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Love Game

Summary: You’re participating in a high stakes tennis tournament for your college team and Peter, being the supportive boyfriend he is, attends it to cheer you on in his own little way.

Warnings: Peter Parker x Reader, light smut, admiration and appreciation of tennis, fluff 

A/N: I feel a little weird writing underage characters so I’m going to make Peter of age (18+) for this.

“You really don’t have to come, Peter.” You flung your dresser drawers open and searched for your tennis attire. “I promise, tournaments really aren’t that fun to sit through unless you’re a die-hard tennis fan.”

“I’m a die-hard you fan, (Y/N).” Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his forehead on the back of your head. “Besides, I’m not going to lie, I don’t hate watching you kicking ass in your tennis clothes. I’m a big fan of the skirts.”

“Skort.” You reached a hand up and tangled your fingers in his hair. “It’s not a skirt, it’s a skort.”

“Ah, skorts.” Peter chuckled and kissed your cheek. “You should wear the black one, it’s cute and pleated.” 

“Anything for you, Mr. Photographer.” You dropped your hand back into the drawer. “I just have to find it first.”

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Part Four to Napdate. 2 3 

He just watches her, it’s kind of creepy, but he can’t help it. The morning rays are streaming in through the curtains and making her hair almost look red in the light. Her eyes flutter as she dreams, and a slight smile makes its way across her face as he strokes her arm with his fingertips.

“Stop staring, it’s creepy.” She giggles. 

“I’m not staring, I’m admiring.” He smirks at her. 

“Still creepy.” She snuggles into him, yet to open her eyes. 

“Can’t help it.” He pulls her closer. “You’re just to pretty, Mrs. Mendes.” He smiles at her. Her eyes open and a huge smile breaks over her face. “That made you happy.” He chuckles.

“Of course, have I told you that I like my new name?”

“I don’t think so.” He squints at her, playful smile on his lips.

“Well I love it, it’s just so perfect.”

“Yeah I think so too.” He whispers before kissing her. She giggles and kisses him back. He rolls over so he’s on top of her, making her laugh harder.

“Jesus, you’re so heavy.” She tries to push him away.

“All muscle baby.” He grins, making her blush. 

“Get off, Shawn.” She weakly pushes him. He laughs and continues kissing her. 

“Can we go out today?” She asks, running her fingers through his curls.

“Mhhmm, I was thinking we could just stay in bed.” He mumbles, lips on her neck.

“But that’s what we did yesterday. And the day before that.” She whines. 

“But it’s just so much fun.”

“Shawn, we flew all the way to Hawaii and you just want to spend the whole trip in bed.” She sighs pushing him away. 

“It’s our honeymoon, that’s what were supposed to do.” He shakes his head at her.

“I want to at least go see the beach.” She says raising her eyebrows at him. 

“That’s all?” He asks.

“Yes, I’m not big for snorkeling and zip lining, but a beach day with you sounds fun.” She says letting her fingertip trace his facial features.

“I think I can handle that.” He says, stealing another kiss. “I need to go to the store anyway.” He says getting up. 

She sits up and watches as he starts rummaging through his suitcase for clothes. 

“Why?” She asks rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“I need something.” He mumbles pulling shorts on. 

“What?” She asks stretching. 

“Condoms.” He says grabbing a tank top. 

“Oh.” She giggles, blushing.

“Yeah, wanna come?” He asks teasingly.

“I can if you want me too.” She shrugs.

“Nah, I think I can get those.” He smiles, watching as she gets out of bed.

“Why don’t you go get those,” She pats his chest, “while I get ready for the beach.” She states looking for her purse.

“Okay.” He nods. “Kiss me goodbye?” He asks as she starts to walk towards her purse. 

“Oops sorry.” She grins, walking back to him, connecting their lips. 

“I love you.” 

“I love you too.” She smiles back. 

“I’ll be back, don’t leave without me.” He says rushing out the door. 

While he’s away she takes her time to get ready. Meaning putting her hair in a ponytail, tying her black bikini, rubbing sunscreen on except for her back. When she walks out of the bathroom, Shawn is just walking in the door.

“Christ babe, do you have to look good in everything?” He asks dropping the plastic bag on the chair and walking towards her. 

“Thanks? I think.”

“Come here and kiss your husband hello.” He grins. 

She doesn’t hesitate to lean up into him, brushing her lips with his, barely kissing him. She pulls away and he opens his eyes confused.

“Hey.” He says trying to catch her as she walks away.

“Go change Mendes, meet me on the beach.” She says grabbing her small bag she packed and walking out the double doors, out onto the beach.

When he finds her on the beach she’s got their towels laid out, standing next to hers staring out into the ocean. He walks up behind her, smiling as he goes.

“Hey there gorgeous, you single?” 

“My husband should be here soon, so we better make it quick.” She plays along. 

“What a lucky guy, what’s he like.”

“He’s this kid from vine, he sings that one song about stitches.” She grins. 

“Wow, sounds super cool.”

“And hot.” She shrugs.

“You shrug like that’s a bad thing.”

“I mean, he’s no Channing Tatum.” She giggles. 

“Hey.” He feigns offense, wrapping his arms around her middle resting his chin on her shoulder. “That’s mean.” He pouts.

“I’m kidding.” She laughs leaning back into him. 

“Good.” He huffs.

“Awe are we going to pout now?” She asks, tapping his cheek with her hand.

“No.” He sighs.

“Sounds like it.”

“You’re mean.” He pulls her even closer. 

“You didn’t give your wife a hello kiss.” She shrugs, like that explains her teasing. 

“Then come here.” He says turning her around, attacking her lips with his. He takes in a deep breath, inhaling her scent. 

“You look good without a shirt on.” She sighs pulling away.

“You do too.” He grins, kissing her neck.

“Stop, no I want to enjoy the beach.” She pushes him away.

“We can enjoy the beach and let me love on you.” He says putting his hands on his hips. 

“Wanna lotion my back?” She asks changing the subject, handing him the sun screen.

“Sure babe.” He says, starting to rub the lotion onto his hands. She jumps when he touches her back. 

“It’s cold.” She whines.

He chuckles but continues rubbing her back, leaving kisses on her neck. 

“Shawn.” She says catching his attention.


“I race you to the water.” She grins looking at him.

“You’ll lose babe.” He warns her.

“Sure about that?” She asks, starting to ready herself.

“Don’t do this, you’re gonna get mad when I win.” He shakes his head.

“Are you coming up for excuses?” She challenges.

“Sure about this?” He asks.

“Yep.” She nods, before taking off towards the water.

“Hey! You cheated.” He calls, running after her. 

She runs as fast as she can, knowing that even with a a few second head start he’ll catch up in no time. It’s no secret Shawn works out, he’s very much in shape, but she’s not as in shape as he is. Once her feet hit wet sand, not longer slipping in the dry sand, she smiles thinking shes won. That’s until a strong pair of arms wrap around her hips, picking her up.

“Shawn!” She screams as he continues to keep running. He’s laughing in her ear, making her feel like her life is in slow motion. 

“Cheater.” He states throwing her into the water. She screams as she hits the ocean, swimming back up to the surface. 

“Shawn.” She takes a huge breath, once she surfaces. She’s treading, trying to stay above the surface. He comes up from behind her. 

“Babe?” He asks, noticing her worried face.

“I can’t touch.” She simply states before he grabs her, holding her up. 

“There.” He grins. “Now I have to love on you.” He states. 

“You did that on purpose.”


“I can’t believe you.”

“That’s what you get for making me leave the room.”


The wind slaps against her ears, making her wet hair fly around her. She sits in the passenger seat of the rental jeep, fiddling with her new ring as they drive to dinner. He hums along to the music, looking over at her every now and then. 

“Penny for your thoughts?” He says reaching for her hand across her lap. 

“Hmm, just thinking about how perfect this is. How I want it to always be like this.” 

“It will be babe.”

“It won’t, but that’s okay.” She smiles.

“It won’t?” He asks confused.

“I mean, it won’t just be you and me in our own world. It’s gonna be crazy when we get home, I just want to enjoy right now.” 

“Hey.” He says squeezing her hand. “We’re still gonna be in our own world when we get home. It’s still gonna be you and me.” He says looking over at her.

“Yeah, but we’re not gonna be able to just spend the day in bed or at the beach.” She says, lightheartedly.

“Well no.” He says dropping his head.

“But that’s okay.” She quickly states turning to him a bit.

“Is it?” He asks.

“Yes, that’s okay. Honestly I think I would go a little crazy is we didn’t have anything going on.”

“Me too, it’s a little weird kissing you for more than five seconds and not being interrupted.” He smirks.

“That I don’t miss.” She laughs.

“I love you.” He says putting the car in park, in front of the restaurant.

“I love you.” She says staring at him.

“You look amazing.” He sighs, eyes raking over her. “I love that dress.” He says getting out, rushing to help her out.

“Glad you like it, it’s new.”

“Wear it more often.” He says closing her door, taking her hand in his. 

“And be seen in the same dress more than once, how dare you.” She teases. 

“Hush.” He huffs kissing her cheek. She giggles. He opens the door for her, and she walks through whispering a thank you. 

“Hi, welcome.” The hostess states, fake smile on her face.

“Hi, Mendes, table for two.” Shawn says resting a hand on the small of Y/n’s back. 

“Right this way.” She says walking off the show them to their table.

He pulls her chair out and then sits himself.

“You’re waiter will be right with you.” She says coldly, before walking away.

“Wow, warm welcome.” Shawn sneers making Y/n snort in laughter. “God I love when you do that.” He laughs looking up at her.

“What are you going to get?” She asks, looking over her menu.

They get into a conversation about their dinners, only to be kindly interrupted by their waiter. A young man, golden blonde hair, blue eyes, surfers body. He walks up, ignoring Shawn, staring directly at Y/n.

“Welcome.” He smiles. He goes down the list of specials, staring intently at Y/n, making her uncomfortable. Shawn isn’t liking this guy, jealousy running through his veins as he watches this man stare at his wife. “What can I get you Ms. ?” He asks.

“Mrs.” Shawn interrupts, glaring at ‘Brady’, his name tag now shown to Shawn. 

“Right.” Brady mumbles, turning his attention back to Y/n. She orders her dinner, and Brady doesn’t make eye contact with Shawn as Shawn orders.

“I’ll be back.” Brady says, winking at Y/n. Shawn’s blood boils.

“Ok, that guy was super creepy.” She says leaning towards her husband.

“I don’t like him.” Shawn hisses.

“Hey.” She grabs his hand from across the table. They just stare at each other and Shawn calms his breathing.

“Sorry, but how dare he. I’m right fucking here.”

“Stop.” She shakes her head at him, letting him know she doesn’t like his attitude. He takes in a deep breath. 

They get into conversation about his new album and tour. Their laughing and joking, teasing and flirting. Their food arrives, delivered by a different waiter, making Shawn relax a little. 

They finish dinner and dessert, Shawn’s paying the check at Brady makes his way over. He slips something in front of Y/n, winking before walking away. She looks down at the folded piece of paper in horror looking back up to Shawn.

“What the fuck is that?” He asks, anger coming back. 

“I don’t know.” She says not touching it.

“Read it.”


“Read. It.” 



“Shawn, I don’t want to ruin this night. I’ll just leave it here.” She says pleading with him.

“You aren’t gonna ruin the night.”

“Yes I will, it’s gonna make you angry and I don’t like grumpy Shawn.”

“What if I read it.”

“Shawn, no. Just forget it. Can we leave?” 

“Yeah of course.” He says reaching over grabbing the note before she could comprehend what he was doing. 

“Shawn!” She hissed at him.

Call me sometime Beautiful

With his number scribbled underneath. Shawn’s eyes bleed black and he starts breathing heavy.

“That’s why I didn’t want you to read it.”

“I’m not mad at you.”

“So what? You’re still mad.” She stands up. She stares at him for a second and then walks away from him. 

Brady comes walking by with a smirk and Shawn can’t help it. He stands up, cutting Brady off. 

“Hey thanks for dinner.” Shawn smiles, shaking Brady’s hand. Then he pulls Brady in, leaning into his ear, “Check for a ring next time, flirt with my wife again and we’ll have big issues.” He growls. Brady looks away gulping, as Shawn lets go, leaving the note in Brady’s hand. “Have a good night.” Shawn smiles walking out.

“Why are you smiling?”

“I get to take you to bed, why wouldn’t I be smiling?” He grins opening her door.

“What did you do?”

“Nothing, just shook his hand. Maybe told him fuck off.” 

“What about the note?”

“It’s in his hand.”

“Break any bones?” She asks.

“Maybe.” He shrugs, earning a playful slap to his arm. “I’m sorry, it’s just that I don’t like when other guys look at you like that. You’re mine, like legally now, and it’s not okay.” He says looking over at her.

“I know, I overreacted a little bit. It’s kind of sexy when you get jealous.”

“Yeah?” He asks smirking.

“Yeah, such a turn on.” She teases.

“Yeah.” He leans over the console.

“Mhm.” She hums. He kisses her and she takes his bottom lip between her teeth. 

“Can I take you back to the room now?” He asks pulling away.

“You better.” She smirks. 

*Part 5?*