but working on his face was good .

Gosh guys

It’s been two days working for that office I mentioned in my other posts, and I think it’s safe to say they want me working there. Especially the doctor–He straight up said he wants me assisting him everyday and that he thinks I do the job very well compared to his other assistant. (he said it to my face omg) Which is so great considering I haven’t been working for nearly a year, heck. The doc even said he wished he found me sooner! I’m only there for a few days a week so far until the business manager comes back to discuss payments and stuff, but… I think things are looking up for me after all :’)

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bts reaction to their younger idol boyfriend really super duper cute concept 👯‍♂️


Seokjin would love to see you taking to the cute concept, squishing your cheeks and constantly telling you how cute you are. “It suits you so well~ You look so cuddly!” He’d get an extra kick out of hugging you during this concept, loving the pictures you send him and occasionally asking to see you during your solo practice time.


Of course, Yoongi would find you adorable. Occasionally he’d tease you about it, but having been through his fair share of cute concepts, too, he’d mostly be sympathetic any the teasing you face. “You look good no matter what, okay? I’m a fan of whatever you do.” As always, he’d try to make it to your concerts, and admire your hard work.


Hoseok would be thrilled to see your new concept! He’s always excited to see what you and your group are up to lately, but he’d especially appreciate your cute shorts and soft accessories. “You’re so adorable like this! Well, always, but especially now!” He’d love to squeeze you and run his hands through your dyed hair, taking lots of selcas with you to appreciate during future concepts.


Namjoon would be easily flustered by how cute you are. Even the standard promotion photos would have him blushing and gushing about how good you like. He might try to be cool about it, saying things like, “This just goes to show how successful you’re becoming. You’re expanding your image,” but he couldn’t well hide his grin whenever you smiled in your cute images.


As a resident cutie himself, Jimin would appreciate the change to coo at you. “It’s no wonder the fans like you so much. You suit any concept.” If cute isn’t usually your deal, he’d be more than happy to give you tips and tricks on everything from masterful sweater paws to taking yourself seriously through the whole experience.


Taehyung would love your cute concept, and always be pulling aegyo in response. After all, what’s a better for cuteness than more cuteness? He likes all of your concepts, but seeing your cute smile and soft clothes would be a personal favorite. “You’re finally being recognized for how cute you are. What’s not to like?”


Jungkook wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to tease you a little. It is something of a rite, after all. Beyond that, though, he’d encourage you to enjoy it. “Pulling off short shorts and still having fans is the mark of a true idol.” He couldn’t deny that he liked seeing  your cute concept, and even bounced along to your promo song.

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They tried to make lin look like he wasn't about to keel over from exhaustion, but honestly? That's so relatable. It's iconic. He's known for his deep eye bags that say 'I haven't slept since 1980'. If you look at pictures from him wayy back when the eye bags are already there- they've been there forever. It's not a sign of him aging or anything (because he looks like a fresh-faced child when he shaves) it's just WHO he is. How dare they. He still looked pretty and I cried.. But HOW DARE THEY.

This is easily the most passionate defense of the eye bags that I’ve ever heard in my life and I think it should be forwarded to the people responsible for his makeup on all future projects.

Also “he still looked pretty and I cried” is a very succinct description of this blog’s content.

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I like a guy. And one time I saw him check me out. But the thing is. We are both introverts. How do I proceed?

story time: on wednesday when i was in nyc about to leave for the train, i was at the station and across from where i was sitting was this guy looking at me on and off and my mom left to get some coffee so i was by myself… so i kinda looked at him on and off and then at an awkward time we looked at each other face to face and smiled… said hi and then he decided to keep the conversation going and now we’re cool new buddies!

so moral of the story, even the smallest move like saying hi or little conversation can WORK. im an introvert but i stand up and make a bold decision and it gave a really good effect.

ksdajfgh Hi so I know I haven’t been posting a lot of writing lately, due to Things, so to make up for it I thought I’d share a preview of the first snippet of the giant one-shot I’m working on for Klangst week that I will, hopefully, have finished within the next few days for the deadline:

 Keith knows it’s not going to be a good day the minute he walks into the castle’s dining hall for the daily morning briefing they lazily disguise as breakfast to find his team sitting tensely in their chairs, individual expressions of discomfort or outright worry on their faces, while Allura sits primly at the head of the table, jaw set and glaring down at her tea with a kind of regal poise that makes the offending object look like it deserves to be thrown out the airlock for whatever it did.

“Oh God.” He says, not even bothering to sit down as he crosses his arms and takes in the room. “What?”

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Two types of Yuri Katsudon
  • Everywhere other than ice: "Um... im sure no one wants Viktor to coach me but... this is my dream!!! I cant believe hes still here... but I have to keep him here!! I have to work hard!! For Viktor!!!"
  • On ice: "Viktor. Look at me. Look at my face. Look at my lips. Look at my body. Look at my crotch. Everybody in this arena look at me too. Im the bitch thats keeping Viktor away from you people because Viktor is mine. Only I can please and satisfy him. He. Is. Mine. And. I. Am. Thirsty. For. His. Dick. And Im gonna pROVE how good imma fuck him on ICE SEE THIS SHIT BITCHES HE AINT EVER COMING BACK FROM THIS PIECE OF ASS"

The stoic facade he wears crack into a one of alarm as scent of cigarillo, stifling as the desert with it’s dry burn, overwhelms his senses with a dull thud.

Hanzo knows immediately that he has crossed a line now. The line that the easy smiles so unconditionally given had carefully hidden has finally been trampled . A desired outcome that has been decided ever since the thrumming of small wings started to make his heart ache. The archer has finally stumbled onto the other side, reserved for men who will face silent death whose eyes reflect the last light of the sun.  

Emotionally stunted Hanzo who keeps pushing McCree away, treating McCree like a no good flirt untill it gets to a point where McCree decides that Hanzo don’t want nothing with him. Course, it’s after this that Hanzo realizes feelings don’t work the way we want it to and starts to pin after the cowboy. 

I love angst with happy endings too much for my health.

Sterek Hogwarts AU

“Stiles are you sure about that last petal?” Scott crouched under the table.

“Nope” stiles answered, sweat dripping down his forehead, hand shaking over the bubbling cauldron.

“Maybe you should ask Harris?”

“Maybe you should own up to that Gryffindor tie and help me” Stiles hissed back at him.

“Or Derek?” Scott whispered making Stiles jump.

“Why him?!”

“He’s looking this way like he wants to help us” Scott nodded his head towards the table to the left where Lehey and Hale were working on their cauldron.

“He is?!”

Was the last thing the class heard before the petal slipped from Stiles’s fingers and into the cauldron. started sizzling in exactly 0.2 seconds and exploding into green slime over the entire 3 rows surrounding it.

One good thing that came out of this entire failure was that Derek Hale was the first one to run up to Stiles and help him clear the slime out of his face, while holding him in his other arm to his chest.

Stiles dreamed about those arms for the next week.

BTS Reactions To You Accidentally Giving Them A Boner


You weren’t very fond of people waking you up. Seokjin unfortunately learned this the hard way when he had done it accidentally only to have to face your wrath. However, he had learned with time and progression through your relationship, that there was a way to get you to wake up happy.

He had begun his work in the kitchen when the smell of delicious food sprung you to consciousness. You were practically drooling as you made your way to the kitchen in nothing but Seokjin’s shirt and a flimsy pair of underwear.  

“Good morning Jagi,” he cooed as he heard your approaching steps. 

“What are you making?” You asked excitedly as you spotted him.

He looked back and was just about to answer when he finally turned to look at you. He could feel himself growing hard as his gaze was suddenly drawn to your exposed legs. The sight of you in just his shirt was irresistible but Seokjin being the gentleman he was, waited until after you ate before making a move. 

You had just begun to wash the dishes when he suddenly reached over you to shut the tap off. He pressed his body behind yours and held you close to him as he whispered into your ear, “I want dessert Jagiya.” 

“O-oh yeah? What did you want to eat?” You stuttered as you became aware of his growing bulge pressed against your ass. 

“You,” he breathed before he turned you around and rid you of his shirt. His hands quickly coming into contact with your exposed skin. 

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In Yoongi’s eyes you were always attractive. However, it was moments like these; when he saw your eyes burning with passion, that he found you to be absolutely breathtaking. 

Your hands typed furiously against the keyboard, in a rush to get all your ideas for your next article down. You scrunched your eyebrows together and unconsciously bit your lip in concentration, absolutely driving Yoongi insane. 

He didn’t realize how big of turn on this side was of you until he felt a stir in his pants. Fuck.

“Are you almost done?” He asked from where he was lying on the bed, his voice a bit hoarse. 

“Mhm,” was your only answer as you continued to type away. 

Yoongi bit the inside of his cheek, willing his body to calm down. Now was not the time…but he couldn’t help himself. Before he knew it he found his way behind your chair. 

Your eyes shot wide open the second you felt his lips against your neck.

“Yoon-yoongi what are you doing?” You asked a bit breathlessly, as he had instantly gone for the spot you were the most sensitive.

“Can’t you take a break baby?” He whispered hotly against your ear.

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“Like this?” You asked Hoseok hesitantly. 

You were beyond nervous. Hoseok was naturally good at dancing, but you on the other hand, could hardly walk without tripping. Which is why you hadn’t understood why Hoseok had asked you to help him practice the dance duet he had been working hard on choreographing. 

“Your body seems a bit stiff Jagiya,” he pointed out and you felt yourself deflate just a little.

“I’m sorry Hoseok. I don’t think I’m the best person to help you with this,” you sighed a tad bit defeated.

“Of course you are Jagiya! Don’t give up,” he encouraged with a bright smile, “just relax.”

You were curious as to what he was up to as he walked closer towards you and grabbed you by the waist.

 “Okay let’s practice another part,” he suggested, “let my body lead yours ok?”

Within seconds he had your bodies blended against one another and he had yours moving to the speed of his. Just as he turned your body, so you’d be facing him, he felt himself stir. 

He usually was pretty good at controlling himself but the sight of your sweaty body against his in the mirrors reflection, must’ve played quite a number on him. He couldn’t help it as he leaned closer towards you and drew you into a passionate kiss, completely stealing your breath away.

You were breathless as you pulled away and looked up at him a bit amused by the sudden attack of his lips, “uh-is that apart of the choreo?”

“Just between you and I,” was all he said before he leaned in to kiss you again, a bit more rougher and messier this time. 

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Namjoon bit on his bottom lip as he stared at you intently from where he was seated. He couldn’t believe how easily you had managed to excite him. You hadn’t even intentionally done it. You had come over with the intention of watching a movie with him when you suddenly helped yourself to a banana. 

At the sight of your lips encircling the banana, any thoughts in Namjoon’s mind of a fluffy movie night was thrown out the window. 

“Namjoon?” You tilted your head in curiosity as you caught on to his intense stare.

Namjoon cleared his throat, a poor attempt at trying to calm himself down. It was too late, the desire to feel your body against him was too strong. 

“Are you done with that banana?” He asked, and you noticed that his voice was more hoarse than usual.

You looked at him, confused by the question, “…yes? Why?”

His eyes darkened as he gave you a small smirk, “because I’d rather have your lips wrapped around something else.”

It didn’t take much time for you to understand what he meant by that, Namjoon didn’t even really give you much time to think either. Before you knew it, he had you pinned under him on the couch.

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Jimin quietly cursed himself. Why had he thought that it’d be a good idea to have you sit on his lap?

He loved keeping you close but right now, he seriously regretted his decision. Especially since all the other members were gathered in the dorm’s living room with the two of you. You were just trying to get comfortable, but your constant movement had him getting hard, fast. The swelling of his dick was out of his control.

Your eyes widened the second you felt his bulge pressed up right against your ass. You turned around and sent him a questioningly glance.

“It’s because you keep moving,” he whispered, trying hard not be heard by the other members.

“Sorry,” you apologized, but you couldn’t help but feel a bit amused by the situation. Especially, when you saw Jimin close his eyes as he concentrated on calming himself down.

A sudden playfulness washed over you as you intentionally moved your ass a certain way against his bulge. You let a small smile grace your lips as you heard him release a soft hiss. 

“Are you okay?” You asked feigning innocence and that was the last straw for him. 

Before you knew it, Jimin had excused you both before leading you to his room only to have him press you up against a wall the second the door was closed.

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“Stay still,” you giggled as you pushed Taehyung down on the bed and crawled on top of him, straddling him. 

“Uh Jagiya, what are you doing?” He muttered as a flush began to bloom across his cheeks.

You couldn’t help but laugh, “don’t get all excited now.”

“I’m not,” he lied. He could already feel himself stirring in his pants, this was the affect you had on him. 

“Taehyung look at me,” you smiled, “I want to see your eyes.”

“My eyes?” He asked confused, but turned to look at you anyways. His excitment only growing at your close proximity. 

You nodded your head and leaned down so there was only a few inches between your lips and he contemplated kissing you. 

The second you saw the speck you had been searching for you grinned fondly, “ahh there it is! I love the mole under your eye so much.” 

Satisfied, you moved to get off his lap but Taehyung flipped your bodies instead so you were the one under him.

“I told you not to get excited Tae,” you jokingly chastised. 

“It’s a little too late for that…because of you I have a big problem now. it’s only fair that you help me with it,” he smirked as he licked his lips, the shyness from a few seconds ago completely gone.

You let out a small laugh before you drew him in for an intense kiss.

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Fuck. Was the only thought running through Jungkook’s mind as his eyes were glued to your body.

Why had he thought this would be a good idea?

Jungkook hadn’t fully thought it through when he asked you to join him for his workout. Of course he knew stretching was important, but was it even legal for you to look this good as you did?

You had no idea about the affect you were having on him as you began your exercise with squats. Jungkook was restless and couldn’t seem to focus on anything but you and eventually there was a stir in his pants and he inwardly cursed. He no longer had any control over his body as his mind began to fill with lustful thoughts. 

You had just been going down for another squat when you felt Jungkook wrap his arms around your waist drawing you close to him. Your eyes began to widen as you felt something poking you from behind and finally realized what it was.

“Baby, I don’t think this was a good idea,” was all he said before he turned you around and captured your lips in his. 

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I hope you enjoy<33 Special thanks to admin k for some of the ideas<3

~Admin Coffee

Day Seventy-Six

-A young girl leaned around my counter, unable to peek over it. With the sweetest smile, she asked for a sticker. Naturally I obliged, to which she said “Please and thank you, sir!” This is the exact note I want my year to end on.

-Upon announcing a woman’s total at $19.95, she informed me that was a good year. I am confident this same woman has said the same thing about the same total to me before, and I can only assume she somehow knows that was the last year before I was born and is personally attacking me.

-“I just had a phone conversation with him,” a man told his wife. “You called him?” she asked. “No, I texted him,” he answered, seemingly unaware of how words work.

-As my last good deed of 2016, I pretended not to hear an elderly woman ask me if I had found everything alright too, just as I pretended not to notice her face flush once she realized.

-A two year-old boy asked me kindly for stickers for his older sister in the single heart-meltingest moment of the year.

-As a gristly man in a leather jacket came through, I noticed something seemed off about his appearance. After a moment I realized that nothing was wrong with it, and that the small great dane puppy he was smuggling inside of his jacket was actually the most right thing he could ever do.

-I encountered a mind-reading young tyke who asked me for a sticker as I was in the process of handing her one. I would usually take this time to write a message for her in the event she sees this, but she already knows what I have to say.

-A couple stared at me intensely in complete silence at my every attempt to exchange pleasantries. This was made all the more unsettling by their nearly-synchronized movements and their distinctly reptilian features. I am onto you. Me and David Icke are both onto you.

-A young boy stood at the end of my aisle, dribbling a small basketball with an unsettling level of focus. Every thirty seconds, he would attempt to pass the ball between his legs. Every thirty seconds, he would miss the ball and walk after it sadly, only to begin the process anew. This seems the perfect metaphor for the last twenty years of my life and I would like to ask him not to remind me of this fact.

Draco and Harry become coworkers after the war, they decide to stop fighting and even become somewhat friendly. They end up hooking up after a ministry event, but Harry makes it pretty clear that it was just a one night thing and it won’t work between them because of their past.
A usual response would be a sad, self-depricating Draco. But no. Instead, Draco cultivates an elaborate plan to redeem himself to rub it in to stupid Potter’s stupid face. He’ll show him who’s not good enough.
He contacts everyone he’s ever hurt and asks for a chance to earn their forgiveness. That includes all the Weasleys, his estranged aunt, baby Teddy, Hermione, Luna, Dean, Neville, Ollivander, Madam Rosmerta, random Hogwarts class mates, anyone he can think of.
He supports and helps Hermione with her house elf legislation proposal, goes to Dean’s art shows, joins Luna’s weird creature expeditions, works odd shifts on Three Broomsticks, plays unnecessarily competitive chess with Ron, finds and tends to a borderline illegal plant with Neville, looks at obscure muggle stuff with Arthur, baby sits Teddy and just generally has so much fun?
What starts out as a mission to spite Harry ends up becoming a huge journey to discover himself. He makes new friends, reconnects with his family, grows and changes as a person and learns so many new things! The only problem is that he’s just so busy that he sort of… forgets about Harry and the aforementioned face rubbing.
Harry doesn’t forget though, he’s watching all this happen from the outside thinking ‘idk what’s happening to Malfoy but i need to know MORE

The signs as: Twenty One Pilots at the AMAs

Aquarius: “all my friends, all my friends, all my friends….” 

Pisces: *Josh chewing gum*

Aries: “Uhm… We’re not really used to this type of stuff, so thanks for bearing with us.”

Taurus: “It’s okay, Josh. Good work, good job” 

Gemini: *Tyler spilling Chipotle on his show pants*

Cancer: *firework explosion at the end of performance*

Leo: “We may have won because Coldplay couldn’t make it tonight.”

Virgo: *Josh shamelessly wearing own band’s merch*

Libra: “But here we are now and I’m so nervous, I think I might throw up.”

Scorpio: *Tyler patting Josh’s back, before taking over for him*

Sagittarius: “What’s my naame?”

Capricorn: *Tyler’s unimpressed face when the band was announced as winner*

fight club 2 is legitimately just 200-odd pages of chuck palahniuk’s meta-commentary on how much he despises the lasting impact of his own work and it’s absolutely incredible but easily the best part of the whole deal is the fact that it starts out as an actual sequel to lure readers in and then spirals into increasing outlandishness and fourth wall fuckery at a truly beautiful pace

by the time you realize what’s going on you’ve already read a good 25 pages of chuck palahniuk telling you to your face exactly how much he fucking hates the way tyler durden ended up fitting into the cultural zeitgeist

Obey (Sub!Jimin Smut)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut (Mother Mary help)

Warnings: SMUT DEAR GOD SMUT, dirty talk, Sub!Jimin, Dom!Reader, orgasm denial, overstimulation, ass play, swearing, bondage

Word Count: 5586

Wow okay so I read @seokvie‘s and @btssmutgalore‘s sub!Jimin fics and they inspired me to write my own. I’m decently proud of this, considering I have 0 experience writing something like this. Thank you to @jin-oppa for gushing about this topic with me and @fortheloveofsuga for just being a good person in general.

Many would look at your boyfriend’s sharp jaw, thickly muscled thighs, and chiseled face and assume that he was dominant in bed. Rough, even. Jimin did, indeed, carry himself with straight shoulders and his head held high–long legs carrying him confidently across the room as his dark eyes zeroed in on something in the distance. He would present you out in public as if you were a work of art, his thick hand pressed into the small of your back and his full lips grazing your temple. If ever any other man raked their eyes down your body, his warm eyes would harden to stony obsidian orbs–either lowering his hand to rest on your ass or keeping direct eye contact with the potential threat as he brushed his lips across the expanse of your neck. Your boyfriend dominated you in romance, indeed. But you had a secret.

Park Jimin was not dominant in the bedroom.

He would occasionally play the dom role, his jaw clenching and nostrils flaring as he rammed into you from behind–leanly muscled chest pressed against your back as he leaned over you to growl obscenities in your ear through gritted teeth. When he was angry, he would pull your hair and bring you so close to the edge that you could feel yourself beginning to tip over, just before he would yank you back again. But that was only when he was so furious that he was seeing red.

Most of the time, he preferred to wholeheartedly submit himself to you. He thrived off of your praise, the little phrase “Good boy” nearly flinging him off the edge and into an orgasm any time you breathed the words into his hair. He loved to be tied up, and teased, and spanked until he was begging you to let him cum. He adored it when you tortured him with sucking on his cock long past he was finished, the mixture of pain and pleasure drawing him nearer to yet another release.

It wasn’t always so extreme, but there were nights when he needed to be controlled and you needed to control him.

Tonight was one of those nights.

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John Egbert  Style Rating

time for my son

Sprite- John has the most expressive sprite, for sure, so while the base isn’t amazing, the occasional change in mood can lead to some really cute expressions. 5/10

Zoom- the early attempts at varying from sprite were not amazing, with too thick lines and an even goofier appearance. 2/10

Replacement- The more common sprite replacement looks great. 8/10 

Human- Not my favorite, but the change in style worked for the drama of the situation, and the lack of expression can be chalked down to the fact that this is consistently what John’s face looks like when people close to him die. 4/10 

Teeth- This John retains his cute teeth, even without his mouth wide open. They look really good. 8/10

Details- It’s a genuinely well drawn John, but I think the more cartoony/simplistic Johns work a little better for scenes that aren’t close-ups. 5/10

:D - Admittedly, he’s quite cute. 7/10

Protag- this John looks like he is there for you. He has your back. The shapes in this drawing are really good, and the soft shading looks nice. 9/10

Snaps- This john is really cute. His glasses look nice as grey rectangles, his teeth are kept, and he looks friendly, as he should. 10/10

Pewdiepie Injustice Rant

I just found out Scare Pewdiepie season 2 was cancelled because Felix is apparently anti-semetic. Now, here is why this whole thing, including Felix being dropped by Maker, is complete bullshit.

Let me start with saying I myself am Jewish, and have been face to face with real anti-semitism. Real anti-semites are cruel, rude, forceful, ignorant, etc. What Felix did is known as this thing called a joke. Yes, it was a joke in poor taste, but Felix is a good guy and apologised, so there is no place for punishment here. Maker and Yotube are being too strict in dropping him and cancelling his show.

Now, let’s focus on the show. Youtube cancelling his show is shooing away all of the hard work and passion Felix put into this show like he does for everything. Scare Pewdiepie is something really important to Felix, and now all of his (and the crew’s, and Séan’s) tireless work and hours are being treated like it doesn’t matter. I’ve been having some issues with Youtube and this whole Youtube Red thing, so this is the icing on the cake.

Overall, I fail to see completely cruel intention in Felix’s actions, and really appreciate how big he is for apologising. What has this world come to where everything is treated as a worldwide attack?

Tldr; Felix does not deserve to have his hard work crushed because of a JOKE!

“i know this isn’t going to work out”

“i’ll only hurt you and you’ll hate me”

that’s already depression speaking. this isn’t just even who’s aware of his bipolar disorder, this is already depression growing its seeds, and isak is doing such a good job of handling it. despite not really knowing what to do, and despite being scared of facing the unknown, he is doing so well at reassuring.

“you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. let’s just enjoy this”

Golden (M)

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Yoongi x Reader

For our precious Admin Desire

Warnings: Choking, mild ass play, kinda rough, SMUT

Word Count: 2,431

Summary: Birthdays are supposed to be fun. They’re supposed to be lazy days where you do nothing or everything or whatever you want. But when you’re an “adult” it doesn’t always work out that way, and Yoongi seems more bummed than you are about it.

Warm sun hit your face as you stirred awake, the soft sheets wrapped around your frame as you turned away from the light. You slowly blinked your eyes open to find another pair staring back at you. The warm feline like eyes caused you to smile, a rush of warmth filling your body as he smiled back at you.

“Good morning beautiful,” he said, his voice deep and husky. His smiled widened to your favourite gummy smile as he spoke, and he reached for you, wrapping his arms around you to tug you closer to his body, “happy birthday baby, do you really have to go to work? Just say home with me.”

You laughed at his antics, burying your face in his chest and savouring the warmth and familiar scent before you had to get ready for another day of work. You had tried to get today off, knowing how much of a big deal Yoongi makes it even though you insist on doing nothing, but he liked to spoil you and your birthday gave him every excuse he needed to do so. Seeing as how your birthday was so close to Christmas you were unable to get the day off, due to the busyness of the store. Yoongi was unhappy but he had told you that he’d make it up to you tenfold when the busy season was over.

Moving back, you watched as the rays of sun streaked onto his freshly dyed black hair, your favourite colour on him by far. You still loved the crazy colours he came home with, but there was something about black that made your heart flutter. It was possibly the fact that it’s his natural colour, and seeing it on him made him seem more like your Yoongi, more him than the idol he has to be outside of your home.

Threading a hand through his soft locks, you watched him bask in the warmth of the sun and the soft touches of you hand, letting his eyes close with a content smile now playing on his plump lips.

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...Team Work?

[Context: We’re playing a series of horror-themed one shots, and our team is currently hiding in a cave from a wendigo, awaiting rescue. My character, a dhampir sorcerer, crit failed a will save and started to turn into a wendigo.]

DM: You all wake up and hear a scratching sound. You look over and [sorcerer] isn’t looking so good. His face is distorting, his fangs are a lot larger, and he’s growing claws.

Gunslinger: *cocking gun* Bro, lemme know you’re still with us.

DM as sorcerer: Please….kill…me…

Gunslinger: Ok. Bang bang.

Sorcerer [OOC]: REALLY?? You couldn’t even hesitate??

Medium [OOC]: What’s your alignment again??

DM: Roll for damage….Ok he’s still up and he’s going to attack [injured medium].

Paladin: I’m so, so sorry, dear. May your soul find peace. I channel positive energy.

DM: That’ll do it. The energy burns him, and he goes down.

Gunslinger: Always double tap. Bang bang.

Sorcerer [OOC]: You could at least feel bad!

Paladin: I’ll perform last rights for him. 

DM: You suddenly hear a helicopter outside. Rescue has arrive.

Sorcerer [OOC]: OH COME ON!