but why so upset louis



Interviewer: Are you really engaged with Eleanor?

Louis, shocked and repulsed: No! No! No!

Louis now: I have loved her for years, never really stopped. I’ve written many songs for/about her. :)

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it took Louis five years to actually be confident in his place in the band, to actually feel like he deserved to be there, and he still doesn’t feel like he deserves everything that has happened for him, or that he’s as good as like, Harry is, and people won’t want to work with him like they will with Harry and i for one want to both throw myself into the actual sun, but also wrap him in so much love and affection and positivity

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We've had a lot of Louis doing things that upset Piper so why not for extra angst come up with something big that she does to upset him?

was the very public gala date not enough??

Current muse: Curly Prince Harold with doodlie-angel-wings. I’m pretty sure Angel Harry is somewhere on the list there… he’s prolly top 1, I wouldn’t even be surprised to be honest. :D

#271 - Boyfriend Tag

Harry: Looking down at the stack of cards you had ready, Harry smiled cheekily into the camera. “Okay sir, are you ready for the first question?” you looked up at him chuckling softly. “I am so ready,” he laughed out and rested his hands on his lap in waiting. “Okay,” you smiled widely. “Where did we meet?” Harry looked at you happily biting his lip. “We met when your mum and my mum met didn’t we?” he smiled softly and you nodded your head. “Yeah, where was it?” you chuckled softly. “It was at your family’s barbeque!” he answered proudly and you nodded happily. “Exactly! Okay, next question! What was your first impression of me?” “Oh that’s easy. I thought you were really nice for one thing. And I thought it was really cute the way you were playing with your cousins I think? But like… anyways, my first impression was a good one and I thought we would be really good friends and stuff, but it turned into more and I’m just really happy about that.” Harry kissed your cheek quickly and you smiled down at the cards. “Awe Harry…” you murmured out, turning to look at him softly, giggling quietly. Harry laughed out softly and gave you a gentle peck. “Next question?” he smirked, pulling back and leaving you slightly flustered.

Liam: “Okay, okay!” you laughed out softly, pulling away from his many kisses and pulling his arm around your shoulder. “We gotta answer these silly,” you continued, flipping through your phone to find the next question. “Okay, when did you meet my family?” Liam thought for a moment and tapped his chin. “I think we had been dating for just a month when I met them yeah? It was pretty traditional, I went over to her house for dinner, but the thing that I wasn’t expecting was her parents were actually so nice. And her dad didn’t threaten my life so that was nice,” he teased and you rolled your eyes, leaning towards him. “My parents loved you from the very beginning,” you laughed softly. “How long have we been together?” you continued to the next question, smiling widely and looking back towards him. “It’s been a lovely two years and four months,” he answered without a doubt and you raised an eyebrow. “How do you know that information, I don’t even know that! All I know is it’s been two years,” you laughed and Liam kissed your nose gently. “I don’t wanna get in trouble on the anniversary that’s why,” he teased, earning a playful slap. “Hush up…” you grumbled playfully, adjusting yourself on the bed. “Props to you for remembering though. That’s a skill.”

Niall: You were still gushing over his last answer and jutted out your bottom lip. “I’m gonna end up crying at some point in this video so that’s your warning now people,” you chuckled out and swallowed back happy tears so you could continue. “What traditions do we have together?” you asked softly and looked towards him softly. “Well…” he started, looking up to the ceiling in thought. “Every Saturday that I’m here, we put together a junk food feast and go out onto the balcony. We play music and we just kinda talk about the week and get everything out that we could’ve been holding in. It’s like a little decompressing session. I trust her and she trusts me so we let everything out and it goes well into the early morning hey?” he smiled softly and you nodded softly, thinking about all the nights you had spent ranting together, crying together and laughing together. “I love those nights…” you said softly, more to yourself but it just came out louder. Niall nodded and took a hold of your hand, resting it on his knee. “Isn’t she adorable?” he beamed and reached over to pinch your cheek. “Hey!” you exclaimed and pulled away, furrowing your eyebrows and pouting softly. “Sorry, sorry,” he laughed, pressing his lips over the same spot. “Let’s continue.”

Louis: Smiling widely, you jumped right into the next question. “What was the first thing you noticed about me?” you smiled widely and looked into the camera, raising your eyebrows happily. “Ah, yes,” he chuckled and leaned into your shoulder. “I think I honestly noticed your shoes,” he laughed out softly. “You were wearing these flats that were brown and they had a bow on the front?” You looked at him raising your eyebrows. “You remember that?” Louis nodded. “That was the first thing and I know it’s weird but…” he chuckled. “That’s it.” “Okay,” you laughed softly. “What do we argue about the most?” you asked next and Louis face got a little more serious. “We argue a lot about how I never come home on time,” he said timidly, looking over at you as you nodded. “You always get really frustrated because I never call, and I know that’s really stupid,” he chuckled quietly and you kissed his temple. “It’s all I ask him to do, call, but he never does and then I get worried and that’s mainly why I’m so upset at you when you get home,” you explained and Louis nodded his head, resting his head on your shoulder. “I’m gonna try to do that from now on,” he smiled softly looking back up at you, kissing your jaw gently. You chuckled softly and bit your lip softly. “We’ll see about that when it happens babe. As long as you come home safe.”

Zayn: “What if I get something wrong though?” he asked and leaned back against the headboard, running his hands through his hair. “Then we just move on and wait for the camera to be turned off,” you teased, opening up the questions on your phone. “Ready?” “Ready.” “First question, “What was our first road trip?” Zayn smiled softly and put his hands behind his head. “We drove up to Bradford to see my family,” he answered without any flaw. “It was like… a three hour drive from where we were at the time and I felt so bad because you got car sick after like… the first hour and we kept having to pull over so four hours later, we finally got to mums house and (Y/N) went straight up to my room and it was pretty cute to see her in my bed that I had when I was like… 17,” he chuckled. “It was in the new house, but it was still the same bed that I had forever,” he smiled softly at you and put his feet over your lap. You chuckled softly and rolled your eyes playfully, putting one hand over his calf. “It wasn’t the car that made me sick, I had the flu remember?” you reminded him, looking back towards him. “Right, right,” he chuckled softly. “Sorry babe,” he hummed out softly. “Ready for the next one?” you asked softly and he nodded, letting things progress.

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Cassssssssssssss! Are you ok? You seem a little down lately. Don't be down!

ha! (nice timing nonnie lol) to be honest im pretty over everything right now… im over playing this constant tug-o-war with my emotions… always fighting between my head and my heart… between my emotions and the rational thought process… it’s fucking tiring!

for example… i dont fucking care about babygate anymore. i dont care if b popped a baby out before christmas, or it’s a doll or they’re using a friends kid… i just dont CARE. i dont have the time or care enough to sit and study pics to figure out which Freddie they’re using on which day because at the end of the day Louis isn’t a father. and i know that… i know he doesnt have a kid. my head is telling me that… my head is telling me that Louis is not the type of person to use his child for promo… or to completely ignore his baby mama or to parade his girlfriend around for his baby mama to see because he knows his baby mama hates said girlfriend… i just know that this isn’t the real louis.. but my heart is just done. my heart is over it… i dont understand why it’s still going on and im upset that louis is being made to look like this.

my heart is hurting because these boys arent on a fucking break… they’re getting papped every other day and thats not having ‘no responsibilities’ like we were told.. so im mad because why are they doing this? why did they lie YET AGAIN.. but then my head tells me that they’re staying relevant and this happens… but then my heart jumps in and pulls a little bit and says NO this isn’t what was meant to happen.. they were meant to not do this. THEYRE STILL WORKING… WHY IS THIS HAPPENING.. why would someone get papped or seen by fans 20something days out of 31 in march… WHO DOES THAT if it’s not for something… so i get upset because why did they tell us they’re going on a break when they’re clearly not? but then my head goes “hmmmm cass y’know they’re doing this for a reason so just chill” and then my heart goes “BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS THE REASON CAN THEY FUCKING HURRY UP BECAUSE IM GETTING REALLY OVER ALL THESE GAMES”

my heart is telling me to leave this fandom because i get SO upset and affected when i see the fandom imploding and my friends fighting on my dash over irrelevant things that dont even matter.. and i tear my hair out when i have to see antis dragging larries or even people dragging other people for having an opinion… like ffs this isn’t high school grow the fuck up!!! but then my head tells me “no this is what OT wanted, they wanted to make sure 1D had no fans by the time they came off hiatus so you have to stick through it to shove it up OT’s ass and to be here for the boys”

and then my heart goes… ohhh these poor boys, they’ve been through so much i wanna wrap them cotton wool and feed them cookies and make sure they’re warm and protected against the big bad world because they deserve the very best and we as a fandom love them so much… and then my head goes “thats stupid cass, we know they love us but they can look after themselves. lets just support them the normal amount like continue to be fans and buy their music and concert tickets”… and then my heart goes “well FUCK YOU for just using us ‘to make a bit more money’ (thanks grandpa len) when we’ve been a constant string of support over the last 6 years and made you so successful.. thanks SO much for treating us like this… and then my head goes “it’s a business, they need to make money, but of course they dont really think that about us fans… dont we know them a little bit at all to know they actually really do appreciate us” and then my heart goes. BUT this is emotional abuse they’re literally taking advantage of us… and then my head goes *rolls eyes*

and then my heart goes… well YES i think i do know them and this is why i get so upset when i see louis walking around with a stroller because i know he wouldnt normally treat his new born child like this… and so then my head jumps in and says “yeah i agree with you heart, they’re definitely up to something, none of this would continue to happen this way unless it was for a purpose and none of it makes sense unless there is a reason to it other than the one other people believe, because between me and you heart i think we have this all figured out and we just gotta sit tight, because at the end of the day this really isn’t our life.. but i do see the frustration with battling you all the time”

so thats pretty much me right now….

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Nothing is ever what it seems. Chill!

I know. It’s not the end of the world.

But please don’t tell me to chill. I think you can understand why it’s so upsetting to see Louis HAPPY and FREE for the past few months right up to this morning, and see his face literally FALL in that picture.

And I can’t even begin to describe how inappropriate it was for them to actually go ahead and do it today with all that’s happened. It’s disgusting.

Again…Syco is so fucking fake.

Preference #251: Telling his parents you're pregnant

Louis: You were close to Louis’ mom. In fact she treated you like just another one of her daughters. You were sure she would be happy for you and Louis. He was nervous however. He knew it wouldn’t be that she didn’t like you two together, but that she may not be ready to be a grandma just yet. So when he spoke to her, his voice was shaking, “[Y/N] is… She’s… We’re having… She’s pregnant.” He stood there waiting for her to say something he did not want to hear, but instead got the reaction you knew all along he would. She smiled brightly, and looked right over at you standing quietly next to Louis. “You are?!” You nodded your head with a smile, and she quickly hugged you. “I am so happy for both of you.” You watched as Louis smiled as well, and let out a sigh. His mother’s reaction was important to him, he didn’t want to see her upset. “Louis why are so nervous? Did you really think I wouldn’t be happy for you? I’m so happy. I’m going to be a grandma!”

Zayn: You had no reason to be nervous. You knew they would be so happy to be grandparents, and that their reaction would be amazing. You were still shaking though, the same way you had been when telling your own parents, as you held onto Zayn’s hand tightly. “We wanted to tell you before anyone else. Well [Y/N]’s parents know, but you’re the first other than that.” “What is it?” his mother asked worried, thinking it was something bad. Your face, and the way Zayn was wording it, she thought the two of you were about to say horrible news. She had no idea what that could be, but did expect to hear something bad next. “Is something wrong?” With a deep breath, Zayn looked at you, “We’re going to be parents.” You heard a gasp, and felt like an hour passed, when really it was only a few seconds, before they both replied. “Don’t scare us like that!” “You two will be great parents.”

Harry: “Are you really ready for everything that this means?” His mom asked you carefully, hoping her words would not hurt you. She was just worried for both of you, and over how much this would change everything. You were so happy now, but she worried that this wasn’t the time. “We know it’ll change us totally, and we know it’ll be hard,” Harry nodded, as you were too nervous to speak, “But we know we can do this, and we just hope we have your support.” “Of course,” she quickly answered, “I will love and spoil my little grandbaby completely. And I’ll help you in whatever way I can. I just know how much you travel, and how much this will be on you [Y/N]. I’m happy, but as a mother I also have to worry.” You nodded, understanding that, as Harry responded, “We are glad you’re worried, and that you care so much. We know it’ll be hard, but we’re going to be okay.” “I’m sure you will be,” she nodded, and then smiled at you, “I am happy for you, truly.”

Niall: It was his mom’s birthday, so you got her a card as always. It was simple, and barely said anything. “Harry Birthday,” she read aloud, as she looked at the outside of the card. You and Niall watched nervously, as she opened it, “We hope you have an amazing day. Love Niall, [Y/N], and your grand…” She stopped reading and looked up at both of you shocked, and instead of saying a single word calmly, Niall’s mother became screaming, “What?! Is that true?! Are you pregnant?!” You nodded your head, with a huge smile covering your face, as Niall answered, “Yeah, we’re having a baby.” She was so excited over the news, and so happy for you. She read the card again, just to see that one word over and over, after hugging both you and Niall many times, “This is the best birthday card I have ever gotten. Best birthday gift ever.”

Liam: You thought it was a cute way to tell them; to dress your dog up in a little outfit that said ‘I’m the big brother.’ What you didn’t expect, was for neither of his parents to notice it at all. “Mum, look at that,” Liam commented, as he tried to get her to read the outfit. “It’s cute, you dress your dog,” she said, without really even glancing. You laughed, “But what it says…” His dad did not understand what was so important about the dog’s outfit, but went over to him, “Let me just see what this says.” He picked him up, to look closer, “I’m the big brother.” His mom laughed this time, “So you bought a new dog?” Liam glanced at you, as you both tried so hard not to burst into laughter, “Not exactly.” “Well what does that mean then? Why did…” When his mother froze, you knew it was hitting her. Tears welled up in her eyes. Happy tears. “A baby?” Liam nodded, right as his dad got it as well. “You’re having a baby!”

You get in a fight and his parents are downstairs

Niall: “Your being unreasonable.” Niall yelled from across the room, his hands gripped his blonde locks. “Niall, your parents are right below us, can you keep it down?” The last thing I wanted was his parents to know we were fighting.“ Then stop being unreasonable. You’re making a big deal out of nothing.” Niall was still yelling at you. “You’re not getting it.” You found yourself yelling back. “Your more focused on me being upset rather then why I’m upset. You don’t see to care that I’m mad you because you lied to me. So until you realize why I’m upset and you apologize I’m going to continue to make a big deal out of nothing.” I grabbed my coat, ran downstairs and rushed out of the house; not giving Niall’s dad and step mom to question what we’ve been yelling at each other about. I walked around their neighborhood for at least forty minutes with my hands balled out in the pockets of my coat. The cold raindrops felt good against my skin, in a weird way the rain calmed me down. I could see Niall coming towards me; it was a small neighborhood so I shouldn’t be surprised that he found me. I hurried up and rushed around another corner, trying to get away from Niall; but it didn’t work. I could hear him coming after me. “Y/N.” He yelled after me. “Please Y/N, Please.” I stopped in my tracks and turned around knowing he’s not going to leave me alone. “Thank you, ya know I have a bad knee. Why would you make me run after you?” Niall took a minute to catch his breath, he held up one finger. “I’m sorry I lied to you, I’m sorry I didn’t take your feelings into consideration. I’m so sorry I lied to you. I don’t want you to be mad at me. I promise I’ll do anything to make it up to you.” Niall took your hands into his and you could tell by the look in his eyes that he meant it. “Okay, fine.” You mumbled as Niall swept you up into his arms and kissed down your jaw and eventually made his way to your lips.“ 

Louis: "What do you think babe?” Louis asked you with a smile on his face. “It’s for you.” In that moment you felt like you got punched right in the stomach. Louis, his mum and dad all stared at you and had the biggest smile on their faces. “It’s a great song isn’t it Y/N?” His mum asked but you couldn’t answer, you had to get out of this room. “Excuse me.” You ran up to yours and Louis room and slammed the door. It wasn’t long before Louis was joining you in the room with a confused look on his face. Listening to this song made you an emotional wreck. “Then what’s the problem? Why are you so upset?” Louis tried to grab ahold of you but you pushed yourself away immediately. “When did you write that? Was it before or after?” You insisted and Louis informed you that he wrote it before you suffered a miscarriage. “But of course some things have changed so I’ll have to rewrite it a bit but.” He trailed off. “Louis, you told me when I found out I was pregnant that you weren’t ready to be a dad then you go write this song about how excited you are to have a baby?” Hearing the song made you replay everything that you went through just a month ago. It was too soon doesn’t he know that? “Louis we lost our baby don’t you think you should have waited until we were alone to play this song for me?” Before you started yelling too loud you remembered that his parents were downstairs. “I was going to play this song for you to make up to you for what I said, for me walking away from you, but then I found out.” Once again he trailed off. “I lost that baby too, I was hurt too. So instead of being a bitch about me writing a song for you why don’t you say thank you and tell me you love it? Is that too hard for you? Or you just want to start another fight?” “Louis, I can’t do this right now.” You stormed to the guest bedroom. On top of everything you’re still feeling you don’t need fight with Louis too. 

Harry: “What’s wrong?” Harry asked as he slammed the door behind him. “You’ve been shitty all night. You’ve even gotten an attitude with Jo. Did she do something wrong?” You wouldn’t have to get an attitude if Harry’s dad and step mom wouldn’t have stayed two weeks longer then they said they were going to. “Well maybe I wouldn’t be so pissed off if they would go home. I love your dad and Jo but I need space. They are taking over our house. And no Jo didn’t do anything wrong, she’s been great they both have.” You’re starting to feel like a guest in your own house. “Then what’s the problem? You can’t be rude do my family for no reason.” Harry did have a point and you know how much he loves having his family here, especially since he doesn’t see them all that often, which is exactly why it’s taken you so long to tell him how you feel. “Please don’t be mad at me, I just feel like I can’t breathe.” Harry just shot you looks from across the room. You attempted to walk towards him but he backed up. "Don’t they get on your nerves? At least a little? Like we wake up and they’re here all cheery and happy then I get home and they’re here. We got to bed and they’re still here.“ For the first time in a week I’ve expressing how I really feel. The first week was great, it was nice to get to spend time with them but you’ve had enough. Harry just doesn’t get that. He doesn’t get that sometimes you need space. "Yeah and Y/N?” He questioned. “They’re right downstairs too. Forget that? You’re going to owe them an apology in the morning. You were rude and as long as I’m paying for the house my family is welcome to stay as long as they desire.” It made you sick that Harry was standing up for them one hundred percent, he didn’t try to see your sided and he wasn’t even going to talk to them about it. “Your the one who insisted on paying for everything, every month I try to pay bills but you refuse but since you pay everything and your going to hold it over my head then I’m just going to leave.” You went into the closet you share with Harry and quickly fit as much as you could into your Vera Bradley duffel bag. You rushed down stairs and left the house before you had to face Des and Jo. You didn’t want them to think you had anything against them. You just need to be able to breathe. 

Zayn: “I’ll be right back.” You left Zayns parents sitting on the sofa so you could go and find him. You all were going out to dinner. You found him in the spare bedroom. You were just about to walk out of the room when he called you back. "Zayn are you kidding me?“ You spun around so Zayn could see how mad you were. "What the fuck?” You were livid; Zayn ran out of room to spray paint in his other room so he moved to this room. “What do you mean? I’m painting this room too. I didn’t think I had to run everything by you.” Zayn spat out. “Your not my mom. I didn’t ask you to move in so you could tell me what to do with a room in a house I pay for.” Zayns words cut through you like a knife. “And my parents are downstairs so do you mind keeping it down?” You hated fighting with Zayn, especially since his parents were downstairs and could hear everything. You hated the thought of them knowing you guys are fighting, especially about something as stupid as Zayn spray painting a room. “No Zayn. I’m not going to keep it down. I’m pissed, you can’t just decide to spray paint another room, and especially when that room was going to be our child’s room. I already had it all planned out.” You haven’t told Zayn about the pregnancy yet, you two have been bickering a lot lately and honestly your afraid to tell him. Well you were, now it’s out in the open and he’s standing across the room just staring at you. He’s looking at you and you can’t read him. “Zayn I’m pregnant and I wanted this room for our baby. Now do you see why I’m so upset?” You waited for Zayn to say something, anything but he didn’t. Now you can’t go downstairs because his parents are down there and you’re not ready to face them. “Say something.” You pleaded. You needed Zayn to say something. “We’re having a baby?” Zayn picked you up and held you so close that you couldn’t breathe. “We’re having a baby.” He put you down and led you downstairs where you two officially announced that your having a baby.  

Liam: You followed behind Liam as he stomped up the stairs leaving his parents and Andy on the sofa in the living room. He was muttering things under his breath, you couldn’t quite hear what he was saying and you were sure you didn’t want to know. He got to your guys room, he tried to shut you out but you managed to talk him into letting you in. He sat on the bed and looked at you, his eyes getting watery. “What are you so upset about?” He tried to tell you nothing was wrong but you could tell that he was upset, you know Liam. You know that he tries to act strong, like nothing’s wrong but none times out of ten you can tell when he’s upset. “Your acting all friendly with Andy, telling jokes about me. Y/N you can’t make jokes about me with my best friend.” You laughed a bit and you could tell it was driving him nuts. You shouldn’t be laughing at him that only made him more upset. You tried to apologize but he just ignored you. “Your supposed to be my girlfriend and Andy is my best friend.” He was starting to yell, he was clearly upset. “You guys shouldn’t be that friendly. You two have your own inside jokes that I have no idea about.” He looked up at you with those big eyes. “You two spend a lot of time together.” Liam was questioning you and your relationship. You felt like you got slapped in the face. “How could you think that I would want to be with anyone that’s not you?” You wanted Liam to see that there was nothing between you and Andy. “Maybe if you didn’t give me a reason not to trust you then I wouldn’t have a problem with you hanging out with my best friend.” “I gave you a reason? I’m glad you don’t trust me for any reason at all. That’s great Liam. Now if you excuse me I’m going to go downstairs and go back to playing games. Let me know when you get over your insane jealousy. It’s driving a wedge between us.” You closed the door leaving Liam on the bed, crying into his hands. 

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Why is everyone so upset about Louis on X-Factor? Isn't it a good thing for him? I don't get why everyone is always so grumpy, no matter what they do.

It’s kind of a meh thing for him. He’s really only there for appearances. This appearance won’t really give him credibility or do anything for him. The real only benefits he’s got is that he gets to meet some new artists, and he keeps his bosses happy.

The only reason they’re bringing him on is because X-Factor is failing and they’re desperate for ratings. They chose Louis because he’s already shown interest in that side of the business. It’s possible he’ll get his label imprint talked about a bit, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.My guess is we’ll start to hear more about that once they go on break.

People are grumpy because Simon Cowell is the new Primary Villain. What used to be only big bad Modest is now big bad Cowell. The reality is that there isn’t one villain, it’s everyone involved, it’s all the teams that have been involved since day one. The people they’ve had behind them - label, management and everyone in between - never ever ever gave a rats ass about their music career. They care about the bottom line at the end of the day which is always money. It’s been the only priority since day one. 

I’m honestly kind of over the current fandom narrative, only because I think it’s excluding so much and oversimplifying everything so people have an easy reason to be mad. My bottom line is this : Louis is a big boy and he can take care of himself right now. He knows what he’s doing and he’s CHOOSING to do it. If he didn’t want to be here, and didn’t want to be playing nice and didn’t want to be doing any of this, he’d be gone. Because Zayn left, and they all could have then and there decided to leave, but they stayed. And they stayed knowing they would have more bullshit to deal with, they were prepared for that. And it’s time we all acknowledge that imo.


I don’t understand why people are so upset by the Sirius XM show asking personal questions. Louis didn’t sound put out at all. He’s very much the type to say “I don’t want to talk about that to be honest” if he was offended. We all know how outspoken he is. He talked very willingly about Freddie, and said he wasn’t completely comfortable talking about his mom so they didn’t ask any more questions about her. He gave a brief answer that he was comfortable with. He didn’t blacklist any topics, and it’s a natural thing for an interviewer to ask about important things going on in his life.

He even said at the end of the interview that they had a great time and that they were having a great first show. I feel like people are being a little too overprotective. It didn’t bother him so why does it bother you? Just move on. I’m sure he won’t even give it another thought.

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Sorry for asking but how do people know that is Jay on Louis' Twitter? I don't understand why people get so upset about her helping her son. They seem like a tight bunch, I think it's pretty cute.

I don’t understand why people get upset either. But we know because if you have Tweetdeck or some other apps, you can look at tweets and see what platform they were sent from. Jay almost always uses Echofon when she tweets, so if that shows up on a Louis tweet, it’s her.  

Louis uses iPhone (but then again, so does their social media manager, so it’s hard to tell when it’s him or them).

This is Jay:

This is Jay as Louis:

This is probably Louis:

This is definitely the social media manager:

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Why do you think Louis looks so upset? It's certainly not helping the case that the baby is real. I'm really tired of a lot of shit going back and forth, one leaning that it's real and others leaning towards the foolish theories of larries.... how could they possibly ever be right!? Seriously?

Why does Louis look upset? I don’t know, have you considered that maybe he looks tired? Because he has a newborn baby who was used to being inside another human’s belly and now has to face the outside all by himself and, therefore, will need lots of care and attention? Maybe Louis looks upset because he doesn’t want paparazzi getting a picture of his baby? I don’t understand why this needs to lean towards the case of the baby not being real. They were exiting a doctor’s office. Or do you actually think they went inside, told everyone there “pretend there’s a baby here, and now we’re gonna walk out so paps can see us”? I don’t understand what can you have been learning that leans towards the baby not being real, but ok I guess.