but why is kellan on there


rami: get on the float

terrible sting, terrible storm || Alex & Kellan

Kellan groaned as he pushed through the door to Alex’s building. He couldn’t believe that the staff was forcing him to apologize to her for pinning her. What was the point? He wasn’t sorry, and he had done much worse to other people. He had never apologized to his victims or their families and friends. Why should he apologize for virtually nothing now? He walked up the stairs and tried to find her door. When he finally did, he banged on it and hoped that she wouldn’t be there. Then he could say that he tried and leave. He could go without seeing her ever again, so he didn’t understand why they couldn’t just go their separate ways and forget about the whole ordeal.


This one doesn’t have a name yet and I think his eyes are a bit too up on his face but here, this is Kellan’s brother (and ofc Lennox’s)