but with every new chapter i love it even more

I’m almost too lazy to make this post because God it’s just so self explanatory but my loyalty to Temari runs too deep so here goes: 

They did exactly what I called they were gonna do and made her an over aggressive nagging house wive. This is why I complained over and over again three years ago when I saw they had moved her to Konoha because I KNEW someway somehow they were going to subject her character to this. They want her to be Yoshino 2.0 even though that’s NEVER been who she is because “lmao get it Shikamaru is just like his dad! Parallels!!”. They don’t take the time to think about how her character would actually react because none of that matters now - she exists solely to be Shikamaru’s wife. 

Some people are crying “abuse!” at what she did but I don’t really want to go there tbh. It’s very clear that in the Naruto universe things we find abusive are just par for the course. Calling out Temari in this instance would require we call out basically ever other female character which is not realistic. Domestic violence in Naruto is always played for laughs which is obviously fucked up but not something I think it’s fair to fault the characters for as we’re not intended to see it as abusive (even though realistically it is). No, what I really take issue with is the fact that being an overbearing and strict mother/wife is basically all Temari is given to do. 

This woman was born in one of the most fucked up situations of any character we see. He father was a walking human disaster, her mother was dead, and her youngest brother had a nasty habit of slaughtering anyone who looked at him the wrong way. She has always been strong and confident but throughout the series she softens considerably as she learns caring is not a weakness. She is a better diplomat than either of her brothers and remains calm and collected in even the tensest of situations. Her dynamic with Shikamaru has always been one of mutual respect and understanding which is what makes their relationship work so well (and IMO better than any of the canon relationships we got). Yes, Temari is a take no shit kind of person who probably WOULD chastise her son for his pitiful behavior - but not in the way we’re shown. In Boruto her parenting method basically amounted to “I’m just going to hit you and intimidate you until you get the picture and ultimately just end up listening to your cooler nicer wiser dad.” She doesn’t actually say anything of significance to Shikadai at all - that is reserved entirely for Shikamaru as he’s the influential one in their sons life. Temari is just there to be the ol’ ball-and-chain ~what a drag~ mom whose only dominion is the house she is confined to. THEN there’s the fact that Temari refusing to make dinner inevitably meant neither Shikamaru nor Shikadai could eat - as if a grown man could not make his own dinner and HAD to have his wife do it because it’s her domestic ~duty~. This is extra and dramatic but it actually makes me sick that they’re doing this to her. After everything she went through she would have something worthwhile to add to the conversation other than “bah you’re too easy on him I’m going to withhold meals to prove a point!!!”. She doesn’t treat her brothers like this and they’re consistently shown to value her opinion because her opinion is worth hearing. 

Temari played a crucial role in Suna politics prior to the end of the series. She sat on the council and came with Gaara to all the kage summits/meetings. She was one of the best kunoichi in the series just brimming with potential and strength and ferocity. During the war I began to get annoyed with how much they were making her revolve around Shikamaru’s character because after a certain point basically all her dialogue was in relation to him. That’s when I knew things were about to take a hard left turn for shits-ville and boy was I right. In chapter 700 ALL we see her doing is sitting in a house chastising her son and serving her brothers tea before they head out to a kage meeting without her. We don’t get any indication that she’s still affiliated with Suna, hell we don’t even get any indication that she’s still a ninja. In the boruto manga/movie she doesn’t interact with her siblings ONCE and is not with them in the pit with all the other Kage/advisors. I was happy to see she still had her fan but other than that I left highly unimpressed. Now in the anime she is ONCE AGAIN pictured in a house, serving people drinks and nagging away as if that’s all she’s good for anymore. I know it was played as a joke but that’s exactly what makes me so mad - her character has become nothing more than a trope meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator. The nagging housewive angle truly is the lowest hanging fruit but studio peirrot really could not resist could they.

Nevermind the fact that it would have been way funnier had they subverted the whole “why did you marry such a strict woman” thing by having Shikadai side with his mom instead, saying something to the effect of “why did you marry such an unmotivated slacker”. Can we stop treating Temari like she’s just an overly aggressive loaded gun that’s just one mistep away from going off. I mean I genuinely love Shikatema but I do not think the Boruto anime understands Shikatema. Part of me still wishes they just hadn’t got together because they don’t actually feel like “them” when they’re portrayed like this. No one is being respected as a character. 

Anyway all this to say I’m basically done with the Boruto anime now. I might still watch the next couple of episodes because curiosity is gonna get the better of me but emotionally I have severed all connections. It just comes down to the fact that I cannot handle them so grossly mischaracterizing characters that I have loved since I was 11 years old. I actually don’t mind the new gen when they’re on their own but every damn time they show one of the original characters they manage to fuck them up in some way. We see it with Temari, with Naruto, with Yamato, with Sakura. Hell I can’t stand Sasuke and even I’m mad about what they did to him post chapter 699. I am never going to like the new gen characters more than the original cast so if watching Boruto means seeing them get completely decimated then I’m not gonna watch it. Simple as that. Naruto being an absent father is the worst crime but I have no doubt they’ll continue to top that in future episodes. 

ironic dyslexia

pairing: lin x reader (go figure)

prompt: dyslexic author writes a book that lin loves and he meets her and invites her to see hamilton

warnings: hastag makeout and swearing

word count: 3,069

a/n: happy to write some more for you all. this is one of my favorites. kind of pointless, very sweet. i love lin, but what’s new honestly (ps mY SISTER GOT ENGAGED AND IM SO HAPPY)

Masterlist / Prompt List

Today was hard. You could usually manage, but there was something about today that just made writing so fucking hard. God, you couldn’t even get through a paragraph without the little red line haunting every mistake you made while typing. You had an interview today with a publishing company - what if they asked you to read a chapter from your book? The job would be gone the first time you messed up your w’s and m’s. You groaned, pushing your computer away from you seat at the diner.

It was strange. You would go to type a ‘g’ and think, “g is the lowercase version of G,” and “G looks like a 6,” so you would type a 6. It took much longer for you to get your thoughts out, and you often had to stop and think about what you were writing. God, you hoped they wouldn’t give you a typing test. Do they even still do those?

The waiter brought over a plate of hash browns and your cup of coffee. You ate silently, hoping that maybe the food and caffeine would lift your moral. Dyslexia was hard enough, but being an author made it ten times worse.

Your mom laughed - actually laughed out loud - when you told her that you were writing your first book. She thought you had been completely joking. You pushed it though, not only proving her wrong, but more importantly proving to yourself that a disability wasn’t your definition.

And you did. Your first book was off the charts, every day gaining more attention and praise. You even did a segment on The Ellen Show; that’s what happens when you work your ass off.

You had just started packing up your laptop when a voice startled you.

“Excuse me?”

Your head turned quickly as you jumped back slightly. You settled when you realized it was just a young girl. She was kicking the ground, embarrassed. You laughed lightly, “Yes?”

She looked back up to you - she couldn’t be older than ten. “Are you Y/N?”

You nodded, “What can I do for you, love?”

Her smile grew. She pushed a piece of hair from eyes behind her ear, “My mom read me your book and it’s my favorite.”

Taking in a breath, you grinned. This was a whole new community of people that you hadn’t expected to reach, “Thank you so much, that means the world to me.”

She smiled a little bigger, “I have dyslexia too,” she said. Then, instantly embarrassed, she looked back down.

Your heart swelled; you were rarely confronted about your reading disability. Still, rather than being sheepish over the comment, you felt empowered - inspired even.

You leaned in a little closer, touching her shoulder. “Don’t ever let it stop you from doing what you love, okay?”

She looked back up, then nodding a little, she gave you a hug before running back to the table where her dad sat. He gave you a nod of gratitude before looking back to his daughter.

Honest to God, this had never happened to you before. Sure, you had met a few teens who had read your book, but never anyone younger. Even then, never someone who had felt empowered by reading your story. It was a story about a beach house for God’s sake. And they probably had no idea how many times you spelt ‘beach’ 'baech.’ Still, your heart smiled at the gesture. Maybe today wouldn’t be so hard after all.

Pulling your bag over your shoulder, you headed towards the door before you were stopped once again.

“Wait!” Someone called from behind you, your foot halfway out the door. You were rarely noticed in public - and especially not twice in one morning.

It was a man with a shoulder length hair, the top pulled back from his face. He had a book in his hand. It wasn’t until he was right in front of you that you recognized the cover; it was your book. You let a small smile escape, a blush flooding your cheeks. He was handsome.

He let out half a grin, “Y/N?” You nodded, cueing him to continue. “I’m a huge fan - I’m actually kind of awestruck right now and I’m rambling because you’re very pretty and very talented and -”

You laughed, interrupting him, “Thank you.”

He took in a sharp breath, shoving an outstretched hand towards you, “I’m Lin.”

You shook his hand, thinking about how Lin shouldn’t be too difficult to remember. “Y/N,” you greeted, hoping your hands weren’t too clammy.

After a moment of holding your hand too long, he quickly pulled back, scratching the back of his neck.

“What can I do for you?” You asked softly, bringing his eyes back to yours.

“Oh!” He laughed, extending the book towards you, “I was wondering if you could sign my book for me.”

You fished around your bag for a pen for a moment before realizing that he had a sharpie in his hand. You giggled before started writing in his book.

Lin -
     Thank you so much for reading my book. And don’t worry - your nervous ramble was adorable.

Rereading your note to make sure you hadn’t mixed any letters up, you debated on adding your phone number, but you figured that was much riskier than you felt like being.

He gratefully took the book back, shutting it before even reading it. Shaking his head slightly, he smiled, “My cast is going to flip.”

“Cast?” You questioned, suddenly confused.

“Uh, yeah - I’m in this musical about Alexander Hamilton.” He said sheepishly.

Your eyes went wide, “The one here?”

He nodded, “Why? Is there more than one?” He threw you a wink, making your heart skip despite your eye roll.

Still, you giggled before shaking your head, “I don’t think so. My sister just saw it a few weeks ago.”

He smiled with his entire face, “Really? What’d she think of it?”

“She said it was incredible.”

Lin laughed before doing a little dance, “I can try and score you some tickets - the cast would love to meet you. We’ve all read your book.”

You snatched his copy from his, causing his brows to furrow. Quickly, under your name you scribbled out your number. He smirked at the addition, accepting the book once more.

“Call me?” You asked, using your back to push the door open.

“Definitely,” he said, waving slightly as you walked off. Once you had turned around completely, he gave himself a power fist. “Go Lin,” he smirked.

And call he did. Ten minutes after you left the shop, actually.

“I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fake number,” he defended.

Feeling flirty, you teased back, “Why would I give a cute guy a fake number?”

“Because you’re way out of his league?” He curbed, making your face flush red.

“Tease,” you mumbled under your breath.

He called that night too: “I wanted to double check it wasn’t a fake number.”

“Lin, you already called me. You know it’s real.”

“Okay, maybe I just wanted to talk to you some more.”

And again in the morning, you hadn’t even gotten out of bed.

“Good morning!” He chirped, eliciting a groan out of you as you quickly turned down the volume on your phone.

“Too early,” you mumbled.

“Noted,” he said before continuing. “I got you a ticket for Friday night.”

This seemed to wake you up, “Really?”

He nodded before realizing you couldn’t see him, “Does that work?”

“Yeah,” you said, sitting up and smoothing back your hair. “What do I wear?” You thought aloud.

He laughed, “A dress. But comfortable. It’s a long show.”

“Okay,” you grinned, “Thank you so much.”

“Of course,” he answered quickly. “But you have to promise to meet the cast afterwards - they’ll be pissed if they know they didn’t get to meet you.”

“Absolutely. I’ll be the starstruck one.”

“Doubtful,” he said. You could practically hear his smirk through the phone.

You were writing again the next day. Your mind was elsewhere, thinking about Lin and what dress to wear and Friday. Still, when you went back to correct your mistakes, your writing had a different tone to it; much lighter and more fluid.

Friday came soon enough and you were a wreck. You had called your sister and explained what happened. She instantly gushed about how attractive Lin was - and how talented he was. You called him after, frustrated that he hadn’t told you he was the star of the show.

“You’re telling me that my writing is good, but you’re an Emmy winner for your musicals! I feel like you gassed me up.” You heard him laugh through the phone, making you frown. “Lin,” you whined.

“Okay, okay!” He giggled, “I play Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton, but I didn’t gas you up. I’m actually obsessed with your book.”

“Shut up,” you grumbled. He only laughed again.

“You’re adorable,” he settled on, making you blush. “But seriously, Jasmine - you’ll meet her, she is so talented - was the first to read it, right? She gave it to Pippa - you’ll meet her too - and then Diggs -“

“His name is Diggs?”

“Daveed Diggs, he’s ridiculous. He’s a rapper.”


“And then they gave it to me because they wouldn’t shut up about the book, and they were annoyed that I couldn’t talk about it with them.”

You were smiling by now, listening smoothly, “So you’ve got a book club,” you teased.

He threw his head back, “I suppose you could call it that.”

The two of you talked for the rest of the night, by the time it was midnight, he suggested that you just come over.

“Lin, it’s the middle of the night.”

“Well, it depends how you look at it, in some parts of the world -“

“Lin,” you laughed. “For someone who has a never ending supply of energy, how is it that you don’t need sleep? It’s so ironic.”

He smiled into the phone, “Says the dyslexic author.”

You let out a hard laugh. It was new to laugh so freely about something that had limited you for so long. He wasn’t using it against you, simply acknowledging it.

“Too far?” He asked, suddenly nervous.

“Absolutely not. It feels good to laugh about it. To recognize it.”

Lin smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow at the show?”

“In a dress,” you returned.

“Goodnight,” he said, lingering.

“Goodnight, Lin,” you said. You waited a moment before handing up the phone. You fell asleep smiling that night.

You spent an hour picking out a dress. An hour. Even then, you settled on a simple low cut red dress - it wasn’t even that excessive! Still, you curled your hair and did your makeup, giving yourself ample time to get to the theater.

The show started at seven and you arrived around 6:30. A few people noticed who you were, a pair of teenage girls even asked if you were planning on writing more.

“I’m working on something right now, actually,” you smiled, playing the tease you knew you were.

Their eyes lit up as they begged for details. You laughed as you shook your head, “Sorry! You’ll just have to wait.”

After snapping a photo with them, you found your seat, still clutching your playbill. You flipped through the book, a paper falling out with the cast list on it. The cast changed frequently, so they used scrap paper instead of printing the bios and photos of the new actors. Your heart leapt when you saw Lin’s name across the dotted line of Alexander Hamilton.

The lights dimmed and the show began, the beat instantly pulling you in. You had no idea what you were in for, but boy, did you love it.

You weren’t sure what to do at the end of the show to be completely honest. After the final bow, you were overwhelmed to say the least. Sure, you had written a book. But that? Hamilton? They just made magic onstage.

You waited a few minutes before deciding to text him. What was he thinking? What were you thinking? You had absolutely no idea where to go or who to talk to. Before you could get your phone out of your bag, however, an usher had placed a hand on your arm.

“Miss L/N?” He smiled. When you nodded, he continued, “Mr. Miranda asked that I invite you backstage.”

A smile rushed your face as you followed him towards a back door, still gripping your playbill as if your life depended on it.

The guy who had played Hercules Mulligan was waiting for you behind the door. Thanking the usher, he pulled you back into the dark hallways with a grin so big it filled his face. He hugged you, making you jump for a moment before accepting the gesture and returning it quickly.

“I’m Oak, I love your book.” He said as he pulled away.

“I loved your performance,” you smiled, feeling awestruck.

He laughed but was abruptly shoved away, “Oh my gosh,” the girl behind him said.

“Jas, this is Y/N,” Oak introduced.

A curly head bobbed over, instantly hugging you, “You are one of my biggest inspirations.”

You took in a breath, softly thanking her before hugging her back. When you pulled away, you squinted before asking, “You’re Jasmine, right?”

She nodded quickly, slightly slapping Oak on the chest before turning and whispering, “She knows who I am.” Suddenly, Jasmine was pulled away from you to reveal a dressed down Lin. He had on some sweats and a black Hamilton tee. The sight of him made your heart skip. Who the hell looked that good in sweats? He was unreal.

He puffed up his cheeks before slowly breathing out.

“Hi,” you said.

Lin shook his head slightly before offering a hand and leading you away. Gratefully, you accepted. His hand left yours, resting on the small of your back, flooding your body with fire; making you burn.

His lips trailed to your ear, slowly breathing out, “You look incredible.” Electricity traveled down your spine as his words hit you.

You tried to push your smile down, but his hand fit perfectly and his hair was messy but he was so damn hot and you couldn’t help it.

“Only one person to dress for,” you quipped, moving a little closer to him, as if there was any room between you. He let out a soft groan, moving you more curtly to his dressing room.

He took a deep breath when he got into the room, as if to calm himself down. Lin pulled you to the couch, sitting much closer than two friends would.

“So what did you think?” He asked, nudging your shoulder, “Was your sister right?”

You let out a laugh before you nodded, “For the first time in her life.” You turned to face him. His grin made it’s way to his eyes, “You are ridiculously talented,” you said, still starstruck.

“Then I won’t let you see Javi play Hamilton. You might like him more than me,” he laughed. His laugh was breezy, like the conversation wasn’t filled with heat.

“Who says I like you?” You said, your brows furrowed, a teasing tone making its way off your lips.

“That dress,” he said quickly, easily. You let out small gasp, rarely allowing yourself to flirt so liberally. Speechless, you shook your head with a smile on your lips. He played off of this, taking your hand in his. “But seriously, you liked it?” He asked, turning the subject.

You nodded instantly, “It… was the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

He rolled his eyes, “That’s exaggerating.”

“Maybe, but it was still amazing.” You shrugged.

He was closer than he was before. When did he get so close?

“You’re amazing,” he tried.

You crinkled your nose, “Cheesy.”

He giggled, placing his other hand on your cheek before touching his lips to yours. Melting immediately, your hands found his neck and you pulled him closer. His hands dropped back to your hips as his lips molded yours. Your lips parted as his kisses got longer, hotter. You sighed into him, tugging his hair lightly when he nipped your bottom lip. The fire in your chest had traveled to every part of your body and you had never felt so good.

“Dude! Why didn’t you tell me Y/N was here - oh shit!” Someone yelled, barging into the dressing room and causing you two to pull apart. Accidentally, you smacked Lin in the face as you jumped back to the end of the couch.

“Shit,” you both groaned, you in embarrassment, him in pain. Reaching towards him, your placed your hand back to his jaw where it had previously been in much different context.

He laughed lightly, “I’m okay,” he assured you. Your eyes were still worried so he leaned forward and pecked your lips once more, making you smile.

A curly haired boy walked in sheepishly alongside Jasmine. Lin laughed, flopping back on the couch. “Go figure.” He laughed.

The boy furrowed his brows, letting out a slight huff.

Throwing a hand up, he introduced you, “Anthony, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Anthony.”

You offered a small wave, your blush undeniable. Quickly, Jasmine broke the tension with a laugh, “You couldn’t even lock the door, Lin?”

Lin face palmed, slapping a hand over his eyes. You looked down, trying not to giggle (and failing). Maybe it was the way Jasmine leaned so easily against the counter, like this was something enjoyable for her to see, or maybe the way Lin had kept one hand around your waist during the entire affair, but you weren’t nearly as embarrassed as you should be.

“We’re going to get some pizza if you want to come,” Anthony said, scratching the back of his neck.

Jasmine was quick to kid, just like Lin, “Unless you guys are preoccupied.”

Lin groaned, standing up and ushering out the door, mumbling something in Spanish before turning back to you, “I am so sorry.”

You shook your head, “Don’t worry about it. I love your cast.”

He was back to the couch, sitting just as close as he had before. “Oh yeah?” He grinned, giving you no time to respond before his lips were back on yours.

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Winter Song was supposed to have only 2 chapters?? THAT'S NOT ENOUGH!! I guarantee you that the only person crying over TWS length is you, we all feel really blessed with how long it turned out to be! ^^

Yes, it was! When I wrote that first chapter, that was me thinking I was having a brief love affair with a new fandom. I figured I’d get the whole “Victuuri thing” out of my system by having Yuuri straddle Victor and do naughty things to his necktie. That’s it. That was going to be my story.

And then every. damn. new. episode kept sucking me in deeper and deeper. This anime has ruined me. I am complete YOI trash and couldn’t be happier about it.

Victor and Yuuri make me so happy. 80k+ words of Winter Song haven’t even allowed me to properly explain all the happiness. So get ready for more. WS will easily go over 100k words.


What has happened with the fans of Tokyo ghoul:re? I don’t understand what people are missing. I’ve read about a lot of people dropping it but seriously?? I don’t think anything is out of place. I think the story flows very well. I’ve been reading that it has become poorly written? Really? And I think it’s quite childish to freak out about a sex scene but your okay with torture..? (Honestly that was one of the most innocent sex scenes I’ve ever read. It was such a beautiful scene.)The things people complain about don’t really make sense. I think people just jump on the bandwagon and as soon as the story progresses in a new direction they drop it saying it’s all of a sudden poorly written? Or whatever they are coming up with. Either way, I find it very disappointing.

I think Ishida is one of the most talented authors out there. I don’t think he gets as much credit as he deserves. In fact, I love the series even more every time a new chapter comes out. I can’t wait to see how it goes. I love this story so much and I look forward to reading it every week.

with love, from anonymous (chapter 12) - written with @bechnaesun

Summary:  Isak just wants to get his coffee in peace, Even has a crush, and there’s a secret admirer on the loose.

Notes: a big big thank you to @stardefiant & @koninginnen for making sure this angst-filled chapter did not drag on more than it needed to. y’all are the best and i love you.

Pairing: Isak/Even

Chapters: 12/14

Words: 4,380

FREDAG 12.34

Even didn’t think his hatred of hospitals would extend to veterinary hospitals, but as it turns out, he learns something new about himself every day. Back here, the vet smells of bleach and piss, and where there would normally be barking and whining, instead there’s eery silence, as if the animals are acutely aware of the gravity of their situations. He wonders if they’re scared, and then he clutches onto Baz’s fur tighter when he wonders if any of them are aware someone’s coming back for them.


Art credits to: asktaki-tooru@tumblr.com (Admin - AmJae Binka)

// OOC; Today is Taki’s Birthday!!!! Happy birthday Taki! お誕生日おめでとうございます!\(^▼^)/  Hope you all like my fanart~

Some update on admin: Recently I’ve been starting new chapter on my life. I am living in Japan now but things are getting even more hectic from now on~ I am sorry for not replying and hiatus for long but I will update as much as I can and reply asap! And I’ve been watching Natsume Yuujinchou Roku every week on TV! (=^w^=) 

Hope everyone has a good day and @natsumeweek starts now! Please show your loves towards Natsume Yuujinchou~!

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Oh my gosh, Cathy looks so happy when she remembers Kiera! (saaaame) I love the new chapter so far, it's like every page gets even better than the last

AW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 every page is more fun to work on than the last hehe

natsume yuujinchou is so good because even when i’m feeling down and awful and stressed it’s just so peaceful and sweet and comforting. even if it’s bittersweet or there’s pain, it’s ultimately a story of healing and love and acceptance. every time i watch an episode or read a chapter i feel good and it doesn’t matter how i felt before, at least for a little while i’ll feel okay again

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Love this. I look for a new chapter every day. Jamie is even more adorable in this modern tale.

Thank you, Anon.  But you’re going to have to wait a bit.  I have nothing ready. I’ve just been really busy.  


“CODE: 그 꽃들은 전쟁안에 담그자 곧 생기를 되찾았음 [Flowers will revive themselves when they’re immersed in war.]“

A new chapter for CODE is up! Check it out! Things are about to get crazy from hereon out! Be sure if you have any questions to send me an ask or write a comment on the chapter itself! 

An author’s will to continue writing gets increased when someone writes a comment, even if it’s just ‘good job’ or something! Please comment a lot on not only my work but any work that you read! Hearing positive and constructive criticism is always something every author loves!! 


P.s. I’ve actually finished writing CODE’s outline, but I’m preparing for 2 more big works, CODE the second installment (If i write out the full chapter it might give some spoilers away) and another piece that doesn’t have a title yet. I hope you can support CODE even though it’s a bit abnormal compared to other pieces.. I know. 

However, CODE: 2 (for the sake of naming it here) will include VIXX, BTS, EXO, SEVENTEEN, TWICE and more a LOT more than in the original CODE, because it’s a special series piece that works similar to how a television show works. You’ll see when we get there, but the past help you guys had given me with sorting everyone out is what that was for! And now that it had been decided! Thanks again for all of your help and I hope you can look forward to it! ^^

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why should people watch boku no hero academia







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It hasn’t even reached 100 chapters yet (the manga) and so many things have happened already!! It’s a really dynamic story, that falls outside the mold of stereotypes you could expect from a Weekly Shonen Jump series (the drawing style, the girls, the actual presence of parents!!)! Seriously, I didn’t think I was gonna like it as much as I do now, but every chapter gave me new and more reasons to grow to love it THIS MUCH!!! It’s a series that deserves more attention, it makes you laugh, worry and cry (a lot) and the characters grow on you (even those you wouldn’t even care at the start!!)!

So please, watch/read Boku no Hero Academia and give it the love it deserves!! ♥


What’s up this week:

So I’ll be finishing up 4 series this week!  

Two are just translations for other groups, Yorumo Himo Akenai (Michinoku Atami) for Fundash Yaoi, and Namaiki Hierarchy (Hinako) for Sentimiento Yaoi.  So you’ll see those eventually released by those groups (both are really good projects!).  

Then from me, you’ll obviously see My Tongue in Your Mouth.  I finished the translation on my lunch break today!!  Why can I translate Nyannya 500% faster than anything else??  It’s definitely easier to translate, but I’ve irrationally decided to be crazy motivated about anything from her.  Yoru will probably be finished cleaning later this week.  

And then…you’ll also see a chapter from a brand new on-going series that I’m super excited about!! It’s called Mr. Fiction by Aomoto Sari.  There are currently four chapters out, so I have some catching up to do.  This series was a totally random suggestion from a super awesome anon.  So what can I tell you about this new series?  Well first, the art is absolutely gorgeous.  There’s also tons of great sex (there’s sex in every chapter, but it definitely gets better with each chapter). This is an extremely emotionally intense series, which is unusual for me, but I still really like it!  And the last thing I’ll say is…SEKE ALERT!!  I totally love sekes. Here are a few promo pics (I’ve mostly omitted the text, so to not give even more away):

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Oh wow, I keep thinking there's no way in hell ALiL can break my heart more than it already has, yet, it does it again with every new chapter. I'm so sad and crying and need you to fix them, please?????? This is my favorite fic, you've put me through a rainbow of emotions and I love it. I can't even believe what I just read. I just love this so much

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Gotta keep y’all on your toes with the story! I guess we’ll have to see what comes next from here, but I’m so honored that this is your favorite fic, babe 

A Lesson in Love (Confessions)

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Hi, fun fact, I love your writing. Your stories are amazing, and I look forward to every new chapter. The anon can piss off, and if they can't even send something without it being anonymous then they are scared of what people might do to them if they aren't. 😊✨

Aww, thank you. They left more asks, but you know what? I’m just gonna delete them and pretend like it doesn’t exist

reasons that magnus chase is an incredible book series already:

  • hearthstone is deaf and also a Super Sweetie
  • jack. like. just jack 
  • so many references to pjo its like walking into a candy store
  • annabeth isn’t even a main character and she still manages to steal the show
  • non-blood family !! super best friend team!!!! wow!!!!!
  • every character is well-developed and incredible and amazingly well-written
  • beautiful chapter titles *wipes away happy tears*
  • the chapter title: Hearthstone Passes Out Even More Than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)
  • manages to still be new and interesting !!
a list for myself

i will be finished with school in 1 week. after that, i will be free as a bird until i return to the world of academia in another university far away from where i live now. these are some things that i plan on doing during my free year: 

- commit to practicing yoga in the mornings. take the lovely short walk to the studio to do this.

- continue exercising regularly. this is the most opportune time to get as fit as i can before another backpacking/climbing trip. getting my booty down to the climbing gym at least 3 times a week is necessary.

- seriously consider the bangs. squeeze lemon and honey into my hair. it’s just hair, isn’t it? 

- earn the money i deserve! i get paid for teaching others what i’m passionate about. enjoy every second of it and make it enjoyable for others. i am so very lucky to have this job. 

- write write write. write my heart out without judgement. editing can always be done later. 

- finish reading that first book i started. then go out and get another, and another, and another. 

- practice cooking. cook at least one new thing a week… or every other week. call it art.  

- that banjo is sounding more and more lovely the more i play it. keep it up! with time, i’ll be strumming along with other musicians. 

- educate myself. practice swedish, read unbiased articles, learn all you can about urban homesteading. 

- prepare my future. make lists, organize all the paperwork, crunch the numbers. this is exciting!! so i better get ready for it. 

- clean my entire apartment. make way for a new chapter in my life.

 - clean out my wardrobe. sell whatever doesn’t suit me anymore and rid myself of unnecessary material possessions. 

- love. always continue to love even when circumstances push me to feel otherwise. 

LeviHan (Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 53)

So, the LeviHan moments are just increasing more and more with each new chapter. It’s like Isayama literally took his brush and just went “whoops, my hand slipped a little more LeviHan in there”. Like, could he possibly love these two more? It’s like he just can’t help himself. Anyway, I love seeing their little interactions together. Every time I see them interacting, it’s just something brilliant and very telling each time. My mini LeviHan analysis for Chapter 53.

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A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 119

My New Year’s resolution for 2017: re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and relive the joy that is Gintama lesson-by-lesson. Hopefully I will never reach the end of the series should Sorachi-sama have a change of heart and never conclude it.

What I Loved in Lesson 119:

Random portrait of two gorgeous dudes. What a way to start the chapter!

Ok it’s not as harmless as ripping off a piece of his yukata would have been but at least it’s not sandpaper. I was more amazed that Gintoki even had money on him.

The toilet battle coming to an explosive end, thank goodness.

I did not love seeing Hijikata being beaten up by Kyuubei at all but it was fascinating at the same time because he was obviously holding back. I think I started to guess why before even the reveal, but up until then, I don’t think I doubted her gender at all. I was just happy we got another bishonen character.

Gintoki and Binbokusai’s fight was immensely entertaining, especially with the size difference, it really did seem like Gin-chan was fighting Yoda.

Shinpachi being forceful and passionate for Tae-chan’s sake was touching.

I know I gasped out loud the first time I saw this…

…and then guffawed when Tae-chan returned the favor using what was probably triple the strength.

Tae-chan’s weepy expression, the first time we’ve ever seen her like this, tore me up a bit.

Distressing because of Hijikata (she dragged him the entire way from the woods! Ouch!) but Kyuubei looked kinda cool.

It seems pretty obvious after the full reveal but yeah, I’m pretty sure I was fooled at first too. I mean, some would say even Zura’s pretty effeminate so why would I even question Kyuubei’s gender at first glance.

Ships Tally:

KyuuTae: Otae’s decision to ditch her beloved little brother and friends to fulfill her promise to Kyuu-chan might have been motivated by guilt, but it was still moving nonetheless.

ShinTae: Shinpachi’s sister complex was operating at a def-con 7 level.

HijiShin: although it’s pretty hopeless considering Hijikata wouldn’t even address him properly and instead referred to him as “Glasses” (it was “Four-Eyes” in the English manga version), Shinpachi’s concern for him was still sweet.

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so freaking amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, and I am forever grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


Opinions on signs based on people I know

Aries : u seem pretty cool,as classmates we are in the same squad but u always want to know even “what a dog digs”

Taurus : i am taurus,u are loyal and u will never let down ur friends but u care too much about people and not all the people u care about are good persons

Cancer : we have a chimestry between ,a very strong bond,u are funny,intelligent and not afraid to share ur true opinion about something bc u always think u’re right

Virgo : u are amazing,modest,good jokes even if are about me ( i will always laugh but in the end u will pass the line and piss me off),u are a really good person and care about people who deserve ur kindness,*wink* taurians will always like u

Leo : i don’t understand you,you are funny and know how to protect your friends but sometimes you will hurt them,you care too much about your pride to apologize,if you messed up with a taurus…better talk about that with them.when you win a taurus’s sincerly friendship..they will be your friends forever

Gemeni : u are okay but sometimes u are also a two-faced biatch,u know how to make ppl laugh,great sense of estethics and arts,a lot of imagination (u could work for marvel hahaha) i know u like to keep ur enemies close,i felt that,my advice is whenever u are mad…STOP THROWING THINGS OR SCREAM FFS NOT COOL KAY

Libra : my dad is libra,as a parent u are the one that always know how to pleasure ur kids,u are the best,as a friend…u are trustworthly(i bet it) unless u got mental problems,good jokes tho,u always hit where is the weak point,i am sure u got close friends in sign taurus

Scorpio : omg u are fucking annoying at the begining but if u might know a taurus better you will see they’re not that bad and u could end up like best buddies,trust me u will like taurus *wink*,u are intelligent and cool to hang out with,u will be in the center of attention cuz ur sarcastic and dirty humor will make everybody laugh u rebel shit

Sagittarius : hmm u keep ur calm in every situation,i admire u for that,know how to make meh almost good jokes,u like to try new stuff,my advice is work more on chapter “humor” bc u will have excelents results in relationships

Capricorn : Omg i love any single one of u,u are AWEEESOMEEE,cool to hang out,we can finish each other sentences bc we have a lot in common,taurians will always understand ur jokes even when the others don’t,keep up with ur personality but keep an eye for the friends who force u to do something,they might have a secret scope and then will need u to reach it

Aquarius : u are very flirty and a good friend,a bit wierd and nobody can tell what u have in mind but nothing to worry about,u probably think about ur grades,i notice u like to create chaos between classmates ( it’s a comedy show for u little fucker )

Pisces : oh yeah!*highfive* sometimes friends for life,sometimes we just piss off each other,u are for trust,u care about others and that’s cool,u will be always original and authentic,u don’t like posers or fake ones (u would like exterminate every single one of them to make sure we are all pure)