but ye there really fun ahh

I painted a little Rufus with some daisies and hydrangea flowers! 🌼
This was really fun to paint :>

Get well soon Stefán! 💜


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bear with me please this is my first bullet point fic and my first fanfic since like 7th grade?? mlp was a dark stage

-okay so you aren’t tumblr famous really but you do have a few hundred followers on tumblr and you put time and effort in your theme and stuff, like ur blog is classy but trashy,,

-you pretty much use Tumblr daily and you are a bts blogger and post gifs that you make for bts and a few headcanons

-so one day in math class you get like 30 notifications that someone liked and reblogged your gifs

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Diabolik lovers: Lunatic parade Shin and Subaru (CD drama) ~translation~ (summary)

This translation was made by @ariadnasmtk~
Track x

—Both Subaru and Shin are accompanying Yui going shopping some things she needs.

Sin calls his familiars (his wolves) to accompanying them, but because of this people are getting

away; Yui asks Shin to takes them away. Then Shin calls his pups wolves (awww) something he

doesn’t want, because all women became crazy when they see them. Guess who became crazy

for them? Subaru! XD. Then while they were searching for the things Yui needed, a wolf

approached Shin telling him something.

Shin: “Well, I’ll be gone for a moment”

Subaru: “W-Wait. I’ll go with you.”

Shin: “Heeeh. Well, follow me if you want.”

It looks like Subaru thinks Shin’s pups are cute.

Shin: “Sorry to keep you waiting. Here, eat this.”

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*some girl wearing fedora who looks exactly as Laito if he was a female appears * Heellooo Bitch-kuns, my name is Laiko-chan, let's have some together fun, ne~ *looks closer at the triplets while neating her fedora* three of you seem somehow familiar to me. .. ahh i know two of you are similar to my triplet sisters, their names are Ayako-chan and Kanako-chan, nfu~ *looks closer at Laito* though i don't know why this Bitch-kun feels sooo familiar too nfu~


♥Ayato:… Dude… She really looks like you, Laito.

♥Kanato: Yes, but she’s prettier.


♥Laito: What a great surprise~ I think I found a really interesting girl. Huh? Are those your sisters? They’re pretty, too~

♥Ayato: I’m not the most indicated person to say this but… Is this even a right thing to do?!

♥Kanato: This is utterly disgusting… I don’t know how I should interpret the fact that you are going after girls that look like us.

taehyung- first kiss. × fluff

you and your bestfriend, taehyung were sleeping on the couch at your house. because of the cold air breezing through the window, you woke up. you slowly looked up to see tae’s cute little face. you were leaning on him with your arm around his abdomen and his hand slightly placed on your thigh. you didn’t even wonder why it was there, you just knew that you liked it.

never had you really looked at him the way you were looking at him just now. his pink lips, his freckle located on his nose, his soft skin, his adorable eyelashes, his puffy cheeks and his charming straight eyebrows.

you had realized just then, that you had feelings for him, after having him as a best friend for five years. for awhile, you thought about how you really felt towards taehyung. sometimes, he would do things that would turn you on or make you blush and sometimes, he would do things that made you think of him as a brother.

you were afraid that this would happen. that you would fall in love with your best friend. that he would think it’s weird for you to have these feelings.

you were afraid that he would end the relationship that you two had. or if you started dating, he would have to keep it a secret because you weren’t “normal”.

your brown skin, curly hair, thick lips, and curvy body stood out when you walked the streets of seoul. you learned to get used to it though, being different was kind of fun.

he was the first person to greet you and help you around, getting you accustomed to your new lifestyle. your love for him could never weaken, but only grow stronger if possible.

“ahh..taehyung. why are you so beautiful? why am i in love with you?…im scared.” you whispered as you looked down.

“really?” his voice made you jump.

oh hell. you thought.

“um…really what?” you pretended to be clueless to hide your embarrassment.

“you’re in love with me?” a small smile appeared on his face.

you looked down. “yes.” you confessed.

he suddenly lifted your head up by your chin and looked deep into your big brown eyes.

he was smiling, his beautiful rectangle smile.

“for how long?” he asked.

you shrugged and broke eye contact with him. “honestly, i don’t know. i just know that i am.”

he sighed, removing his hand from your face and shifting around.

“im in love with you too.” he finally confessed.

you didn’t know this but he was already in love with you and he had been for a long time. he was afraid, just like you.

“for how long?” you asked him just like he asked you.

“yah! do i have to answer? i just know that i am!” he mocked you as he scratched his head.

you sat all the way up. “of course you do!” you playfully hit his shoulder.

“since i met you. you looked so beautiful and you were nothing like what i was used to. i just fell in love with you.” he pinched your cheek.

hearing that made you smile. “really?” you asked.

he slowly nodded.

“tae tae.” you hugged him.

his eyes widened since you had never called him that.

“call me oppa.” he smiled to himself as he hugged you back.

“oppa!” you sarcastically yelled, cringing at yourself.

you looked up to only be face to face with him. both of your faces were an inch away from each other and at that moment, you wanted to kiss him.

“kiss me.” you demanded.

he didn’t hesitate to lean in forward and connect his lips with yours. he kissed you gently, not wanting to show you how much he actually wanted to kiss you.

a few seconds later, you pulled back.

the both of you were smiling and blushing hard, not even hiding it. it was your first kiss and to have it with tae was special.

“tae?” you cuddled under him.

“hmm?” he responded with a cheesy smile as he wrapped his arm around you.

“what does this mean?”

“we’re dating.” he replied.

you smiled and closed your eyes, about to fall back sleep when taehyung called your name. “yeah?” you asked. “i love you.” he yawned. “i love you too.”

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Elijah sat at the opposite end of the table carefully assessing you as you waited for him to answer your proposal.


“Just so we’re clear, you want me to find you a place in New Orleans were Klaus won’t find you and your boyfriend?” Elijah sighed, he always had a soft spot for you, bit this may be far too much for him to manage.

“Yes, we need to get out of New York and I’m friends with a warlock who’s friends great, great something is a witch in the coven here.” You explained again.


“If Niklaus finds out you’re here… I will try my best to keep it from him but this is his city.” Elijah mumbled.

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Oh man, where do I begin?

A year ago, I officially began my presence in the Fire Emblem Fates RP community — and here I am, still here, a year later! Only those who have been around for longer than I have remember my old URL KIRAQI — but upon further deepening of Kiragi’s character, was changed to the one I have present day. It’s only been my second experience with a community on Tumblr, my first being in the Osomatsu-san fandom — and I had ditched one of my blogs in said community in favor of Kiragi.

I guess I should start with what I’m thankful for in this introduction. Honestly, there’s a LOT to be thankful for — this community’s kindness, it’s welcome, and the zeal it had ever since I joined to improve many different aspects of myself in the creative aspect. This includes my graphics, writing, musical ability — it’s endless. I joined this community with absolutely no idea how it’d work out — honestly, I thought it would be a lot like the Osomatsu-san community, where the majority of people DREW ANSWERS to asks. I was surprised to find out that the majority of the fandom used their creative writing skills for the most part. I was young — er, younger — when I made the blog, so I had no knowledge of what I was doing, other than the fact that I was here to have fun — I think that’s the most important part to when I joined. As began to roleplay more and more, new glasses were placed upon my face, and I started seeing — well, EVERYTHING differently. 

Before this gets too long, I’d like to just say thank you — to YOU. Because it’s likely that if you’re seeing this from my blog, you’re following me — you’re one of those THOUSAND followers that I have accumulated over the past year. Roleplaying is not my priority, as writing in a whole is just a hobby for me, and I always do things in the order and balance that I want — perhaps that’s selfish of me, but this community has allowed me to realize MANY things. Everyone I met was so unique and amazing, and even though I’ve only managed to fully befriend only a fraction of my followers, I cannot wait to see what’s in store for me in the future!

And — oh yes. You didn’t forget, right? Because I didn’t — I told you that I’d make a CELEBRATORY VIDEO. Now, let’s begin this long-ass bias list. | art credit !

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I think you write well, and Ashiya for the send me a character pls. I'm a trash for Abeshiya, and Ashino? topAshiya/bottomAbeno, like pls someone make a tag of Ashino. Don't you think Hanae-chan deserves to top the bootyful Abeno-san?

It’s thanks to my beta. Ashino sure sounds interesting. And yes! I think Ashiya could top the bootyful Abeno-san if he wants to. Read Wazawa Kiri-sensei’s Q&A from the fanbook, someone posted it here. Canonically, Ashiya is physically stronger. So yeah, I think he could overpower the bootyful Abeno-san lol.

Sooo, Hanae-chan!

 1. sexuality headcanon: 

It’s complicated…he originally likes girls but when he met this certain blond ikemen in his dashing kimono, he starts to questions his sexuality. He thinks Abeno-san is prettier than any other girls in his class. Ashiya tried to compliment his employer but Abeno being the tsundere that he was, he reacted rather violently.

Tip to Ashiya: Try calling Abeno-san beautiful next time. Oh wait, that’s a bad idea. Abeno-san might choke you for that.

Sexuality headcanon: It’s complicated Hopelessly gay for Abeno-san.

2. OTP:

Abeno x Ashiya or Abeshiya, though I don’t mind Ashiya topping but like I said, I prefer Abeno doing the plowing. And, All x Ashiya… I think having your own personal harem of hot yokais wouldn’t hurt. Plus, the more the merrier. Let’s have a mini-walkthrough otome-game style: 

Legislator Route

Tip to Ashiya:  You might need to raise your affection level to get this sexy chain-smoker’s attention. He’s a sex-maniac, so you might need to work hard on your charm and sex appeal. [ 2 good endings and 1 bad ending ]

Justice Route

Tip to Ashiya:  You’ve already gained a lot of affection points when you helped this sexy beast find his tail ring, though you still might need to work a little bit more on your charm level. Worst scenarios would be tomodachi-zone (friend-zone) and ototo-zone (lil bro-zone). [ 2 good endings, 1 tomodachi-zone ending, and 1 ototo-zone ending ]

Executive Route

Tip to Ashiya:  Approach with extreme caution. You might need to work hard on your bdsm side and raise your masochism level. [ 5 bad endings and 1 good ending? ]

Abeno-san Route

Tip to Ashiya:  There’s no need for any affection points. This guy is already smitten with you, though you might need to work a little harder in your seduction skills. See, that challenging smirk? It’s Abeno-san silently telling, ‘Go pull some sexy shit on me, Ashiya’ lol. [ 5 good endings and 0 bad ending ]

3. brotp:

Ashiya x Moja.

Ashiya’s moe-ness + fuzzy’s kawaii-ness = the healing-power duo

4. notp:

Not exactly a notp, they’re just my least favorite. Ashiya x Zenko. 

I see them as brother-sister relationship.

5. first headcanon that pops in my head:

Ashiya is a drama queen lol. He’s an attention and affection seeker, likes to exaggerate and overthink things to the point of being annoying. Straightforward, and a passionate person. Nags a lot, and gets easily moved to tears. He’s a hopeless romantic, and could pull out cheesy lines without getting embarrassed. But he’s not all rainbows and sunshine, he has a dark side too and he’s unaware of it. Seems to be an innocent-uke but is actually a badass-uke. Ashiya is a power-bottom.

Watch out Abeno-san, coz dis cinnamon roll could whip that beautiful booty of yours lol. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

6. favorite line from this character:

I just love it every single time Ashiya calls, yells, screams, “Abeno-san!” lol

[At the mall]

Ashiya: Excuse me, I lost my boyfriend, can I please make an announcement?

Staff: Of course.

Ashiya: *leans in to mic* ABENO-SAN! ABENO-SAN! ABENO-SAN! ABENO-SAAAN!

[At the other side of the mall, near the exit]

Abeno: Goodbye you little shit.

Why can I imagine this happening lol 

7. one way which i relate to this character:

I don’t really like horror stuffs like ghosts coz I’m paranoid and I easily freak out.

your behind back is being poked by what? lol  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

8. things that gave me second hand embarrassment about this character:

ahh i could think a lot of things. But this scene is just lol:

yes, you just did Ashiya.

9. cinnamon roll or problematic fave:

Hanae-chan is just too precious, I want to protect this baby’s smile  (*´ω`*)


AHH THIS TOOK ME FOREVER. But hey, comics are fun! :D I figure after James, Sirius and Peter learned how to become Animagi to keep Remus company on the full moon he would have been really touched when he learned about it. BASICALLY I will just always have a lot of feels about these four idiots and their stupid tragic friendship, so yes. Have a comic thing. Hand falling off now. Blah, blah, blah! ;)

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Im. In the exact. Same. Position!!!!!!! I feel like im wasting my youth away because I have no one to hang out with. Like if I really really want to go somewhere, for example a concert or sth i'll go alone but its just not the same. Everyone else does fun things with their friends idk whats wrong with me :(

Ahh yes very relatable :( but I also have a bit of social anxiety so I wouldn’t really go to any concerts by myself, but I really should tho like you’re doing. I can only say I have one really good friend, but he lives far away now since I had to move for my college. So I haven’t seen him in a few months. And I wish I could go to these gothic parties that are being organised close to me, but I have no one to go with and I’m too scared to go by myself. :( struggles… xx

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hi yes so about the melatonin - that doesn't happen for me. i rarely have dreams when i take the stuff. and when i do, theyre as normal as dreams can get. dont be worried, you probably can take it without getting nightmares. if you do get nightmares though, please dont take it again unless you really need to. nightmares are not fun and i dont want you to suffer like that. anyways ily gotta blast - 🐻

ahh thank you for ur input :) 
i’m gonna try it out and if i feel like i can’t handle it i’ll ask my doctor what to do!! i already have intense dreams a lot of the time but idk if i can handle them being more intense

Hoshidan Festival: Corrin (F) and Kiragi Parent-Child Convo

As requested! Kiragi gets a bit of an archery lesson from his mother! That’s a bit unexpected, but it’s really sweet to see how Corrin has taken Takumi’s words to heart, and in turn, Kiragi now takes them to heart. (Takumi teaching Corrin how to use a yumi is the subject of their support conversations.)

And, hmm… Suppose Takumi would have any trouble with a toy boy? It’s true that toy weapons can handle quite differently from real ones, so even Takumi’s advice won’t necessarily ALWAYS ring true…

Also, I noticed when playing the English version the other day (finally finished Heirs of Fate, yay!), that Kiragi calls his parents “Dad” and “Mom.” I (Marie) try to stick to the names/titles/whatever used in the English version, but, I’ve been consistently having Kiragi use “Father” and “Mother” when talking about his parents, so…I’ll stick with that. No need to change it now… He uses the equivalent of of the more formal-sounding “Father” and “Mother” in the Japanese version.

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Have either of you two lived with anyone else before? Was it hard adjusting to a room mate? (OMG I LOVE THIS BLOG SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR GIFTING US WITH YOUR TALENT)

HAM: I’ve lived alone for a huge portion of my life, so you can imagine that this would be a pretty big change… John had been living by himself for just a couple years, so he kinda guided me through the transition process - if that makes any sense.

LAURENS: I love him, but man, it wasn’t easy - I’m constantly reminding him to take care of himself. Eating, showering, brushing teeth.. I swear, if I wasn’t here, he could go a couple weeks without doing those things properly.

HAM: I’m a busy guy! Who cares if my hair is greasy or not?? I’m getting some serious work done!

LAURENS: Yeah, yeah, alright…. Anyway. Sometimes our schedules clash, but we don’t really mind. It’s cute most of the time.

LAURENS: It’s kinda comforting having someone doing all your daily chores with you, y’know? Helps you get through the day. 

HAM: And you get to watch TV with them later. That’s the best.

LAURENS: Yeah, we do watch a ton of Netflix. It’s really fun making commentary and stuff, but Alex, do you really have to point out ALL the plotholes??

HAM: YES, I do! Who else will???

LAURENS: (sigh)

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yesss i feel very strongly about isak being a ravenclaw as well. not just because he's a nerd and likes being good at school (wasn't he making fun of some spelling error in jonas' essay in s1 as well? lol isak) but also because i think he really values knowledge in general? like his first instinct is always to do research, whether it's about his crush or about bipolar disorder or whatever, he wants to *know* about things before he takes action.

ahh yes i know! this is the main reason, really, i just didn’t have the patience to write it out, haha! but you summed it up pretty well. i mean, even when isak is doing self-destructive stuff, such as trying to hook up with emma again, he googles how to do it :/ 

and he is also very good at using information that he gets from others, such as what sana tells him about “hate doesn’t come from religion, it comes from fear” and how sonja gives him advice on how to be there for even. he doesn’t just repeat back what he has learned, but he shows that he really gets it, by applying it to the situation perfectly. 

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Hi I'm jojo - San and I was wondering if I could ask you to do a prompt for me? It started simply as a whoops wrong number, then led to more. Like they accidentally text/call each other and keep doing so

((Thanks for the prompt!  Sorry it took so long to get to, but here it is!!))

[775-555-6252]: Hey!  Thanks for giving me your new number, I’m glad we ran into each other!  Have you started the homework for Prof Stein’s class? [203-555-7685]: who is this

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remmythepegasis  asked:


1. First impression: fun person, evidently very creative with prompt, want to befriend!!!
2. Truth is: still really fun and creative!! very sweet and caring, has so many good ideas like ong
3. How old do you look: uhm… maybe like.. 21ish? I think? maybe 23?? ack, sorry
4. Have you ever made me laugh: yes! definitely in our convo about the clock hehe!!!
5. Have you ever made me mad: nope!
6. Best feature: ack adsfghjkfm i don’t knooow you’re so creative and hard working and SWEET i love you too much tbh ahh h and also you are……very pretty
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: i don’t get crushes easily, sorry, no!
8. You’re my: Friend Who is Always Encouraging™
9. Name in my phone (if you were in my phone): The Bunny Giver™
10. Should you post this too? If you want! :Dc