but yeah

Peter Pan is not Disney. Disney DID a Peter Pan, but the story did not originate from Disney.

So ppl on DevArt, why why WHY do you gotta add my comic to your “disney” folder. That’s awesome that you like it, it really is, but when you do that, you ignore the origin of the story and it’s hard enough getting out from under the Disney shadow as it is. I already get harangued by people who are confused that I’m not doing it like Disney, or that I’m “stealing” b/c it’s Disney’s story. PLEASE.

They also did it with Little Mermaid stuff, so I assume that they just think either all the stuff Disney does is originally Disney OR they’re just shoving all fairy tale ish stuff under their Disney folder. Either way, it’s still shoving us all back under the shadow that we try so hard to escape from >_< 

On the other hand, this does make me more determined to get the original story out there, and hope people will learn that yes, there is actually a book. That no, Disney didn’t write.

everyone makes the enthusiasm about halloween into a jokey thing but i am DEAD serious and not embarassed at all because like

halloween was my mom’s FAVORITE holiday. a big part of it was that she was really into witches and stuff, and so she could always go all out with that on halloween. plus she also loved kids and we live right on the corner of the main street here, so she would always do a table with drinks and glowsticks for kids, and then she made margaritas for the poor moms getting dragged around. and we would set up a fire pit for everyone to hang around, because even though it’s normally pretty warm on halloween, it was a good place to sit down

and the decorations were always fun, and we’d do as much as we could put up all as a family, all different every year. it was never the best (we live a block away from a house that goes NUTS, so we couldn’t even compete), but it was always fun to do

and when i was in 5th grade she died in the fall before halloween and it was really sad, because well one, my mom is gone all of a sudden, and two, she didn’t even get her last halloween in

but she had always volunteered at our elementary school, and she was best friends with all the pto ladies, and so her friends organized this thing for the little kids to do

they got a bunch of pumpkins and gave them to the kids to decorate as a little sort of in-school halloween celebration (which mom would have loved) and told them like “hey guys ms lisa just passed on and we’re gonna make a bunch of pumpkins for her family”, and all these little kids painted on and carved these pumpkins (with help for cutting, of course)

and they had asked my dad for permission, but no one told me and my brother about it, so on halloween day all these people came and dropped off pumpkins. the volunteer moms got a lot of them, but some kids brought theirs home, and then some other people had heard about it and had made some on their own time, so there was just a bunch of cars coming and going, putting pumpkins on the curb in front of our house

eventually there was too many so we started moving them towards the house to line the flowerbeds, and then when that area got full we put them along the walkway, and by the time it got dark, there were these cute little jack o lanterns all along the flower beds and walkway

my whole yard was full of these jack o lanterns that everyone had decorated to give to us, and every one of them was lit up, and it made the whole yard so bright and happy looking. and each one was it’s own thing. some had faces, some had words, some just had scribbly patterns, some were carved neatly and some were messy, and a few weren’t carved at all but just drawn on. some had cartoon characters, some had bible verses or other quotes, and just every single unique little pumpkin was so precious to me because each one was someone thinking of us and of our mom and what she had loved, and doing something really sweet to say goodbye to this lady who had impacted all of their lives.

so yeah i get excited about halloween in august without shame because i’m a big ol sap and i always think of how everyone did a nice thing for us and managed to light up our house in my mom’s memory

“I love you,” Taron whispers into the crook of Colin’s neck as they sway back and forth to a soft medley playing in the background. He could never get over those 3 words as he smiles while tugging closer to his love.

“I love you too,” he hears as he feels a warmth bowling in his stomach. It’s been a while since he felt such love from someone. Knowing there is always someone there that’ll love him for who he is, flaws and all.

Taron looks up to Colin, gazing into those beautiful brown eyes, basking in how beautiful the man was. He lays a palm onto his face as he leans into a kiss. It’s a soft but intimate kiss that assures him that he’s the only one in the mans life that’ll bring him the most joy.

im reading great expectations by dickens with one of my students and even though p much every person ive talked about the book with finds it boring i actually like it - except for this part where there’s this gross stereotypical depiction of a “hysterical” jew who just appears in this group of motley low lifes who want this shady attorney character to represent them

literally this character exemplifies so much i read about in another book about the pathologization of jews in european race science: he’s hysterical, he lisps, has a weird accent, he’s criminal and shady, he’s subservient and pathetic, he’s impoverished and urban, he’s instantly recognizable as a Jew - it was just missing some physical maladies and a limping walk and it would have basically been picture perfect propaganda for race science in the late 19th century / early 20th century Europe

I’d be the kind of soldier who would attack a crowd of titans and scream “FIGHT ME” at the top of my lungs before I’d get eaten