but without eyeshadow

  • Spock: Doctor, I must say your approach to cosmetics reminds me of your approach to life: shouting without constructive purpose. Quantity without quality. Ostentation without–
  • McCoy: –it’s EYESHADOW Spock, you WEAR it. You’re supposed to ENJOY WEARING IT.
  • Spock: Forgive me, I thought its purpose was to improve the aesthetics of daily life and thus subtly elevate morale.
  • McCoy: Well YOU CERTAINLY AREN'T elevating MY MORA–
  • Kirk: –Gentlemen! Bones, keep enjoying yourself. Spock, you’re perfect. Let's look at space :)

Ulta is having an adorable deal where you get this cute makeup bag and honey infused lipgloss when you buy anything over $35 from Too Faced. So naturally I got the PB& Honey palette because it’s so cute and I’m a sucker for the tin palettes. Also I really wanted the sister palette to the PB&J palette

cupcahke  asked:

my eyes are small and really dark brown (they almost look black) when i try to do dark eyeshadow looks they look evens smaller :( darker eyeshadow looks are out of my comfort zone a bit so is it because i havent had enough practice? what am i doing wrong :((

Here are my tips to wear dark eyeshadows without making your eyes look small:
• light, shimmery, inner corner highlight
• add a pop of shimmer to the very center of the lid to add some light
• no dark eyeliner or nude eyeliner on the waterline
• dark eyeliner below the waterline on the lower lash line
• smudge and blend out the eyeliner with a medium matte eyeshadow (don’t be afraid to really bring that eyeshadow down- it’s going to open up the eyes more)
• super curled lashes with some falsies (individual lashes are super lightweight and won’t weigh down the lids!)

Hope this helps!