but ye here they are


Holby City AU: Greek Mythology

Apollo & Artemis

“Her smile was the sun, and the whole world stopped and stared to follow its slow curve across the landscape of her face. But Artemis, brave Artemis with arrows drawn, trod softly through the dark chaos in search of the light”.

(They may be brother and sister, but there’s still the familial love there between them. Consider this best friends Berena).

Elisabeth + ‘Liebesthema’ 🎶

rping as church is essentially constantly thinking ‘what would i, a sensitive inner city latte-sipping greens voting bleeding heart leftist, say or do?’ and then choosing the exact opposite conversation option.

Almost two years ago, on the 9th of October 2014, I made a post that turned into one of my favourite HSS posts of all time. The Man Card post.

A joint legacy of @high-school-story and me, and today………. today it comes to an end.

Today is the day the Man Card expires!!

A moment of silence for the end of an era. Please pay your respects by visiting the original post.

Thanks again to Kea for making the Man Card and providing me with endless entertainment through the years 😄😄


Thresh at Zilean tbh.


Hey guys, Nicole here! I’m still here and yes, am still running this blog. I apologize for not being able to post very often these past few weeks. I’ve just been very busy, with school and all. I’ll try my best to update by the end of this weekend. Until then!