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Skype Meeting
  • Germany: ... why are we doing this again??
  • America: because we're too lazy to move out of our houses for a meeting, so we came up with this solution!
  • England: this is a bad idea- FROG WHY ARE YOU SHIRTLESS???
  • France: um, because I didn't feel like dressing up for a Skype meeting, duh!
  • China: you guys better have a good reason skyping me this early in the morning...
  • Japan: ... I... agree...
  • Italy: veh, sorry I'm late~ but my internet's been acting up weirdly
  • Russia: same with mine-
  • America: ... what?
  • Germany: Mein Gott, stop shouting England!
  • China: I don't have time for this shit- What the?? My screen is off?? What, how do I get my face to show again??
  • Japan: not this again... and Russia-san's frozen... and everyone's going at 3 frames per second... what.
  • America: Da fuck is going on?? Italy, what's wrong with your screen?? It's so pixelated!
  • Italy: ve~? Oh, maybe it's because I'm downloading something for 5 gigabytes~~
  • Germany:
  • England: ... WHAT'S GERMANY SAYING???
  • France: I think there's something wrong with his mic-
  • America: France oh my God, you froze with the most ugliest face!!
  • England: BWAHAHAHA!!
  • France: SHUT UP HOW DO I FIX THIS????
  • Italy: ve~~~
  • Germany: *actually shouting but no one can hear*
  • China: where's my face??
  • Japan: ... I don't have the mental strength to deal with this right now...
  • Russia: *still frozen in time*
  • America: ... I can't believe we manage to fuck up a virtual meeting...

[playing spin the bottle]

Lafayette : Okay, Alexander, it’s your turn to spin.

Alexander : *very drunk* Haha, okay, fine. I’ll kiss Hercules.

John : Alexander, you’re supposed to spin the bottle first.

Alexander : I can’t believe it’s Hercules again, fourth time tonight…

John : Alexander, the bottle…

Alexander : Haha, me and Hercules.

John : Alexander…

Alexander : *moves bottle and points it at Hercules*

John :

Lafayette :

Alexander : Herculeees~

Hercules : You must be kidding me.

Hercules : *has three hickeys, is already halfway onto Alexander’s lap, plan on using tongue*

Lafayette :

John : You’re enjoying this, aren’t you ?

Lafayette : Maybe.

hey so uhh me and @skykawa went to Sacanime and have done the most unfathomable and got our body pillows signed by the main VAs themselves do we get an award?

let’s kick it.

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Anon said: Hii can i request a yuta scenario where he is just cocky af and a fuckboy but ends up being really sweet and you fall for him pls (:🌸

Yes, perfect. 

Pairing: Yuta/Reader

Word Count: 4100+

Summary: The end of the school year is approaching and the only obstacles ahead of you are graduation, prom, and Yuta. 

Senior year tends to be a bittersweet experience for most people, including yourself. You didn’t think it would fly by so fast and it’s all coming to an end after this week. With prom and commencement being the only things ahead of you, the feeling of relaxation is becoming a recurrence for you. You observe the surroundings of your associated student body room and think to yourself, “Hey, I’m probably not going to see any of these people for a very long time or never again!”. For you, it makes things a lot easier.

Going off to college with a clean slate and having the ability to showcase your introduction skills to new peers makes you content. Until you’re brought back to reality that one of your colleagues is coming with you for the ride. Yuta Nakamoto. It is unfair to say that you can’t stand the guy because you two have never properly met but…you can’t stand him. Knowing each other’s names is good enough for you. Having the opportunity to choose from 10 colleges that accepted him and the odds of him choosing the same college as you is highly unlikely. But, Lady Luck thought wrong. You catch him in the middle of the room discussing with fellow classmates on final prom preparations. He always tends to get loud and obnoxious over the smallest of things and today is no different.

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Literally what I wanted the conversation between Ozpin and Qrow to be after Volume 5 Chapter 9

Ozpin: It seems young Oscar has developed certain feelings for your younger niece.


Qrow: Excuse me?


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who is more likely to: kiss first keith or pidge ?

hahahahaha i am so greedy i’m sorry please take my computer away from me


  • Keith likes to hang out in the hanger with Pidge because he likes to listen to the soft tinkering and click clacking of her keyboard (plus he needs to make sure he doesn’t get hurt).
  • But Pidge does get hurt because someone is so cute distracting. One time she slammed her head against the pod because she sat up too quickly. It left an ugly bruise alright and it throbbed.
  • Keith dropped his book and ran over, seeing his friend rubbing her forehead. You could say his protective instincts came over him so he cradled her head in his palms, inspecting the injury.
  • “Why are you so clumsy?”
  • “Not always though.”
  • The Red Paladin ran to the first aid kit to find some Altean balm. He then started gently spreading it on Pidge’s forehead.
  • She started burning up from the lack of space between them and made a mistake by looking up. Because. His. Lips. Were. Right. There.
  • Keith, being focused on his task at hand, didn’t see Pidge’s hands go up and was startled when she held his head between them. She was giving a long hard look into his eyes and that look stirred something in his stomach.
  • But before he could fully register what ever was going on in his stomach, Pidge pulled his head towards hers and their lips met at an award angle.
  • That’s when he realizes, 
  • “Oh. I’m in love.” (stupid keef now you realize) 
  • Pidge quickly released him and a hand flew to cover her blush as she looked away.
  • “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to-”
  • Keith could barely hear what she was rambling about. He was in a daze and was absolutely dumb-founded.
  • “She. Me. Kissed. What?”
  • Pidge could feel the tears in the corners of her eyes as she prepared for the outburst that was to come.
  • But it never did.
  • Instead, she felt light, sweet butterfly kisses on where her injury was.
  • Needless to say, her heart was soaring. And Keith was blushing.
  • “Feel better?”
  • “Mhmm. No problemo. Every thing is fine now.”


  • How can one person be so adorable? He feels like his heart could stop at any moment when she is near.
  • Pidge does does this cute face when she laughs and his heart absolutely can not take it. He finds himself thinking about her more and more often.
  • What would it be like to just talk with her? Hold hands? Sit under trees? Kiss-
  • Nope. He was not doing this. No way is he letting his emotions get the better of him. He was already extremely impulsive guy.
  • So Keith decides on a plan. Stay as far away as possible from Pidge. What could go wrong?
  • Everything apparently, the universe tells him.
  • “Keith. Pidge. I need you to first take down the first few lines of defense so we can rescue the prisoners.”
  • “Uh… Shiro? Can’t Hunk do it?”
  • “Sorry Keith, we need the Yellow and Blue lion to break the dungeons. And I really don’t want her to go alone-”
  • “Okay! Never mind. I’ll go with her…”
  • The mission was a success as always. But they had to wait out on an empty deck before the rest of the team flies over. So they sat quietly next to each other. 
  • Both were very tired indeed, especially Pidge. She had to wrestle with a few Galras to reach each different control panel.
  • Without really thinking, Pidge leaned her head against his shoulder and suddenly Keith didn’t feel so tired anymore.
  • “Pidge?”
  • “Hm?”
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “I’m resting. Plus, You’re comfy”
  • Oh boy, was she making this hard for him. If he could just lean down and angle his head just right…
  • Pidge’s eyes flew open as she felt something brush against her lips.
  • “Keith?! What are you-”
  • She was suddenly enveloped in a hug. A tight one. As if she was the last thing that he could hold.
  • “What’s wrong? You’ve been acting really weird lately and I-”
  • “I like you. I really, really like you. In fact I probably love you. And I can’t seem to stop it.”
  • Oh.
  • Well this was new.
  • Pidge froze as Keith sneaked a small kiss onto her nose then finally on her lips.
  • Did he just suddenly become really…cuddly?
  • Not like either of them were complaining.
  • “OH EW, GUYS!”
  • Okay, now is a good time to complain.

So basically what I’m saying is that there are different realities where Pidge kisses first or Keith does and I would gladly take any lol (even both).

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Hi can you please recomend some youtube channels that post things about jikook? Im sorry about my english tho, thanks for your attention 💗

You won’t believe it I had like a whole list typed out and linked and everything and it just crashed cause I was being dumb ;;

So if it’s okay if I just type it out ;; But anyways, Jikook on YT is like my thing because I have no life

The three main channels, which, more or less got me into Jikook waaaay back when, were bfs2angel, Smirk Cookie, & yutensol90 (which no longer exists but I think there’s a replacement channel), so these are definitely must watches, especially if you want older jikook content–so their story right from the beginning ^^ Until this day, these videos make me feel the comfiest, and the fluffiest and I probably wouldn’t be in so deep if it weren’t for them so…these will be your senpais. So mad respects please.

As for the newer channels, which have been absolutely surging lately (WHICH IS GREAT BECAUSE IT MEANS OUR ARMADA IS GROWING) I can think of Kookmin World (everyone’s favourite rn), freshipping (viewer discretion advised but there some good shiet  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), taetaeisbae, BusanBoys JKJM (long ass videos which are good to watch before the night ends,…or anytime if you have no life like me), Jeon Jikookie, Jikookis Bae…and idk there’s a ton more that I can’t even list off my head. But these all regularly update and offer great analyses so definitely check them out.

And now, just a shoutout to my favourite jikook video editors/fmv creators:

  • suny-hye - trigger warnings and viewer discretion but there’s some goodstuff. i ’m surprised this channel isn’t as well known as it should be. the editing is absolutely phenomenal dough. it’s like. how.
  • byjungkook - these videos are my absolute favouritestestest and the music choice always gives you extra feels and the way there’s always jimin’s voice going “jungkook-ah~” incorporated always destroys me inside every time. 
  • &jiminn99 - similar to byjungkook; found this channel first though. very very nice and fluffy fmvs that just make you feel good :3 definitely a must watch

I’ll also share one of my current favourite jikook fmvs which is amazing by jungbaeri, which I already shared like…earlier in the week:

And that’s it. For now.

Now you guys know how I waste like…all my time ._. 

But thank you for asking these questions ^^ I’ve been waiting for a chance to give our YT Jikook community some attention and I guess I found it :) Please enjoy all their masterpieces and appreciate all the time and effort they put into making these because yes, it does take a lot of time to make it all so thorough and pretty for everyone :)

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you're part time now aren't you? that's exciting !

DAMN RIGHT I AM! Mondays and Fridays are all mine to do with as I see fit.

My first proper freelance day was last Friday and I did not a single bit of drawing lmao, but I did start my tax bookkeeping and run errands and generally got my life in order, which was very very necessary. Tomorrow should hopefully be a more creatively productive day!

100 followers milestone !

A while ago I finally reached 100 followers which I was so excited about. I remember for the 50 followers milestone a mutual of mine said that I’ll reach 100 soon, and you were totally right😘(I forgot who it was tho 😅)

Anyways…. here are the sweetest most wonderful and lovely people I know here on tumblr:

@christina-rz girl you are always so extremely supportive I don’t even know how you do it. You reblog and like everything and I’m so grateful for all your love ❤️

@cherry-ten kinda 🇭🇺 cutie. I hope you’re a bit more relaxed now and not as stressed. I’ve missed you a lot, but I’m sure you did wonderful 😘 you’re hella sweet and such a kind, loving person 💕

@pianistjohnny definitely 🇭🇺cutie. You take care of many people here on tumblr, and I actually look up to you 💗 köszönöm a sok szeretetet ❤️

@kimtaejoonie though we don’t talk much tbh , I’m grateful for all your kindness and support 😘 you’re always so lovely to me, even though we don’t know eachother well.

@kpopmainlizzy Lizzy bby I love you so much 😊 you’ve become a sister to me too and you’re hella fun 😘 you’re also very caring, worrying for everyone here, and it’s very sweet. I still think that you’re an angel 😇 but an angel that’s a hoe for certain nct members 🤣

@redhearthyuck cutie babyyyyyyyy 👶🏻 you’re hella cute and your love for haechan is so adorable 😊 keep on sending him your love he deserves it 💛

@jihansoul94 wow you also feel like a caring older sister to me 💖 thank you for caring about me and wanting me to be well , I appreciate all your kindness and love ❤️

@honeyjaemiin sweet little angel baby ❤️ je t'aime 😘 you’re absolutely adorable and the cutest young little thing 👶🏻 excited to see your new hair 😊 know that I’m here if anything’s up 💗

@i-adore-jihansol okay by biggest and best sister ever😱 you’re probably my best friend here on tumblr and you are such a sister to me, like a real one 💛 I’m honestly so thankful for all the help and advice you give me, and I always listen to you 😘 you really mean a lot to me and I’m always here if anything is ever wrong ,or right 😊I’m truly so grateful for you 💖ily cutiepie

@veroshi0704 big sis #2 for me 😊 ily ❤️ the sweetest smile anyone has ever had, and you’re so so so so lovely 😱 you’re actually so extremely precious, keep on sending those underrated idols your love 💚

@cosmic-yuta best collab partner ever tbf 💙 your snaps are actually deadly they’re so cute 😊 and you’re so flipping lovely omg 😲

@bbyb0y-seo aye emo cutie 😘 you’re so freakin supportive of my oh my god 😱 I’m so grateful and you’re always so sweet to me 💖 you shower me with so much love and support it’s insane 👌🏻

@seolovely-j though we don’t talk much, I still think you’re blog is great and deffo hella entertaining

@kltsunee awww haven’t talked much either, but your blog is so good 👌🏻and you actually seem so so so sweet

@duilleoga-omra 🇮🇪 cutie. Finally somebody here that’s from Ireland 😅 honestly your blog is absolutely interesting 💞

@nakasyuta haven’t talked much unfortunately but a great blog overall 😘

@babyjungwoo ah omg you’re such an absolute cutie omg 💚you have such good content girl wow, and you’re friends with so many people even though you’re hella popular 😘you deserve all that fame 👌🏻

@youngho209 😉

@myexhaustedheart awww we also don’t talk too much, but thank you for all your love and support 💕you’re actually so lovely to me 😭

@yvkhe1 yaaas yaaasss Lucas blog ily 💖

@prettyjaehyun though we also don’t talk much, I find your blog wonderful and very entertaining 💛👌🏻

@incorrectnct wow your blog is still the funniest thing ever 😂 it never fails to make me laugh 👌🏻

@nctunbleached awwwwwwwww i.miss.your.blog.so.much. I will keep on sending you love no matter what, because your blog is the purest thing on planet earth 🌏

@stannctchinaline such a precious blog too omg 😍 keep on sending them love,they all deserve it 💕

@hey-uta we haven’t talked really either, but you do really seem hella hella sweet and kind 😘

@yuk-hei thank you thank you thank youuuuu for all that amazing Lucas content ily

@nakamotens okay wow this blog has literally the best content ever oh my god 😱 those gifs are so wonderful and everything wow 😍 keep up the great work it’s amazing 👌🏻

@rapdaegu cutie I still love your blog 😊

@queen-hazel 😉

@freckledjaehyun THE PHIA TO MY PAT😂 what would I do without my #1 hypewoman oh my god I love you so much 😘 you’re so funny and energetic and fun and everything it’s amazing 😱 you’re so friendly and lovely I swear you’re literally the sweetest thing ever 💛

@yukheight fellow yukhoe 😘 who else would I fangirl over Lucas with? You get me and my feelings for him because you’re the same 😄 omg you’re actually so funny and extra as hell 👌🏻

@nctplz thank you for all that you’ve done for me , all the love and support and honesty you’re actually wonderful as hell!😘 oh and so freaking pretty too wow 👌🏻

@katttu- awww haven’t talked in a while, but you’re very very lovely and easy to talk to 😊 we should get to know eachother more 💙

@jihansoulmate you are probably the friendliest person i actually know 😘 you’re literally amazing and lovely and so great to talk to, you don’t even understand ❤️ I adore talking to you’re your so wonderful aaaahhhh 😄 also I got you into the sad stray kids fandom so now we can cry together 😭

@mysstar you are literally the loveliest sweetest thing girl you’re so cute 😊 I love when you start ranting on about something you love it’s the most adorable thing ever 😍

@nerdydreamer14 lovely content in all fairness 👌🏻 aish we should definitely talk moreeeee 💙

@emmae312 awww we also haven’t talked in ages 😞 but you’re also hella supportive and so so sweet wow 😳 you cutie 💕

@wuezi ah you’re actually so lovely and kind to me omg 😱 we need to talk more often darling you’re so sweet to me 😘

@k-memestrash ayeeeeeee you’re like one of the most caring people I know 😩 I’m so grateful for all your love you don’t even understand thank you so much for everything ❤️ I do really appreciate every single little thing 😘

@chocolate-chip-rookies you are the definition of adorable omg you look so so hella cuteeee 😊 absolute master of cosplay like damn you are killing it 👌🏻 cutie you’re actually so loving it’s amazing 😱

@sammill7 thank youuuuu for all your kind love and suppooooooorrtttt 😘 it means a lot honestly 😊

@aishwhatamidoingwithmylife we.need.to.talk.more. You give my so much support thankiiiiieessssss 😊💙

@jeongn god such an insanely good blog wow wow wow 😱 I actually love your content tbf

@jeongharts though we don’t talk, your blog is hella good I love it

@kmoodboardnet so so good aaahhh

@mrshanyiahn ugh we also don’t talk much 😞 but thankies thankies for your love and supporrrrrtttt 😊😘

@johntenismyotp boi! This blog is actually so insanely good I love it to bits 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💕

@m00nlightsparks thankies thankies for all the loveeeeee 💖