but yeah

i really enjoy the lightwood family in tv form, maryse is awful to her kids, except jace it seems who isn’t even her biological son. izzy being constantly put down for the way she dresses and who she CHOOSES to date, her mother not even hugging her or showing any affection. and then alec, too afraid to make a mistake or do what he wants to do because maryse is such a commanding force that she terrifies both her kids. (not to mention jace who makes things worse with alec by how he treats him, i prefer book jace). im really glad the show is getting that across without having to SAY it, just showing it is enough.

and also, as annoying as clary is, the little supportive arm touches she gave alec in episode 5 were nice. i hope they become friends in a weird way. platonic clalec 

someone please give these two a hug and tell them how special they are

My arm is all numb from hanging the shower curtains and washing heavy dishes and pots and pans and from chopping onions for the rice

also because I kinda cleaned up a bit my workspace because the clutter was driving me insane

and I finally put up on my wall some old impressionist and pre impressionist paintings prints that my best friend gave me literally years ago

I am incredibly sore BUT I’M PUMPED

I am in pain BUT I DID THINGS

and I have a cool class in the afternoon!! yay!!


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Would you guys be interested if I did a little post on the uses of domestic bird feathers in witchcraft? Like, correspondences, I suppose.

Because raven feathers and hawk feathers are cool and all, but really not okay to have here and I’ve got a hell of a lot of use out of my waterfowl molts. I’d use a goose feather for protection or banishing almost as much as iron or rosemary. Those things pack a punch.

Of course, it would mostly be centered on ducks and geese, since that’s what my precious flock is made up of, but it would also be separated by breeds and their best uses. Maybe throw in some poultry, as well, since I have a little bit of experience with chickens.

how to dress when its very cold:

  • tights or longjohns
  • pants that are some thick material, outdoor pants on top if you feel like it
  • socks, woolen socks 
  • woolen shirt
  • layers
  • cover your neck
  • hat
  • gloves
  • good, warm, at least semi-waterproof shoes 
  • zip up your jacket

how not to dress when its very cold 

  • thick down jacket with a fur collar unzipped
  • no hat 
  • no gloves
  • neck exposed or poorly covered
  • thin pants
  • converse shoes

Hiddlesweek Day 1:  I’d Like to See Him As : Count Kalliovski - The Red Necklace/The Silver Blade:

Count Kalliovski was extremely rich, a well-travelled, cultivated and entertaining man. He was surrounded by ladies, all vying for his attention, all hoping to be the first in the pecking order. He had an iron-clad heart. His motto was one that should have warned all who knew him of his true nature: have no mercy, show no mercy.








Lilie dared Ahiru to smooch Fakir on the cheek.

It was Super Effective!

Fakir has fainted.

I have not drawn these two in quite some time. It was actually really hard to remember how I did them before.