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I have a chrason prompt for you sixer "Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you do that!"

“Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you do that!” Despite the firm reprimand, Chris couldn’t help but smile wider at the sour look on Jason’s face. “I can’t help it, you’re just too dang adorable when you’re all mad and flustered.” He teased, reaching over to poke Jason’s nose only to laugh when the other man swatted his hand down and scowled. “Let me live, I’m tired. Unlike some of us and their chalk drawings, I worked hard today!” He sniffed.

Chris only laughed harder and snuggled closer to his partner, finally managing to slide a hand up and tweak Jason’s nose. “Oh don’t front, J. You like my work ethic.” Jason let out an indignant squawk and swatted at Chris again, prompting even more laughter until the younger man was doubled over, gripping the couch arm as he gasped for air. “You’re mean.” Jason grumbled. “Like, really mean.” Wiping away tears, Chris couldn’t help but shoot another wide smile at him. “How mean? Am I super mean? Super duper mean? Am I not gonna be allowed to play in the sandbox with you?” He asked, faux innocent, only to duck down again with a laugh as Jason aimed a pillow for his head.

‘God I love this man.’ Chris thought fondly, watching Jason mutter a quiet ‘shut up’ and turn back to their movie. He barely even remembered what they were watching, too caught up in the way the blue light of the tv caught the curves and edges of Jason’s face and made his eyes somehow even bluer than before. He felt himself sobering under the sudden wave of affection, the laughter fading away from his face. Carefully, Chris scooted even closer until Jason wrapped an arm around his shoulders. 'I really do love him.’

“Whatcha staring at?” The question almost made Chris jump. Turning red, he realized Jason had caught him staring and was raising an inquisitive eyebrow. “I just really love you.” The words burst out of him, catching Chris off guard. Immediately he ducked his head down and hid it in Jason’s shoulder, trying to ignore how hot his face was. He could feel Jason’s laughing as he wrapped both arms around Chris. “Shut up.” He mumbled, gently pinching Jason’s arm and only making his laugh harder. “Don’t be like that, I think you’re cute.”

Peeking up at him, Chris squinted suspiciously. “What did you say earlier Chris? You’re too dang adorable when you’re all mad and flustered?” The grin on Jason’s face didn’t help the blush on his, and Chris ducked back down with a quietly rebellious, “I’ll show you adorable…” After a moment, he felt a quick kiss on his forehead and glanced up again. “I really love you too, you dumbass.” Jason said fondly, making Chris snort and turn back to the tv. “Love you too, jerk off.”

Okay kids. Buddies. F e l l a s.

Can I have your attention for a minute? I feel like I have an important(ish?) thing to bring up here.

Y'all know that all too familiar feeling when scrolling along here that you feel like everyone is the same age?

That’s not the case. And it can be a dangerous mindset.

Just a friendly -scary- reminder that I’m actually a grown ass adult, turning 21 in a month or so. And whilst my intentions are not predatory in the least, I want everyone to feel safe in thier online environment.

If y'all don’t want me, a grown ass adult to be following you; that is okay. This is supposed to be your safe space.

Please know that its okay if y'all wanna ask me politely to unfollow. I won’t be offended- I am completely aware of the age gap and I want y'all to feel comfortable.

And to my fellow older peeps- if you get offended when a 13-15ish person asks you to hit unfollow? Y'all should probably ask yourselves why that is the case. These are kids we’re talking about. We should want them to feel safe.

Aight. With that out of the way, feel free to go on your merry way.

Our party—a bard, a fighter, and a ranger—were on a one-off side quest to deliver a letter to somebody. He wasn’t at his house (learned after breaking in, to the DM’s dismay), so we found out the general area he was in and went there, confusion in our wake and a spring in our steps. I, the bard, had decided that I would funnel every ounce of skill I possessed into charisma, and at level 5 had a +6 modifier. I had been using that power at every opportunity that arose. We wander through the foothills full of caves, looking for this guy, when our fighter rolls a nat 20 perception trying to look for any signs of life.

DM: You—okay, so. Yeah. With that, you actually notice about fifty feet away that a particular cluster of bushes is rustling just slightly, but not with the breeze.

Fighter: Oh. Cool. “Hey guys, I think there are some folks in those bushes over there.”

Me: “Cool beans! HELLOOOOOOO, MY DUDES!”

DM: There’s a few seconds of silence before four guys come slowly forward from the bushes. They look pretty rough and tough, and uh—

Ranger: Can I roll perception? Uh… that’s a 15.

DM: You deduce that they’re probably bandits or something. They’re walking forward and one of the guys says, “Who are you little pests, and what’re ya doing in these here foothills of ours?”

Me: “We’re just hanging out, traveling, and actually it seems like a good time to break for breakfast if you lovely gents would like to join us! I can brew us up some chamomile, I have like a thousand mushrooms I got earlier—”

Fighter: “I got that chicken, too, and jerky.”

Me: “Oh hell yeah, we’re gonna chow down if y'all want in on that action.”

DM: That’s, uh… that’s persuasion, advantage because you’re offering them food and seem too dumb to be dangerous.

Me: Thanks man. Uh… 14 total.

DM: *head in his hands* I just—okay, they join you for breakfast I guess. And yet again you avoid a fight I planned for you. One of the dudes breaks out some eggs from somewhere.

Ranger: What’re their names?

DM: Uh, uh, they—it’s got. There’s Bablo, Sanchez, Kent, and uh. Eskabar.

Me: Cool. I roll to flirt with them.

DM: ………<i>all of them???</i> I mean… sure?? I guess??

Me: Hells yeah. Rolling.

Proceeds to roll: 16, 19, and <i>two natural 20s</i>.

DM: *head on the table* Like. You—you make your fellow party members super uncomfortable. You are piled under boys, it’s kinda gross but super chill for you. Kent wasn’t super into the whole group thing before, but now he would straight up die for you. He’s learning a lot about himself today.

Me: I’m gonna write those names down for later. Can I put “a boys harem” in my items list?

salvador sobral: *tries to pass an important message about helping refugees but isn’t allowed to bc it’s too political*

salvador sobral: *thanks his sister and the composer luis figueiredo for making the song, giving them all the credit*

salvador sobral: *can’t get excited during the voting bc of his heart condition but when his sister is singing on stage he flails adorably at her performance*

salvador sobral: *during the press conference always refers to THE SONG WINNING - NOT HIMSELF bc that’s it’s the song that really matters*

salvador sobral: *doesn’t consider himself a national hero, he just wants to sing and live a peaceful life, he just hopes the song can make a change*

salvador sobral: *makes a slightly bad worded speech directing at ALL POP MUSIC, and NOT just for Eurovision competitors*

amar pelo dois: *a song with no specified gender, no specified sexuality, just the simplicity and strength of emotions conveyed in song can be applied to almost anyone over the world if you empathize with it, uniting people with a language that not the majority of the world knows about*

tumblr salty people: dude this guy is an arrogant shit saying he’s better than everyone what does he know about eurovision it’s supposed to be glamorous and full of glitter how straight is this guy with his incestuous boring duet ballad that puts anyone to sleep

me: ……….


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

I feel terrible whenever I hear my parents talking to each other about our household’s income. We only own a South Asian store, where we sell like spices, henna, frozen Desi foods, hair products, skin products, daal, etc (typical Desi store stuff). That’s our only source of income. It used to be okay-ish back in elementary and middle school, but ever since these American stores started to sell some of these things (at prices higher than their worth), less people have been shopping at our store, hence our income declining.

Please, I’m begging y'all, support your local South Asian stores, and shop there if you need any of those “South Asian” items (if there is a South Asian store near you). At least 60% of the owners are likely going through the same as my parents. Also, I can almost guarantee you’ll save money shopping at the local Desi stores as opposed to stores like Safeway, Vons, Krogers, etc.

i’m just drawing things out of boredom at this point?? still love these boys tho

I learned like a year ago that fluffernutters are supposedly just a new england thing and that’s been hecking with me ever since then so pls reblog with where ur from and if u know what a fluffernutter is this is for science

Happy Valentine's Day!❤️ Wishing you all a lovely day aaand I hope y'all enjoy these hotass gifs😏

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Okay but seriously

It’s been wonderful seeing all the Dad!Gabriel and Dad!Jack ideas going around for when Jesse first joins Blackwatch, but y’all are missing the PRIMEST OF PRIME opportunities here:

Jesse with not one BUT TWO Commander Dads with bad puns, dad jokes, and a whole slew of embarrassing ideas.


Gabriel basically rescues and adopts Jesse from Deadlock

Jack: …well. This is it, Jack.
Jack: you’re a dad now.
Jack: time to be a loving and supporting partner to your husband in this endeavor, and a responsible and warmhearted role model to this poor kid who has had so much go wrong in his young life.
Jack: …
Jack: guess I gotta learn how to golf now.  
Jack: …
Jack: and also buy all my clothes from Costco.                      

Five minutes later

Gabriel: …what the actual fuck are you wearing
*Jack in Hawaiian button up, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jack: …
Jack: we’re dads now, Gabe.
Gabriel: …
Gabriel: shit you’re right

Five minutes later

Jesse comes outside into the break area of the Watchpoint.

Jesse: hey, y'all seen my hat anywhere? I think Fareeha hid it - CHICKEN ON A DONKEY WHAT THE FUCK
*Jack and Gabe practicing really bad golf swings in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, and socks and sandals*
Jack: hello, kiddo
Gabe: sup, chico
Jesse: …
Jesse: Hey uh
Jesse: can I choose to go to jail instead      

Twenty minutes later

Ana: I should have expected this from you, Jack
Ana: but you too, Gabriel?? I expected better from you
Torbjörn: …you expected better from Gabriel “I wear my beanie in New Mexico” Reyes?
Gabriel: I detect some sarcasm there
Jack: Ana…Ana, don’t you see?
Ana: ??
Jack: we have a TEENAGER living in the base with us
Ana: …
Torbjörn: …
Reinhardt: …team, we know what we must do

Five minutes later

Jesse: still can’t find my hat - CHEESE WHIZ ON A CRACKER WHAT
*Entire Strike team in Hawaiian shirts, cargo shorts, socks and sandals*
Jesse: …
Jack: …we’re all dads now

Twenty years later

In the theater on the Hollywood map

Jesse: …
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
Shiver Reaper: hey, chico
Golden 76: how ya doin’, kid?
Jesse: …
Hanzo: …do you know these people, Jesse?
Jesse: …nah
Lúcio: introduce us to your friends!
Jesse: …extra hell nah
Golden 76: hey Jesse
Golden 76: watch this!
*Golden 76 starts doing push ups*
Hanzo: …
Lúcio: …
Sombra: …
Jesse: how.  why.
Shiver Reaper: …like you’re one to talk
Shiver Reaper: you look ridiculous
Jesse: …
*flashbacks to late adolescent and young adult years of his foster fathers in bad polo shirts and ugly plaid pants and Daredevil 76 and Pumpkin Reaper*
*Jesse McCree has left the game.*
Shiver Reaper: …
Golden 76: …
*Reaper and Soldier: 76 high-five*
Golden 76: We still got it.

(I cannot believe I have to add this but do not tag this as mc*/reyes//76 or any variation thereof)

the life and times hasn’t been updated in three and a half years what the fuck where is jules 

Our party has just discovered a large statue. In its hand is a staff that we all figure must be powerful. We have our human fighter, the strongest of our group, attempt to retrieve it. He fails.

Elven Wizard: I’ll go ahead and try too. -proceeds to roll low-

Pixie Druid: Eh, why not. I’ll try too. -also rolls low-

Gnome Bard(Me): Alright alright -walks up, rolling up her sleeves- Lemme show y'all how it’s done.

I have her attempt to remove the staff, fully expecting her to fail… I then proceed to roll a natural 20.

DM OOC: You get the staff, but also break off the arm of the statue, sending a cloud of dust and chunks of it flying off.

Gnome Bard(Me) OOC: -cackling like a madman- HOLY SHIT

💫Oh boy! Who's ready for this Mercury and Saturn retrograde 💫

Saturn went into retrograde today (4/5) and Mercury is about to follow suit (4/9), wanna know what that means? Time to get our shit together! Like legit this is not a time to be lazy because Saturn will kick your ass for that, especially when Mercury goes back into Aries and those two fucks will have a fun time working together to force us to be on our A game.
Lucky us we get to experience this at the end of the semester when finals and projects are due but whatever. But some things to know:

- Relationships with fatherly/male figures have more potential to be adapted
- Saturn will likely stay in Sagittarius, our spiritual connections will be tested and our philosophies will be questioned, we may find new information on things we once knew were true.
- Because it’s in a less intense sign those with a well placed Saturn in their chart won’t feel this too hard but it will be annoying
- When Mercury enters Aries again prepare for a shit ton of things breaking
- Y'all can survive this 💙

A-hem, hey guys! I’m currently planning to make an Eddsworld Fan-Eddisode called “Meanwhile in Red Army…”! (Ugh, I know it sounds really cringy but I was too lazy to think of a better name. If you have a good title then please tell me! I desperatly need help!)

The Eddisode is going to be about Tord and his trustworthy (probably not) soldiers, Paul and Pat going through troubles after the “The End” incident. Don’t worry, I’m not going make it to be edgy or sad. Now doesn’t that sound interesting? No? Okay..

But unfortunately, I’m having difficulties! I can’t make a whole Eddisode on my own, right? I really need help from other people to complete this so… If you’re interested to be a :

- Co-Director

- Writers (Writing needs to be decent. Trying to make the episode as Eddsworld as possible, not a edgy fan-fiction)

- Voice Actors (Needs to have a good mic and needs to sound really close to the canon voice)

- Animators (You don’t have to be a professional! Animation doesn’t have to be that smooth. It can have “Saloonatics” frame rates.)

- Artists. This includes Background, Storyboard, Rough, Animatics! Don’t worry, you’re not going to do the job all by yourself. We can take turns to work on it! (When you ask for the role, please show me your own artwork! Traditional is okay too!)

loves Eddsworld, has responsibility, and is full of creativity and interested to participate in this huge project, please private message me! Tell me what role do you want to apply for then we can discuss about it!

If you can’t participate, that’s still okay buddy. You can still help me by reblogging the post so others can!

Thank you so much for reading this long lame post. I hope y'all have a good day!

*This post might be edited later on

Thoughts on ShEther...

Wow, she really went all Left Eye explaining TLC’s bankruptcy on Behind the Music.

She lost the beat AT LEAST 7 times.

Better Title: “A Dissertation on Nicki Minaj’s Most Embarrassing Moments Plus Puns Over A Nas Beat.”

Y'all really like pointing out that line about Nicki’s brother and still can’t be arsed to spell “petafile” correctly.

Nicki’s first stab at receipts is to bring Beyonce into this? Does she not remember that Beyonce let her own husband get his ass beat right in front of her? Beyonce does not care about this. 

Too many white people tweeting about this took Remy 101 and jumped straight from “Lean Back” to Love & Hip Hop. Put your keyboards down, Susan.

I wish other genres had beefs in the booth. Can you imagine the track Janet would have whispered about Madonna?

Remy’s team is definitely smart because her album with Fat Joe has barely gone double paperclip and now everybody’s talking about her.

Not sure why fucking Drake or Trey Songz is an insult. They can both run train over here tbh.

That was fun. I hope the next installment has a hook though because 7 minutes of talking over a beat wears me out.

I’ve been waiting on Aretha to drop a diss track on Patti for most of my life. Remy & Nicki’s beef means literally nothing to me.

The true tragedy of 4x10 was the almost-could-have-been ship of dreams™ Sea Mechanic being cruelly ripped away from us forever