but wow i respect him so much


happy birthday to my one and only baby angel!! i hope you’re spending the day smiling countless times and laughing so much that your stomach hurts but in a good way i wish you happiness always. if i could give you the world, the sun, the stars, every drop of joy, love and respect, i would, and maybe i’ll get to one day. you’re the only one i hold onto when things get rough you’re my sweet escape you keep me sane you’re the rush of happiness running through my veins. you have this ability to create this atmosphere solely filled with happiness and positivity for me there’s no space to be sad whatsoever i’m honestly so thankful. and i will always be thankful to have the greatest privilege which is to love you i learned a lot of things from you that i will keep with me forever. thank you ❤

happy 24th birthday, park chanyeol • 92.11.27

highlights of 4x03
  • day trip 2.0 let’s goooo 
  •  of course Bellamy thinks he won’t get a spot on the Ark and OF COURSE Clarke is like YES YOU FUCKING WILL
  • hi luna!!
  • the hand nuzzle
  • every indra scene is awesome
  • hi jackson!!
  • can bellamy and clarke stand any closer?? like for real get closer go kiss
  • bellamy driving the rover hot damn
  • the hand nuzzle
  •  also yay!! papa miller’s back!! 
  • murphy stealing the medicine to help a child just like his dad did for him :“”((( 
  • the hand nuzzle
  •  "SHE’S LUCKY TO HAVE YOU" “YOU’VE GOT IT BACKWARDS"ok they love each other so much ok
  • Bellamy sure has a lot of fun with that rover wow 
  • the bellarke hand nuzzle did you guys see it
  •  Hmmm ok Octavia I respect you for helping my girl Gaia like that 
  •  OH MY GOD 
  •  "If you’re on the list, I’m on the list” aka IF YORE A BIRD IM A BIRD 

“I think when he first was called up this year, we put him with Sid right away, there was a ‘wow’ factor with some of the players in the room,” said Sullivan of Sheary. “My experience of being around this group is when a new player comes to our team, young or old for that matter, I think there’s a little bit of a 'wow’ factor because some of the players we have. Everybody has so much respect for Crosby and Malkin and Letang and those guys.  Over time I think that wears off.  I think that’s happened with Conor.”

Underappreciated characters: Capheus from Sense8
  • seriously?? Why does nobody talk about him?? he’s such a beautiful person like wow.
  • he’s poor, has almost nothing, lives in a place filled with violence 
  • he does everything he can for his sick mother
  • he’s so freakin compassionate 
  • and brave
  • willing to do anything for the ones he loves
  • the way he smiles in amazement when he see’s things that other people in the cluster are experiencing? 
  • he smiles in joy and wonder because he’s never had the privilege to experience things like this??
  • when he was so happy while looking at clouds?? “RIleyyy!! You’re flying!!”
  • when he drank the english tea oh my god 
  • and he’s freakin adorable and hilarious 
  • he’s honestly so genuine and grateful and puts others before himself
  • It’s so so inspiring to see the way he makes the most of his situation
  • how many people living like that can walk out of their door every single day and say:
  • “Today is going to be a great day”
Dating Proinsias Cassidy Would Include..


PROMPT?: Dating Cassidy from preacher would include? AND  Can you please do a “dating Cassidy would include” thanks in advance! AND  can you do a ‘dating Proinsias Cassidy would include’ please? xx

A/N: Wow! A lot of people requested this! It might be the same person but hey, consistency. Respect. Also, this was hard to condense. I just love him so much..

WARNINGS: cursing, sex mention

  • Literally being terrified of Cassidy when you first meet him.
  • Realizing not much later that he’s actually kind of funny.
  • Ending up laughing so hard you cry.
  • Being friends with him for a really long time before the two of you ever mention dating.
  • Kissing him, a lot, especially in indirect places like his cheeks, his jaw and forehead.
  • Cassidy being afraid he’ll hurt you.
  • Protecting you with his life.
  • Being really good friends with Tulip and Jesse, often being fought over to hang out with.
  • Not asking you out directly, but saying stuff like “So, I was thinking maybe we could, you know, be together?”
  • Messing with him and pretending like you don’t know what he’s talking about.
  • Being quite connected to him, feeling weird whenever the two of you are apart.
  • Calling him ‘old man’ and a lot of other old timer jokes.
  • “Need a walker, Cass?”
  • “Here, let me walk you across the street, grandpa.” 
  • Cassidy often asking Jesse for advice on how to treat you.
  • Often reassuring him that he’s a good person and that you love him.
  • Using his first name when you’re alone.
  • Him calling you ‘lassie’ to mess with you.
  • A lot of sex, but lots of cuddling afterwards.
  • Being one of the only people Cassidy realizes he loves and trying his damndest to be better for you.

underhuntressmoon  asked:

I love how he just skipped right over the long response I gave and that you were kind enough to tag him in, and went right to just going after whatever arguments he finds easiest to mock. And thanks Mark it's nice to know that you're taking this seriously enough to mention that you're on the shitter while replying. Such respect, much love, wow.


@markiplier want to explain why you decided to gloss over the reply that had two now ex-fans explain why your actions hurt us so much?

or the one where I pointed out your own dehumanizing acts? cause I know damn well it wasn’t cause there’s just ~too much~ in your activity feed making them get lost, since you managed to find that one post to twist.

cause your silence says a lot more than your words.

My two worgen boys, Kharash and Southsquall respectively. I love designing worgen faces and markings help.

I very much want to do more design work for Southsquall, get some proper refs up for him. Old pirate werewolf foxy grandpa deserves no less.

O-kay ….. I know ACCA never fail to shock me and amaze me….

But THIS shocking truth about Jean …. I’m speechless …

It wasn’t even on my mind or among the possibility I had at all ….

I thought she was gonna scold him or like say “ I can’t trust you ” …. but she said “ You are a royalty ” ….. I thought she was joking …. but she was serious …

Wow … I respect her even more after this …

Another cliffhanger I can’t survive booooo >o<

Love the twist so much … but now need many explanation that I can’t survive a whole week :/

I watched Are You The One last night and it just pissed me off

I watched two women being disrespected to filth. It was both disgusting and disturbing but happens so fucking often. In one corner we have Asaf ass…he goes and sleeps with someone else…while being in the SAME fucking house and knowing he was supposed to go on a date tomorrow! Like it wasn’t enough to just fuck someone else but your timing shows just how much he has no respect. And then at the matchup he tells Fran that she should be happy he gave her some attention after she tells him how she feels about not being picked again after finally giving him what he wanted. Bullshit to the fucking max. And Gio!!! This dude has me so heated, I cried last night. When the show first started that present this clip of K going off on him and I thought wow…why though. Now a bitch knows why. He is grade A scumbucket, the lowest of the low. Asaf honest with his nastiness, but people like Gio…they work on a whole other level. He got K to open up to him, to be vulnerable, to trust him. He showed her a different face, a face that mirrored her own and then he flipped the fucking table. And trying to blame her for the shit. Blame her for seeing what’s in her face. Even talking about him makes me wanna throw blows. Yo when she cried after they had sex and he responded the way he did…I can’t even. And now he trying to chase Julia…she perfect, she the one. Sit yo lying ass down somewhere.

Fuck Asaf and double fuck Gio - straight to hell.

City of TomCav, Day 2

Tom Auto

As Rogue were saying they wouldn’t allow food gifts, my plan to bring Tom a bag of Clementines (top rated snack by both Tom and Magic, MATES #46) was foiled, so instead I learnt the noble art of Candle Making, and made a Clementine Cake candle using eco soy wax. And made custom labels. And went all out.

It’s called ~Respect For Women~, OBVIOUSLY. 

He couldn’t believe it, and that I knew which episode it was, and just seemed so surprised, touched and taken aback. “Wow… I can’t tell you how much that means to me that you actually know that.”

And he signed Little Harry’s little head! And took more selfies with him. He promised to put them up on social media soon when he escapes UK roaming charges.

He was like “I LOVE YOUR GLASSES.” And I was like “I LOVE YOUR GLASSES TOO.”

Our glasses are cute, ok!

Then “I LOVE YOUR REVERSE FLASH LANYARD.” To which I restrained myself from the obvious reply of “I LOVE YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE.” Which would have been accurate, but may have resulted in security being called to the scene.

I took a photo of myself outside the auto room afterwards because Tom got me feeling cute af and like I could take on the world!  ❤

Tom Photo


The Cavanarms were out of ALL control. What kind of musculature!


And the everything, let’s be real. The everything.

Random Observation

Tom asks for permission always. Before doing anything which may tangentially involve you, he asks if he can, if that’s ok, and waits for full verbal consent before proceeding.

Beyond precious and lovely and tremendous and winning.

And robust & athletic.

Tom Talk #2

  • He will be doing MATES “until the world runs out of snacks!”
  • Power sliding was his own invention – it was written as running in and grabbing the gun and he was all “no I don’t think so, how about I just slide in” and so he did.
  • He likes to do all of his own stunts – he says his stunt double has the best job in the world because he gets paid to come in then get told to go home and hang with his twins because Tom has got this.
  • The glasses were coming on or off from episode 1 as little tells and visual hints and cues: Tom was doing “about 117 things throughout season 1” as part of EoWells’ subterfuge, which you can watch back and notice only in retrospect.
  • Big Belly Burger started off as a joke, and he and Carlos were like “let’s talk about Big Belly Burger as much as we can” as improve which then took off and became a thing, so much so he now has a poster in his room.
  • Was asked if he could travel back in time, what message would he give himself -  “don’t kill all the cows in the future, Big Belly Burger is the best thing they have!”
  • Tom kept complimenting the shirts and costumes of everyone queueing to ask questions – it seemed a tactic to ease their nerves. Adorable and thoughtful!
  • “Hello, Flash!” (In EoWells voice) at a little girl in a Flash shirt about to ask a question. TOO CUTE.
  • His favourite scene this season was in Flash Back where Grant was chained to the chair, and he was threatening to thrust his hand through Barry’s chest.
  • Mentioned NBA All Stars – said that it’s basically rich celebrities trying to play basketball for televised fun, but that it gets into trouble when they start taking it too seriously and forget it’s just on television.

“The show works best with daily conflict – Harry is a malcontent bitch who’s always complaining.”

  • BUT deep down Harry is a good person, and all he really cares about is “getting his daughter safe and sound.”
  • Described his behaviour on set as “just massive amounts of hijinks and practical jokes – that’s my speciality.”
  • CARLOS: “a musical genius… the best I’ve ever seen in 25 years.”
  • Someone asked what he likes to do in his spare time…. “Vancouver is a coniferous jewel of a city”, he spends a lot of time being outdoorsy. He also writes a lot!
  • “I WROTE SOMETHING FOR GRANT AND I”, it shows both Tom and Grant in a “MUCH DARKER AND FUNNIER LIGHT” – NOT for The Flash, something original, and they ARE going to shoot it and make it available to us!
  • Was asked about the wheelchair, and mimed out the same story that he did in yesterday’s lounge with the spinning of the chair, saying on every spin to Grant, “WATCH YOURSELF, ALLEN.” And Grant couldn’t keep a straight face.
  • Talked about Cisco vibing… “he can’t really control it! But then he can!” Said how he can when he needs to for the story, but then at other times it seems like he can’t again, but that it’s a necessity for the story as everything would be too easily resolved otherwise.


I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post about the Tom Lounge that he said that he and Carlos are going to be RECORDING SOME MUSIC TOGETHER and putting it online for us at some point!!

okay but kingsley shacklebolt is so important though???? he’s literally the minister of magic for years, and before that he’s a prominent and respected auror, and before THAT he was probably the coolest most intimidating kid at school (until you got to know him and realized that he’s actually super nice and caring and has the best sense of humor out of everyone in his year). he was in the order of the phoenix both times, and we know he’s friendly with sirius bc of his interaction with harry about motorcycles in the fifth book. so kingsley’s most likely no more than a decade older than the marauders, he has a good sense of humor, he’s snarky, and he demands respect. the marauders would love him. they 100% liked to try and push his buttons in the order, because goodness gracious what other fun was there to have at those grim meetings, and they loved it even more when every single time they approached him, he kept his cool and sent them roaring laughing with his casually sassy responses to their antics. we dont know anything about his family but like there’s so much to explore there??? also, relationship status???? hi i’ve just now realized how very wonderful a bisexual kingsley shacklebolt is?????? i mean come ON how surprised would men be when they learn that kingsley shacklebolt with his deep voice and intimidating stature slept with the bloke with the blond hair from DMLE last night???? and kingsley would be super casual and lowkey about it, but like you knew from the look on his face the instant you said something homophobic that he was about to sass your ass into never-ending shame. also, what about kingsley’s relationship with harry???? he would have to know about harry and his well-being at all times, especially the summer after the battle of hogwarts, because how else is he going to know when to schedule appointments with other world leaders? after all, they’re all going to demand to get a good look at this harry potter boy anyways. might as well plan ahead. and again, kingsley is probably such a caring person so of course he looks after harry? and that’s despite being, you know, a busy minister of magic and all that. because when harry’s pushing himself too far for his own good with hours at the ministry and trying to fix the world, ron and neville can only do so much. they’re hurting, too, and it’s a group effort, healing from the war, and so kingsley’s nice to harry and supportive of him in his auror studies as well as with everything he does to catch up from missing his seventh year. but he’s also just supportive of harry in general??? he’s one of the first adults to finally sit down and just share about james and lily. especially james. just little memories here and there that harry appreciates so much that it hurts. and later on, when harry’s in a better place and wizarding britain on a whole is a little more stable, they have a great relationship. harry loves goofing off and teasing kingsley and pulling stupid tiny pranks and it feels so good and looks so right to kingsley and everyone in the auror department who quickly grows to care about harry. because harry finally looks like a kid doing kid things and just laughing like a massive goofball because he just stole kingsley’s paper weight for the third time that week. and kingsley loves to joke with harry about what a pain he is, but knows to tread lightly–for the first couple of years, at least–because harry’s had so many people actually think that he’s nothing but a worthless problem. okay wow goodness gracious this got long but i have so many thoughts on harry and kingsley’s relationship and kingsley in general that i didn’t realize i cared about so much until now???? i love kingsley shacklebolt so much guys like rip he’s a blessing we need to appreciate him more please

swwimming  asked:

I literally just love j hope so much like...... wow I hope he knows how much army loves and respects him

i know :-( everyday of my life i’m like wow he’s so amazing and hardworking and successful at everything he does and yet? he remains entirely humble and gracious through it all? he’s just so sweet and loving and deserving of everything beautiful in the world and if i could write him 376483 letters i would because i just want him to know what he means to me and countless others :-(


Hana ni Nare, Prince Ice World 2014

One of my favourite programmes and I am so happy to see a new video of it recently.  While enjoying Yuzu’s beautiful performance and Sashida’s soulful voice, I wished the commentators would keep quiet, but then Nobunari Oda was one of them and he said some really nice things about Yuzu.   I roughly translated some parts:~

Nobu:  Wow, amazing…. a quad jump in an ice show.  The audience will be so happy to see a quad at such close range.

Man:  This song was used in the recovery efforts of the Great East Japan Earthquake.  His feelings are really in there.

Nobu:  Amazing… triple axel.  Done so lightly and easily.  I am so envious. 

Woman:  Oda-kun, you did many ice shows with Hanyu-senshu recently.  How was it like?

Nobu:  He always works very hard and is always thinking about the audience. Even though I am 8 or 9 years older than him, I have so much respect for him.  

[my translation]

the reason justin uses the promo he creates is because so many people have doubted him. but now I’ve witnessed first hand people saying they respect him, and they understand why people love him so much. I don’t know about anyone else but having been here through my world, my world 2.0, under the mistletoe, believe, journals and now purpose, it’s crazy to think this is the most famous justin bieber has ever been.



“Film criticism is important because films are important…films are important because they are the art form of the 20th century. They are the most serious of the mass arts because even theatre isn’t a mass art. They affect the way people think and feel and behave. They can be both a good influence on society and a negative influence, to the degree that they glorify mindlessness and short attention spans…to the degree that they encourage empathy to people not like ourselves and encourage us to think about life and issues. They can be good. They can of course be just purely entertaining, and there is nothing wrong with that.”


Both sides of the family is Vietnamese. Cis girl teenager, bisexual. Born and raised in Denmark, where majority of the people are white. I have 1 pakestani friend, rest is all whites. Experiencing a lot of racism in school, at my work place, even when going out.

“I hate when I’m going on vacation and there are Chinese people everywhere! Wow, wtf? Why are you offended? You’re Vietnamese not Chinese, so it’s not racist, beside my best friend is black.” - is literally a thing a white girl told me.

I wanna give a huge ‘shout out’ and pay much respect to my parents. Tolerating a lot of bullshit from racist white people is a hard task. I have been told by many men and women to “teach your dad some better English, because I can’t understand him,” or asking my mom to stop mid sentence and for me to do the talking “because I can’t understand your mother”. Yes, you can. I know if you tried, you would be able to.

I love my mom. I love my dad.
I love my race.