but worth ittt

i realized like nothing but fanfic ever winds up here so here’s a couple paragraphs from an Actual Story i wrote:

A headache can’t be worse than how they’re playing, she thinks.  Wonders if she should text that.  If he’d appreciate it.  If she’d get a response.  Texts it.

But the wall is colder on her back than on her head, the thick cloud of now-dried hair providing insulation.  She shifts, hoping there’ll be a warmer patch, somehow, right beside her.  Her mattress squeals, almost inaudible over the noise of the game.  She isn’t any warmer.

Squirming sends her laptop slipping off her pillow, sliding to a rest on her bare knee.  The near-scalding bottom of it hits her bare knee; she hisses and jumps, nearly spilling her PBR all over her fleece blanket.  It takes a couple shoves to get the laptop back onto its perch on her pillow tower.  She’s sure the hair’s been burned off her knee.  She’d rather have that then put on pants.