but why is justin throwing a punch

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Most heartbreaking queer as folk scene/moment/episode whichever not including prom scene

Hahaha nice caveat there, nonny, I see you.

I’m going to go with this moment right here:

Everything, I repeat, everything about this moment is heartbreaking. There’s Brian, who is quite literally the weakest and most vulnerable he’s ever been, in a great deal of physical pain, who’s terrified to tell his partner, the person he loves most in the world, that he has cancer and is no longer perfect, because he thinks he’ll no longer love him. He can’t stand the thought of him leaving, but even more, he can’t stand the thought of Justin staying with him out of some sense of obligation and starting to look at him not like he’s the most incredible man in the world, but with pity and resentment in his eyes.  But he so clearly craves Justin’s touch, his tenderness, his love, so he takes it, finally allowing him to fall asleep under his care. He went to Baltimore alone, went into surgery alone, woke up alone… and you know all that time there was nothing he wanted more than to feel Justin’s arms around him to make him feel safe and warm and loved. And he finally has that again, but he can’t bring himself to share just why it’s so powerful this time. 

And then there’s Justin, who knows Brian has cancer, but doesn’t know his prognosis. That’s a fact I think sometimes gets overlooked; Justin doesn’t know if Brian’s cancer is curable or terminal, but you know he’s fearing the worst. He’s probably already imagined a thousand possibilities of what his life would look like without Brian, what it would feel like to lose him forever, and each one of them is more devastating than the last. And he can’t let Brian know. The love of his life may be dying, and there’s nothing he can do. It’s already a helpless enough feeling to have your loved one be sick, but he’s not even suppose to know! So all he can do is try to take care of Brian and offer him comfort, but never too much, not as much as he’d like to, or else he risks Brian finding out that he knows, and who knows what would happen then?

What I think makes this arc so powerful is that we have three main types of conflict: man vs. nature (Brian’s cancer diagnosis), man vs. self (the effect of Brian’s cancer on his identity and his fear of letting others know he’s sick), and man vs. man (Brian and Justin’s efforts to keep Brian’s cancer a secret and the fallout that results when the cat’s out of the bag). Any of these would be heartbreaking on their own, but when they’re all crashing into each other, spiraling out of control, it’s especially devastating to watch. 

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tbh justin would be one of those people that can act a million different ways when their drunk like he could be happy drunk and he would be all giggly and smiley and he would say stupid stuff like “babe i lost my nose” or “my arm tastes like mac and cheese” and you would have the best time watching over him because he was such a dork and he’s already a dork when he’s sober so his drunk side makes him even more dorkier if that’s possible and wouldn’t be able to sleep all night like he would eat a million bags of candy and just be jumping all over the place and he would tire you out by the end of the night because it was like watching over a little kid but he could also be romantic drunk and he would never keep his hands off you like he would kiss your lips over and over again and keep his arm around your waist and rub your tummy and he would be so cute and say things like “we’re gonna get married one day, baby” or “when we have kids one day, i hope they turn out just like you, sweetheart” and he would always end up falling asleep with his head in the crook of your neck and there was also a his clingy drunk side where he would never want to let go of you and he would always be holding you and in the club he would be pouting the whole time and glaring at every guy that looked at you and when you guys get home he would want to be the little spoon and you would hold him and stroke his hair and he would just need to be reassured so many times throughout the night because he would always ask things like “you’re mine, right baby?” or “you only love me and no one else, right baby?” and you would find this side of him the cutest thing ever because it showed how much you meant to him and he would be so vulnerable it was adorable and  other times he would be aggressive drunk and he would throw things and punch walls and this side of him scared you the most and you didn’t know how to control him like you did his other sides and he would always say things that would be so hurtful to you like “god Y/N you’re so annoying and clingy all the damn time.” or “i don’t even know why i’m with you when i can have any girl i want.” and his aggressive side would always be mixed in with his cocky one and it would just be the worst version of justin and he would stay up all night and drink beer and smoke cigarettes and it would be the worst time for you or other times he would be horny drunk and right after a night out at the club the second the door closed to your house he would push you against the wall and kiss you with so much force and his hands would be running up and down your sides and his shirt would be somewhere in the living room and he would rip your clothes off and you guys wouldn’t even make it upstairs because he would want to take you right then and there and he would be growling and moaning into your ear and be saying things like “you’re gonna be good for daddy tonight, right?” or “fuck babe you’re so tight”  and he would be pounding into you so rough and let’s just say tomorrow morning you were sore as hell

Gas station kisses

Imagine #2: Gas Station Kisses
A/N: first time writing in Jay’s POV. Didnt bother to proofread it or make last minute changes cause I’m on mobile lmaoo im sorry but enjoy!!!!!!

[Justin’s POV]
It’s a humid cloudy Saturday today. Not too rainy but not too hot either. Perfect.

Y/N and I decided to go on a last minute trip to Venice beach. After the punching incident, Y/N’s thinks it’s important for me to “just get away from it all and clear my mind”. But Y/N’s got nothing to worry about because ain’t nothing damaging this pretty face.

Y/N shows up around 10 in the morning in a thick parka with a fur hood and baby blue mittens. The last I checked, there was no snow on the ground. Just rain. But now I’m wondering if I slept through a blizzard during my nap. “Babe? Did you just fly in from Antartica?” I ask as she unzips her parka and reveals a form fitting swimsuit underneath paired with some ripped jean shorts.

“No.” She sighs. “I’m wearing my winter coat because I couldn’t find my other more casual one. It’s cold as fuck.”

“Well, you ain’t gotta worry about the cold cause I’m here.” I laugh as I kiss her on the forehead and rub her arms. Lord knows she’s got to be the most intolerant person towards cold temperatures. “Darling,” I beamed at her as I held the door open. “Sweetheart,” she smiled as she got in, the same smile I fell for when I first saw her 2 years back.

I’ve been driving for about 30 minutes when Y/N notices we’re out of gas. “Fuck, I must’ve forgotten to refill it.” “No shit, Jay. Pull up to the right, there’s a gas station.” She laughs as she rolls her eyes at me. Right as I’m about to get out, my phone dings with a text message. “Babe, could you hand it to me please?” “Sure.” Y/N gets out of the car but before she gives it to me, she reads the notification. “Hails?” She scoffs as she hands me my phone. I laugh as I insert the gas pump, “It’s nothing, baby.” “Whatever,” Y/N obviously ticked off crosses her arms. “Are you jealous?” I mused, cocking my eyebrow. “Oh shut up.” “Come here, hold this for me,” I grin as I hand the gas pump to her.

We’re facing each other now. So close, I could feel the warmth of her body. “There’s nothing to be jealous about. I’m yours.” I point out, tucking a loose strand behind her ear. “But, she’s pretty.” Chuckling, I leaned down so that my mouth ghosted over hers. “So what if she’s pretty? I choose you. Everyday.” “But still—“ I cut her off with a kiss, a light one, barely touching her lips. “She’s—“ I cut her off with a kiss again, “You know I’m just going to keep kissing you if you don’t stop.” “Maybe I won’t stop,” she smiles that same smile again. The one that makes me forget where I am. “When will the gas stop?” she asks, bringing me back to Earth. Now it’s my turn to smile, “It stopped before I told you to hold it.” “Then why the fuck have I been holding it this entire time?!”

I pause, deep in thought. “I just wanted to kiss you.”

She throws a punch at me but I can see her trying not to smile.

“You know I’m yours, Y/N. Come on, let’s go to Venice, baby!“
Whether or not Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom's "fight" is real, it's not Justin who's at fault.

To sum up all this drama between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber, basically what happened is Justin is getting accused of sleeping with Miranda Kerr therefore blaming him for Miranda and Orlando breaking up and now there’s a video surfacing about an alleged brawl between Orlando and Justin in which Orlando punches Justin and Justin walks away. 

TMZ were the first to break the news and even though they are a reliable source, they have fabricated evidence since day 1. Justin Bieber pretty much has the whole world against him and most of their reasons to hate Justin are because of things he didn’t do as you can see here

Justin first met Miranda in 2012 at the Victoria Secret Show where he performed

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At the Victoria Secret show, the models were all over Justin and were calling him “adorable” and all types of things like that. They even made a music video to Beauty And A Beat. Basically, they enjoyed his company and Justin who was 18 at the time, was enjoying being around models especially since Selena Gomez broke up with him shortly before. 

There is no proof that Justin slept with Miranda Kerr. He isn’t seen coming out of her hotel room at 4 AM and she isn’t seen wearing his stuff. Basically, nothing is seen between them to make anything suspicious. Later on in 2013, Justin was blamed for the breakup between Orlando and Miranda just like Miley Cyrus was once blamed for the breakup between Justin and Selena Gomez. 

Now, this video that you can watch here is released and allegedly it’s Orlando and Justin fighting. In the video you can see clearly that Orlando threw a punch at Justin and Justin ducked and walked away. Lets pretend that this story doesn’t seem totally unrealistic and go with the fact that it’s real because there’s some sort of evidence behind it. 

Orlando Bloom is almost 40 years old. He’s 17 years older than Justin and he was throwing punches at a 20 year old? If anyone should be getting hate it should be Orlando. Why the hell are you fighting someone who’s half your size and age? 

“Justin provoked him by saying something rude”

Um no. You don’t hear Justin saying anything. It’s Orlando throwing the punches and it’s Orlando who is acting like he’s 5 and refused to shake hands with him or even talk to him. 

Justin is now being called a pussy for walking away but he was called a douche for wanted to fight the paparazzi last year. And haters know damn well that if Justin were to fight back, he’d be called an asshole.

His fight with the paparazzi is hardcore proof of it. 

Justin walking away from a fight is calling him being mature and learning from his mistakes. 


Justin is now trolling the media.

His friends are laughing at it with him which sheds some light on the situation. The ones who know him the best, know that he isn’t the one who did anything wrong.

And to describe those latest posts, this tweet puts it in words

People just want to hate on Justin. 

What’s hilarious is that if Justin had a thing with anyone that night, it would have been Barbara Palvin, not Miranda

Which is proof that he had nothing with Miranda. Either Orlando heard something untrue, or this entire thing is bullshit. Why would Miranda who’s like 11 years older than Justin and is like 2 feet taller than him and has 2 kids, sleep with Justin who she treated like a kid when she met him?

But in the end, it’s Justin who’s vacationing and living life while everyone else spreads their bitter opinions and irrelevant hate 

At the end of the day, it’s not Justin who should be acting like an adult. I would have expected Justin who’s 20, to be the one throwing the punches and the 40 year old to be walking away. Nope, it’s the other way around. And instead of being praised for walking away, he’s being called a pussy. Welcome to our society in 2014. 

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