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Someone please talk to me about the fact that King Butterfly knows what it means for a princess to be evaluated, and that fact that Baby annoys him because she eats all of his food, and why does that sound familiar, oh yeah, because that’s exactly how Baby treated Marco.

It’s all too easy to imagine a young Moon Butterfly, nearly fifteen years old and dreading her first evaluation. She pours over her spellbook, determined to memorize everything, and frowns when Glossaryck says, “You’re not ready for that one” because Glossaryck is always so honest, even when his words cut deep.

“Has a princess ever failed her evaluation?” she asks. Her voice is steady, practiced, and proper, undaunted by disappointment or hardship.

“Yes,” Glossaryck replies. “And even if they hadn’t, who’s to say that you couldn’t be the first?”

She doesn’t blink at that, doesn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her flinch. She will, later, many years down the line, when Chauncey falls in battle and the whole world is crumbling apart, she’ll show Glossaryck just how deeply things affect her and just how hard she can cry, but for now there’s only one person she shares those things with, and he’s well outside the palace walls.

River is quite something to see in his youth, fearsome and fearless and strong. Most would say he has hair like sunlight but it’s always reminded Moon of the stars, shining yellow and bright alongside her namesake. He’s so different from her own family, so wild and loud; he says exactly what he’s thinking and doesn’t hide it behind guile and double-meanings, false smiles and polite words. He introduces the revolutionary concept that it is alright to express one’s emotions, to shout when one is angry, or declare one’s love in the middle of a tourney, because the princess has bested many monsters and he hopes to one day be as capable as she.

Moon doesn’t admit, at first, how nervous she is or how frightened, but River can tell. River’s learned to read the way she holds her hands, or the way her mouth thins out to silently reflect what she’s feeling, and he pulls her away from the rowdy, rude Johansen clan and wraps his arms around her.

In time, they return to the palace. River likes it here about as much as Moon likes the Johansen’s; he can see it from her point of view, appreciate it in a way, because it’s a symbol of Mewman tradition, steeped in ceremony and significance. These things are as vital and natural to Moon as breathing, but to River it will never quite feel like home.

They lock themselves in the kitchen and delight in roast boar and little pastries that River cannot name but also cannot stop eating. It’s here that Baby finds them, and here that Moon’s evaluation begins; Baby asks her to pass an apple from the counter and Moon hesitates, her hands folded, her mouth thin.

Suddenly, River picks up the apple and tosses it. It flies over Baby’s shoulder and splatters against the wall, and River laughs from deep inside his gut and cries, “Do I pass? Am I a princess?”

The corners of Moon’s mouth curve ever slightly upwards, and all at once her fear is gone, because no matter how poorly she does, it won’t be as bad as that.


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My commission piece by @sometrashland of some half-naked Templars training in the courtyard. :D

So, uhhh…Rylen?” Barris started uncertainly as he swung his practice sword through the air in wide arcs.

“Yeah, Barris?” Rylen replied nonchalantly. He had watched the younger man’s face draw pensively in the same way that told him exactly what was coming next. After the last thousand questions Barris had asked about Rylen’s relationship with the Inquisitor, he could only smile and wait patiently for his next opportunity to embarrass the lad.

“How do…how do the horns…y’know…work?”



Verrrrry well.”

“Oh…” Just as desired, Barris flushed bright crimson.

“How did I manage to miss this sparring session?” Keram’s voice suddenly chimed from behind them.

Rylen spun to face his woman, his fingers already pulling through his hair, and after the appreciative rove of her eyes, he flashed her a wide smile.

Behind him, Barris emitted a high-pitched squeak that would put a nug to shame.

Ahhhh, EGADS! I love it! :D


“…Sure, yeah, if I think of anything.”

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We're all alone, no chaperone - Can get our number - The world's in slumber--let's misbehave!!! There's something wild about you child - That's so contagious - Let's be outrageous--let's misbehave!!! (I love swing music!)


The dancer glanced between the mage and the windserpent and slowly withdrew her hand. Zeb, who’d been thoroughly enjoying the pets he’d been getting opened his eyes to glare at his mistress. Nadia’s cautiously outstretched hand caught his attention immediately and he flicked out his tongue to get a good whiff of her scent.

“Wait,” Aza warned softly as the mage’s fingers twitched forward, “’E be gettin a good smell o’ ya. ‘E’ll letcha know if ‘e be okay witchu.”

Zeb flicked his tongue out at her once, twice, and blinked his piercing blue eyes at her. Ever so slowly the windserpent extended his neck out and gingerly nudged the tips of her fingers.

A huge smile broke out on Nadia’s face as she carefully trailed her fingers up over his nose and over his feathery crest. Zeb let out a soft hissing noise and closed his eyes once again, enjoying her fingers as she gained more confidence.

“It’s so soft,” Nadia hummed, pleased, and allowed her fingers to slip down his cheek and scratch under his jaw, “Oh! You like that, don’t you?”

What would’ve happened if he didn’t like her?” Riskkaf asked Aza, who’d been watching the exchange fondly.

She hummed and crossed her arms under her breasts. “’E woulda eitha bit ‘er or shot lightin’ at ‘er,” the dancer answered, grinning at Nadia’s astonished glance, “Ya, dat ol’ grump shoots lightnin’. Practic’lly unheard of in da serpent nest where I got ‘im.”  


we’re here now…and this is true

80/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

Fic Teaser -- Pierce Pierce and the Wedding Toaster

So, I know I told y’all the next story was Punk!Brittana, but that’s taking a lot more research than I’d anticipated, so I needed to finish my research for my NaNoWriMo story (which is going great, btw). But, I did want to give you a little sneak peek into my new fic: Pierce Pierce and the Wedding Toaster, being posted (here and on FF.net) this Sunday. Lemme know what you think!

Brittany was worried.

She normally didn’t get bent out of shape about stuff, but this was important. It was her wedding. It was her and Santana’s wedding, and she wanted it to be perfect. It was a strange feeling. Usually Santana was the one making lists, and freaking out, and generally being very particular about the way she wanted things. Not with Brittany, never with Brittany, but with other people. Then Brittany would wrap herself around Santana and her fiancee would relax, and melt right back into Brittany.

But the usually very laid back blonde found that even that technique wasn’t quite cutting it. They were laying on the bed together in the Pierce home, Brittany ramrod straight in her childhood bed, while Santana hung off her side like a monkey.

The night before they had been up with another gathering with just the Troubletones ladies (Sugar had been treating them to drinks, so they hangover was pretty serious). And they had had to get up around seven to be on time to the vineyard where Brittany had insisted they get the wine from. She had been dragging since around noon, and now it was almost one thirty, and she knew that Brittany had to have been feeling it too. So, she’d suggested a nap for the both of them, but she wasn’t sure if she’d ever get Brittany to close her eyes.

“Baaaaabe.” Santana whined. “You’ve got to chill out. You’re making Lord Tubs all twitchy.”

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And here we get to our point- if you fight Mamoru, if you KILL him, he will indeed give you a speech about how great his girlfriend and her ladygang is before he dies.


Galaxia is like “YEAH I KILLED THE EARTH GUY EARTH IS MINE!!!” and Mamoru’s like “haha what no. Are you kidding me, lady, I was always the least of your obstacles there. My girlfriend and her friends are AMAZING AGENTS OF LOVE AND JUSTICE and they are going to stop you for sure.”

On one hand it’s works zinger to a woman who killed him, like “yeah whatevs you took ME out but  you’re STILL going to fail,my gf’s gonna kick your ass with the power of love BYE”.

But it’s more than that. He’s does not actually sound that angry at all. Like, he’s dying, and he dies with a smile on his face because he knows it will be okay. He couldn’t do it, but she can. Usagi will be fine and she and her frineds will protect the earth. His belief in her is so profound and sincere that it brings him peace. He can leave it to Usagi. He doesn;t have anything to worry about. He just holds onto the thought of her, how she’ll be okay, how great she is, and that allows him to die with a smile on his face.

This sincere unwavering belief in Usagi, in the bonds that hold the Senshi together, to the point where he doesn’t mind dying because he knows Usagi can protect everything even if he couldn’t and he truly know in his heart she can do ANYTHING, is sincerely my favorite thing about Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship, and this is where the anime most blatantly showed that aspect of it. So it’s definitely one of my fave scenes for that reason.


You’re okay?
                       Yeah… I  am.


[Note: I think that this coincides with some of the points in the Collider article. So this could be the video version.]

Mentions of Quintis, gambling, character arc and (hopes for a) backstory, similarities and differences between Toby and him, some info about him.

*Interesting point that I noted: When the interviewer asked how Toby was going to screw it up, he said, “it is not all on Toby this time.”. (which was what Collider mentioned. But it seemed to be like it could refer to the developments as well. But this video proves otherwise.) And he continued saying, “I can’t wait till next year so that we can really have this conversation. You guys are going to love it.”

[And he mentioned that his girlfriend isn’t Jadyn. So yeah.]

  • Person: Chen is so amazing! His voice is strong, his high notes are breathtaking, he is a good performer & on top of that he is the most amazing, and adorable person!
  • Me: Yeah :)
  • Person: But he could never be my bia-
  • Me: Unyeah :)

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He nods to thank her for the seat offer as he settles onto it. He still felt bad for interrupting her meal, but he wasn’t one to turn down an offer to sit with a lovely lady. Not that he would say that out loud either, of course. “Yeah, I imagine you get some odd people talking to you in places like these,” he said with a light laugh. His own experiences in places like these were…interesting to say the least. “Requests? Hmm, I mostly listen to instrumental jazz, so I’m not sure if I have anything off the top of my head. But I’ll give it some thought, especially if that’s a compliment.”