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22 movies for understanding Italy

Do you want know Italy? Do you want see the deep contradictions of this country and his beauty? I’ve choosen 22 movies that, according to me, show my country without explanations or something like that.

Obviously, this is a personal and non complete list. Let’s begin.

Il Gattopardo - The Leopard (1963, Luchino Visconti, adapted from the novel of Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.)

Why you need to watch: the birth of Italy in 1861 and the first political class of the new nation.

Il Portaborse - The Yes Man (1991, Daniele Lucchetti)

Why you need to watch: political class of Italy 130 years later, and scandal of “tangentopoli”.

Divorzio all’italiana - Divorce Italian Style (1961, Pietro Germi)

Why watch: there is not law in Italy before 1970 to get divorce. If I need divorce, how can I get it? This movie show this.

C’eravamo tanto amati - We All Loved Each Other So Much (1974, Ettore Scola)

Why watch: this movie talks to your heart. Illusions of youth days, love, friendship, political involvement, and evolution of three friends through the years.

“We tought we could change the world, but the world changed us”

Diaz - don’t clean up this blood (2012, Daniele Vicari)

Why watch: also this is Italy. Brutality reaction of police during riots against G8 of Genova. “The most serious suspension of democratic rights in a Western country after the Second World War.“ (Amnesty International)

Il giovane favoloso - Leopardi (2014, Mario Martone)

Why watch: the story of the best italian poet. This is enough to watch it.

Parenti serpenti - Dearest Relatives, Poisonous Relations (1992, Mario Monicelli)

Why watch: a malinconic movie about christmas. A typical southern Italy family reunites in the native home in Abruzzo for Christmas Seasons. The most poisonous dark comedy made in Italy.

Romanzo di una strage - Piazza Fontana: Italian Conspiracy (2012, Marco Tullio Giordana)

Why watch: the most turbolent years of Italy. Terrorist attacks of marxists, red brigade, anarchist, fascists, and golpe against the goverment.

La meglio gioventù - The Best of Youth (2003, Marco Tullio Giordana)

Why watch: the story of two brothers trough the most important events of Italy from 60s to 2000.

La vita è bella - Life is Beautiful (1997, Roberto Benigni)

Why watch: a wonderful and humoristic tale of a jew librarian during holocaust who wants preserve his son from horror of Lager. Italian movies can shows malinconic things with a taste of humour, and comic things with a taste of malincony.

Il secondo tragico Fantozzi (1976, Luciano Salce)

Why watch: one of my favourite comedy. The frustrating life of an employee during 70s.

I soliti ignoti - Big Deal on Madonna Street (1958, Mario Monicelli)

Why watch: a group of crooks decide to rob a pawnshop with a perfect plan. The life in slums of Rome.

Johnny Stecchino - Johnny Toothpick (1991, Roberto Benigni)

Why watch: a comedy about mafia in southern Italy. Because to destroy Mafia; also a laugh can be powerful.

Ladri di biciclette - Bycicle Thieves (1948, Vittorio de Sica)

Why watch: one of the most famous italian neorealist movies. How to start again with the background of ruined nation after WWII.

Accattone (1961, Pier Paolo Pasolini)

Why watch: It’s a story of grit, that is thrilling and fascinating in equal measures, and with the stamp of a great director.

Scialla (Stai sereno!) - Easy! (2011, Francesco Bruni)

Why watch: to be an adolescent in Italy during 2000s.

Roma, città aperta - Rome, open city (1945, Roberto Rossellini)

Why watch: how was the Nazi occupation of Italy.

Il grande cocomero - The Great Pumpkin (1993, Francesca Archibugi)

Why watch: How children were treated in italian asylum and how this is changed. Real life of a doctor who changed this.

Totò, Peppino e la… Malafemmina - Totò, Peppino and the Hussy (1956, Camillo Mastrocinque)

Why watch: one of the best ever made comedy of Italy.

Mediterraneo (1991, Gabriele Salvatores)

Why watch: “for everyone who wants to escape”.

Non essere cattivo - Don’t be bad (2015, Claudio Caligari)

Why watch: to understand how is live in the outskirts of Rome to Ostia.

La mafia uccide soltanto d’estate - The Mafia Kills Only in Summer (2013, Pif)

Why watch: to understand that mafia is not tourism, is not folklore, is not culture, is not fascinating.

I recommend to watch italian movies in original language with subtitles. Listen the orginal voices of actors its a completely different thing.

This is an open list, I am sure I forgot something. Advices are wellcome.

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I don't know if you've ever seen those videos of colourblind people seeing all the colours for the first time? But so imagine colourblind Steve, right after project Rebirth, reacting to seeing colours

The world had never been completely black and white. It was more like a constant dullness, like someone had desaturated everything his eyes could see. Being an artist, it bothered Steve a little, but if Beethoven could still compose while going deaf, Steve could deal with only seeing colors at about half their brilliance. Besides, he didn’t know any differently.

When the Vita Ray pod opened after Project Rebirth, the first thing Steve noticed wasn’t the colors, but how he’d physically changed. Being twice his previous size would’ve been enough to distract him from most other changes. As he lost his footing on the way out of the pod, the first thing he noticed was how brightly the red tone in Peggy’s face stood out among her drab army uniform. His eyes widened for a second, wondering why he hadn’t noticed before, and then it hit him. His colorblindness was gone.

“I have to get outside,” he said, pushing past Peggy and Howard.

“Give the man some air!” Howard said, misinterpreting what Steve meant. Steve managed to get to a window on the upper floor of the lab and the first thing he noticed was how blue the sky was. And this was Brooklyn. He couldn’t imagine what a sky like this could look like out in the countryside, without the smog of industry to grey it.

“Steve, are you alright?” Peggy asked.

“Holy hell, Peggy,” he said. “Did you know there were so many colors? Do you know how many colors I’ve missed? Someone get me to a park! Someone get me to an art museum!”

He then looked around the lab and smiled.

“Someone should really liven this place up.”

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Oh gosh, those fics were adorable! You have great taste :) I was wondering if you could recommend any others (I'm rubbish at finding good ones)? Any setting is fine.

Boi, you just unleashed the beast lmao I have soooo many recs. This should definitely be more than enough, but if you want more recs, feel free to ask lol


Super Long (150k+):

Battlesong (first bc i’m re-reading it rn 😁) by chaoticspaces

White Shadows by Good Afternoon

(I’ve Never Reached An Answer) I’m Only Given Clues by thefooliam

Wherever the Dandelion Falls by Lingering Lillies

Influence by Sappho’s Ghost

The Best Trick (inc) by dance-tilyou'redead

The Knife Thrower’s Daughter by themostrandomfandom

Find Me Another Life by chaoticspaces

Freaking Super (inc) by LateInLifeTiburon

Sirens / A Sirens Halloween by Cactusgirl329

Love, and Other Drugs by sailormoon19 

Furthest from the Truth (inc) by spiercemint

‘Long’ (100k-150k):

You Gave Me the Word, I Finally Heard byLeighKelly

Flowers of the Bowery by Lingering Lillies

A New Friendship by slaves4hemo

Heartwood by jerzeyredhead

1663 Days by HeMoIsBoss

That Awkward Moment When / That Awkward Moment When 2 (inc) by gurj14

Completions and Connections / Completions and Connections: Baby New Year / Completions and Connections: My Funny Valentine by LeighKelly

‘Short’ (you get the idea):

Cops and Drugs by Fever-Induced

Grill the Heart to Medium Rare by cr0wznest

My Girlfriend’s Sister’s Keeper by bodybroke

Baby It’s Cold by bohemianyc

The Score by gurj14

I Learned A Little Bit About The Good Stuff by heyho

By The Light Of The Moon by thefooliam

Small Town by BeyondCanon

Screwing The Milkman by StraightShark

Don’t Know Why (Just Do) by thefooliam

Now I Know / Love Tomorrow by Kairos27

Angsty AF (get the tissues ready):

Pas de Deux / The Only True Paradises by la rose carnation

Goodnight, Baby / Goodnight, San / Goodnight, Girls (DON’T read these in one sitting, just trust me) by PoppieJoy

Memento Vitae by 0atis

Dance On Our Graves by pleasanthell

ZDay by bohemianyc

Afterimage by Perfectly Censored

The Only Voices Are Me and You by themostrandomfandom

S*mut, more or less:

Unicorn Blood by lehhhgoo

Exposed by MissHeatherMichelle

Lecture by BeyondCanon

Fixed Odds by lehhhgo


“That name does sound familiar,” Colonel Phillips admitted. “I’m sorry.”

The tent suddenly felt a lot colder as Steve processed the idea that his best friend might be dead. You and Peggy stand beside him, neither of you really knowing what to say or do.

Steve asked, “Is there a rescue mission?”

You perk up, ready to volunteer to go behind enemy lines and save this Barnes man. But Colonel Phillips shoots you down.

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The first declension is the first taught in nearly every Latin text. Most first declension nouns are feminine- queen (regina), woman (femina), goddess (dea), girl (puella). Only a few masculine nouns- poet (poeta), farmer (agricola), and sailor (nauta)- are included in this declension.
Why would the “masculine in sense” nouns such as agricola (farmer), nauta (sailor), poeta (poet) be included in a feminine declension? … Was it perhaps because the “masculine in sense” nouns related somehow to taming nature (natura also feminine)? Most things having to do with the earth (terra, provincia) are first-declension feminine nouns, and certainly agricola and nauta are intimate with the earth. And life itself (vita) is feminine. But what does that say about the Roman view of the poet (poeta)?
—  Ann Patty, Living With a Dead Language

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So who's the best/worst artist?

(This is gonna be a long post, so I’m posting most under the read more option. But hey, you asked for it! And probably regret it now. This isn’t as serious as it probably should have been considering the length of this post, though.)

There are plenty of great artists that have done decent or even amazing work drawing John, and I’m mainly going to concentrate on them because every Rockerduck is beautiful deep within. 

So, let’s begin: some of the official artists who have successfully drawn him - a.k.a the only relevant ones - are…

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Ok so this is interesting. No surprise that they would have a Persona sale but look at the games….Only P3P, P4G and P5. But here’s the thing….it’s only those three….and one of them is ….P3P….You know…the one with the FeMC. I know I know, “They just want to hype up the new P3/5D games!” But why have P4G in there? And why not have a sale for P3FES/P4 PS2 for the PS3?  “Well it could be because P3/5D will be for vita and PS4 so only have those for sale cause….Vita/PS4?” Yeah but why not have P1/2 on sale while you’re at it too? And why not have a PS3 sale too? P5 was for PS3 too.

Basically I’m looking too far into this and I feel like Atlus is sending me some FeMC hidden hints for P3D. Please Atlus I beg of you, don’t tease me like this.

Hmmm, this is not about my games, but lately I saw many people wondered why some of Japanese games don’t use Japanese voice within its localization version. Or, why the game is being re-cast in the new version.

Maybe some has already realized this but in Japanese company, usually voice is not “bought” completely by the video game, but they only pay the “license fee” for “specific version”. And as I heard the license fee is the same with recording new voices. So for if dev paid XX yen for the vita version, they need to pay the same amount again for the pc version. Worse, lately I heard that in otome/bl version they made it more difficult. As if: you need also pay XX for the download version and another XX for the hard copies. Although, maybe the price and the rule can be different depends on the agreement with the agencies.

So yeah, it would be very very hard if the new version can’t sell as well as the previous one.

In my case, I usually gathered the VA using audition and already mentioned in front that they all will be paid once for the whole version (I don’t think I can afford multiple time license fee.) This is doable as I don’t make any agreement with a specific agency but with the VA their selves. I don’t think this is doable for a big company though, as they need to use famous VAs (otome gamers in japan usually will see the casts to decide if they will buy or not)

Anyway this is just blabbering and sharing experience :p
*back to work

Hogwarts AU

Name: Jack
Blood status: Muggle-born
House: Hufflepuff

· He screams at least half an hour when he gets his letter. He runs from store to store on Diagon Alley with screaming and cannot believe he doesn’t have enough money to buy all those stuff.

· Jack doesn’t know what Hufflepuff is, but there are nice smiling people and different cakes, so who even cares about color of tie?

· On Charms, when everyone trys to make their feathers fly, Jack just waves his magic wand all over the place and yells “Wingardium Leviosa! Woooow! Coooool! Wingardium Leviosa! Wingardium Leviosa! Sorry, proffesor… Wingardium Leviosa!” while books and other students stuff fly around the class and hit students and poor proffesor.

· After a few weeks Jack already has his own call. “Yelling annoying irish bastard shut the fuck up!”. He’s a reason, why hufflepuff’s students start to screw. Some of them learnd from him and some of them don’t know how else you can talk with that guy.

· On the second year he takes PS Vita. Of course, it runs out of battery before train arrives in Hogwarts, but everyone pure-blood wants to see “magic device”. So Jack’s coupe is overcrowded.

· Kids, and not only they, really like Jack. He’s awesome in voice impressions, and if you come to Hufflepuff common room in evening you can hear “do Donald Duck!”, “do russian accent”, “do an old teethless man!”, “do Severus Snape!”. And he does! Enjoy the show!

· Jack’s known as loud energetic boy, but only Hufflepuff’s students know that you can come to him whatever happened in your life, he always ready to listen you, and he’ll be serious, even if you don’t expect it from him. He always there for everyone who needs him.

· He could dicking around, but don’t you dare be an asshole. Jack’s sweet, but he’s not afraid of using some awful curse for anyone, who deserve it.

· He’s such a funboy. He yells louder everyone on quidditch matches, he’s happy, when he talks to members of their team, he buys statuettes of his favourites quidditch players.

· Jack loves games, even if sometimes he sucks in it. He’s fallen off a broomstick once or twice or twenty times, so now he’s not a quidditch player, but he always ready to play with you in Wizard’s Chess, Gobstones or Exploding Snaps, which is his favourite game, because EXPLODES DUUUUUDE.

· He more than loves Care of Magical Creatures, he adores it. He has that happy smile during all the class. Whenever he sees Hippogriff it turns into “I want little copy of him in my room!”-mode. He even tries to steal Niffler once. Hagrid likes this boy who he could talk to about dragons, giant dogs and other “awesome creatures”. Hagrid doesn’t even scold Jack for coming into Care of Magical Creatures class instead of his own classes, because how could he?

· He has the best halloween costumes ever! He scary the shit out of the first years when he chases them in his doctor costume with splashes of blood and promises “cure” them all. Of course he uses his amazing accent! He scary the shit out of proffesors, when he “cuts” his neck in front of their eyes. And his voice as Anti… the Doctor and Anti are such reallistic so many students begin building teories that they’re not Jack’s characters, but they do exist. When Jack finds it out he does nothing but adds fuel on the flame.

· Once he’s told “You cannot be friends with Slytherin. You’re yellow and he’s green. Do you understand?” [“Yeah, I do!”] and next day his hair’s dyed green.

· He’s the most punished student in Hufflepuff, probably even in Hogwarts, because:
“You’re not allowed to yell «Screw you, Billy!» every time you see him. After all, he’s Head Boy, show some respect!”
“You’re not allowed to throw stuff off the table when it annoys you!”
“You’re not allowed to throw stuff in proffesors when they explain you what you need to do!”
“No, you’re not allowed to touch their faces eather!”
“You’re not allowed to draw dicks on your table!”
“… and on you referat…”
“… and enywhere else!”
“Stop making dick jokes, jeez!”
When Jack was the first year, Hufflepuff barely saves its “zero points”, because:
“That’s sooo haaaard to remember all these ruuuules!”

some quality anecdotes from boccaccio’s life of dante
  • when asked by the florentine government to head an embassy to rome to request papal aid, he said “if i go, who stays? if i stay, who goes?” what kind of dramatique ned stark bullshit
  • once when he was at a bookseller’s in siena the shop owner lent him a copy of a book he’d been looking for for awhile, and instead of taking it home he lay down on a bench right outside the shop and started reading it then and there. there was a festival in the square that day, and while the games and dancing and music and everything were going on he just kept reading. later, when someone asked him how he’d managed to focus with all that noise, he was like “??? there was something going on??”
  • boccaccio mentions that he had a tendency to sleep around and then goes on like a three-page tangent defending that tendency. seriously.
  • continuing in the theme of ned-stark-like melodrama and stupid honorability: when he was in exile there was actually an opportunity for him to return home, if he would go to prison in the city for a while and then be absolved at the baptistery. his friend begged him to do it, but he refused.
  • after he became a ghibelline he couldn’t listen to anyone talk shit about the ghibellines without becoming absolutely furious and getting into an argument about why the ghibellines were clearly the better option. good 2 know that i’m not the only one who’s willing to fistfight your average republican
  • apparently he was super embarrassed about the vita nuova when he was older and attempted to discourage people from reading it because, like, he was so much better now

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If you we're ordered to be part of the Kriegmens to maintain discipline and all, how would you react and what would you do?

Well first I’d puke, but I have been attached to Kreigsman regiments before. It sucked. I’ve also set foot on the surface of Kreig to meet my fellow officers I’d be serving with. They only had numbers- no names. Also I’m pretty sure I got 3 forms of cancer (that had to be cut out of me) from that damned planet. Why are they so fucking proud of that place?
Side note: Vitae Wombs are GROSS.

… Woolf and Stein were radical to use real people in their fictions and to muddle their facts – Orlando, with its actual photos of Vita Sackville-West, and Alice Toklas, the supposed writer, who is Stein’s lover but not the writer . . .
For me, fascinated with identity, and how you define yourself, those books were crucial. Reading yourself as a fiction as well as a fact is the only way to keep the narrative open –
—  Jeanette Winterson, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?
Under the same sky

Part three of “Imagine falling into Middle Earth, but literally falling from the sky and landing on top of Thorin” from ImaginexHobbit

Part one: Out of the blue
Part two: Into the smoke

Mood song: Everything I Do (I Do It For You), Bryan Adams

Special thanks to @nuvoleincielo, @averil-of-fairlea, @everyjourneylove, @lokithechoreographer, @all-my-only-dreams, @fridafalconxoxo, and @imaginedrabble for being lovely and encouraging and to the wonderful anon who thought I could do this in the first place. 


The irony was not lost on you that it was proving far more difficult to adjust to being back in your own world than it had been to slip into the rhythm of life in Middle Earth. 

You filled your days with dutiful sightseeing, haunting all the landmarks and favorite spots that had so recently been the stuff of dreams, but the city that had once been so exciting now seemed flat and dull, and you looked at some of the most famous views in the world and wished with all your heart that you were still trudging through the wilderness, sleeping on hard ground, even hiding from orcs. You missed Bofur’s songs and jokes, Balin’s kind wisdom, Kili’s sparkling smiles, Dori fussing over his brothers, the grunt that passed for a “good morning” from Dwalin.

And Thorin.

Missing Thorin was a hollow ache in your chest that ebbed and flowed, but never left you. Vivid dreams of being in his arms again left you empty and despairing when you awoke, and it was the pain of being apart from him that made your feet carry you down Gloucester Road every day to stand in front of the antique shop that remained deserted, the faded china tea set in the window mocking you with its layers of dust.

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Bungou Stray Dogs is ruining me

So I ended up staying up until 2 AM last night reading the Bungou Stray Dogs manga as well as researching the authors the characters are based on bc why not?? And I ended up learning some good shit idk man:

1. Chuuya Nakahara and Osamu Dazai had a homosexual fling and totally had a bit of a relationship.

2. Yosano Akiko was not only an amazing poet but she was also a hella feminist.

3. Mori Ougai’s book “Vita Sexualis” (which is also the name of his ability) tells the story of his sexual awakening and was incredibly controversial.

4. One of his daughters also started the yaoi movement in Japan.

5. Ryuunosuke Akutagawa’s short story “Rashomon” (also his ability’s name) has a plot eerily similar to Atsushi’s situation in episode one (the protagonist is out on the street, starving and is contemplating whether to starve to death or steal to survive). It actually wouldn’t surprise me if that’s the reason for Atsushi’s situation. 

6. Two of Osamu Dazai’s stories (one being “No Longer Human”, his ability name) and two of Ryuunosuke Akutagawa’s stories were retold in a 12 episode anime series called “Aoi Bungaku.”

7. Edogawa Rampo was actually the pen name for Tarou Hirai and was meant to be a rendering of Edgar Allen Poe’s name, one of his inspirations.

So… I can officially say that I’ve enjoyed doing research for once and I’m a huge nerd and stan for this show.

I’m Sorry, What? (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes x reader)


1. The reader is an experiment with Steve and is Bucky’s girlfriend. The reader gets frozen too and becomes an avenger with Steve and helps Steve find Bucky. Hello there. I absolutely adore your blog. 

2.If you don’t mind, can you write a fic where the reader is BFFs w/ recovered!Bucky and Steve since 40s? Like Bucky says a dirty joke in front of the Avengers who are silent but Steve starts laughing so hard he can hardly breathe. And everyone is just shocked, so Bucky says “You do know that we were in the army, right?”. And when on a mission, they do some friendly smack-talk and the others look at each other like these are the national heroes? TYSM!

“Hey, (Y/N)!  I’ve got one,” Steve whispered as he was strapped into his own Vita-Ray machine as you watched from yours.  

“No, Rogers!  Now isn’t the time!”

“Why do men get their greatest ideas in bed?” he smirked.

You squeezed your eyes shut and turned away, hoping that your disinterest would make him stop.  He was nervous, you could tell; not only from the look on his face, but the beginning of an endless array of dirty jokes that he and Bucky would use to distract themselves when they were upset.  With Bucky deployed already, you were the helpless recipient of his inappropriate sense of humor.

“I’m not doing this, Steve.”

“Oh, come on, don’t be such a prude.”  You heard him wince as he was injected with something, now suddenly quieter and less enthusiastic to embarrass you.  “That wasn’t so bad.”

“That was penicillin,” the doctor said quietly.

You laughed out loud, but cleared your throat with a slight cough to regain your composure when he glared at you, but a wide grin was still spread across your lips.  “C’mon, Steve.  Don’t be such a baby.”  

Your words didn’t match how you felt inside; you were terrified but didn’t want Steve to know.  You had only agreed to do this with him because you wanted him to know you would always be at his side and supportive.  They had asked for one male and one female subject, so you jumped at the chance when he had brought it up.  

As the capsule rose to stand you straight and the doors began to close, you weren’t so sure anymore.  You quickly looked to Steve before the doors were tight, hoping to get one last look at him as he was.  

“Because they’re plugged into a genius,” he laughed, getting the last syllable of the punchline out just as his doors sealed shut, and your own only a few seconds behind.

“Buck is gonna kill us,” you mumbled, allowing the stupid joke to give you a few seconds of laughter before the harsh lights began to surround you and the pain of the serum took its hold.


Steve’s eyes were filled with sadness and apprehension when he looked at you, hoping that you would have an idea that was better than his.  Anything that would change the course of the mission and allow you both to survive.

“I’ve gotta put her in the water!” he told Peggy, on the other end of the line. You crawled along the floor of the plane behind him and pulled yourself up on his chair, struggling to hold your balance.  You rested your hands on his shoulders and gave them a small squeeze to show him that you were with him, no matter what he decided.  

“Please don’t do this,” she replied with a broken voice, “We have time.  We can work it out.”

“Peggy, this is my choice.”

You leaned down and wrapped your arms around his shoulders and leaned in to rest your head against his.  Tears began to sting at your eyes, but you held them at bay for fear of upsetting him more, fear of making his guilt even harder to bear in his final moments.  

“I’m gonna need a rain check on that dance.”

“A week next Saturday, at The Stork Club.”

“He doesn’t know how to dance,” you added quietly.

“Don’t worry, (Y/N), I’ll show him how.”  You could hear the tears in her voice, and all it did was bring you more pain, knowing that the two of them would never have their chance.  And, oh, how Steve deserved a chance.  You turned to leave a small kiss on his cheek then stood again to watch the plane descend in its last landing.

“We’ll have the band play something slow.  I’d hate to step on your-“

“Steve?  (Y/N)?”


“That picture really doesn’t do you justice, Stevie.  You’re so much more handsome than that.”

“Are you flirting with me, (Y/N)?”

You turned with your mouth open, feigning shock and surprise, “Eww!  No!  We’re not going to replay that disaster again, believe me.”

“Jeez, you don’t have to be so absolute about it, you know.  Men have feelings too,” he whined, holding his hand over his chest.  “I’m hurt, babe.  I thought we had something special.”

‘The story of Captain America is one of honor, bravery, and sacrifice.’

It wasn’t really clear why Steve insisted that you visit his Smithsonian exhibit, looking around and seeing little kids and adults alike wearing their Captain America gear as they walked around the pictures of you and your old friends, long since gone.  The first display showed the pre-serum version of him, your little Steve, barely even a shadow to his current form, which was pictured next to it.  

As he made his way through the displays and re-read the information about his transformation and his career as the Captain, you held back slightly and observed him.  Even though he had been here several times on his own already, every so often his hand would raise slowly and drift over the pictures as if he were trying to feel those moments directly.  He didn’t look sad, but rather just introspective and maybe even a bit thankful.

“You okay?” you asked quietly, putting a supportive hand on his arm, then raised the other and gently tapped on the side of his head. “What going on in there?”

‘Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both the schoolyard and battlefield.  Barnes is the only Howling Commando to give his life in the service of his country.’  

His head perked up at the introduction, pausing to look for the area in which it was coming from.  He shifted your hand into his and pulled you along as he read each display until he came upon the one he wanted.  

“Wow, that turned out really nice,” you mumbled.

You had a few pictures of Bucky that had been recovered, a few with both of you in them, smiling and happy together.  This picture was different; it was taken during the war, and his expression looked a little tired.  Seeing it in this large scale, and as a monument to his memory, brought a pain that you weren’t expecting, and a haze of tears began to cloud your vision.

“Hey,” Steve nudged, “hey, are you okay?”

“Can I have a few minutes?”  Your voice was quiet and rough, beginning to fail you just a little. As Steve nodded and walked towards another display, you held your place, studying the face that you had known so well; the face of the man you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. Once Steve had told you about Bucky’s fall, the two of you fought together and lived like you only had one purpose; to defeat HYDRA once and for all.  For all intents and purposes, it had cost you your lives, or at least the lives you knew.  

If you had no one else, at least you had each other. There was a short time when your friendship had turned into something more, but even after that had fallen apart, you still held onto some of those feelings for Bucky.

“Excuse me, ma’am, do you know anything about this man on the exhibit?”

“He was a good man,” you sighed, “that’s all I anyone needs to know.”  Turning to walk away and to find Steve, you didn’t look at the man with the gentle voice, whose face matched the one on the glass wall where you had just stood seconds ago.

You caught Steve’s eye as you approached, and he quickly moved to stand in front of you, taking a hold of your shoulders with a look of worry.  “Did you talk to him?”  His head darted around and past you, searching as if he had lost something.

“Did I talk to who?”

“Buck!  I brought you here because it was safe, and the team wouldn’t get involved.”  His eyes brightened and a wide grin crossed his lips, “he was supposed to talk to you, and have it be a surprise that he’s here!” He began to look past you again, “where the hell did he go?”

You felt the room begin to spin slightly, and your head felt heavy with a loud ringing in your ears.  Pulling from Steve’s firm grasp, you grabbed the wall and lowered yourself to sit on the floor next to him.  He immediately dropped to sit next to you, his smile completely gone and his expression replaced with near panic.

“(Y/N)?  What’s going on?  You don’t have any color in your face anymore.  Are you going to faint?”

“How…how is he here?” you mumbled, “Steve, are you sure? Is he…is he…himself?”

“He will be, (Y/N).  No matter what happened to him, there are some things that just never change.”


“Hey, Stark!  What did the elephant say to the naked man?”

“Steven!” you gasped and spun on your heel to look at him in shock, “we are in the middle of a fight!  Trust me when I say, there is never a good time for that!”

“Oh, come on, (Y/N)!  It’s always a good time for that!” Bucky laughed, running past you with a firm slap of his metal hand to your behind.  “But I think he could do better!”

“Hang on a second,” Tony interrupted, “what just happened?”

You shook your head and turned around to look at your friends with a disapproving glare and a point in each of their directions. “Oh, Tony.  You have no idea how many years that I’ve heard this, and it only got worse after the war started.  I don’t think they have a tasteless joke that I haven’t heard.”

“Challenge accepted!”  Bucky intercepted two more assailants and moved to your side to assist you, still thinking of a joke he wanted to use.  He excitedly slapped at your arm as it came to him.  

“I’ve got it!  Hey, Rogers!  What’s the difference between you and eggs?”

You heard a chuckle from Tony and a whimper from your own throat, not even realizing that you had done it.  “Yep, heard it before,” you whispered to yourself with a look of disappointment on your face.

“Well, come on, Cap,” Tony encouraged, “show us what you’ve got.”

Steve glanced back at the group as each of you continued to fight, shaking his head slightly when he couldn’t think of the correct punchline.  After a few minutes, he still had yet to answer, and you started to feel bad for the guy.  “I don’t know, Buck.  I give.”

“Eggs get laid, and you don’t!”

A collective groan went out over the comms, and Steve’s face filled with a deep red shade, but not out of embarrassment; he actually thought that his friend was hilarious and a deep, resounding laugh followed.

“See, (Y/N)?  I told you it was funny!”

Steve gave you a wink and a small smirk as he ran past his friend, leaning in close for a private reply, “no, Buck.  That’s not why it’s funny.”

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Justin... Important question...... What was it like voice acting for object show 87 as evil ps vita?

An absolute pleasure an absolute pain.

More specifically, I was incredibly excited and honored to play a role in one of my favorite projects that Samuel and Niall have put together to date. I don’t regret anything about it. Buuuuut, the voice is incredibly hard on me. The only voice I have ever done to date that I felt was doing some weird damage to me, and it is hard to figure out why that exactly is. I felt as though my soul was being sucked out of me while I was performing as Evil PSVita and, quite honestly, I felt sick after each recording. After the first I thought it was just bad timing- but the subsequent recordings confirmed that it was a result of doing the voice for what was, really, just a few minutes per episode. Never has anything remotely close to this happened while recording for any other character in my life. It was all my fault, of course- I chose the voice. From what I found out later it wasn’t a very good voice when it came to animation, either. Soooooo, turns out it was a sad day for everyone involved. And I wouldn’t change it in the slightest. <3

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Glad I wasn't the only one who really enjoyed CxM. I haven't seen a lot of people talking about it which is a shame. I was a bit skeptical spending so much money on a VN but I'm glad I did! Have you played any other of Otomates games?

i think one of the main reasons why people didn’t play it is because of the price (+ for now it’s only on vita) and i usually buy games on sales but i just couldn’t wait to play it so i did buy it for the actual price and i also don’t regret it

and yes i did! besides cxm i also played code realize, hakuoki (both psp and vita version), amnesia, dandelion wishes brought to you, nameless, mm and ozmafia

The Big Nintendo Crypost

Since the past couple days have been ‘whine about Nintendo’ days and the NX will probably be outed in a month or so and everyone will be starstruck by the shininess, I might as well get out in front and much like The Gaming Brit, get my own crystorm about the company out. And while I’m sure I’ll get 100 people with nintendo-related names and icons of incidental Nintendo characters yelling at me as some CoD playing dudebro regardless, I’ll still point out that I have bought every single Nintendo platform, usually at or close to launch. For most of my life I was one step below Bob “Empty My Nine On The Halo Line” Chipman in terms of Nintendo fanboyism.

And Nintendo, for the past.. whoof, six years? Has sucked.

Nintendo Pricing

Nintendo’s pricing is bullshit.

The HD Ports of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess were priced about twice as much as they should have been. Every other company under the sun established the pricing pattern for HD Remasters about halfway through last gen when all the PS2 remasters started hitting, but Nintendo seems to have this idea that overpricing their stuff boosts their 'brand’ or something. It doesn’t really matter that they made some gameplay changes to the titles, either - that isn’t uncommon for remasters or HD collections and they don’t charge full price for decade old games for it. Nintendo games are good, but so are a lot of other games, and they don’t deign to charge me forty to sixty dollars per HD port.

But this doesn’t just apply to those games. Nintendo games stay at or close to full price forever. Hell, it was only recently that Nintendo added a bunch of games that had been out two years or more to their 'Nintendo Selects’ brand, reducing them to an actually reasonable price. Nintendo games stay too high for way too long, which again seems to be a deliberate decision made for branding or PR purposes rather than the realities of demand.

Amiibo Is Stupid

Oh god, Amiibo is so stupid.

The idea is sound - Skylanders and Lego Dimensions and Disney Infinity are popular, and people like them. But in all three of those cases, the figures exist to support the game. The game that Nintendo doesn’t have, and doesn’t seem interested in having.

I keep waiting for Nintendo to announce the Amiibo game, that actually uses all these toys for one unified purpose, but I don’t think it’s actually coming. They seem content to hock these figures and never have any game use them more than for an occasional easter egg or bonus. Also, most of the purchasers seem to be adults (I mean, and scalpers, but let’s get there in a second.)

Without a game that seriously uses these figures and the constant pipeline of releases, including special and limited edition Amiibo, the entire product line comes off less like something Nintendo seriously wants to use, and more like a scheme devised to pump their adult fanbase for money. It feels like the equivalent of the floundering comic industry announcing more and more 'variant covers’ and the like, perpetually trying to squeeze more revenue out of a stagnant if not shrinking fanbase.

Forced Scarcity

This is more of a minor point, but Nintendo has this serious issue with Forced Scarcity. They always have, from back in the NES days when they were the only place for publishers to get carts, and routinely underfilled cart orders for… some.. reason. This continued with the DS Lite and Wii, when they deliberately kept them scarce, in the Wii’s case for YEARS, for again, some.. reason…

I guess the logic is that it keeps demand up, and produces the impression that your product is highly desirable which is  beneficial for public perfection, but in the modern era all it really does is empower scalpers. While it’s stupid for hardware, at least most stores will not allow a scalper to buy up an entire stock of consoles. They make no such restrictions on Amiibos, so Nintendo’s bullshit forced scarcity enabled scalpers to take advantage of people. The only mercy was that, in a stunning display of compassion (or, in reality, probably oversight or technical impossibility) amiibos are not region locked, which considering Nintendo is a company that has literally designed the faces of their portables slightly differently in each region to have REGION LOCKED FACE PLATES, is a real amazement.

Anyway that’s not the point - Forced Scarcity is stupid and only benefits scalpers and Nintendo is stupid for continuing to do it.

Region Locking

Region Locking is stupid and pointless. People import games that don’t get released in the US, and reverse importing isn’t a massive issue with games the way it is with Anime DVDs. Region Free hardware gives consumers more freedom and enables developers to make games available to markets they lack the money to release in, or face legal hurdles in, like the recent series of Gundam games having english subs despite being only released in Asia.

Stop it.

The Treehouse Sucks

Nintendo Treehouse is a bad localization division. I’m not gonna get more into it than that since people like to raise their hackles in conversations about the treehouse and I’ve talked about it more and this is about Nintendo as a whole.

The eShop Also Sucks

Oh my god, the eShop sucks so bad. It has a bad UI, it’s a pain to navigate, and Nintendo is still weird about their releases. Especially Virtual Console. Nintendo’s slow trickle of titles on the Virtual Console is dumb. I can only imagine they believe a slow trickle of titles will make people more likely to buy games that they otherwise wouldn’t; like if they release all the games at once, people will only buy the 10/10 games, but if they do it slowly, people might buy a lot more games than they would otherwise.

Also, why do eShop titles not just, y'know, instantly have crossbuy? If I buy a PS1 game on my PS3 digitally, I just get it on my Vita as well. A lot of actual games do that, too. Why are they separate products on Virtual Console? 

It sucks they aren’t on PS4 yet, but when they inevitably ARE, they’ll almost certainly be the PS3/Vita purchases.

Nintendo’s online Infrastructure is STILL half a decade or more behind, and that’s inexcusable.


Okay, this is a hard one, but ever since about halfway through the Wii’s lifespan, Nintendo’s soul has pretty much died. This is a very hard thing to explain, but I’m going to do my best to articulate it anyway, although I’m sure a lot of people will disagree with me.

The best way to describe is that spark a game has when it feels like 'someone WANTED to make this.’

Nintendo games have lacked this spark more and more. In the best cases, it produces something that is technically sound and highly polished, like Super Mario 3D World, or Link Between Worlds, which are good games even if they feel very 'safe’. In the worst cases it produces things like Triforce Heroes and New Super Mario Brothers Iteration 46 which feel like a robot made them. All of Nintendo’s output has been very safe, with very little divergence from formula. And as they did that, they’ve sort of 'turtled up’ and refused to step out of their most comfortable comfort zone even a little bit. I’ve mentioned this on twitter, but we haven’t had a 2D Metroid since like, 2004.

Since 2011 or so, Metroidvania has become, essentially, the dominant 2D Platformer Genre, with dozens of entries. Valdis, Guacamelee, Strider, Cave Story, Shadow Complex, two going on three Shantae games, Dust, Ori and the Blind Forest, Momodora, Rabi-Ribi, Axiom Verge, Knytt, Odallus, hell, even old doujin games in the genre started getting STEAM RELEASES, like Bunny Must Die.

And nothing. Nintendo let a resurgence in a genre named after ONE OF THEIR FRANCHISES happen, and didn’t make a single game. While they slowly make every franchise they have a 2D Platformer. (Please be excited for the Pikmin 2D Platformer.) Hell, no Wario games either, which was their 'soft’ Metroidvania series with lighter versions of those elements. They let an entire trend pass them by solely because the franchises that could take advantage of it weren’t one of their handful of mega franchises.

Nintendo used to be the company that consistently made wholly unique games, even within their own franchises. And they funded a hell of a lot of second party games that were totally unique, too. Now it feels like all those 2008-era /v/ shitposts about 'rehashes’ are true as they release samey game after samey game, slowly declining in quality as we get further in the lifespans of the 3DS and WiiU. And I’m sure we’ll see a bump in quality when the NX lands, but the question is if Nintendo can keep that going. They’ve kind of been on a downslide for a while now, with these brief spikes of improvement, but it’s still a noticeable downslide. Hell, the only games in the entire WiiU library that I’d call 'classic Nintendo’ are Splatoon and Wonderful 101.

Paper Mario went from TTYD and Super Paper Mario to Sticker Star and Color Splash.

3D Mario went from Sunshine and Galaxy to 3D World and NSMB.

Xenoblade lead to Xenoblade Chronicles X, which feels very rehashy of Xenoblade and lacks a ton of the charm.

Smash 4 feels more generic than either of the previous entries (hell, it doesn’t even have a subtitle, why?)

Are these games bad? No. Most of them are at least 'okay’ (not sticker star). Some are great (Smash 4, 3D World). But I’m pointing out that there’s a very clear and visible homogenization of Nintendo properties, and considering how fervant Nintendo’s fanbase is and how much consumer loyalty they (inexplicably still) possess, it’s disheartening that they’re playing it so safe when they really don’t have to.

I’m not saying re-invent the wheel, but they could definitely step outside the box more than they’ve been lately, with absolutely zero risk.

I want Nintendo to be good. I want them to go back to making tons of amazing games that I’ll happily fill my ‘’Best Games Of The Year” list with over and over. But they aren’t that company right now, and I don’t think I should pretend they are just cause they USED to be good.