but with sho camera


└ This is the way you two have fun off on-camera?

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~


I was going to do an Ohmiya post but I started to see Sakuraiba and I can’t resist (∩_∩)
Then, here it is 乁( ˙ ω˙乁)

1. Aiba… Everyone knows what you do with Sho but I prefer in private (because I don’t want to die younger XD) You raped Sho in front of people and cameras with a smile and Sho just looked down and laughed. I want to be like Aiba-chan pls XD

2. SOOO CUTE. Well, I’ve got a theory. Maybe, Sho wanted to steal a kiss from Aiba. Like the movies yes XD I’m sure that Sho was thinking “here you have… Nah, mine, c'mon, just a little closer… Fuck, it didn’t work” XD Aiba surely took revenge after, how… Imagination will say it XD

3. I don’t know what Aiba has in his hand at all. But it’s like something so dirty (my mind pls) and he was playing with it as a little boy. Then Sho should stop him with a cute gesture (~0~)

4. This makes my Sakuraiba heart break into pieces. It’s so wonderful and it has got a special meaning. Their hands didn’t separate until the end and Sho turned around a bit to prolong it. I must confirm it but it sounds me when Aiba was crying in Time Tour singing Be With You. The title with the gesture and the situation make a perfect moment to see their strong relationship.

5. Aiba was so stubborn to put down which he wanted XD And Sho only consented him as if Aiba was his little boy. We can see how Sho held his arm but I can’t see Sho’s left hand, maybe it rested in Aiba’s back (=^^=)

6. I just shouted a lot when I saw it. How cute can Sho be with Aiba? It’s interesting how he looked before the camera and then looked at Aiba with a smile and his brightness in his eyes showing love.

Sho complements Aiba and vice versa. Aiba without Sho would be different. And Sho would be more serious without Aiba. Both apport in each other’s life a sense of being-bakas-are-right.
They were my first OTP, so I love them heartily.

Mata ne~


NGC 1499, California Nebula in SHO by David Dvali
Via Flickr:
Imaging telescope: Takahashi FSQ106EDXIII Imaging camera: QHY163M Mount: iOptron CEM60 Astronomik Ha, OIII, SII 6nm filters - 9 hours total Bazaleti, Georgia

And so the (AU) story of love among the stars...

└ of tears that came with love…

… of love that flew away…

… and could only bemoan its loss.

Then there was love that travelled together…

… and stayed together.

And you can tell I’m obviously infatuated with the starry effects. (^_^)

Cr: The Music Day 01.07.2017

Magical Office Episode 1 : Introductions

MY MY! I must say I’ve become very popular since my mystery post about my new series. Anyway here is my Office x Fantastic Beasts crossover. Things you need to understand before you read this. As The Office is done in a documentary style, I’d decided to write this fan fiction as a script. Meaning the actions will be in italics and the person who is speaking will have their name in bold. Hopefully this makes sense and reads okay for you guys. This first episode is just going to be an introductory episode to all my characters and for you to get a feel for the style. There are a couple of made of characters that are based on different characters in The Office, but only one person knows who is who ;). Also please note that I am fully aware that Newt is from the 1920′s/30′s and cameras were not invented…for the sake of the fanfiction, let’s bring Newt to the 20th century ;)! Thanks to you wonderful people. Once again thank you to my bestie @fantasticnewtimagines for all the loving support!! Enjoy! <3 

Originally posted by tempora-mutantur-rp

Camera zooms in on you. You stand at the entrance of a corridor of office rooms. There are people walking around and you try to flag someone done, but they are all too entranced with what they are doing and they don’t notice. You look into the camera.

Y/N: I’m new, I’m just trying to find Newt Scamander?

The camera motions to the first office. The door has claw marks running down it and is scorched in the corner. You walk over to it, awkwardly thanking the camera man as you scoot past him. You hesitantly knock on the door. Behind the door, rustling can be heard and a loud bang. As you open the door to find out what happened to the person within, a little black creature scurries out and runs past the camera. A man in a long blue coat follows and collides with you.

Newt: Bugger! He’s escaped again.

Y/N: Are you Newt? I’m Y/N, I’m here to work as your assistant? Minister Parkinson hired me last week?

(Newt scratches his head trying to remember. Suddenly he looks over into the camera and his eyes continue to look back as you speak. Uneasy about their presence.)

Newt: Oh those bloody cameras.

(Newt looks at the camera. A voice is heard from behind the camera man.)

Director: Come on Newt we talked about this.


Director: It’s just a documentary for the wizarding world. You know, to show people the inner lives of the average Ministry worker.

(Newt fidgets with his bow tie and accidently undoes it from nerves.)

Newt: I-I-I’m not sure how comfortable I am with all this.

(He continues to try and retie his bow, but keeps fumbling over his fingers and he keeps trying to make eye contact with the camera.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Just pretend like the camera isn’t even here. We’ll take you in to ask questions every now and then but otherwise, just go about as your normal Scamander self.

(Finally Newt proceeds to get a hold of himself and begins to redo his tie and completes the task.)

Director: Don’t sweat it Mr. Scamander. Why don’t you just give us a brief introduction.

(The camera goes in and out of focus while it tries to capture Newt’s face. He blinks rapidly to try and gain confidence as he looks shyly into the camera.)

Newt: Hi…ummm…I’m Newton Artemis Fido Scamander… not sure why I gave you my full name… people just call me Newt. I work in the department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. I recently just joined the ugh…umm…beasts division. I’ve been with the ministry for 5 years now. My family is very involved in the ministry, so naturally I joined on. Need to keep up with the family. Unfortunately, Magizoology isn’t a glamorous ministry job.

( Newt sits in his chair visibly uncomfortable. He tries various positions but ends up settling into his normal position of having his leg cross over his other knee.)

Newt: The minister feels I’m kind of a lose cannon.

( Newt runs a hand nervously through his hair, his wand in his hand.) Therefore he thinks I have a need for an assistant. So I do believe my day will be sent getting her acquainted with the office.


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His eyes don't lie ~ what Sho means to Hiro

He may not call the man “onii-san" but his eyes will always tell what this man means to him.

It has always been something I would look forward to with every MY FIRST STORY on-camera interview. The way Hiro’s eyes looked at Sho. Even when Sho was not looking at him.

When Sho’s hiatus was announced, all the scenes below rushed to my mind. 

When he was looking for the words to say, the one he turned to…….

The one his hand would reach out to………with or without anyone between them.

Sho might be invisible to many but there is one person whose eyes, Sho will never be invisible to.



Toma was really really frustrated for not being chosen as an Arashi member. While he was backdancing during Arashi’s first concert, he felt like he’s lost. But Sho’s teary speech at the end of the concert saved him.

AND SHO CRIED.  whenever  Sho cries in front of the cameras, it’s FOR REAL. Because he’s the toughest one.


└ Jun’s てれてれ-ness knows no limits I guess?  

Part 2: Kakkoi Words Matsujun has said | Part 1 here.

Cr: Abunai Yakai 25.02.2016

Kouhaku repo (selected) – ARASHI

- At the last part, during VTR of song introduction Aiba-chan could not stop his tears. Watching this Nino’s eyes turned red. Sho-kun tried best to talked to Aiba-chan to stop his tears before the camera turned back to him, but at the end Sho-kun wiped his eyes too. Watching this, Jun-kun also wiped his eyes. Then Leader too.

- When waiting for voting results, Aiba-san couldn’t hold his tears. Sho-san suddenly hit Aiba-san’s shoulders from back and whispered to him “Your koi dance was great!” and then Aiba-san turned to smiling face immediately.

- When voting started, Sho-kun whispered to Leader, and Leader silently moved to the center, aiming to, as he said in Are You Happy? Live tour, intercept Aiba-chan’s taking the victory flag!

- Sho and Nino were planning when White Team was announced to win, Leader would go straight to take the victory flag from Aiba-san’s hand (at that time Jun-kun kept looking at Aiba-chan). When the result was announced, the three kept saying “Really? Why?” and checked the monitor and the results several times.

- Aiba-san greeted all performers off stage. From the very start to very end, he bowed slightly to the performers, cleared the route for them, behaved like a gentleman. No matter Red Team performers or White Team performers greeted Aiba-san naturally. This indicated his splendid personality.

Source: Twitter @mahounosi__ru, @bluemoonars


Aiba-chan mentions how the last episode of Yokoso Wagaya e will air its finale on 15th June.  Trust Matsumiya brats to tease him by trying to get him to reveal the ending since “it’s okay” and that there is “no intention to watch it anyway.”

Of course not when Nino is busy with Oh-chan! LOL.

Cr: VS Arashi 28.05.2015



get more in depth details on my YouTube channel.. This is kind of my everyday ting .. It takes me about 12 minutes start to finish in real time

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16.12.16 Arashi Are You Happy? Live Tour Memo

*This is not repo but just my little memo of things I like most in the tour, especially those related to Masaki-san and Sho-san, and various A and S-related CPs.*

- To my homies: I can’t disclose the contents of the performance, but trust me it was a performance that would make Arashians burst into tears. I did, especially the script of Sho-san. If you like the member-ai of Arashi you’d better bring along tissue paper when you watch this part.

- To my homies: When Sho-san sang “friend, friend” he was facing and pointing to his members (c.f. 5 x 10). Can’t help burst into tears.

- Masaki-san and Nino chatted with very warm smile (again) when Sho-san was talking.

- Step and go: When Nino took turn to carry the camera he kept filming Masaki-san and Masaki-san gave him aka camera a very very great smile.

- Step and go: Sho-san was so cute to repeat every member’s rap gesture during his rap.

- Step and go: When Jun was carrying the camera and filming Sho-san, Sho-san used both of his hands, fingertip to fingertip, to cover the camera. Imagine the camera being Jun’s eyes as he carried it. The best SakuMoto moment to me.

- NJ flower play: When Nino gave a white flower to Jun Nino looked like a 17-year-old shonen expressing his love; when Jun gave a yellow flower to to Nino Jun was in his usual shy-and-tender-veiled-by-tsundere smile.

- Sho-san and Masaki-san held hands during a song and then Sho-san put his hand on Masaki-san’s shoulder. They both smiled very warmly.

- Nino kept talking about “Aiba-san” during MCs and greeted Masaki-san happy birthday, though it was too early (said Masaki-san with warm smile). Nino said he was the first one to greet Masaki-san then; then Masaki-san looked at Sho-san and Sho-san he was the second. The atmosphere was so warm that the audience greeted Masaki-san happy birthday too.

- Members promoted their own performances during MC. When Masaki-san promoted Kouhaku, the audience was so warm to clap their hands loudly and gave great support.

- Masaki-san gave a shy smile after singing the prelude of Amore.

- Masaki-san gave a perfect Kouhaku practice.

- After the Medley was the introduction of Jr. Masaki-san stayed in darkness, drinking water and wiping his sweats, and watched Jr tenderly.

- During the self introduction Leader was not on stage preparing his solo. Sho-san said it was not yet Arashi (because there were only four people on stage). During MC Sho-san asked Leader to do self introduction too. Yama combi was always warm.

- Nino’s solo was unbelievably great beyond description. After his solo the whole dome was in a shocking atmosphere, the audience just didn’t know how to react because the performance was too great.

- Sho-san sang Miles away 100 times more tender than CD. Superb. Masaki-san sang greater than CD because his using the voice and respiration was not edited and his singing skills was great.

I translate Arashi’s news in a hope to promote their greatness to more people. I am not good at writing things but it would be great if you would feel their charm, even a bit, via reading this memo. Their performance is of course 1,000 times, at least, more interesting than what I memoed.

This is a very warm performance, I felt strongly that they are doing this live “for fans”. I always treasure their fan-caring attitude. And this is a very “Arashi” performance. I like this very much.

Thanks a lot Arashi and staff for bringing such great and warm performance. I very much look forward to the DVD.