but why does everything have to be this beautiful

Fun Fact: i’ve never eaten a burrito in my life.

And now i’m not sure if i ever want to

fucking yum

So i suppose food poisoning doesn’t affect gems, i mean that’s pretty rational since they don’t seem to have the need to consume food, and therefore don’t need a stomach.

Where does the food Amethyst eat go, though?


everything about this shot is beautiful


That’s the third time we see Rose, and all three times she has been pictured/drawn with her eyes closed, why is that? There are Amethyst and Pearl either saving a human from drowning or drowning the human, and Garnet is just casually punching a shark.

These clothes are telling me the gems are indeed some hundred/thousand years old.

Here's the thing.

CATS is an successful show which has thrived and thrived, no, the cast aren’t furies, and yes it does indeed have a plot otherwise it’s pure nothing.

Personally, if you want to know why I love this show; everything about it is fuelled of hard hard work. The stamina to be able to dance the routines AND sing is just beyond. The flexibility you must have is essential. Seeing by your ears. It’s hard.

Yes, it’s not a Hamilton or a Phantom, it’s CATS, and believe it or not I will not pass through this life without being apart of this beautiful franchise. Peace and have a good day.

Oh my...

Why does everything have to be sexualized?!?
Why are people losing it just because John and Sherlock are not fucking each others brains out?!?

I love the montage at the end. So what if Johnlock is platonic?!? Still it is a beautiful relationship. Two men who went through hell together and lost so much now living together, raising Rosie together. There is that deep trust and affection between them that is wonderful to see.
So in a way Johnlock is canon. Just platonic. In my opinion this is even deeper than being romantically involved.

So stop complaining because your ship did not get romantic. There are other types of relationships you know.

Being insecure 24/7 is one of the worst feelings. Not being able to feel comfortable when other people take pictures of you. How many times can I say “I don’t look good today”. Not even being able to show my full face on a FaceTime call. It sucks feeling like this. Not that I have serious issues, but these days, looks are so important. Why does everything have to be about that sometimes. Why can’t someone be beautiful for having a kind heart and doing nice things or even making a person laugh? It just sucks feeling like this sometimes

I bet fine!stud Lexa wore skinny jeans and Converse in high school along with beanies and oversized sweaters/t-shirts. Like before she went through her studly evolution in/after college. And like she still has some of her old clothes and sometimes she’ll wear them when she’s having a casual day and Clarke can’t get over how hot she looks like, “Babe, I totally would have been your arm candy in high school. Please tell me you had a skateboard.” 

“Oh please… a longboard, Clarke. Not a skateboard.“

“Oohh I’m sorry. Maybe I wouldn’t have been badass enough for you and your longboard then…”

“There isn’t any universe in which you aren’t enough everything for me, Clarke.”

Clarke is speechless for a moment and her heart is in her throat because WHY DOES LEXA ALWAYS SAY SUCH PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL THINGS?!

“Here I am trying to hit on you like a teenager and you bring out a line like that? Not fair!”

Lexa looks thoughtful then reaches for Clarke’s hand, which Clarke gives her.

“Okay let’s be fair then!” Lexa tugs Clarke forward into her lap, making them both giggle as Lexa’s arms wind their way around Clarke and her hands come to rest on the blonde’s ass. “I haven’t been able to think properly all day with you walking around in these.” She gives Clarke’s butt a firm squeeze, indicating the too-short shorts she’s wearing. “High school me wouldn’t have lasted more than a minute.”

“What does it say about me that I take that as some sort of challenge?” Clarke smirks and grinds her hips with deliberate slowness into Lexa’s, their lips brushing as she speaks.

“That you’re going to ruin me and I’m going to love it?” Lexa supplies, chasing Clarke’s lips with her own and claiming them in a deep kiss, which Clarke returns fervently. 

Yeah, I think we would have done fine in high school. I mean we make out like horny teenagers now, so… Clarke thinks to herself with a satisfied grin as she sets to the task of accepting said challenge.


Black woman: *speaks on racism & police brutality against black men.

Black man: Yes, Queen! ✨ beautiful black WOMBman.

Black woman: *speaks on Misogynoir against black women & girls & colorism within the black community.

Black man: lol wyd?

These “hotep” & “ankh” niggas love saying “queen” long as they can define you & ignore the damage that they have caused black women. Then to top it off, they say you a “Femenist” why does feminism have to be held accountable for everything they don’t want to hear? This NEEDS to be addressed.

“Hidden Feelings” (Stiles Stilinski)

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REQUEST : (Y/N) and Stiles are best friends and she has a crush on him but he likes Lydia and she doesn’t like him back but he still is attached and (Y/N) get mad that he doesn’t see that she likes him.

Why does love have to be so complicated? Everybody says that love is the most beautiful thing you could ever experience, but it can also be the most painful thing when it’s not reciprocal.

(Y/N) and Stiles have been best friend since they were five years old, since then, they’ve been unseparable. They were very close, almost like one person. Stiles used to think that (Y/N) was the female version of him, which always made (Y/N) laugh. They were always so supportive of each other, being there for each other and going through everything together.

But even if everything sounds more than perfect, something keeps (Y/N) from being happy. Her feelings for Stiles. She fell in love with the sacarstic and kind dork that was Stiles, and she knew it was the worst mistake she could have done. Falling in love with your best friend is complicated and extremily painful, especially when he is in love with someone else. And this someone else was Lydia Martin, one of (Y/N)’s closest friends. Stiles always had feelings for Lydia, I mean, who wouldn’t, right? She was everything (Y/N) always wanted to be and knowing that Stiles had feelings for Lydia and not her always made her insecure. (Y/N) could see the way Stiles was looking at Lydia everyday, the way he protected her from any danger, even supernatural. She could see how deep he was in love with her, but he could never see how much it was hurting (Y/N).

Her feelings for Stiles grew bigger and bigger everyday and it became too difficult to hide them from him. (Y/N) never told him anything and she thought she never will. She prefered to suffer in silent and still have her best friend by her side than tell him that she was in love with him and lose him forever. She knew how he would react, she knew it would destroy their precious friendship and she couldn’t deal with rejection. It was one of her biggest fear: being rejected by someone she loves and cares so much about, someone like Stiles.

So, instead of facing her feelings, she started to ignore Stiles, which was incredibly difficult but she knew she had to so it would hurt a bit less when he would finally ask Lydia out. Stiles noticed that his best friend was acting weird lately but he never said anything until she didn’t show up at school on Monday.

He went to her house after school to make sure she was okay and to ask her why she has been so distant lately. He tried to remember everything he did or said before she stopped talking to him. ‘Where did i screw up?’ he kept thinking.

(Y/N) was in her room, painting. Painting made her feel okay, she loved it, it was her way to express herself through shapes and colours. She was painting a sunset, when she heard the doorbell. She went downstairs and opened the door to face her sarcastic best friend. She sighed and turned around without bothering to close the door to let Stiles in.

“Hey Picasso.” he said referring to the paint on (Y/N)’s shirt and face. “You don’t look very happy to see me.”
“I’m busy.” She said going back to her room. Stiles followed her and sighed. (Y/N) continued painting like Stiles wasn’t even there. She was dying to talk to him, tell her everything about her week but she forced herself to stay quiet. Stiles let himself fall on her bed, he looked at (Y/N) but her back was facing him.

“Why weren’t you at school today?” He asked.
“I felt sick.” (Y/N) didn’t bother to turn around to face him.
“Hm, I guess that’s why you’ve barely talked to me this week.” Stiles said with his usual lever of sarcasm. “I mean one text in a week, it’s a bit rude.”
She put down her pencil and finally faced her best friend, she sighed.
“I told you, I’ve been busy.” She lied.
“When did you get so busy that you don’t even have time for your best friend anymore?” Stiles said, not believing a word she said.

She glared at him, she was starting to get mad. She tried to ignore her anger but Stiles kept pushing on the subject.
“(Y/N) what’s going on? Why are you so distant?” He said standing from the bed, his voice was soft which made it even harder for (Y/N) to be mad at him, but she won’t let it fool her anymore. She needs to burry her feelings for Stiles, and she needs to do it now.
“Everything is fine Stiles, go home.” She mumbled.
“No, not until you tell me what’s wrong. Is it something that I did or said?” He tried to take her hands in his but she pulled away.
“It’s not you, it’s me.” She whispered.
“(Y/N)…I don’t understand, just tell me what’s wrong please.”
“How can you be so blind, huh? How can you not see that I need to stay away from you? How can you not notice how much it hurts to keep everything for myself and pretend that I don’t have a care in the world?” (Y/N) yelled, letting it all go. Stiles frowned, trying to understand what she was talking about. “I like you Stiles, a lot more than just as a best friend. And it hurts like hell to watch you loving someone else, someone smarter, prettier, someone a lot better than me.” There, she said it. She thought she’d feel relieved but she only felt guilty for ruining her friendship with Stiles. 

He was still standing there, surprised by what (Y/N) had just said to him. He slowly put the pieces together and managed to speak.
“I’m not in love with Lydia, not anymore. I still care a lot about her but only as a friend.” He stepped foreward. “But you’re right, I am in love with someone, someone smart, incredibly beautiful and kind.”
(Y/N)’s eyes filled with tears, she was hurt. She just told her best friend that she was deeply in love with him and he tells her that he loves someone else.
“Why are you doing this? Are you trying to hurt me?” Her voice was shacking.
No, I would never hurt you, because the only person I’m in love with is you.” Suddently, he put both hands on (Y/N)’s cheeks and kissed her softly. She couldn’t believe it, Stiles was in love with her, and boy did it feel good.

Everybody says that love is the most beautiful thing you could ever experience, and they couldn’t be more right.

All this talk on twitter/tumblr about Amber’s music is a pain to listen to. yes I may not be “skilled” but I like what I like. I didn’t like ‘shake that brass’ but loved everything else. Loved ‘beautiful’. Loved 'borders’. Loved 'love run’. Loved on my own’. Why does everyone have to talk technical stuff? Talk bad about it? Let the girl do what she wants to and let us who will listen, listen! (anon)

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why does everything you write have the be slightly angst I didn't ask for this I was perusing the dear evan hansen tag and the notification popped up and I just- I just- DEH is sad enough on its own why must you add prinxiety feelings onto my sobbing body... (also ily this was beautiful and amazing and creative as all hell I loved it oh dang.)

Oh my I’m sorry haha (also I was scared for a moment that you didn’t like it, I’m glad you liked it, at least that’s what I think you’re trying to tell me 😓) The quote is sad! (I have another can-be-angst one, and I’m going to make that angst. But I have a ton of sweet quotes for prinxiety, you can definitely wait for them to come haha XD)

Why do people lie?“ She said, "No one ever wants to be lied too, yet everyone does it.”

“Because lies are the bridges between wants and realities. Everyone lies to gain and lose feelings.” He said, “You just have to be careful with who you trust.”

“But when do I know when to trust someone?” She said.

“The thing is you don’t.” He said. “You can’t believe everything that is told to you. That’s how people get dumb. Question everything even if it seems true.

—  from a book I might write by jwfeelings
Is Mindy Unhappy?

I’ve read comments about how shitty she was in this episode, but there hasn’t been a mention of the reason for it, which raises the question: Is Mindy really happy with Ben?

Her conversation with Morgan is pretty telling. Makes me wonder: Is she really happy when she thinks Morgan having a relationship would make her life worse than his? Why did she sabotage his chance at love to feel good about herself? Hell, why does she need to feel good about herself when she has everything, as Morgan points out? She doesn’t answer Morgan when he asks. 

That moment reminded me of when in Concord, she whines and says, “[Danny] has found someone great to die with and where does that leave me?” She spoke as if she has no one great too, forgetting her successful career, which Rishi reminds her of. She also tells her mom her life is “not normal and beautiful.” But like Hello? You have Ben right? You “loved” him already in that episode right? Also, you’re living your dream and there’s your son, like Morgan points out. Why don’t you think that your life is beautiful? It looks like until now, she doesn’t think so.  

So is there more to the fear of messing things up? Is it that deep down, she doesn’t want to be tied to Ben? Is she only convincing herself she’s happy and in love when she’s not? If that’s the case, I wish for only one thing to be the reason. 

Oh my god I don’t know what I’m doing
I don’t know how to explain what I’m feeling
Imagine explosions and wires and hopeless
Imagine a ceiling with paint that is peeling
Imagine a heartbreak but all it does is take
From your future and memories and all you’ve experienced
All of the beauty is nothing but blissfulness
Would things have been better off if I’d just stayed in place?
I just don’t
I don’t
I just can’t tell you about all the interesting factuals
That break me in pieces for everything literal
That taken from old pages rip me apart like the times
That maybe I’ve doubted
Salvation from what? The dark pits of hell?
Makes sense but why take my from everything well
I can’t understand the analogies used
If they’re direct with all why can’t I understand too?
Oh my god what am I doing
Imagine the dusty old book pages turning
But all the words have been peeled right off
And all that’s left is a dull fire burning
I don’t know what I’m doing
I don’t know what I’m saying
I don’t feel how I am supposed to feel
I don’t last like the others
I’m not strong like the brothers
I can’t explain how I’d begin to heal

Clara: Doctor, look at this!

An AU where Clara is a student and The Doctor is a biology professor. 

[After a major lab accident where Clara knocks down an equipment costing $20,000. She has no choice but to help the Doctor in completing is thesis that could very well change science as we know it. An unexpected duo on a dangerous adventure.]


Her senior year, after this, she’s free. Clara smiled at the idea of graduating as valedictorian. After all, she’s anything but only beauty, just got to keep a steady record and everything will be fine.

She and her classmates were inside the lab, it was one of the spookiest venues on this campus. It’s as if they’ve been doing some human experiments in here. And, why on earth does this classroom have anesthetic and surgical equipment? Is that a defibulator??

Her professor was babbling nonsense, she knew that only 5% of what he discusses are on the tests. After all, he bases all of the questions on the books. A handful during lectures but a complete sloth when it comes to papers.  

Her hands wrapped around the book. 

“Mhmm~ Ms. Clara Oswald, just you wait..” she hummed.

“Soon you’ll be on the stage, delivering a speech”

She took a step to the right and one to the left, twirled gracefully as she glided accross the classroom floor.


An enraged voice stopped her in her tracks with her arms up in the air, as if she was practicing balet. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked up and was greeted with two grey thick snakes of an eyebrow that were definitely cross with her. It wrapped around his eyes so tightly that she swear it would have popped out any moment.

“Since it seems that you’re in the mood, may you foxtrot your way to the storage room and get the microscope?” he scowled.

All eyes were on her and how dare those two students at the back mocked her. She was in deep waters now, gotta think of something to lighten the atmosphere. 

“You do know that the foxtrot needs to people? Mind to accompany me?” 

The whole class laughed and some even whistled. Their hands banging on the table and clapping. 

Her professor raised her eyebrows at her and muttered “Bantering.. This is why I don’t do bantering. Just– get the microscope.”

Exo reaction to their very first time with you

Sehun:*does what he was waiting to do for ages* 

Kai:*has everything already ready* What? I was anticipating this moment for a very long time. You can’t judge a guy for dreaming. 

Tao: *leads you towards the bedroom*Shhh don;t say a word and follow me, you’ll love what I have in store for you. 

Kyungsoo:*when you take your shirt off in front of him* Oh god this is really happening and it;s more beautiful that I have imagine.

Chanyeol:Why don’t we start ?cause I plan on making the best of this night

Chen:*becomes a considerate boyfriend* I know this might hurt at first so if you ever want to stop, don’t hesitate to tell me and we will stop okay?

Baekhyun:*after a hot make out session and the promise of something more to come* It’s so hot in here, can we open a window or something. God you are to much for me.

Lay:I like how that dress looks on you but I think it would look better on my bedroom floor.Shall we test that?

Suho:*he’s really into it*

Kris:*takes the lead and guides you through the whole thing* 

Luhan: Y/N:Do you have condoms right? cause we need them like right now.

Xiumin:*sees you getting out of the bathroom in a very sexy lingerie* That won’t stay long on you baby.

Destiel College!AU Text Messages

By Cami 

Exhibit One:

Castiel: this art project is angering me 

Dean: you’ll do great, babe ;}

Exhibit Two: 

Dean: you look beautiful today 

Castiel: you haven’t even seen me today 

Dean: I don’t have to <3

Exhibit Three: 

Dean: why does philosophy have to be so hard 

Castiel: is it as hard as my dick? 

Dean: c'mon im in class! *insert laughing emojis* only for me babe

Castiel: ur the one texting me, idiot 

Dean: touche, smartass <3

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Body language analysis of 2x14

Lexa has contemplated Clarke’s words from earlier and came to the decision that Clarke is a smart, capable leader and knows her people better than she does, so she will heed Clarke’s words, and leave Octavia alone. Clarke’s feathers are still ruffled from earler. When Clarke comes to a stop to the side of Lexa, she rest her weight to one side of her body, her hip sticking out, her chin up. This is a defiant pose. Her face and her body says, “what the hell do you want?” When Lexa tells Clarke of her decision, Clarke’s eyebrow twitches, she’s wondering how Lexa has done a complete 180° since she saw her last. She blinks twice rapidly, indicating she’s shocked Lexa has decided this. Lexa looks away from Clarke, “I do trust you, Clarke.” This is a difficult admission for Lexa. Clarke quickly looks down and to the left, thinking (as always) of the right thing to say. She steps into Lexa’s space, her face reads sincere. She wants Lexa to know she appreciates her trust. Lexa turns to look at Clarke, reading her eyes. She seems to have also contemplated everything Clarke has ever said to her because her next words of, “you think our ways are harsh…” are completely unprompted. She deeply cares what Clarke thinks of her and she doesn’t want her to continue thinking that she and her people are “savages.” Lexa says this and nods her head slightly,  acknowledging that she knows exactly what Clarke thinks about her and her people. She wants Clarke to understand instead of judge.

“Maybe life should be about more than just surviving.” Clarke looks away, contemplating her own words, undoubtedly reliving everything she and her people have been through since coming to earth. Lexa’s brow furrows a tiny bit, Clarke’s words hits her pretty hard. Lexa’s eyes widen slightly, she scans Clarke’s face, she examines her throughly as Clarke continues to looks away. She mulls over Clarke’s words briefly. She stares at Clarke’s mouth like she’s starving. Her bottom lip quivers slightly. She’s going through a plethora of varying emotions in this moment. This is a prime example of her internal struggle with Heda v. Lexa.

She takes a very deep, long, audible breath but it’s far closer to a gasp than anything else before she responds with, “maybe we do.” She’s still staring at Clarke’s lips, a tell tell sign of the desire to kiss someone. It takes every once of courage in Lexa to reach for Clarke, she moves swiftly as to not lose the courage she’s managed to muster up.

Clarke looks taken aback and stunned, she blinks rapidly twice before closing her eyes and opening her mouth. She more than welcomes this kiss although she’s more than shocked by it. Once they begin to kiss Lexa is no longer brazen. She’s timid, reserved, and gental with Clarke. They fall into the kiss more and more and Clarke brings her hand around Lexa’s back to pull their bodies closer. She’s wholly lost in this embrace. The longer they kiss the more confident Lexa becomes. She sweetly runs her nose along Clarke’s, switching sides to deepen the kiss further.

This brief moment of their lips parting snaps Clarke back into reality. Her face, with her eyes still closed says, “wait, Clarke, no.” She shakes her head a bit, her eyes still closed and softly apologizes to Lexa. She doesn’t want to hurt her feelings and she knows she needs to handle this delicately. The second Clarke stops the kiss, Lexa’s hand snaps away lighting fast. She jumps, startled out of the moment as well and takes a step back,  away from Clarke. She respects Clarke’s boundaries. Before Clarke speaks again, Lexa examines her face. Her lips tighten slightly. She does not know what Clarke is about to say next and she fears the worse.

“I’m not ready to be with anyone,” is said with sincerity and a shake of her head indicates as much. Lexa’s mask is back on. She’s put her walls back up to prevent or pretend this isn’t painful… to be denied by Clarke. She tilts her chin up too, this is this is a power move, this says, “you can’t hurt me.” It’s more so reassurance for herself. She searches Clarke’s eyes. Idk what she’s looking for exactly, maybe hope. Which is given to her when Clarke says, “not yet.” Clarke means “someday, maybe, I could see myself with you.” Her brow quirks and her head shakes. Her face says, “can you understand this? I don’t mean to hurt you but I can’t do this right now.” Lexa’s mask immediately slips right back off. Her eyes aren’t hard anymore but they are open and bright. She’s staring at Clarke with reverence. She searches her eyes once more looking for the truth behind Clarke’s words. She finds it quickly and gives a slight nod in understanding. But then she looks down, a cloud over her eyes. She’s very, very disappointed. But she does understand. Clarke looks at Lexa with regret and apologies in her eyes.


Uploading both because they have a theme… which is probably obvious XD

So these two drawings are fanart for @xtoxictears and @behold-munro… I’m sure it’s obvious which goes to who XD

Now, to explain them both. Warning, this part will be suuuuper long, so only read if you actually care to hear long ass stories.

For Kaya’s, I was basing a lot of it from her older pictures when she did modelling (I’m not sure if she still does it). I’ll be honest, I used to envy her a lot… almost to the point of hatred. Why? Well, I used to be an overly envious person. She’s kind, absolutely beautiful (even now), extremely likable (even animals seem to like her), and she at least has enough money to look however she wants to, whereas… I’m none of these things.

I want to state now that I never hated HER. That’s not fair. I just hated how she seemed to have everything but then here I was moping because back then, I loathed myself so much that I figured not even a mask would make me look beautiful. And I won’t even go into how much I hate my art.

Still though, I kept watching videos on her channel and kept track of updates she had and certain topics she would discuss, and it started to make me realize that my mind was just corrupted by society’s views. But it never seemed to help much; I still couldn’t get out of it.

Enter Jake. I honestly didn’t know anything about him until the Boyfriend Tag on Kaya’s channel. At first, I was like “meh, boyfriends” and kind of ignored it because of my old mopey self constantly reminding me that I have no one and probably never will, so why care about other people and their relationships?

But… then I kept getting updates on Tumblr where Kaya reblogged and posted about the Metal Ass Gaming channel. I ignored it for a little while because I was like “yeah, no thanks.” I usually don’t like being pestered into checking things out because it makes me hate it right off the bat, thus ruining the moment when I DO check it out.

But one day, while very skeptical, I DID check it out. I think my first playlist that I watched was Outlast. I bounced back and forth between other stuff as well, but I noticed one big thing: The content was enjoyable, Kaya and Jake (and John,when he was there) were funny as hell, but… they also talked about certain things that really helped me open my eyes… for the first time in my life.

These two… are seriously the most nice, appreciative, caring, and funny people ever. I felt like I was literally sitting with them and hanging out as they played these games (which honestly, the fact they couldn’t hear me would make sense if they knew me in real life as well, since I usually never like talking much, out fo fear of sounding stupid and embarrassing myself lol).

As time went, I started becoming a bit more confident, positive, and got better at managing my emotions (I have loads of mental problems, so it has been hard for a lot of my life to control them).

I still feel like I’m kinda ugly and shit because I’m overweight and shit, but getting out of that mindset will take time.

Anyway, Kaya and Jake are seriously the kind of friends I need to have around me, and even if they know near nothing about me, I feel I could one day be their friend. One day.

But I want to make sure I’m what I should be… what I’ve wanted to be… before that XD

Anyway, I’m off track. Back to Jake’s drawing explanation.

Upon looking into things outside MAG I discovered his video for his song Circus of Fear. Best song ever, btw. But I loved his look there; it suited him quite well. So I chose it. The outfit I kinda just put together myself and am just hoping for the best now ^__^;

I plan to draw Kaya and Jake again in their current looks as well (because their current looks are just as amazing as the old ones), but later XD

I hope you guys enjoy, and sorry for my semi-sob fest. I wish nothing but the best for both of you, and I’m so grateful for how much you two have helped me become a better person <3

I never really cared that much about seeking people’s approval for things, it didn’t matter to me so much if you loved something that I did or if you disliked it. Obviously I want to entertain and I want to bring joy and I want people to love what I’m doing, but in the end I have a purpose beyond that. All I ever wanted to be was bold, and to just try things. Even if it they don’t work, if it’s an experiment where you’re trying things and they don’t work and  people don’t like it, so what? Why does everything have to work all the time? There’s merit and beauty in failure, and that’s how I live my life.
—  Harmony Korine




Also why Sun? There were several other people standing closer to her. I mean the only thing that makes sense is that Ruby would have her locker number in his scroll. But that would mean they were hanging out outside of what we know of. I’m gonna cry. I need more information please.