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yo @ all my followers this is a reminder that crow and stevie are so fucking wonderful, i can’t believe i know them and that they exist at the same time as me and that they deign to acknowledge my presence, much less that i’m qps with one and dating the other. they’ve made my life so much better and i am truly blessed to have my precious diamond and my sweet starlight here with me i want them to always b happy and i cant wait to go on a huge fucking roadtrip with them and watch the stars and have pet reptiles and hoLD THEIR HANDS and smooch stevie and pap crow and goSH im a very gay seren pl s

some things i noticed during hamilton
  • king george does the turn off your cellphones announcement right before it starts and he says “enjoy MY show” lmfao
  • i was already tearing up during alexander hamilton rip
  • in the beginning laurens and hercules are v loud and usually drunk there are multiple instances of it in aaron burr, sir, the story of tonight, satisfied, and the story of tonight reprise and they always made the audience laugh
  • in my shot laurens turns to hamilton and says “you and i do or die” more privately and quietly to him alone and then turns back and continues  
  • peggy is actually reluctant in the schuyler sisters and tries to stop angelica before being quite literally dragged across the stage when she sings “and peggy”
  • when everyone exits in the story of tonight hamilton and laurens leave with their arms around each other :’)
  • in farmer refuted the squad is standing off to the side listening to samuel seabury and hercules and lafayette nudge and push hamilton forward while giggling to themselves until he finally challenges seabury
  • during you’ll be back king george jerks his shoulders up and down in time with his da da da das he looked absolutely ridiculous it was so funny
  • in helpless after hamilton gets eliza’s father’s blessing he looks to eliza and does this ridiculous little celebratory dance but then mr schuyler looks back over at him and he makes a show of composing himself
  • also in helpless washington was the one who helped hamilton get ready for the wedding and he fixed up his coat it was such a nice moment :’)
  • yo satisfied literally changed my fucking life ok bc obv renee is SO TALENTED WOW and bc the choreography was so cool man they did actually rewind everything somehow so it was the scene at the beginning of helpless im not entirely sure how they pulled it off tbh
  • in the story of tonight reprise the squad sways/thrusts their hips crudely while they tease hamilton for getting married it’s so fucking funny
  • wait for it is life changing. that is all
  • history has its eyes on you blew me away i love chris so much
  • yorktown is INSANE so many things are happening at once and the lights go crazy and the ensemble dance breakdown is just incredible
  • at the end of what comes next king george held out his hands expectantly then huffed and stomped off stage when no one started clapping immediately honestly all of his appearances were 10/10
  • oh my god dear theodosia was too much for me because it’s just burr and hamilton alone on stage singing tenderly to their newborn children
  • eliza walks in and delivers the news about laurens’ death (it’s not in the soundtrack) and hamilton’s demeanor changes immediately and after about a minute of grim silence he says “i have so much work to do” and exits and during this entire thing laurens stands off to the side surrounded by blue light and quietly and sadly sings the beginning lines of the story of tonight i damn near started bawling y’all
  • in non stop burr and hamilton are at a trial and burr gets v exasperated as hamilton delivers the long winded opening statement and after burr says “that’s all you had to say” hamilton looks like he’s going to stop but then in a typical hamilton fashion he darts back to keep talking when he says “one more thing–”
  • i especially loved nonstop bc the blending of the different character harmonies being sung all at once is phenomenal and outstanding i was completely blown away
  • in what’d i miss jefferson was encouraging the crowd’s applause and cheers and cupped his hand by his ear and leaned forward to hype the crowd up and it made everyone go even crazier it was so great
  • after jefferson finishes his argument in cabinet battle #1 he drops the mic and madison’s hand is waiting underneath to catch it lmaooooo
  • eliza beatboxes during philip’s rap/poem in take a break and philip’s voice breaks really badly so it ended up sounding like “you can write rhymes but you can’t write MINE” and that’s why hamilton says “WHAT”
  • also hamilton declines the invitation to the schuyler vacation and angelica starts after him to talk some sense into him but eliza stops her and shakes her head and they leave arm in arm they don’t even KNOW
  • maria wore a red dress with red lipstick in say no to this and i got chills bc jasmine is so talented and i am very gay that’s all i have to say
  • ok i lied towards the end of say no to this maria to sits on hamilton’s lap and places one of his hands on her stomach and the other on her chest i was vvv side eye emoji
  • i also got chills during room where it happens and one last time and literally every song ngl i’m trash
  • jefferson literally sniffs hamilton and makes a disgusted face when he says hamilton “smells like new money” in cabinet battle #2
  • king george comes back in i know him as the others are exiting and he flinches away in disgust if any of them got close to him it’s hysterical and then he jumps around as he excitedly anticipates being able to see adams crash and burn as president
  • KING GEORGE ALSO GOT BURR TO BREAK CHARACTER!!! burr laughed as he sang the beginning of the adams administration because george was making exaggerated gestures from where he set up a stool on the end of the stage to watch adams’ disastrous presidency i feel so #blessed
  • oh my god and then when hamilton calls john adams a “FAT MOTHERF–” in his iconic drag he drops a stack of books off the balcony so the thud censors the rest of it as the red strobe lights flashed it’s so extra i love it
  • in we know jefferson’s “whaaaaat” is pure giddiness and he rushes over to snatch james reynolds’ letter out of burr’s hands to read for himself he’s such an asshole
  • hurricane is AWESOME ok it’s one of my faves the lights were dimmed and hamilton is alone on stage singing and then maria gives hamilton the quill i was like bro…… that’s some poetic shit………
  • lord the reynolds pamphlet was crazy everyone was moving around and making it rain and then king george came down the stairs and smugly pranced across the stage while hamilton is trying to plead with everyone that at least he was honest about the money
  • burn was so fucking sad and it didn’t help that eliza was on her knees for half of it just lay me to rest y’all
  • JESUS and then after philip’s death in stay alive reprise eliza wails mournfully as she sobs over his body it’s the saddest thing i’ve ever heard i felt like i was hit by a train
  • sjdfnskfnksfj nothing will ever prepare you for seeing it’s quiet uptown live it’s a beautifully sad number bc hamilton and eliza are standing center stage while people move in slow motion in dim blue light around them but eliza stares straight ahead while hamilton begs for forgiveness until she finally reaches for his arm and rests her head on his shoulder and says “it’s quiet uptown”
  • burr actually runs around grinning as he eavesdrops on all the peoples’ views of him and he even fist pumps a bit in the election of 1800
  • your obedient servant was so funny bc there was only one desk and burr wrote one letter to hamilton and after a dancer delivered it burr and hamilton switched places at the desk and hamilton handed off letter after letter to be delivered to burr and burr just looked so done
  • god the choreography in the world was wide enough was a++++ because burr fires the gun and a dancer shows the motion of the bullet by acting as if she was holding it and moved it closer to hamilton and then everything slows down as hamilton has his moment of reflection and he actually runs away when he notices how close the bullet is getting at one point but then he finally decides to accept his fate and doesn’t move as the bullet comes rushing towards him when time resumes normal speed
  • towards the end of who lives, who dies, who tells your story eliza and alexander face each other and hold hands but then hamilton steps back and eliza turns to the audience and at the veeeeery last moment she holds her hands out and gasps and smiles as if she sees him on the ~other side~ after decades of being apart and she’s ready to go be with him forever and then the lights cut to black and it ends i stood up immediately and clapped with goddamn tears in my eyes
  • TL;DR there are a lot of little quirks in hamilton that make it a wonderful live experience and basically however you imagine the show it’s 100000x better trust me
Eye Candy

OC x Jungkook (waiter!au)
Length: 2k of just.pure. fluff. 
insp: “you’re co-workers and he’s this idiot that gets all the girls swooning over him that you get grumpy in discrete thinking he doesn’t know but he actually does and he finds it so cute so one night when the both of you are closing down, you’re a bit cranky at him and he starts to fess up like ‘look i know you’re jealous at all those other girls but know they mean nothing because i only like you and holy fuck no did i just say that’ and ensue awkward confession and date asking.” - @an-exotic-writer
(1/3 of waiter/waitress!au that has kicked me out of the house) 

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Leaning over the damp table with towel in hand, you’re no doubt unattractively bent over the surface as you clean it of any left over food when the familiar ding of the door notifies you of a new customer. Picking up the dirty plates in your hand and balancing the last one on the center of your forearm, you straighten and turn to greet the customer when the usual screech of,

“Kookie!” nearly makes you drop the aforementioned pieces of porcelain. Luckily the plates are safe, the only damage done was to the smile you painstakingly plastered on.

Not bothering to meet her gaze—she doesn’t want you to serve her anyways— you shuffle through the white double doors towards the back. Rushing inside the kitchen with a huff, you dump the plates into the dirty bins with a crash and hunt down the boy who is the root cause of your daily suffering.

“Yah, Jungkook.” you grumble towards the figure bent over the ice machine, “your daily is here and I’m not about to piss her off so you go greet her.”

He straightens with a smirk, bringing the bucket of ice with him and easily filling the soda machine as you watch his muscles flex under this black dress shirt. You throw his apron towards him and waits as he plucks it out of the air and ties it wordlessly around his waist as he makes his way out of the swinging double doors with a wink.

“Anything for you, sweetheart.”

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If I took OT5′s social media & press at face value, I would conclude that:

Niall is the happy-go-lucky company man & Modest! employee of the month, every single month;

Harry is the super straight, former boyband member distancing himself from all his former bandmates out of spite;

Louis is the super straight, Simon Cowell wannabe & baby daddy caught between two typical females who are both using him for fame & money;

Zayn is both an emotionally unstable fashion model who sometimes still sings AND a douchey, unemotional, super straight R&B singer who does nothing but get high, fuck his supermodel gf and has a tenuous grasp of race relations despite being a POC;

Liam is a super straight, former singer-songwriter who has abandoned all ambition to become the future house-husband and official purse-holder to a subpar singer & former girl-band member.

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Here’s a compilation of pictures of me since this is the only high quality content I can offer.  

( ๑ ❛ ڡ ❛ ๑ )

Is there any purpose in this post you ask?

No, no there isn’t.

Have a nice day, though! <3

WHat is this Tag called?? The Bias Photo Tag ? I’ll just go with that
So @oohsenun tagged me she’s so pretty I’m dead. Thanks for tagging me ♡♡

I can’t make good selfies so here you hav a pic of me when I had my pink hair done and a ugly mirror selfie w/o face,,,,, I’m sorry.
I triED HARD to make this look aesthetic n stuff but I failed so sbwjdbsjka shhhh

So I tag:

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because it’s not the fall that kills you. it’s not the fall, it’s never the fall. it’s the LANDING.


I made another thing…

Once again, the music track is from Mendelssohn’s Lieder Ohne Worte: Op 85 No. 40, titled “Elegy.” I’ve mentioned the significance of this series of compositions in ACD’s Sherlock Holmes stories here.

This is (of course) about Sherlock and John - their regrets for the past, the what-could-have-been; and their shared desire for the future, which is yet to be written but already foretold: they will always be back at 221 B, where they belong ever since the beginning, with each other.

The vid is for you, @abitverygood , thank you for your friendship, and being the first to encourage me when I made my debut vid. I hope you will enjoy this one equally :D

And to those of you that create - fic and meta writers, artists, gif-makers - thank you. It brings me great joy to see your posts on my dash. 2016 has been difficult and filled with too many sorrows, but your creativity and kindness saved my sanity more than you know. Hopefully, this vid can provide a moment of respite and quietness for you as well. Tagging below the cut.

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one time when leah and i were first dating, there were a bunch of food trucks on campus. it was dark though, so when she was walking by them, she just saw all these lines of people standing silently (waiting for food)

and she texted me like “there’s some kind of silent protest going on right now! it’s really cool to see that kind of activism on campus. everyone’s always so apathetic.” then a couple minutes later she smelled the food and was like “… i fucked up.”

and anyway that’s when i knew i loved her.

here i am trying to get more sleep and then im smacked with the thought

aelin never ever gave dorian a chance because she was always afraid of something. afraid that he saw right through her. afraid of the king and dorian’s position as crown prince. afraid of loving someone for fear of losing them like sam.

this is fine :) :) :) :) :) im fine :) :) :) :) :)

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Ughhhhh I've got my senior photos soon and i'm NOT exited about them. Somebody call the boys of BB bevause they make me smile like no other human beings on the planet and if they could just be there and mess around and be the giant dorks that they are that'd be amazing!

Oh no!!! Well, the next best thing I can do is include some amusing BB photos for you to look at/think back on, maybe that will help.

Me thinking about BB existing: 

Ben: “The old people on that cruise, they’re all dead now.” Keith: “((yikes))”

The Sex Face Meme™ :

This work of art:

Tfw your thirst for bae is quenched (am I talking about Hi-C or Keith, we just don’t know) (yes we do) :

And if you need them being ridiculous in video form, check out one of my favorite concert moments ever (or click here if you can’t see the video below) :


Beauty By Janay

thanks to @dylanamare for coming and being styled by me. Always happy to have a new customer <33 Gad you like the new look. Come back anytime boo :*