but wow this scene is so precious

captiveprincetrilogy asked:

OMG how far are you in Captive Prince now!? Dying to know what you think of all the great moments as you get closer to the end of book 2! :)

I literally just finished. Even the bonus sex scene. Ugh, I literally started flailing because of Nicaise. No. I literally refuse to believe anything bad happened. I’m like a child clapping my hands over my ears and drowning it all out. He was a cinnamon bun who was too precious for this world.

I was so happy they made Laurent in character during the sex scene too. I was worried it would be like “wow, look at that, his frigid nature was cured by dick!!”

Laughed at the fire coupling scene. Screamed that Damen was too dumb to see the super obvious fact that Laurent and his uncle have that kind of history. Threw my hands up in the air as everyone bowed to Damen. But of course I’m terrified for the third book because now Laurent is going to find out. Some people say they think he knows but I’m not too sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe he had an inclining but never acknowledged it… but honestly I’m mostly in the camp that he doesn’t know. It’s going to be a fucking train wreck when the truth comes out.

Basically, my life is forever ruined by this book.

ofgrumption asked:

obsesses over your eobard. i followed you when i was still relatively new on the rp scene as iris, and i have not regretted it once. you mesh comic knowledge of the reverse flash with the one we know and love on the show to cover the holes the writers haven't filled with his past and his motivations. let's not get started on your writing because wow??? just w onderful. your dialogue is sophisticated, witty, and chilling. not to mention you're so precious?? as person? stop being cute pls.

OUT.  g url i think u are in the wro NG INBOX ?????