but yea this was fun to make

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BamBam college!AU might be fun~ smol anon

  • Oh man, okay, Freshman year Bammy showing up to university with all of the confidence of his high school senior self
  • Pretends to be cool and shows up to his first class a few minutes late
  • ends up not being able to find a seat anywhere except the front
  • so guess where he’s sitting the rest of the year?
  • yea, it’s the front
  • makes friends with literally everyone
  • new roommate? best friend.
  • people in his groups for projects? already added on snapchat.
  • the entire football team? they all know and love him.
  • even the professors love him like what?
  • he basically spends his entire first year making friends, goofing off, and having fun
  • his sophomore year is a bit more tough for him since the classes get harder and more based on his major
  • which he decided was going to be fashion
  • but he still makes time for friends and joins a couple of organizations that interest him
  • he ends up getting a small part time job at a local fashion boutique which takes up most of his time
  • the work is boring and tedious but every week they’ll have some mid-tier fashion designers come in so it’s totally worth it
  • he’s always trying to be as bright and happy as possible but so much stress
  • enter junior year
  • he’s starting to look for more internships and jobs
  • while also trying to balance schoolwork and a social life
  • but fashion is still his love
  • so he’s constantly going into office hours for reviews 
  • and trying to make it seem effortless
  • but he’s actually spending a lot more time on campus
  • and a lot less time goofing around
  • and wow who knew college could be so stressful?
  • at this point he has cried with Yugyeom multiple times during pizza nights
  • but he keeps on going on and doing the best he can
  • because that’s what BamBam does
  • eventually at the tail end of junior year he gets a MASSIVE opportunity at a super prestigious couture company
  • something about how he charmed one of their reps and they really liked his designs that he low key pitched them
  • so of course he’s ecstatic and takes it immediately, spending the summer networking and getting better at his fashion
  • senior year is definitely more chill
  • he got a full time offer from the company and although it’s going to be stressful and painful and so much work, there’s nothing he would rather do
  • makes a senior year bucket list (majority of which is goofing off with Yugyeom)
  • makes it a point to go to class late and spend JUST the minimum amount of time with studying to pass
  • because at this point, he’s earned the right to slack off
  • decorates his grad cap with a dank meme
  • dabs when crossing the stage at graduation
  • definitely cries at the very end of graduation when hugging Yugyeom
Wow this got so much longer than I had anticipated?

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Have you seen Kaboom directed by Gregg Araki? Its honestly one of the most wacky fun insane movies I've ever seen lmao

yea i did and i still can’t get over that ending a lot of gregg araki’s films end in a way that just makes me stare at the screen for a few minutes i feel like depressing and weird would be a way to describe them

theyre on a date!!


rot in hell Reyes

but that does happen to a certain degree o____o

@fofosenpai and i were making fun of McCree consecutively and we just thought up the Howdy Howdy thing and i had to draw it so yea! HAHAHA ngl i’m not a fan of mccreep but i love his interaction with reyes. so i will be drawing more of that 8^)

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Jesse McCree & Gabriel Reyes©Overwatch

okay so strangers is the first pop song that doesn’t make queerness a taboo thing tho??? like yea u guys can say I kissed a girl and cool for the summer is about experimenting with girls but it’s also treated as “keep it a secret” “this is just for fun” and when a bi artist speaks out and says “these songs make it hard for bisexuality/lgbt women to be taken seriously” it’s not her trying to “drag” someone it’s literally her speaking out on queerness being seen in a serious light. like honestly yall will do anything to put Halsey down lmao

anyway. idk how to eloquently explain this but. i love the fact that gilbert is so positive about anne’s quirks. everyone’s laughing at her because of the way she reads? he enjoys it. she can read well and she’s invested. anne thinks she’s ugly and skinny? he calls her cute to all his friends. anne’s weird because she’s an orphan and nobody should interact with her? he doesn’t care where she’s from, and he doesn’t see why he can’t walk with her. anne wants to be acknowledged for her intelligence, wants to be known as smart but is never given enough credit by most people (”he’s my brightest student” “we need a guy to show her she’s not so smart”)? he tells billy that she’s smart and he’s just gonna have to deal with it. he tells her if she’s gonna beat him in class, he wants it to be fair and square. because he knows she can, and he knows she wouldn’t have it any other way. and this isn’t even said to..idk win her over with compliments or smth like that. he says it while she’s not listening, mostly to other people who make fun of her. like yeah, he’ll tease her sometimes, but he never tries to make her feel like she’s not enough. he never tries to make her feel like she doesn’t belong. he talks to her when she’s outside alone, tries to give her an apple, always interferes when billy is bullying her. like at most, he’s a cheeky little shit, but he acknowledges these things about anne and isn’t afraid to say she’s smart or cute or invested or good


me: you haven’t played those games in years, jen, and “the legend of”-series wasn’t even your cup of tea!
also me: yea that’s true but 1. I liked Cynder and 2. it’s cute n gay so shut up

So Much More

Synopsis: You are a new and upcoming superstar and during an interview, you get asked questions about the one and only Harry Styles. 

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This interaction is one of the MANY reasons why I love this (Asta Nielsen’s) version of Hamlet.
So yes, that is Hamlet (left) and Horatio (right), and in this version, Hamlet is secretly a woman who was raised as a man to protect the royal family’s legacy.
The movie, in a vain and desperate attempt to avoid any implications of homosexuality, goes w the idea that Hamlet was secretly in love w Horatio (which…yea), and only pretended to love Ophelia for the sake of appearances.
And that would be all well and heterosexual, but Nielsen’s performance isn’t really that of woman pretending to be a man.
Honestly, this Hamlet feels way more gender fluid than *just* male, or *just* female. There’s flashes of both femininity and masculinity in the performance, making the whole thing waaaaay unintentionally gayer (always fun).
So, in this version, we actually get to SEE Hamlet and Horatio meet at Wittenberg.
Like, they get this whole little meet-cute scene where Horatio drops his quill and they both go to pick it up and their heads bump together, like in a romcom (I swear I’m not making this up, you can watch it on YouTube if you don’t believe me), which then leads to the part your seeing above this, where Hamlet basically just eye fucks Horatio for an entire scene.
What a piece of work is man, indeed.

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In your opinion, what are YOI fandom classic fanfic?

according to @kazliin these are the top ten classic yoi fanfics 😉 better get readin, kids 😉

okay though, if you were looking for some more serious answers? i guess i gotta go with the fics that show up every time @actualyuuri and i go on omegle and ask for fic recs, so that’d be

i’m sure you’ve all read all of these! but if you haven’t, definitely check them out. heed the warnings for some of them (especially tbe and masquerade) but yea, have fun 💖


PLOT SUMMARY: a multichapter imagine fic where the reader is dustin’s older siblings. follows along directly with the events of season 2. she’s friends with nancy, and drama ensues. over the course of the fic we see how the reader reacts to new challenges and a new romantic interest.  ( inspired by two other imagines that i literally can’t find for the life of me. )

CHAPTER SUMMARY: Steve realized he is an idiot but, he matters. 

PAIRING: SLOWBURN Steve Harrington x Fem!Reader

WARNING: Swearing and Spoilers



A/N:  Okay, this is one of the only chapters that, after I had finished it I thought there needed to be more. And lemmie tell you - I’m glad I felt this way. This chapter gives you one of my favourite StevexReader moments to date. It just makes me feel all types of ways. Literally the moment I added it, the whole basis for everything just felt right. I’m really excited to see what you guys think. I could have probably cut this chapter into two parts because of the added scene but decided I made you guys wait long enough and already told you there were going to be eleven chapters soooo… enjoy the longest chapter. 

“ Yea, let’s go towards the beings from another dimension. Sure, sounds like a fun, safe thing to do. No danger what so ever. ” You mumbled to yourself and you and Steve led the group of kids back through the train tracks. Steve rolled his eyes and shook his head, with a smile on his face he told you to shut up.

“ If we didn’t come along they would have gone on their own. ”

“ Why? What do they gain from this? Why wouldn’t they just try to avoid the danger and stay safe… and let the professionals handle it. ”

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Dark Lovers [3]

An AU Series

Character Pairing: AU!King of Hell Steve Rogers x AU!Demon Bucky Barnes x AU!Angel Female Reader

Word Count: 2,879

Warnings: NSFW 18+. Fingering. Swearing. Mentions of torture and violence. 

A/N: This wouldn’t be possible without @apolla62200. Most of these ideas have come from her creative mind! 

One - Two

“You are pulled from the wreckage,

Of your silent reverie.

You’re in the arms of the angel,

May you find some comfort here.”

‘Sarah Mclachlan would be proud,’ you thought to yourself as you sang the last notes of the song softly.

Prying your swollen eyes open, you looked up at the ceiling of your tiny cell. You could barely make out the intricate etchings of the ancient binding spell.

You huffed a sarcastic laugh out of your dry, chapped lips.

Shifting your body slowly, you groaned when the cuff around your ankle chafed your raw skin. The heavy metal chain dragged the floor with your movements. You leaned over the side of mattress and grabbed the metal tray your lunch had been on. Lifting it in front of your face, you grimaced when you saw that your bruises had turned to that nasty yellow color.

Sitting the tray down, you rolled over onto your back again. Your body was mostly healed but still sore.

You heaved a heavy sigh. It could have been worse. This was a just a warning. Fury normally didn’t even give warnings, so you considered yourself lucky.

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i don’t know if someone already pointed this out but this scene ya know the one where Keith is about to be killed by a robot man thing and i quote is ‘WINNING”


because yea we all stop and chat with our “FRIENDS” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) DURING A DEATH MATCH AND HAVE TEA because what could be more important 

 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) we see you keith