but wow why would you type that

*watching pacific rim* wow, this charlie day guy plays a cool maverick scientist really well! i can only guess he’s playing to type like burn gorman is, but i gotta check out some of his other stuff to see what he does in other roles

*watching it’s always sunny* ……why…..why did you cast him as a scientist…..what about the nightman made you choose this path, guillermo……what made you pick this trash man to be scientist man….

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Ouma-kun!! Teach me how to be a good liar!

Eh? why would Akamatsu-chan want to lie?

Unless……you have seen how boring this world truly is and want to have fun by deceiving others.

Then i’ll gladly help since you’ve been so nice to me lately~ Nishishi

However there are a lot of factors that can make up a good lie but here are 3 points that are a absolute must: confidencefacial expressions and quick thinking.

You need confidence - when you lie, you have to believe in it so much that it becomes the truth for others, the only person that should know about the lie is you, when people question you, you should never waver or change up your story as you are more likely going to make mistakes that’ll ruin your lie.

Facial expressions are important - people who lie tend to easily give it away by their face, when you lie stick to how you would normally act, take myself for example since I don’t have a permanent personality no matter how I tell a lie nobody tends to think otherwise, I lie with a smile, I lie with a frown, as long as I act like myself people tend to forget their own doubts.

Being a quick thinker - you need a good lie at any given moment you can’t plan a lie beforehand, you will have to make it up on the spot or as you go along, this can be tricky since you need to memorise your own lie and make it as believable as possible without making any slip ups, nishishi~ If your lie gets broken down then you’ll have to pick up the remaining pieces and continue, never go down without a fight~

Wow, I really did get carried away there nishishi~ still I hope that helps Akamatsu-chan, if there is any bits you need help with i’m sure I can assist you.

"Aunt Wu told Katara that she would marry a powerful bender, and Aang is the most powerful bender ever!! This is why Kataang makes sense!"

Well for one thing she said “a powerful bender” not “THE MOST POWERFUL bender” and you could argue that almost every bender shown in the show is insanely powerful.
But if you wanna go down “THE MOST powerful bender road” then alright. But I’d make a case that the most powerful bender in the show isn’t Aang. It’s not even Zuko. Besides Katara, I’d argue that the most powerful bender in the show is Azula.
From the age of eight, she was shown to be a fire bending prodigy, compared to Azulon himself. AT THE AGE OF EIGHT SHE WAS COMPARED TO THE FIRE LORD IN TERMS OF STRENGTH AND POWER. She was able to conjure blue flames, and summon lightning at will by the age of fourteen, maybe even younger. Can you imagine what she would’ve been like had she had a stable frame of mind and never had the breakdown she experienced???? Fire Lord Azula would have been the most terrifying and destructive Fire Lord in Avatar history, even over Sozin or Ozai.
We only see her lose three battles during the show.
The first, in ‘The Chase’ , could be argued that it isn’t even a loss; it’s a retreat after being cornered by FOUR benders, one being the Avatar. And even before her retreat, she still held her own for a long time before then.
The second, during 'The Drill’ was a loss, absolutely, but not because she was bested in a battle of bending. Aang got the upper hand by destroying the drill, but she still kicked his ass when it came to a one on one bending battle between the two.
The final one, and the only one where she actually lost in comparison to another’s bending, was of course during the Agni Kai in 'Sozin’s Comit Part ¾’. Beforehand, Iroh KNEW that none of them could take her alone. Zuko only fought her one on one because he believed she was unstable and unfit to properly fight, not because he thought he was stronger than her. And even then, it took both him AND Katara (Who above everyone else, I’d argue is THE MOST POWERFUL BENDER in the show. But you can’t marry yourself) to take her down.
So really… Aunt Wu’s prediction doesn’t prove shit. It’s a great support/defense for a crap ton of ships, sure. But it’s absolutely not an 'end all be all’ argument ending point for Kataang, or even Zutara for that matter.
Unless you’re arguing for Azutara, I don’t think Aunt Wu is as strong as an argument as you’d like to think.

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Zen teasing seven about his lil honey Buddha belly and seven feeling super embarrassed about his chub. Zen feels bad so he takes seven out to dinner and cannot help but stare and want to touch when seven stuffs himself?

‘It’s not your fault, Seven. Not everyone can have a drop-dead gorgeous body, after all! You have your own virtues.’

A long silence follows Zen’s words, and his brow furrows as he stares down at his phone screen. Why isn’t anyone replying? Even Seven, who would usually be quick with a snappy comeback, is silent.

Yoosung is the first to say something; all he sends is a bolded ‘wow.’

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Right so this is my first story, don’t be too harsh hehe.  I feel like it’s kind of lacking (i mean based off of my regular writing, not that you guys have seen any) and VERY cliche, but tell me what you think!


Jihoon growled at the scene before him.

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Okay, so about an hour ago I got a hilarious anon message that was all “Danny Phantom isn’t trans they wouldn’t do that in a kids’ show what the creator says goes :3″ because of this post I made.


How do you NOT read what I had typed? I wasn’t mad because a headcanon I support wasn’t made canon. Would I like it to be canon? Yes. But the reason why I was upset was because the creator was blocking fans of the show for bringing up the headcanon. That’s…not how you handle things. And I didn’t even say you had to agree with the headcanon or not!

Some people, I swear.

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Can you considerado the possibility that nat fell in love with BRuce because she admired his quality's? I mean Bruce is smart,handsome brave and kind etc... Of course nat knows many men like Bruce but she fell for him because he was her type?

Because you see Bruce was not just sort of nice he was on the one of the most selfless human beings ever when Natasha first met him he was helping little sick kids why is it so unrealistic that Natasha would find that worth of loving?

Okay, dude, I’ve talked about this. More than once. Is Bruce a good guy? Sure Bruce is a good guy. Steve is a good guy. Thor is good guy. Tony is a good guy. Clint is… wow, it’s almost like all of the Avengers are good, handsome, brave, smart, and worthy of affection.

But here’s the thing. I don’t care if Bruce is a good guy. I don’t even care if Bruce is the best guy. The idea that women fall in love with men because they’re ‘deserving’ or ‘worthy of love’ (as opposed to because of chemistry, personal compatibility, mutual trust, and emotional connection) is just tired, sexist bullshit. It’s gross to sit around talking about whether Bruce ‘deserves’ Natasha because female characters aren’t trophies to be awarded to male characters in exchange for characterization points.

Natasha’s unconvincing ‘you’re the best guy I know’ speech is so annoying to me because it doesn’t matter whether Bruce is the best guy she knows. What does matter is whether Bruce and Natasha are right for each other as people. Do they have a meaningful connection? Do they trust each other? Are they relaxed around each other? Is there some deeper understanding or warmth or a real basis for attraction between them? From where I’m standing, the answer is clearly ‘no’ across the board. You might read their interactions differently, and that’s totally fine. But please don’t come at me with ‘but Bruce is worthy’. Natasha is a human being, not fucking Mjolnir.

Someone: Wow, you’re vegan? I never would have guessed haha

Me: Yeah I know turns out I’m just really not into blatant animal abuse haha who would’ve guessed

so yesterday i was showing my godmom pics of jasper cause i was like “look at her she’s beautiful that’s like My Type™” and she was like ‘wow she’s so big. you’d really date a girl like that?’ and i was like hell yeah yeal yea heal yea look at her she’s so big and beautiful and strong

and she was like ‘oh, well, if you want to find a girl like that, you can just go to a lesbian bar’

and i was like ‘kira. why the hell would you think i of all people would ever frequent a lesbian bar. i, cal ‘absolutely no drugs or alcohol in my apartment ever’ ——–. i, cal ‘if there’s more than three people in a room the chances of a meltdown increase exponentially’ ———. in a bar.’

so i asked if there was any queer space i could go that wasn’t a bar

and she was like ‘you could go to a club’

like NAH

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GoM + Kagami reacting to their wife going into labor.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine goes into slight shock, and this is evident when the nurses ask him for your blood type and he replies with your bra size instead. You find yourself having to reassure him that everything would be okay, even though it should be the other way around. Aomine turns into absolute mush when the nurse delivers the baby into your arms though, and cries even harder than his newborn. 

Kise Ryouta: Kise is very excited and thinks ‘wow, this isn’t really that bad!’, watching over your adoringly when you’re all settled into your hospital room.  However, he underestimates the pain that you go through and is baffled as to why you’re making such strained expressions when your contractions get stronger. Kise tries to sneak a camera in to record everything, but both you and the nurses yell at him and confiscate his camera when he gets found out.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima is a little freaked out, having never really even considered what witnessing his own child being born would be like, but he forces himself to not look away whilst you go into labor. He offers you his hand to hold onto and doesn’t complain when you just about cut off his blood circulation from almost squeezing the life out of it. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara is a real champ of a husband. Not only does he get you to hospital abruptly after your water breaks, but he also maintains his cool, agrees with everything you say, sneaks you snacks even though the nurses warned him not to, and doesn’t leave your side until the nurses have to chase him out in order for you to get some rest.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko already has a bag packed full of snacks, spare clothes, toiletries, a camera, and therefore he’s able to get ready to drive you to the hospital within minutes of the first signs that you’re going into labour. He discusses with the nurses and finds out everything he possibly can about the ways he could support you through this potentially nerve-wracking experience. 

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi silently concludes that he must be the luckiest guy for having someone who’s willing to go through something as painful as labor to bring his child into the world. He’s glued to your side throughout the whole ordeal, stroking your hair soothingly and snapping at the nurses to do something whenever he catches you wincing in pain.

Kagami Taiga: Kagami panics way too much about what he should do that the nurses have to send him out of the room for a little while. You ask him to buy you some magazines to read from the gift shop downstairs, to help take your mind off the contraction pains, and he returns with a copy of Shape and Women’s Health which earns him a hard smack from you; what kind of woman wants to read that during labor?