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Exit Interviews [S:16/17] | Mattias Janmark

How are you trying to handle that lingering doubt? Jim said earlier that ‘if anyone could do it, [Mattias] can’, so there’s some confidence but it sounds like there is still a little unsureness.

Yeah, I know I think it was more the first couple of months, maybe. You think a lot and you’re worried about all of the exams you’re doing. But now I am more comfortable with it and I know what I can do. There’s things that need to happen for me to get back. I think if I do a good job and work hard, eventually with time I will be back.


ff meme: [1/9] quotes

» “Know this Bhunivelze: it wasn’t just me that destroyed you. You’ve been defeated by a power that you never understood. A power that you cannot see. It comes from the bonds of love that unite us. Together, we change the world.” (Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns)


Urie Kuki + Quotes


‘I’ve definitely got a lot more cautious about my lyrics - I feel I want to be a positive force in the world, and I want to uplift people. That’s something that comes with age.’

-Brandon Flowers