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Owari no Seraph Chapter 54 TRANSLATED (1 / 4)

Translations by: @panadabro and @cherrysakura8 (They helped with the Japanese text at the beginning! Thank you!)

Editing by: @lestkarrkingofeurope (Hi I’m suffering who are you?)


the types as things in the history of japan video

ESTP - the great depression is bad and japans economy is now crappy, but the military is doing just fine

INFJ -  o p e n t h e c o u n t r y s t o p h a v i n g i t b e c l o s e d

ENTP - and japan said  🎶how bout i do anyway 🎶

ISFJ - the new prince wants everyone to try this hot new religon from baekje

ESTJ - the samurai became organized and powerful, more powerful than the government so they made their own military government

INFP - the shogun didn’t actually care he was off somewhere doing poetry

ENTJ - and also better than everybody else, they get rich and the economy goes wild

ISFP -  🎶now there’s more art 🎶

ESFP - all that stuff belongs to germany which just had war declared on by britain because britain was friends with belgium which is being trepassed by germany in order to get to france to kick frances ass because france is friends with russia who was getting ready to kick austria’s ass because austria was getting ready to kick serbias ass because someone from serbia shot the leader of austrias ass, er well actually shot him in the head

INTJ - yeah right it’s not gonna be this kid, its gonna be one of us, cuz we’re grownups

ENFP -  a rich hipster named kukai is bored with modern buddhism

ISTJ - who’s going to be the next shogun?

ESFJ - now the entire country is not at war wit itself

INTP - and japan says can you maybe chill? and russia says how about maybe you chill?

ENFJ - knock knock get the door its religon

ISTP -  🎶hire a samurai 🎶

Masuda Toshiki’s cute confession from Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Love from Kinugawa  (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Masuda Toshiki: Ah~ Where did Shirai-san go?

Masuda Toshiki: Huh? What? (My) hand? I don’t want to, because it’s embarrassing. 

Masuda Toshiki: Why? We could get separated? It’s fine, because if you lost, I will find you.

Masuda Toshiki: Well, I love you after all, so I will definitely find you, right?

Masuda Toshiki: I get it. Come on, let’s go!

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Send 📱 for five texts my muse didn’t send yours, and one that they did.

[ Text: Jessica ] I’m, uh, actually REALLY glad you broke up with Brad, y’know?
[ Text: Jessica ] Not for selfish reasons, like this REALLY big crush I have on you, I just…
[ Text: Jessica ] He was crappy… is what I’m trying to say.
[ Text: Jessica ] You deserve someone topnotch, a real QUALITY guy.
[ Text: Jessica ] You deserve everything, the WORLD, is.. yeah.  I’ll just… delete all these…. and act like they never happened.

[ Text: Jessica ] Hey!!  My family’s out for the day and I have this REALLY cool video game I’ve been dying to play!  Wanna be player #2… OR we could play rocks, paper, scissors for player #1!!  :D


(This is for the co owner application.)

“‘Sup guys, it’s (Y/YT/N)!” You announced, holding the camera in front of your face before Calum - or Calfreezy - intercepts the view of your face by popping up in front of the lens.
“Hello!” Calum says, waving before he moves from the view and goes to make himself breakfast.
“Sorry you had to see that.” You say, glancing at Calum.
“Excuse me, (Y/N). I think we both know I’m the better one here.” He says before he walks off into his room, bowl of Lucky Charms in hand. You roll your eyes and walk towards the fridge, opening it and being careful to keep the camera trained on you.
“I’m currently in beautiful and sunny L.A, with my good friends; Joe Sugg, Joe Weller, Calfreezy, Will Darbyshire, and Oli White.” You turn the camera round to face the living room. “Say ‘Hi!’ Guys!” I shout and get a chorus of Hi!’s from the people mentioned. You turn the camera back round.
“The boys are all trying to upload a video using the crappy wifi, so after I believe we’re going to go Beverly Hills.” You finish up in the fridge afte grabbing the milk and walk up to Joe’s room where everyone’s congregated singing ‘Beverly Hills, That’s were I want to be.’.
“(Y/N)!” Joe cheered and you laughed.
“Morning, Sugg!” You said and he grinned at you. You gave him your camera and plucked the fedora off of Calfreezy’s head, placing it on your own. You made a silly face before taking it off your head and placing it on Joe’s, leaving your (H/C) hair a touch frizzy from the static.
“Wear it, I dare you.” You said, sticking your rouge out at him.
“Deal.” He says and then he places it back on your head.

Later on, while you and the 5 other YouTubers were walking across the street vlogging.
“It’s gotten really awkward.” You said, making sure Joe was in frame. “Someone just shouted ‘Are you Ashton Irwin to Joe’ and he didn’t reply.” You said and Joe explained to your viewers what happened before moving on to film his own segment on the ‘Aston Irwin’ thing.
“You know what it is?” Will said, you looked at him.
“The fedora.” You both said before high-fiving.

“The girls asked agin if Joe was Ashton Irwin,” you explained, nearing giggling your socks off. “And he was gonna say yes, but he said no in an Australian accent. So they just kinda looked at him, all confused.” You said as Joe said something along the same lines to his viewers.
“Your weird, Joseph.” You giggled as he tucked away his camera.
“I did muck up a little didn’t I?” He asked and you smiled at him.
“A little.” You said and then you turned to face him. “But if it makes it any better, you definitely sing better than him.” You said cheerily and Joe chuckled.
“What about kissing?” He asked and you stared at him.
“Wha-?” Before you could finish your sentence Joe pressed his lips to yours. The first thing you thought was how glad you were the guys went back to the house early, the second thing you thought was how it seemed every nerve exploded like fireworks.
“Well?” He asked, after he pulled away from the kiss. “Better than Ashton Irwin?”
“Definitely.” You replied breathlessly, before you went in for another kiss.

is anyone interested in getting a free 1-card tarot reading from me rn?  i need something to do so i might as well practice with my deck & help y’all out while i do it.  feel free to send a question & i’ll do my best to divine some advice for you.

i’m not going to post pictures of the cards i pull mainly because the cameras on my phone & laptop are pretty crappy.  if you’d like to see what they look like anyway, this video shows each of the cards one by one (it’s a little long but it goes pretty much in order so you should be able to skip around to find the right card).

i’d appreciate if you were at least following me, just so that we have at least that tiny bit of a connection to each other to make things easier.

For the Altar

A/N- sorry this is kinda crappy and short, I was trying to fit it in before bed..and I’m also sorry that there wasn’t really a q&a video like requested, I hope this is still okay though! Please send me requests!

Genre- fluff

Dan’s POV-

“Hello Internet!” I started my video as normal, but my whole body was tingling with nervousness. “So, a few of my friends… meaning Phil… got me to make this a video… let’s hope it goes well because today, I’ll be proposing to my girlfriend, Y/N! You all have met her and seem to like her, so I’m sure that’s a good sign! Right now, she is on her way over here. I told her that I had a surprise for her, but I don’t think she expects this…” I picked up the camera and showed it to the whole room. I decorated it with rose petals all over the floor and white duvet. No lights were on, but I had many candles lit around the room. 

“So,” I put the camera in it’s hiding place, where I could film it, but she wouldn’t see it. “You will be staying here, I’m going to get in my tux.” Of course I’ll edit this time out later, but not tonight. After getting into my tuxedo, I pulled the ring out of the pocket, and knelt down at the ready when I heard her come in. 

“Dan!” she called. “Where are you?”

“Bedroom!” I called. This was it, this was happening.To late to turn back now.

The door creaked open, and I saw my beautiful girl standing there, mouth hanging open. “D…Dan..” she whispered looking around the room, then standing in front of me. 

“Y/N,” I began. “As you can see, I put a lot of work into this, which was weird for me,” she laughed, and I continued. “But completely worth it. I can’t say too much about the incredible amount of joy you have brought me, that’s for the altar. That is, if you’ll marry me?” 

She began crying, and so did I. “Of course,” she squeaked out, and I slid the ring onto her finger. I stood up and pulled her in by the waist, kissing her deeply. “I love you Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

“I love you Daniel James Howell.”

Kyle David Hall Imagine

Fandom: escapers

Paring: Kyle David Hall x Reader

requested: Yes

A/N: it may have been a bit confussing so THESE letters( i dont know what theyre called) are what kyle says.


“Hey Guys, today me and my beautiful girlfriend (y/n) are gonna do the girlfriend/boyfriend tag. so i hope you all enjoy!” Kyle said happily into the camera.

i took a moment to look at him, really look at him.

i watched his beautiful eyes sparkle as he was talking, how his hair looked when he had his white beanie on then those lips, the lips i loved to feel on mine. the lips i would love to see in that perfect smile of his.

“(y/n) ,(Y/N), Princess are you listening??”

“ohh, eehhh….. what were you saying babe?”

“i was asking where we met, what were you thinking about anyway?” he asked me as his lips curved in a perfect smile once again.”

i blushed, said nothing and looked at the ground.

“well, first question: where did we meet?”

i smiled at the memory and answered:” we met at hottopic.

i really wanted a As It Is t-shirt but i came a couple dollars short and he was behind me in line. he offered to pay the rest, after that we talked for a bit and i gave him my number. and the rest is history.”

“my turn” I said while i grabbed Kyle’s phone to read the next question.

“okay, Kyle when did you meet my parents?”

Kyle jolted up and answered right away: “ i met her parents about a month ago. i went to her house for a sleepover and we had dinner together”

‘he was so nervous, i should have filmed it”

“yeah… third question: do we have any traditions?”

“yes we do! we have a lot actually, but every weekend Kyle and I will go pennyboarding to some random place and listen to music. sometimes it will get very late and when it’s a clear night we will go stargazing.

next question wich we probably should have done first: how long are we dating?”

“we are dating 5 months and 2 weeks”

“what do i do when i am upset?

“you’ll just get out, you grab your pennyboard and just leave to clear your mind for a bit”

“last question KyeForce. what is our favourite thing to do together?”

our favourite thing to do together is probably(?) just having a lazy day.

i love it when we grab all the food in the house, take it to my or her room and watch movies together. but i also really love our midnight talks.

we will just lay on the floor or the roof and just talk about the things we had done that day, or new things that we found or we wonder what the future is like, will there be flying cars, robots and what would we be doing

i blushed as he was saying all those things. the things that make him happy, or the things that he loves.

“well guys that was the video, i hope you enjoyed and we see you in the next one”

i slowly leaned in to seal this video with the perfect boyfriend. kyle saw what i wals doing and he started to lean in too.

when our lips touched i felt sparks all over my body.

again too soon Kyle backed out and shut the camera of.

“I love you (y/n)”

i love you more, Kyle”



so this was my first kyle imagine.

i really feel that there are way to many imagines for youtubers like him

stay happy not crappy and be rad not sad

I Love You

-X Lika

What do you mean ? |IMAGINE|

Prompt ; it’s based on JUSTIN’s NEW MUSIC VIDEO but teen wolf style !

Pairing : Reader X Theo


“ Just promise you won’t hurt her ” Theo spoke through gritted teeth at the three dread doctors in front of him . Yes , he had teamed up with the doctors so that he would obtain his own pack , but he hadn’t agreed to all the deaths , it’s not what he wanted .

“I got Scott off your back , I got Stiles to start trusting me more . You leave his sister out of this. Promise you won’t hurt (Y/N) ” he pleaded desperately

“We make no promises” Their staticky voice replied , no emotions . Their boots clanked against the floor and Theo clenched his fists turning and walking out of their lair .


Theo knocked on the white painted door , loud enough for (Y/N) to hear over the rain which was pouring outside.

Getting up from her spot on the couch she peeped out the small window and then unlocked the door once she saw who it was “Theo..” She sighed pulling him in the house and shutting the door behind him, grabbing her blanket from on the couch and resting it over his shoulders “Why’d you come in the pouring rain , your soaked !” She brushed his hair out of his eyes whilst he remained silent , taking in her small frame in front of him .

There was no way he’d let them hurt her . “Theo ..” She repeated but he remained silent , grabbing her gently by her waist and pulling her face close to his , slowly and sweetly attaching his lips to hers. Her lips were soft , plump .

• what do you mean? When you don’t want me to move , but you tell me to go •

Theo felt her lips leave his and heard her heartbeat spike “Stiles might be home soon” she sighed looking at his lips , no where else “You should leave before he sees you here ”

He didn’t move , he didn’t need to because within a few seconds she had grabbed the front of his shirt and joined her lips to his again . But it wasn’t soft and sweet anymore , she needed him.

He pinned her against the wall and kissed down her neck but she pushed him away from her , a playful glint in her eyes as she smirked at him. She removed her tee , dropping it to the floor as she walked closer to him , sitting him down on the couch where she moved to straddle his hips , kissing him again as he turned and laid her back against the couch .

Simultaneously he pulled off his white shirt where it joined his black leather jacket whilst she unbuttoned her shorts and he helped pull them off tossing it with the other articles of clothing which had been abandoned.

They stared at each other a few seconds , both admiring each others bodies . Theo wondered how he’d managed to obtain such a beautiful girl to keep him sane . She declined yet craved him .

He kissed down her stomach as he laid between her legs , one wrapped around his torso . She moaned at his touch running her fingers through his slightly damp hair .

•said we’re running out of time . What do you mean?•

“Theo he’ll be home shortly .. He’ll flip out if he see’s you here .” She groaned standing up , pulling on her shorts and pacing in front of him . He stayed put on the couch as he watched her walk up and down before she came to a stop sitting on the couch beside him.

•your so indecisive of what I’m saying . Trying to catch the beat , make up your heart . •

“ I shouldn’t be doing this . I’m going behind his back .. He’s going to hate me if he finds out . ”

• don’t know if your happy or complaining •

“ But I love you . Stiles hatred towards me has nothing to do with us . I’ve been in love with you since fourth grade (Y/N) ! You can’t let Stiles crazy assumptions that I’m not the same guy I used to be tie up your head ”

•Wanna argue all day, making love all night •

“Your right. I love you .” She muttered looking up at him shyly “My brother can’t get in the way of that.”

Theo smiled and kissed her roughly but passionately , his tongue running over her bottom lip for an entrance .

The door behind them slammed open with a gush of wind making the two jump out of surprise “ We make no promises” he heard the staticky voice say again making him stand up and shield her with his body. He phased , going after the two doctors kicking and clawing but they knocked him out cold , grabbing his unconscious body .

The third doctor appeared behind ( Y/N) , injecting her before taking her as well , leaving the Stilinski household.


Theo woke to (Y/N) groaning in pain next to him clutching her side “No” he muttered raising her shirt slightly seeing the black liquid “They made you a chimera .. ”

“It hurts ” she gasped and he placed his hand over the wound , taking away her pain . Getting her up to her feet he saw that they were in the basement .

The lights above starting blinking rapidly and he knew they were close “do you trust me ?!” She looked up at the blinking lights and then back at him . Nodding her head quickly he let her hand go and walked up to the electricity gate and with all his strength , enduring the bolts of electricity opened it up “C'mon!” He yelled holding his hand out to her .

They quickly found their way out bumping in to Scott , Stiles , Malia and Liam “ (Y/N) ! ” Stiles yelled pulling her into his chest “I came home and saw the door wide open ! I - I didn’t know if i’d see you again or not . ”

“ I’m okay Stiles . I’m okay” she assured him “Thanks to Theo ..” Smiling she turned to him and hugged him “ I love you . ”


Whoooo was that a too crappy ending? Thoughts?!? PLEASE let me know! I worked really hard on this after seeing Justin’s new music video! Next up a Liam X reader based on Taylor’s wildest dreams video ?

The Pact

Summary: y/n and Michael made a pact to be each other’s first time if they hadn’t done by the time they graduate high school

Warnings: smut

A/n: so i haven’t written a smut in a while sorry if this is crappy also I didn’t proof read be I’m lazy af so forgive the typos :-)

You sat crossed on the floor of your best friend Michael’s bed room. You watched in amusement as Michael got way too into his video game. You tried to follow along with what was going on on the screen, but truthfully it just look like chaos to you.

A wave of sadness suddenly hit you as you realized there wouldn’t be many times like this with Michael for much longer. Just a few days ago, the two of you had graduated high school and in the fall you would be going your separate ways for college. Michael has been your best friend since 6th grade and you couldn’t imagine spending so much time away from him.

“Crap,” Michael grumbled as something went terribly wrong on the screen. You let out laugh at his frustration, prompting a dirty look thrown in your direction. It didn’t last long, as he was quickly returned his attention to the screen. His brow furrowed and he chewed his lip as he tried to focus. You always thought he looked really good when he did that.

  Suddenly, your mind flashed back to a time in 9th grade when you and Michael had made a pact. The “pact” was that if the two of you didn’t have sex before you graduated high school you would be each other’s first time. It seemed silly now, but back then you were thinking you’d want to have some experience before entering college. You had thought much about the pact since you made, just in passing here and there.

Truthfully, sometimes you thought it would be a little weird. Sure you thought Michael was attractive, but you tried to ignore those thoughts because you loved your friendship with him and if you let yourself feel that way it could totally fuck things up. But on the other hand, you liked the idea of having your first time with someone you truly cared about and trusted and the at was definitely Michael.

“Y/n why are you blushing?” Michael asked, raising an eyebrow. You hadn’t even realized he’d been looking at you, or that you were blushing.

  “I- um I was just thinking about something.” Real smooth, you thought, hating how bad you were on the spot.

“About?” His eyes were back on the screen but you still felt nerves like he was staring right at you. You weren’t sure if you should say something, and risk looking like an idiot for remembering this silly thing from so long ago. What if he had already done it? you thought he would have told you, but you never know. And you would look ridiculous for still holding on the the delusion that this would happen.

However, you felt bad lying and you were also curious to see if he did remember. “Do you remember that pact we made in 9th grade?” You asked sheepishly.

 Michael’s hands fumbled and he dropped the remote control to the floor. Flustered, he quickly picked it up and paused the game. “You mean the one were we agreed to take each other’s virginity if someone else hadn’t done it by graduation?” He asked. You couldn’t tell by his expression if he was weirded out or not.

“Yeah that one,” you replied trying to keep your voice even. You felt you palms tingle with sweat as you waited to see how this would play out.

“You mean you haven’t done it yet?” Michael asked, astonished. You felt your breath catch in your throat. Oh shit, you thought, he’s done it and I haven’t and now I looked like an idiot. You shook your head, afraid your voice might reveal how embarrassed you were.

“Not even with that Steve guy you dated last year?” Michael asked, referring to a brief relationship you had been in.

“No,” you replied, “it just didn’t feel right.”

“Well shit,” Michael sighed, running his fingers through his hair, “I haven’t done it with anyone either.”

“Seriously?” You asked, sounding way to relieved.

“Yeah, I mean I’ve rounded a couple bases, but never gone all the way, ” he explained.

“Oh,” was all you could think to say.

“Do you… Do you want to still?” Michael asked carefully.

“I mean if you want,” you replied.

“Well a pacts a pact right?” Michael reasoned. You nodded in agreement. “So that means we gotta.”

“You’re right,” you confirmed.

“So then let’s do it,” Michael stated finally. Neither of you moved, however, you both just sat their taking in what had happened. You didn’t know if you should make a move or wait for him to or what. It was strange, you almost never felt this awkward around Michael.

“I guess we should probably move to the bed,” Michael suggested. You nodded as the two of you walked to the bed, but sat on the very edge of it instead of laying down. Michael angled himself slightly towards you, prompting you to do the same. You both started to move in at the same time, but then jolted back thinking you were going to collide. You and Michael let out a little awkward laughter.

A silence fell over the room and Michaels eyes held yours. His green orbs flickered down to your lips. Then he lifted his hand slowly, cupping your face. He brushed his thumb across your cheek soft a few times before pulling you in. You were a bit shocked when your lips finally connected. His lips were soft and warm, meshing with yours perfectly. You had thought about what it would be like to kiss him before, but this was so much better than what you had imagined. You always thought it was cheesy when people said they felt fireworks when they kiss, but now you understood. It felt like every single nerve in your body came alive, buzzing with joy.

Michael’s caution quickly melted away as his lips moved more intensely against yours. You ran your fingers through his brightly colored hair as his tongue slipped into your mouth. He lowered you down on the bed so he was hovering over, all the while not disconnecting his lips from yours.

He kissed down your jaw to your neck. He ran his tongue across you delicate skin before sucking on you softly. Removed his lips for a second to pull of your shirt and toss it to the floor before continuing down your body. He kissed each of your collar bones and down your chest, pausing at the start of your bra.

“May I?” he asked, peeking up at you for permission to remove it. You nodded immediately and it quickly joined your shirt on the ever-growing pile of clothes on the floor. He went back to work kissing a sucking on your skin and you were sure you’d be covered in hickeys tomorrow. He ran his tongue across your nipple, causing goose bumps to rise on your skin. He traced circles over it, pulling quiet gasps from your mouth. 

You reached down, pulling on the hem of his shirt. He allowed you to take it off allowing you to run your hands across his soft skin. His hands found he button of your jeans, which he quickly undone. You pressed your lips to his neck as he began to rub you through your underwear. You moan as you sucked on the skin on his throat, leaving your mark.

You could feel Michael hardening against you as he slipped a finger into you. He pumped rhythmically, curling his finger ever so slightly as he did. You let your hands wander down to his length, rubbing him over his jeans. He connected his lips to yours again, this time more needy. You were starting to feel like you and Michael could be close to your climaxes when he stopped.

“I kinda wanted to you know… when we’re actually doing it,” Michael explained pulling down his pants. You helped yank off yours as well, followed by your underwear leaving you completely naked before him. You thought it would have been weird to naked in front of him, but you felt more comfortable than you could have imagined. Michael smiled down at your body, making your heart flutter.

He removed his black boxers, revealing his long, hard length. “Shit, that’s bigger than I thought,” you heard yourself say and immediately regretted it. Michael let out a chuckle.

“So you’ve thought about how big my dick was before?” He asked still laughing. Your cheeks burned brightly.

“No- I- I just meant-” you stumbled. Michael cut you off by placing his thumb over your lips.

“It’s okay y/n, no need to be embarrassed,” he smirked. His thumb hovered on your lip for a few seconds later before slowly pulling away, tugging on your bottom lip softly as he moved. He then reached over to the table beside his bed and pulled out a condom from this drawer. “Never thought I’d actually get to use this thing,” he joked as he rolled it on to his length.

He positioned himself over you, lining himself up at your entrance. “You sure about this?” Michael asked.

“Of course,” you confirmed. Michael smiled softly, then slowly pushed himself into you. “Shit,” you gasped, trying to adjust to his size.

“Are you okay? Am I hurting you?” he asked, watching you carefully.

“No, it’s just kind of feels tight,” you explained, easing his nerves.

“Yeah tell me about it,” He mumbled. He began to move, slowly so you could both adjust to the feeling. Eventually the pressure you felt started to fade away and it started to feel good. Really good.

“You can go faster,” you told him. He responded by rocking his hips quicker, pushing himself deeper inside you. You started to roll your hips to meet his strokes. He gripped your hips, holding you at a better angle. This new position allowed him to hit the sweet spot inside you.

You let out moan as every pump got you closer to the edge. Michael brought one hand to your clit, rubbing circles over it with his thumb. The new sensation was enough for you to hit your high.

“Shit Michael,” you moaned as your orgasm rushed through your body. It wasn’t long before Michael followed after you, groaning out a string of profanities as he came. Once the two of you had ridden out you highs, Michael pulled out of you and rolled over next to you.

For a while the room was only filled with the sound of you two panting, trying to catch your breath. Eventually you did and the room fell silent again. You mind was buzzing trying to wrap your head around what just happened.

“Well that was…” you trailed off trying to think of the right word to describe.

“Better than I ever thought,” Michael finished for you.

“So you’ve thought about doing it with me before?” you teased, happy he was the one blushing for once.

“Maybe,” Michael replied. You tried to think of something to say, but your head was still a little fuzzy. However, Michael spoke again instead, “Y/n, would it be crazy to say that I loved you.”

Your heart stopped, as you tried to process what he said. In that moment you let yourself feel what you had been trying to hide for so long. “No,” you replied, “because I love you too.” Michael smiled and kissed you again. The two of you got dressed, knowing Michael’s parents would be home soon. Michael went back to playing his video game, but you sat closer to him, planting small kisses on his cheek. It wasn’t much different than before, but now it felt special as the two of you had finally shared your feelings for each other. And most importantly, you silently thanked yourself for making that silly pact with your best friend so many years ago.

The Enemy’s Child *Part 4*


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Originally posted by obrienoder

“I don’t like this plan,” you stressed. As you stood in the parking lot of Beacon Hills High with the pack.

“It’s a genius plan it’s gonna work,” he argued, “It’s to late to back out of it Y/N.”

“Stiles is right Y/N,” Scott sighed, “We have to go with the plan. We don’t have time for another one.”

You looked at the school then back at Scott. Stiles plan was crazy.(Stiles Plan) Theo and his pack are waiting for us in the library. Stiles wanted me to go in first to try and stop him but, I don’t think Stiles understands Theo Raeken. Theo doesn’t care about anyone. He cares about power.

Theo Raeken has no Humanity whatsoever. He doesn’t care about you, his “parents”, or his pack. He will hurt anyone who tries to stop him. He’s Barely even Human.  So you don’t even know why you agreed to trying this.

“Y/N please,” Liam begged.

“If you’re in any trouble we’ll be listening the entire time. So we’ll come save you,” Scott assured. You sighed and looked at your car, in the backseat was your sleeping baby. 

“If anything happens to me please take care of Cody,” you sighed.

“We will,” Kira softly smiled at you. You thanked her then turned around and walked into the school.

The hallways of Beacon Hills High School was eerily quiet and dark. Although it is midnight, and know one else is in the school besides you and Theo’s Pack. 

You stood outside the doors of the library debating whether you should go in or not. You took a deep breath and swiped your card so the door unlocked. You opened the door, and walked in.

But there was no one there. You walked to the middle of the library, and looked around.

“Well, I’ll admit it i was not expecting you Y/N,” Theo’s voice rang out, as he stepped out of the shadows. You swallowed the lump in your throat and examined him. You had to admit it, he was still very good looking.

He chuckled and continued to approached you, “What’s wrong Y/N. Your heart is beating like crazy and I can smell your fear.”

Soon you and Theo were face to face, and all you could do was stare. Your body didn’t want to talk it wanted to run.

“It’s been awhile,” he began and started walking around you. He seemed to be observing you.

“Yeah,” you squeaked. 

“And I see that you’re not pregnant anymore,” he growled slightly.

“How can you tell?” you asked.

“You don’t smell pregnant,” he replied.

“Oh,” you mumbled.

“Where’s our child Y/N?” Theo asked, well it was more of a demand.

“He’s safe,” you replied.

“Safe?” he questioned.

“Yes safe,” You sassed, gaining some confidence.

“From what?” he growled.

“From you,” you replied coldly. Hurt flashed across Theo’s face, which confused you. 

“From me?” he whispered.

“Yes from you,” you breathed, “You’re dangerous Theo. You only want him for power, and you’ll hurt him.”

“Him?” he whispered, “W-We have a son?”

Theo’s face softened, which left you more confused then you already were. He must be acting. Theo doesn’t care.

“I have a son,” you replied.

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“Y/N don’t be like that,” he sighed.

“Why not. All you want is power Theo,” You raged, and poked his chest, “You don’t care about anyone but yourself!”

“That’s not true,” he yelled.

“Yes it is Theo. You’d kill anyone to bet the top of the food chain,” you argued.

“That’s not true,” he yelled again.

“Theo you don’t care about anyon-” he cut you off.

“I CARE ABOUT YOU!” He boomed. You were stunned by his words, and you stayed silent. “I lost my mind when you left,” he breathed, “I tried to track you but you’re clever, and covered your trail.”

He pulled you close, and looked you in the eye.

“I’ll admit yes I’m dangerous, and I lie a lot,” he spoke honestly,”But believe me when I say that I Love You Y/N. What do I have to do to be with you?”

It was something in his eyes that told you to trust him. To be honest you missed Theo, he maybe evil but he is one great cuddler.

“Okay Theo,” you began, “If you want to be with me and see your son, you have to do what I say.”

“Okay I can do that,” he replied.

“First you have to fix Lydia, whatever you did to her Fix it,” you demanded.

“Alright I can do that,” he nodded.

“Second, free Hayden and Corey from your pack, and turn Donovan into the police,” you scolded.

“Okay I can do that too,” he sighed.

“And Finally,” you began, “Leave Scott’s Pack alone. Try to be good for once in your life. Help us defeat the Dread Doctors.”

“Okay,” Theo agreed, “I’ll be good, and I’ll help you defeat the Dread doctors.”

“Good,” you smiled, “I think we can make this work now.”

He smiled and kissed you. You both pulled away, and you lead him out of the library, and to the parking lot. 

When you two got into the parking lot Scott’s pack was fighting Theo’s old pack, Stiles and Mason were protecting your baby.

“Chimeras!” Theo yelled. All of the Chimeras stopped and looked at Theo. “Stop fighting them.” he demanded.

“Why?” Donovan growled, glaring at Stiles.

“Because,” Theo growled back, “Have new priorities.” Theo walked up to Donovan and knocked him out. “Hayden, Corey, you guys are free of my control, you’re not in my pack anymore.” he announced. Everyone looked stunned, but you just smiled. 

Theo walked up to Scott, and patted his shoulder. “You’re the True Alpha here. I’m sorry I tried to take everything from you. And, because I’m trying to be good, I’m gonna help you defeat the Dread doctors.”

“W-Wow,” Scott breathed, “Thanks Theo.” Theo smiled, and apologized for everything he had done.

You walked over to Mason, and he handed you Cody who was wide awake. You walked up behind Theo and smiled.

“Theo I think someone would like to meet you,” you smiled, as Theo turned around. His eyes automatically went to the baby in your arms. You motioned for Theo to take the baby, and he did. 

For the first time in your life, you saw tears roll down Theo’s cheeks.

“He’s perfect,” he smiled, “What’s his name?”

“Cody,” you smiled.

“I love him already,” he smiled and kissed Cody’s forehead. “Hi Cody I’m your daddy,” Theo cooed. Cody smiled at Theo then chewed on his fist. It was then that you realized that You and Cody brought out the last shred of Humanity Theo had left. Maybe he is Human.

“I think he likes you,” you smiled. Theo wrapped his arm around you and kissed you on the forehead.

“I Love You Y/N,” he smiled.

“I Love You Too Theo,” you smiled back, “Now lets go home.”

“Lead the way,” he smirked. 

THE END. I know the ending was pretty crappy, but it is what it is. 

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One Last Time.2||N.Maloley||

Trigger Warning.

Flashbacks are in Italics


“I’m sorry ma’am,but you had a miscarriage.”

It has been a few days since she heard those words but she still doesn’t know how to feel about it.A part of her was relieved that she wouldn’t be raising someone who was created by something bad,but she also felt guilty that she doesn’t feel any sorrow that a small tiny human that wouldn’t make its way to the world.

She was sitting in the same old spot everyday,that window seat Emily has in her apartment.She would watch the busy city go,every people bumping to each other,every employee trying to beat the traffic and every couple walking hand in hand.

“Hey,Sammy’s here.” 

She hasn’t spoke to anyone besides Emily,being the only friend she has here in LA,they hit it off right after she became friends with Sam,she feels good to have someone that can understand her in some ways the boys can’t.

“Why is he here?”

“He wants to talk to you,about him.”

“Is he alright?”

“I don’t think so.” 

She knows everything that happens with Nate,everything that happens through his day,but he never got anything with Y/N,all he knows is that she is safe with Emily and that is all he wants.

“Nate doesn’t function anymore Y/N you need to fucking see him!”

“I don’t want to,okay? I fucking cheated on him,don’t you understand?”

“Would stop saying that! You never cheated! It wasn’t your fucking fault,explain it to him,he would not look at you like what you think of yourself.”

And now you’re standing at your own apartment,without any keys and hoping that Nate wouldn’t throw a coffee table at you.Sam made you go here and explain what really got down that night,it was crappy in the beginning and it ended worse than before.

“C’mon it was for the fucking video!” 

“Nate,I fucking saw the behind the scenes and you fucking let them rub themselves all over you!”

“We were just having fun!”

“Yeah,having fun while you’re freaking humping infront of everyone! It’s like you don’t have a girlfriend that you love anymore.”

“Well,may be I don’t”

Y/N then decided that she’d let him win this time.She understands that he doesn’t feel it anymore,and she should have seen it but she decided to look past it and try to fix it all on her own but now it’s clear that they wouldn’t work anymore.

She called Emily straight after,hoping they could get a drink and forget what he said but she declined given that she had plans.Y/N decided to go to the club alone and fill all her feelings with alcohol and hopefully forget what he told her.Nate on the other hand didn’t mean it,he knows that he shouldn’t have said it but he knows she’s right and he doesn’t want to lose your fight.

You were half way through your 6th drink when someone sat beside you and talked to you for what you thought hours,when he decided to buy you a drink.After that all you could remember was him dragging you to the club’s loft that is where it happened,you tried to scream  but you were too groggy and all you could feel was the pain.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” All he could do was whimper helplessly,she knows she would not do anything like that,and it was his fault if he just shut his mouth and talked it out instead of fighting.She should have not been this broken.They wouldn’t be this broken.

 “Because I felt dirty with myself.I got used and then I got pregnant.” 

“Did you ever see him again.” He hoped that she wasn’t hurt anymore because it was already too much.

“Not anymore.”

“Will you take care of the baby?” That was the question she was waiting for,she knows that he wouldn’t stick around anymore,she was just being delusional to have a happily ever after,after all of this mess happened.

“I lost it,I had a miscarriage a few days ago.”


Y/N drew in a sharp breath,she know that there’s a very slim chance for what she wants to happen but she wants to get over it as soon as possible.

“From the things that happen,will this be the one last time that we’re gonna be together?”

“What do you mean? I still fucking love you.”

“I though when I walked out we were done.” 

“I don’t think we ever broke up,baby girl.”



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