but with a chicken!


i dunno if i’ve mentioned it on this blog or not, but since february we’ve gotten three additional chickens on top of our other five. one of them just laid their first egg today, and it was a very pretty blue!

thebastarchie  asked:

I have a question about the chickens. What do you feed them? And does that have anything to do with their unique colour? Do they taste different? Where can I get some chickens? thanks

I feed my chickens Purina Layena Crumbles feed! It’s non-medicated, since they were vaccinated when they were hatched. I also feed them the occasional scrap food here and there. And they all are free range, so they eat lots and lots of grass and worms and bugs! But The crumble feed should be 90% of their diet, so you can’t expect to raise chickens on just grass and bugs!

What I feed them has nothing to do with their color, feathers or egg-wise. (Though, making sure their diet consists of enough calcium for egg laying is a super important part to healthy and tougher eggs!) What they grow up to look like is based on genetics and parents, and same deal goes for their eggs. I, personally, don’t eat my chicken’s eggs because I don’t really eat eggs in general, but my family, and everybody who’s gotten eggs from us, say that they’re a lot more flavorful and less processed tasting than white, store-bought eggs. 

And you can get chickens a LOT easier than you’d think! They’re very cheap to get (because people tend to buy a whole bulk of them at once), and you can get them from local breeders and raisers. My family goes to a ranch that gets chick shipments from a bunch of different breeders every half of a year, so we get a huge selection every February-March and September. Not that we buy them every time, it’s just that we have the opportunity to. But really, it’s easy to find chickens if you just look around a bit. But just because their cheap doesn’t mean they’re cheap to maintain! They cost a lot to house, feed, and keep warm during the winter.

Hope this helped!


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