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*blinks* Guys. I take an afternoon off and all of a sudden, there’s amazing Bhalla/Indira fic up (!!!!), the OTP question meme is back (you should all do it, can I retrospectively tag you all for the OTP of your choice?), and apparently everyone is a baby and/or involved in saas-baahu hijinks with @queenofmahishmati?

….so just a regular day on Tumblr, then.

In other news, Nidhana Chapter 7 is up? At last? *flees*

now that I, your somewhat humble rpc fandom grandma, has spoken, I’d like to finish off my crazy old lady ramblings to let y’all know that I love and appreciate all of you. Canon and OC alike! Keep having fun kiddos!


The first season Masahiro Ando version of Sailor Moon is the best version, since it’s where she looks the most like a big dumb baby (which is perfect for her character).

Episode 16.

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It really sucks that same sex couples never get as much recognition as the straight ones, even if the former is healthier, more developed and better written

Yeah :/ I also hate how no matter what the reasoning is because “oh they’re pandering to those ~wacky~ shipper” like lmao these people have really no idea why most of us ~wacky~ shippers are lgbt huh? It’s almost like we go our whole lives never seeing ourselves in media so we have to make up our own content because we don’t fucking exist to show creators.

So I 100% believe in the creation of my own reality. I’ve spent hours researching quantum physics. It is so addictive!!! I remember reading about it with Talitha years ago but just kinda brushed it off as a subject for “later”. However it’s completely captured my attention now because with all the synchronicities between my thoughts and reality… it’s too uncanny. I believe that the waking life and the dream life are of the same coin. Symbols are constantly being reflected on both sides. They are one in the same. The subconscious is ruled by the unconscious and the conscious is ruled by the subconscious. That is why some wacky things in waking life happen sometimes. Also, the Universe teaches us lessons and reincarnation is real. Anyways, all of these subjects are enough for a bunch of books! I cannot prove or disprove anyone else’s existence or reality besides my own. All I can do is focus on manipulating mine. It is SO EXHILARATING to think I am in the MOST EXCITING TIME IN MY LIFE WHERE I GET TO CHOOSE!!! I GET TO CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!

                           T H A N K  Y O U!

Wow. I’ve somehow tricked six hundred of you to follow my blog. I honestly had no idea I had this kind of mass manipulation power but here we are (next: world domination). So in honour of this achievement I’ve decided to put together a follow forever. Many of which are mutuals, but all are blogs I admire from afar.  With that being said, enjoy~ (In case there’s any confusion I follow these blogs on my main auxillo). 

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These blogs are all unique, each bring their own individuality to bookblr making it a great place to come home to. So a big thank you to these blogs and everyone else who decided following this blog was worthwhile. 

P.S I did this by memory so if I missed anyone, I’m so sorry. Also I started to alphabetise but I’m lazy so that’s why it’s all wacky. Disa xx