but why this song

Song: Frozen Flame
Artist: Blank Banshee
Year: 2016
Why it’s Dope: Fantastic interplay between all the instruments/sounds, an atmosphere that is very glossy and distinct, beautiful synth lines that are addicting and fun, and a solid song structure that is built for repeated listens.

The quartet notched the same double slay with 2014’s “Girl Crush,” and are halfway there to doing it again with current hit “Better Man,” the chart-topping first single off their seventh studio album, The Breaker. Written by Taylor Swift—who, even though she has gone pop, still knows how to compose a killer country tune—“Better Man” is a bittersweet beauty of a breakup song where to “know why we had to say goodbye like the back of my hand” doesn’t help in the middle of the night. 
—  EW review for LBT’s The Breaker

Song: Daylight
Artist: Thundercat
Year: 2011
Why it’s Dope: Great production that finds that perfect balance of roughness and clarity, idyllic singing(and bass playing) from Thundercat that makes the track super vivid, solid instrumentation that has an adventurous feel to it, and an awesome keyboard solo to end the track out with style.
P.S. I’m listening to his new album right now! I’m on my third listen, and I think it’s great!!! Please, tell me what you think of it once you’ve listened to it! :) :) :)

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Hogayi shaadi? Bann gayi ye meri patni? Ab ye mera maamla hai. Aur mere maamle mein bolne ka tum logo ko koi haq nahin.


I feel like there is something fishy. Camila left Fifth Harmony because she wanted to writer her own songs and express her own self and voice, right? However, Fifth Harmony is being given more freedom for 5H3. That means they have more control and the group represents their voices more.

Apart from the theory that this is a business strategy done by the record label to get more sales by selling 2 albums instead of one, there was a speculation that Camila didn’t continue her contract with Fifth Harmony, right? The thing is… if the contract states that Fifth Harmony will get more freedom and they get to write their own songs, why would Camila turn it down? I mean, she can write her own songs and write with the other girls for Fifth Harmony. Actually, this way her fanbase will get even wider.

There are some possibilities though why this happened, which I don’t know which one is true.

1. Camila doesn’t know about the contract

2. Camila can’t work well with the girls because she wants to explore more deeply in Pop, while the other girls want to explore more in R&B

3. The record label wanna make Fifth Harmony a R&B group, thus separating Camila from the group cause she’s more to Pop and gives Camila the permission to make her own album

4. Camila wants to make her own album which will represent her true voice

Maybe there are even more possibilities than I could think of. After all, speculations don’t stop unless the truth is revealed and everything makes sense. Most of the time, we think the truth is revealed, but everything becomes confusing cause what they say is not synchronized.

But, there are more to this that we never know what it is.

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Can you both explain the moment that you realized you loved each other.

Magnus - I can’t really explain it, but ever since I met him… He found a way into my heart. I think I’ve always loved him… Don’t tell him I told you this, he doesn’t need to know how strongly I feel. I don’t want to scare him awa- I don’t want to freak him out.

Alec - When we were at a restaurant a song started playing, and I don’t know why but Mags really wanted to dance. I don’t know how to, but he lead and it was slow. He was talking about Raphael and Simon… How they should kiss and make up… I don’t know… I was looking into his eyes and it all hit me… I knew I loved him. I knew I’d always love him… I can’t imagine loving anyone but him.

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okay Meant To Be Yours is fucked up but why is it such a good song at the same time.

IT’S SUCH A GOOD SONG and also if you’re looking to get a good workout but also wanna get emotionally shook I recommend playing yo girl, meant to be yours, and dead girl walking reprise in that order on repeat when you go on a run bc it takes you from scared to angry to excited to miserable in the span of like 15 minutes 

Do you ever listen to songs that just… you don’t know why, or how, but they just make you inexplicably nostalgic or emotional even if you’ve never heard them before in your life? Mostly with soundtrack music.

AKA everyone needs to go listen to The Musical Journey by Jonas B. Ingebretsen, and also the True Grit soundtrack by Carter Burwell.

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So in your fic Silent Song (which I love btw) why don't you have Obi-Wan know sign language? Is an explanation in the fic somewhere and I didn't catch it, or was it something you were gonna address later on?

Hey, Anon! Thanks for asking this, because I get questions about this every now and then by pm, and it’d be good to reply on tumblr so everyone here has a clearer picture of it. The absence of sign language is actually a very integral part of The Silent Song, because it portrays one of the greatest issues with the Galactic Republic (or at least in this AU GFFA that TSS is set in).

The absence of sign language is something that is both going to be addressed at a later date and something that is also already inherent in the general attitude in the Republic towards disabled people (not positive in the slightest).

In the Republic, Core people in charge of aid to the disabled are so used to things being available to aid people with disabilities (neural implants leading to vocoders, ear replacements, surgeries, artificial eyes etc.) that they phased out the most basic things (vocoders instead of sign language, guide droids instead of canes, etc.) that aid people with disabilites.

You see how in Jedi Apprentice canon, Tahl had a droid that guided her. It wasn’t like the droid in itself was bad - but everyone expected her to only depend on the droid. When she wanted to stretch out her senses and employ her Force-abilities for more independence, most people were too busy being terrified for her safety to understand that she didn’t like having the droid in the first place.

Now, let me be very clear. Technological and medical advancements are very, very good. But not when it is forced on someone and prevents the choice of the disabled person to select the mode of aid they wish to have.

Allow me to explain using the Zan Arbor Academy for Gifted Children.

The first thing that happens to Obi-Wan when he steps into class is this - the teacher snaps his fingers, rolls his eyes, and stuffs a vocoder into Obi-Wan’s hands. Now, it’s not that he shouldn’t, or can’t, use a vocoder. He can if he wishes to, but he didn’t, and then suddenly he was ostracised because everybody expected him to depend on that technology when he didn’t want to.

The Republic Core is the kind of place that has every medical and technological advancement possible, but has sacrificed the choice and preference of the people it serves for sheer efficiency, so to speak. The teacher looks at Obi-Wan and says, basically, Use this. Why should I have to read everything you want to say?

If sign language did exist, it would be: Or sign, for that matter?

The point is, because Obi-Wan didn’t want to use that technology, suddenly he doesn’t have anything else he can use. Because everyone expects him to use what was designed, because it “fixes” the “problem”.

The ZAAGC, if not the Republic, has serious issues with the way it treats disabled people. It not only causes problems for people like Obi-Wan who don’t want to use these things, but it also causes problems for people who can’t afford the technology.

It’s like a world where they force a blind person to put in artificial eyes, but if the person says no, there’s literally no other option available because there aren’t things such as canes anymore due to people not providing them.

So, does sign language exist in the Republic? Yes. Yes it does. It does in the outer regions, specific to cultures and societies in individual worlds away from the Core with all its technology and expectations, and wealth. As for whether the Republic ever had its own official, standardised sign language, that is something I address later on in the fic.

With the risk of spoiling too much, Qui-Gon realises he’s made a mistake.

So the absence of sign language is, in a way, one of the problems I see with a society technologically advanced but ONLY focusing on their technology and wealth.

I’ve rambled a bit but I hope this answers your questions!