but with all the girl ships

My desires for Wonder Woman Sequels
  • More Etta Candy somehow
  • New time periods, don’t just jump to the modern day
  • Cheetah because she is the most iconic villain after Ares
  • Circe, see above but switch out Ares for Cheetah
  • More shit on Paradise Island with her mother
  • Artemis perhaps??????
  • Maybe doing more typically Greek stuff
  • Maybe retcon out the shitty Zeus Dad origin and reinstitute the awesome born of clay origin
  • Purple healing ray for the lols
  • Vanessa going dark and becoming Silver Swan. My fav WW arc
  • Re-emphasize the Lasso of truth as her iconic weapon
  • Troia and Wonder Girl please. Then go a Titans movie
  • And above all else avoid the following like a plague: Shipping Diana with Bruce or Clark, anything from John Byrne’s run that isn’t Cassie or her mother, everything from O’Neil/Azzarello/the Finch runs, writing Diana like Xena, 
This just in:

The portrayal of a black girl and an asian boy falling in love and being in a relationship is not acceptable because its apparently just so #heteronormative in present-day media! We should all just ship the two pretty boys who fight all the time because the we-hated-each-other-but-are-now-suddenly-in-love trope is something that has NEVER been done before, and the fetishization of the LGBTQ community is just so much more progressive than an interracial couple that doesn’t feature a white person!!!! 

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Brace yourself... ka//u/ra month is coming...

Sorry what?

I can’t hear you over the sound of perfectly healthy ships that don’t force a black girl who’s clearly uncomfortable with the dude’s heritage and his affiliation with her oppressors to date him ever.

And there’s other loud noises to, like her complete disbelief that anyone thinks she would even go for him when she has all the hot alien girls she could ever want that would trat her right and worship the very ground she walks on.

[Book review]- 15번 진짜 안 와

I picked this novel up at a secondhand bookstore on a whim. It was cheap, and the covered seemed weird and interesting, so without even knowing what this book was about, I bought it.

In the end, I’m glad I did! In 박상’s “15번 진짜 안 와,” we follow our protagonist 고남일, an aspiring rock guitarist who ships off to London after a string of bad luck leaves him wanting to get out of Korea and start over. Other main characters include his ex girlfriend, a Greek girl, and a Japanese guy. Oh, and a few god-like figures including 오에스, who wants to reset all of humanity; and Rock Spirit, who wants to stop that from happening.

The book follows 남일 as he tries to navigate life in a foreign country and all the difficulties that come with it as he works toward achieving his dream. It was a fairly fun read for me, and I didn’t find it difficult to understand at all. Most of the words that came up that I was unfamiliar with were extra descriptors that I could sort of guess at and just pass over; I probably looked up fewer than twenty words while reading the whole book. I found myself going through ten or more pages in one sitting easily.

I think 15번 진짜 안 와 could be classified as perhaps a YA novel? I’m not quite sure, haha. There is some swearing throughout and a sex scene nearish the end—nothing too long or explicit, but there it is—but it’s generally a fairly non-offensive and simple read if you’re looking to jump in to reading Korean novels.

That isn’t to say I took no issue with the book, but my gripes are not so much with the plot or format as with my personal feelings toward the main character (and some others) at various parts of the book. I don’t want to get too specific, though. I would recommend this novel, so if you feel so inclined, please do check it out~


So… Sunday, this Sunday, July 2nd… things are gonna happen…

Yeah… it’s gonna be dumb. Y’all are gonna love it.

And.. I have been shipped with yet another lovely creature. 

So far, I have shipped myself with @seenashwrite and @madamelibrarian.. Hash and Helfu, respectively.

But.. @codenameruby has coined the lovely ‘helandturmoiil’.. shipping me with the most wonderfulest person.. @loveandturmoil87. I love her so much. Go look at her amazingness. Just go.

I could die. Literally. I love this.

And no, this new ship does not negate or void previous ships. I am a multishipper. I ship all the ships, especially my own. And I would like to offer up a few more.. because I am a mess and I like it.

@when-the-day–met-the-night - Daddy’s Girl. You don’t need this explained. That’s what we’re called.

@codenameruby - HelV. yeah. I like that. Sounds like a disease or something to do with bees…

And, my beautiful soon to be wife.. @kayteonline… Hayte.. like Hades…. because we dark and deep, yo.

I’m off to write (finally). Talk to y’all when I’m done. Woo. Good day (finally).

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Nepeta fur that one thing abt how you think of them please!

We got some nep fans in the house tonight I see!

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

As you can tell everyone in homestuck is pretty hot.

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: i heard nepeta leijon has an eight pack. that nepeta is shredded.

worst quality: died too soon :/

ship them with: Terezi, Roxy, Jade…p much all the girls.

brotp them with: also tz, roxy, and jade…and equius obvs. and calliope tbh they’d get along so well.

needs to stay away from: gamzee, though i think if a second post-murderstuck encounter were to occur, she could beat him up.

misc. thoughts: as much as i want to mention Davepeta in this post, they’re their own character at this point and deserve to be treated as such. Plus y’all wanted to hear about bona fide nep.

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Your handle says "Dedicated to the shameless shipping of My favorite DWTS couples plus a little bit of randomness" so, who are these couples?

Here’s a story all about how, my life got flip turned upside down… and I discovered my secret obsession with shipping couples from dwts. Buckle in, boys and girls. So, by my nature I tend to get obsessed with something for a while and then move on, so my blog has changed several times with my whims. I have been a casual watcher of dwts since about season 14 or 15 I guess, but I wasn’t a super fan. I just watched it and enjoyed it and didn’t think much of it. I first discovered Tumblr during season 19 after coming across a video on Twitter of “all Maksyl dances” and I loved their dynamic and went googling to find out what a Maksyl was and found Tumblr. Back then I was just a lurking anon in @trocoloca ’s inbox. My ship was sailing, posting adorable snuggle reunion pics and such all of the time, so, I started to get bored because I’m like that. I came across a gifset comparing Val and Zendaya with Maks and Meryl. Now, this gifset threw me for a loop because up until this point I was sipping the Janelskiy tea. I enjoyed their dances and bought into the showmance… but when I saw these gifs it made Janelskiy seem like fake news because I hadn’t seen Val look so enamored with anyone else like he was looking at her. I had watched season 16 and enjoyed Val and Z but never really noticed a romantic connection between the two of them. So I went diving in the Valdaya tag and found gifs, interviews, social media interactions, etc that made me think there was something there. The age difference was bugging me at first but when I looked at it objectively and thought about some of the individual factors in their relationship it didn’t bother me as much. So I think that’s around the time I started my blog and one of my first posts was about that age difference. And it turns out I am a huge sucker for the forbidden romance trope so I was hooked. So I was shipping along, it was going great, my dash was filled with Maksyl in the morning and Valdaya at night, don’t ask me why but that’s how it was, when Maksyl all of the sudden went to hell and the tag became a disaster zone. When it after a while it became pretty obvious that ship was sunk, I went to mostly a Valdaya blog. I even wrote a fic for each of those ships, which when I first found Tumblr I thought was the weirdest thing ever. I was so creeped out by fics about real people. But over time I realized the characters were only inspired by real people, and they were fictional versions, and then I was cool with it. Well so then Season 20 came along and about week 9 or so, Mark and Sadie had their trio dance with Emma and started getting real emotional, and I started seeing a little something there. Again, forbidden love and opposites attract and all of that. And they reminded me so much of some of what I’d seen with Valdaya and seemed to have such an intense soulmate type connection, and were acting like boyfriend/girlfriend to me in a lot of ways, and I fell right down that rabbit hole. I shipped it so hard. I knew it was a crack ship and I did not care. I obsessed like crazy and wrote a ton of fic and I still think they have one of the most beautiful intense connections they came out of the show and had the circumstances been different, it could have gone in a different direction. But now I think they have fully turned it into an amazing friendship and I have warmed up a lot to Mark and BC and their relationship and think they are really sweet. So I’m just chilling along and watching season 23, enjoying several of the couples, and I’m watching the group dance rehearsal and notice James staring and Sharna while she’s choreographing, and then doing things to intentionally make her laugh, and guys I am not kidding you I fell so hard for them. I don’t pick my ships, my ships pick me, and this one lit something up in my brain and I again went ship crazy, rewatching all of their dances and packages and posting all of my feels, and people started sending me anons, and I met all of you lovely people, and that’s how my blog came to be in it’s present day state. I said it one of my tags a while back, and I do believe it to be true, that I don’t always pick the ships that go romantic, but I do pick the ones that have a special connection. Maybe that is just what I personally want in a romantic relationship, so I see it that way. Anyway, there you go. The couples that I shamelessly ship. My dwtsotps.
My babies. 😍😍😍

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Hello, sweetie^^ My name is Karina and I your fan from Russia. I sooooo love your Persona Au and arts with Aki and Ham/also best girls sooo cuteeee/ I started ship Aki/Ham thanks to u! I just wanna say thank you for all your works :3 Don't leave drawing and your wonderful au~ It's make me very happy, then I see a new art from on tumblr •3• Have a sunny-shinny day!

AHHH hello Karina! it’s nice to meet you!!! i’m so glad to know that you enjoy my AU and AkiHam now!! ((they are so cute…!)) thank you so much for your nice message! it made me feel very happy to read it~ ♡ i will continue drawing and to make you happy hehe i hope the weather in Russia is nice to you!! have a wonderful day to you too Karina!! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

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ten/rose/clara - marriage? (is this specific enough? I've never been good at these 🙃)

  • Clara buys Rose a sparkly ring as a joke- it’s cheap and they’re on a planet with hundreds of vendors. She pretends it doesn’t tug on her heartstrings when Rose takes to wearing it on her left hand.
  • The Doctor, while patently uninterested in any kind of human ceremony, can’t deny that formalizing the bond between the three of them isn’t something that appeals to them.
  • They dance around the subject for months, before Clara comes out and tells them both that she wants to marry them. Rose leaps forward and kisses her soundly, relief and nervousness warring within her.
  • (He pouts, but the Doctor thoroughly enjoys seeing his girls get all dressed up for the occasion…and the TARDIS is having a ball helping them prepare. He refuses to wear anything other than dark blue Converse with his tux, no matter how hard his ship protested).
  • In the end, they’re married on Earth in the 2120s- Clara and Rose are wearing white dresses and have matching mascara trails of tears running down their cheeks. It’s a simple ceremony- none of them need much flash. The Doctor, too, is having troubles controlling his emotions- he’s planning on asking them to bond with him tonight, and he’s terrified at their reactions.

(And they lived Happily Ever After)

Send me a pairing/prompt, I’ll give you 5 headcanons about it.

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Ahm hey. I am just a girl, nobody. My favourite colour is blue, but just dark or light blue. I don't have a favourite ship, I have many. But otayuri is one of them. I have many favourite ice cream flavours, too, which is because ice cream is the best thing in the world even before chocolate. But just barely. NO I don't have a cat. And I am very sad about that. I have a dog though. And I would go onto anon, but I can't. Sorry.

First of all, darling, you are NOT a nobody!! <3 I love that you RP Otabek’s little sister (just based off of what I see on your blog - it’s super cute!!) and *high fives* I’m a Pisces and a Ravenclaw, too! :D Blue has been my favorite color for most of my life, though I’ve been leaning toward purple a lot more lately. 

Otayuri is an awesome ship, I absolutely agree. I also love Drarry (Draco & Harry) and Asanoya (Nishinoya & Asahi from Haikyuu). You’re making my ice cream/chocolate craving so much worse!!! I’m drooling…haha! I don’t have a cat either, but I have a pug and she is the sweetest babygirl ever. <3

Also your last bit made me realize that anon was turned off for my blog, so hey thanks for making me realize that! Loves and feel free to message me any time you want!!

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May I have an avengers ship please? I'm a straight 5'4 girl with VERY pale skin with a little freckles, and dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. I am fairly fit. I love paintball shooting, ARCHERY!, horseback riding, drawing, and I love animals! Favorite color: purple. I occasionally play with wolves. 🐺💜 I consider myself to be intelligent, with an IQ of 152. I'm usually very kind, except when standing up for myself, or others.(I almost held a man at bow-point.) Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

girl you are BADASS! And I have pale skin too, so I feel it. #palepride
I ship you with Clint Barton ALL THE WAY

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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life | MY SUN AND STARS AND REASON FOR LIVING
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: brave af, loving af, literal embodiment of feminine love and has a good heart and a way of being so easy and wonderful to love
worst quality: very stubborn to the point of spiting her own best interests just to prove someone else wrong
ship them with: sara, amaya, ray, carter, rip, jax, cisco, all? all
brotp them with: team legends, mick
needs to stay away from: vandal savage but most men that aren’t on the legends team or team flash TBH
misc. thoughts: let me tell you about this literal magical girl who saved the whole damn world, who protected carter for the first time when he had always died to protect her, who loved ray and sara so fucking much and mourned with rip and lived and laughed and was a ray of sunshine and made people feel good to be around. she is the sun, she was the team’s sun, and i love her so much my heart may burst

not to be a conspiracy theorist but i feel like the hets are deliberately making it harder and harder for us to find other gay people… stealing lesbian fashions… girls who sit in each other’s laps and say “girlfriend”… dudebros who play “gay chicken”… using our gay arts and songs… ironic rainbows… straights with only gay ships… it’s so bad that at this point a guy in a rainbow feather boa could get up on a stage, announce he’s gay, and suck five dicks at once and i’d still think there was a chance he’s straight… this has to be deliberate like theres a plot here y'all

reblog this if you’re okay with your mutuals/followers tagging you in their posts/things they think you would enjoy and put what tag(s) you track as well as any specific things you’d like to be tagged in in the tags of this post

Shipping Nico with girls is homophobic. There’s nothing more to it. It’s homophobic. The end.