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miss stark [i]

miss stark: part ii

requested by anon: Hi! Could you write something in which the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter and is Peter Parker’s girlfirend but her father doesn’t approve the relationship between them, one night the reader has a bad discussion with Tony and runs away to Peter’s house, so he comforts her until she falls asleep in his arms??? Omg sorry if this was toooo long. Thanks, darling. 

pairing: peter parker x stark!reader
word count: 1.69k
warnings: small fluff, angst (bc what fic by moi doesn’t have a lil angst), prolly swearing?, suggested regret of adopting (i’m not sure if this is a warning, but jic)
summary: being a stark is stressful as it is. when your dad is arguably the most famous man on earth because of his superhero alter ego and company, it’s hard to lead a normal life without him being overprotective. but it’s even harder to fall in love.

a/n: hi! so, i’m making this two parts because i had way too many time-skip parts and that bothered me as heck! @ anon: i’m so sorry this is so late! like i said before, school has me stressed beyond compare and i wrote this instead of doing actual studying so !! anywho, I hope you all like!

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Being Tony Stark’s adopted daughter had it’s perks. 

For one, you always had tech so new, it practically didn’t exist yet. You’d basically grew up with The Avengers as your permanent baby sitters and you’d never admit it but your first proper crush had been Captain Steve Rogers himself.

But, while it had it’s perks, like all things, it had it’s flaws. 

For instance: Due to the fact you were still Tony Stark’s daughter, you had security personnel following you everywhere you went. You weren’t allowed to go to public school (top of the line private tutors for you!) and the name “Stark” attracted a lot of attention and you were never quite sure whether people approached you for you or, rather, for your Stark name.   

For that, Tony was perhaps the most overprotective dad ever. He did background checks on every single person you had ever try to befriend - which would’ve been a lot better if he hadn’t made it known that he did said background checks. God, you could still remember the day he had asked a girl named Kerry if she had been the one to start the fight that was on her permanent record from 5th grade. 

Him being so strict with friends, you hadn’t even allowed yourself to entertain the idea of having a boyfriend ever in your life. You could only imagine the nightmare it would be to introduce any possible boy friend material to him.

Tony, although once being one himself at one point, did not easily take a liking to many teenager boys. Or, maybe it was just because now he had a teenage girl. If anyone knew the ‘dangers’ of having a teenage girl and a teenage boy in the same room together, it was probably Tony Stark.  

You could only hope that this would someday change.

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When Will poked his head into the house, he was greeted by the sound of skittering paws and eager barks. “Well…so much for a sneaky entrance,” he muttered, though he was smiling as he bent over and scratched Winston behind the ears. He could hear Lacey calling to him from the living room, so after sweeping a gift box behind his back, he carefully weaved through his pack (but not without a bit of staggering) before coming into the room.

“No nap?” Will echoed. Looking down at Elijah, who was clearly wound up, he chuckled and bent over to press a kiss to the child’s head. The baby squirmed and began beating his toy against the bouncer seat, causing Will to point and say, “See? You treat my affection just like your mom.” With a grin, he came over and kissed Lacey’s cheek. “I see that you’re spit-up free, so that’s a nice change from the usual.”

Draping the gift box over her lap, Will smiled despite the confusion on her face. “What?” he asked. “Am I not allowed to buy my fiancee a gift?”

Lacey appeared skeptical, but as she unearthed the dress from the tissue paper, her expression softened into something he couldn’t quite ascertain. Tensing his hands at his sides, Will watched her with mounting concern. Did she not like it? Was it too much?

“I, uh…it’s a dress,” Will said, instantly feeling stupid for pointing out such an obvious fact. Cringing, he amended with, “When we did our first case together, we had to go undercover to a gala. And at the time, I really did think you were beautiful, but I wasn’t able to enjoy it – or rather, I wouldn’t allow myself to. So this time around, I figured I could make up for that.” He smiled again, expression almost sheepish as he lowered his eyes. “Do you like it? ‘Cause if I pulled the ‘typical man’ card and got something awful, we can always get you something new. I just…I thought maybe you might like to go out someplace nice? Ever since Elijah was born, you haven’t had any time for yourself, or any instance where you could dress up and feel good about yourself. I was hoping that maybe, uh…maybe we could do something together? Beverly’s already agreed to watch Elijah for the evening.”

The baby cooed and Will chuckled, now slipping his hands into his pockets. “See? Even Elijah wants to be apart from us for a bit.”


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