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Angel With Wings

@reparo-live-soul hello again!! thank you for the kind words, you’re the sweetest! hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 1,606

Warning(s): Fluff

‘‘Never thought I’d ever experience a real life angel before.’‘

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✰ ° › movie dates with peter parker would include...

AUTHOR’S NOTE — it’s been a couple days since i’ve posted an imagine, so i wanted to give y’all a little something to hold you over while i work on my requests. honestly there isn’t much for me to say here so with all of that out of the way, i hope you guys like this little blurb i drafted in between working on all the cute ideas you guys sent in and as always if you have any requests send them in !!

- so you and peter have been dating for awhile now and despite the fact that you’re well past the honeymoon stage of your relationship, he’s still adamant about taking you out every friday night.

- and you’ve tried to convince him that he really doesn’t have to do that, at least not as often as he does. but the boy literally adores you and you’re his first girlfriend so he wants to make sure that he’s doing everything right to keep you happy.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (15)


Part 15 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

Word Count: 2,600 (ish)

Thought I’d tone it down for you emotions today.

Everyone was crowded into the board now, no doubt staring at Kris and Ara who had noticeably grown a year on. You looked over at Minseok who was frowning at the little girl, your argument obviously still fresh in his mind. Her hair was combed neatly into a braid tied with a pink bow at the end and she wore a cute pink playsuit to match. She jumped down from Kris’ lap and walked around the table, everyone stared at her as she ended up standing in front of Yixing giving him a gummy smile.

“Daddy. I like this man.” She pointed up at him.

Yixing smiled pulling her up and onto his lap. “Oh? You remember me?” She nodded her head in response. “And how old are you now Ara?”

“Four.” She said confidently, pointing at her chest

“Wow. You’re a big girl and you look a lot like daddy.” He gave her cheeks a squeeze. You looked at Yixing enviously, he was so good with children. Why couldn’t Minseok be that way.

“Look this is cute and all, but what the heck are you doing here?” Jongdae spat in Kris’ direction.

Kris sighed deeply, stretching his hands across the marble table. He frowned looking around the room.

“Where’s Chanyeol?”

“That’s not the answer to my question, what are you doing here?” Jongdae repeated in a lower tone.

He rolled his eyes at how eager Jongdae was being.

“You’ve got a problem.” He pointed at Junmyeon in particular despite speaking to all of you. “I’m sure you’re all aware that Genesis is preparing to showcase a new drug, I believe in just short of a week, no? Well that sample has been tampered with; it’s been cut and spliced with illegal narcotics. Now, I can’t tell you exactly who’s done it but it’s definitely got something to do with Red’s underground system. Listen Junmyeon you need to shut this showcasing down or it won’t be good for Genesis. Either it will be distributed with no further checks and people will be in danger, or it will be reassessed by the panel and Genesis will be black listed.”

Yixing frowned, lifting Ara from his lap he handed her over to Baekhyun.

“How do we know we can trust you? You’ve been missing for a year and all of a sudden you come back and want us to believe all of this? Bullshit! Maybe you’re working with Luhan alongside whatever sick bastard is working against us.”

“It’s probably Chanyeol; I think he kind of admitted it. I think…” You mumbled thinking about what had happened between the two of you.

“Yes I heard he’s alive, but I’m not working for him. I’m simply here to let you guys know and warn you about what’s going on. Isn’t it your job to stop these things?”

“It was OUR job Kris. OUR job!” Yixing piped up, inching forward in his seat. “And where the heck where you, where have you been?”

“I’ve been floating about.” The taller male replied nonchalantly looking over at Ara to make sure she was okay and comfortable with sitting on Baekhyun’s lap.

“Doing what Kris?!”

“Being a damn father! I put my heart and soul into protecting my baby girl damn it! So don’t you dare question me. Just because I don’t live in the same house as you guys it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to keep myself in the loop!”

You heard a low grunt come from Jongdae almost as though he were mocking Kris. Kris did well in ignoring it.

“You know I’m with Yixing on this one. How can we trust you? The last time I saw you, you threatened to come for me but now you’re helping me? It doesn’t make sense?” Junmyeon shook his head.

“I’m not here to help you, I’m here to help those who may get hurt in this stupid process and I’m still doing my duty as someone who believes in Genesis and someone who is still serving justice for a twin that they lost. Besides I’m a man with responsibilities.” He pointed a long finger at Ara. “It would be pathetic to sink down to your level.” He finished crossing his arms over his chest. 

You sighed as you looked out the window. The sky was a dark grey now and all of a sudden rain was gushing down from the sky. There was going to be a storm. You hated thunder and lightning. Yet all you could think about was Chanyeol, and as much as you loathed the man right now you couldn’t help but hope he was okay wherever he was.

“We should run this over with Mr.Kim, he should be finished at 7, maybe he’ll run through after work.” Junmyeon said and you were still uneasy with the fact that he addressed his brother as though he were his teacher.
You gasped.
You hadn’t gone for a few days; your mind was so full that it had completely gone over your head. Yet they hadn’t called you. You had to go in tomorrow, without a doubt and make up the best excuse of your life.

“Why don’t you join us for dinner Kris?” Junmyeon smirked, and for some reason it made you feel uncomfortable. “I hope you don’t mind broccoli.”

Hours later and you were all sat together eating dinner. The atmosphere was a little cold and off and the weather had only gotten worse since.

“Broccoli. Again? You know Junmyeon; I’m really starting to get sick.” Baekhyun pouted, flicking his broccoli to the side of his plate with a fork.

“It’s good for you Baekhyun and you’d better eat it!” Junmyeon gritted his teeth picking up his fork and pointing it at Baekhyun’s plate. “Now.”

You had to admit you were getting tired with the broccoli too and you weren’t sure why Junmyeon had become obsessed with it all of a sudden but it was beginning to make you feel sick. You heard a loud knock on the door making you jump slightly.

“It must be Senior. I’ll get it.” Yuna stood up from her seat and walked towards the hallway, her perfume sweeping past. It didn’t bother you quite so much as it used to, now that you were aware why she wore it. Seconds later and Yuna was back in the kitchen accompanied by Mr. Kim, he wore the same long black coat and serious facial expression, he placed his dripping umbrella in the corner of the kitchen and took a seat at the table.

“What?” His face was vacant as he stared blankly at his younger brother. Junmyeon shifted uncomfortably under Senior’s gaze. He pointed at Kris, allowing him to speak. Kris cleared his throat, speaking at the same time as helping to break Ara’s food into tiny chunks for her to chew easily.

“Well like I was saying to these guys, I was doing some hacking, bugging and digging and I came to find out that your sample supply has been tampered with, someone spliced it with dangerous and illegal narcotics. If you don’t do something about the showcasing it may not be good for you.” He finished, placing a piece of potato in Ara’s mouth.
Junmyeon’s brother ran a hand through his hair, his breathing was heavy as he shifted in his seat.

“How? We can’t go back on the showcasing it’s too late to withdraw and the sample size is so big. How much has been tampered with?!”

“I’m not sure.” Kris shrugged his shoulders “But you’ll need to think of something and fast.”

Senior scoffed, looking up at Junmyeon in disbelief.

“Wow! You still can’t do your job properly huh Myeon? There are still people out here doing your job better than you. I thought I warned you already Kim Junmyeon! I put you in charge of this squad for a reason. But you’re not capable of anything, what the fuck is wrong with you.” His brother banged his fist on the table startling Ara, who began crying. Kris rolled his eyes. He stood up and walked towards the bathroom with his child.

“You’re supposed to stay on top of things Junmyeon! If you had found this out before it would’ve given me time to figure shit out! What is wrong with you? You’re not even capable of running this squad, how the fuck do you look after your wife? I’m tired of always cleaning up your mess Junmyeon! Doesn’t Genesis mean anything to you?!” Senior was a raging mess, his face red and his veins popping in his neck. You weren’t sure whether or not it was the hormones that were making you go crazy but at this point you had had enough.

“Why don’t you calm the fuck down with your insults you asshole!”

“Y/N!” Minseok hissed at you, giving you a cold glare.

“No. Don’t ‘Y/N’ me! He’s a fucking prick. Who do you think you are coming in here with your dirty attitude and cursing Junmyeon. Do you know what this man has done for us? Your brother is amazing, don’t treat him like he’s a dog. Do you think Genesis would have come this far without him? Instead of being happy that he’s alive and well, here you are shouting expletives at him and treating him like a two year old. Go and fucking learn manners! If you think it’s so easy why don’t you come and join us for a day pretty boy? I’m sure you’d get your head blown off in seconds. Then you’d be begging for Junmyeon’s help.” You slammed your hand down on the table, causing the water in your cup to spill over. The room looked at you in shock. Junmyeon’s mouth was agape.

“Excuse me?” Senior breathed, his eyes thin slits. Clearly you had dented his ego.

“Yes you’re excused, now get the fuck out of our house. In this house we don’t treat our leader with such disrespect. You fucking bastard.” You picked up your cup and threw the remaining water over Seniors plate of dinner.

“Y/N!” Minseok shouted this time, pulling you up from the table by your wrist. “What are you doing”
But you yanked your hand out of his group

“Who are you to talk to me and treat me in such a manner? You have no idea what goes on between me and my brother.”Senior spat standing up from his seat.

“Y/N please go upstairs…” Junmyeon mumbled, breathing slowly and deeply. His gaze was fixed on the plate in front of him. You shook your head, ready to throw another statement at Junmyeon’s older brother.
“I said leave the room!” Junmyeon shouted.
You huffed out angrily, you only chose to obey since you were willing to save Junmyeon the stress.

“The only reason you’re still alive is because of Junmyeon, you owe him your blasted life.” You hissed in Senior’s ear as you walked around him and out of the room.

You were in your room for a good twenty minutes laying flat on your back upon your bed, your body had been through so much stress lately and you were wondering about the impact it would have on the life growing inside of you. Soon you’d have to start thinking of baby names and buying baby clothes. You were hoping that was something you could do with Minseok, but now you weren’t so sure.
You heard a heavy knock on the door, before you called for it to be opened, you looked up to see Junmyeon walking in, shutting the door carefully behind him.

“Hey, what were you playing at just then?” His eyes were wide.

“I was sticking up for you Junmyeon learn to be grateful.” You frowned sitting upright on the bed.

“Listen, you can’t speak to Senior like that. What you did was rude, unacceptable and…” His shoulders began to shake a little bit, confused you squinted your eyes. “…and hilarious.” Junmyeon burst out laughing, clutching his stomach with his hands as he slid down the length of the door. You were shocked for a moment, because at first you thought that he was crying, but then you burst out laughing too.

“Goodness Y/N. I can’t believe you did that. It was so funny and liberating. I’ve wanted to do that to him for so long…” He steadied his breath, breathing out slowly as he looked at you from where he was crouched on the ground. “Thank you. You didn’t have to…but I’m glad you did. I’ve wanted to say those things to him for so long…”

“So why haven’t you Junmyeon. It’s honest, all that I said was true, he wouldn’t be half as far as he was without you I don’t know who he thinks he is. You should stick up for yourself.”

Junmyeon sighed closing his eyes and leaned his head back against the door.

“I know Y/N but I can’t, he’s militant and intimidating, he’s my older brother and it runs deeper than just disrespect…it’s hard to explain.”
You nodded your head, you had to respect what Junmyeon was saying to you. After all the boys were family and only they truly knew the extent of their issues.

“But about you. I mean… so you’re really pregnant?” He looked up at you, his eyes wide waiting for an answer. You nodded slowly.

“Yeah. But Minseok’s not happy about it.” You lowered your head, evidently upset.

Junmyeon laughed under his breath.

“Of course he’s not. This is Minseok he’s been in this shit hole for 8 years and never had to interact with anyone but us. He lost his parents at young age and so he’s probably forgotten the art of parenting and what it takes to nurture someone else. He’s got it in him, he’d be a great father of course he would. I mean look at how he basically raised Sehun. Just as long as he’s raising the kid for all the right reasons. He’s father material but he just doesn’t know it, he probably thinks it’s impossible since he grew up so long without one. He’s not mad because of the child itself Y/N, he’s mad because he’s scared. You need to give him some time. Living in a place like this only has negative effects.”

You hummed nodding your head, you had never thought of it that way but to be honest it made sense and it had made you feel more optimistic than you had been feeling in the first place.

He sighed standing up from his space on the floor.
“I’m going to go and lay some sheets out for Kris and Ara, until we try and get something a bit more permanent for them, so I’ll see you around.”

Your eyes widened.

“Wait, you’re letting them stay. But we can’t trust them, you said so yourself.”

“Well I can’t let him take Ara out in this weather, she’d get really ill. Besides if Kris really wanted to do something to us or me in particular, I don’t think he’d bring Ara with him. So for now, I trust him.”
You frowned, slightly confused at his logic.

“Well who is it then, if it’s not Kris?”

“Well who do you think it is Y/N?” He threw your question back at you.

“Chanyeol…I feel like he pretty much told me it was him.”

“Hmm, Funny.” Junmyeon pinched his chin between his thumb and index finger.
“Because my money’s on Baekhyun.”

Touch The Butts: Hobbit Edition -- Rough Landing (The Start)

Title: Touch the Butts Hobbit Edition—Rough Landing

 Summary: You were a simple office worker, until a twist of fate sends you tumbling into Middle Earth and into the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.  You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if you will survive, but you have this feeling that there is a great love story in the making.  But who will be the one you are destined to be with?  Make your choice and Touch The Butts.  

 Warnings: Language. Angst.

***A/N: I know TTB was supposed to be posted on Friday, but I couldn’t wait! XD 


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Life is stressful, messy, and frankly a pain in the ass.  Just a great big ball of ass kissers and nay-sayers and you were done! FUCKING DONE! That was what went through your mind as you stomped through the park.  You meant to go on a relaxing walk, clear your mind from the promotion you didn’t get, even though you were perfect for the job.  You had dropped five years into that damn company and you were more than qualified! Your jaw began to ache from your teeth grinding together and you forced yourself to take a calming breath.  Anyway…

But when the time came, it was the new guy, who stuck his nose so far up the boss’ ass that he was brown all over…that guy had gotten the promotion instead of you. That brown nosing dick.  So, here you were, grumbling to yourself as you moved through the quiet, mostly empty park.  Those few people who were around gave you strange looks, regarding you with curiosity and worry.  

You were of the opinion “screw ‘em” until you saw one person shuffle away from you after you said some unpleasant words under your breath.  They may have thought you were saying those words to them for no reason, but frankly, you didn’t care right now.

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Apparently if you feed a crow sometimes it will bring you gifts ex: paper clips bottle caps louse change what would the 2ps do if a crow kept bringing "gifts" to his s/o because they feed it?

2p America: That’s pretty nice, doll.

2p England: Wow! You are so sweet!<3

2p France: Tell one of them to bring cash

2p Russia: goes into science about why crows do that

2p China: YOU ARE BIRD(WO)MAN!!!!!

2p Canda: He feeds the crows to, so he gets the same little gifts

2p Italy: watches, makes sure crows gets tons of food now so they keep giving s/o gifts cause they always look so happy when they get one

2p Germany: Wow! You speak bird!

2p Japan: sketches s/o and crows together

2p Romano: OMG YOU ARE A DISNEY PRINCESS!<3<3<3<3<3

2p Prussia: Thinks his s/o is so sweet and falls even more in love

2p Austria: He always have had a soft spot for crows, so find it touching

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u said ur bias is v..... what is ur opinion on that time he danced gee with the cutest fucking smile and knew all the moves?? thats one of the many times that boy snatched my wig and almost snatched me as my bias, hes toooo cute and such a sunshine omgg

i love taehyung so much, honestly that boy could simply stand there and i would pay money to see him. like, i support and cherish him so much because i’m his number 1 hype man. like, he could eat garbage and i’d cheer him on. aiej. but to answer, yes i’ve seen that video and i love it so much. he’s so adorable. and this outfit was a look on him. he’s so talented and beautiful and wow. but omg have you seen him dancing in heels?? now that’s a sight to see. look at how talented he is. an icon. how can he do that. 

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Explain to us, how pretty is Sasuke Uchiha to you?


wow where do I even begin. He is an icon. 100000/10. Miss universe wishes. Asian prince aesthetic. Photogenic king. His duck ass hair manages to look like it came straight from an emo spring fashion catalogue. His fashion sense? Disgustingly hipstery and quirky..he’s thought everything out because he KNOWS only his beautiful ass can pull ROPES around his HIPS. Ethereal beauty, totally unreal, does not even try. His voice actor does things to me, such a smooth semi deep unique octave to his voice how lovely. He is so pretty like what a pretty man. Such contrasting features he’s both masculine AND feminine looking. He looks good in a suit but put him in a dress and he could win a pageant. Simply, an iconic man..a pretty boy.

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gerard: “this song’s about suicide……………………………………….. don’t do it”

wow his bleach roots are lookin hot

frank’s twitching on stage that’s wild

edit: no they just like to play songs hecka fast

bob’s legs are moving so fast wowie look at them HAHAH



Lacus Welt. The man with the unusual style had stood out between the masses of inadequately dressed soldiers of Japan’s forces on more than one occasion. Not only did they both share a fondness for asymmetrical haircuts, no. The vampire, despite his age, was a skilled fighter as well, for being allowed to handle a First Class Weapon was not something just anyone could accomplish. That aside, it looked like he and the guard would get along perfectly given the fact that Lacus obviously had a great eye for aesthetics!

“Wow, You really are an impeccable little guard! Have you ever thought of quitting your loyalty to Queen Krul and Ferid Bathory to assist me instead? From what I’ve seen during my visit in the Land of the Rising Sun, it is nothing but chaotic and you lack proper leadership. Europe, on the other hand, is a utopia compared to this…mess.” The vampire gave the young city guard a bright smile, extending his gloved hand towards him, his cheerful attitude wavering only at the mention of the former Queen of Japan. It would be a waste to not take this one in.

The King loves (17-18)

WOW! I never saw in k-dramas how the girl rejected the guy in such cruel and thinly way. I was really delighted by the script of this drama when San said to Won not to choose “her Agassi” because she likes another man. And when Won remembered it while looking at the San as a nobel person, it was too cool. Their emotions… Especially Won’s. I even felt for a moment his despair. San likes another man. Now it’s my favourite k-drama scene. There so much strong scenes in this drama! “Since when they don’t look at each other eyes?” Actors acted very well at this moment. Even small Rin’s touching makes San feel so nervous. And we already know that she likes him. I hope that Rin will know too.

But there is something that confuses me. San said that she did it for Won and Rin friendship. But doesn’t she understand that she ruined everything by words that her Agassi likes another man? Won will understand that this man is Rin. He already guessed… So interesting!

Donnie found a moment to sneak away to have some alone time with his father. Through all the tears, speeches, and the “I’m sorry’s” all Donnie wanted was a moment alone.

These things - funerals - were always the worst. Donnie never enjoyed them. Strangers always coming up to you, saying they’re sorry for the loss (as if they’re happy), or asking how you’re feeling (like you’re happy), it was awkward and uncomfortable. These formalities are the norm, but in this day and age are they necessary?

Donnie had been by Audrey’s side all day, and hearing the “Wow, you look just like your father”s and “He was such a good man”s were nice and all, but it wasn’t what they needed.

Then, there were the people he recognized from his father’s past. Specifically Stefan’s father, Fabio. That was another experience in itself.

Again, he wanted time alone to grieve.

when u gotta text someone but also gotta keep the hacker aesthetic 

*pounds fist on table* ok i need to talk about the god-tier klance moments in s3e03 “the hunted” because damn there’s a couple scenes that are so powerful and important and i just….holy shit. buckle up, y’all.

this episode is fucking great for a lot of reasons, but one of my favorite parts of it is how much it shows the development of keith & lance’s relationship: especially 1) how good lance has become at grounding keith & helping him control his reckless impulses, and 2) how keith feels like he can be open and honest with lance about his fears/insecurities––which is a big fucking deal because we’ve almost never seen him do this. 

the first scene that really struck me is this part where keith is leading the team after lotor and it’s just….a big mess. he’s not thinking about keeping the team together. allura’s falling behind and he’s not paying any attention. he’s not considering that this might be a trap. all he can think about is diving in headfirst without considering the consequences.

and then this happens:

uhhhh….oh my god??

look, we know how keith gets. we know how hot-headed and stubborn he can be. i mean listen, we’re talking about this kid who literally tried to fight zarkon by himself.

and yet…..even in the middle of this intense chase, lance gets through to him. he brings keith down from that battle-rage and makes him see reason. and he does it in a way that’s straightforward and brutally honest (“you’re endangering the team and you can’t do this”) which i think is exactly why it works. that’s the kind of direction keith needs, and tbh out of everyone on the team it makes the most sense that it comes from lance.

i’m just

me: hey can i get a fucking uhhhhh lance being keith’s impulse control
dreamworks: *gives me this*
me: *kicking down the door* HOLY FUCK MOM

and look i was already sobbing over this one small part but then we get THIS….THIS SCENE….

oh boy oh wow where do i stART?!

god damn this scene is beautiful––visually, thematically, it’s just …. so powerful and significant.

first of all i need to freak out a little over the way the scene is set up and how wonderful the symbolism is. 

it starts with keith literally in the shadows, and then slowly emerging and drifting up towards lance with their lions facing each other. lance & red are above keith & black which is really interesting.

as we all know, keith is the leader right now. and yet, both literally and figuratively, he’s not positioning himself higher than lance––in fact, he’s doing the very opposite. and his lion doesn’t have her head lowered in shame either; the lions are directly looking each other in the eyes (which i feel like is pretty damn rare??) and that’s very meaningful. everything about the visual setup of the scene just screams openness, honesty, vulnerability. 

(side note: also wow @ that red and blue background, amiright)

and then we have everything that keith says. and boy….there’s so much to unpack here:

- he admits it was his fault and he led everyone into a trap
- he also admits that everyone warned him (lance warned him) and he wasn’t listening
- and because of that he put everyone else in danger

and man i gotta give huge props to steven yeun here because his voice acting in this scene….jeez it broke my heart. keith says all this so quietly, his voice is literally shaking. shit, he sounds close to tears. this is possibly the closest we’ve ever seen keith to totally breaking down and it’s just…..it hurts so much and it’s so important.

it really hits you in this moment that keith is a kid. he’s 16 years old!! he didn’t want to lead the team & he doesn’t know how to do it. he can’t do it by himself. he doesn’t say any of that explicitly here but it’s 100% clear that that’s exactly what he’s saying.

and he says this to lance of all people. lance, his supposed “rival”! you would think lance would be the last person he’d want to turn to for reassurance or to blatantly admit “wow i fucked up real bad.” and yet….here we are. it’s moments like these that really prove that under the surface, these two don’t hate each other in the least. they like each other. they respect each other. they rely on each other!! (*whispers* space ranger partners….) 

and lance’s response only proves my point even more. he could easily have said “i told you so” or otherwise berated keith for his mistake. but he doesn’t! his answer is:

- yes, you messed up.
- but we’re going to fix it. we. i can’t stress that enough! he doesn’t say “you messed up and now you have to do something about it.” he doesn’t say “you messed up and now i’m going to take over and do something about it.” he’s essentially saying “yeah you made a mistake but that’s in the past….and now we’re going to take care of it together.” 

and that’s?? so great?? because keith more or less admitted that he was feeling this huge burden weigh down on him, and lance––in his own subtle way––lifted that weight off keith’s shoulders. he’s reassuring keith that he’s not alone in this. *wipes tears from my eyes*

and if all that wasn’t enough, keith immediately saying “you’re right” makes it all the more significant. he’s openly admitting once again that he fucked up, but he’s also agreeing with lance’s statement that they can still turn things around and fix his mistake as a team. which is…..wow. 

tl;dr - everything about this pair of scenes just proves how keith & lance work so well together and need each other. it shows how important it is for them to be open and honest with each other, and demonstrates how they both have that capability. 

and i’m gonna scream about it for a hundred years. 

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pls do bts as classmates to make me feel better about school starting


  • the class clown
  • super popular
  • head of the drama club
  • talks during the lessons
  • balances pencils on his nose
  • highkey annoys all the teachers
  • says dumb stuff when he gets called on which makes everyone laugh 
  • i’m not saying this vine is him but that vine is him
  • slacks off during class because he always has the plug™ for answers on upcoming tests
  • “knock once if it’s A scratch ur nose if it’s B and blow a kiss if it’s C” 

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  • the artsy cute guy who always smells like coffee
  • zones out during lessons
  • sits in the back with his headphones in
  • hides his phone behind a book and watches netflix
  • doodles instead of paying attention
  • either he’s sketching 
  • or writing names in a death note
  • no one knows
  • on rare days he’s in a really good mood and dropping funny sarcastic comments every now and then
  • has a tight knit group of friends
  • eats lunch in the music hall 
  • intimidating but once u get to know him he’s super sweet
  • orders pizza during class
  • has no fucks to give


  • one of the cool rebel kids
  •  u get forget he’s enrolled because he’s never there
  • strolls into class late every day 
  • chews gum really loud
  • “okay but how will trigonometry ever help me in the real world
  • u can hear the music through his earbuds from a mile away
  • throws a party at his house every weekend
  • never studies but somehow has all As
  • because he’s actually really smart
  • acts like he doesn’t care about school but secretly stays after school in the library reading 

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  • teacher’s pet
  • has color coded notes with neat diagrams
  • and more highlighters than any normal human should possess
  • raises his hand to answer every question
  • reminds the teacher about homework before class ends
  • captain of the academic decathlon team
  • voted most likely to succeed
  • tried to set the frog used for dissections free
  • [throws it out the window]
  • namjoon it’s DEAD
  • is seokjin’s plug™ for answers


  • social butterfly 
  • so perfect and angelic it’s sickening
  • “sorry i was late, i was taking my neighbor’s kitten to the vet when i saw a homeless man who need a bus ticket, so i gave him mine :)”
  • voted prettiest smile, nicest hair, and most likely to be a backup dancer for beyoncé
  • didn’t even run but somehow became class president 
  • the only one who actually likes group work
  • popular but isn’t stuck up
  • flirts with the female teachers which gets him all As
  • wow mrs. you look gorgeous today ;)
  • has tea on everyone 


  • the weird guy that all the girls have a crush on
  • lowkey thinks he’s better than everyone in the class
  • and let’s be honest he is
  • denies he’s rich yet wears designer brands
  • has 20/20 vision but wears glasses to look smart
  • looks like he has his shit together 
  • but procrastinates and is internally screaming half the time
  • in every social group
  • goes from the jock table to the nerd table to the preppy table all in one lunch period 
  • always tries to leave as soon as the bell rings
  • teacher: the bell doesn’t dismiss you, i do
  • taehyung: then why is there a bell ??

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  • the socially awkward jock
  • in every sport offered
  • including bowling
  • but unlike his teammates he’s not an asshole
  • quiet and keeps to himself
  • but once u get to know him you’ll need ear plugs
  • well mannered and polite to everyone
  • teachers pray that he ends up in their class
  • backpack looks like he’s hiding bodies in it
  • and he probably is
  • falls asleep in class 
  • because he stays up all night playing overwatch
  • but never gets in trouble
  • accidentally calls the teacher mom
  • several times

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anyway, consider, witch mccree au

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