but without the text

So yesterday this guy needed to cut some paper and asked who was skilled with scissors so he wouldn’t mess it up. And in a reflex I said “Oh I’m great with scissors” (implying the gay), but he didn’t understand what I meant so he asked what I meant. And well there were also younger children around and I didn’t know this guy very well so I made up a story how I like to fold origami and crafts like that

But he got really into it and kept asking about it and he wanted to see some of my works

So long story short that’s how I learnt how to origami

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1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say?
“hello jena fancy meeting you here”

7. What does your last received text say?
without going into explicit detail i’ll just say it’s a sext

31. What type of day are you having?
a pretty good one!

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my boyfriend is on the other side of the world for his spring break and I'm super happy for him because he's having a ton of fun already but his phone plan doesn't let him text me without wifi. im used to texting him throughout the day all day but today, his first day there, we were only able to talk for an hour and a half before he said he had to go to bed and idk it just sucks I miss him already and I don't know how I'm going to get through a whole week talking for just 2 hours every day

I know it must be hard for you going from texting each other throughout to only 2 hours but think about how fast this week will go. At least you will get to talk to him for some time each day.

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i have an idea - show the second image from that last post on its own without text to someone who has never seen eddsworld/this blog and ask them to explain

(( Y’all, If I had friends I so would))

Richard III: to make Shakespeare feminist, you need more than just a woman in the lead | Cassie Tongue
Kate Mulvany is astonishing in the title role of Bell Shakespeare’s latest Richard III, but that doesn’t make it politically radical
By Cassie Tongue

“But maybe lip service to relevance is all Shakespeare can be these days….Doubling down on any additional urgent relevance here, without radically re-situating the production or adapting the text, seems like an attempt to dress this up as something it isn’t – something of genuine political importance.”

A really great read, and mirrors how I feel about how poorly this production was being marketed - especially the repeated mentioning of Trump and the current political climate, which consistently came off as a bit desperate and tenuous on Evans part. Perhaps Evans should have instead talked about the actor and character’s body, and what happens when you have a disability and people focus on it and treat you differently because of this etc.

please give pidge a robot girlfriend in season 3
lance will tease her abt it and she’ll be like “lance ur literally dating a big fluffy purple alien leave me alone”
keith yells from the next room “I’M STILL NOT PURPLE”