but will remain wip forever

this is probably the best thing I’ve drawn since I finished art and it’s still not finished because I have attention span of a goldfish

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I'm sorry if this is kind of an awkward question but how many hours does it usually take for you to create your art? When I'm drawing it takes me far too long and I usually just end up getting bored and give up ;n;


hm it really depends, but on average it takes me about 3-4 hours I’d say? I also get easily distracted so while I’m drawing I’ll watch a bunch of youtube videos, spend 5 minutes hunting for music, etc. :0c

I definitely understand you though! I always have to finish a piece in one sitting because if I leave it for another day more often than not it will remain a wip forever ;;;

reindeer are very cute but very hard to draw  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(unfinished wip that will remain unfinished forever) 


‘Bolt Hunt’ 
this was an environment study (using google maps) of Stanley Street, Oregon, during cipher hunt. Looking for the lost geocach bolt was the second most frustrating part of cipher hunt (I think we can all agree that the puzzle from hell was the first).

Unfortunatly this will remain a wip forever D; It was good practice though and I couldnt decide on which colour scheme to go with so heres two of my favourites.

Don’t talk to me about punk!AU Bellarke but absolutely talk to me about punk!AU Bellarke. (Also Bell w/ an undercut and leather pants)

special thanks to scottystiles who i owe big time for helping me out with tattoo ideas. this piece would’ve forever remained a wip had it not been for her help so thank you emmy <33333 (explanation behind their tattoos under the cut)

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