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Okay, another prompt is here! Sorry for not updating sooner, it’s a long fic once again lol! It is sad, angsty (I was listening to a lot of Placebo while writing so yeah) and it turns hot and heavy close to the end but then some fluff concludes it; basically it has it all! :P
Warning for mentions of violence, mild language and sexual themes. I hope you like it darlings and you don’t mind that I combined your awesome prompt ideas! Thank you so much for requesting! And to the rest of you, enjoy! <3

A small summary to tie the three prompts together: After an abrupt break up, Betty is left broken and confused by Jughead’s sudden behavior. Once finding out that he had joined the infamous gang of their small town, the Southside Serpents, Betty sets her mind to sneak into their lair with the only way she knows best. Along with the help of a sudden ally that she comes across on the way, they vow to save Jughead’s soul at all costs. 

(The long dialog in italics is a flashback)

Stars hide your fires;

Let not light see my black and deep desires.

The eye wink at the hand, yet let that be

Which the eye fears, when it is done, to see…

The black velvet of yet another eerie night had spread over the small town of Riverdale, the otherwise picturesque scenery of the alight sky now fearful and pitch black, an ominous sign and a bloodcurdling setting. It coordinated with her jet leather attire, her raven hair and the ghastly temperament that oozed from the cold-blooded sound of heels against dirty and wet asphalt. “Stars hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires…” Every click of stiletto punctuated each word her mind whispered on a loop to the depths of her subconscious, green eyes shining deadly through the darkness, like those of a wolf in hunt for its prey.

If anyone were to run into her on the street, they wouldn’t recognize her; nothing tied her with the image of the nonpareil younger daughter of the Cooper clan. Betty Cooper was dead, locked in the comfort of lavender and chamomile amongst collared sweaters and preppy knitted cardigans. For how long it was yet to be decided but, for tonight, the golden-hearted girl that everyone left behind was put to sleep under the naivety of false ambition and hopeless dreams. Her alter ago was there to deal with the mess the tedious angelic spectrum of her character always seemed to make.

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Critical thinking.

Is this concept really so hard to grasp? “If you don’t see things my way or the majority’s way, that means you’re wrong or an asshole!”
No. There is literally no harm in educating yourself further on things that you personally disagree with and sharing this information with others for the sake of offering different perspectives. What people don’t realize is just because people point things out that you don’t like or goes against your point, doesn’t mean that they themselves agree or support it holy shit. 
You shouldn’t be shamed for looking at both sides of the spectrum. I honestly think it’s great that people look into the full picture so that they can make an actual supported conclusion on what they support and why rather than just “this is bad and you should think that way too!!1!!1″
Idk if the Tumblr community thinks I’m a piece of shit for having this mind process then so be it I guess lol.

do you ever just think about the fact that aaron was apparently on ‘tons of morphine’ and basically out of it when he woke up and saw robert in hospital and yet still he was able to know what was important, what he had to get out and the word “yeah” just fluttered from his lips because he knew despite everything he wanted to marry robert jacob sugden ???

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Your characters all look like they'd give me a hug and take me on a roller coaster and give me a card with $20 in it on my birthday. I want them all to be my parents except for the nasty furry please where do I apply

yeah that is basically runebound as a whole, here is my proof:

@momecat replied to your post “@momecat replied to your post: Your one of the few…”

tbh fridays episode didnt bother me so much, it was just that it felt like it was written to follow much stronger+well-written episodes. honestly I can accept a lot…. BUT! and this is my main gripe: show dont tell! if they have a serious fight it NEEDS. TO. FEEL. SERIOUS to us… enough to warrant(mean that loosely tho!) the fallout…. here it felt like when rob cheated and on friday he was talking about a totally different fight from what we saw, that was much worse!

idk if I make sense (the writing limit is a pain) but basically I didn’t buy the reason for Robert feeling like they were over, so everything that followed felt like a ridiculous, gross and truly absurd overreaction. I mean ONE tiny fight where Aaron is (barely) callous and he’s throwing himself at Rebecca??? 😑😑😑

I still understand it like ED wants us to accept that Aaron’s words were harsher and that even he realized he really hurt and jeopardized their relationship with his actions and words……… (at least judging by subsequent writing) but the initial writing didn’t give us that…. and so we’re left with this piss poor SL….

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fille you just get me, you know that? bless you for being you <3

honestly though, you make perfect sense and i whole-heartedly agree. the worst part about emmerdale (and tbf they are pretty good on the whole but when they get it wrong…. jfc) is that they deem it totally appropriate to tell rather than show on a lot of really important points, knowing full well that if it relates to robron (or anything really) that we will fill in the gaps and come up with meta to explain it all so they don’t have to

it’s not good storytelling???? in fact it’s lazy af and shit to boot and frankly we as audience members deserve better and so do the characters. i mean i’m not naive, i fully understand that they have about 22 minutes give or take to tell at least three or four separate storylines so obviously they can’t show everything, but that means that the scenes they do show have to count. they have to have emotional weight behind them, they have to matter to us as viewers, even if it’s just light-hearted comedy, it still has to be relevant within the context of that episode

the scenes on friday were so confusing, i almost thought i’d missed something on thursday which explained everything in a much clearer way but… apparently not. i do wonder if part of it is down to different writers interpreting things differently, but then it’s a soap… you have a different writer for each episode and it has to feel at least somewhat consistent otherwise what is the fucking point????

but yeah… thursday gave us nothing substantial, no real justification for any of it, and then friday swooped in to try and explain it all away with words alone as if that would be enough. and it wasn’t. how could it be? we’d just been punched in the gut the day before, blindsided completely (don’t even get me started on the blatant baiting by emmerdale’s social media team) and then suddenly on friday it was like we were all supposed to have read between the lines. 

it wasn’t good enough. none of it was up to the standard that we know emmerdale can achieve, and while i don’t expect every writer to be of the same calibre as the real heavy-weights on that team, i do expect them to know the fucking characters and be able to put together an episode that doesn’t feel like i’ve entered the fucking twilight zone

What is it with this new manga chapters - I should be answering asks and headcanons, but every time the new chapter comes out, I have to write something for it.

Aka I’m writing a sequel to Talk to me of sorts. Less crying, still feelings, a little bit of silliness and lots of Dad Might in it.

(All Might basically SAID that Izuku gave him his will to live, so yeah, nothing is stopping me from excessively relishing in Dad Might ideas.)

my stepdad does not contribute SHIT to he and my mom’s marriage and house and drains her finances and offers zero kind of emotional support and it bums me out bc my mom stays with him when he causes her so much stress. i come home and he’s literally sitting on the couch, watching golf, with dishes piled in the sink and–upon seeing me do the dishes and then sweep, he goes “ahh lots of cat hair?”

yeah you fucking worthless, mooching piece of shit. why don’t you show my mom some respect and basic kindness and get off your ass instead of only working when you feel like it, spending her money on camera equipment, and huffing and puffing about me living here for a couple of months as if you in any way paid for THIS HOUSE. 

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but tbh listen, death note was an anime about japanese people made by japanese people and they Dare to do an all white cast… ghost in the shell 2.0

and if we’re being super honest here, a book with characters whose race/ethnicity is not specified (besides riko, nicky and thea’s) generally gets an All/Almost White cast, not to mention that’s basically how the author sees her characters like. we as a fandom Crave that diversity so it’s never going to be all white for us, and ofc we’ll get disappointed bc we see a character a certain way and then we Look at what they dare to cast and we’re like “maybe i dont want this anymore :/” but yeah IM TALKING LIKE IT’S HAPPENING DKJFKJ but i think you get what i mean. if we Ever get a tfc show… i guess we’ll be have to be happy with what we get? or just like stick to the books. the books are the only thing that matters

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Can you tell me when that 'Go away!' moment was filmed and what was happening? Also, your tags hahaha Thank you!

It was back in October 2012, from this: 

The DJ was doing some bad impressions of the band and they weren’t having it. Louis “I know you’ve got the same hair as Liam, mate, but please”. (LOL) Then as they were leaving “one more time, yeah? I could be you, Harry with a wig!” Basically it was a good-natured teasing. 

Chapter Three – Part Seven

Peter: I really don’t know if I can even stay awake for this party.

Simon: Why are you so tired? Just the usual classes and stuff?

Peter: Yeah, basically. I have a performance next week too. I think I’ve had like 8 hours of sleep total in 3 days.

Simon: You could take a nap.

Peter: And leave you out here? Wait, you could come nap with me. If you want to.

Simon: Uhh, y-yeah okay. That sounds nice. Should we tell Colin? He hasn’t come back from the door yet.

Peter: I’ll text him. C’mon, follow me.

Simon: Your bed is really comfortable. Mine is like a rock. I need to get a new one one of these days.

Peter: Mmm, yeah. I wish I could be in it more. Hey Simon?

Simon: Y-yeah?

Peter: Do you want to cuddle?

Simon: Yes.

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It's like.....I know youre an adult who can fend for herself but at the same time I wanna build a log cabin in the woods with a large fireplace and plenty of food and just protect the smol Squeaks from life

Actually one of the best dreams I’ve ever had in my life was basically just like that, but it was with Lon’qu (my #1 fictional husband 2 years in a row) 

I still think about how calm and wonderful that dream was…it was like my brain was just like “yeah i know i give you too much crap, take this and relax for awhile” 

Also i am barely and adult, and I totes can’t fend for myself at all. 

this one time i forgot how to pump my own gas and I had to go to the guy inside to get help because I couldn’t (i have a hybrid so I like, never have to get gas)

pleas save me from life >_> 

the funny thing about that post is that like. its basically already acceptable to essentially kill people for how wealthy they are as in, its an acceptable thing to let poor people die if they dont have enough money for food/water/shelter/health care. this is just one of the many reasons why that statement is fucking terrible but yeah

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I'm sorry you're having a sucky day :( would you be interested in Killian and Archie bonding? My head canon is the scene we saw in 6x12 wasn't the first time Killian visited the cricket.

Here for it. I really feel like there must have been some moment off-screen where Killian apologized to him the same way he did for Belle, and we all know how forgiving Archie can be. I definitely could see the two of them forming a tentative friendship after that, especially post-dark oneness, and post-death, and especially especially since Emma started seeing him. I get the feeling that it made Killian feel much happier and more comfortable knowing that Emma was talking to someone and working through some issues instead of bottling it up as she had done for so long.

So yeah, I’m definitely into the Archie/Killian bonding. I love seeing how supportive Archie is of the CS relationship and how he’s basically counseling them, helping them better adjust to this new step forward. (Both the living together and the engagement.)


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can we reblog that post

Yeah sure pal!!

You can reblog all my posts as long as they don’t have “don’t reblog” in the tags! i barely use that tag tho, I personally think people is free to reblog as long as they are chilly vanilla!! its always been one of the biggest rules of my tumblr followed by “only blocking if its 100% necessary” and “Always be nice and polite, only be salt if they start the spice!” that is basically trying to resonate with people before actually blaming/pointing at them! 

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Do you believe in aliens?

yeah I think there’s life outside of earth! It’s basically math. With an infinite universe it seems really impossible that earth is the only planet with life on it.