or Jiminie - cutesy ways to say his name // Chimichanga - yet again, just something to relate to food for the food texts // Meotjaengi - never, ever seen this one used, but it means “someone who’s cool” and he’s stated in a profile he wrote that it’s his favorite though that was most likely a joke // 

Kim Taehyung: V - stage name // Taeter Tot - again, just something to relate to food for food texts // TaeTae - a variation of his name // Alien - please do not use this, as he has stated that he doesn’t like it, but people still do use it so I figured I’d add it to explain that it’s because he’s the “weird” member of the group // Rabong - I’ve never seen anyone use this, but he listed it on a profile he filled out as one of his favorite nicknames, and apparently it means that he’s the best at lying // 

Jeon Jungkook: Kookie - not sure where it originated, but the other members Jimin certainly use it a lot // Golden Maknae - the maknae is the youngest of the group, and golden refers to the fact that he can sing, rap, and dance // Seagull - original stage name // 


HEY THERE!!!! As a result of my Satsuki “cosplay” making its way around tumblr, I’ve gained over 600 new amazing followers today!!! 

I just wanted to give a big “HELLO” to everyone out there and welcome to my blog!!! Which consists primarily of anime lesbians and other cute girls YEAH <3

Ummm so yeah I’m not that interesting lmao but if you ever want to chat feel free to send me a message I’m pretty friendly!!!

also since you guys probs have a bit of a skewed perception of what I actually look like here is what look like 99.9% of the time lmao