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Naruhina Month Day 6: Pregnancy

Hinata had taken Bolt and Himawari to the playground for the afternoon. She was nearing the end of her pregnancy and she couldn’t be more excited about meeting the baby inside of her. She sat in pure bliss as she watched her children play in the tall grass. Himawari referred to it as “Essplorin the rainforest”.

The sun started setting, and she told the kids it was time to get going. Naruto would be home in about two hours, leaving enough time to cook dinner for him. As they started walking home on that particular day, both her children had a lot more to say than usual, Bolt especially.

“Momma! Momma! Momma!”

“Yes Himawari?”

“So when is my new baby sister gonna get here?!?”“

"I don’t know for sure princess. We have about a week left. And you don’t know for sure if you’re getting a sister” she laughed

“Well I WANT a sister!” She demanded.

“Well we should be excited no matter what we get, right Bolt?”

“Yeah yeah!!” He whined, in a tone that was eerily similar to his father’s when he was his age.

“Boy am I excited for some kid crapping and taking up more of dad’s time. Now I’m really never going to see him.”

“Boruto Uzumaki!” Hinata seethed, stopping them in their tracks.

“I mean it! Sometimes I wish I was an only child like Sarada-chan. Her dad is always on missions, but at least she has him all to herself when he’s home. She gets all the attention she wants!”

With that, Himawari gave him a slap, causing a barrage of little hands to go at each other.

“STOP IT NOW! BOTH OF YOU!” Hinata stammered, in the loudest voice she could muster up.

“Now….Himawari don’t slap! And Boruto, don’t say things like that. Apologize to your sister. That was hurtful”

“…I’m sorry”

 “That’s alright.” Himawari sighed. “I expect him to act out. Boys have poop for brains. Sarada told me that herself and if Sarada told me that then it has to be true because sarada is the most esmartest  girl in the whole village.”

“Alright. thank you Boruto”

He just crossed his arms and looked away from his mother in defiance.

“Bolt, it kills me to see that you feel let down and neglected. You have no idea how much your father loves you…”

The little warrior was still unmoved. The mushy approach wasn’t working. Time to bring out the big guns.

“Listen, I won’t lie to you. Your father probably will spend extra time with the baby when he or she gets here. It’s not a reflection on who matters most though. Babies need extra attention. Papa can handle it though, three kids aren’t much harder than two though. It’s you who’s going to have the biggest responsibility”

“Me?? Why?” He asked in disbelief.

“You’re a big brother to two siblings. Your father is going to need you to take care of and protect me, Himawari and the baby when he’s busy. I guess I’ll have to tell him you’re not cut out for the job though. You’re not a tough enough shinobi if you’re complaining about it”

“No! I can do it ma!” He yelled confidently, falling strait into her carefully set reverse psychology trap.

“That’s what I like to hear. You have hyuga blood in you, and you’re the son and the grandson and of hokage. There’s NOTHING you can’t handle.”

“You think so ma?”

“I KNOW so” she said, smiling down at the little man she was so proud of. Her son was beaming with confidence after that encouragement, which made her feel accomplished.

“Aright my loves, let’s go home and get dinner ready for papa.” With that, they walked home into the sunset.


Hinata and naruto just finished tucking their  little ones in and collapsed into their bed.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, planting a kiss on her forehead

“I’m ok. Third times a charm I suppose.”

"I’d say, considering you were a swollen nauseous mess for the first two pregnancies” he cackled, causing her to scowl at him.

“I’m just kidding Hinata! Listen I’ve had you three on my mind today even more so than usual…. If that’s even possible. Have Boruto and Himawari been too much lately? You shouldn’t exert yourself since the baby’s almost here.”

 "No, they’ve been fine-“ 

"I was thinking! I could stop by your father’s tomorrow and drop off himawari on my way to the office, and Boruto can stay after at the academy with me until I’m done for the day. Shikamaru can entertain him. I’m sure he’d love that!” He smirked

 Hinata sat and pondered for a moment

“I mean, I’m only suggesting it. I figured maybe you’d be really tired. Plus they’re such a handful for someone in your condition.”

 "I’m having a baby, naruto. Not dying!“ She giggled. "Come on, I can handle this. I got this pregnancy thing down pat. I’d say we even go for a fourth in a few months”

 "I wouldn’t be opposed" naruto whispered, putting his hand on her stomach.

 "Im pretty exhausted though, can you just close the lights?“

 "Of course!” He exclaimed, giving her a deep kiss. After that, he turned off the lamp on his nightstand. “goodnight sweetheart. I love you”

“Goodnight hokage sama, I love you too” With that, Hinata took her usual spot in the nook between naruto’s neck and shoulder, and they both began to drift off to sleep.

 A few minutes later, hinata’s eyes fluttered open.

 "Umm….Naruto, are you still awake?“

"Yea babe…barely. What’s up….wanna mess around?”

 "No….my water just broke"


Ok! so im pretty happy with how this came out!:) I always imagined that hinata was the kind of person who took pregnancy very well.

Of course the drawing was my main focus. I just kinda decided to throw in the little drabble too.

And forgive my poor grammar. im a fashion design/tech design major and I haven’t written an essay in 4 years X/ AHHH