but yaaay it's back

A Shin from today’s doodles

once upon a feels time cause the hiatus is killian me

remember when…

Good for you! You bested me. I can count the amount of people who’ve done that on one hand.

and then while climbing the beanstalk…

You know, most men take your silence as off putting but…I love a challenge

where you know, at the top…

Killian: Give my your hand.

Emma: What?

Killian: You’re hand it’s cut, let me help you.

Emma: No, it’s fine

Killian: No, it’s not

*hot first-aid care hand bandaging scene*

(it’s like they’re already married) but also

For someone who’s never been in love, you’re quite perceptive aren’t you?

what happened in the giants castle…

*Emma hugs him from falling into a trap* It’s about bloody time

but then

Emma: Hook, I…I can’t-

Killian: Emma, look at me…have I told you a lie?

our hearts broke and so did his…

The Swan girl…Emma…

so he recited his break-up speech…

This a symbol…something that was once magical, full of hope, possibility. Now look at it…dried up, dead, useless…much like you. Time for making deals is done, just as I’m done…with you.

ouuuch…but hold up-

*hottest sword fight scene in history ever* Normally I’d prefer to do other more enjoyable activities, with a woman on her back. With my life on the line you’ve left me with no choice. Bit of advice? When I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it. You might want to quit. *cue on the foreshadowing* *and Emma throws the punch*

guess he did let her win ya know?

then in Storybrooke…

Hey, beautiful

and then our prayer circles started happening for more scenes between the two of them…until the very last episode

Emma: …so you can join us and be a part of something, or you can do what you do best…and be alone. 

Killian: Quite passionate, Swan.

hella passionate indeed dayum. and then with more prayer circles, and the days passing by we then got into Season 3 hence with all those lovely moments…

Killian: Just who are you, Swan?

Emma: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Killian: Perhaps I would.

and some painful ones

Killian: You alright there Swan?

Emma: I’m fine…

Killian: I uh…I just wanted to let you know that I do know what it feels like…to lost hope

Emma: I know what this is…this..you…you know trying to…bond with me…so save your breathe…I’m not in the mood.

but after saving Charming’s life?

Emma: Please…you couldn’t handle it.

Killian: Perhaps you’re the one who couldn’t handle it.

External image

*cue the apocalypse*


as you wish

happened and we all just…died (for how many times?) but now secrets must be revealed and one mustn’t tell lies (Harry Potter reference?)…

It’s what the kiss exposed. My secret is…I never thought I’d be capable of letting go of, my first love…my Milah. To believe that I could find someone else…that is, until I met you.

*cue another apocalypse because I did not see THAT ONE COMING*

and then they saved Neal and the whole two boys being children fighting over something they want happens but then…THEN THIS-

so when I win your heart, Emma…and I will win it. It won’t be because of any trickery…it will be because you want me.

-HAPPENED. *CHEERS ON KILLIAN* then we get Henry back (YAAAY! but its not what you think) and then another-

as you wish, m'lady

happens. (he just keeps killian all of us man) and the Jolly Roger flies away back to Storybrooke…but then Killian-

I’ve made a decision when it comes to Emma…I’m gunna back off. For the sake of the boy, let his parents have a fair shot without a devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way.

Oh don’t thank me yet. You see I’m in this for the long haul. *foreshadowing~*

being the gentleman he is, giving a chance…and then trying to take his mind off Emma

Killian: Perhaps a drink to help settle you in

Tink: We both know you want more than a drink. You want me to help take your mind off Emma.

Killian: Emma? Who’s Emma? I only see you.

Tink: I may have lost my wings, but I haven’t lost my dignity. That’s never gunna hap- *SCREAM*

and that’s when I’m pretty sure he thought that scream belonged to Emma…till they bumped into each other outside and *cue a slightly jealous!Emma?*

Emma: Wait…were you two?

Tink: No!

Killian: Perhaps.

Emma: *wtf are you serious? face*

♫ killian me softly with his soooooong~ !♫ but of course we all knew he wasn’t and will he never ever, get over his Emma

For the record, I know why you risked your life back there and it wasn’t for yourself or revenge…it was for Emma.

and this was said by dear Tinkerbell the fairy who knows true love when she sees it…

then after the heartbreaking scene with Rumple and his father and both of them dying together, adding in the apocalypse of Storybrooke (no joke) with having everyone going back into the Enchanted Forest except for Henry and Emma, they say their sad painful goodbyes to everyone and of course-

Killian: That’s quite the vessel you Captain there, SwanThere’s not a day will go by, I won’t think of you.

Emma: Good.

*ugly sobbing* and I swear they could’ve, I mean COULD’VE kissed…it was like friggin magnets, trying not to pull away from each other (sounds lame but it was the best I could try explaining at…get at me) ugh so painful, but so good especially when they drove out of Storybrooke and the last you see is Killian, Regina, Snow and Charming getting sucked up by the purple smoke (and leaving the last four to be seen last is a HUGE MEANING yknow what I’m saying also NOTICE how Killian was basically the last goodbye to her?) and then, 

one. year. later.

at friggin 8:15

???: *mad door knocking*

Henry: Someone coming over?

Emma: No…

???: *mad door knocking continues*

Emma: Henry, wait here…

Emma: *opens door*

Killian: Swan *huge smile* At last-

Emma: Woah, do I know?

Killian: Look I need you’re help something’s happened something terrible, you’re family, is in trouble-

Emma: My family is right here, who are you?

Killian: An old friend. Look, I know you can’t remember me but…I can make you. *attempts true loves kiss*

*gets bested by his dear Emma*

Emma: The hell you doing?!

Killian: A long shot. I had to try, I was hoping you felt as I did.

Emma: All you gotta feel is the handcuffs when I call the cops-

Killian: Look, I know this seems crazy, but you have to listen to me, you have to remem-

*shuts door*

…dear lord I am going to cry for the rest to come