but with the attitude of ishida

Reading old volumes of TG is so surreal. Kaneki used to be such a little pushover, he was so scared of Tsukiyama once. Now Tsukiyama calls him “my king”. I miss how much he loved books. I miss that rare attitude he had that he would keep fighting even if he was embarrassingly far behind compared to everyone else. He was so innocent. It’s amazing that Ishida could write this manga. I’m dumbfounded by how good it is.

Hide has a lot of patience, and is devoted to someone who doesn’t necessarily deserve his appreciation. I understand that Kaneki refused communication with Hide, for the sake of keeping Hide safe from him, but Kaneki went about it in a terrible way.

I like how the manga points out that Kaneki’s mother is a “selfish” woman, and that he, Kaneki, is very selfish, and very much like her. The idea that, “If I keep him away, he’ll be safe,” At first glance, is an actual noble idea.

But Kaneki never considered Hide’s feelings with this attitude. He considered Hide’s safety, but not his feelings. His pretending Hide didn’t exist meant that Hide could be safe, from him. And that’s selfish.

Selfishness isn’t always a bad thing, though, despite it’s negative connotation.

But what is negative, is that he hardly considered how Hide was feeling.

Which Is why I’m glad that Ishida not only highlighted Kaneki’s selfishness, but also the fact that Hide was lonely (in the anime, at least), and that Kaneki’s negligence to be a good friend is apart of Hide’s loneliness.

I would really love a scene in which Hide yells at Kaenki. Kaneki’s “protecting” Hide didn’t protect him at all.( Let’s be real, how is Hide bleeding to death protecting him? If Kaneki was really protecting him, he would’ve made sure Hide wasn’t involved with the CCG. What about the sewer? Same as the first sentence.)  What strikes me, honestly, is that Kaneki knows Hide’s personality, knows Hide and his tendency to investigate things that seem amiss. Kaneki’s disappearance is a miss.

I wonder if he expected Hide to forget about him, like he forgot about Hide?

(Going back to Kaneki’s relationship with his mother, and how he doesn’t want to be alone, and the selfishness that’s derived from that, I wonder if Kaneki was actually betting on Hide finding him. Perhaps I see it as an ego thing, Kaneki expects Hide to look for him. )

All-in-all, Kaneki owes Hide a huge ass apology. And the sad part is, whether he apologizes or not,  Hide will still love him unconditionally. Oh well, we all have those friends we don’t deserve.

p.s: Though part of me wonders if Kaneki just wanted to show Hide that he could do something on his own. Hide is always standing up for Kaneki. Judging by the fact that Kaneki knows that Hide may have been looking for him, I wonder if he did so in such a way that he can show Hide, “See, you don’t always have to help me.” In the anime, Kaneki doesn’t even seem surprised when Hide mentions his “Eye-patch” get up, and that he’s been seeing him on the news. Just an observation.

I didn’t think it was necessary for me to explain any of this, but apparently we have a few brats in this fandom

Also, I’m posting this to make people realize why this whole attitude is WRONG and DISRESPECTFUL and IMMATURE. If you think this is an okay thing to do, then the bastard is you, I am afraid.

Dear Santa Ishida,

What I want for the holiday’s is for you to work on touken having a happy reunion and for no one/nothing  to cock block their reunion and happiness. I want kaneki to come correct when talking to touka. Please put on pause that “i’m a red head and I don’t give a fuck” attitude of his because it will not work out well if he pulls that shit with touka. I hope this is clear enough for you and that you will take this into great consideration.

Love, A Deeply Concerned Fan

My Thoughts about Tokyo Ghoul Re lately

Despair and Hope go hand and hand playing around in the Devil’s Den.

Kaneki is a emotional wreck after losing Arima. RIP Godly Reaper Papa you will be missed despite everything you’ve done. Mutsuki is… Idk WTF is going on with that and it leaves me fearful for the character since I really enjoy that twisted killer thing going on with Mutsuki but more importantly what will happen with the relationship between Mutsuki and the Qs.

Touka better live especially since she awakened her other wing and Kaneki needs some serious love after all this shit. Hinami and Ayato need to survive as well. Kyoko Aura is a beast so far but I don’t want her to kill anyone plz Ishida. Fuck Furuta as always despite his Joker esque attitude right now and how interesting he is as a character I love to hate him which tells you how great of a antagonist he is. I say antagonist because idk if we can exactly call him a villain right now.

The Washuu have been exposed for the evil fucks they are and as satisfying as that is things have only gotten worse for everyone as a whole. The CCG may completely unravel due to this development which calls into question how they would come back from something like this if at all. They already lost Arima who was a Half Human. I’ll get into the whole Half Human subject and The OEK as well as the Clowns another time specifically because I don’t have everything thought out for this theory of mine after we saw Donato (probably spelled that wrong) be revealed as the leader of the Clowns.

Suzuya is critically injured, Eto got beaten by Furuta but luckily she’s still alive, and Kaneki may get help from some individuals in the CCG. I’m cautiously excited to see what happens next.

Mutsuki the “hypocrite” & Urie the “silent”...tool...

hypocrite: noun
1.a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs,principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

2.a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude,especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his orher public statements.

I think a lot of people are scared forMutsuki, due to the fact he’s being left alone with Urie. But I’m a little excited.

We already know that Mutsuki is going to lie about something, or is lying about something. Ishida has already stated this. On the table of contents for volume 2, all Qiunx members have  quote. Mutsuki’s is: Will lie again. So right now, Mutsuki is already lying about something. If Ishida has made that his one important quote, than this “lie” is a huge part of Mutsuki’s character.

And, the only character that’s actually disclosed knowledge of Mutsuki’s lying nature is Urie. He calls him a “hypocrite”, basically meaning he’s been keeping this lie up for a really, really long time. Urie knows what it is, and I think in the next chapter, we’re going to figure something out.

The situation itself is tense. Tense situations bring out the worse in us:

Anyway, it’s no mistake that they’re being put together. Through Urie, we’re going to see exactly who Mutsuki really is, because I’m assuming Urie knows a lot more about Mutsuki then we do. If Urie’s bold accusation is being backed up by Ishida’s own words, than this next instance between them is about to go down really bad.. Mutsuki is a liar, and Urie is going to show us the truth.

’As for Urie, he’s kept his mouth shut this entire time because he’s been under authority, however, he may actually speak since it’s just he and Mutsuki together. But that goes against his quote, so whatever Urie has to say about Mutsuki, he won’t say. He’ll just think it…

But this also paves way for Urie being the “actions speak louder than words” kinga guy. So I think we need to pay close attention to his body language.

Ryūken Ishida Can Escape Auswählen

The latest chapter of Bleach brings with it the gift of a flash back to Uryu’s childhood where he witnesses his father still working on the body of his mother long after her death as a result of Yhwach using auswählen. For those who don’t remember, auswählen is part of Yhwach’s ability to give and take power. Yhwach used this power as he awakened to steal power from those he considered lesser quincy. 

Ryuken’s attitude toward quincy has completely reversed since the days of his childhood. The earliest flashbacks show a Ryuken obsessed with the purity of the quincy line while present day Ryuken has abandoned the quincy all together and urges Uryu to do the same. This dramatic reversal is likely due to Ryuken losing both women he loved because of them being subject to Yhwach’s power. 

We now know that Ryuken spent a lot of time after his wife’s death working on her body but we don’t know why. Since he is a doctor it is likely he was researching what made her vulnerable to auswählen and if there was anyway to escape it. Ryuken may have succeeded since he build a facility beneath his hospital that hid spiritual energy. Perhaps he also found a way to hide from Yhwach’s all seeing eyes and even made Uryu immune to auswählen.