but wow i love this pv

sgailsheilleache replied to your post “@3jsb WOW! My feelings are all over the place. I’m speechless… I legit…”

Personally I prefer the song JSB Dream, but this JSB LOVE pv slays. Considering this is supposed to be another promotional video for their JSB apparel line, I daresay they’re doing a fine job killing us here ������ On a side note, thank you Satoshi Ogawa for dressing Naoki in that black outfit. I’ve never been so appreciative of those skin tight pants highlighting the shape of his legs before……

LOL. Now that I think about it, all they need is a logo overlay in the middle, and cut it down to 10 sec, they got an ad XD. But everything was a LOOK 🙌🏾 for me!

They did a very good job of killing us!

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Yes! Amen to that! The stylist held it down.