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Mind Reader

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst adjacent, smut, dirty talk, LOTS of language

Word Count: 2.7k

A/N: I was looking through some REALLY old requests and I came across an idea from @jennalyncarrigan1230 from who knows how long ago. She pitched an idea that I have twisted and LOVE the outcome. I doubt she even remembers sending the ask, but her initial idea sparked this smutty goodness. This took on a life of its own. I haven’t wrote Dean smut or ANY smut in quite some time. This is officially DIRTY. Or at least by my standards it is. Hope you enjoy. ;) Italics & Bold indicate reader’s thoughts.  This has very little plot. Just the poor reader thinking her secret dirty thoughts about Dean only to have them be not so secret anymore.

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Studio Ghibli Sentence Meme
  • “Now I have something I want to protect. It’s you.”
  • “I’m not afraid to die!”
  • “You cannot change fate. However, you can rise to meet it, if you so choose.”
  • “They say that the best blaze brightest when circumstances are at their worst.”
  • “Fear and anger only make it grow faster.”
  • “I think I can handle it.”
  • “Here’s another curse for you - may all your bacon burn.”
  • “Don’t worry! Stay right where you are, I’m coming to get you! You’re gonna be fine, I won’t let him hurt you.”
  • “I need something of yours. How ‘bout your eyes?”
  • “We gotta get out of here! We’re gonna get in trouble!”
  • “You, you sabotaged me! Look! Look at what you’ve done to my hair! Look!”
  • “No more killing. It has to stop!”
  • “You sound ghastly, like some 90-year-old woman.”
  • “Guys, don’t take that food! We’re gonna get in trouble!”
  • “Fight ‘em! C’mon!”
  • “Smile so we can make a good impression.”
  • “We each need to find our own inspiration. Sometimes it’s not easy”
  • “I finally get a bouquet and it’s a goodbye present. That’s depressing.”
  • “Life is suffering. It is hard. The world is cursed. But still, you find reasons to keep living.”
  • “Sorry, it looks like you’re involved.”
  • “Oh, my baby! Are you all right? Are you emotionally traumatized?”
  • “Now I’m trying to look inside myself and find out how I did it.”
  • “Leave before it gets dark.”
  • “Once you do something, you never forget. Even if you can’t remember.”
  • “Cut off a wolf’s head and it still has the power to bite.”
  • “It’s all so familiar yet I know I’ve never been here before. I feel so at home.”
  • “Now I’m trying to look inside myself and find out how I did it.”
  • “I suggest you surrender. There is no ship coming to rescue you.”
  • “I had no idea that my rage could drive me to kill.”
  • “These days, there are angry ghosts all around us - dead from wars, sickness, starvation - and nobody cares.” 
  • “A heart’s a heavy burden.”
  • “Please! You must stop!”
  • “Well, well, well… hello kitty.”
    “You can’t be busy - you’re five!”
  • “So you say you’re under a curse? So what? So’s the whole damn world.”
  • “ I have really had enough of your incredible stupidity.”
  • “Lamebrain! They made an escape! Now step on it!”
  • “I didn’t want them to kill you.”
  • “It’s fun to move to a new place. It’s an adventure.”
  • “Welcome the rich man, he’s hard for you to miss. His butt keeps getting bigger, so there’s plenty there to kiss!”
  • “You shouldn’t be here! Get out!”
  • “He said Mom was ugly, now go get him!”
  • “Kill him and you’ll be famous.”
  • “I’ve seen him do this once before when a girl dumped him.”
  • “S/He’s alive. There goes that dream.”
  • “That was the night I died.”
  • “I’d rather be a pig than a fascist.”
  • “You don’t remember your name?”
  • “Don’t be afraid, I just want to help you.”
  • “Poor kids. I’ll really miss them.”
  • “I don’t fight for honor. I fight for a paycheck.”
  • “ No, No, No! Don’t do this! Help! Help! Crazy lady with the shovel!”
  • “She was once quite beautiful, so I decided to pursue her, then I realized she wasn’t, so then, as usual, I ran away.”
  • “You’re in love. Don’t deny it, you’ve been sighing all day”
  • “She never woke up again.”
  • “You blubber heads! I’m not runnin’ a luxury cruise! Now get to work!”
  • “Why does everything that’s good for you have to taste so bad?”
  • “Whatever you don’t want me to clean, better hide it now!”
  • “This is our little secret. You tell anyone and I’ll rip your mouth off.”
  • “I give up. I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful.”
  • “If I lose my magic, that means I’ve lost absolutely everything.”
  • “ It’s… you’re scaring me. I have this weird feeling you’re going to leave. ”
  • “There’s a demon inside you.”
  • “Don’t get alarmed but I’m being followed. Act normal.”
  • “Don’t worry, I’ve got four-wheel drive.”
  • “This is what hatred looks like! This is what it does when it catches hold of you! It’s eating me alive, and very soon it will kill me!”
  • “Smooth. Very smooth. You definitely know how to make a good first impression.”
  • “Everyone fears their own mortality.”
  • “Play with me or I’ll break your arm!”
  • “I gotta get out of this place. Someday I’m getting on that train.”
  • “Wait give us a minute! This is clearly harassment.”
  • “Why do fireflies have to die so soon?”
  • “There you are, sweetheart. Sorry I’m late. I was looking everywhere for you.” 
  • “When you’re going to kill a god, let someone else do your dirty work.”
  • “Why did you stop me from killing her?”
  • “When I saw you, I just wanted to find a way to protect you.” 
  • “One thing you can always count on is that hearts change.”
  • “Tell me while you’re still alive!”
  • “This is a tomb for the both of us.”
  • “If nobody comes in, I’m gonna have to eat pancakes forever and be fat, fat, fat! And what am I supposed to do about that?”
  • “Even if you were a woman, you’d still be an idiot!”
  • “What do you say we give 'em a little demonstration of how fast we can run, huh?”
  • “HAM!”
Tony Stark: Narcissist

Aka: A character study of Tony Stark. Aka. Why Tony Stark is not a textbook Narcissist. You need to have 5/9 of these symptoms to be diagnosed.

(1) has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate (Proportionate) achievements)

Look at him bragging about all these things he doesn’t really do, oh wait, no. He does pay for everything right down to the Avengers housing, and groceries. And he does design all of their gear, including their outfits, which  does make them look cooler. (See here for details on that.)

(2) is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love

I don’t even know what picture to put here, there is nothing in canon to support this idea that Tony is preoccupied with perfection. He’s preoccupied with keeping the people around him safe. 

(3) believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)

Except that Tony does not only hang out with Bruce, in fact he spends a lot of time with Pepper who is not a genius, and Happy a normal guy who works security. Rhodey’s smart, but not on the same level Tony is, and none of the aforementioned people are in Tony’s socioeconmic group. He doesn’t view himself as above these people.

(4) requires excessive admiration

Ah yes because he reacts horribly to judgement from other people, and never changes his mind or adapts when his methods or ideas are questioned. He obviously can’t handle criticism and requires excessive phrase my bad. 

(5) has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations

Ah yes Tony is the one who expects to be permitted to break international law because he’s a superhero. Sorry, my bad. (Sarcasm)

(6) is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends

Obviously Tony is the one who takes advantage of others. (Sarcasm)

(7) lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others

Tony’s response when confronted by a grieving parent was empathy, and guilt. He recognized her feelings, and sought to change the situation to prevent another similar situation in the future. 

(8) is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him or her

He’s not envious of his friends achievements. He’s so proud of Pepper.

(9) shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes

I am Iron Man. 

Yeah Tony can show Arrogant and haughty behaviors, when put on the defensive, or when in front of a camera. That’s his job.

I am a Psych Major and I am sick and tired of Tony being called Narcissistic.  

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compliment sentence starters.

’ you always know how to find that silver lining. ’
’ has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are? ’
’ you have the whitest teeth! you’ve got a hollywood smile! ’
’ you have the most beautiful eyes i’ve seen before. ’
’ i love your hair so much, it’s so pretty. ’
’ you have the best laugh in the universe. ’
’ you always dress so fabulous! you’ve got so much style! ’
’ you’re the best at anything and everything you do. ’
’ you are the smartest person i know! ’
’ sometimes i wonder why you’re my friend. ’
’ you’re the best friend anyone could ever ask for. ’
’ you always seem to have a solution for any problem. ’
’ you are the most attractive person i’ve had as a friend. ’
’ anything looks good on you! you’re perfect! ’
’ you always make the days a little brighter for people. ’
’ you’re like, really loved and adored, despite what you think. ’
’ anyone would be lucky to have you as a girl/boyfriend. ’
’ you’re going to make the best parent one day. ’
’ one day, you’re going to make someone so happy. ’
’ ever since i met you, i’d been the happiest i’ve ever been. ’
’ you are the perfect role model. ’
’ you deserve an award or something, you’re that great. ’
’ you did so good on that art work the other day! ’
’ that speech was phenomenal, left me speechless. ’
’ you’ve got an amazing face and i just want to stare at it all. ’
’ i could stare at you all day and never get tired. ’
’ you are the better looking out of the two of us. ’
’ you’re the smarter one out of the two of us. ’
’ you always smell so good. what perfume is that? ’
’ i’ll only get a make over, if you’re the one who does it. ’
’ i’d trust you with my life any day. ’
’ you have the biggest heart out of everyone i’ve ever met. ’
’ you are just the sweetest person ever. ’
’ you are so creative! i could never be that original. ’
’ your ideas are so beautiful and original, i love them. ’
’ you really do make a fantastic meal, the best i’ve ever had. ’
’ this is so delicious, oh my god, you’re amazing. ’
’ you do not need make up to look beautiful, you were blessed. ’
’ why does everything you buy fit you so well? ugh. ’
’ you give me so much inspiration. ’
’ you inspire me so much, i’ve always looked up to you. ’
Beyonce is better than you.  Move on.

I am so tired of these Deep White Women using big words to dull Beyonce’s shine while paying the false coin of being introspective on behalf of all women.  

In doing so, she has created a new paradigm for what it means to be a pregnant woman in the public eye — one in which the very act of conceiving and carrying a child (or two children; she is having twins) becomes de facto proof of the power of femininity, doled out in carefully controlled and stage-managed moments. The message is positive: Pregnant is beautiful. It should be worshiped.

The problem is, for many women it is also messy, sometimes uncomfortable and just another fact of life. And in her extended fetishization of her own physical evolution, Beyoncé has not allowed for any of that. As a result, she hasn’t just raised the bar for fellow famous people. She may have raised it uncomfortably high for us all.


How is anything Beyonce does remotely relevant to your average, everyday, pedestrian existence?  She is Beyonce.  Everything she does, she probably does it better than you.  Why?  An innate talent coupled with an unparalleled work ethic that leads to way more money than you can ever imagine which can pretty much buy her way out of having to deal with normal people shit.

Was Beyonce raising the bar for secrecy when she released a whole ass album with six hundred forty-three videos under the cover of darkness?  No.  You just kept on with your average person ability to tell a lie.

Was Beyonce raising the bar for career achievement when she broke the record for the most number of Grammy nominations by a female artist?  No.  You continued to hope for a promotion from bra-fitter to Victoria’s Secret Cashwrap Supervisor and drowned your average person sorrows at happy hour in the meantime.

Was Beyonce raising the bar for marital discord when her sister went all Sharkeisha Nooooo on her husband in an elevator?  No.  You just left another passive aggressive note on the refrigerator about being out of milk and hoped your average person husband would pick up on the subtext and get his act together.

Was Beyonce raising the bar for upper thigh meat when she decided to stop wearing pants on stage in 2009?  No.  You are still spending your average person moneys on women’s fitness magazines featuring rail thin white women.

How is Beyonce now raising the bar for pregnancy because she is fat-faced, happy, and draped in expensive fashions?  You can still continue your average person pregnancy eating pickles & ice cream in your husband’s XL t-shirt watching reruns of Sex & The City because guess what – you are not Beyonce.

Nobody is watching your every move.  Nobody cares what you do.  Laugh too hard in the checkout line at Kroger and slip out a little pregnancy pee.  Wear mis-matched shoes because you haven’t seen your feet in 6 weeks.  Wear a ponytail with a damn scrunchie every single day of your third trimester because you can’t be arsed to fuss with your hair.  Nobody gives a shit.  You are not Beyonce.

Beyonce’s job is to be more glamorous than you regardless of her life stage.  If Beyonce broke every bone in her leg, guess what.  She would be on Instagram with the mother of all casts, some model only previously available to astronauts or some shit, and the Beyhive would find a new emoji to represent her high fashion medical device.  

Don’t compare yourself to any other pregnant woman.  Do you know how many variables there are in a pregnancy?  It’s a wonder any of us escape the uterus alive with all the things that can complicate gestation.  But it’s especially ridiculous to compare yourself to Beyonce for any reason whatsoever.  You are taking a woman who has built a fortune on one part talent, one part mystique, and one part glamour and expecting her to, what, look regular?  Give you the personal details of her morning sickness?  Do you also want her to write her next hit about pooping on the delivery table? Show you her afterbirth diaper?  She ain’t Karen from accounting.  This is BEYONCE and y'all need to find something else to be concerned about.


i recently hit a huge milestone & reached the 2nd birthday for this blog, so i wanted to do something cute to give back & say thank you !!! with that being said, under the cut you’ll find 828 quotes that can be used for character musing tags ! they’ve been categorised into different labels ( eg. the baby doll, the lothario, the vixen, the cataclysmic, etc ) so some quotes may appear under more than one category. i do, however, recommend checking out all the categories !! they were just listed by my own interpretation and definitely aren’t limited to a certain label in the slightest. the pronouns used are simply what was used in the original line but can obviously be changed to fit your character. depending on personal preference, some may be a little too long but can be shortened down pretty easily. a general trigger warning is to be placed for these as they do reference some sensitive topics ( drugs, alcohol, sex, etc ), as the tags on my blog do. i believe that covers it all !! if you find this useful, please do like and/or reblog ! also, please let me know if you’d like to see a part two of this ! you can find the lyric version of this right here for more suggestions !!

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  • Zen: Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?
  • Jumin: You're so beautiful, you make me forget my pick-up line
  • Jaehee: I thought happiness starts with a H, but why does mine starts with U?
  • Saeyoung: Do you have a band-aid? Because i scraped my knee falling for you
  • Saeran: Hello i'm a thief, can I steal your heart?
  • Yoosung: Is your name Google? Because you have searching I've been for everything
  • Yoosung:
  • Yoosung: wAIT NO-
Being in a Relationship with the Beast

Originally posted by gwendoline

A/n: This will be written for the Beast during the curse, so nothing before his change nor after.

•Having a Mr.Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet kind of romance.

•Truthfully having a mutual strong dislike each other whenever you first met.

•Not even because of the way he looked, but simply because your first impression of him was that he was a cruel and miserable creature who had a disdain for everyone else’s feelings.And he thought you were far too difficult and condescending whenever you first arrived.

•You learned how wrong you both were later on but for now it’s all the two of you had to go on about each other.

•His servants having to remind him to try and be kinder towards you if there’s going to be any hope to break the curse.

•He doesn’t admit it to you but he does find you very beautiful which is why he doubts you’ll be the one to fall in love with him when he looks like this.

•The servants all adoring you, especially Mrs.Potts and Chip.

•Winning Cogswoth over whenever you ask him to tell you everything about the Enchanted Castle.

•Becoming the Beasts friend first and foremost.

•Him wanting to know every and anything about you, and you with him.

•He tells you what the castle was like before the curse

•Giving him the silent treatment whenever he loses his temper, and him absolutely hating that you’re deliberately ignoring him.

•Sneaking into the East Wing without him knowing and finding his torn portrait.

•Getting away with it until you accidentally tell him that his eyes were still just as lovely.

•He would have been enraged that you hadn’t listened to him but no one had ever complimented his eyes before and it caught him off guard.

•Beast shyly telling you he also thought your eyes were pretty too.

•Learning after a good bit of time that he’s really rather sweet, he just has a temper.

•Him showing you all the secret places in the castle he’s found in his long exhile.

•He’s kind of like a puppy whenever you’re around, he’ll follow you wherever you go and want attention.

•He just likes having conversations with you, about how your day was and just hearing the sound of your voice.

•He saw you walking around the gardens one day with Lumière and Mrs.Potts and starts to leave flowers at your room doors.

•Lumière constantly talking him up to admit his feelings for you.

•He holds your hands a lot weither he’s leading you somewhere or just because he wants to.

•Showing you the enchanted book in the library and taking you wherever you want.

•You enjoy watching him try to feed the birds without scaring them off.

•Sometimes even with all the fireplaces the castle it gets drafty in the rooms and he’s an incredibly good source of heat with all the fur.

•His mind sometimes wondering if you really could fall in love with him, but for now he’s more than content have you nearby and being close to you.

There You Are

He had no idea what it was about this girl that got under his skin. His normal cool exterior was lost where she was concerned. His fingers moved fast to grab the tongue that was spitting vulgarities. He just needed a damn moment of quiet. She moved to disarm him by both knife and knee. He pressed against her hard, pinning her against a tree.

He reluctantly released her tongue, knowing that vulgarities would ensue. What he did not expect was for her to spit.  With no forethought he bit her, a deep primal bite, a bite to claim. He didn’t have enough time to form expectations as she shifted and pushed him away. Even if he had had time for compile a list of expectations, he would have never expected for his magic to sing. He could taste the embers in her blood and the claim of another. Faint but there none the less. Before he could help himself he grinned, “There you are.”

He spit her blood out, he had no desire to lose control again and the taste of her was not helping. Her blood for whatever gods damn cursed reason spoke to him. He did not want to think or acknowledge what that could mean. He could sense her magic wanting to be released. “Let it out. Don’t fight it.” His body, his magic didn’t care as it pulsed towards hers. Damn him. Damn her.

The forest around them erupted in blue flame. If his life had been different he would have appreciated the beauty of it, but he had stopped seeing beauty in the world. He died two hundred years ago, since then he just existed, waiting for deaths final blow.

Without a thought he extinguished the flames. He didn’t know why he asked, “Does your lover know what you are?”

“He knows everything.” He had the feeling that was not entirely true. What bothered him more is why he cared.

“I won’t be biting you again.” A declaration. A line he needed to draw.

A/N: Another drabble lost in the black hole known as my computer.


I definitely don’t tend to speak about this matter with anybody but this has been bothering me for a long already.

First of all, I want to clarify that I’m not speaking for everybody, I’m not speaking for every asexual out there, I’m speaking for me and from my point of view. So if you are ace and you feel that you don’t agree with my point of view I want you to know that I’m not erasing your feelings nor your opinions, and if you want to share your thoughts with me, you’re more than welcome to do so as long as it is respecfully.

The thing that has been bothering me is that anti-shippers had been throwing crap all around, I’m not telling you that you have to like the ship, I don’t actually care if you like it or not because it doesn’t affect me. The thing that actually affects me is that you’re using something that is has nothing to do with it to bash the ship.

I have been reading comments saying “they are erasing Jughead’s sexuality by pairing him with Betty”, “But Jughead is asexual, he can’t date”. Wrong. Being asexual doesn’t mean that you are not into people, being asexual, in the spectrum (it’s different for everybody because certainly not everybody experience the same thing in the same way), it means that you don’t feel sexual attraction, which means you’re not interested in a sexual relationship. There’s not a lot more to explain there, it’s simple, there’s people in this world that doesn’t feel attracted sexually to other people, that doesn’t mean that you can’t see and appreciate the external beauty in a person, that doesn’t mean that you can’t kiss a person, and for sure it doesn’t mean that you can’t be in a relationship with a person, also it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a child, there’s asexual people that have children of their own. I’ve seen people that is asexual and are happily in a relationship with someone, so it’s possible for you to be asexual and date.

I know that most of the people in here confuse asexual with aromantic. I want to tell you first hand that this is not exactly two sides of the same coin, and again I’m talking in my experience and not for everyone. As I already explained, asexuality means not being sexually attracted to people, which is basically not feeling like fucking with x or y. Aromantic people don’t feel romantic attraction. I know that it is hard to understand the difference between this two different things, because normally people correlate love and sex, which is not a mistaken correlation just for the fact that people tend to experience both feelings. But there is people in this world that don’t experience both things at the same time, or at all.

Having said all that, this is why it pisses me off, when you say “Jughead can’t date because he’s asexual” I don’t feel good, you wanna know why? It’s because I feel that you are erasing me, it’s like you come and say to my face “you can’t date that guy because you don’t want to fuck him” and what does that mean? Is sex everything there is in a relationship? NO, it’s not. I experience romantic attraction, I can love a person because asexual doesn’t mean you’re a robot, you have feelings and it can be romantic, love exists, there’s not only sex. You can’t come and tell me that I can’t date this guy that I like and love so much and that I share beautiful things with just because I don’t feel like having sex with him. I am entitled to have a romantic a happy relationship with another person without feeling the desire to have sex, it is possible.

Coming back to the talk about Jughead and Betty, I feel that this is a good thing and it’s not erasing anything. Jughead’s and Betty’s relationship is based off of respect and admiration, it’s a beautiful friendship and sometimes it happens that you experience romantic attraction to your friends, there’s people that you just click with, there’s people that it’s able to make your world better. it can be just as friends and it can be as something else. And I don’t feel that Jughead dating Betty is erasing his sexuality (which to clear things, it is canon in just one version of the Archie comics, and even Cole has said that they are not basing the characters off of that version), I actually think that it is a great way to explore his sexuality for something as simple that if someone gives you chocolate, something that you haven’t tasted before, you have to taste it to know if you like it or not.

The first reason I think it’s a great possibility to explore his sexuality it’s because Betty is not a sex predator, as well as Jughead she can understand people and she can relate to them. Why I’m saying Betty is not a sex predator? Because she doesn’t go around having sex with everybody who crosses her way, I believe that she won’t force Jughead to have sex if he doesn’t want to, she neither will be mad at him for it. That’s a good thing. The second reason it’s because she can support him, normally when you tell someone about your sexuality you feel that you’re going to be judged and that people is gonna give you crap for it. I feel that it’s better to explore his sexuality this way, better than just throwing it and saying he won’t date, why it is better? Because in this way you won’t only have your representation but you will also demonstrate that you can support it, that you’re not judging them, that these people are not alone in this world and they are not freaks. Having Betty to support Jughead as asexual is as important as having the representation of asexual people, because it makes it valid, it makes the person feel good because it’s like proving you’re not running away from them for being different. 

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this and as I said in the beginning: if you want to share your opinions with me, you’re very welcome to do so as long as you’re respectful.

There are soooooo many people out there who ask “Why do you like Loki so much? He’s a villain.” And while I don’t have the time to list everything, (because let’s be honest who does?) I am now writing down the points of why people need to love this dude. Also known as,

Why You Should Love The Psychotic But Still Hot Space Prince.
By Debbie.

Point Number One: His Eyes.

Now, I think we can all agree that girls are suckers for a guy with pretty eyes. I mean who doesn’t like looking at a guy with beautiful eyes? 

Its just in our nature. 

I mean, I could probably like Loki just because of his eyes.  Have you seen them?! Its like you’re just sitting there the whole time having a debate with yourself on what color they are. I’m pretty sure I’ve this conversation with myself like twice.

“Blue or green? Green our blue? Okay I think they’re blue.  No wait, they’re green. Yup. One hundred percent sure they’re green. Actually they’re blue. Okay I’m defs for sure that they are blue. Well…….maybe they’re grey? ”

Yeah. Its like the sweetest torture known to man. But also kind of a weird thing to do, but if you’re a fan girl, there’s weirder things you’ve done.

So, my conclusion for his eye color, (for now) is that they are a mixture of blue, green and sliver/grey. And honestly that is a very attractive color for eyes. At least to me. 

I know there are some people out there who prefer dark eyes, and that’s totally cool. But if you don’t think that Loki has beautiful, stunning, amazing, etc. eyes, then I will question whether you’re human or not.

Point Number Two: His Hair.

I love guys with dark hair. I don’t what it is, but there’s just something about dark haired guys that I love. And let me tell you, Loki has amazing dark hair.

Now, while its kind of long, and I prefer short haired guys, I still love his hair. (Especially in the first Thor movie. I mean whew! *fans self*)

The thing that I really want to do with his hair is run my hands through it. Oh my goodness I can only imagine how soft it would be. *shivers* And he has shiny hair too, so yeah, there’s that too.

And really, I just don’t know what else to say about it. I like the dude’s hair, its a really cool shade (?) of black and I really wanna run my hands through it.

Point Number Three: His Clothing Style.


Needless to say, I like his clothing choice. 

We all know (I hope) that his signature colors are green, gold and black. And I love those colors together. So those colors on Loki does something to me. 

We’ve all seen in the Avengers and in Thor, though briefly, his ‘mortal’ style. 

A suit. 



Seriously, its almost my religion.

Guys in suits are waaaaaaay more attractive than this stupid 'dope style’ or whatever its called. What even is that? 

Okay, so you have a hat on backwards, your pants are falling off and your shoes are horrifyingly red. 

That’s not appealing to me AT ALL.

Now, it would get annoying after a while to have your guy always wearing a suit, so I really would like to know how Loki would dress casually. 

Would he? Or would he just always be wearing a suit? 

Who knows?

But his clothing style definitely fits my criteria.

Point Number Four: He Is Literally Prince Charming.

I’m sure every girl when she was little, dreamed of having a Prince Charming come and marry her or something.

Well, Loki could charm the pants off anyone (they don’t call him 'Silver Tongue’ for nothing I’m sure *wink wink wiggle wiggle*), and he’s a Prince. Of a cool space kingdom.

Thus, I give you Prince Charming.

Now, as much as I hate to say it, Loki is a fictional character.

Yes I just committed the number one fangirl sin. But hear me out.

Even though he’s not real, I’m sure if he was and you were lucky enough to be his significant other, he would treat with the utmost respect.

There are SO many fanfictions out there where he treats his girlfriend or whatever like crap. 

I’m sorry but no.

Loki would be the most respectful partner in the world. Even surpassing Captain America. (Forgive me Steve for I have sinned.)

He would treat you like a freaking queen. Am I right? (Yes, yes I am)

Point Number Five: The Tragic Back Story.

 Lots of girls like a guy with a tragic back story or something like that. 

Well let me tell you that Loki is like the Prince of all tragicness.

I mean, his father is like the worst, he was always second to Thor and he found out that he is not in fact Asgardian, but an Andorian with Elsa’s powers.  (If you didn’t get the reference I will be upset with you.)

How sad is that? 

(Which I don’t know about you, but I would totally cry if I found out that I wasn’t Asgardian.*sniff sniff*)

Point Number Six: His Height.

As a member of the short girl club, I can tell that most of us love it when someone really tall hugs us. It feels super comforting and you always feel really safe.

Well, Loki is tall. And while I’ve never hugged him, I’ve hugged my brother, who is the same height as him,(Or rather the same height as Tom Hiddleston who plays Loki so…..) and let me tell you, he gives like the best hugs ever. (When he’s not squeezing the life out of you)

If you’re a tall girl and want a guy that isn’t shorter than you, then I give you Loki. I highly doubt that you’re gonna be taller than him. (Unless you’re 6" 3 which if you are, I’m so sorry.)

So that concludes my points on why people should love Loki as much as I do.

important questions i need answers to, an unfinished series
  • does sangdo still sponsor that little girl in burma?? how is she doing??
  • why does b-joo have a hoodie for johnson’s baby oil?
  • why can’t we let a-tom have his damn broccoli hair????
  • why don’t we talk about hansol and nakta’s friendship more??
  • why do we barely ever get to see xero’s beaUTIFUL ARMS??
  • do a-tom and yano still go in for waxes?
  • p-goon would be such a fun best friend. this isn’t even a question i just wanted to say it.
  • why is everything about hojoon amazing and yet he’s still super underrated?

“I am jealous of everything whose beauty does not die. I am jealous of the portrait you have painted of me. Why should it keep what I must lose? Every moment that passes takes something from me, and gives something to it. Oh, if it were only the other way! If the picture could change, and I could be always what I am now! Why did you paint it? It will mock me some day–mock me horribly!”

-Dorian Gray, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

✰ * º ❛  new girl sentence starters.  ❜

‘  i don’t know which fork to kill myself with.  ’
‘  damn it! i can’t find my driving moccasins anywhere!  ’
‘  i’m really bad at making decision.  ’
‘  if i had a dollar for everybody i couldn’t hang out with because they hated you, i’d be so rich.  ’
‘  i just want to listen to taylor swift alone.  ’
‘  pink wine makes me slutty.  ’
‘  i’m like a mailman, except instead of mail, it’s hot sex that i deliver.  ’
‘  i don’t mean to be laughing, but are you okay?  ’
‘  i had figure skating lessons since i was thirteen and then my mom sobered up and realized i was a boy.  ’
‘  i don’t think it’s fair that women have an excuse once a month to act irrationally angry when the rest of us have to keep it together all the time.  ’
‘  this plan is officially the worst!  ’
‘  don’t pretend to know my pain.  ’
‘  you misspelled the word ‘rhythm’ 38 times.  ’
‘  i’m as mad as a dad in traffic!  ’
‘  i could do this all day, son!  ’
‘  you sons of bitches ready to party?  ’
‘  i’m dealing with a dingus.  ’
‘  you’re the most throat-punchable boy in all the world.  ’
‘  that’s like the president and the vice president not being best friends.  ’
‘  oh, goodness gracious! what are you, a sorcerer?  ’
‘  i can buy my own pizza! can somebody please loan me $15?  ’
‘  i gotta tell my best friend i’m in love with her.  ’
‘  i’m– i’m pregnant. i mean, you’re pregnant. we’re pregnant!  ’
‘  what kind of taco meat do you bitches have?  ’
‘  i think you need me too much.  ’
‘  i’m gonna be fine. i am. you know why? cause i met you. that’s why i’m okay.  ’
‘  i’m the voice of reason, that’s why you brought me with.  ’
‘  we didn’t bring you with. you followed us there in your car.  ’
‘  saturday is a day for sleeping, and damn it, you will not take that away from me!  ’
‘  i’ve seen his penis like… a million times.  ’
‘  he’s my best friend. what if he gets into an accident? what if he’s horribly disfigured and i have to identify him and all that remains are his private parts? and i’m standing there and i’m saying, ‘no officer, i can’t help you because no, i haven’t seen his penis’ and then boom! he’s buried in an unmarked grave.  ’
‘  people are the worst.  ’
‘  hey, do you have any snacks?  ’
‘  it’s a weird life, but it’s where i’m at right now.  ’
‘  i was put in an awkward situation and i reacted poorly.  ’
‘  it is perfectly fine to watch tv all day!  ’
‘  i am not a successful adult! i don’t eat vegetables and/or take care of myself.  ’
‘  as a matter of fact, i am tired and i am hungry.  ’
‘  if i don’t know what’s gonna happen, i don’t do something. ever. i don’t care how much i want to do it.  ’
‘  i’m gonna hit your ass with a ski.  ’
‘  i want to cover everything up on my body with bubbles.  ’
‘  how cute am i?  ’
‘  i’m a color-blind american citizen and i can’t do puzzles.  ’
‘  what’s your problem? don’t you want me to have a good night?  ’
‘  maybe if we get drunk then magically everything will just happen.  ’
‘  anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for.  ’
‘  every prank you do turns out either too big or too small.  ’
‘  it burns! it burns!  ’
‘  why does your hair look so baby soft?!  ’
‘  how do you get this thing off? get it off of me!  ’
‘  everyone drinks midori sours! it’s a melon liqueur!  ’
‘  what do i think the puzzle will look like? the pictures on the box. it’s a japense garden!  ’
‘  what the hell is wrong with you, just waving that thing around like an idiot?  ’
‘  give me the spot or i’ll kill you all!  ’
‘  i will shred myself! i will shred myself in the shredder!  ’
‘  that tastes disgusting, i don’t like it.  ’
‘  sometimes i feel like you’re in one of those weird man-dog body-switch movies.  ’
‘  where are your nipples, man?!  ’
‘  stop being so mean to me or i swear to go i’m going to fall in love with you!  ’
‘  i want you to get off my farm!  ’
‘  i don’t have a vagina!  ’
‘  this is my only face! i don’t have a lot of faces!  ’
‘  i refuse to pay for the wifey.  ’
‘  i don’t like it! it’s too much responsibility!  ’
‘  shall i compare thee to a summer’s day? no, a summer’s day is not a bitch.  ’
‘  gave me cookie, got you cookie! you gave me cookie, i got you cookie, man!  ’
‘  back off, i’m starving!  ’
‘  your job could be done by a vending machine.  ’
‘  i thought god just didn’t give me abs.  ’
‘  what you’re doing is illegal.  ’
‘  i’m not taking advice from you. you pronounce the ‘g’ in ‘lasagna’.  ’
‘  and i’m taking this remote because you always hit the info button by mistake.  ’
‘  are we all just living in the mind of a giant?  ’
‘  i don’t trust fish. they breath water! that’s crazy.  ’
‘  do i regret it? yes. would i do it again? probably.  ’
‘  i can’t work under pressure like this. you know i get nervous. i am just a man. i am not a god.  ’
‘  first order of business: we eat their food.  ’
‘  can i get an alcohol?  ’
‘  if you are for one second suggesting that i don’t know how to open a musical, how dare you!  ’
‘  the bees are back!  ’
‘  i haven’t gotten a non-text message in two years.  ’
‘  the only acceptable pet for a man to have is a saltwater fish.  ’
‘  the point of dating is just to keep on dating and then never stop. it’s like burning fossil fuels or seeing a therapist.  ’
‘  you ever wonder if someone in here has killed someone?  ’
‘  you realize i say ‘goodnight’ to you every night and you never say ‘goodnight’ back? what is your problem? do you not want me to have a good night?  ’
‘  i’ve made out with half of the people in this room.  ’
‘  i’ve had nightmares about making out with two of the guys in this room.  ’
‘  ah! son of a bi– …penis. that wasn’t better.  ’
‘  someone’s personalized condoms just came in the mail.  ’
‘  i just found a groupon for hypnosis lessons. think about what you could do with that! sex stuff.  ’
‘  has anyone seen my good peacoat?  ’
‘  hahaha. what a dumb idea. do it!  ’
‘  this is the coin i had in my pocket the first night we kissed. and i always have it.  ’
‘  i feel like i want to murder someone and i also want soft pretzels.  ’
‘  i hate doors!  ’
‘  suck it, mr. krabs!  ’
‘  no, i don’t dance. i’m from the town in footloose.  ’
‘  are you sure you’re okay? you’re walking like a disney witch.  ’
‘  he asked me if i wanted to watch planet of the apes. i didn’t know he meant right now.  ’
‘  would you eat your damn sandwich?  ’
‘  when you see a dog cage for sale, you buy it.  ’
‘  you know… i don’t get what’s going on here.  ’
‘  hey, you made a difference. how does it feel?  ’
‘  do you have a tank top i could borrow? you look about my size.  ’
‘  cheers to unemployment!  ’
‘  i was about to catch you but then you fell.  ’
‘  there are tampons hidden all around the apartment.  ’
‘  i think somebody had sex in my bedroom last night. i think that because they’re still in there having sex, i think.  ’
‘  please take that thing off. you look like a homeless pencil.  ’
‘  we are gonna make it!  ’
‘  i’m not ready to lose you. i just got you and i’m not letting you go.  ’
‘  i can think of five reasons why i wanted to be your friend: boob, boob, vagina, butt cheek, butt cheek.  ’
‘  actually, that’s not fair, she might be a really nice ho.  ’
‘  i’m not doing squats or anything. i’m just trying to eat less donuts.  ’
‘  you’re gonna be fine. you’re gonna meet somebody and you’re gonna fall in love.  ’
‘  who’s gonna… lay down a flag on this sweet, sweet continent?  ’
‘  i like to improvise with my body. i’m like a sexual snowflake. each night with me is a unique experience.  ’
‘  you can run away from your problems, but you’re just gonna find new ones that pop up.  ’
‘  i hope you like feminist rants ‘cause that’s my thing.  ’

Sentence Meme - Fluff Version
  • “You can kiss me as much as your heart desires."
  • “I just want to get away with you.”
  • "Put down that cupcake... you're sweet enough already."
  • "Now come cuddle with me."
  • "I think you're beautiful."
  • "I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?"
  • “I’m so happy I have you.”
  • "Someday I'll pick up the courage to ask you on a real date."
  • “You know, sometimes I wonder why you like me.”
  • "You're as cute as a button."
  • "Hey, don't frown. You never know who could be falling in love with your smile."
  • "Was this meant to be a date?"
  • “How am I supposed to concentrate when you’re kissing me?"
  • "Can you just hold me?"
  • "You look beautiful today, just like every other day."
  • "I have no desire to run away with anyone else in this whole world than you.”
  • “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
  • "Wouldn't we look cute on a wedding cake together?"
  • "I want everything with you."
  • "I will stop loving you when an apple grows from a mango tree on the 30th of February."

anonymous asked:

Gom + Kagami + Himuro's reaction to their s.o. covering themselves up with a blanket during the do because said s.o. is shy and embarrassed about their body? What would the boys do/say to coax their s.o. out from under the blanket?

Kuroko would melt all worries and insecurities away with the way he shows them his love. His touches and gestures would talk louder than his mouth. But if that still didn’t help, he’d cup their face, kiss on their nose and spoke in soft voice; “You’re beautiful and I’ll show how much I love you to the whole world if you want me to.”

Kise would be confused because why covering themselves when they’re nothing but perfection and beauty in his eyes. He could give a whole book of reasons why they shouldn’t cover themselves and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t help them get out of that bubble of shyness. He’ll make them confident even if he has to walk on his eyelashes for that. Also expect lots of kisses, smudges and pecks all over the face.

Midorima would understand, because while he isn’t entirely shy and embarrassed, he still feels a bit self-conscious. But during the intimacy, he’d pull his partner closer and kiss each and every flaw they see on themselves before commenting how beautiful they look.

Aomine wouldn’t even pay much attention to it before they hide under covers. He’d frown at them, asking why they’re hiding from him when they basically have nothing to hide anymore. Once hearing the reason, he’d sigh and cup their face, looking straight into their eyes. “You’re perfect. You’re beautiful. You’re everything I ever wanted. If you still don’t believe me, let me show you just how much I love you.” He wouldn’t mind going down at all.

Murasakibara knows what insecurities are. He had them once, still does sometimes, because of his height and the way he also has stretch marks as a side effect. “We all have flaws, so don’t fight yourself over something so small and trivial. You’re beautiful.” He’d be very sweet about it and would even kiss over them if his partner’s really bothered by it.

Akashi would sense when his partner suddenly gets self-conscious. While he likes making them blush and embarrassed, he doesn’t like it when it’s over things that could be prevented. He would hold them closer, kiss longer and gentler, softer. He’d give more on touch than words, trying to break through the ice. He wouldn’t mind complimenting them either. Often, he would say: “You’re beautiful” “I love you” “Let me hear your voice” while holding them tighter.

Kagami at first wouldn’t know what to say for sure, because he’d mostly act on instinct. After seeing it helps, he’ll continue to speak words of love and be very gentle with them, since that’s what they need more. He wouldn’t stop showing his love either. Be it with breakfast in bed, making their favourite dessert, lunch, help them when they need help or just kissing them out of nowhere. He’s not good with words, but he’ll do his best for his partner.

Himuro’s a walking ball of sunshine and love. There wouldn’t be a moment his partner wouldn’t feel loved or special and if they do, he surely wouldn’t hesitate to show them just how much he loves them even if it’s in front of everyone or behind the doors. He prefers making them vocal just to forget about their insecurities.

kitsuneoftheorganization  asked:

The R.F.A + V and Saeran (especially saeran bc <3) reacting to MC falling asleep on/against them

Hello :) Mod Saeran here bringing joy and happiness to all of the fandom :) NOT GOING TO LET THOSE RUDE ANONS GET TO ME. >:O

This is really fluffy and cute * I HAVEN’T WROTE FLUFFY AND CUTE IN A WHILE *


-It was a beautiful winter morning, the air was chilly, the snow gave the surroundings a beautiful white blanket. You thought the day couldn’t get better BUT IT FREAKING DID.

-The director called Zen that rehearsals were cancelled because the theater was way too cold to practice in.

-It’s been awhile since Zen stayed home so expect tons of kisses and cuddles C:

-You guys decided to cook breakfast together and he was so happy :’)

-When you were getting the flour and eggs to start mixing….. this man….. was…. ABOUT TO START WAR IN HIS KITCHEN….

-He grabbed a handful of flour and just threw it at you :O


       ~Zen: My angel just had to match the weather outside you look like a beautiful snow prince-

       *You threw flour back at him and it was a FLOUR FIGHT

      * You were mad because it didn’t even notice on his beautiful white hair ( I LOVE THIS MAN’S RAT TAIL IDGAF WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK )

      *So you decided you needed to be extra

      *He saw that you were pondering…… he was trying to figure out what you were thinking…. TILL HE SAW YOU REACHING FOR THE EGG

    ~ Zen: babe…. Princess…. PLEASE NO.

    ~ (Y/N): I swear to your beautiful voice if you don’t clean up this mess while I shower i will throw this at you

      *He laughed because you were trying to be mad but your whole face was covered in flour LOL

-He promised to clean up and when he finished he saw you sitting on the couch hair wet and wearing his shirt

-He loved moments like this he went over to you grabbed a blanket and pulled you closer to him C: but…. minutes later YOU FELL ASLEEP



-he felt so touched that you thought he was comfortable enough to sleep on

-He rubbed your shoulder so lightly that it felt like he was touching a delicate snowflake

-He whispered to you that he loved you so much and he thanked you for making him a better person

-He sang a beautiful lullaby that would of put Snow White to shame :’) he was absolutely in love with you.

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Split - Kai Scenario. Part 1

Summary: You have a perfect life. A perfect little house, perfect little son who just went to Kindergarten for the first time and finally your more than perfect husband, whom you love more than your life. Of course that was three weeks ago. Before your husband decided to leave the family.

Word Count: 2976

A/n: I’m finally uploading my new series. This has been in my drafts for almost a year and I’m finally ready to show it to everyone. Any kind of reviews (even just a word) is welcome as always <3


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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Originally posted by kairamelo

When the alarm wakes you up you don’t even need to open your eyes to know that it’s still dark outside. But you have to get up right away. Even if it’s cold and the bed seems more inviting that ever. Your bedroom is illuminated only by streetlight, until you finally reach for flip the switch on the wall.

The sudden brightness blinds you temporarily and you keep rubbing your eyes, while searching for something warm to wear. You’ve been extremely cold lately. And you know it has nothing to do with the fall rolling over. Neither can you warm yourself with a sweatshirt or hot tea, which you still choose to drink seated by your kitchen island.

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anonymous asked:

Hey lovely I've had an idea bouncing around my noggin lately.. What about an angsty bughead fic where Juggy gets concerned that Betty's going to hurt herself like Polly? I don't know why, maybe she did or something.. Just a thought.. Love your writing! ❤

I’ve gotten a lot of angsty requests lately and I’m actually really enjoying writing them! Thank you so much!

He was scared. Jughead jones was actually so terrified, he found it difficult to focus on anything, including his novel.

It wasn’t the “I’m gonna fail my history test” type of scared, it was more “I’m losing the one person in this world who really matters to me.” Type of scared

Betty was falling. No one seemed to notice but him, but what he was seeing was enough to scare even the toughest socially awkward teenager.

Everyday, the bags under her eyes would get darker, her palms were almost always bloody, and he hadn’t seen her laugh in almost a month, and then their was tonight.

The gang had been having a late night study session, when they brought up the upcoming midterm Veronica had jokingly said

“It’s pretty much the end of our lives if we fail the calculus midterm, right bets?”

Betty’s eyes became glossier than normal and she nodded

“Yeah totally, the end of my life.”

Jughead stared at her for a little but Betty didn’t meet his eyes, she kept her face towards the window, staring blankly outside.

While he was walking her home she had turned to him

“Thank you Jughead, you’re my best friend, you’ve been so great through everything, I’m really proud of you, I want you to know that. ”

His heart race sped up.

“Why does it sound like you’re saying goodbye?”

She smiled sadly

“Because I’m going inside.”


“Bye juggie”

Then the door had slammed, echoing through his ears.

He had gone home and hadn’t done a single thing but think about the beautiful blonde angel.

This wasn’t doing him any good, grabbing his beanie he was out the door, fast as he came in.

Before he knew it, he was standing under Betty’s window. He was not athletic, and he most definitely should have thought this through, considering the only way in, required climbing a tree and sliding through the window.

“Okay jones, you got this.”

After about twelve failed attempts to mount the tree, he finally made it to the top, balancing on the tree and sliding in through the window.

There was betty, laying on her bed, eyes closed with her ear buds in her ears.

Beside her bed was an orange pill bottle and he immediately snatched it from the dresser, effectively grabbing her attention, she jumped up knocking her her earbuds out.

“Jughead?! What are you doing in here? How did you get in here?! Did you climb that tree?!” She said in a panicky ramble, eyes wide.

“I ask the questions here! Why is this pill bottle by your bed, what are you doing with all of these ?”

She looked at him confused

“Jughead, those are my sleeping pills, why do you care about those?”

He shook his head

“ you don’t need to sleep! You need to stay alive! You can’t die Betty, the gang needs you! I need you. I’m sorry I haven’t been there, I didn’t know what to do.. it’s my fault, I’m just so emotionally stunted.” He was rambling and Betty cut him off

“ woah woah woah! Die? Who said anything about dying? I need those pills because I have nightmares. I’m depressed Jughead not suicidal.” She said softly.

“Isn’t depression just a gateway to suicide?” He asked panicky.

She grabbed his hand and sat him down on her bed

“Sometimes that is the case, but I’m getting help. I don’t wanna kill myself, I’m just tired almost all the time, and I find it difficult to focus. I know I haven’t been much fun to hang out with and I’m sorry, but I’m working on getting better. Actually talking to you about all this, makes me feel a little better.” She smiled at him.

Releasing the breath he was holding

“So you don’t plan on leaving the earth anytime soon?”

She laughed

“Nope Jughead, you’re stuck with me for as long as the good lord sees fit.”

Flopping back on her bed he sighed

“Thank god.”

She Layed down beside him

“So you need me huh?”

He closed his eyes

“More than you’ll ever know Betty Cooper”

anonymous asked:

Hi! You are amazing and your writing lights up my day. There's something I would like to see. We're always portraying Eliza being hard on Alex and I really feel that. I also love my mom and I'm sure she loves me, but I grew up with high expectations from her, she was always harsh without even noticing. I just wanted you to write something that showed Eliza being sorry for the way she treated Alex, taking the blame for once, that really comin from her. And also showing them just loving each other

Alex has been fighting with her for years.

Usually, without acknowledging the real problems. Usually, making mountains out of seeming molehills, because the mountains are too terrifying, too vulnerable, to mention.

Sometimes, tackling the real problems head on.

“Why hasn’t it ever been enough?”

It takes Eliza a lot to realize how deep the scars she caused go.

It takes Eliza a lot to realize that what she’d thought of as support, Alex had received as abuse. As condemnation. As affirmation, not of how smart and strong she is, but as affirmation that she really is worthless at the core.

It takes Eliza a combination of Alex’s sister and Alex’s girlfriend to unveil her denial, her unwillingness to see just how badly she’s damaged the daughter she loved more than anything in this world.

It takes Kara, rising from the Thanksgiving table, and telling Eliza point-blank that instead of reprimanding Alex for drinking so much, Eliza should stop to consider why she is, what she’s coping with, and she knows Eliza loves her but Rao, couldn’t she show Alex that a little more often instead of just telling her and expecting her to feel it?

It takes Maggie, taking Alex’s hand into one of hers and the car keys with her other, thanking Eliza for her hospitality but telling her in no uncertain terms that she couldn’t stay under a roof where the woman she loves is being made to constantly feel like she’s not enough, because Alex is more than enough just as she is, and she’s sorry, but they can’t stay somewhere that’s so hostile to Alex’s ability to recognize how incredible she really is.

Eliza doesn’t call for a week. 

Kara texts to tell her that Alex needs time.

Maggie texts to tell her that Alex needs space.

Alex doesn’t text at all, simply nodding her red-eyed approval at the messages her sister and her girlfriend are sending on her behalf.

Eliza doesn’t call for a week, but when she does call, she knows what she has to say, and – for the first time – she understands why she has to say it. And she feels it. Means it.

“Alex,” she says softly, stopping herself from saying her full name, because Kara’s pointed out how Alex flinches at her full name, every time, so why use it as a weapon? “Everything you’ve said to me over the years? About me making you feel responsible for Kara, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? You’ve been right, all this time. Of course you have. My beautiful daughter. I took a fourteen year old child and I put the weight, not only of this world, but of another, on her shoulders – on your shoulders, my Alex – and I blamed you for things that weren’t, ever, your fault. When your father was taken by the DEO, I… and this isn’t an excuse, Alex, I have no excuses… I expected you to… to somehow replace him while also living up to impossible standards as a sister to Kara, and I… I didn’t see how you suffered. I didn’t want to see it, Alex, because if I did, then I… I would never be able to forgive myself. But that’s my problem, my darling daughter, not yours. I can’t ask for your forgiveness, Alex, because I’ve already asked for far too much from you, but I… I wanted to say that, forgiveness or not, I am sorry. And I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone, and I… I will do better, Alex. If you want to give me the opportunity. I know you’re a grown woman, and I am so, so proud of the woman you’ve become – I’m so sorry I don’t say that enough – but I’d still love the opportunity to be a better mother to you. The mother you deserve. The mother you should have had all these years.”

Alex can’t speak because all Alex can do is sob, but Maggie drives her to Midvale the next morning, and she waits in the car, a small, somewhat sad smile on her face while Alex falls into her mother’s arms and sobs some more.

But the sobs are happier, now, than they have been in the past, and when Alex and Eliza both come to the car to insist Maggie come inside and eat with them – Eliza’s bought tiramisu, and Alex’s favorite pie, not Kara’s – Alex makes sure to hold Maggie close to her side, all day, all night, pressing extra kisses to her face.

And Eliza gives her extra attention, extra love, too, because she might be making up for lost time with Alex, but Maggie has lost time with parents to be made up for too.

And that idea? 

Eliza, mothering both her and her girlfriend with warm smiles and affectionate pet names and incredible cooking and even more incredible nerd talk?

Makes Alex the happiest woman in the world.