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I like how you can tell (for the traditional and digital comparison) both were done by the same person even though they look a little different. This is probably the first time I've seen your traditional work and I like seeing the strokes of the pencil (?) and where they go. Would you say that you approach drawing differently when you go traditional vs digital in terms of how you blend and how you do shading?

When I draw traditionally I am MUCH more careful with line placement and proportion-setting.  Drawing digitally, I would consider myself borderline aggressive with throwing down shapes, colors, and values initially, mainly because it’s a lot easier to erase/alter/undo mistakes.  When I blend traditionally, I usually just shade very lightly in gradients or use my finger to smudge (in some circles that’s considered a cardinal sin but, if you’re pretty controlled about it, the results can be quite pleasant).  When I blend digitally, I just use the eyedropper tool to rapidly color pick and mush colors together.  As a result, you’ll notice that the traditional sketch is a lot lighter and more delicate looking (lots of thin, sharp lines, esp. around the eyes), while the digital drawing has a broader range of values as well as harsher highlights and shadows.

Have some extra sketches, because I like posting asks with pictures.


I definetly am open to different movements when it comes to global politics. Other countries have different struggles and threats, obviously those who are victims of economic imperialism will have a way different approach, and I respect that.

As far as the US goes, we won’t go anywhere without a revolutionary party of organizing people and spreading the message. I believe in a central congress functioning as a national government and coordinating production with elected committees representing industries. Use of unions to mobilize control of the workplace also.

Antiglobalization under capitalism and environmentalism are also very important to me. I oppose what the first world has done to control the third world (military intervention, economic imperialism, etc) and don’t believe “FALC” would be a moral achievement without liberation of this oppression (besides it being, you know, pretty unrealistic currently).

So no, I’m not an ancom or ML, but I don’t waste my time arguing over superiority because ultimately we aren’t all in the same position and it’s foolish plush inefficient to think so.

So that’s a very BASIC (and somewhat vague, sorry) overview of my approach/opinions, which I thought would be worth sharing because lots of people only know me as a staunch anticapitalist and nothing else.

If you start discourse on the basis of this post I’ll kill you. And yes, this remains vague because some of y'all are a bit much when it comes to ideological purity Also if anyone unfollows me for that I’ll laugh.

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how do you feel about all he people turning against jb and calling him annoying because he stated that he liked girls when a male fans said he loves him? i honestly don't find it as a very big deal tbh especially because he's from a more conservative country and they have different social expectation, and i've lived in those environments. but idk i guess i can understand how others feel about his rash comments and undermining the male fans efforts.

sorry this got a bit long so i put a keep reading thing lmao

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Tantric Perception Games

Yesterday I learned that in Tibetan Buddhism, tantic teachings, they also practice automatic writing (calling it spontaneous writing) and paradigm shifts (calling it perception games).

[note: Automatic writing and paradigm shifts are common chaos magick techniques]

The first, spontaneous writing, is pretty much identical in execution to automatic writing. You go into Gnosis/Rigpa and let ‘er rip–channel something if you please.

The second technique, perception games, has the same basis as a paradigm shift but a much more subtle approach, creating a huge difference. Rather than shifting from one paradigm to another, the tantric practitioner shifts perception of specific pieces in the paradigm.

Example… If something about yourself or the world around you is causing issues you can then perceive it as a demon, spirit, whatever.. Then you can work with that piece of reality through ritual. Wanna connect more with Wind? Give it an archetype and allow the subtle shifts of the wind to manifest in your perception through the archetype.

“You can have a lot of fun with these games,” my guru told me, “when we practice dream yoga your whole waking life is then perceived as a dream, and your dream life is perceived as a magical plane for magical proceedings. That is some real fun.”

He pointed to a framed piece of writing on the wall, “Master Tam wrote this poem in spontaneous writing. It is of the same essence as the heart sutra. You come read this now, then in a year and you will see your own perception change. Read it in another five years, change again. Ten years? Also different. Always different. Through this writing you can perceive the changes in the self.”

He smiled and paused before continuing, “If you shift perception then you could say that the writing is instead seeing the proceedings of your being. When you look, the essence reflects to you what it sees. Fun, right?”

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Regarding the "different" Slenderman discussions, I always thought that Slenderman simply approached different people in different ways. He needs to be creative to get at Stan, who is used to his tricks, but say for Noah, he does not have to be as fancy because he has the Collective to do his dirty work, but then say, Mlandersen0 he is MUCH more aggressive because of who and what Patrick is and his very existence pisses Slendy off. To me, a tactical thinking monster is the scariest kind.

This this this. Love this.

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Could I request headcanons for shino finding out from kiba and hinata that the girl he likes, likes him back. And how he would initiate asking her out. Please and thank you!

did i hear shino day? shINO DAYYY <3 well it was supposed to be. i’m writing an nsfw shino scenario at the same time as writing these xD also, i know that this asked for a female s/o, but i want to make it as gender nerutal as i possibly can.

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Shino Finding out From Kiba and Hinata that The Person He Likes Likes Him Back+Asking Them Out

- Shino did what he could to avoid talking about them in front of Kiba and Hinata, but sometimes, he couldn’t help it. So when he heard from his two closest friends, that the person he likes likes him back, he’s all a-flutter.

- He still maintains his composure with this whole situation, however, and makes sure that they hardly know the difference. He notices their little quirky habits as he approaches them, talking to them, trying to get to know them better with renewed confidence.

- At times, he forgets who he’s with. He’s ecstatic on the inside, that he’s with them. It almost doesn’t seem real; the person he likes, likes him back. It almost feels like it’s something out of a storybook a parent reads to their children with the whole “And they lived happily ever after” bit.

- He’s slow in asking them out, however. He makes it kind of like a game, showing how clever he really is. He builds up their relationship, without them asking each other out. He build it up so that it seems as if they’re already in a relationship. 

- That’s when he asks them. They’re hardly fazed, and instead, their answer brings the smallest smile to his face. “We weren’t already?” “No, I just wanted to make it official.”

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Will departure of CA "damage" pillars 2 writing significantly

I think that depends on what you liked about the writing on Pillars 1.  Eric Fenstermaker was our narrative lead.  He and Carrie Patel handled the vast majority of quest and companion writing for Pillars 1.   Chris Avellone wrote Grieving Mother and Durance.  Chris had left by the time we started writing on The White March.

The departure of Eric Fenstermaker as narrative lead is more likely to change the overall character of Deadfire’s writing, but I’m not taking a radically different approach from what he did in the first game.  I’m very happy that Eric was the narrative lead at the beginning of Deadfire and is still doing contract work for us to write Edér.  He and I discussed possible motives and conflicts for Edér in Deadfire and Eric followed up with a quest design that he’s currently writing.


I got tagged by the adorable @rieou to share my homescreen, last selfie (had to choose one from a different angle to my typical front facing approach) and last song I listened to. 

Before you ask about the odd looking music interface: I didn’t get the chance to actually download the songs I got from MelOn onto my desktop so I made do by listening to the songs on MelOn instead. 

Tagging @jokuaistiharha @paperstarxo @nonbinarytonystark @beserkerjewel@brigidandarrach and anyone else who wants to do this! 

I love how the two exhibitions are completely different but both explains so well how humans’ approach of Love and seduction changes growing up.

With Viktor and Yuuri we have a self conscious kind of love

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they are calm, take their time to appreciate themselves,
caressing each others, watching directly their lover in the eyes.

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A kind of love that is more mature, built on compromises. Not frenetic but at the same time passionate.

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While Yuri and Otabek in my opinion are the exact example of “frenetic” first love… typical of teen years

(N.b. Based on my experience)

When you are young and in love you feel like living in a battle.

it’s everything angsty, more extreme and exaggerated.

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They act rapidly, more rock and roll, like they’re fighting each others in a seductive way.

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A love lived like they don’t have time.

it’s in or out

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life or death.

A new something to tear at ur hearts. o(๑❛ꇳ❛๑)o

Cux I’m really an evil person to the core. <3 

Am sorry but as much as I like Gabe, I like torturing him even more hence I regret nothing. Once again, angst76 shit. :3

a message for trans guys starting T

starting T is exciting, and for the first few weeks/months you’ll be looking for changes EVERYWHERE, trying to measure how low your voice is going, how much your face is changing, etc.

But there will inevitably be a point (usually some time in your first year) where you will start feeling like nothing is happening; like you haven’t changed enough to where people notice, because your body shape hasn’t changed, you haven’t sprouted a full beard yet, your voice is still androgynous instead of manly, that T just isnt working for you.

And for that I have a little anecdote: I’m around 7 months on T, and I’ve noticed my voice drop, tiny changes in my face, and my peach fuzz has started getting longer. But because of the way my fat has not redistributed, I still get misgendered sometimes because I have a very distinct body type. So I started having those thoughts that I wasn’t changing and that no one was even noticing, and that maybe I was just unlucky and T wasn’t going to do much for me.

And then, something really cool happened - THREE separate people from my work, who only see me occasionally because they’re from different departments, approached me or stopped me to talk when they saw me. After determining that I was okay with talking about it, they each asked me if I was on hormones (a detail I didn’t share with a lot of people at work, but am comfortable with doing so if asked politely) and told me they had noticed because I changed so much since I started working there a year ago. They had noticed my voice dropping, that I looked different. One of them told me it was incredible how much had happened in just 7 months. And let me tell you, that was so amazing and uplifting for me to hear, and it totally changed my outlook on how I think about my transition.

The thing is, we live with ourselves every day. We scrutinize ourselves to measure just how much we are changing, but we miss so many things that happen because they’re so gradual that we don’t notice. But the people around us - they notice, they see and acknowledge that we are changing. I promise, things ARE happening. T is working for you. Sometimes it just takes stepping out of your own shoes to get a different perspective to see it.


ZHA Unbuilt 

During the London Festival of Architecture 2017, Zaha Hadid Gallery opens its doors to showcase ‘ZHA Unbuilt’, a series of exhibitions featuring a selection of the practice’s unrealized designs. from never-before-seen tower renders to intricate stadia models, the gallery illustratesZaha Hadid Architect’s continuous design investigation, which is devoted to experimentation and evolution. Almost like a timeline of growth, the installation highlights the progression of their renowned design agenda of parametricism, as well as its adaption across differently scaled projects. this collective and comprehensive approach considers intuition, spatial sensibility, material finishes and myriad parameters as core drivers of their style.

Why People Fall In Love

Muses: Jeon Jungkook.
Words: 4.7k words of cringe worthy fluff.
Type: fwb!au + fake dating!au
Note: This is another my ‘to be posted’ scenarios, posted.  Yay. :D

+ An agreement to become Jungkook’s fake girlfriend and a trip back to his hometown lets you see more of the Jeon Jungkook who you think is only made of Friday hookups and boyish charms.

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“So let me get this straight, your brother’s bringing his girlfriend home for dinner this weekend and you ‘sorta’ blurted out that you have a girlfriend too just because you want to prove that he’s wrong about you not being able to keep a girl?”

Sheepishly, Jungkook smiles and rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, sorta.”

At his nonchalance, you lightly smack his chest; it’s not like he’s going to feel anything if you straight out punch him anyway. “He’s totally right!”

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