but why don't the two of you hang out more

Pastries, Patrol, and gossip
  • Volpina: Hey, Ladybug, why are the pastries you bring out to patrols always from the Dupain-Cheng bakery? Do you live near there or something?
  • Ladybug: what?! Nooo-
  • Queen Bee(interrupting): I know right, like is it a sponsorship or something because if we need backed up financially I can guarantee at least the support of the mayor.
  • Chat: If it's like that then I'd rather stick with the bakery,I don't eat sweets very often at home. Plus the Mayor can be a little over the top and his daughter's been a bit clingy around Ladybug in the past.
  • Queen Bee: just what are you trying to say?!
  • Chat: that was mostly before you two were here. And anyways I liked hanging out with the Dupain-Cheng's daughter more anyways.
  • Ladybug, Volpina, and Bee: WHAT?!
  • Chat: Not like that, she was more helpful with Akumas
  • Bee: That klutz? No way.
  • Ladybug: Guys, can we please talk about something else?
  • Chat: Jealous?
  • Ladybug(deadpanned sarcasm): yeah, let's go with that
  • Volpina: but seriously why that specific bakery every time?
  • Ladybug: Look, if you have a problem then bring your own food and otherwise, bug off
  • ------
  • Later at Marinette's house
  • Marinette: I don't care what Volpina told you Alya, that doesn't sound like any customer I recognize. Now please go tell Chloe to buy something or leave because it's been really crowded since you mentioned that ladybug supposedly picks up pastries to go from here
  • -----
  • Later on patrol again
  • Ladybug: I brought some again but none for you Volpina
  • Volpina: what!? Why?
  • Ladybug: because SOMEONE told the ladyblog where I get food and that place was way too busy!

linneaxskam  asked:

About the snapback scene; I always think about the fact that Even must have understood right there and then that Isak was thinking of him as more than a friend?? I mean, if they were just two bros hanging out why couldn't Isak just tell his friends? The fact that Isak paniks and don't want them to know, and Even picks up on it and lie for him, means Even know Isak doesn't want his friends to know, and why wouldn't he if they were just friends? Thoughts pleaase? :)

hey you! that is an amazing observation and I absolutely agree. I actually think that snapback scene was the moment Even gained the confidence to try and go for a kiss that Friday! like, I do feel like from very early on Even felt Isak was interested in him, however cautiously, and I think after the mekke øl scene he became even more sure of it, to the point where he maybe wasn’t yet entirely confident, but the voice in his head telling him that Isak could be a possibility was definitely getting louder. however, he must have had some doubts, still, like any other person would and so I think that snapback scene happened at exactly the right time. it was then that he realized Isak was trying to hide something and he quickly and hopefully connected the dots as to why, feeling, all of a sudden, that it was happening, it was happening! Even was much more quick to get to that point that Isak, like, he says i kantina but he means, oh, boy, you’re so cute and I’m gonna kiss you so soon, ha!

anonymous asked:

I like this guy and I've hung out with him quite a few times in a group, and I have a couple of classes with him. I just find it so hard to talk to him. We're both kinda awkward but whenever we talk I get so nervous I can't be myself. I want to try and get to know him more so we can hang out just the two of us but I don't know how to get him alone when we're in a group to get to know him more, and I don't know how to keep the conversation interesting along with being a bit flirty. Any tips? Xx

Why don’t you just try to just approach him at the end of one of your classes and say “Hey would like to get a cup of coffee?” and just go from there. I don’t really know how to be flirty cause I don’t think I’m a flirty person at all haha but maybe just compliment him and tell him nice things.
It may hard to be yourself around him but just try a little harder cause I know you can do it!!

anonymous asked:

Every time I see Deidara talking to Sakura my heart blooms flowers and bleeds rainbows of joy. No matter how short the conversation, those two are the highlight of every chapter for me. I wanna see them do more stuff together. And I purposely left that ambiguous because hurr hurr IdowhatIwant. Seriously, why don't we see them hang out more often? I'm so down for that.

Hmm, I do like Deidara and Sakura. I shall take it under advisement.

Okay, Anon, look, I wrote you a thing with Deidara and Sakura being silly. It’s set very early on in the story, with a cameo from Sasori.  



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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts about the Taylor/Gigi, Karlie/Toni we've been getting lately? I'd like to believe in Kaylor but if I was dating someone and acted that way with another girl, I'd get killed. Way too flirty. I get that it makes it more obvious that Taylor/Karlie are hiding something but even then... It's even worse when you consider that Karlie and Toni probably dated in the past and doesn't Gigi have gay rumors? I just don't get it. Happy birthday btw. You're my favorite tumblr blog.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t have doubts, but because not everyone is as sound in their beliefs as me, l’ll explain why none of these happenings bother me.

Let’s start with Karlie/Toni - Those two have been friends for a very long time, and have dated. The difference here is that it’s very obvious Karlie is over her. Sure Toni is still thirsty for her (can you really blame her), but Karlie is not. Also, I noticed they started hanging out more when we started talking about the fact that they were kind of like Dianna and Taylor. Once they broke up, they didn’t even act like friends in public anymore. Whether we influenced that change in behavior or not, I have no clue, but it’s safe to say Karlie and Toni are friends, and only friends nowadays. Karlie may be flirty, but she isn’t stupid. I can’t see her jeopardizing what she’s built with Taylor over the last few years, she’s too in love to do that. 

As for Gigi and Taylor, they’re good friends as well. I’m going to digress a bit on this topic because people are using that video as proof Taylor acts that way with all her female friends when she’s drunk. Which, I’m going to have to stop those people right there. That video was nothing NEAR the videos taken the night of kissgate. If they were we would need Taylor nuzzled all up into Gigi multiple times, Taylor constantly hugging Gigi, cheek kisses, Taylor’s hand casually going from Gigi’s face to resting on her chest/boobs, AND we would need the media blowing up because of it. None of that happened last night, so for people to compare that video to the kissgate videos is idiotic. Plus, Gigi and Karlie are friends, and it’s clear Gigi looks up to her. She would never steal her girlfriend, nor would Taylor allow that to happen either. 

Karlie and Taylor “trying” to act this way with other female friends might be them just trying to normalize how they act together. There’s such a clear difference though. What they do with their friends isn’t even comparable to what they do together. You can’t fake the look someone gets in their eye when they’re looking at someone they love, and you sure as hell can’t fake chemistry.

Also remember, Karlie and Taylor have been in a committed relationship for 2.5 years, and are in their mid to upper 20s. This isn’t some relationship in high school where they’re worrying about what the other one is up to. They’re in a mature relationship, and they seem solid. This is why I don’t worry or doubt them ever.