but wtv i guess


[FANART] Kim Namjoon

Gave myself about an hour and a half to do this and here it is~~
There are mistakes that I am aware of but I already reached my time limit so oop.

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You're even rbing jd and everything. I mean wtv, I guess I wasnt enough. –Eggsoo

this is fake ksoo is a capricorn he’d never show his emotions like this he’d bottle them up and then in ten years he’d bring up how i hurt him by reblogging that post over dinner and then immediately move on to ask if i liked the food he made that night

Americans think their health system is so much quicker and better than all “”“socialist”“” health care but that only applies to like… Canada bc with all the options we have we can easily get appointments in like a week or less and also any doctors i’ve had here were better than the ones i had in the usa but wtv i guess i’m just having fever dreams anytime i go to some doctor and some dude overseas knows better lol

“sTEVE! STEVE! HELP ME!!” yelled tony, panicking steve.

“WHAT IS IT? DO I NEED TO SUIT UP?” steve yelled back, running towards tony’s voice. and when he found tony-and bucky- he started laughing.

“this isn’t funny!” they both glared. bucky was on top of tony with BRAIDED hair, having him toppled over.

steve helped both of them up and plopped in between them on the couch. “alright, what happened?”

“IT WAS HIS FAULT” they both yelled at the same time.

“he started singing beyonce and said ‘call bucky with the good hair’,” bucky whined to steve.

meanwhile, tony burst out laughing again, wiping tears from the corner of his eyes. “tony.” steve chastised but glaring daggers at triumphant bucky.

“it’s a nice dutch braid though,” steve murmured to bucky. “it suits you.”

“sTEVE!” bucky screeched, clawing at his tangled hair.

“it’s okay, we all still love you.” tony teased.

for Fitz, the kiss itself was maveth, death by punishment - the only taste of her he’ll ever have, the end of something that never had a chance to begin, the knowing of exactly what might have been

for Jemma, however, the kiss was the sunrise - something bright and exciting that speaks of renewal, confirmation that light could once again breach the night’s clouds

he wilts as she smiles, the yin and yang of their relationship always balancing each other out