but will grow in time

it’s so weird to me when people are like “we grew apart and i didn’t notice until it was too late” bc i notice the smallest of changes, i notice everything even if nothing is happening and my fear of abandonment and lack of emotional permanence would Never let me just miss a relationship starting to fade

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11. In your opinion, what fish should not be recommended for beginners (but often is)?

GOLDFISH: a single goldfish on average 

  • lives AT LEAST a decade
  • grows to be 9 times their original size, 
  • needs 20-30 gallons depending on the body type
  • cannot be kept without filtration

god i could go on but i mean FUCKING HELL i blame elmo and franklin for the surge of goldfish kept in improper conditions

It’s rare to see an Asian female take on the role of a badass. As a first-generation Japanese American, I’ve always wanted to play a samurai warrior like my Suicide Squad character, Katana. Samurai are almost always male, so growing up in America I had a hard time figuring out role models. Katana and I may not have the same personality, but coming from the same cultural upbringing, we share core values. In Japanese culture there’s this idea of putting others before yourself, but I’ve also never wanted to let myself down. Someone recently told me how refreshing it is to see an Asian woman as a superhero. That stuck with me. Stand up for yourself and what you love.

jinyoung0423: 설아 수아 빠기와 함께 한 시간 정말 행복하고 즐거웠어요!!ㅎㅎ 무럭무럭 자라서 아빠같은 훌륭한 사람되길!! 벌써 보고싶다 얘들아 ㅜ ㅜ
#설아 #수아 #대박이 #진영 #b1a4 #슈퍼맨이돌아왔다

During my hour spent together with Seola Sooah and Bbakie I was really happy and had a fun time!!hehe Grow lots and lots, and become a great person like your father!! I miss you already you kids ㅜ ㅜ
#Seola #Sooah #Daebakie #Jinyoung #b1a4 #SupermanIsBack 

Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and

as much as you can want to pursue something with someone as much as you love them, fancy them, want to be something with them, if they are not in it as much as you are..it is not worth putting energy in, if they are not giving back as much as you are giving it is a sign to give things a rest and turn to yourself and put that energy into yourself. it will drain you. it is not the end of the world if someone doesn’t want you back. if they are not in the same position as you are with liking them - you wont get back what you want anyway. things are as they are meant to be. this can be a lesson, a sign to move on, to work on yourself further. continue to grow. someone who will love you back equally will appear when time is right. 

Capricorn IC

“Power means happiness; power means hard work and sacrifice.”
- Beyonce (Capricorn IC/Cancer MC)

Growing up a Capricorn IC meant taking on responsibility… and a lot of it.  Often times the Capricorn IC child grows up with strict parents. Their parents could want the best for them even if it doesn’t seem that way. If the Capricorn IC grew up with only one parent figure, that parent figure takes on a lot of authority and control over the Capricorn IC. That parent could have been very strong, hard working and disciplined or controlling, overbearing and arrogant.

You, Capricorn IC, knew that you had to impress or be on your very best behavior around your parent(s) or any adult figures.

Capricorn IC’s are usually academically successful. They possessed much ambition as children and whatever they set their heart and mind to, they put much work and effort into. Lots of lessons have to be learned in the Capricorn IC’s childhood. Overcoming these obstacles made them mature and experienced for their age. Many times, their family sets rules and expectations for them that they must follow or live up to. The parent(s) sets examples for the Capricorn IC child to follow.

As a Capricorn IC, you were very much independent and didn’t really rely on anyone for anything. But you could’ve possibly craved affection elsewhere.

The Capricorn IC child didn’t really have time to be a child growing up. Since they were expected to do many things, they could’ve feared failure. There’s a certain “take charge” attitude with the Capricorn IC child and when things don’t go their way or plans hit a bump in the road, they could get frustrated. The Capricorn IC child eventually grows up to be someone who wants to care for others. They show concern for others family situations and would simply want a stable family environment.

You approach people with great concern and stability. You understand that others need a foundation with basic security and support. You are very understanding and your goal is to help others, not only by simply giving a motivational speech, but to actually help them set goals or tasks for them to accomplish. You have the gift of easing people and reducing their stress and worries. For you, to help other people and succeed in doing so, fulfills you on the inside. The greatest sacrifice is to sacrifice your own happiness for the happiness of others.

And then, Capricorn IC, is when you shoot up to your Cancer Midheaven.

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in time of daffodils(who know the goal of living is to grow) forgetting why,remember how in time of lilacs who proclaim the aim of waking is to dream, remember so(forgetting seem) in time of roses(who amaze our now and here with paradise) forgetting if,remember yes in time of all sweet things beyond whatever mind may comprehend, remember seek(forgetting find) and in a mystery to be (when time from time shall set us free) forgetting me,remember me - e.e. cummings (1/2)

hi dear! the poem i just sent you is a poem i read whenever i am in a bad mental state. i sent it to you because I thought it might make you feel slightly better. i love you and i will keep you in my prayers!! xx (2/2)

“in time of roses(who amaze our now and here with paradise)” is such a fantastic turn of phrase. and thank you for the love!

Before You Know It- Mingyu Fluff (Dad!AU)

Originally posted by sugds


Warnings: Mentions of death

Member/Group: Mingyu of SEVENTEEN

Word Count: 699 (I know, it is very short.)

A/N: (C/N) stands for childs name, because I really suck at coming up with names.

 The Sun’s blinding rays peaked through the blinds as the birds chirped far in the distance. Kim Mingyu had already been up for a few hours, busily preparing a gift for his young daughter. (C/N) was a mere 4 year old girl that was very loved by her father and her 12 uncles. Though she had spent lots of time growing up without a mother, she never complained. Her father held enough love in his heart to suffice for a million mothers. Today, though, she would be preparing for one of the largest steps in her life so far; her first day of preschool.

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So uh.. I just listened to "Baby don't like it" for the first time. (I'm a fairly new NCT fan.) As a pure™ innocent™ marshmallow peep, I feel threatened

OH BABY GIRL. YOURE GROWING UP. I JUST WANT TO PROTECT YOU OMG and tbh first time I heard it and still now it doesn’t sound that sexual to me lol I don’t see how people think it’s super sexual like ??? it’s not that bad for me but oh well. YOU SHALL BE MARSHMALLOW ANON NOW K

Perfect Jerk

Perfect Jerk

Jughead Jones x Reader

This is my first Riverdale imagine so I hope you’s all like it and any feedback or requests are welcomed. Enjoy!

To the eye Jughead Jones was a jerk. He barely spoke apart from to his good friends Archie, Betty and Veronica but I knew he had a heart of gold but felt misunderstood. High schools not a good time for anyone, growing up, making friends, losing friends, puberty and the rollercoaster of emotions and with the death of Jason Blossom still on everyone’s minds, especially now knowing he was murdered didn’t help anyone.

Riverdale is a small town, nothing stays kept hidden and with Jughead now writing for the Blue and Gold along with his novel everything about everyone’s past and present was about to be exposed.

Sitting in Pops across from Jug as he typed away on his laptop, I admired his determination to finish it as well as put the truth in it, about Riverdale, about the people who live here and mainly and certainly mostly Jason’s death.

“You’re staring” Jug, mused his eyes never once leaving the screen.

I blushed, averting my gaze down to the table. This was a common thing for us, Jug always working and mostly me just staring and admiring what felt like from afar but much much closer. “I like watching you work” I mumbled, admitting it for what felt like the millionth time.

The corners of his mouth turning up slightly into one of his very genuine smiles that no one got to see that often. “And you know your staring distracts me” His eyes flicking from the screen to mine briefly. After dating for 5 months, the ‘honeymoon period’ as most people call it, I still couldn’t get my head around the fact that me, Y/N, has Jughead Jones, the dark haired, sarcastic, down to earth, loner, mysterious to the eye, an outcast to anyone who doesn’t know him, as there boyfriend.

In public being loved up as every other couple was a no go for Jug, he would do small things without realising though. He would move stray strands of hair out of my face in conversation or if I was doing assignments, lightly kiss my forehead occasionally, lean his arm on the back of the booth in Pops but when he got lazy he would let is lazily hang over my shoulder, it was small things he done but they always make my heart swell up with warmth and make my heart beat like crazy. Behind closed doors was always my favourite time with Jug, things were always more touchy but nothing overly excessive, like constantly making out but we did share more intimate kisses every now and then, we cuddled more and we would ask each other questions everyone else would ask the internet because they’re to afraid to ask out loud.

The chime of the diner door snapped my eyes away from the window, hearing the voices I knew, I didn’t have to turn around too know who it was. “If it isn’t the three musketeers” I joked, sliding further up the booth for our friends. “Oh Y/N, how I love your lame jokes” Veronica, joked back rolling her eyes as she slid in the booth followed by Archie and then Betty. “It’s okay Y/N I love you for you” Betty, winked making me laugh out loud. “I love you guys too” Jug, finally putting away his laptop now the gang was here.

“You guys could disrupt a grave yard” Jug, chimed into the conversation. To anyone else they would find that disturbing but this was what Jugheads, humour is like and it may not make them laugh like hyenas but we’ll all let out a little chuckle because even though it’s a morbid thing to say we all know it’s a joke. “And this is why I thought you were a jerk” Veronica, admitted for yet another thing Jug said. “That’s just how Jones, expresses himself” Archie, defended his best friend. This made Jug, laugh because he knew that’s what everyone thought. “It’s how I keep the unwanted attention away” He joked back with Arch and Ronnie making us all laugh. “Then he must be the perfect jerk” I smiled, leaning over to kiss his cheek lightly watching as the light shade of pink enveloped his cheeks at the open PDA, also made worse by the 'aww’ of our friends.

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are you gonna post a new Devil's number every thousand followers? cuz i'm pretty sure you posted the number at 1,666 too, haha, and as long as the numbers actually take time to grow then it shouldn't get old, and even if it did get old i'd still laugh

yea!!! also this made me realise i should probably do something big for 3k when (if) i get there and i can rly pull another evil goop man on ya…

so what do y'all want for 3k? it’ll be a big ol present from me to you

Glowing Connections

Fandom: Voltron
Pairing: A sprinkle of Klance, a mention of Lancelot
Characters: Lance, Pidge, Allura, Coran, Hunk, Keith
Summary: The bond between Paladin and Lion is sacred and unimaginable. It is a connection between two souls completely attuned to each other and it is a bond that grows even stronger with time an care. It is a bond that can grow so strong it can leave a physical trace on a Paladin’s body. A mark that proves how connected a Palain and Lion truly is.

So why does Lance, of all people, seem to hate the markings so?


AN - A terribly named fanfic based on the amazing glowing tattoos art by @jen-iii

Pidge let out a shout as sharp claws dug into the spot her green shoulder pad met her white chest plate, a crack in the armour that the creature she was fighting used to tear the chuck of metal off.  She cried out again as the harsh treatment damaged her shoulder and a growl followed her shout.  Lance held his weapon firmly, aim focused on the aliens own weak spot, in only a moment the creature would move its own shoulder just so, causing the protective scales to lift and give Lance enough time for him bullet to hit its mark.  

All he had to do was focus.

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Latibær Headcanons? I have nothing better to do.

-goggi’s baldness in Áfram Latibær! is actually because he shaved his head after deciding “hair’s too much work, no one will see me out my house anyway”
-penny moved away sometime before the events Glanni Glæpur í Latibær took place :(
-jives’ sudden change in speech pattern and fashion sense between the two plays is because he saw a music video for a rap song on tv and wanted to be cool
-siggi wants to be superman when he grows up. no one has the heart to crush his dream
-when Goggi wants to be alone, he’ll just climb onto a utility pole and sit there for a while. his friends FREAKED OUT when they noticed this for the first time
-Goggi dyed his hair after growing it out because hey may as well have people notice
-Halla used to hide in trash cans and shoot anyone who walked by with her slingshot
-prior to the events of Glanni Glæpur í Latibær, Goggi didn’t have an actual bed in his house. It was just a single chair, a cabinet and fridge for food, a bathroom, and literally nothing else but his electronics
(let me know if I goofed on the letter accents!)

lov dat penny hc bc thats also mine!! also goggi pls

and ur good on the accents - those are al lGR8 I am just 2 tired to talk abt them individually. i love u and these 

Pisces IC

“Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”
- Bob Marley (Pisces IC/Virgo MC)

Growing up a Pisces IC meant being oblivious to your surroundings. Pisces IC’s as children were extremely sensitive to their family environment. Their family had a huge impact on them growing up, but at the same time things were kept hidden from them. Pisces IC’s may have been confused about the way they were growing up, possibly about the way their parents did things. In many cases, Pisces IC’s grow up with either parent being manipulative.

You, Pisces IC, not only had your family be distant from you by hiding things, but you too would take on this trait of distancing yourself or escaping.

Pisces IC’s usually find a way to escape and most times they do so through art, perhaps even learning. Pisces IC as children possess much creativity even if they aren’t aware of it. They could have an ear for music, excellent art skills or even decorating! Pisces IC’s do this form of escapism simply because they want peace. They want to escape reality, since they really don’t know what’s going on, and get lost in it. Most times, Pisces IC’s are too nice and unable to stand up for themselves or question things as children.

You simply didn’t want to question your living conditions or even criticize your family environment because you didn’t want conflict. You wanted to just forgive and forget about everything.

The Pisces IC child is truly kindhearted and compassionate. They are selfless and generous, so much that they could easily get taken advantage of. They never want to choose a side and could have been ones to easily get overwhelmed as children. Once overwhelmed, they would isolate themselves. But the Pisces IC child eventually gets tired of not standing up for themselves and gets tired of running away.

You don’t want to be scared anymore. You want answers and you want them now. It seems like the older you get, the more you realize things that you didn’t know and it eventually starts to make sense… but it’s usually far too late. You’re not afraid to voice your opinion now and you will question the system given the chance to. With an excellent eye for anything unjust, you will criticize and put your two cents in and it’s for the good of the people; who deserve answers. The eyes can know a lot by seeing a lot, but the soul is wiser because the soul has experienced.

And then Pisces IC, is when you shoot up to your Virgo Midheaven.

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Every time someone misses the point of gem harvest I grow stronger

Every time someone sends me a message telling me that my opinion is wrong on a work of art, I find myself not caring what that person has to say. 

For so long it seemed like weave pole training was not progressing, it was breaking down more than anything else.

I don’t know if a lot break from weave poles helped, maturity or if I’m doing something different. If it’s the last one I really wish I knew what it was.

We have been working around the clock to help her grow confidence with her entries. She was on fire. For the first time she was really checking herself for speed and balance to get those first two poles correct. I love this dog!