but y'all are always there with me

Let me tell y'all about the time my lil' sister caused the worse ass whooping of my life...

….We lived in the projects growing up. So my mama was hesitant to let us go outside. She always said “If you do some dumb shit and go to jail I’m let ya ass sit in there.” Nothing like black parenting 😊😊😊. We had to do everything that kids do outside, inside. Nigga we made a bball goal out of a straw chair. We had water fights. Hide and seek. Catch. Let me say now FUCK PLAYING CATCH INSIDE. I’ll never do that shit again in my life. Don’t throw me shit if we under a roof. I ain’t even trying to catch hints my nigga. So, we playing catch inside. Me, my brother and sister. She think it would be a good idea to use her other hand 😑😑😑. She throws it and it knocks one of the porcelain cats that my mama had since forever off of the shelf. Shit hits the floor and the head cracks off. Bruh. That was the first time I ever thought about running away. I packed my bookbag and pushed the screen off the window so I could make a clean getaway. So I sit it back on the shelf and sit the head on top like it was nothing wrong. My mama came home like 2hrs later. I saw that car pull up and started sweating. I started reciting excuses so that when I said “mama wait I gotta tell you something (like black kids have done throughout history to prevent being blessed by that black or brown belt),” I can have a story that actually throws off the ass whooping. She open the door and closed it a little too hard. Ole bitch ass cat head falls off and rolls right in front of her feet. Since I’m the oldest she looked at me first. I took the fuck off running. I was running so fast that I was trying to lift the other foot before the first one came down. Wasn’t fast enough though. You know what house shoes are for black mothers that ain’t about to chase you? Muh'fuckin boomerangs. I thought I was safe around that corner. She threw that shoe and it turned the corner like it was walking to me. Hit me right between the shoulder blades. As soon as she came around the corner I was like “Mama I gotta tell you something, Kayla did it!” I couldn’t finish the story because the belt was already in the air. That belt hit me so hard I couldn’t cry, talk or breathe. My soul jumped out and said “damn nigga, you should’ve just ran away.” What really made me mad was after she finished she went and made brownies after I woke up (I got a nap whooped out of me) and gone call me in the kitchen talking bout “I made y'all some brownies. I didn’t want to have to whoop you but you the oldest and should know better. Next time I bet yo ass won’t be playing catch in the living room.” I zoned out after brownies. Like, how you gone beat a REM sleep cycle out of me then make me some brownies? Maaaaaaan fuck them delicious ass brownies (I ate em. Hell you thought? I was gone let em sit?? Psh!). I still be campaigning for her to whoop my sister and we don’t even live there no more. Hell, one of my mama favorite lines is “You ain’t gone never be too old for me to not whoop that ass.” I’m just trying to see if she’s about that life.

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You and your daughter go into Starbucks to get your coffee every morning and she always asks barista!calum for a cup of water because she feels fancy and he always puts her name on the cup even if you're the only ones in there and he puts lemons in there and the little green swords so she feels extra fancy. She always blushes and says "thank you Calum" and they both giggle. And one day he writes on your cup that he wishes he could make you blush like he makes her and puts his number on there :)


barista!5sos blurb night with wherekatewritesthings!!

This is my body.

It doesn’t always look the way I want it to, but it always keeps me safe and warm and free of illness and my white blood cells fight disease every day and my legs keep me going and my big broad shoulders carry a head full of knowledge and dreams and goals and ambitions all tucked away in my brain.

This is my body. It’s not perfect, but I’m learning to love it for more than just its appearance.

Jet Lag - Part 1

A/N: Because my blurb about touring with best friend! Luke did so well, I was asked for more. I used that blurb as a inspiration for this, but it’s not exactly the same thing. I will probably lead up to it. Story will continue if response is good.

AU: Best Friend! Luke
Words: 1.3k

The line of passengers filing out of baggage claim moves achingly slow. One would think that people, who’ve been trapped in a flying metal tube for past 15 hours, enduring the sticky plane air and congested space, would be more eager to get out of the airport. But apparently that isn’t so. Instead they’re trudging through at snail pace, blocking up the whole damn walkway. God, if only you could pull a Moses and part them like the Red Sea. Then half your problems would be solved.

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OOA ;; It’s 2015 &. my banners still look like shit even AFTER getting photoshop. Oh well. Well, it’s that time again. i’m getting closer &. closer to this blogs BIGGEST MILESTONE ever &. it’s all thanks to you guys. Though I’m not always in agreeance with the things that happen on my dash, i value everyone that has decided &. stick by me, whether you be a mutual or non-mutual.

Long ago, I thought this blog would be a flop. Vanitas isn’t the most popular KH character &. along with that, I play him as AU with a concept that I basically pulled out of my ass at first. It surprised me that this blog has gotten as much attention as it has &. that so many people have taken in interest in the way I play Vanitas. It warms my heart &. even makes me feel like crying a bit to know that there are so many people who have come to love Vanitas because of me. It really does make me so happy. thank you all.

I’ve had this blog for 2 whole years, the longest I’ve ever kept a a role play blog here &. even in the bad times, things have been… worth while. I’ve learned things, improved my writing drastically - made new friends &. grew closer to old ones &. so much more. It’s been fun &. I’m grateful. So again, thank you.

Sentimental gush aside, here we go.

SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO THE COOLEST PEEPS cosmother, @swansets, sola–cordis  invow thundcrs taka-maple hiinami rosegaia induetide snowveined jadedisms oplitis galaxychord keymastery fractxs shouyos godtastic akashouri  making my tumblr experience as a whole FAR more enjoyable. Love you guys <3

BABY CROWS °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° You’re all fuckin’ rad never stop

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&. @ those who were not mentioned. You were not forgotten. i love you ( ˘ ³˘) 

Leah Pipes is Anti-Klamille

Um no, no she’s not. Leah says Klaus is unhealthy in general (ofc he is), but she always says how she loves working with Joseph and how caught up she gets. She wasn’t shading her own ship. Leah was shading the stupidity of the haters, that’s her sense of humor. Leah does not hate klamille, she always teases- you know what, let me just check the receipts:

“It’s complicated. I mean… Joseph Morgan is just such a good looking guy and it’s so funny he’s so sweet and wonderful in life, but the second he turns on that Klaus, it’s like you’re sucked in. It’s so intense and amazing. It’s really fun to be in scenes with him and I’m glad that people see that chemistry that we work so hard for in scenes,” Leah said. “I think it’s gonna continue to be complicated, but I don’t think that that charge is going anywhere. It’s just so deep, it’s like in their beings, they have this like soulmate sort of connection, not that they’re soulmates, but it’s like they connect on a soul level.” (x)

LP: I just read a scene with the two of them that’s really lovely. They have a lovely interaction with each other and they just trust each other. They are on each other’s side in a great way. I’m waiting for the day that that’s all sacrificed because no alliance stays for very long on this show (laughs). (x)

Nevermind you’re right, she totally hates klamille


suzyq85 cutepinkspherefriend

I was actually feeling confident and semi-cute today so here’s the selfie(s) I promised you guys. Gilbert the Gnome says hi.

I was tagged by halesies thank you so much btw!

1. Spell your name with songs:

Alphabet Boy- Melanie Martinez

New Americana- Halsey

No Different- Tonight Alive

Alone Together- Fall Out Boy

2. Why did you choose your url: Lol ok so I actually created a list of all the urls I thought I would want and they were all taken. I used to dance and my teacher used the word “fab” a lot and idk it’s just an inside joke with me and my best friend so fab was the first thing that came to my mind so therefore fabhalsey was created

3. Middle Name: Marie 

4. If you were a fictional being what would you be?: Probably a wizard cuz I’m a slut for the Harry Potter series!

5. Favorite color: it was pink for as long as I can remember but it’s black now

6. Favorite song: ok this is always really hard to do but at the moment I think it’s Drive by Halsey which you can buy off her debut album Badlands available this Friday :) but I’m actually really vibing with some of Willow Smith’s music and also that remix that I reblogged of the lazy town cooking by the book song with lil jon in it lmao

7. Top four fandoms: Halsey, 5sos, all time low, and I’m going to say grey anatomy/skins and I know thats technically two but those are my favorite shows and I can’t decided and I’m equally invested in them

8. Why do you enjoy tumblr: I actually love this question! Tbh it’s like a multitude of things, but I think it comes down to the fact that this is a great outlet for creativity and discovery and you can interact with people with similar interests and I think that’s really cool!

9. Tag nine mutuals: chillldean mukezzz starshalsey eyelidshalsey frangipanivevo xoxohalsey seventeenxhalsey djhalsey purplehalsey 

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hey!!! i just wanted to tell you that i really love your fics. it always makes me so happy when i see one come up on my dash and i just wanted you to know that youre wonderful

Thank you! That honestly does mean a lot to me, anon. I didn’t start writing until I got this blog, because I thought I wasn’t good enough to pull it off. This past year has done a lot to restore my confidence, and that was really something I needed. Y’all are wonderful, and I love you :)))


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PS: write me something ridiculous about noisy traffic. Dean n Cas live in inner city apartments on the Noisiest Street Ever. Or one of them lives on the quiet side of the building and is always getting bothered by the other who just wants to sleep/study/watch TV in PEACE, DAMMIT

Hmmm. Yes. Good. I can do this. (and I put it on Ao3, too, because that is apparently how I roll)

I have no idea where this came from but, writer!Cas, holed up in his ground-floor apartment with a deadline looming. He’s got five days left to submit the revisions on his current novel. He’s lived there for years, and it’s always been quiet and peaceful in the small, four unit building. His office windows look out over a small garden with a duck pond, and an expansive forest beyond that. Aside from the occasional impromptu quacking session by the resident ducks, which tends to bring a smile to his face anyway, he’s never had a complaint about the noise levels.

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Bruh, I’m almost in tears. I love y’all, but y’all EXO fanfic writers be doin’ the MOST, tryna connect EXO stuff to y’alls stories.

Y’all be havin Black Pearl aquariums, Baekhyun sing to the kids in the nursery “Baby Don’t Cry”, the people who work at the deli saying “Enjoy the mayo”,  a 2 in 1 with someone having a Heart Attack saying “Someone call the doctor”, Xiumin’s always a stripper who’s saving up money to open a coffee shop, Lay is always getting lost on the way to the post office, Kyungsoo just got his culinary degree or is an actual penguin, Suho’s always dropping hundred dollar bills on the sidewalk, Jongdae is always doin’ somethin’, Luhan be playing soccer in the middle of an assassin au, Tao always wants to watch Kung-fu Panda when he gets home after a long day of shopping at Gucci, Sehun’s always in the restaurant au’s as the linguini dish, and if I see one more Wu corporations !!!! 


How I Made My Siegfried Kircheis Wig

Kircheis has VERY wavy hair, and it’s wavy with a small diameter. Bonus: extremely red hair. Exactly how red varies from scene to scene (cel animation!), but it’s very red. I hate dyeing wigs when red is involved; it ALWAYS comes off eventually, and the outfits this will be worn with have tops of either pale lemon or pure white. Not good! So it’s time to take a straight wig and make it REALLY WAVY.

I started with an Arda Magnum Long in Maroon (not my first pick of style, but the best that was offered in maroon. I love Arda Maroon for this). Pictured: Magnum Long NOT in Maroon. Then (pic 2) I took up my first set of implements: a half inch barrel curling iron from the 1980s and a buttload of hair clips in varying sizes. What followed was ten hours of pain in the ass.

Pictures 3 and 4 show the curling process. Using pieces no more than ½" by ½" (or 1x1cm for my friends outside the USA), I curled each section with the curling iron. Carefully not burning myself, I slid the hair off the iron making sure it stayed in place (yeah I actually burned myself a ton), and then used some of the smaller clips to hold it in place with the curl direction I wanted while I let the curl cool for 10 minutes. THIS. TAKES. AGES. I had the curls pointing away from the face except on the very top where I had them as barrel curls, for styling ease.

Picture 5 shows the final curling product: I said Little Orphan Annie, but some of my friends on Twitter said it came out more Napoleon Dynamite. Either way, it’s now time to take all these tiny ringlets and loosen them up into the intense waves with small diameter that I wanted. Enter a flatiron on the lowest possible heat setting. I didn’t want to actually straighten the wig; I just wanted the curl intensity to go down. In pic 6 you can really see how it started to layer and look really pretty!

Picture 7 shows the final product after loosening all those ringlets: it’s way too poofy in the front but the texture is exactly what I wanted. A ton of extra wig hair and five killed razor blades later, and my wig is done! I think I still might need to go a tiny bit shorter, but I love how this turned out.

Now to sew a really ugly lemon yellow sweater to go with it and prepare for nobody to recognize this ever!

I know most of you reading this from my own blog don’t care about Legend of Galactic Heroes, but this technique is one I think could easily be used on other wigs so I wanted to share!