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Honest Voltron Characterizations

@alluraofaltea posted something similar and while I don’t agree with some of her items, I did think it sounded like a fun idea, to see what people’s interpretations of the characters were. Special thanks to @fenfishtrap for pointing it out to me.

I’d love to see others do this too -

Keith - Hi, I’m the main character…I think. The show really can’t decide. I mean, I fit all the requirements, I’m the best pilot, my character design looks like it was pulled right from a Go Nagai manga, but I’m also a complete hothead, make the same mistakes over and over, and don’t learn from my experiences. One second I’m being told I should lead the team, the next I’m put out of focus for an entire season because my actor got a role that paid more. I would have a Freudian excuse for all this, except the only people who saw my moping about my mom were hardcore fans that watched an internet exclusive blog entry. Thanks to that everyone thinks my lack of character development means I’m flaming gay. Well, this season I’m going to try moping about not getting in the f*cking robot. Maybe at least that will lead to fans hooking me up with a hot redhead girl.

Also I’m half Galra which means either nothing or I have Hitler genes baked in.

Shiro - I’m the main character when the executives are done with the script editing. I’m also, depending on the fan describing me, either a shell shocked prisoner of war that just wants to sip a Corona on a beach and really should be out of the line of fire, Optimus Freaking Prime and the Chosen One, or a gay pedophile. My relationship with the Black Lion is about the same. Also I may or may not be a clone. I’m pretty sure that I’m supposed to be the Roy Fokker to Keith’s Hikaru/Rick Hunter, but I kinda suck at it on screen. Thankfully there’s fanfic because Shiro loves you baby. ❤️

My robot arm makes for a killer Winter Soldier cosplay at least.

Hunk - I’m the FOOD GUY. Get it? Because I’m fat which means I like to eat and literally have no other character traits. And yet out of everyone, I’m canonically the most successful with the ladies, so I have that going for me. Chicks love a guy that can cook. I’d mention my other skills and personality traits, but they’re kind of nonexistent, while my Japanese counterpart in GoLion was a judo master because over there, heavyset, stocky frames are common in sports like judo and sumo. Nope, I’m all about the food, and looking like an idiot. Usually because of food.

Pidge - Hi, I’m Katie, although everyone calls me Pidge, and it took four seasons to explain the nickname. Better late than never, right? Thanks to progressive writing, I’m now a girl, but everyone thinks I’m either trans or gay because I don’t have D cups. Yay being progressive. When the show bothers to focus on me, I’m actually pretty kickass, but the fandom still treats me like I’m made of porcelain. I may or may not have a crush on Lance (not that I’d ever admit it) but the fandom is also quick to label anyone who thinks so a pedophile. Even though he’s only two years older. Progressive! At least my brother thinks I’m cool.

Lance - Thank you, thank you. I am clearly the favorite character of the entire fandom even though most of said fandom portrays me, the confident ladies man and bundle of issues, as either a self loathing gay man or a male Disney Princess. The best way for the fandom to gay up something is to add me to it when I would rather find a hot girl to take with me on my lion. Then again, this is the same fandom that thought “hey man” was me flirting with Keith. More essays have been written about how I’m the real hero of the series and Keith’s alleged love for me than on the root causes of the US Civil War. I just want a girl to know the real me, you know?

I’m also canonically Cuban (not that it’s ever acknowledged in the show) which makes me one of a very few non-sterotypical Hispanics in animation alongside Miles Morales. And yet my fandom often portrays me as a MEXICAN stereotype instead. No, I won’t sing “Gasolina.” Shut up.

Allura - My original incarnation was the grandmother of shipping cartoon characters together, but because I’m the same age as Keith as Lance, as well as, let’s face it, my “character design change”, I am now a Strong Independent Black Woman That Don’t Need No Man, or a butch lesbian stereotype. This is despite two characters declaring me beautiful on screen. I may or may not have feelings for Keith but they’re about as consistent as who the lead character is. A lot of fans wish I just stayed in the castle ship even though I’ve gone on and on about wanting to honor my fathers legacy by being a pilot. People keep calling me “Space Mom” when I am terrible with kids. Again, probably because of my “character design change.” Without it, I’d probably be everyone’s waifu.

Lotor - The show can’t decide if I’m supposed to be Prince Zuko to Keith’s Aang or the Char Aznable to his Amuro Ray. Probably the former given the show’s complete hatred of all things mecha. I run things for about six episodes before being kicked out of the command room because it’s easier to write Zombie dad. The showrunners complete hatred of giant robots means I get to fly in a series of increasingly silly looking ships. Also I am NOT a rapist! Sincline was, and I am not Sincline! My old crush on Allura is gone, but let’s face it, it would never work out here. Also someone made a homemade body pillow of me, am I’m not sure if it’s flattering…or incredibly disturbing.

Zarkon - I make Cobra Commander look nuanced, and I am literally a zombie. I’m also the only one of these idiots smart enough to fight Voltron with a robot of my own, which you THINK would mean my dumbass son would make more of them.

Voltron - I’m supposed to be the latest incarnation of what Americans think of when they think of giant robots like how Mexico thinks of Mazinger Z and France thinks of Grendizer. Instead I’m a glorified cannon that is woefully out of place in this super cereal space opera. My five lion components apparently have minds of their own…maybe? Most fans (and the writers) forget I even exist even though the damn show is named after me! The show itself seems to have no idea how to use me, so I guess we’re all in the same boat. I’m pretty sure there’s more fanfic starring Shay than there are about me. Fans don’t even want me in a hypothetical video game, and Japan would rather bring back Combattler V for the next Super Robot Wars.

Vernon introducing his kids to the Members

pairing: hansol chwe (vernon) x reader
word count: 562
genre: fluff; bulletpointed
admin: jun
a/n: thank you so much for the request! I hope this is what you were looking for! we appreciate the love and support you all have been giving us. keep those requests coming~

  • you and Hansol have been married for almost 6 years now
  • and you two have two kids
  • a rowdy 3 year old son and a newborn daughter
  • and you’ve finally decided
  • “I think it’s time we introduced them to their uncles”
  • cue the dramatic “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
  • “what do you have against your children meeting you best friends?!”
  • “they already have my weird, they don’t need their uncle’s weird as well!”
  • since Hansol loves you as much as you love him, he gives in hesitantly
  • secretly wants his kids to meet the members too
  • you two walk into the dorm with the babies
  • and Hansol just points to the kids
  • “guys, meet my children”
  • and the members would just scream “bABIES!”
  • the introduction would go like “Y/S/N, meet your uncle Wonwoo, uncle Jeonghan, uncle Jihoon, uncle Mingyu, uncle Seungcheol, uncle Seungkwan, uncle Soonyoung, uncle Minghao, uncle Seokmin, uncle Junhui, uncle Jisoo and uncle Chan!”
  • and your son would stare at you and just say “mommy wat”
  • then you remember he’s only 3 and that this might take a while
  • for a second attempt you go to each individual member and do the introductions again
  • and boys are just staring at your kid because he’s prECIOUS
  • your kid is still giving you the look so you just give up
  • “just go play with them”
  • “I want to play with him”
  • your son points to Jihoon
  • Jihoon looks to you
  • then he looks to Hansol
  • “o…kay?”
  • “YAY”
  • as for your daughter, the members are all so quiet and soft with her it makes you want to cRY BECAUSE THIS IS SO CUTE
  • they all come up to her and start cooing and they’re all just in tears because she’s the cutest thing they’ve ever seen :’)
  • Seokmin: “She looks like Hansol! And like Y/N!”
  • Jihoon: “It’s their daughter, idiot”
  • then they spend the entire day taking care of your kids and you and Hansol get a small break
  • just sitting on the couch watching your son chase around some of the boys while the rest of the boys fanboy over your daughter
  • then your son runs up to you and starts jumping up and down because this boy is h y p e r
  • “EOMMA! APPA! I LEARNED EVERYONE’S NAME!” he would yell at both of you
  • you and Hansol are dying over the fact that he can’t pronounce the names all that well
  • Hansol: “well this is nice”
  • after hours literally of playing with his uncles, Y/S/N finally gets tired and is ready to go home
  • your daughter’s already asleep in Jeonghan’s arms
  • so you and Hansol take your children back
  • “thanks for babysitting the kids, guys!”
  • half the guys are on the floor, exhausted from playing with your son
  • the other half are all crying because your baby girl needs to leave now
  • so you say your goodbyes and head back to your super snazzy home
  • you two put the kids in their beds/crib
  • then y’all just plop down on the couch
  • “that was the most relaxing time we’ve had in like… 4 years”
  • “I know, right?!”
  • hansol would take your hand into his and cuddle up with you on the couch before stating the most brilliant idea you have ever heard:
  • “let’s get the guys to babysit more often”
  • david and snow: so what's the big news
  • henry: yeah moms what is it i still have to meet vi-
  • david: congratulations!
  • snow: ugh finally i can't believe it took you two this long
  • henry: yay moms!
  • emma: but did you get it? *chuckles*
  • regina: i can't believe i'm marrying an idiot
  • emma: *looks at regina* WE'RE EN-GAAAAY-GED *breaks into laughter*
  • david:
  • snow:
  • henry:
  • regina: that's it i want a divorce
Ice skating - Barry Allen

Summary :You get your boyfriend Barry to go out ice-skating with you for the first time and show off some of your skills, which surprises him quite a bit.

Word Count :1055 

warnings : slight smut but not much

pairing : barry allen x reader

A/N : I do not own any of these gifs, credit goes out to original owners. This is the first x-mas / winter writing prompt forthis holiday season. Sorry this is so short, but enjoy it anyways. :)

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“Barryy.” You drawl out his name. Turning around in your chair at S.T.A.R. Labs, you look at your boyfriend who was busy with paper work and organizing the meta humans names’. It was the beginning of December and the winter season, so that meant that the skating rinks were re-opened; much to your delight. 

You used to go ice-skating all the time when you were little, you did with all your friends, even some of your boyfriends if the relationship lasted that long. It was kind of a tradition for you, and you wanted to share that tradition with Barry.

“Hmm?” He hums, not even looking up at you. You sigh and get up, walking over to the desk and sitting in front of your boyfriend. He finally looks up at you, eyebrows raised. “May I help you, Y/N?” He leans back, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I want to go ice-skating, please will you come with me?” You plead using your puppy dog eyes. He sighs and smiles a bit. 

“Babe, I’ve never gone ice-skating before.” Barry chuckles. “I wouldn’t last a second on the ice.” You raise an eyebrow.

“You’re The Flash, can The Flash not handle a little ice?” You tease, grinning like an idiot. He furrows his eyebrows, getting up and grabbing your coats. “Yay!” You squeal, knowing that Barry was going to prove you wrong out on the rink.

When you got to the rink you rented your skates and quickly put them on. You stood easily, Barry needing help already. You giggle and help him out onto the ice, letting him stand near the wall so that he’d have something besides you to put his weight on. You two slowly start to make your way around, and soon enough Barry get’s a hand of it.

“See, it’s not so hard.” You smiled, holding his hand. Barry looked down at you, kissing the top of your head and continuing to glide along the ice. After a few minutes you pulled away from him and made your way into the middle of the rink. You do a few small circles before getting ready to do a big spin in the air. No one has ever seen you out on the rink besides your family members, so you were excited to see Barry’s reaction to this. 

Pushing yourself up off the ice you hold your arms close to you as you do three perfect spins in the air, landing perfectly. You smile and turn your head, seeing a very awestruck and surprised Barry Allen. You skate back over to him, closing his gaping mouth. 

“Don’t want to freeze your lugs, now do you?” You tease, nudging him slightly. 

“How come you never told me you were so good at this!?” He exclaims, starting his way around the rink once more. You shrug, your hands running through your hair.

“I don’t know, I just never thought it was important information.” You shrug.

“Well I’d say that it is pretty fa-nominal that you can do that.” He pulls you close. “My beautiful ice princess.” You blush, giggling at the new nickname. You two skate around, Barry occasionally falling on his ass and you just stand there laughing at him, until he pulls you down with him. When you two get back up he gets the great idea to try and do some tricks. He skates along, looking back at you with a cocky grin on his face. 

“Barry! Babe, watch out there’s a-” You were to late to finish off your sentence because Barry ran into the wall, falling and sitting on the cold flooring. “Wall.” You sigh, going over to him and helping him up. “Let’s get you home Barr, I think all the hot cocoa has gotten to your brain and made you think that you can actually do stuff.” You giggled. He made a look at you, not a bad one, just a playful one. You walk him back to Joe’s and Iris’s. 

“Stay with me tonight, you haven’t stayed over for quite a while and I don’t want you walking home so late in this cold.” He says, dragging you inside without even listening to a word you were trying to say. You and Barry walk upstairs and then you realize that you don’t have any clothes to sleep in for the night. 

“Uh..Barr? I don’t have anything to sleep in.” You mumble. He shrugs and throws a pair of his boxers and a t-shirt at you. The clothing hits your face and you stand there, arms crossed. You could hear Barry chuckle at you.

“Hey,Y/N? You’re supposed to wear the clothes on your body, not your face.” You huff and take the clothing off of your face. You change out of your clothes from the day, going slow because you knew that Barry was watching your every move. “Y/N..” Barry’s voice was low. “Are you trying to tease me?” You turn around, only wearing your undergarments and the t-shirt Barry threw at you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Barr.” You smirk, handing him his boxers. He puts them back in his drawer and before you know it you were on your back on his bed. You look up, Barry hovering over you with eyes full of hunger. 

“You know how I feel about you teasing me, baby.” He whispers, ghosting his lips over your neck. You shiver, goosebumps rising along your skin. “I would normally just tease you for teasing me, but I’m far to tired so I think I’m going to go to bed. Good night, baby.” Barry grins, giving you a quick peck on the lips and then he rolls over, turning off his lamp and pulling him close to you. You groan silently but smile, resting your head against Barry’s arm. 

“Good night, Barr.” You mumble, falling asleep right as your eyes closed. 

Pete Dunne - “Stop trying to play cupid”

Prompt: Omg if you’re taking requests, could you do one where you wrestle at nxt and you and your boyfriend Pete Dunne are trying to set up Tyler bate and liv morgan(bc I am LIVING for them 2 rn). Thank you so much b x 
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 700+

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Liv is your best friend. You were signed at the same time to NXT and became fast friends. She was actually the person who set you up with your boyfriend Pete, she basically just annoyed the two of you until you got together. Pete doesn’t like to admit it but he’s very thankful for the pushy blonde.

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“Playful conversation” Stiles Stilinski

Being with Stiles feels amazing, it feels like I’m living in my best dreams. The only time I would feel his embrace before would be in my dreams. I would wake up cold and alone and sad, but now, those dreams are real. “Y/N!” He calls from across the field. He waves with that dorky smile in his face dressed up in his lacrosse gear. I smile and wave back, feeling a blush creep onto my cheeks. “Let’s go!!” Coach screams. They all run across the field, doing drills and working on their hand eye coordination. Scott obviously has this down, passing the ball and catching it with ease, but stiles struggles. He tries to pass the ball to another player with his stick, aiming wrongly and the ball ends up socking him in between the legs. I guess they all wear cups, because he didn’t react too badly. Scott runs over and pats him on the back. After practice I wait for him on the bleachers to go out to eat, he always gets hungry afterwards. Usually when he knows I’m waiting for him he showers and gets dressed pretty quick, but some other guys beat him out today. They all walk across the field towards me, seeing as there is no one else out here. Their smiles and smirks on their faces lets me know their up to something before they even get to me. “Hey, Y/N.” One guy smirks. “Hi.” I politely speak back. “Still waiting for Stiles, huh? Bet he’s still in the showers, if you know what I mean.” He sniggers. The rest of the guys laugh and pat him on the back. “Funny, I thought that’d be you. Seeing as you haven’t had a girlfriend in… How long, again?” His face goes blank. “Stiles gets taken care of. If you know what I mean.” I smirk and pick up my bag, walking away and hearing the hoots and hollers of the other guys. Stiles comes jogging towards me with a smile on his face. “Ready?” He pecks me on the cheek before taking my hand in his. “Yep.” I smile back. The flirting and the teasing continued in the days to come. I knew it was just playful, the other guys just like to see Stiles get riled up. None of them would take it too far. “Hey, Y/N.” One of the guys on the teams greets me as I stand at my locker. “What now?” I ask taking a deep breath. “I’ll bet right to the point. I’m having a party at my house Friday night. My parents are going out of town,” “And they seem very smart to leave you alone.” I muse. “Anyway,” he ignored my little quip. “I’d like yo go come.” I mull it over for a second in my mind. It shouldn’t be to bad, and if it is, I’ll just leave. “Sure, Stiles and I will be there.” He looks a little annoyed by my response. Did he honestly think I’d come without Stiles? He’s my best friend, he’s my person, I wouldn’t dare. I walk away with a smile on my face at his annoyance. “What?” Stiles flails his arms in the air. “I told him we’d come, even if it’s just for a little bit.” He paces back and forth in his room as I watch from the bed. “Why? So they can flirt with you and then watch my reaction?” I’m surprised he knows. “Don’t look so shocked, Scott told me they’ve been teasing you.” “I ignore them ninety-nine percent of the time. The one percent when I do say something, it’s just a silly comeback. Honestly, they aren’t doing any harm, it’s just playful.” “That’s exactly what flirting is, playful conversation.” He huffs. I stand and walk over to him, placing my hands on his shoulders and looking into his eyes. “It doesn’t bother me. But I’m sorry I’ve made you uncomfortable.” He shakes his head. “It’s fine. Let’s go to that party.” I smile and give him a light peck on the lips. The day of the party arrived and I still have to drag Stiles in by his hair. “Ok.. One hour. We’ll stay for an hour, is that ok?” I bargain with him. He nods his head before placing his hand at the small of my back and leading me inside. Of course, there’s a hundred people here, probably some people that don’t even go to our school. The music is loud and there’s people drinking everywhere. “Oh, yay.” Stiles sarcastically sighs. We find a corner of the living room that’s being unoccupied and stand like idiots, trying to see if we know anyone here. “I’ll, uh, go get us some drinks.” Stiles goes into the kitchen to find something, and as if they were watching us, some of the lacrosse guys make their way over to me. “You came.” He smiles. “Yep, and stiles is right over there.” I point to stiles in the kitchen. he rolls his eyes. “Come one, you don’t see what everyone else sees when they look at him?” I scoff. “As a matter of fact, I do see it. Handsome, smart, passionate, funny..” They all chuckle. “Sure, that’s what it is.” They laugh. I roll my eyes and try to go around them to Stiles, but they stop me. “Not so fast,” he smirks at me. “You just got here.” “And now I’m leaving.” Stiles immediately notices my discomfort and makes his way over. “Is everything okay?” The lacrosse meat head nods. “It’s fine, Stilinski.” Stiles looks him right in the eye. “Well I wasn’t asking you.” He cocks his head right in the guys face, unblinking. Some people around us notice what’s going on and stare. “Come on, this was a bad idea.” I whisper to Stiles. He nods, taking the small of my back and leading me with him outside. We walk in silence to the jeep, my mind spinning. I’m such an idiot for thinking this was all a joke, they’re obviously just trying to get to Stiles in a nasty way. And I basically let them. “Stiles, I’m sorry.” I speak. He exhales loudly through the his nose. “They’re all jerks. It’s ok.” He sighs. He turns the key in the ignition. “No,” I stop him from putting it in drive by placing my hand on his. “I was being naive and stupid. I’m really sorry.” “I’m not mad at you!” He snaps. “I’m mad at myself.” He turns the Jason back off. “They’re better at lacrosse than me. Normally I wouldn’t care, but they’re interested in you. And they’re better looking than me, and..” I cut him off. “Ok… Stop right there.” I turn in my seat to face him. “Do you honestly not know how nervous you make me?” I smile. He keeps his face down towards the steering wheel but his eyes look sideways at me. “Stiles… You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so blessed everyday to have you care about me. I never thought anyone would.” I tell him. “Stiles… I’m falling in love with you.” This grabs his attention. His eyes go wide and his jaw slightly drops. “What?” He stutters, his brown eyes sparkling. I simply laugh and grab his face for a forceful kiss. He reciprocates, melting into the kiss. “I’m falling for you too, Y/N.”

 fyi camp camp is a blessing

like,,, i have a list of my favorite parts of the show, getting longer and longer as i bingewatch every damn episode
if yall wanna understand the context watch the episodes because i’m judging them in order


- smol children cursing
- there’s a D&D character, a space-loving character, and an actor character
- the main character is a Spicy Boy

- “okay seriously tabii what the fuck
- “violence doesn’t solve anything!!!! :0!!!!!!″ “STAB HER, BITCH”
- one of the counselors has anxiety and she is so damn relatable
- nerris is a pure child and no one can tell me otherwise

- “people in sheets got me concerned, but nah, not a screamer”
- listen,,,,, max looks like a 5-year-old, but acts like a tired college student
- the platypus is adorable
- the episodes are short, but fucking incredible
- “wahk”
- fourth wall breaks
- max is done with everyone’s shit, nikki is excited, and neil is always 0.5 seconds away from screaming
- max: gives no shits about a torture room
- also max: screams in fear of a bright pink dildo
- wait is Jasper dead
- god every second of this show is perfection

- seeing gwen flip off david was fucking hilarious to me and i don’t know why
- it literally rains cats and dogs in one episode
- poor, poor chucky
- “ASK HIM ABOUT HIS ALBINO” “you mean his alibi?” “THAT TOO”
- why the fuck is there a kid named dolf, he’s basically hitler and i’m dead inside
- i’m going to die this show is too much
- “this is fine” “this is fine” “okay nothing is fine anymore”
- reigny day is a really big reference to ww2
- nikki can telepathically communicate with people and that’s unnerving

- romeo and juliet II, love resurrected
- the camp camp theme song will forever haunt me
- kiss scene????? give me a kiss scene please
- oh my god david has a tinder account
- “yo did someone say black magic”
- platypus is a better actor than max
- tabii is such a weirdo
- “he called us cunts the last time he saw us”
- “i’mma make the kissing scene so hot, it’ll be rated TV-Y7″
- robo romeo is such a sweetheart
- wait how did that girl get there and why does she have a “no gag reflex” shirt
- “what do boobies look like”
- camp scam
- why the hell is the camp leader a criminal
- david got a date and she’s pretty (the no gag reflex girl)
- “guess it’s time to drink my own pee!!!”

- apparently gwen likes butts quite a bit
- underwater basket weaving sounds fun??? bring me to camp camp right now
- “you’re still on fire, b-t-dubz” “thank you”
- max is evil but very very relatable
- i want max to be the cryptid of the camp
- max and neil know what hookers and blow is what the fuck
- [some kind of dramatic horn, again]
- “the great naked ankle incident of 1909″
- i think nikki got her period in episode 8, either that or got really really sick
- also nikki can draw anime really well
- “gay drunk”
- i think muffin tops is a stripper club but i’m not sure yet
- oh my god it was
- max is so gay in this episode it was great
- the gay cryptid
- biff and family manure???? i spot a back to the future reference and i’m livid
- [totally manly yell]
- neil got a job in a mechanical store this is great
- oh so nikki survives off of nature that’s,,,,, odd,,,,,,,,,,
- max why are you so mean
- “are you fucking serious”
- they literally think david’s gonna murder them for a whole hour
- god max why are you such an angry gay boy

- the next episode is “david gets hard” i’m worried
- nurf was written in red letters and i’m scared
- the first censor was in episode eight and it was just a piano noise
- fire
- “we’re gonna learn that little shit some MANNERS”
- max is definitely a secret sadist
- “today’s the day i get hard! (innuendo)”
- that’s literally what the subtitles said
- “I’m hard and I’m coming!!!! >:0″
- [BADASS KICK] “owie”
- “so does he wanna help nurf or fuck him”
- [sad, yet hilarious, crying and whimpering]
- [seething] “what”
- “now you’re just complimenting him”
- um is nurf okay
- nope nurf is not okay
- “everyone wants to fuck their own mom GET OVER IT”
- aggressive pacifism
- maybe a slap helped???? jesus christ that’s some deep psychology breaking for david
- he’s gonna be like that for a day i can just tell

- why is neil so salty
- oh god is harrison satan
- he lost sleep over it
- i’m slowly realizing that max is scarily similar to Karkat Vantas and i need to stop
- how much coffee did neil drink
- my fankid heart can’t take the fact that neil and max share a tent
- salty men being salty
- harry potter references
- neil is on fire inside
- he’s the embodiment of the “this is fine” meme
- max is the embodiment of the “this is not fine” meme
- the bottom of neil’s cup says “ikeya”
- he broke his coffee mug this man is very angry
- nikki is a harry potter fan and i’m living
- i forgot that ered was called ered and that’s really cute to me
- “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
- episode 10: neil commits murder
- it’s scary how relaxed the counselors are
- [nikki dying]
- it’s scary how nikki made such a high-pitched noise
- this episode was a giant mind fuck
- harrison went “boop” that’s adorable

- “i’m a sheep i don’t ask questions”
- nikki is amazing and her lines never fail to make me giggle-snort
- “so do we get to eat breakfast or-”
- space kid was facing the wrong way
- “that’s what i like about you, neil. you get me”
- the gay subtext intensifies, part 183724
- “we’ll start with the beginner’s course” which is walking on a thin plank above poisonous boiling liquid and three swinging maces above the plank yeah SURE
- how was nikki the only one to make it
- stephen van petral made a reference to terminator
- what the fresh hell
- pfft the wood scouts got 69
- “he does not speak for all of us”
- [glory trumpets]
- [high-pitched-really-evil-laughter]
- “wait, wait,,,, no wait,,,,,,oh, okay, wait,,,,,,,,, wait,,,,,,,,,,,”
- “SON OF A  B I T C H-”
- we’re boned
- ew ew ew ew ew god the leader of wood scouts ew ew ew ew ew ew
-  create a stable batch of nitroglycerin??? how the fuck?????????
- illusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- tabii was having a panic attack
- kill
- god nikki is a savage
- also nerris is pure
- oh,,,, poor david,,,, oh no,,,, no wait,,,,,,,,, please no,,,,, stop breaking my heart,,,,,,
- i think the kid to the left of lil david is gwen and sweet lord that’s adorable
- [whispers] the sparrowwwwwww

- “david what the fuck are you doing”
- chief squatting bear
- and everyone leaves
- prizes!!! YO!!!!!!!!
- and max is still apathetic
- oh shit david is fucking screwed
- yep they are all screwed
- everyone is screwed
- we’re all dead
- and dolf is a nasty boy
- “the floors were covered in dirt” “IT’S A FOREST THAT’S THE POINT”
- neil you fucking furry
- it’s a bonfire
- a bonfire!!!!
- a bonfire.
- max is a sadist, confirmed
- one of us gets a stick???
- oh god david please no stop
- sToP hUrTiNg DaViD pLeAsE
- D A V I D C U R S E D W H A T T H E F R E S H H E L L
- oh fuck
- wow,,,,, oh my god?????? WHAT??????????????????????
- satan lives within my asshole and i am dying
- nikki don’t
- max secretly has a heart of gold under his angry face
- aw nevermind
- space kid gets wasted
- OH
- okay gwen can hit me with a car and i’d thank her


- david dreams about trees
- shit satan has arrived
- i never knew joseph christiansen was in camp camp
- god they’re twins
- (i almost put twinks but tbh it’s not too far from the truth)
- and they hired satan good fucking job
- (i came back from getting some juice boxes and pickles and i’m ready to fucking party)
- [ominous music]
- shit fuck everyone’s gonna die
- space kid is first
- daniel’s neck cracks and that’s scary
- fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck ascensioN?!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!
- oh god i’m dying
- f u c k
- satan is here and fuck i’m dying
- [spooky violins]
-  f  u  c  k
- oh hey i didn’t know neil was jewish!!! that’s so cool!!!!!!!!! but son please watch out for dolf my man
-   F   U   C   K  
- N O
- okay there’s a song i’m feeling a little better
- [Spooky Kiddo Company]
- “TO SACRIFICE THEM-! oh wait”
- thank god we’re safe

- gifts!!! yay!!!!!
- i counted at least three references in one goddamn frame
- neil has a computers fetish
- also he is a very very salty boy
- “chris why did you leave me”
- “LOOK AT BOOBS!!! wait i mean play games”
- neil thought he had boobs for a second and oh god i really want an episode where harrison genderbends everyone now
- (imagine max though)
- neil commits murder: Part Two
- YES!!! Nerris likes bards!!!!!!!!! bards are kickass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- wow nikki is a savage
- They(See_Me)codin’
- They h8n’
- it’s scary how much neil actually sounds like a robot
- neil is so antisocial
- nikki ran up a tree what the fuck
- hey look it’s a reference to the squip
- oh god wait no
- real deal neil
- they don’t have internet you idiot
- “absolutely fucking not”
- “fuck that noise”
- chat neil killed itself what the fresh titty

- pixies and pythons!!!!!!!! yes give me an episode for my nerd child yes
- that’s what the captions said that is so fucking adorable
- “the good lady is listening”
- I love her lisp,,,,,, a good baby
- dammit it’s not just about nerris
- ah whatever i like it
- “DarK fOrCeS?!?!?!?”
- good magic babies
- max is such a bitch and i love him
- how the fuck did nikki float
- ear wiggle!!!!!!!!
- that’s a lotta squorls
- [Heroes: Screaming]
- “anyone else want a twenty sided ass-kicking??? >:0″
- does harrison have an accent? i think he does. what accent?????? :0
- here comes the squorl
- dead canaries that’s a good sign
- watch as everyone dies
- harrison did a thing!!!!
- i think the magic kids are gonna kiss
- [magical language]
- oh shit neil’s blind now
- “seriously, this could affect the rest of my life!! ;~;”
- “SHH >:T”
- so many cute emoji’s i’m living
- i called it it’s a magic duel
- neil is salty
- oh shit
- o h  s h i t
- O H  S H I T

- fuck nikki’s dead
- wait hwhat
- it was a roleplay???????
- aw damn

- that’s one damn intense start
- foiled again
- oh no max is gonna fuck it up
- angry babies
- oh god what the fucking hell shit
- poor jermy fartz

okay i’m gonna stop this is long enough

CLF: A la Folie (B)

A/N: Yay, WIFI! I’m still kind of cranky, so if I don’t respond right away… it’s because I’m sulking and eating chocolate.

A/N: Updated on AO3, Masterlist here fully updated

WARNINGS: Swearing, Lydia’s kind of a bitch this time, Howard is kind of an idiot, the news is delivered, angst, heart-to-heart, and FINALLY STEVE SMUT. Do not read if you are under 18.



SONG TRACK: All I Ask by Adele and You’re Not in Love with Me by the Youtube user Jemwhisper. (The last one is optional; I saw it on accident and I went OH LOOK IT’S A VISUAL FOR EVERYTHING SO FAR, INCLUDING LYDIA’S DYNAMIC WITH HOWARD. Yes, I’m really going to make you cry)

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no pressure lovelies, only if you wanna do it :333

We're a secret 10

Summary: After a year in another country, you met someone and instantly fall in love with him, the only thing is he isn’t allowed to have a girlfriend but love is stronger. Although things suddenly take a turn.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Warnings: SO MUCH FLUFF YOUR TEETH MAY ROT !!!! Seriously it’s disgustingly fluffy , some curse words

A/n: this is veeery long… … And its part 10 yay !

You walked down the hallway.

 It was such a huge hotel you swore you would’ve got lost if there weren’t any numbers on the doors. 

You still smiled like an idiot as you made your way to door 027. You couldn’t believe what happened only minutes ago. It made you the happiest, you’ve been for a while and you couldn’t think how this day could get any better.

 It made you immediately forget everything that was holding you back, everything that made him look bad was gone and you had only his smile lingering in your head together with the three words. 

You counted the numbers as you walked, 





There it was and this time you didn’t have to think about going in. This time you were sure and you were confident. 

You showed the security people your VIP card as you tried to calm your grin down so you wouldn’t look like a mad person. 

You finally got it under contro no sign of excitement, no sign of madness stayed behind. Only a soft smile playing on your lips, showing your happiness, but not to much of it. 

The door got opened for you and you thanked the two man next to it as you stepped into the room. You saw a huge crowd of people and instantly began to feel dizzy. You let yourself fall down onto a small couch in the back of the room as you listened to Sebastian’s manager giving a speech to the people.

 He talked to them about how happy he is that everything went out so well and that he can’t wait for the premier. 

You put your one leg over the other and quickly typed a text to your best friend saying that everything went well. You were about to open one of your social media pages but decided against it. You slid your phone into your bag and stood up from the couch . Considering to get a drink from the bar but deciding against that as well.

 You let your eyes drift over the room and the people, your face showing pure concentration. You weren’t sure if you were looking for something in particular but kept it up anyway. You already spotted Sebastian earlier, he was talking to some of his friends and you weren’t sure if you wanted to disturb him. 

You couldn’t help yourself from walking up to him anyways.

You slowly strode towards him with quiet steps, coming to a halt only a few steps behind one of his friends.

  His eyes twitched to you , and a huge smile formed on his lips. You kept your controls though and managed to keep your own small and soft. 

He excused himself and walked over to you. You smiled a bit wider as he came closer. His friends walked away and he gave you a short , slight hug. 

You felt his smile on your neck as he held you tight, making the butterflies go wild. He pulled back and you already wondered if he’d get rid of that smiling face anytime soon or if it would just freeze like this. The thought made you chuckle but he didn’t pay any attention as he began to talk. 

“I’m glad you came" 

“I didn’t want to at first” and there his smile was gone “you can thank my friend for that”.

 He frowned for a moment, thinking about what you said before asking you if he could call her. You dealed her number and gave him your phone. He held it to his ear and waited patiently.

She took the call and the first thing Sebastian heard was “bitch what are you doing ? Shouldn’t you be making out right now?” In a rushed yet concerned voice. 

He held back a laugh as he replied, his gaze never leaving your eyes “well the night is still young” and the other end went death silent. 

Sebastian laughed before continuing. “I wanted to thank you for getting her here.“ 

A laugh could be heard on the other side “ha , yeah that was a shit ton of work, that girl made me drive like a criminal.“ 

“She said she didn’t want to come” he frowned.

“yeah she didn’t , I got her to go like an hour before your thing started… Man that was pressure.“ 

He laughed and you wondered what she talked to him about. You couldn’t hear anything which got you a bit nervous. What if she told him that you were in love with him? You just didn’t want to give that away yet, you weren’t even sure what the thing between Sebastian and you was and clearly didn’t need him to know what you felt… At least not yet. Of course he said he loved you but those words didn’t get through your insecurities.

"Well thanks for getting her here, you made me the happiest person alive” he smiled at you.

 "You are very welcome for kicking her ass.“ He laughed once again and the voice on the other end continued "just… Just don’t hurt her again” his smile faded and he looked to the ground as if he was ashamed

“I won’t” he said serious. 

“Good cause otherwise I’ll kick your ass the next time.” He laughed again, your friend joining in and he said his goodbye and handed you your phone back. 

“What did she say?" 

He looked at you for a second before replying "she wants us to make out” you rolled your eyes and he laughed as he put his hand on your back and lead you to the crowd gently. He lead you to two of the men from the crowd. He introduced them as Chris and Anthony and you introduced yourself as well recognizing them from the meet and greet. 

The four of you made your way over to the couch were you were sitting on earlier. You sat between Sebastian and Chris. You all talked to each other comfortably, as if you had known each other for years. 

You told them about your year in Greece and they talked to you about their career, their relationships and sport. It surprised you that Sebastian told them about the two of you. He didn’t say you were his girlfriend which you were grateful for but he gave a clear hint that something like that could develop. 

Chris and Anthony answered him with huge smiles in which you couldn’t see any hint of disapproval which made you happy. They left both of you alone shortly after and then you just sat there, enjoying Sebastian’s company and watching the people dance to the music. You didn’t have to talk to him, he just needed to be there with you. 

“They like you… Very much” he said, making you snap out of your daze. You smiled at him and looked back at the people. You didn’t answer partly because you didn’t need to ,partly because you didn’t know what to say. But the smile was answer enough for him. 

“Do you want to talk to some other people?” He asked making you look to him the smile still playing on your lips. 

“actually I’d like to be alone with you for a while.” You confessed shyly but he just smiled taking your hand in his and leading you out of the room. 

Both of you walked to the big door his hands never once leaving yours. It was such a sweet and intimate moment but you couldn’t resist. You waved at the women behind the counter, she was just looking at you in shock her mouth hanging open as you winked at her from over your shoulder. 

“What was that ?” He asked startling you a bit “she was being a bitch to me earlier”  you shrugged

“well then…” He smirked turning around still holding your hand and mouthing something to her, you couldn’t tell what it was but then he winked at her as well and turned again opening the door for you.

 The car already stood outside the building and he opened the door once again letting you in first. You sat down and he shortly followed after. “Where does the beautiful woman next to me want to go ?” He asked making you role your eyes with a smile. 

“Well I thought we could get some food?” He told the driver the address of what you thought must be a restaurant and leaned back in his seat.

 You were sitting so close to him that you just let your head fall onto his shoulder. 

He noticed you didn’t put your seatbelt on which is why he did it for you. You smiled, looking straight ahead as you rested your hand on his knee. His hand grabbed yours , he held the top of your fingers from on top of your hand, not wanting to move your hand away.

 The whole ride was filled with comfortable silence, you looked out of the window, your hand on Sebastian’s knee and his on top of it. You felt his eyes on you but it didn’t bother you. You enjoyed the warmth, the touch, the moment.

You arrived at the restaurant after a while and had to leave each others touch, it got you a little desperate but Sebastian’s hand quickly found yours again. 

He was glad there was no one around or in the restaurant giving him the opportunity to be as close to you as he wanted. He turned your hands and entangled your fingers so that your arm was now on his side and his on yours, which had the effect that you had to walk even closer to him. But it didn’t bother you in any way. 

It was a Chinese restaurant, one of your favourite places as well. You ordered your usual food and sat down at a table, Sebastian next to you which you were secretly thankful for. It wasn’t such a tense situation this way although you were sure he just wanted to keep holding your hand. 

Your food arrived and you ate in silence. 

You made your way out of the place after you were done eating and Sebastian paid. 

You went back to the car and he took your hand once again. It was like an addiction already. 

“What do you want to do now ?” It was late already, probably midnight. 

“How about we go back to the hotel?” His smile faded a bit and he frowned “yeah sure” he answered and gave the driver the address. 

Once there you headed in, deeply hoping the woman wasn’t there, and gladly she wasn’t. 

You made your way to the elevator and pushed the button to go up. Your hands lost each other, no warm touch connecting you which made you almost sad.

Once the elevator arrived both of you stepped in “my room is on the fifteenth floor” he stated but you pushed the button to the twentieth, the highest possible. 

He looked at you confused but didn’t say anything as he waited for the elevator to arrive. The end of the music signaled the end of the ride and the doors slid open and both of you stepped out into the cold of the night. 

You were on the rooftop and you walked out to the fence barricade, a small security measure. You touched it with your fingers and finally held onto it, the wind and the cold of the metal sending shivers through you. 

You didn’t say anything as Sebastian draped his leather jacked over your shoulders. He stood next to you and looked at you. You however didn’t look at him, you looked at the stars on the sky and after another second of admiring you he did as you did, taking your hand into his once again. 

A shooting star made its way over the sky and you whispered to him “you have to wish for something” your gaze never once leaving the sky.

He was silent for a second as he stared at the side of your face. 

“I wish… For a kiss” he stammered insecurely. 

You looked at him slowly. You shook your head and he looked down embarrassed. 

“You are not allowed to say it out loud” you whispered. 

He looked back up at you and started to smile. “I got one more shot” he said as he closed his eyes tightly and opened them once again.

 "Do you think it worked ?“ He whispered. 

"I don’t know” you look back ahead and to the skyline of new York. “Maybe you should try again" 

he did as told and when his eyes relaxed themselves from being squished together, just a second before he opened them you slowly pressed your lips on his. 

He kissed you back softly holding you close to him and pulling your face to his, his hands lingering on your cheeks. His lips were warm as the soft kiss depended and he dropped his hands picking you up and carrying you, never once breaking the contact between your lips. 

Your legs were wrapped around his torso and so were your arms around his neck as you kissed him.

He sat you down onto the fence but quickly pulled you back down, breaking the kiss and looking at you sheepishly. 

"I think we should take this to a less dangerous place” he said while scratching his neck.

 You laughed and took his hand in yours, kissing his knuckles before leading him to the elevator and into his room.

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The Cat Squad Returns

Jaime talked Brienne into wearing ugly christmas sweaters but the mistle toe is too much. (kinda-update to this 3 year old drawing)

Altar PT 6

“Okay ready, 1..2..3!”
I opened my bedroom door to be met with Grayson. I felt my face go red as I stared him down. He looked amazing in his black and white tuxedo, the way his undershirt molded around his fit body and bulging muscles while his quiffed up hair looked great.
“You look handsome.” I smiled at him, he awkwardly brushed a stray strand of hair away from his eyes and grinned at me. “You look..breathtaking..” He muttered.
I blushed as I did a slow twirl for him. “I do, don’t I?” I teased, giving him a small smirk. I was currently wearing a skin tight dress while my hair was up in a high ponytail, my long straightened hair cascading down my back like a waterfall. Cameron insisted on doing my makeup and who was I to say no.
“Get in losers we’re going shopping!” I heard her shout from outside as she honked her horn repeatedly. Grayson and I laughed and he extended his hand for me to take, “M’ lady,” he smiled sheepishly as I giggled. “Why thank you, kind sir.” I replied as he walked me to the car. He held open the door for me and I sat down on the back, Grayson scooting in behind me.
The ride was short considering Ethan was holding the party in a nearby warehouse. Yup, he rented a warehouse. How many people were actually going to this engagement party?

My question was answered when we all stepped inside. My eyes scanned the room and there were hundreds of people. Damn, how many people did Ethan know? But then the little voice in the back of my mind told me, “hey, its not just Ethan who invited people, you’re forgetting Valerie.”
I mentally rolled my eyes as Ethan and Valerie walked towards us. “Yay! You guys made it!” He sounded like a five year old which caused me to giggle. “Of course we did.” I smiled kindly. My eyes glossed over his appearance, he was wearing a black and white tux, and his usually crazy, and wavy hair was combed back and kept into place by what I assume was hair gel. “You look beautiful Y/N.” Ethan flashed me a smile and I felt my heart flutter. “So do you - not beautiful I mean you um, look handsome.” I stammered and mentally slapped myself for being such an idiot. He laughed as Valerie said nothing. She simply stared at me which made me feel more awkward than I already was. “Well..this is awkward.” Grayson muttered. “No shit, Sherlock.” I whispered in his ear, earning a soft laugh. “Let’s get out of here and grab some food.” He replied as Ethan, Valerie, Cameron and her date all got into a deep conversation. “Didn’t have to ask me twice.” I mumbled as he led me away through the crowds of people. We both filled our plates up to the brim, earning weird stares from the other couples and all. But we didn’t care, we were being the fat goofballs we always were. We both sat down at an empty table and Grayson immediately scarfed down his food. “Wow, hungry?” I raised an eyebrow at him as I popped a cream-puff into my mouth. “Okay, I didn’t have breakfast today okay, so lay off.” He said as he stuffed his face with crab-cakes. I stifled a laugh since I was currently chewing on a cream-puff when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to see Ethan. “Would you like to dance, Cupcake?” He asked softly and smiled. I quickly finished chewing and nodded yes, completely forgetting about Grayson and his crab-cakes.

I grabbed Ethan’s large hand, and he led me over to the crowded dance floor. His hand held my waist while the other was laced with my own hand. I wrapped my free arm around his torso and rested my head on his chest. “You look amazing today.” I heard Ethan whisper. “Thank you, you do as well.” I replied softly as a blush met my cheeks.
I was able to hear his heartbeat, and I could hear my own. It was getting louder, so loud that it drowned out Ethan’s and I heard nothing else but my own thumping heart. “Y/N..” Ethan said suddenly. I lifted up my head to meet his intense gaze. “Hmm E?” I hummed as I never broke eye contact with him. “I..I wanted to let you know that even if things have been rocky for us lately, your my bestfriend and nothing else could ever replace that.” Ethan smiled at me and I sucked in a shaky breath. “Yeah..Your my bestfriend too Ethan.” I mumbled and looked away. Suddenly a pair of dainty, but freshly manicured nails tapped Ethan’s shoulder. We both pulled away to see who tapped him and of course it was Valerie. “Mind if I dance with my man?”
Before I could even respond Ethan was dragged away onto the other side of the dance floor. So much for that moment.
I walked back to the table Grayson and I were sitting at and he was gone. My eyes searched the room and I saw him dancing with another girl. That’s good for him and all but what about me? I’m his date!

I sat down at the table by myself and stared down at my phone to pass the time. So far this party wasn’t going as planned. I had originally planned to woo Ethan over with my outfit and amazing dancing skills. Maybe the outfit part went well, but the dancing..mm not so good. Suddenly I heard a chair being pulled out from next to me. I looked up and met a mans bright green eyes. “I couldn’t help but notice that a pretty lady like yourself was sitting alone, care for a dance?” He asked kindly. I smiled up and him and shrugged. What harm could one dance do?
“Could I just go to the lady’s room real quick?” I asked as he nodded and threw his hands up with a smile. I laughed and set my glass of champagne down, grabbing my purse and making my way down to the bathroom.

I emerged a few minutes later and returned to my table. I took another sip of my drink and walked to the dance floor. I shut my eyes and rested my head on his chest while we swayed to the music. Eventually his hand started to wander south, I smacked it away a couple of times until one time he just groped me. I shoved him away, every thing was spinning and half the room was blurry. “What’s going on here?” Grayson asked from behind me. “Ethannn.” I slurred and wrapped my arms around his torso. “Come dance with me, this guy right here keeps trying to get in my pants.” I whispered loudly into his ear. “First of all, Im Grayson and second, how much did you drink Y/N?” He asked as he held onto my waist steadily. “Just enough to get this partayy started, am I right?!” I exclaimed, earning a few stares. “Actually, Ethan - how about you and I go back to my place and ya know-”
“Y/N, I’m gonna have to stop you right there. This guy has obviously drugged your drink. We’re going home.” Grayson said and I suddenly felt my weight being lifted off the ground. “Woah, woah, woah. Where are you guys going?” Ethan asked walking over to us, “Home. Y/N’s not feeling so good.” Grayson replied as he bounced me up in his arms, bridal style causing me to giggle. “She looks fine to me.” Valerie shrugged. “Well she’s not.” Grayson growled. “Y/N never seems okay now a-days, she always somehow gets sick and has to suddenly leave.” Ethan said as he narrowed his eyes at me. “Just drop it E, Y/N’s had too much to drink. I’m taking her home.” Grayson said as he rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright.” Ethan sighed and raised his hands up in defeat. “Just to let you guys know, Valerie and I decided to move the wedding up. We’re getting married tomorrow.”

“What?!” Me and Grayson both exclaimed. “We thought it was best, we don’t need a big flashy wedding, all we need is eachother.” Valerie plastered on a smile as she held onto Ethan’s arm. Grayson’s jaw dropped and I felt like I had gotten punched in the stomach. “Okay..we’ll be there. Um, I’ll see you at the wedding then..” Grayson muttered as he carried me outside. “He’s gone..” I mumbled into Grayson’s shoulder as tears welled up in my eyes. “Not yet kitten, we still have tomorrow.” Grayson pressed a soft kiss onto my head while he called a cab.

Grayson carried me into our apartment, claiming that I was too drunk to even remember his name. I’m guessing that guy really did drug me. What a shame. He was kinda cute. Grayson threw me onto my bed and shuffled through my drawers in search of pajamas. “Are you going to sexually assault me?” I asked as he unzipped my dress. “No Y/N.” he laughed. “Im helping you get your pajamas on. You’re forgetting that I’ve been your bestfriend for 8 years now, I’ve practically almost seen you naked.” Grayson said as a blush crept up to my cheeks. He put on one of his spare shirts that he kept in my drawer and my favorite pair of sweats. “Wait..I don’t like sleeping with my bra.” I whined and stretched my arms behind me, struggling and failing to unclasp it. Grayson rolled his eyes before sticking one of his hands up my shirt, skillfully removing the clasp with one hand. “Wow, have you been practicing?” I slurred and smirked at him as he blushed softly. “Go to bed, kitten. We have a wedding to attend tomorrow. As much as I think Ethan’s crazy for moving the wedding up so early, I can’t stop him.” Grayson mumbled as he pulled the covers over my body. I smiled weakly at him. “Do you think I’ll be okay?” I whispered. “I think you’ll be more that okay.” He replied and pressed a soft kiss to my forehead. His lips lingered there for a bit longer than I expected and I smiled. “I love you Gray.” I murmured softly as I shut my eyes. “I love you too Y/N.”
“More than you think..”

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Lena was waiting for Kara at a restaurant terrace. She was a little bit late but she didn’t mind it, sometimes her friend were late. She started thinking about the four times now she met with Olivia and her mother Reign, the first time the witty little girl amazed her such as her mother.
The second time they met was again at the museum but this time at the opening of the expo, Olivia dragged her to all her favorite things of the museum. It was very interesting hear Reign talk about the space, constellations, cosmos and so. But it was surprising that Reign was an engineer.
-“No, my job is not as interesting as yours. I am almost a mechanic”- Reign smiled -“But at least gives me the time to spend the weekends with Liv, when I’ve got divorced I fought for her custody but he won so… weekends are us”
Lena clenched her smile looking at her not knowing what to say because Reign said with non importance as it wasn’t that much.
They spend almost the whole afternoon together that day and Kara were there too, writing an article for CatCo but some reason the little girl didn’t liked that much Lena’s friend. There were a time when Reign and Lena was talking when Kara and Olivia were in the other side of the hall that the little girl almost put Kara against the ropes with questions and saying that she was Supergirl and Kara decided it was time for her to go, so she said goodbye to Lena and waved her hand to Olivia and Reign
Lena was so immersed between thoughts about this and that but almost about Reign that she did not noticed her best friend until she sat in front of her.
“I’m sorry, have you been waiting for too long?” Kara apologized 
Lena blinked hearing her voice and smiled “No… no. How are you?”
They’ve talked about how Kara’s work been when the waitress asked for their drinks and food. Several minutes later they had Iced coffee for Lena and Late for Kara.

“Okay we have the list of your friends for your birthday, the cake”
“Huh, huh, huh, can we ask Lena if she can come too? Olivia asked with enthusiasm 
Reign smiled sympathetic “Liv I don’t think she would come or if we will see her again”
“We can go today to the museum and ask her mommy”
Reign felt sad for a moment because Olivia was being so positive in denial to find Lena Luthor all the weeks in the museum. The first time was a coincidence because they sneaked into the building and the second time was luck. And her daughter was talking about how awesome her birthday will be
“Sure, why not…” Reign couldn’t smash her dreams
Reign and Olivia was walking next to a restaurant and it was time to eat but it was their weekend even tho the father of the girl didn’t liked the girl had cheat meal or junk food but it was their weekend.
“What do you think about to eat here, I’ve heard they have a Terrance with some great views”
“Can I ask for ice cream and fries?” Olivia said going inside already
Once of the waitress gave them a table near to the Terrance glass because Olivia almost begged the woman, they had to wait almost a half hour but Reign did her best playing and goofing with Olivia making people laugh when they passed by. They picked their order and Olivia screamed a big “yay”
Lena was talking to Kara about something when she heard that known “yay” she turned around and saw them. Olivia moving her hands in the air typically when she was telling a story with her big smile and mimics and the back of Reign. Kara followed Lena’s sight making her narrow her eyes
“So yes, I will travel to metropolis and…” Kara kept telling her schedule but Lena wasn’t listening any more
Lena turned her head to her friend trying to catch up with the conversation but it was almost impossible. A waiter was there and Lena call him.
“Kara excuse for a second” the waiter came quickly “Please can you send that table your best cupcake for the little girl and invite them to whatever they are eating, it’s on me” 
“Yes Miss Luthor” the man nodded
“Who are they?” Kara felt for the first time somehow annoyed. She was used to have all Lena’s attention ALWAYS
“I’ve meet them in the museum. You met them a couple weeks ago”
Reign drank her lemonade when the waiter came with a chocolate cupcake with mascarpone and strawberries. Olivia opened the mouth in surprise as Reign raised her brows in confusion
“We haven’t ordered this” Reign explained
“It’s a gift from miss Luthor” he placed the plate in front of Olivia “she’s over there” he leaned a little to Olivia pointing to the direction of her table but Lena and Kara were standing up “Miss you want another Lemonade?” Reign nodded kinda confused but surprised
Olivia picked her spoon and shoved it to the cupcake to full her mouth with the desert just to get away running towards Lena between the tables. Reign woke up following her daughter leaving her purse.
Lena and Kara were saying goodbye Lena felt a small body bump into her hips from behind and small arms hugging her with a fun giggle. Lena laughed touching the little hands turning around.
“You are here” Olivia panted with a smile 
“Hey little sunshine” Lena said 
Kara gulped awkward but smiled too she wasn’t feeling ok with the situation
“Lena… Hi…” Reign was flustered “I…”
Lena stared at Reign and her heart skip a beat for a second
“I’m better get going” Kara dropped “It was nice to see you Lena” 
Lena gave a quick glance to Kara “Next time a brunch?”
Kara nodded and waved to them before leaving
“I’m so sorry to interrupt” Reign apologized while Olivia kept her embrace to Lena “Baby can you…” 
“Now we can invite Lena mommy” 
“Invite me to what” Lena asked to Olivia
“Next Friday is her birthday and she has been asking me if she can invite you” Reign explained “is gonna be at my home, a few kids, me and a couple parents if you can’t come we will understand”
Lena looked down to Olivia “Of course I will go” Olivia was using her puppy face but immediately changed it for her smile full of joy
“You will?” Reign was shocked “great”
Lena was about to melt before how adorable the two of them has been. A waiter came with Reign black purse
“Someday I’m gonna lose my head” Reign giggled “Thank you”
The waiter and Lena stared at Reign’s smile like idiots. But Lena kept her cool as usual, but the waiter stumbled with his own feet as he walked away
“Can I ask you your number so I can give you the details?” Reign opened her purse looking for her iPhone
Olivia was playing with Lena’s hand when Reign gave her mobile. Lena’s did not understood what to do with Reign’s mobile
“You can type it” Reign leaned on Lena’s face “So no one can hear it” she smiled
Lena was feeling like she was about to have a heart attack because of the woman. She did what she was told with her free hand and hit on call so she would have too her number and gave Reign’s mobile back when she could listen her music tone in the table making this smile pleased.
“Mommy Lena can come to play at home?”
“Liv I think Lena might be busy she was with her friend and maybe she have a lot of things to do”
“Lena please, I have a new rocket ship and Dinosaur dad bought me yesterday” Lena noticed how Reign rolled her eyes with the word -Dad-
“Sweetie I have to do some papers in the office” Lena felt bad
“Oh… it’s Ok… work is work” Olivia de attached her hand from Lena’s with a sad voice
Reign kneeled to her daughter “But we are going to watch a movie, the Spiderman new one, right? And then to home and write more things to prepare your birthday” Reign tried to cheer her daughter up “And we have Lena’s number so will text her later to send our address for your birthday party”
“Okay mommy” Olivia pouted
Lena was feeling like a monster for some reason, never a kid make feel that way and the way her mother tried to cheer her up. She knew they only had the weekends together but she wanting to include her in their activities was killing her.
“Olivia you know” Lena bravely spoke “what about if we go to dinner later?” 
“Dinner?” Olivia furrowed her brows 
“Yes, dinner and we can go wherever you want”
Olivia took a deep breath as she had the best idea in the world, Reign looked at her daughter afraid about she was about to say
“You CAN come home” Olivia said amused “Mommy does the best macNcheese in the world” She hugged Reign’s head from the position she was “right mommy? Huh huh and you can see my new rocket and dinosaur!”
“I…” Reign was caught off of guard
“Of course” Lena agreed immediately 
Reign hesitated for a second “Yeah why not” She took her daughter in her arms and stood up 
“Awesome!” Olivia beamed 
“I should go… Reign text me later, ok?” Lena gave Olivia a kiss in the cheek making the girl giggle
Lena walked to the exit leaving alone in the middle of the terrace.
“You really like her don’t you?” Reign pointed with a half smile
Olivia shrugged “She’s nice and smart mommy, she knows a lot of things about space” 
“She is really nice Liv” Reign agreed
“And beautiful” Olivia jumped happy 
Reign looked at Lena in the distance checking her up and down “And beautiful” she shook her head clearing her thoughts “We have to pay, let’s go” Reign put her daughter in the floor
They went to their tablet and called the waiter but he told them that they were invited to all. Reign scoffed with a smiled not believing in what just happened. In fact all what just really had happen.
A few hours later Reign and Olivia were driving to their home when Reign got a text
> Lena L: Remember to send me your address XX
Reign felt a warm feeling and smiled. Olivia was taking a nap in the backseat. Reign sent her direction and drove home feeling kinda excited

Hi, I’m Frankie. (Frank Iero x Reader)

“How do we keep getting into these situations?” you huffed quietly, crouching behind a shrub to try and avoid the beam of light threatening to expose you and Frank.

“Eleven years of friendship and I still don’t know,” he replied, scooting closer to you.

“Yeah, well, since this is the – what, third? – time that we’re hiding from the police in the last two months, I’m kind of regretting ever becoming your friend.”

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So this is the story about how this stupid goofy picture came about gracing the face of the internet.

Hours earlier…







This fake advertisement flyer was posted on every single wall on set. Kerry had already found about fifteen of them just in the parking lot.

“Where is the idiot?”

She found Katie wondering on set in a cosplay blue onesie with a tie dye tutu on top and bees slippers. Dark circles under her eyes, hair up in a messy bun with a rainbow colored bunny ear headband taming her curls, she looked every bit the cinnamon roll of sunshine that she is, eating a bowl of spinach cheddar hummus and saltine crackers.

“They’re all idiots here.” The brunette said munching on crackers. “You gotta be more specific.”

Kerry held up all fifteen flyers, showing the brunette the advertisement. “This particular idiot. The one that’s mine.” She replied.

“Oh, that one.” Katie smiled, barely withholding the laugh that was threatening to burst out of her.

“Oh God. What is he up to now?” Kerry asked.

“I don’t know.” Katie replied. “But last I saw him, he was somewhere around here charming everyone with churros.”

“Of course.” Kerry said.

He bribes everyone with treats. That’s how his hair stays looking flawless in every single episode. They love him here. Especially the hair and makeup crew.


Tony always knew the exact moment his wife walked in a room. If not by her unique, intoxicating that shot straight to his dick, then the rising hair on his skin and the immediate erratic beating of his heart was a close second.

He sat in his chair unmoved with his script in hand, going over his lines for the millionth time.

“You, Anthony Goldwyn!” He heard her shout.

He’d been spotted. A wide grin crossed his cheek and he turned around to see her strutting towards him in high heel boots with flyers in hand.

In a flash, she was standing in front of him, hands on her hips looking cute as ever!

“Yes?” He batted his lashes, blue eyes twinkling with humor. “What can I do for you Goldwyn?”

“What the fuck is this?” She asked, waving the flyers in front of him.

“It’s a paper.” He answered, matter-of-factly.

“No shit!” She exclaimed sarcastically. “The hell do you want?”

“I saved you churros.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows. “And I’ve been dared by none other than Josh Malina to challenge you to a game of twister.”

“You’re old. Why would you wanna challenge me to a game of twister?” She blurted.

Kerry swore he did the best wounded expression.

Hands on his chest, he feigned distress. “Words do hurt, you know? And karma just so happens to be one big, hairy bitch. 3 o'clock, in the break room, I am proving to you what these old bones are capable of.”

Shaking her head at him, Kerry leaned down and placed a kiss on his lips. “I swear to God, sometimes you’re twelve.”

Word traveled around set quickly. Plus he made new flyers.

3 o'clock



ONE GOES BY THE NAME OF KERRY GOLDWYN (Yeah. She’s my wife. Took my last name too.)

AND TONY GOLDWYN (That’s me. The husband.)




“My money’s on Tony.” Guillermo said.

He was wearing a ridiculous pair of nerdy glasses, 90s suspenders, buttoned down shirt with a red cape wrapped around his neck, mismatched shoes and socks with drills on them. Apparently, he and Katie also had a little bit of a competition going on too.

Who can be the tackiest? Tacky Tuesday on set was their thing. Whatever.

It was really hard to take him seriously dressed like that.

“How?!” Darby cried incredulously. “Clearly you haven’t seen how flexible Kerry is. It’s not even funny.”

“Yeah, I’m going with Kerry too.” Katie agreed. “It’s kinda hard to twist around when you’re basically an Amazon.”

“Never judge book a book by its cover.” Guillermo said around a piece of churro. “Fifty dollars says Tony takes it.”

Darby always the meticulous type smiled. “That is a bet I’m willing to take.” The redhead said.

“Okay. Shake on it.” Guillermo extended his hand in offering.

“And the on top of the fifty, if Kerry wins, you’re getting my coffee order for two weeks?” In agreement, Guillermo nodded and the redhead shook his hand.

Three o'clock sharp the word “cut” was yelled by the director, and everyone started filling to the break room. 

The smell of cheese and peperoni pizza welcomed them and they more than obliged in indulging themselves, toasting to Tony for his heart of gold as heaven meet their tongues.

Tony showed up much later with Josh in tow carrying a box that said “TWISTER” on it. He was Twister ready in black Nike shorts and a black t-shirt and sneakers. Everyone started clapping for him and he bowed kindly.

“I have fifty dollars on you Goldwyn. Don’t let me down.” Guillermo said.

Tony gave him a boyish grin. “Don’t worry. I’ll win.”

Through it all, Kerry sat on a stool at the snack bar enjoying a healthy jar of breakfast parfait even though it was way past noon. And when he finally came over to her, she couldn’t help but smile.

“Just so you know, I don’t plan on going easy on you.” He whispered in her ears.

Tilting her head back, she replied, “I don’t expect you to.” Then, “Kiss me.”

She looked too cute. Tony couldn’t do anything other than oblige. He covered her lips with his and rained soft pecks around the curve of her lips innocently and tentatively.

“You guys are nauseating.” Josh’s voice broke them out of their spell and Kerry groaned against his lips, making him smile.

“Go away, Josh.”

“Sorry. No can do. People are here to witness a very intense game of twister. Not to watch the two of you be disgusting.” Josh said. “Come on. Chop chop.”

Groaning, Kerry turned around on the stool to face a room filled with her co-workers.

They’d moved the chairs and tables to the side in order to create space in the middle of the room for the mat to fit. Some were sitting and eating, others were standing and eating but all ready the same.

“Alright, let’s get this over with.” Kerry said.

She hopped off the stool, pulled up the sleeves of her shirt and got rid off her boots.

“Alright kiddos,” Josh smiled, “Rules are pretty simple: There can never be more than a hand or foot in one circle. Do NOT remove your hand and/or foot from a circle unless I instruct you to do so. And whatever you do, do NOT FALL on your derrières. Capish?”

“What does the winner get?” Kerry asked.

Josh shrugged. “Bragging rights?“ He started to reply then shook his head. “I don’t know. I don’t care. You guys work it out.”

Stepping on the plastic mat, they both stood at both ends, facing each other.

“Ready… Set… Spin!”

“Right hand red.” Josh called.

In a squatting position like she’s supposed to be, Kerry easily found a red circle and placed her right hand on it.

“Your butt’s not supposed to be on the floor.” Kerry said. “That’s cheating.”

“I didn’t know!” Tony protested. “I swear I didn’t know.”

Despite having the rules just been read to him seconds ago. Lies.

Kerry looked up at Joshua to see if he would call it out but the dumber idiot simply shrugged.

“The man said he didn’t know.” Then he span the wheel again. “Your left foot on blue, please.”

With a smirk on both their faces, Kerry and Tony did what they were told with watchful eyes on them.

“Kindly put your left hand on a yellow circle, por favor.”

Looking around him, Tony raised his eyebrows. “So it begins.”

Everyone laughed.

“Right foot green.”

They both made a leap for the closest green circle but Tony beat her to it. Now Kerry had to lean over him in some weird position that wasn’t the least bit comfortable.

Her hair was falling all over her face and he chose then to wiggle his body, it almost made her fall.

“Asshole!” Kerry cried.

“Bite me Princess.”

Laughter boomed in the room. Everyone throwing their heads back, laughing at their expense.

“Right hand green… Right foot red… Left arm in the air.”

So now they were in some weird form of a plank. Paralleled to each other, with her unoccupied hand, Kerry leaned over and flicked Tony’s ear, hoping to thrown him off balance.

What did Tony do in return? He grabbed her boob with his free hand.

The entire break room exploded in a rumble of hilarity.

Shaking her head, Kerry rolled her eyes. “Pig.”

He had the audacity to wink at her. “I love it when you talk dirty to me.”

This time, Kerry shoved him and he lost his equilibrium, falling on his back.

“Game over!” Kerry shouted victoriously.

“What?! You just pushed me.” Tony cried.

“Tough shit. But you fell.”

“Because you pushed me.” Tony protested exasperatedly. “Call it ref!”

Everyone’s eyes were directed at Joshua, waiting for his verdict.

“I’m calling it foul play. The game continues.”

“Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony…!” They all started to chant.

Kerry rolled her eyes in irritation. Of course they’d chant for him. They’re all fucking traitors in her book.

“You suck, Josh!”

Shameless was his middle name. “Tell me something I don’t already know.” He said before spinning the wheel again.

Three rounds later…

She was on all four. Face down, ass up all on his face. It was the greatest view in the world and all Tony wanted to do was palm two handful of her round ass and really squeeze her cheeks.

“Ker,” He whined her name.


“How are you holding up, sweetheart?”

“Fine.” She replied.

“Okay. Good.”

What would a smart man in his position do? If all that delicious booty was just right there… Bam! And there’s no way to palm it without losing a fucking game of twister?

A smart man would use other assets. And Tony Goldwyn prided himself as a smart man. So head first, he dove in and sunk his teeth into the soft flesh of her round shaped ass.

“Hey!” Kerry yelped.

“You can’t move out of the circle.” Tony reminded her.

Oh she was pissed. Pissed off and probably beyond turned on and wet. Tony was loving every second.

“I’m gonna enjoy ripping you to shreds!” Kerry cried.

Tony didn’t doubt it. She’s competitive and committed so there’s no way she was risking losing a simple game of twister. But he knew she would get him back and he won’t ever see it coming.

He scoot forward with a mischievous smile and whispered to her in a hushed tone for her ears only, “The second I get you naked tonight, I’m putting you in that same position we are right now, except this time, I’ll be pounding you into oblivion. You’re gonna hate how much you love it.”

Mouth agape, Kerry’s arms nearly gave up underneath her. Her arms shook with cramps and she tactically pushed her fingers up in a claw, ultimately saving herself from defeat.

“You’re not playing fair.” She shook her head. “He’s not playing fair guys!”

But oh, they stopped playing fair a long time ago!

Everyone laughed. And they all wondered what The Admiral said to her that suddenly has Kerry turning all flustered in the face and crying unfairness.

“Left foot green!” Josh called.

The next available green was all the way at the end of the mat on the left corner. And Tony was not giving up yet. Not today.

Right hand still on the blue, he cartwheeled over her and she slid under him. Now they were more tangled than ever. He was looking down at her and she was looking up into his eyes in a backbend kick over position.

“Now that is what you call a nice view.” Someone said.

The room then erupted in loud, hysterical laughter followed by a few catcalls.

Kerry wasn’t mad. She’s sure if she wasn’t a participant in this fuckery, she’d be enjoying the view too. He’s got some nice buns - she can proudly admit to that.

“Enjoying yourself down there?” He asked.

“Very.” Kerry smiled. “Too much even.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah.” She managed to nod.

How the fuck?

Tony didn’t understand how his wife could be so relaxed. He was literally struggling to keep from losing his balance and yet, she looked fine, not even a tiny bit off balance.

“I’m thinking that I could actually take you all the way down my throat in this position and suck you dry.”

Blue eyes widened with shock and Tony nearly fell on Kerry’s face. The image she just painted for him was so vivid and deeply embedded in his brain. It took everything Tony had not to tip over.

Kerry smiled. She didn’t feel sorry for him one bit! He wasn’t playing fair, neither was she.

“Oops! It that it for you Tony?” Someone asked.

“Not by a long fucking shot! I’m wining this game.” He shouted with conviction.

The crowd went rowdy, chanting for him and giving him the strength he needed to continue to hold this stupid fucking position for the next fifteen seconds.

“You’d let me fuck that pretty mouth just like this? Swallow every single drop?” He mouthed.


He shook his head. Why did he agree to this fucking game again? His legs were cramping now.

“I need a definitive answer, baby. Yes or no.”

“Beat me in this game and we can further discuss how soon that can happen.” She replied.

Oh shit!

She wasn’t joking. Not one bit.

“Promise?” Tony asked with raised eyebrows.

Nodding again, Kerry smiled. “Yes.”

Next thing she hears; “Joshua, spin the fucking wheel! She just promised me the blowjob of my life! Spin motherfucker! Spin!”

That did it. The whole room was chaos. People were dying, screaming from the top of their lungs and holding their stomach in laughter. He’d done it. No amount of palates or yoga was gonna keep Kerry in that position after that comment

Her limbs gave up on her and she fell on the mat on her back. She can’t believe he’d said that. Hands over her face in utter embarrassment, she turned face down on the mat and buried her face on the plastic, weeping with laughter.

She’s never gonna live this down.

Spin motherfucker! Spin! This was gold. People have this on camera. How the fuck was she ever gonna get past this? She had to work with Josh after this. For seasons to come and she’s absolutely certain that he’s never gonna let her forget this moment.

She hates life.

She hates this stupid fucking game.

Never again.

And Tony’s an idiot.

She hates everything!

Hours later, when shooting was wrapped and she had the time to mope around about losing, Kerry got on twitter and noticed that her husband had mentioned her in a tweet in her notifications.

Attached to a picture that they took after her losing was the caption: Today was a fun affair on set. I beat @/kerrywashington at a game of twister. She has to say I’m amazing every time she speaks of me for an entire week!

Before she even realized it, she was replying back to him.

Oh, you mean the game you cheated your way through winning? #Boybye!