but yeah

I also think that Emma and Hook would both be the easy-going parent, and their kids would grow up covered in mud, climbing the ship’s rigging, making magical whirlwinds in the backyard (and blaming the dog), trying to swipe cupcakes from Granny’s and smiling the broadest guilty smiles when caught, playing chase around the mayor’s office, and getting into brawls with schoolyard bullies

coming into the house in the evening trailing leaves and flowers and grass, with stained knees and mussed hair

making an absolute mess of the living room because they were building a fort, you see, but forts need turrets, and cannon, and a trebuchet, and that is why the pillows are scattered everywhere and every umbrella in the house is slightly damaged and the broom is tied to the coat rack

digging holes in the garden because they read a book, right, that this is how you build traps, you dig a hole and cover it with leaves and it wasn’t meant for Grandad, okay, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time

(David can’t quite manage to be angry; Killian can’t quite manage not to be gleeful)

never starting fights but always ready to finish them, with firm notions of honour and fair play and good form, and woe betide any kid in Storybrooke who picks on someone weaker than them or plays a foul in a soccer match or cheats at hide-and-seek

questioning authority and refusing to do anything just because “this is how it’s done”, demanding explanations, and far too good at turning arguments around and asking questions that leave adults at a loss for words

their oldest comes home from school with a bruised lip and a stern note from her teacher and explains that she had to stand and fight because those three boys were bullying her little brother and she had to protect him

(Emma immediately gives her some tips about where and how to punch and kick people to be more effective, while Killian just about bursts with pride and suggests to his wife that perhaps the lass is ready to begin sword lessons)

But they do get into trouble sometimes; when Emma puts on her sheriff face and Killian speaks in his captain voice, they know they’ve gone too far. There are tantrums and protests and tears and and fights and, later, hugs and explanations and understanding. But really, a torn t-shirt or an accidentally-broken window or a messed-up haircut because “I don’t have to go to the hairdresser, see? I cut it myself!” is hardly something to shout about.

And you can always tell if the Swan-Jones kids are around because things get that bit louder and wilder and more fun. They’re always full of ideas and plans and energy, but also delightfully charming and forthright, not to mention adorable, and always ready to help. And yeah, the house is a mess and yeah, they’re always late and yeah, some people arch their eyebrows and make comments and yeah, there are scraped knees and even some broken bones, but that’s okay. There’s no crisis they can’t handle. Nothing too daunting to at least attempt.

And most importantly, they are loved, and loving, and happy. Scraped knees and muddy clothes and toothless grins and all.

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I‘m so sorry! But can you imagine how it would be for perry when khadgar dies first? As a human this would be heartbreaking, because of the short lifespan... Khadgar dies, not at war but at the age of 110+ maybe. Kids all grown old and on their own adventures, him sitting on a favourite place with perry, asking her to sing a song. As she sings, he closes his eyes slowly passing away, peregrin‘s voice breaks, the song continues in her head as she says goodbye to her beloved husband. .... ohgosh

Ow ! That would be heartbreaking ! But still a “peaceful” end. Probably the one he hopes for, but not her. She can’t even begin to imagine it, actually.
If their story was a movie I could see this kind of ending. And the image I see in my mind by reading your words is sad but somehow beautiful.
Thank you so much for this message <3 Sad or happy ideas/headcanons, I love to read all of them~ !

But gosh TAT I need a sad reaction gif. 

So, I don’t know much about the holiday Hanukkah - can someone run me through the basics? I’m just really curious because it’s recently occurred to me that in my (kinda posh, ‘non-denominational’, all girls) school, we only learnt about Christianity, and I’d love to be able to help my Jewish friends celebrate their holiday, rather than just kinda knowing it’s Hanukkah.

(Also, sp? for Hanukkah?)

do u ever think about someone and ur like: i wanna take care of them so hard??? i want to be their #1 supporter especially during times when they think no one believes in them. i want to comfort them when their thoughts are too loud and i’ll stay up with them all night until they drift off into a peaceful sleep in my arms. like u just wanna b there for them???? and love them endlessly????? and give them affection and so much love that they have never received????


The art half of the @yurionicebigbang! the other half is a BEAUTIFULLY written piece by @blackidyll, they are an amazing writer and I highly rec checking them out on AO3! and I want to thank them again for like the fifth time for working on this project with me!


Please don’t disregard Bangtan’s friendship just because of your ships. They are bestfriends and family. The bond they all have is precious. Don’t ruin that and don’t hate on a member just because they “get in the way of your ships” stop being stupid and petty. Love ALL the members.

Y'all love to make Max and David angst but I raise you this:
Minor Character angst.

Give me Harrison trying so hard to live up to his brother’s talents and his parents’ expectations (really Harrison, be more like your brother) that when he does the Great Vanishing Act and his brother disappears, for a split second he’s relieved.
Give me Harrison trying day and night to bring his brother back while listening to his parents’ crying outside his locked door– a door not locked by his choice. Give me Harrison still trying, through all this, to impress his parents with magic tricks during dinner (small things– a rabbit from a hat, a random card picked) but only succeeding at being sent to a cheap summer camp where people doubt his magic even being real.

Give me Preston having to deal with the after-effects of being with Nurf, wearing sunglasses until he’s completely sure the bruise has faded and after insisting it was a fashion choice and nothing else.
Give me Preston still being loud and self-absorbed, but flinching every time someone moves a little too fast, raising his hand to his face instinctively when someone raises their voice.
Give me Preston who knows deep down Nurf was in the wrong, but still can’t find it in him to not blame himself.

Then give me Nurf’s side of the story.

Give me Nerris doubting her powers because really, if she was that great wouldn’t she be able to do some of the cool stuff Harrison can do? 
Give me Nerris taunting Harrison more and more to make her feel better about herself until he yells at her that he wishes he knew her from before– so he could make her vanish instead of his brother. 
Give me Nerris locking herself in her tower, her only real friends being stuffed animals, and wonder where she went wrong.

Give me Space Kid not realising he’s the brunt of everyone’s jokes and continuing to go along his merry way until it finally clicks.
Give me Space Kid slowly growing annoyed that no one seems to remember he has a name–it’s not Space Kid, it’s Neil, and how come Other Neil gets to have his name?
Give me Space Kid taking off his helmet one day when he’s older and when being asked about it saying he grew out of space and that he doesn’t want that to be the feature people remember him by, even while knowing that ‘stupid Space Kid’ is his legacy now.

Honestly, I guess what I’m getting at with this is: Please rip my heart out in more than two ways. I’m r e a d y.

Okay, so, we all know how good the Voltron writers are with continuity and foreshadowing, right? Like there’s that one scene in Season 1 where Coran offhandedly mention the Weblum which of course reappears in Season 2. Well that got me thinking…there’s this one scene in Season 2 in which the writers deliberately go into detail about a possible plot point that is then just… not mentioned again. And they don’t seem like the kind of writers to just to tell us all that information and not have it go anywhere.

Which scene?

WELL (excuse the horrible quality of the screencaps)

THIS little gem, in which Hunk contemplates whether or not the Galra could successfully brainwash Shiro using his prosthetic. And his conclusion is…yeah, they totally could. So like, I’m not saying we’re gonna get a brainwashed Shiro in the future but…

We’re gonna get a brainwashed Shiro in the future.