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Yaaaay :D! Crossover!!!!

(Old drawing i forgot to post xD)

-Sans, Frisk, Gaster (Undertale)

-Luma (Super Mario Galaxy)

-No-face, Chihiro (Spirited Away)

-Bendy (Bendy and the ink machine)

-TheMeatly (Creator of Bendy and the Ink machine)

-Silver (Sonic the hedgehog 2006, and a lot of other sonic games)


My album launch event today was fantastic! Had so much fun and everyone seemed to really enjoy the music! :D There were some problems but they were overcome and it all worked out in the end :)

Today I looked at Social Anxiety in the eyes and said ‘get out of my way, I’ve got things to do’ - I had to talk about the songs as well as playing them, which was hard, but I did it! I’m proud of myself ^-^

Just one more assessment to go on Monday and then I’m DONE :D

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👣 for nolo or ingwionthevanya

Send Me 👣 For My Muse’s Reaction To Holding Mine And Your Muse’s Child For The First Time

For a long while there was nothing but silence as the young Noldorian prince stared down at the babe in his arms. It was a tiny little thing, freckles littering it’s face and obviously having inherited his large ears. There were no words he could use to describe what he felt at this moment, it wasn’t as if he could actually speak if he wanted to. 

Slowly the babe sputtered as she twisted in the blanket she was swaddled in, her tiny hand grabbing one of his fingers.


Okay, I finally made this post ! You could consider as a NaruSaku AMVs and MMVs masterpost (kinda) ! I will update it every month to add new videos downloaded.

I will divide it in 3 categories: AMVs, MMVs and Others (MEP, collab…). The links in bold are my personal favorite, the links in italic are videos made be me and between brackets you will find the theme(s) of the video (angst, happiness, humor, parallels, hurt/comfort…) and also tell you if it has mentions of another pairing(s).

note: some of them have the same title because they have the same song BUT the content is not the same at all.


  1. A little more us (humor, happiness)
  2. Safe and Sound [tribute] (hurt/comfort, tribute)
  3. Apologize (+NaLu from FT. angst)
  4. “When it’s real, you can’t walk away !” (parallels w. DE from TVD)
  5. I’ll keep watching over you (selfless love, tribute)
  6. Without you (angst)
  7. Wish I could explain (angst, happiness)
  8. Insecurity (angst, hurt/comfort, happiness)
  9. Find a way (angst, devotion)
  10. My escape (tribute)
  11. And you let him go (angst)
  12. All I want 天国の地球 (angst, AU)
  13. Run (not mainly about NS but mentions of it. parallels w. Minakushi, friendship/family, tribute, hurt/comfort)
  14. I’d come for you (devotion, hurt/comfort)
  15. Say something (angst)
  16. Forever (hurt/comfort)
  17. You could be happy… (post-ending feelings. angst)
  18. Rescue me (+Minakushi. friendship/family)
  19. Lucky Strike (humor)
  20. She will be loved (hurt/comfort, second love, anti SS)
  21. more to me. (happiness, anti SS)
  22. Fuckin’ Perfect (characters, parallels)
  23. Promise of a Lifetime (Kage summit arc centered, PoaL, angst)
  24. Wish you were here (tribute. humor, happiness, angst)
  25. Ships in the Night (parallels, RtN tribute)
  26. Monster (Sai arc tribute)
  27. ‘Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.. ’ (angst)
  28. What do I stand for ? (tribute)
  29. It will be just like you were never gone (hurt/comfort)
  30. “He always saved me” (tribute. hurt/comfort)
  31. Break off the Chains (Sakura’s POV)
  32. love the way you lie… (hurt/comfort)
  33. What’s a soulmate ? (quotes, tribute)
  34. You lead, I’ll follow (fluff, happiness)
  35. Sooner or Later (tribute. happiness, hurt/comfort)
  36. Honey ♥ (happiness, hurt/comfort)
  37. Just The Way You Are (fluff, happiness)
  38. Impossible (angst, hurt/comfort)
  39. Angel sweet, love of my life (+ObiRin. angst, hurt/comfort)
  40. Need a little love ♥ (humor, fluff)
  41. Wish I could turn back the time ♥ (hurt/comfort, anti SS)
  42. Entertain The Pain (hurt/comfort, happiness)
  43. Breath Me (Sakura’s POV. angst, hurt/comfort)
  44. Just The Way You Are (fluff)
  45. Still Alive (hurt/comfort)
  46. Miles Away (angst)


  1. 這不是我 That’s not me (Naruto’s POV. post-ending)
  2. Find a way (Kage summit arc centered, angst)
  3. Meant to be broken (post-ending feelings. tribute, angst)
  4. Heart ♥ beat (love/friendship, happiness)
  5. Sakura’s Wedding Dress ♥ (+love triangle w. SS. angst)
  6. According to Sasuke (second love, anti SS)
  7. Let Me Be Your Love (second love, anti SS)
  8. one masterpiece (angst)
  9. Chapter One ☆ Shounen to Shoujo (AU)
  10. What If this Storm Ends ? (4th Great Ninja World arc centered, angst)
  11. Who I am (angst, hurt/comfort)
  12. “Keep Holding On” (chap 663 tribute)
  13. A little Pain: no need to cry (hurt/comfort, anti SS)
  14. What You Mean to Me (fluff)
  15. Not Enough (hurt/comfort, happiness)
  16. The Listening (Sakura’s POV. happinness)
  17. Distance (post-ending feelings, angst, hurt/comfort)
  18. One wish ★ Starbust (fluff, happiness)
  19. It’s you (+MinaKushi. fluff)
  20. 声をきかせて / Let Me Hear Your Voice (happiness)
  21. Could It Be ? (Sakura’s POV. love/friendship)


  1. All of me [MEP] (fluff, angst)
  2. “want you to know who i am” (tribute)
  3. .still alive. (hurt/comfort, hope)
  4. She’s out of My League (humor, parody trailer)
  5. 10 Things I hate about you (+ShikaIno. humor, parody trailer)
  6. You do it to me ♡ [MEP] (+NaLu from FT. love/friendship, happiness)
  7. I like that ! [collab] (happiness)
  8. Promise me, Sakura (AU)
  9. L.O.V.E Like Woe [MEP] (humor, happiness)
  10. Remember Me ? (based on a doujinshi. fluff, happiness)
  11. smile!.. (happiness, humor)
  12. Lego House [MEP] (hurt/comfort, fluff)
  13. I will be your soldier [MEP] (+MinaKushi)
  14. Smile! (Sakura’s POV. happiness, humor)
  15. I think I love You better now (hurt/comfort, fluff)
  16. I’ll follow ! [MEP] (fluff, happiness)
  17. GUARDIAN angel [MEP] (hurt/comfort)
  18. Pink & Perfect ♥ [MEP] (+MinaKushi. happiness)
  19. Best Song Ever ! [MEP] (happiness, humor)
  20. She Will Be Loved [collab] (hurt/comfort, second love)
  21. I will be here for you. (hurt/comfort)

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Masquerade Interlude chapter update - my heart froze when I read the Chihoko reference!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR WRITING <3 *eagerly awaits the return to the main story* :D

Yaaaay I am just as excited to get back to the main story, trust me! Thank you for being excited with me XD

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That 70s Show and The Ranch? :D

[That ‘70s Show]

You watch the Ranch? YAAAAY!

  • Character I’d want as a best friend: heather :)
  • Character I’d want as a parent: maggie!
  • Character I’d want as a sibling: i think heather, too
  • Character I’d want as a significant other: rooster because i like crap
  • Character I’d want as a child: colt it’s already my baby
  • Character I’d want as a weird inlaw: berto lol