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Galactic Mermaid

I dipped into my Colour Pop shadows and whoa boy! You just need to test out one of them and you’ll know what I’m talking about. I also used my NYX colored mascara for my brow, it takes about 3 coats to cover all of my brow. If you have blonde or thinner brows it won’t take as many coats.

As a side note, I did apply the shadows with a primer. I never wear eyeshadow without a primer so these don’t get any different treatment.

Products used:
NYX colored mascara in Pink Perfect
Colour Pop Shocking Shadows in Play (transition), Bandit (crease), Bae (lower lash line, crease, and putter corner), Pop Rocks (lid)
Ardell Demi Wispies
L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush
Elf Lock&Seal
Pacifica liner in Gun Metal


dying from revision in the library right now so here are some old, poor quality selfies from april ft. the best snapchat filter of all time!! please wish me luck for my exams im scared big time

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Polyamsanders, 4 and 16?

4. Who gave you that black eye?
16. I’ll kick his ass if you want me to.

Not sure i like how this one turned out as much but eh it’s late and I’m tired.

He’d gotten too relaxed. That was the problem. 

Before they’d all gotten…well, together, he supposed…Virgil would never have left his room without his eyeshadow. Ever, ever. No matter what. Eyeshadow and foundation were as mandatory as pants (well…as pants to normal people. Patton might wander around without them from time to time, but Patton was an exception to lots of rules). 

So when he walked into the commons kitchen one morning completely sans makeup, it was little surprise he caught the others off-guard. 

“Virgil,” Patton breathed, and Virgil was startled to hear the sorrow in his voice. 

“Who–who did this to you?” That was Roman. He was rising from his seat at the table, his eyes furious. “Tell me who, Verge.” 

“Oh,” was all Logan said, but there was, somehow, more emotion in that one syllable than Virgil had ever heard from him before. 

Even with all the evidence, it took Virgil a moment to get it. “What? Who did what?” 

“Who gave you that black eye?” Patton said. “Er–eyes.” 

“Black eye–oh, shit.” It hit him then. Virgil spun around and sprinted from the room, dashing back up to his bedroom and flinging himself into his bathroom, and–

Well. Fuck. Yep. He’d forgotten. Somehow, incredibly, for the first time ever, he’d forgotten his damned make-up. 


The pounding on the stairs was all the warning he had before the others were bursting into his room. 

“Where is he? I’ll kick his ass if you want me to, just tell me who it was, and I’ll–”

“Now, Princey, let’s not jump to any conclusions,” Patton said, but his voice was alarmed, low and worried. “Virgil? Do you need to–”

“Oh, for the love of–guys, no one gave me black eyes,” Virgil poked his head out of his bathroom and glowered at them. “Just give me a second, okay?” He was fumbling with the bottles on his counter, looking for the concealer. 

Logan moved forward, stepping into the bathroom. He met Virgil’s eyes in the mirror. “It’s not a black eye at all, is it?” he said softly. “You’re just…what? Tired?” 

“Try anxious,” Virgil muttered, giving up his quest–they’d seen him now, so what was the point?–and turning to face the sides, who were now all crowding in the doorway. “But yeah. It’s. It’s nothing, guys, it’s just…” he shrugged, embarrassed and self-conscious. “It’s just how I look. Okay?” 

“You…” Prince looked horrified. “You mean you…do this to yourself?” 

“I have insomnia. It’s not something I want. But after awhile…” He shrugged, and waved at his face–at the natural pallor, the deep bruised circles under his eyes, and the thin, almost translucent skin stretched over his cheekbones. “Look, I get it. I won’t be winning any beauty pageants. Can you guys just…go back downstairs and I’ll be there in a few minutes? And we can start over?” 

“Oh–oh, honey, no,” Patton said immediately, moving into the bathroom and resting a hand on Virgil’s shoulder. “It’s not that, sweetheart. We were just…” 

“Worried,” Logan supplied. “It looked…you looked…” 

“Like you’d been hurt,” Roman finished softly. “Like something had been tormenting you. Burdening your life. I was going to find it and kill it.” 

Virgil smirked, humorlessly. “Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy to get rid of as a dragon witch,” he said. “It’s…just who I am.” And damned if it didn’t sting a little, knowing that who he was was apparently so alarming to them. “Sorry.” 

“Don’t you dare.” Logan stepped into the bathroom too, moving up behind Virgil and wrapping his arms around his waist, resting his chin on his shoulder from behind. He angled them both toward the mirror. “Don’t you dare insult yourself, Virgil. Do you know what I see when I look at you like this?” 

“A dead raccoon?” 

“A survivor. A fighter. I see someone who has been through more than we will ever really understand, and is still here, working for his own happiness in spite of all the forces in his life telling him not to. I see strength, Verge.” 

“Yeah,” Patton agreed, sliding in and taking Anxiety’s hand. “And you don’t look bad without your make-up, sweetheart. Just…different. I didn’t know you had freckles. The fairies must’ve kissed you all over when you were born! Not that I blame them.” 

“Oh my God.” Virgil wanted to roll his eyes, but he was afraid if he might, the tears that had started dancing on his lashes might decide to make a break for it. 

“They’re right,” Roman added, for once dropping his dramatic intonation for a far softer, more serious tone. “I wish it was something I could just fight for you, but…but you’re fighting on your own. Look at you.” He smiled, shaking his head slightly. “You’re braver than us all, you know that?” 

“Guys. Seriously. It’s not that big of a deal. I just forgot my make-up. Would…would you all just leave so I can put it on?” 

“Of course,” Logan says, kissing his cheek. “Come on.” 

“But you know you don’t have to for our sake,” Patton said, kissing his other cheek before letting Logan steer him toward the door. “If it makes you happy then by all means go ahead, but we think you’re gorgeous either way. Not that it should be for us! It doesn’t matter what we think, that’s my point. We just–”

“Patton. Shut up.” 

“Yep. Shutting up!” 

“What they mean,” Roman said, moving in to nuzzle Virgil’s neck briefly, “Is we love you. Bruises or no bruises. Pale skin or tan. Insomnia or enchanted sleep. We love you.” He pressed a kiss to Virgil’s jaw, then drew away again. “See you downstairs.” 

Then he turned and left, following the others. Virgil stared after them, jaw tight, throat working against the lump that had formed there. Then he smiled tremulously, turned back to the make-up, and picked up the bottle of foundation. 


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When I'm doing eyeshadow, I always mess up on the crease and darkening it. How do I do it without messing up?

Eyeshadow can be a great way of amping up your makeup look, but it doesn’t come without any struggles. Perfectly blended shadow is something that isn’t easy to master, but with a few tips, tricks and tools in your belt you can be a pro in no time!

Prep Your Lids

Just like how you wouldn’t paint walls without an undercoat or primer, you shouldn’t start your shadow without a base! Try using an eyeshadow primer under your shadow and setting it with a translucent powder to create a soft smooth base for your eyeshadow! Blending will be a breeze!

Use Lighter Shades and Sheerer Shadows

Whilst ultra pigmented shadows will generally give you bang for your buck, sometimes a sheer formula is better if you need to blend. I personally recommend using a powder contour or bronzer for this, but other eyeshadows you may like to try:  Essence Single Eyeshadows (some are more pigmented than others so stick with the lighter shades) Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow and  NARS Matte Eyeshadows (NARS are not my favourite eyeshadows, but for sheer, matte crease shades these are a good option)

Start out slow

Rather than loading up your brush with a whole heap of colour and applying it all at once, start out slow. After dipping your brush into the product, tap off any excess, then wipe the brush on a tissue or the back of your hand before applying. This will ensure you end up with only the smallest amount of product, making blending much easier.

Keep a Clean Brush Handy

Whenever you are creating an eyeshadow look, it is best to keep a clean brush handy for blending. A clean, dry, soft, fluffy natural hair brush will give the best results, Additionally, if you’ve got any super harsh lines dip the brush in a little translucent powder and blend away!

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I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask.

If any product you use causes you irritation discontinue use immediately.

*Please view my disclosure policy regarding information and products mentioned on this blog.

Eyeshadow Part 3

A/N: Part 1, Part 2, read on ao3

Here’s part three because everyone needs three chapters in 24 hours. There’s more angst here >:)

There will be another part after this I promise.

Roman had accused him of hating the others. How could he ever hate them? He loved Roman. Not that he would ever say anything. Not that Roman would ever feel the same. Why would he. Roman was a literal prince and he was just Anxiety. Just the monster that kept Thomas up at night, bothering him with ideas of things in closets and under the bed when he was the real monster. All he ever did was ruin everyone’s day.

Stupid foolish Roman. Of course Anxiety would get confused. Nobody had ever shown him even the slightest amount of care. A random gift out on nowhere? Of course he didn’t believe it. He himself had even joked about ‘slaying the monster.’ The monster being Anxiety of course. How had he never thought about how that might feel from Anxiety’s point of view.

The moment Roman got inside his room he shut the door and flopped into his bed, flying back through every memory where he had cast Anxiety aside and claimed all the glory for himself. How could he have done that? What sort of prince was he, to hurt those he claimed to defend?

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Ayyeee.. I wasn’t really tagged but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Challenge by @butterfly-tattoo 

Rules: Take a picture of the sim that’s normally associated with your blog (your legacy founder/lead character in your story etc.), now take away all their cc (except their hair, eyebrows, and skin color), then do a before and after picture.

I’m tagging @plumb-barb, @simtasia, @simgallery@touchmypixels, @cakenoodles​, @girl-just-simming-around​, @fanaskher​, @buckleysims​, @obsimmian​, @pixelddump​, @freckled-pixels​, @lanyxie​, @narusasu-simblr​, @gohliath​, @itsniiaa-simblr 

Notes: I did a girls edition (or at least the more relevant girls that I have). Fenix looks like god either way and tbh for the sake of this I gave her a little more makeup than usual because I normally don’t have her wear lipstick. With Ani I’m very happy I did this because I didn’t realize how much I actually LOVE her with a complete bare face. She looks so different and kind of like this one girl I wanted to model her after.. so she might just wear some tiny lashes from now on and call it a day because I’m into it. And finally there’s Jaide.. she wears the most in game makeup because I spent the least amount of time on her custom skin. I wish I could get her lips the same texture as the one she wears in game.. also her eyes look so different without eyeshadow lol.

P.S. If you did this already then please disregard.. and if I didn’t tag you it’s because I already seen you do it ^_^

Sweet Dreams

Author’s Note: This is yet another Sanders Sides fix I wrote at 1 in the morning. Apparently, all my inspiration comes super late at night. XD Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the cavity inducing fluff!

Virgil was used to poor sleeping conditions. Since that his room was technically Thomas’ living room, he didn’t exactly have a bed to sleep on. So most nights, he took to the couch, using his hoodie as a makeshift pillow.

Although, just because he was used to it didn’t mean he liked it. The couch was far too stiff, and a little too small for his liking. Most mornings, he woke up with a sore back and dark circles under his eyes, even without the eyeshadow. He only hoped the others wouldn’t notice.

It was fairly easy to physically hide his lack of sleep. All Virgil had to do was apply a thicker coat of eyeshadow to hide the actual dark circles. Though, hiding is sour mood had proven to more difficult. 

Patton bit his lip, shuffling his feet as he debated confronting Virgil. He’d noticed the darker trait had seemed a little off today. His shoulders were hunched over more than usual, and there seemed to be a permanent frown on his face. Still, he wanted to get to the bottom of it, so he walked over to the couch, and gently tapped Virgil on the shoulder.

“Hey, kiddo. You feeling okay?”

“I’m fine, Patton.” Virgil spat.

Virgil hadn’t meant to snap at him. He really hadn’t. He was just so tired. And seeing Patton’s shoulders slump only worsened his mood. “God, Patton, I’m sorry. It’s just–” He put his head in his hands. “I just haven’t been sleeping well lately, that’s all.”

Patton’s face immediately lit up. “Well shoot, kiddo! Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I’ll be right back!” And with a woosh, Patton vanished into his room, grabbed a pillow from off his bed, and appeared back in the living room. “No bed is complete without a proper pillow,” he said, as he placed the pillow in Virgil’s hands. Virgil didn’t know what to say. It was definitely Patton’s, light blue and soft, but there was no way he could accept it.

“Patton, that’s really sweet, but–” Before he could say another word, Patton put a finger to his lips. “You better take that pillow, or I will physically fight you.”

Virgil couldn’t help but snicker. “Okay, I’ll take it. Geez.” Patton beamed. “Good! Now you go and get some rest. You look like you need it, kiddo.”

He gave Patton little a salute before trudging back to his room. While he wasn’t looking forward to sleeping on the couch again, at least he had something other than his hoodie to rest his head on.

What he saw next made him stop dead in his tracks. There on the couch was Roman’s elaborate red and gold duvet, and a little bottle on the coffee table with a note attached to it. Virgil raised an eyebrow as he picked up the note.

I heard you were having trouble sleeping. Spray some of that on your pillow tonight. I hope it will help your predicament.

Virgil felt his chest tighten. They did all of this for him, all because he was having trouble sleeping? There was no way he deserved it, but he was too tired too protest right now. His entire body sagged, as if just standing up was too much work. He took the cap off the bottle and almost laughed when he smelled it. Of course Logan knew that lavender helped you sleep.

He sighed when his head hit the pillow, the scent of lavender filling the air. Roman’s duvet was silky smooth against his legs, and after a few minutes, he felt his body relax. It wasn’t long before his breathing deepened, and he fell fast asleep. And for the first time in weeks, Virgil slept all through the night.


Summary: Virgil is actually self-conscious about the natural dark circles under his eyes. None of the other sides have seen him without eyeshadow.

Some Prinxiety (sorry, not sorry)

Virgil kept tossing and turning. He pulled the blanket up to combat the cold, but immediately felt too hot. His skin felt irritated by the blanket, he threw it off. He hugged one of his pillows close to him, feeling uncomfortable in his own skin. He hoped he wasn’t keeping Thomas awake. He looked at the clock and noticed it was already 4am.

Why can’t I just sleep? he thought. All the possibilities of death and dying were swirling around in his mind like a hurricane. Bloody, improbable scenarios. Every possibility of losing friends and family. Every possibility of alienation. In times like these, Virgil felt more alone than ever. All alone with his thoughts and worries while the rest of the world seemed to be in a blissful dreamland. Demons keeping me awake. He scoffed I’m the demon keeping Thomas awake. I’m the problem here. Nobody else to blame. Virgil sat up, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

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Chapter 4

Sanders Sides—A Novel

By: Yours Truly, SassyShoulderAngel319 (unless @thatsthat24 wants to adopt the rest…? *wink wink*)

Table of ContentsPrevious Chapter

Chapter 4—Patton

I sighed and glanced between Thomas and Virgil. They were both staring at their knees. I made a face of irritation and steeled my courage. Courage wasn’t my strong point—it was more Roman’s department.

Finally I swallowed my feelings and squared my shoulders. “So you know that these scars are from your emotional pain. It’s not your fault that we bear them,” I said, wishing I had my normal outfit on so I felt more like myself—and because then I’d maybe look a little more like a dad so Thomas would be more inclined to listen to me or something.

Thomas scrunched his eyebrows. “Did you say ‘we’?” he asked. “Do you all have them?”

I shook my head and pushed my purple bangs out of my way. “Nope. Just me and Virgil,” I answered. “I’m at the core of your feelings, he embodies your fears. Both of those have a bearing on emotional scars. Old wounds. Old heartaches. Virgil definitely has more of them than I do because the pain affects your fears and anxiety more than your emotions, but we both have them.”

Thomas exhaled. “Wow. I… I didn’t know,” he muttered.

“Why would you?” Virgil retorted. “We were just figments of your imagination until this morning.”

I bit my lower lip and pulled the Steven Universe T-shirt up to reveal a huge, ugly scar slicing across my chest, showing it to Thomas. “Th-that…” he stammered. “That looks just like Virgil’s.”

I nodded. “Your first big heartbreak was hard on all of us, but the others weren’t as involved. It got to me and Virgil the worst.”

“You let your guard down,” Virgil added. “You opened me up. Well, you opened us up. And… you know how it ended.” He rubbed at the scar through his shirt, grimacing. He looked younger and more defenseless without his eyeshadow under his eyes.

I pulled the red shirt back down. “There’s nothing simple about pain,” I observed. Thomas nodded. “Just… do us a favor and don’t tell Logan or Roman. They… they don’t need to know.”

“And I don’t need more obnoxious nicknames from Roman,” Virgil remarked darkly.

Thomas nodded. “I won’t tell them,” he promised.

“Good!” I exclaimed, slapping my knees. “Now that that’s over with, I’m gonna go pet a dog.” I got up off the couch. “Unless, Virgil, you want me to stay and keep an eye on Thomas.”

Virgil shook his head. “Nah. Thanks Pat, but I’m fine here for a while. Go find a dog to pet.”

I grinned and rushed out of the apartment.

Once I was outside, I rubbed my chest through the red T-shirt. The smile on my face dropped. Despite what Virgil told Thomas about his Sides being figments of his imagination until we manifested earlier, some form of us always existed. And those forms had memories that were part of us when he solidified us for YouTube.

I remembered the day that scar appeared as I walked.

No matter whether we knew it was coming or not, nothing could have prepared us for the pain.

Anxiety and I were near each other, feeling the same thing—fear and sorrow at the same time. The others were all off on their own. As far as I knew, we were the only ones in close proximity.

Not only were we near each other, but we were sitting the same way—curled up on the floor with our arms around our knees and clenching our fists into our sleeves. We were young. Gosh, we were so young. Young, inexperienced, and completely unprepared.

All I wanted was to hold Anxiety, to comfort him, to reassure him that everything was going to be okay. But I couldn’t. I didn’t know if everything would be okay. And I was in so much pain myself I could barely move. We were both trembling—me more so than Anxiety. I turned my head as much as I could to look at him. “Wh-wh-what’s happening?” I asked, voice quivering.

“I… I don’t really know. This isn’t like any emotional pain I’ve ever felt before,” Anxiety replied.

“I-I’m scared,” I admitted.

“Me too,” Anxiety agreed.

Then the burning started. I cried out, curling up tighter and trying not to cry. Anxiety grunted, his knuckles turning white where he was clenching the sleeves of his oversized black-and-gray hoodie. He seemed so much tougher than me—I almost envied him. Almost. I didn’t have enough brainspace to think about it at the moment.

I lifted my shirt, trying desperately to figure out what was going on. Anxiety followed my lead.

We watched as the thick, angry red marks carved themselves identically across our skin. They glistened—and I knew what that meant.

Scar tissue.

Anxiety met my eyes. “Heartbreak,” he ground out through his clenched jaw. “That’s what it is.”

“I don’t like it,” I whimpered.

Anxiety slowly released his grip on his sleeves and grabbed mine. He pulled me over. We wrapped our arms around each other, holding on for dear life. I wept unashamedly, tears soaking into Anxiety’s hoodie.

That memory was conflicting. The pain was terrible and the experience was awful, but that was the first time Virgil and I really connected—which I found important.

“Hey Thomas!” a familiar voice called out, jarring me from my thoughts. I recognized it from some of Thomas’ memories. I turned. I would have taken my glasses off to look more like Thomas but I found out the hard way when I was changing shirts that I couldn’t see more than three inches in front of my face without them. So I kept them on.

The girl who approached was small. Her eyes were a lighter brown than mine and her hair had less red in it than mine—also no purple—and fell to her waist.

I racked my brain for her name. Thomas had memories of humor around her but I wasn’t coming up with her name.

“Heeeeeyyy… Natalie!” I replied, her name smacking me in the face like a wet cat.

She smiled and laughed. “Forgot my name for a sec, huh?” she joked. I shrugged. “Meh. Don’t worry about it. My professors do too. All the time.” She blinked and scrunched her dark eyebrows. “What’s with the glasses, if I may ask?”

“Oh! Uh…” I scrambled to come up with some excuse. “I’m in the middle of filming a project and I just didn’t bother to take them off.”

Natalie nodded. “Ah. I see. That’s cool,” she commented. “Uh, I was actually on my way to your apartment when I saw you.” She cleared her throat. She and Thomas weren’t particularly close but they seemed to be pretty decent acquaintances—if not quite all the way to friends just yet. “Uh, Haldir has been a little lonely today since me and my roommate were both out a lot this weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to come play with him.”

Even though I had trouble accessing Thomas’ memories, I knew Haldir was her and her roommate’s dog.

I perked up instantly.  “I’d love to!” I exclaimed.

She laughed. “Alrighty then. Wanna walk with me? I mean, if you’re going somewhere, you can come over later—”

“No, no, no!” I interrupted. “I was actually just out exploring, waiting to find a dog to pet.”

She grinned. “Of course you were,” she teased, turning on her heel to head towards her house. I quickly trotted after her to catch up. “So, uh… you okay, Thomas? You were looking a little troubled when I saw you.”

I shook my head and waved my hand dismissively. “I’m fine. Just, y’know, this project is a big one and I’m a little stressed,” I lied.

“Tell me about this project,” Natalie requested. “Like, who’s the character who needs glasses?”

“He’s called Patton. He’s meant to represent T—my moral side. And, y’know, emotions.”

“So why’s he got glasses?”

“Because usually he wears an outfit that looks more like a dad. Polo shirt, khakis, cardigan tied around the shoulders. That deal. The glasses go with it. Also he’s supposed to be near-sighted because emotions are often more about what’s important in the present,” I explained.

Natalie nodded in understanding.

I whacked myself on the forehead. “What am I doing? Where are my manners? I should be escorting the nice lady,” I remarked, extending my elbow.

Natalie laughed and looped her arm through my elbow. “You’re so sweet, Thomas,” she observed. I tried not to feel too guilty. Technically, pretending to be Thomas when I was, in fact, Patton was lying. And lying was wrong.

Which went against everything I stood for.

But Virgil was right. We couldn’t just be ourselves out in the normal world. We weren’t… whole. “We” meaning us Sides.

So I just kept up the act. Pretending to be Thomas was simpler than explaining what I was to an unsuspecting neighbor.

Natalie was whistling as we strolled down the sidewalk—a Disney tune I recognized. I licked my lips and joined in, knowing that Roman would enjoy being in my place in the moment.

As we reached the apartment I recognized as hers, she pulled a set of keys out of her pocket and stuck one in the door. She jerked it and pushed the door open.

I passed her my glasses, instantly losing my good vision. “Hold these, will you?” I requested. She laughed and took them as a blur of chestnut hair streaked across the dark splotch that was the inside of Natalie’s apartment and thirty pounds of red retriever bowled into her. She laughed and petted Haldir’s head.

“Hey boy. I brought you a friend!”

I bent my knees and smiled at the dog—what I could see of him anyway. “Hi buddy!” I exclaimed.

Haldir growled.

“Hal!” Natalie protested. “It’s Thomas! You love Thomas!”

My heartstrings twanged at the lie. I was part of Thomas, but I wasn’t Thomas.

I let Haldir sniff my hand. He seemed to perk up.

“There we go!” I commented as the dog reared up on his hind legs to lick me.

I felt all the tension ease away. Dogs made everything better.

Next Chapter (Coming Soon-ish!)

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Stuff I finished during the last days in master thesis writing breaks (pics without HQ mod):

  • Eyeshadow right 
  • Eyeshadow left 
  • Lips (with and without teeth)
  • Eyes (okay, actually these are finished for a longer time already) 

And can we just acknowledge that @pralinesims creates the best eyebrows of all, @obscurus-sims‘ nosemaks are awesome and @wingssims is an amazing hair creator?! Also: Have a look at this damn nice hairline by @daerilia ♥ 

  • Spock: Doctor, I must say your approach to cosmetics reminds me of your approach to life: shouting without constructive purpose. Quantity without quality. Ostentation without–
  • McCoy: –it’s EYESHADOW Spock, you WEAR it. You’re supposed to ENJOY WEARING IT.
  • Spock: Forgive me, I thought its purpose was to improve the aesthetics of daily life and thus subtly elevate morale.
  • McCoy: Well YOU CERTAINLY AREN'T elevating MY MORA–
  • Kirk: –Gentlemen! Bones, keep enjoying yourself. Spock, you’re perfect. Let's look at space :)

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UM ADDING MAKEUP TO A PICTURE? oh you mean like the one I did with Lindsey, right (I got super confused for a second) OKAY

I used Photoshop CC

let us use this picture of Lindsey (because it’s the one I edited ok)

First, I’m just going to crop and adjust to how I want it so I get this:

and then just edit it, i’m going to use a psd that i saved from the original pic (because i’m lazy lol) so this is what I have so far:

(i know she looks white-washed, but we can fix it at the end - i think it’s better to edit when her skin is lighter so you can see the shadows etc you know?)

here’s where the fun begins! 


  • create a new layer (shift + ctrl + n)
  • and paint her lips black (yes. i know. such emo)

(as you can see - it doesn’t have to be perfect)

  • then set the layer to the ‘soft light’ setting (and erase any bits that look weird)
  • if you’re happy with that lip colour, just leave it

her lips look so weird in this ^ because i accidentally saved the image as a gif *facepalm*

  • if you’re not, go to ‘layer > new fill layer > and remember to check the ‘use previous layer to create clipping mask’ thing
  • and you can make her lips any colour you want! i went with #5b1717


  • create a new layer (shift + ctrl + n)
  • draw a black arrow on her cheeks
  • go into filter > blur > gaussian blur
  • and just adjust until you like it
  • create a new fill layer again (and again, check that box)

  • and you can change her cheeks to any colour! i did #e94d4d and toned down the opacity a little


  • go back to your background layer
  • okay, for eye makeup you’ll need two important tools: the dodge and burn tools
  • burn = dark/smoky and dodge = highlight
  • here i’m just going over with the burn tool (opacity = 20%)
  • now for the dodge tool
  • create a new layer (shift + ctrl + n)
  • draw a black ‘v’ at the edge of her eyes.. you know, like a winged out eyeliner :)
  • go to filter > blur > gaussian again
  • and adjust till you like it
  • i didn’t like it how it looked so i went back and did another v
  • just keep adjusting and changing the levels of opacity etc - remember, all pics are different and sometimes things look better without so much eyeshadow etc.

and there you go!

finally, i’m going to sharpen and add noise and add a vibrance layer :)

there you go - i hope that helped :)