but with the attitude of ishida


I am not a Tokyo ghoul fan but I still feel the need to put this in my blog
this attitude is downright disgusting, nasty and 100% unacceptable, honestly I feel so bad for Ishida!

I don’t know the man that well, but I’ve seen him interact with his fans on twitter before in such a fun and respectful way, I’ve also been here when he took the time to draw a tribute art of one of his fans when she was killed in a tragic accident (Christina Grimme)

and regardless of any of this, no author or content creator ever should have to experience such harassment for a valid decision they made in their own story, bad or good, I won’t understand for the life of me why some fans feel so entitled to someone else’s work like this, especially if it’s over something as ridiculous as shipping! being simply disappointed is an entirely different thing!

what’s ironic about all of this, is that 90% of these fans don’t even buy and support his work legally, this harassment started from international fans before the chapter was even released officially in Japan, and this alone is disrespectful enough, I understand a lot of us don’t have the means to support official releases due to different reasons, but the least we can do is not act like entitled pricks over it

I’m addressing this because for one, it’s horrible! and second, I don’t think the snk fandom is above this at all, I’m just glad Isayama doesn’t have any public social media account and I hope it stays that way

things like this makes me almost hate shipping culture because it’s the main source of all of this, people just don’t know when to stop, close their laptops and go take a walk

  • Nobunaga: What do you normally do when I'm gone?
  • Hideyoshi: Wait for you to get back..
  • Mitsunari: What do you normally do when I'm gone, Lord Ieyasu?
  • Ieyasu: Pray that you stay away

Cybird Ikemen Sengoku All Characters’ Profiles

Note: I’m sorry for any wrong and off translation since I’m a learner, please advice and correct me for any mistakes *bow* 

“Do-S x Self-Conceit/Self-Centeredness” 

Nobunaga Oda

Don’t you want to become woman of the *person who would unify this whole country?

*tengabito = the person with ruling power/have the world/have the country/descend from heaven

VA: Tomokazu Sugita
Birthday: 12 May
Height: 179.7 cm
Blood Type: B

Aspiring to unify the whole country, the cruel and inhuman Sengoku warrior. A real ideologist, his thinking and thought is separated/different from an ordinary man. Being called ‘demon king’ due to his cold-blooded behavior, and he should be someone to be afraid of, but…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Unprecedented x Hedonist/Pleasure-seeker”

Masamune Date

Don’t be bored. You would satisfy me, don’t you?

VA: Kazuki Kato
Birthday: 5 September
Height: 180.3 cm
Blood Type: B

Unprecedented and aggressive hedonist. He believes that he won’t dishonor his way of life as Sengoku warrior. With his frank personality, he makes fun of/playing/trifling with you, as he drawn near to you out of curiosity.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Ore-sama x Tsundere”

Yukimura Sanada

Hide behind my back. I’ll protect you without fail.

VA: Kensho Ono (Original: Yoshimasa Hosoya)
Birthday: 7 July
Height: 177 cm
Blood Type: O

A Takeda retainer who’s burning with revenge on Nobunaga. Loyal and devoted, he respects Shingen who shares similar motives. Although he is masculine/manly and has overbearing/pushy/high-handed personality, there is also a shy side of him that is weak/not good with women…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Popular with women x Elder brother temperament/type”

Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Can you listen properly to things I’m going to say? I cannot leave someone like you alone.

VA: Kosuke Toriumi
Birthday: 17 March
Height: 179.2 cm
Blood Type: O

Nobunaga’s loyal retainer. With caring personality and always taking care of people, not only he’s being loved by other retainers, but also popular among women. He won’t forgive those who harms Nobunaga, and he’s being wary/cautious of you too.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Ambitious person x Perverse/cussed person”

Ieyasu Tokugawa

In that case, do as you please. Since I have no interest for weak people.

VA: Toshiki Masuda
Birthday: 31 January
Height: 174.1 cm
Blood Type: A

An ambitious person who is a contrary and uncooperative. Very patient and hates to lose; dislike weak people. Behind his stubborn and obstinate attitude, he seems to hide a sad past…?

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Adult x Womanizer”

Shingen Takeda

…Come here. I will teach you the tactics/strategies of an adult love.

VA: Yūichirō Umehara
Birthday: 1 December
Height: 185 cm
Blood Type: B

Sengoku warrior who is feared as the tiger of Kai. He’s aiming for Takeda Clan revival. Although he’s being deeply loves by the retainers for being broad-minded, however he’s a cold person to his enemies. A lady-killer who gives off an adult vibes and charms.

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Charisma x Yandere”

Kenshin Uesugi

My live and death is in war. I have no spare times for the likes of women.

VA: Hiroaki Miura
Birthday: 18 February
Height: 176.2 cm
Blood Type: AB

A man called ‘God of War’ who’s carrying an overwhelming charisma. His love for war is unrivaled/incomparable, and his victory is always expected without any doubts. There are seems to be some reasons for his attitude of refusing bluntly/thrusting away women…

Full Preview - (LINK)

“Mysterious x Malicious”

Mitsuhide Akechi

No? You’re lying. It seems you like it I’m being mean to you.

VA: Shunsuke Takeuchi
Birthday: 4 October
Height: 181 cm
Blood Type: AB

Nobunaga’s right arm who is malicious and mysterious. Carrying suspicious atmosphere, he’s someone to be feared even by allies, and his relationship with Hideyoshi is like dogs and monkeys. There is also rumor he’s having a secret meeting with the enemy,  and his true mind and feelings are enveloped in mystery.


“Pheromone x Keen/sharp/brilliant mind”

Mitsunari Ishida

Whenever you are in trouble, please depend/rely on me…Promise me, alright?

VA: Yoshio Yamatani
Birthday: 6 November
Height: 175 cm
Blood Type: A

Hideyoshi’s close aide with sharp mind and excels in arithmetic. Someone with gentle manner, he does not aware of his sex appeal to make women fascinated of him. Liking war tactics research and study, so much to the point he neglects his life whenever he’s being immersed in it…


“Cool x On pace”

Sasuke Sarutobi

Don’t worry. It’s really fun to get adapted/familiarized with Sengoku live.

VA: Kenji Akabane
Birthday: 10 April
Height: 176.7 cm
Blood Type: O

Originally a graduate student with Astrophysics major. After the time slip, he’s getting an employment as ninja. Expressionless, but optimistic with a character that cannot lie. He’s searching for a method to return to present time by studying the theory of time slip.


“Ruthless x Revenge demon”


Well…how about I make you cry? Ojōsan (Young lady).

VA: Tarusuke Shingaki
Birthday: 7 January
Height: 178 cm
Blood Type: O

A revenge demon who resents Nobunaga. A man who is willing to become a demon himself in choosing the means in order to achieve/accomplish his revenge.


anonymous asked:

clearly i don't see why people are romanticizing the last chapter when it's not healthy of Kaneki's sanity to rely almost solely on Touka

Yeah but did I ever write that, Anon? Since you’re sending me that message and all, are you implying that I did mention anything of the sort

Because all I said was that thinking about Touka and his love for her “helped Kaneki with finding his resolve”, which is textually what happened in the chapter. Now this attitude…

…is definitely not healthy, but it’s not like Kaneki is not a character with deeply-rooted personal issues. 

Listen, Ishida writes his character realistically and it turns out that no one is ever 100% okay inwardly, which is why there is a chance that Kaneki will never sound to be “healthy” by your definition.
Besides that though, the simple fact that Kaneki had to separate his current self in 8 parts (because he went through so much shit) to reflect back on his decisions so far is proof enough that he went through a lot and might never be able to fully cope with it.

So, considering the situation he was in until now, between death and survival…

…He simply thought about the main reason he went back and the main reason he is currently fighting, in order to gather his strength and to keep going.

Is it healthy to consider his love for Touka and their baby to be his main (only?) reason for living? Probably not, but compared to when he just wanted to die in style, I find this is an improvement since it’s driving him to move forward.

Maybe don’t try to rationalize so much, okay? There was a time when Kaneki was suicidal so, compared to that, anything is a welcome improvement and should be seen as progress rather than the other way around. 

I hope I explained properly. Have a nice day Anon. 

Hi! Did you mean this guy?

Well it’s just Kaneki suddenly realizing the implications of the mess he’s in.

The “Kaneki Summit” that we see in the chapter is simply one way that Kaneki’s mind found to look back on everything that happened, representing everything that he went through by different conflicted parts of the same self, in order to make it easier to reflect on what went wrong. 

We saw 8 parts of him, because he was forced to change deeply several times to survive, but Kaneki’s psyche is intact (as in, he doesn’t have MPD), so all the Kanekis that we saw during the “Summit” are in fact all the same guy, the one that suddenly realized with horror that if he doesn’t turn the situation around, then “he won’t get to see Touka again”.

The same thing happened during Cochlea, when he fought against Arima. This was him at first…

…Before he imagined what Hide would tell him, how he would motivate him, if he were here:

So, just like with Hide back then, this time Kaneki’s mind created a situation in which Kaneki could confront why he often failed and why he’s always been so conflicted until now (which was represented by the 8 Kanekis)…

…in order to find a way out of the current mess, until he suddenly realized that not surviving meant not seeing Touka again and that he couldn’t deal with that.

That’s just my opinion but I hope it helps! Have a nice day Anon. :)

Aww Anon, there, there. :3 It’s nothing new though, it’s something that Kaneki started to think in ch125…

and that he blatantly admitted to himself in ch132. :))

As it turns out, ch144 was just another proof that his love for Touka was genuine and could also be a light at his darkest hour. 

I agree it was very moving despite the madness of this chapter though. :3

Have a nice day Anon!

White Giri, Black Ninjo

Or, alternatively: “The Key to Kaneki’s Hair”.

The symbolism of Kaneki’s changing hair colours has always been a much-discussed topic in the fandom since it typically comes with a major shift in his personality. It will always either be white, black or a combination of the two. However, it’s difficult to pin down exactly what each colour signifies; easier, perhaps, in the first manga where black was a firm Yin and white a firm Yang, but :re shakes things up a little, with the heavily violent and proactive Black Reaper having the same black hair as the meek and helpless Kuroneki of the start. His personality was far more like the white-haired Shironeki, so, why the black hair? A strong case could be made for it to be an inverted mirror-image of the transformation in the original series, but I think that the specific blackness of the hair is representative of the same thing that it was for Kuroneki.

Namely, following the path of your emotions rather than that of your duty. In Japanese, this is referred to as Ninjo, whereas the path of duty is referred to as Giri.

In the same way that you can find echoes of Shakespeare in practically every piece of English literature since, so it is in Japanese literature with Monzaemon Chikamatsu (1653-1724), considered the greatest Japanese dramatist there ever was. His works were revolutionary in their focus on common people rather than on nobles and kings, and particularly lauded are his love-suicide dramas, where characters would be forced to choose between their Giri and their Ninjo - for example, a married man who falls in love with a prostitute, or the lonely wife of a samurai having an affair while her husband is away on business - and, finding the choice too difficult to make, would end their internal struggle with their life. Typically Giri would be associated with the white Yang symbol as evocative of strength, whereas Ninjo is represented by the black Yin symbol as evocative of feeling.

And suddenly Kaneki’s hair begins to make a lot of sense. Kaneki continues the legacy of Chikamatsu’s tragic hero as a self-proclaimed ordinary person whose greatest internal struggle comes between feeling and duty.

As Kuroneki, Kaneki’s primary focus was his own feelings; his difficulties in adjusting to the world of the Ghoul, his friendship with Hide and later with Touka and Hinami, his fear of losing control of himself, and the basic desire to survive. But while he had all of these feelings, he had no overarching sense of duty or any greater purpose. He was thoroughly a creature of Ninjo, and with it, a head full of black hair.

But when Kaneki’s hair turns white, he finds his Giri by taking it upon himself to protect everyone and destroy Aogiri. He throws himself fully into his duty, neglecting his Ninjo by isolating himself from Touka and Hide and forcing himself into a self-destructive lifestyle. But eventually, the pain that comes from such brutal self-repression and the consequences of it - Hide’s apparent death at his hands, first and foremost - led to Kaneki completely wiping his memory as a self-defence mechanism.

Now the Ninjo has been allowed to resurface, in the mind of Haise it engages in constant battle with his Giri, as represented in his black-and-white hair - not a symbol of unity, but of discord; discord, and confusion. Haise believes his Giri to be the recovery of his memories whereas his Ninjo is his desire to remain as a CCG officer, thus the white-haired child in his mind.

But, in fact, the reverse is true. It is his Ninjo that pushes him back to his forgotten memories, because Kaneki was not truly happy in this life, and he was in fact undermining his Giri to the CCG. 

This slowly becomes apparent as Kaneki gets closer and closer to the truth, as his hair becomes blacker with Ninjo rather than whiter with Giri, until eventually it becomes fully black when his memories come flooding back and he ends up turning on the CCG.

The Black Reaper, in a very different way than Kuroneki, is still decidedly based around Ninjo. The Black Reaper’s goal is both emotional and self-focused - suicide. Even though he sets out to save Hinami, it’s part of his own Ninjo desire to atone for Hide’s death rather than a Giri sense of responsibility towards her. This is what the well-read Kaneki considers to be the last part of his own Chikamatsu style-drama - unable to handle the brutal friction between what he wants and what he feels he has to do, he believes he can only find peace in self-destruction for the sake of another; in other words, a love-suicide.

But as we all know, his story doesn’t end there.

If :re were a tragedy, it certainly would have. Chikamatsu found death to be the only solution to this impossible dilemma - once you strayed from your Giri, you were lost forever. But while Ishida is Chikamatsu’s disciple, he uses his style to prove him wrong. He allows Kaneki to regain contact with his Giri through his Ninjo as represented by his friends - first in Touka’s “I’ll see you later” and then in ‘Hide’’s “I meant to live on through you”. He has a responsibility to live on for their sake, and so his hair turns white once more as he recovers his direction and his drive in his ultimate duty as the One-Eyed King. Kaneki solves the dilemma by finding a way for the two opposing forces work in unison, breaking dramatically from the traditional Japanese tragic format. In doing so, Ishida asserts his victory in his hard-fought battle with the genre and his right to live on - whether it fits the “style” of tragedy or not.

Thus Tokyo Ghoul ultimately affirms a Giri-based attitude to life but emphasises the importance of catering for your Ninjo as your Giri’s inspiration rather than its opponent. Unlike before, Kaneki is driven by his Giri but is supported by his Ninjo, manifest in the friends and loved ones that surround him. His Giri duty to create a better world for Ghouls comes from his Ninjo love for Touka.

A perfect and final balance of Yin and Yang.

Ishida Akira (Yakumo/Kikuhiko) x Hayashibara Megumi (Miyokichi)

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/karice.wordpress.com/2017/01/07/p554/amp/

Interview and text: Maeda Hisashi

—The two of you have acted together on many different shows, beginning with Slayers where to you played Lina and Xellos, and Neon Genesis Evangelion where you were Ayanami Rei and Nagisa Kaworu. How did you feel when you found out that you would be acting together in this show?

Ishida: When I found out that Hayashibara-san would be my counterpart, I was like “Oh boy, what a frightening partner…” In a variety of ways.

Hayashibara: What’s this? Where? And how come? …like this, you mean? (chuckles)

Ishida: Oh, no no (chuckles). As everyone is well aware, you’re an incredible actor, right? Such a person is probably strict with themselves, and also with those acting beside them. At least, that’s what I figured.

Hayashibara: “That’s what I figured”…could you make sure that’s in large, bold font? (chuckles)

Ishida: Like, should I try to fake it, with my level of ability, you’d see right through me. You’d see through me no matter what I did, so I put myself on guard right from the start.

Hayashibara: Say what?!

Ishida: It’s especially true for this anime, but even for the other shows we’ve worked on together, I’ve always thought that you’re someone who makes the people you are acting with rather tense, no matter what the atmosphere of the studio seems like on the surface.

Hayashibara: Is that so…how interesting!

Ishida: “There’s so much pressure just in the fact that I have to do rakugo…and on top of that, I’ll be working with Yamadera (Kouichi)-san and Hayashibara-san, huh? Good heavens…” That’s pretty much what it felt like (chuckles).

Hayashibara: As for me, I was offered the part only after Yamadera-san, Ishida-san and Seki (Tomokazu)-kun had all been confirmed. So somewhere in the back of my mind, I feel that, if it hadn’t been you and Yamadera-san in those roles, then it probably wouldn’t have been me either. I’m not sure what it is, perhaps the balance of our voices, or our mentalities, or perhaps the wavelength we’re on, or our bonds in our previous lives (chuckles), but we just match, somehow. It was the same when I did Cowboy Bebop. Ishizuka (Unshō)-san and Yamadera-san were chosen first, and then I came in as the voice between them.

—After you started recording, could you tell us about what you sensed and took from each other’s acting?

Ishida: It was like Miyokichi was moving the story along at my pace, in a good way. Or perhaps, I felt that it was good that they met when the story was moving along. And just as I was becoming comfortable with the atmosphere of the studio where we were recording Rakugo Shinjuu, Kikuhiko was becoming comfortable with Miyokichi—this is probably something that men tend to do, but it felt a bit like a part of me was standing somewhat above her, looking down on her. I’m really glad that there was such an overlap, where the way that my character became familiar with his partner reflected my own experience in the studio.

Hayashibara: As for me, rather than being able to ‘take from’ Ishida-san’s acting, it was all I could do to try and grasp who Miyokichi was. I’m sure that Ishida-san and Yamadera-san both struggled with and spent a lot of time thinking about their own characters as well, but from my perspective, they were already Kiku-san and Sukeroku through and through. Just how could I slip into the space between them as Miyokichi? I wasted a lot of time during the recordings for the first half of the series trying to figure that out.

____Was Miyokichi a difficult character to play?

Hayashibara: Just the other day, I saw the latest episode on TV, and even then I found myself reflecting a little, like “Oh dear, was this correct…?” Which is really unusual for me (chuckles). There’s a line where Miyokichi says “I’m stupid, so…” but what I took from it was “This girl is no idiot, is she?” How much of that is just her acting out the part, and how much of it is real idiocy? It was pretty difficult treading the fine line between the two. And Kiku-san probably loves that idiocy in the way that a man loves “a woman who is just a little more broken than he is.” Whatever he says, he sees through the way she acts and what he finds on the other side, he loves even more. Or something like that. In playing Miyokichi, I was caught between the two (acting vs. real idiocy). It was in that episode 9 scene with Sukeroku that she finally settled on one side. That line of “Did something happen? I’ll hear you out…”—at first, I was directed to play it more listlessly, as if I’d lost everything. But Kubota Haruko-sensei, the mangaka, was actually at the studio when we recording that episode, and she said: “That line actually represents the point where she starts taking her revenge.” With that, the direction changed again, and I thought to myself “She really is no idiot.” It was then that I finally felt I’d grasped Miyokichi, just a little. Nevertheless, I honestly believe that there are points where her actions are motivated purely because she’s in love, and it’s precisely because she’s a woman who’s almost impossible to grasp that Kiku-san, too, is captivated by her. That’s right, a woman that Kiku-san would really fall in love with—just what kind of woman is that? In pondering that very question, I definitely used parts of my brain that I’d never used before. …hey Kiku-san, what exactly do you love about Miyokichi? (chuckles)

Ishida: (chuckles) Well, if I pick up the thread from what Hayashibara-san has just said, then Kiku has probably never thought that Miyokichi was an idiot. He knows that she’s someone who has used a range of wiles to survive, to get to where she is now. And because he sees her in this way, what he feels for her for her isn’t the kind of romantic love held by the average, modern high schooler who’s in love with his or her classmate. But when she’s there beside him, he finds himself responding to her allure. He’s a pitiful guy, after all. In that way, he lets himself be influenced by her, but at the same time, he’s cooly looking at himself, saying “This isn’t romantic love.” And he probably thinks of himself, of this person looking on so cooly, as “a real slime-ball,” too. But he is simply unable to throw away that feeling of comfort that he gets by being by her side. He’s a weak guy…or rather, an unfair one. In episode 8, he gets angry when he comes back from the regional tour and sees Sukeroku and Miyokichi in an embrace, doesn’t he? Personally, I don’t think he was that angry, not really (chuckles), but I also kind of understand why he was upset. Even though he didn’t regard himself as being in love, he gets irritated at the thought of parting with her. So, I also have to reflect on my performance, just like Hayashibara-san. That scene where Kiku says “I am (being a man). This is the greatest lie of my life”—when we recorded it, I went into the scene taking those words quite literally. But now that I think about it, it’s not like Kikuhiko was prepared to keep their relationship going—that kind of thought was probably in the back of his head, too. Hence, I’m sure that those words that he said to Sukeroku were, at some level, a lie aimed at deceiving himself as well.

Hayashibara: There are so many emotions on the other side of “I love you” that we no longer know which of them are right and which of them are wrong. In particular, in the middle part of the show, I felt like I was waiting for the directors’ guidance with regards to what was coming out of me naturally at that time. But if we think about it, that’s what real romantic love is like. It’s not like you’re reading out a love letter that expresses everything clearly in a set number of words. The attitude your partner takes at any particular point also changes the words you use, and it’s not as if it will play out the way you have planned. In that sense, even those elements of my performance that I thought may have been incorrect, may have been right as far as results go—I’ve been trying to think about it along those lines without trying to justify myself. Beyond that, all that remains is to leave it up to the viewers to decide how they feel about it.

—How do the two of you perceive Sukeroku?

Ishida: He’s someone who is real to the bone, with no artifice.

Hayashibara: Yup, I’m with you there. And that’s why he gets messed up (chuckles). Miyokichi envied him, just because he and Kiku-san got along too well. Something may have happened in Manchuria as well, but she simply has no interest in a guy who foolishly tries to woo her, so openly, too, despite knowing that she’s his master’s mistress (chuckles). In the end, a man like Kiku-san is more appealing to her—someone who fights to restrain himself, thinking “I can’t touch her because she’s my master’s,” but who gradually loses that fight and lays his hands on her. Hence, if Kiku-san hadn’t gotten involved with her, I don’t think she would have taken any interest in Sukeroku.

—And that did not change even after she took him back to her hometown?

Hayashibara: Because this was her revenge. But since Sukeroku just has so much warmth about him, I think that being with him may have felt comfortable to her. In that sense, she may have felt at times that he was causing her to forget (what she wanted). With Kiku-san, he’s so cold that she feels that she has to warm him up, but Sukeroku is just warm, unconditionally warm. Like the stomach of a golden retriever (chuckles). That kind of warm, comfortable feeling.

Ishida: I think that Kikuhiko has always been frustrated and envious of how Sukeroku found success with his completely different way of living, but if you ask me whether he felt something particular when he saw Sukeroku and Miyokichi’s together, then I suspect that he probably didn’t. In fact, given that he was, at that time, thinking that it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep dragging things out with Miyokichi in that way, it was like a godsend to him. Not that he’d say it, but I suspect that he probably felt something along the lines of “Thank you for creating the opportunity for me to break up with her.”

—As for Kikuhiko and Sukeroku, it was like they had a shared fate through rakugo, but it was ripped apart because of Miyokichi. How have you interpreted that aspect of the story?

Ishida: Kiku probably wouldn’t have ever imagined that, as a result of him dumping Miyokichi, that she would move to the countryside with Sukeroku. And there’s no way he would ever have wanted such an outcome.

Hayashibara: But if I look at it not from Miyokichi’s perspective but simply as a viewer, whether Miyokichi had been there or not, I feel that it would have been difficult for Sukeroku to continue doing rakugo in Tokyo. He would probably have distanced himself from Kiku-san, don’t you think?

Ishida: I suspect that Kikuhiko probably didn’t think of such a possibility. Sukeroku was getting a lot of backlash because of what he was doing, what he was aiming for, and a lot of problems were arising as a result. But fans were also full of praise for for his amazing performances. Hence, whilst it would have been best if Sukeroku did not cause any problems, but if he did, then Kikuhiko intended to continue backing him up. And I think there still was quite a way to go before he ran out of patience.

Hayashibara: I see…then Miyo-chan did indeed take Sukeroku away… That girl really is no idiot. The “revenge” that Kumota-sensei spoke about was that very act.


anonymous asked:

Why don't you like Touka? She seems to be getting so much hate recently. I would say maybe half the fandom (maybe more) really hate her.

yeah well, there are many reasons for it and the fact that a lot of people came to dislike her in the recent chapters and in :re in general is because of ishida’s wrighting who led to it. im not saying anything bad about ishida, it’s his story so he should do whatever he wants (even though a lot of teenagers read it and think it’s educational) but i was personally very disappointed because i was looking up to him and i really admired him and his writing. in short, the things that bother me the most about touka are for starters how ishida made her abusive, it’s not like in :re it was the first time she hit kaneki but i expected her to change her attitude and mature (ayato did it greatly). the fact that she didn’t help Sasaki to gain his memories back and the whole idea for having a coffee shop for him to return to is stupid (why are you waiting for him, that’s why you left your studies?). the whole conversation about the verginity was weird, why would someone ask about it in the first place?, but let’s assume it’s okay, and let’s put aside the fact that kaneki himself wasn’t comfortable with the whole conversation, she thought kaneki liked her based on looks he gave her while he had amnesia and told him that she is ready to have sex, not date, but have sex. they weren’t close enough for this, they haven’t seen each other in forever, sure they were friends and it would have made sense for them to be together from the beginning but ishida didn’t do anything to develop it and write it to make me, as a reader, feel like it’s a good relationship, they are not in love, they lust for each other. she jumped on him while he was talking about his friend and decided that after a battle it was a good time to make out which she said she’d wait for him but well probably not. she wanted to have a child (which is also stupid how in the first try she’s pregnant) to keep him from leaving, that’s bad and nowhere near a good relationship. the whole parallel with how they resemble each other’s parents is absolutely disgusting. and it just gets worse because kaneki thinks that he loves her and they get married very quickly bc he found out she is pregnant, in a time of war. I’ll stop here and say that in summery i expected for kaneki to get over his shitty life and be actually happy, real happiness, but it’s getting shittier for him by the minute till the end of the manga.

Edit: I forgot to mention something that really pissed me off, touka’s boobs got two, or even three times bigger almost right before they had the talk.. why?? ?

Prequel Prologue - Meeting you: Chance Encounter Season

前日譚・序章 ・君と出逢う季節

Zenjitsutan・Joshō・Kimi to deau kisetsu


Prologue - Meeting You: Chance Encounter Season
2nd Chapter - Blossoming Love in Turbulent Times

That unknown past to be newly spun in the prequel……
Time is rolled back and returned, sending someone to a fate
Even so, the fate somehow happened to come across and the two person feelings connected once more
Although the two fates in which the encounter season is different, but they are being tied again
Now, the curtain of the beginning tale opens–

[ 前編 . Zenpen . 1st Part ]

Connection: An interesting person?

Saburou (Oda Nobunaga)

Although you are starting to feel pleasant and enjoyable in spending time with [Saburou-san] who you meet by chance in Kyoto, he will depart from Kyoto soon. In the middle of feeling lonely, [Oda Nobunaga] summons/calls for you. Without understanding the reason, you still go out of your time to have an audience with Oda Nobunaga. However, by no means, the one who appears (in front of you) is [Saburou-san].

Genji (Kirigakure Saizo)

You meet [Genji], Yugiri’s young master/owner as a helper/assistant. That fleeting gentleness of him attracts you, but witnessing a scene of *tsujigiri changes your peaceful everyday life completely. Somehow, as a source who knows that, you have your own suspicion. As you continue to be invited as helper, you cannot help from being curious even if you are being suspiciously doubtful.

*Note: killing a passerby in order to test a new sword

Katakura Kojuro

You lost your job in Oshu, where you were working away from home (a migrant?) and while you are at lost, you have fate meeting encounter with a man named [Kojuro] from Katakura family who offers his help. Although there are not much good impression at first, that thought changes gradually as both of you spend time together. Meanwhile, all of a sudden, an arrangement put you to work as maid in Kojuro’s residence.

Inuchiyo (Maeda Toshiie)

Right after your reunion with Inuchiyo, your childhood friend, he changes into a cold person. As if there is no trace of good relationship around the time both of you are very young, you are being refused and rejected. However, Inuchiyo comes to help you as you are involved in an incident. While you are confused and cannot understand the present Inuchiyo, it has been decided that he would stay at Kyoto for a while.

Kagetora (Uesugi Kenshin)

In order to help your relatives, along the way towards Echigo, you encounter kidnapping and being taken to Hojo Castle. However, several days later, the castle falls at the hand of [Nagao Kagetora]. Again, in the middle of escaping to Echigo, you were found by a warlord with cold eyes…and the one who rescues you is that person, [Nagao Kagetora].

Harunobu (Takeda Shingen)

In order to help your small restaurant which suffers from financial difficulties, you go towards the area of Kai to work. However, the place you’ve been taken to work is to become the concubine of [Takeda Nobutora], Kai’s Lord!? While you are at lost, the chance meeting with red-haired man named [Harunobu] - helps you getting out from dilemma and so, your new life in Kai, begins. 

[ 後編 . Kohen . 2nd Part ]

Akechi Mitsuhide

With a copy of book as a start, you meet an elegance man, [Mitsuhide] by chance. Two person shorten their distance by common topics. However, suddenly, you are informed about a crime you done without reasons/causes (she’s actually innocent). Even if you are being prisoned, Mitsuhide who does not give up on you thinks of something. Due to his action, you manage to leave prison and work as a cook.

Genjirou (Sanada Yukimura)

You go to the shrine at the back of hill to perform your offering. Suddenly, a voice could be heard from inside the shrine. Looking into it, there was an injured samurai named [Genjirou]. Even if you feel he is likely to be dangerous especially he does not open his heart to you, you still take care of him. [Genjirou] who gradually recovering, starts to open his heart for you and decides to place himself in the city of Kyoto.

Tojirou (Date Masamune)

Since your relative is collapsed, you come to Oshu to help at the small restaurant. Then, by chance, you meet a reserve young man, [Tojirou] there. Each time both of you are meeting, he shows you various facial expression. One day, that truth of him as the next head of Date Clan, [Date Masamune] is known to you.

Tokichirou (Toyotomi Hideyoshi)

You work for a daimyo, Matsushita at his residence. One day, you meet again with [Tokichirou], the guy who chases thief at town some while ago. However, you are bewildered by his attitude that is very different unlike before. One day, right after Tokichirou starting to show various facial expression somehow, an occasion leads you to live along with Tokichirou and the other 2 guys under an order.

Matsudaira Motoyasu (Tokugawa Ieyasu)

Sunpu. You who was supposed to work for Imagawa Yoshimoto encounters Imagawa Clan’s hostage, [Matsudaira Motoyasu]. Though he’s enduring harsh treatment, Motoyasu constantly keeps smiling. While you are looking after him, gradually, you come to think that you want to touch the innermost depths of his heart.

Sakichi (Ishida Mitsunari)

While working at Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s residence, by chance, you encounter [Sakichi], who spends his every day being indifferent and does not allowed anyone to come close to him other than Hideyoshi. He is someone who cannot get through by common sense and his honest and straight trait always come to strike. While you are touching that undecorated honesty, your heart starts to stir up.


I already make translation for the first 6 lords of 2nd chapter, so we just need to wait for second batch to come out tomorrow (there’s already new Saizo cg slot in tenka), then I’ll post them in one shot~

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any thoughts on lgbt+ characters in tokyo ghoul?? the way ishida writes them can be really controversial at times (also, your metas are always mind blowing! love this blog)

There are a lot more LGBT characters than most manga of the same genre, but having characters present does not necessarily equate to good representation. Also, I’m not the best person to ask about this because while I consider myself B and part of the community, I tend to intellectualize everything so while representation is an emotional thing for most people, and they have every right for it to be!! I want to stress this!! 

Anyway, personal opinion under the cut you know the drill. 

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"Bakugou is not a dumb kid who enjoys hurting others for the sole sake of it" While I agree that Bakugou is not dumb, he HAS hurt others for the sake of it. He abused and bullied Izuku for 10 years. He used his deadly quirk on a actual defensive less Izuku for shits and giggles because Izuku was "useless"

Thank you for your ask, Anon. It’s a recurrent question that I see here, and that I will address just one time, because it can be an endless circle of justifications not coming across others, and repeating things over and over is just not interesting. It applies for all asks; be aware I won’t answer more than once similar questions.

While I strongly disapprove Bakugou’s behavior, as nobody should ever abuse others and tell them to kill themselves, I want people to look at the bigger picture. Bakugou and Midoriya knew each other when they were little kids. Their relationship unfolded with no one interfering. So as years passed, they kept this unhealthy dynamic where Midoriya continuously looked up to Bakugou, and Bakugou continuously felt threatened and developed a strong antipathy against Midoriya because he sees him as weak. Bakugou is 15 years old, and everybody around them know what’s going on between them, at least in class. However, nothing is done, so Bakugou goes on. Have you read/seen A Silent Voice? Ishida also was a bully. He also did mean things and hurt a lot of people. What I couldn’t forgive wasn’t Ishida; it was how everyone was taking part in the bullying and did nothing. How Ishida was the only one held responsible for what happened while everyone else rejected all the fault on him, and began to bully him too. It’s that kind of hypocritical attitude that makes me really mad. Especially coming from the teacher. 

Ishida and Bakugou were kids; they knew what they did was bad, but they weren’t alone: people could have stop them. It’s because what he did wasn’t condemned that it went on. Bakugou’s responsible, but what good will it do to take it on one kid? You’re never gonna forgive him, treat him as trash so he’ll end up a mess, and make another victim? If that’s what you do, then you’re just doing the same thing a bully does. Ostracizing people and making them feel like they don’t belong, and don’t have a right to atone and live. What we need to do is prevent bullying. By addressing people that bully, by condemning it strongly and firmly before it leads to dramatic consequences. We’ll never go really far if all that we do is saying that the person who bullied is bad. The whole system that thinks it’s okay to bully people because they’re perceived as different, weaker, is what needs to be changed. 

Everybody mocked Midoriya for being Quirkless; his mother cried when they learned he was Quirkless, like being different was a really bad issue. Bakugou took it on another level, but it wouldn’t have happened if people weren’t given worth or looked down upon because of their quirks. It’s really mimicking reality, isn’t it. Anyway, my point is, it’s true Bakugou did something bad. It would be simpler to see him as just a bad person. What’s bad aren’t people; we’re not born with the urge to bully and hurt others. What’s bad is how society promotes or treat people like trash for their capability, and accept that they can be because who cares about someone not productive and not strong? It was Bakugou; it could have been someone else, given how others kids were mocking him.

It’s not a trait of personality of Bakugou; it’s a social behavior encouraged and justified by society. Bakugou grew up, learned from his mistakes, as Ishida did. But if society and people behaviors don’t change, then another Bakugou, another Ishida, another bully will always appear. It’s not something to do with Bakugou himself, but with his social environment. If we keep to only address those issues as personal ones, and not sociological ones, then nothing will ever change, and we’ll continue to break people because we won’t take a step back and try to understand that kids act like that because the whole society is encouraging them to do so. That’s what villains, wrongly though, are trying to say in BNHA. If we keep resorting to brute force and violence against people, it only creates a never ending chain of hurt, anger and violence. 

And somehow, it’s something that appears and is questioned within our new generation of heroes. Kirishima, but also Amajiki in chapter 141, are acknowledging even villains can have emotions, feelings, and had reasons to act the way they did. Hori himself gave short backstories to those villains. So, please, we need to look farther in those issues, and stop treating a teen who was supported by everyone like an evil person. Traits of personality, and social attitude, are two different things that need to be addressed carefully.

Morning Musume 13th gen interview (UTB+ March 2017)

(Translator’s note: This is chronologically the first interview 13ki had ever done, so there is information now known (i.e. Yokoyama’s blood type) that was not known at this point.)

We’re the 13th generation of Morning Musume!

Kaga Kaede x Yokoyama Reina

The 13th generation members decided upon are these two from Hello! Pro Kenshuusei! There’s a stark contrast between Kaga-chan’s 4 years of Kenshuusei and Yokoyama-chan’s 3 months, but it seems that Yokoyama-chan has an aggressive personality (laugh). They’re beginning to act more and more like generation mates. 

The uncertainty of debuting during the Kenshuusei days

— What was the initial reason why you joined the Kenshuusei?

Kaga: I’ve been watching Morning Musume since I was little, but in particular, when I saw the performance of “One Two Three” (‘12), everybody’s dancing and singing was amazing, and Sayashi Riho-san, the center, was really cool and left an impact on me. I admired that a girl in the same age group as me could dance so well. I went for the 11th generation auditions, failed partway through, and joined the Kenshuusei.

Yokoyama: I’ve liked Morning Musume since I was in sixth grade. Back then, I still viewed them from the perspective of a fan and never thought about wanting to become a member. When I entered junior high, I saw Morning Musume ‘14 being pranked on a TV show. It was a wake-up prank where everyone had to wake up and start singing and dancing immediately. When I watched that, even though everyone had just woken up, they danced crisply, sang properly, and smiled brightly. I thought that it would definitely be fun to join them. I took the first 13th generation audition (no passed applicants) and joined then.

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fighting together

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. Might as well get it out? Nothing too crazy. Just mulling over stuff.

Overall, if there’s a message I’m getting out of Tokyo Ghoul, it’s that
1) learn about those who are different;
2) revenge doesn’t make you stop missing people you’ve lost, it just creates more loss;
3) violence is not the answer;
4) and finally, don’t try to do it all alone.

There’s more but it’s what sticks out the most to me, more or less.

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If ishida was able to make furuta defeat eto, and urie defeat both roma and rio, would you honestly think it's that far fetched that he'd find a way around touka?

Not at all, i talked about this with toukaisbetterthanyou in my post, both characters are really strong and the success of the battle will depend of ishida and how they engage in battle.

That being said, i am not sure about furuta’s battle because it was offscreen but I think you’re underestimating Urie.

Urie is an extremely intelligent and forward-thinking character, he studies his enemies closely and uses their techniques against them.

During his battle with Roma he copied Matsumae’s kagune to use it against her

and was able to anticipate her attaks because he had studied each and every one of her movements that were in the reports.

Success in battle is not ruled solely by physical force, things like attitude in combat, determination, strategy adopted and teamwork are important too, and Urie is a character who has been able to improve on each of these aspects.

That’s where the real clue is of how he was able to defeat Roma, so for me it wasn’t too ‘far fetched’.

Have a nice day!

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When the whole sex thing exploded, I submited a post to a fellow touken shipper. I ranted about people calling touka a sult for having consensual sex etc etc. One day I decised to check up on it and I saw a response that was angry I had said touka was more important to kaneki then hi/de. Problem was i literally never mentioned him bc it was a rant on the gross sexism and gross attitudes being shown. I don't get why antis always think kaneki loving touka means he drops hi/de. He can love both.

i’m so tired of the idea that because touken being canon that kaneki is suddebly forget all about hi/de because bitch where like hi/de will always be one of kaneki’s most important people in his life and hi/de will always be in kaneki’s mind, heart and soul they weren’t just best friends,

they were family and they would do anything for each other like they were paralleled with yoriko and touka recently but ishida still made it clear their relationship was still different from touka and yoriko’s it was deeper and more painful

kaneki lived because hi/de told him to, he loved hide so much that he listen even though he was sick from living because it was too hard, it hurted too much but he lived because the memory of hi/de would want him too, it was the least he could do for hi/de

but know kaneki wants to because of touka which is so good, he found another purpose he didn’t just want to live anymore he wants to live for her with her, he fell in love, married her and he wants to have a happy ending where he has a family like that is amazing like kaneki really wants to live and that is best thing i can have as reader

funny or borderline stupid discourse/discussions with touka/touken haters

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you don't care about Ichigo's state after the war. IchiHime fans only care about the pairing and not the fact he's broken. He lost his hollow/quincy powers and is stuck at Karakura with nothing to look forward to and had to accept his circumstances. Wake up! Even non pairing fans can see this but all you care about is Inoue. Never Ichigo and his dreams.





MY FIRST REAL HATEFUL ANON ! All I got since the end of bleach was trolls and answering to trolls is no fun BUT HERE YOU ARE SALTY ICHIRUKI ANON . You’re my first and therefore me owning you on this one will always represent something special to me . 

Sooooo where do I begin ? 

Ichigo is broken after the war ? BITCH WHERE DO YOU FIND IDEAS LIKE THAT ? 

A little tip for your comprehension of Bleach : it’s not because a lot of Ichiruki shippers repeat something all day long that it means it’s true in the manga . 

Ichigo did not loose his hollow powers because ( and you’d know it if you had read bleach and not only ichiruki fanfictions  ) his hollow powers are ACTUALLY his shinigami powers . Zangetsu was his hollow all along and the man he called Old man Zangetsu is actually the embodiment of his quincy powers that were dormant inside of him all along . 

But in this last arc Ichigo learnt to accept his heritage . Both his shinigami powers ( that he got from his dad ) and his quincy powers ( that he got from his mom ) . And most of all he accepted that the hollow that was inside of him was not an antagonist to him but part of his very self , a representation of his shinigami powers . His hollow was his powers , a part of him , he had to understand and accept that to finally be able to accept himself . 

THIS moment is maybe the biggest character development ichigo had to went through . Since the beginning of the Vizards arc ichigo’s main struggle was his hollow . 

One of the many many many many times ichigo struggled with his hollow : 

( also with a little bit of ichihime since I guess you’re one of those people that like to argue against logic that ichigo and orihime got no development )  . 

Ichigo thought his hollow was something exterior to him , a parasite that had to be tamed . Something that would always try to take over , making him lose control and in the process make him lose his humanity . And that’s what happened during the lust arc  . Ichigo went to terrible length to protect Orihime , length nobody should go to let alone a 16 year old boy . He died to protect her . And he believes this happened because he was too weak and that after that his hollow took over because he let himself be defeated by Ulquiorra . His hollow did exactly what ichigo feared he would do if he ever took over : he became a mindless beast . And doing that he hurt one of his nakamas . This is the most unacceptable of all for ichigo . 

But when he understood that his hollow was born because of what happened to his mother and that in the end his hollow was actually his powers that’s when he finally learnt to accept himself . He was finally able to have total control over his powers . He is able to fight and to live freely without the constant fear that something inside him would one day wake up and hurt the people he cares for . 

I talk a little more about it here

But in the end Kubo had ichigo made peace with himself , accept himself , love himself . 

I mean just compare those two moments ( that are coincidentally also ichihime moments because Orihime was here all along with ichigo’s struggle with his hollow ) . 

Look at that , in the bottom panel it’s clearly self loathing you can see in ichigo’s eyes . He hates himself because he thinks orihime fears / is disgusted with him . Thankfully at the end of the fight when he understand orihime will always accept him no matter what he overcomes this feeling ( giving us the infamous “ sorry grimmjow it looks like I’m not allowed to get hurt anymore” ) 

And looks at this ! Look at how proud he stands . He is no longer ashamed of his hollow . THE VERY CONTRARY he is actually proud to show it to Orihime . This is a smile of pride because ichigo is proud of who he is at that point , he is proud of his heritage , he is proud of his hollow powers that are part of soul . 

He made peace with himself , he is happy . 

After Ywach’s kicked his ass , he takes back ichigo’s powers from him . But which power exactly ? 

He was able to defeat Ywach’s with his zanpakuto so obviously both his hollow and shinigami powers . I personally think only his quincys powers were lost ( and even of that we can’t be sure because it seems that some of the stern ritters still got their quincy powers even after Ywach used the holy light thingy on them that is supposed to remove them their powers . See : Bazz B , giselle and Liltotto ) . Sadly because of the cancellation we won’t have the answers . 

Of course not having his quincy powers is a hard blow for ichigo but only in the sense that they were a part of his mom that survived in him . I made this edit because I was sad . Feel free to reblog it my lovely salty ichiruki anon ( yeah it’s not because you leave anon hate on my inbox that it’s a reason for me not to shamelessly promote my bleach edits ) . 

But in the end ichigo still got his powers . His powers are not important to him because they are his powers . They’re important to him because they give him the power to protect those he cares for . If you’re not convinced by that please read the fullbring arc . Kubo made it so clear that ichigo seeking to regain his power was not to gain power for the sake of it but to have the ability to protect . 

Ichigo wanted to regain strength in order to protect those he loves . Shinigami powers , fullbring powers HE DIDN’T CARE . All he wanted was to protect them . 

And in Bleach 686 he is now at peace with the two things he’s been struggling with during all of bleach : his hollow and his powerlessness . 

Funnily enough the hollow was a problem because he was not powerful enough to control it but I separate these two things because his hollow represented his struggle with understanding who he was exactly which was also a main theme concerning Ichigo . AND EVEN MORE FUNNILY ENOUGH his powerlessness at the beginning of the fullbringer arc was also linked to him not knowing who he was and what he would do if he was not a protector ( who said Kubo couldn’t write I’ll fucking fight you with my bare arms )  . 

Ichigo’s ambitions and dreams were ALWAYS , ALWAYS , ALWAYS about him being able to protect people . And in the end of Bleach he is able to do that . 

Ichigo happy and fulfilled when the people he loves are happy and fullfilled . That’s who he is . His bond with his friends and family are what are most important to him . Career , power , fame , glory  … Ichigo never cared about any of that . Ichigo cared about the people he loves being safe and happy . 

The bonds he has with the people he loves are what ichigo’s lives for . And look at him in the last chapter . He is surrounded by all the people he loves ( except isshin but that’s another story but it’s weird he isn’t here when it would have been so easy to put him somewhere in the background and actually it worries me a little it goes along with my headcanon that if Kubo had the time to finish bleach he would have killed isshin in the last arc but i disgress) . 

Ichigo is truly happy in the last chapter . He is at peace with himself , he is strong enough to protect the people he loves , he has a family of his own ( a family he must put above everything else ) , a wife he probably consider as the most wonderful person he ever had a chance to meet , a son he must love so deeply and unconditionally  , he is still close to his sisters , he still is close to the people he cares for ( tatsuki , keigo , mizuiro ) , he has still an unbreakable bond with his nakamas ( chad , ishida ,renji and of course rukia )  he made peace with his powers , he let go of the guilt he held over his mother’s death  . 


Look at him here . He is oozing with hapiness and feeling good with ones skin . He is smiling , he does not have his scowl anymore , his shoulder are relaxed . This is a happy person . This is a fulfilled person .

Just compare it to his very first apparition in Bleach :

Scowling , tense shoulder , harsh attitude and yada yada . Ichigo went through so much , we’ve seen him grown , we’ve seen him struggling , we’ve seen him fight and fail and win and at the end Kubo choose to make him happy . Kubo choose to give him the life he would have chosen for himself if he ever had to choose . 

And if , in your delusion YOU choose to say ichigo is unhappy just because your ship did not happen then you have no right to consider yourself an Ichigo fan . 

If you want ichigo to be broken and miserable just because YOU were broken and miserable with this ending then you do not have the right to claim you love ichigo . 

If you continue to mischarectize ichigo , twisting him , bending him , changing him so that he could fit better the ‘ half of ichiruki’ mold you people tried so hard to shove him into then you do not deserve ichigo . You do not deserve Bleach . You do not deserve Kubo and his talented ( also it has flaws I’m the first to admit it ) writing . 

Ichigo is happy . Ichigo is exactly where he wants to be  . Ichigo HIMSELF choose where he is in the ending . You’all acting as if he is struck in Karakura town ,as if he is struck with orihime . 

But no , if ichigo wanted to live in soul society he would have been able to do so . If ichigo wanted to be with rukia he would have never choose anybody else . 

But that’s not what ichigo wanted . That’s never what he chose  . He chose to live in Karakura because that’s what he wants . He chose to marry Orihime because she is the woman he is in love with . 

Ichigo at the end of the manga had no restrictions at all . He could decide where to go , which live to live , which person to marry . 

And that’s exactly what he did . 

He chose Karakura town . 

He chose his family . 

He chose his Nakamas . 

And he chose Orihime . Because she was what he always wanted for himself.

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I thought it's funny that Touka told Kaneki to win and then Kaneki went on a rampage and killed innocent humans. When Kaneki was fighting Arima, Hide didn't tell Kaneki to win. He told Kaneki to live, in a way it extended to Hide telling Kaneki to fight, win, and live. And Kaneki did it in a positive light. It's obvious how very different Touka and Hide's roles in Kaneki’s life. It makes me wonder if Ishida did that on purpose.

It’s true Kaneki definitely took a different attitude, but I can’t say the fight with Arima went well either. Kaneki got obliterated at the end of part one rip

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aaaahhh do you think that Seidou liked Akira in a romantic way? I had that feeling at first, but many people said that he was just very jealous and hated her, so I thought that maybe I got the wrong idea reading the manga (i actually read it very fast, I'm sure I overlooked many things, like the tarot numbers). But do you have solid "proof" that he liked her or is it just an overall feeling? I've been reading some of your stuff (specially Kuroshitsuji) and I really really like it :)

Hi Anon, thank you for sticking around and for the nice words! I really appreciate it! :3 Yes I think Seidou liked Akira in a romantic way and I do have “proof”. :)

This begins to become apparent after Akira finally started “fitting in” the 20th ward team, which is when she went out with Amon and Takizawa and became drunk (ch110). She finally was able to speak up about why she was acting so harshly towards Amon (which is a fact, she was rude, but thank God, Ishida knows something called “character development”) and as a result, things changed, not only with Amon but also with Takizawa.
Same for Takizawa, he got drunk and was able to say everything he wanted to tell her and after that, they never really argued again.

Small digression: just to make things clear, I believe Seidou was probably the one who started the hostility between them back on Academy days but I totally admit that Akira’s cold attitude most of the time wasn’t helping which is why Takizawa’s grudge stayed for a long time.

“It’s your fault that I was always 2nd place, you were always ahead of me.”

As you see, it’s not rational. Seidou’s main problem is his inferiority complex, but I disagree with people who says it’s Akira’s fault he started developing one. In my opinion, it started way before he even entered the Academy, and actually he probably wanted to become a ghoul investigator in order to “feel useful” and to “achieve more than anyone else” because he had the impression he was utter shit (I think it probably all started when, as a child, he saw his mother being very afraid of ghouls but he realized that he couldn’t protect her and he started to feel useless from that moment. It’s a common thing for children or young teens, psychology-wise, and we know it’s exactly for that reason that Seidou became a dove (ch123)).

The panol above and his initial attitude towards Juuzou prove that the inferiority complex is just eating him from the inside often, especially when it comes to people younger than him, or initially ‘equal’ to him, but who get more chances than he does to show their worth (like Akira going to battle in Kanou’s lab even though they’re of the same year and rank while he stays behind an office desk, or Juuzou not going through the Academy and being younger but managing to gain ranks quickly).


Back to your question, as I was saying after getting drunk together, Akira’s attitude to Amon changed and same for Akira and Takizawa’s relationship.

Here (ch114) he’s worried because it’s the first time Akira invited Amon to lunch. I wouldn’t exactly call that jealousy because it’s not clear if he feels strange about Amon getting on better terms with Akira (since Seidou and him were getting along well before she became close to him) or about Akira starting to be nicer to Amon which definitely indicates that something between them is changing. And he doesn’t look happy with the idea.  

And after that, there is the Anteiku raid arc in which all the proofs you wanted can be found.

First, Amon fights Kaneki but gets hurt in the process but Akira doesn’t know that, and yet…

…She has the feeling something happened to Amon. From the very beginning, Seidou had said to be very skeptical of her “intuition” and always disagreed with her on whatever reasoning that was triggered by it.

But this time…

He decided to trust her.

Amon is important to him as a friend and mentor, but he knows Amon is important to her as well (he noticed the change in their relationship, that’s what this moment of ch114 is all about) which is why he goes to search for Amon for himself but also for Akira, because he saw she was worried (but as a squad leader she just couldn’t leave her post in the middle of the mission to go look for Amon).

It gets better after.

That’s all the proof you need to know that he went to search for Amon for her sake (even if Amon is also his friend) and that he’s been crushing on her for a long time, since their Academy days maybe, but with the inferiority complex it took for Amon and Akira to get closer in front of his eyes for him to start noticing his own feelings. 

And finally, the last proof: he found Amon but Aogiri passed by and attacked them. He fought them but Tatara threw him at Noro who bit him harshly and as he was losing consciousness…

Look into his eyes, you can distinguish Akira, probably because he’s thinking of her, realizing he might never see her again since he was injured very severely. Here’s a bigger picture:

Some people who hate Akira believe it’s the image of Seidou’s sister, but it makes no sense considering we’ve seen the girl only once (the picture doesn’t even fit, it’s definitely Akira’s hairdo) and that many things happen between Akira and Seidou during this arc, whether you think Seidou had feelings for her or not.

Even if you don’t see it romantically, the thing is that he still decided to follow her intuiton, even though he always refused to believe in it before, and he also went to look for Amon not only for himself but for her as well

And then we have their small meeting in :Re chapter 30 (my thoughts here).

So, to me it’s obvious he had feelings for her, but take the time to make your own opinion with all the panels I just gave you Anon. 

There you have it, I hope it will be useful, take care and thanks again for the nice words! :3

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What kind if fathe would the slbp lords be?

Nobunaga: He would be a surprisingly relaxed and playful father, but his kids would instinctively know not to cross the line. He would firmly believe in allowing his children to make mistakes - to the point where onlookers would think he doesn’t care. It’s not that he doesn’t - it’s just that he thinks there’s no better way for them to learn than from their own blunders.

Of course….he will definitely take the time to rub those blunders in their faces later on …that part of him isn’t going to change. XD 

Mitsuhide:  Supportive and warm - he would be there for his children no matter what, and fiercely protective. Rather than allowing them to blindly make mistakes, Mitsuhide would prefer to counsel them and talk things through. Because of his personal involvement in their education, his children would grow up to be particularly refined and they would look up to him not just as a father, but also as a mentor.

Masamune: Extremely affectionate. There would no awkwardness in his affection for his children. He would show it freely without restraint, because the most important thing for his children to know is that they are loved. He wouldn’t say much, but his actions would express a thousand times more than any words ever could. He will always be their silent supporter, no matter what. His discipline will probably be slightly lacking - so his wife would have to step it up in that respect.

The rest of the samurai are below the cut. 

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Yeah. between all those guys in SLBP, this one quite hard to get through and once you did, you’ll find new door to get through his heart and brain. I love him! So challenging and with her bratty attitude, he also cute with all thing he did.

Having going through all his route and event story, he indeed changed especially the way he thought about his comrades, ally, strategy, people who close to him, okay, for romance, sorry guys. He’s not that lovey-duvey typical guy. You need to read his words and his body language, that’s my BOY~~

so far, The Best deep Romance walkthrough characters Voltage ever create in a beautiful way..

-Tokugawa Ieyasu
-Ishida Mitsunari
-Uesugi kenshin
-Takeda Shingen

I didnt say Others are not good. but for all characters other than those 4 above, their walkthrough or even event story, you can find in any otome games.