but why do i still find you so cute

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senpai i kno u mentioned that theres a reason why chuuyas dating around, story-wise,, but i still dont get it. am i missing smth? luv the update btw, ranpoe!!! and the ferris wheel!!

kouhai, first all of all, thank you for reading!!! ♥ and ranpoe is so very precious, so i had to make them cute;;;;;;; i spent most of the time writing–well, thinking about romantic things to do in ferris wheels LOL

about the dating around - ok, so, here’s some things:

  • in chuuya’s pov - he’s trying to find someone normal for him, because he wants to move on, be a normal human etc. he’s been trying to date around other folks, but it’s dazai’s idea that he narrow his dating pool to the people he knows (supposedly so that there’s already a connection)
  • in dazai’s pov - he wants chuuya to date around so that chuuya will see that in the end, all the people he dated are not meant for him - because it’s been dazai all along
  • in my pov - all the characters that chuuya’s dated (will date) all have characteristics that chuuya enjoyed/liked. each one of those characteristics is something that either (a) dazai already shows, or (b) complements how dazai is. (e.g. kyouka/dazai both love sweets; ranpo/dazai can be both insufferable geniuses; yosano/dazai = drinking and more drinking; etc). end goal is that chuuya accepts that the normality he’s chasing on others have always been (and always will be) dazai all along.

…..so yes. a bit long rambling, but i hope that helps?????? v__v

thanks again for dropping by ♪♥

The hardest thing about being a Baby is that we still think of Zelo as that cute little bean with the ramen hair, who refers to himself as a kitten, with that cute high voice, who blinks and laughs in the cutest way known to humanity. And now he’s out humping the floor, going shirtless, rapping about “whipping it out”, going to clubs at 2 in the morning and posting it one his insta and it’s like, child why must you do this? And now it’s a mix between; “Wow, look at him being all grown up and finding himself! I’m so proud of him!” and “WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION TO DO THIS? IT IS PAST YOUR BEDTIME, AND THE ONLY THING YOU’RE WHIPPING OUT IS A FORK TO EAT YOUR VEGETABLES BECAUSE YOU’RE NOW GROUNDED MISTER!!”

Ninjas’ reactions to being complimented by old Sensei, and you can see he’s quite enjoying himself in the meantime when Wu eyes him suspiciously. XD

To Cole : “You’re doing quite well as a leader.”

To Jay : “You seem to be taller than last time I saw you.”

To Zane : “You’re unique.”

To Kai : “You’re cute.”

Don’t ask me why Kai would get that comment. Since I can’t come out with other ideas that could make him so flustered, I still find it cute when he’s clearly ready to argue and to deny to try to maintain his reputation. Aaaand, you can see he’s not very good at proving that by no means can he be associated with the term ‘cute’. XD


VIXX-OTPS has reached its third year and has achieved 20,110+ followers! I hope you all enjoyed the 15-day countdown this year and thank you very much for these 3 years! ♥ I hope we would be able to celebrate again next year~

Mark- Cute, Little Grandbabies

Group: NCT- Mark

Theme: Comeback Special

Type: drabble- fluff (its so pure I can’t)

Plot: You find Mark still practicing alone late at night and you tell him why he should rest and take of himself.

Inspo: X and I recommend to listen to this X before reading, it’ll set the mood

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Story time

Okay, so out where I live it’s very rural, like literal middle of nowhere just a giant forest. My family only owns about 2 acres of land, but behind us we have an abandoned logging reserve, and ever since we moved here when I was like 1 years old, we have always gone back there for hikes or just pure exploring. We would usually find like baby salamanders allllll the time, and thus my love for the small reptiles was born. Sometimes I would try to put them in my pocket and take them home (still do btw) but my mom would say no, although my dad is literally like an older male version of me (like seriously ask @guns-and-ships-definitely-ships its weird) and would always side with me. I really don’t understand why people hate them, like yeah, they are small slimy reptiles, but have you ever looked at their face its soooooooooooooo cute and I love them so much. 

sorry I’m probably being annoying but … SALAMANDERS  ~(˘▾˘~)

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why is that anon so mean :-( its not even towards me but i feel offended bc i find these so cute :(

Me: They’re not being mean, just stating their own opinion ^__^ 

Jackson: Wait…so…are we still doing this?

Me: Well yea! I’m not gonna kick you guys out while we still have more people asking things!

Jackson: Dang it, I wanted to go cuddle.

Me: *whispers* I’ll cuddle with you for forever

Jackson: Wait what?

Me: What?

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Do you know why louis and danielle broke up ? They were so cute together

I’m not sure, my lovely. I don’t think we’ll ever find out why; that’s something that they’ll probably keep to themselves. I can’t imagine it was anything more than a mutual decision, because, I’m guessing, that they’re still friends and talk. xx

the signs based on my friends
  • pisces: screams all the time for no reason
  • aries: has a trampoline but just lays on it instead of bouncing
  • taurus: was an ugly kid but is now really hot. thanks, puberty
  • gemini: never stops talking but is cute so its ok
  • cancer: punches people for laughs
  • leo: is full of despair but can't stop laughing
  • virgo: cried during finding nemo
  • libra: still has a deviantart account
  • scorpio: can't stopping dabbing
  • sagittarius: wears black jeans every day
  • capricorn: gay
  • aquarius: is hungry but is too lazy to walk to the fridge

Imagine Enjolras and Grantaire being ill together

Being dumped in the same house by irritated friends who do not have the energy to tolerate either of them whilst ill, never mind BOTH

Coming up with ridiculous reasons why the other person has to make the hot drinks
‘well I think you’ll find, Enjolras, that I gave you three quid towards your lunch six months ago’
‘ahAHA BUT I paid you back, whereas you still have my copy of Animal Farm upstairs’

Grantaire putting on trashy reality TV and hiding the remote and because Enjolras is too tired to look he justs shouts over it, and then when it’s an ad break he just shouts at and about capitalism, while Grantaire just grows increasingly amused

Wearing their duvets over their heads

Sitting on different sofas, and then deciding to sit together, and then, oh we may as well just snuggle up and get comfortable i mean why not right we’re both ill anyway so

Ending up holding hands somehow in a drowsy feverish moment of tired intimacy and then falling asleep in a pile of duvet and human and waking up still interlinked and blushing as a result, but neither one wanting to be the first to let go

A - Age: 23
B - Biggest fear: ;^)
C - Current time: 1:34 am
D - Drink you last had: Soda
E - Every day starts with: Anxiety 
F - Favourite song: I have terrible taste in music dude you don’t want to know
G - Ghosts are they real: Fuck yeah man, just not in the way people typically think. Krissy’s house is spooky as fuck and I love it Scott and her Grandpa are sweetie cute patoots who make me so happy <3 I do try to keep it rational and try to find a reason why it happens before going “HOLY SHIT GHOSTS”. I practice witchcraft so I can tell you some debunked cases. You’d be surprised how easily explained certain things can be. That being said I still like dragging my friends to haunted/spooky places.
I - In love with: Food and memes
K - Killed someone: Nah 
L - Last time you cried: Idk a few hours ago because depression
M - Middle name: I actually have two and shit you not one of them is Llama
N - Number of siblings: 2 brothers 
O - One wish: I already have too much tbh. It wouldn’t be for me, I can tell you that.
P - Person you last called/texted: My mom cause she’s hanging in New Orleans with my dad and won’t stop drunk dialing/texting me every detail
Q - Questions you are always asked: “Why are you so quiet?” 
R - Reasons to smile: People send me messages saying they enjoy what I write so I’m not entirely useless I guess.
S - Song last sang: I don’t sing I’m terrible at it
T - Time you woke up: 12:30 pm I think
U - Underwear colour: No
V - Vacation destination: Going on a long vacation with @askraviostuff to Disney World and the Dominican Republic. I fucking need it I’ve been working nonstop.
W - Worst habit: I tend to sound more rude than I actually intend to be because my wording can suck and I swear I am the biggest pringus I know.
X - X-Rays you’ve had: Too many to count
Y - Your favourite food: That’s like asking me who my favorite child is I’m such a glutton it’s disgusting. I guess sushi is my go to food.
Z- Zodiac sign: Taurus 

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BTS Reaction: You Not Being Able To Sleep Without Them

J-Hope: You would be waiting for him on the couch and when he came back from practice he’d be a bit surprised that you were awake. “What are you still doing up? An hour ago you said you were going to bed.” “I was but I couldn’t sleep.” After he asked you why you would reply, “I couldn’t sleep without you.” He would immediately smile at your words. “You need me that much? That’s so cute. Let me shower first and then I’ll join you.”

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Suga/Yoongi: You had been trying to go to sleep for the past 30 minutes but you felt something was missing so you went to find him. “Yoongi” you’d speak once you saw in the same place you had left him. “Yeah, babe” he’d reply without looking up from the lyrics he would be writing.  “When are you coming to bed? I can’t sleep unless you’re there.” As the last word left your mouth, he wouldn’t hesitate to pack up his things and follow you to bed. When it came to you, he wouldn’t mind putting anything off till tomorrow; including lyrics.

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: You remembered falling asleep next to Namjoon while watching a movie together but when you turned over, you noticed he wasn’t there so you woke up fully. “Namjoon” you called into the darkness, receiving only silence. You got out of bed and opened the door stopping short because Namjoon would be standing there. “I heard you calling me? Why are you awake?” “I woke up because you weren’t beside me.” His face would light up with a smile, “Can you really not sleep without me? Okay, let’s go back to bed.”

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Jungkook: You were almost done with high school completely and tomorrow was your last final. You’ve been lying in bed for a while but sleep wouldn’t come. You rolled over facing the ceiling with a sigh and the solution to your problem popped in your head. “Jungkook” you call as you go out into the room where he’d be watching a movie with the others. “What’s wrong, Y/N?” He would ask as he turned to you. “Do you think you could come to bed? I’m having trouble sleeping.” The both of you would blush a bit when the other members started teasing. He’d leave the room with you without saying a word to the others. On the outside, it looked like ‘you not being able to sleep without him’ didn’t affect him. However, on the inside, he was freaking out; loving that you needed him so much.

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Jimin: You were laying in bed restless, unable to go to sleep. “There you are Jimin hyung. I thought we lost you but I just had to look down.” You heard Jungkook teasing Jimin again through the door and a solution to both yours and Jimin’s problems popped in your head. You left the bed and went where the others were, “Jimin. Come to bed now, please.” All eyes would turn to you as you continued, “I need you with me so I can sleep.” He’d be shocked at first. “Can you really not sleep without me?” After you nodded he’d smile and giggle before following you to bed.

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Jin: You had been trying to sleep for the past hour but it seemed impossible. Jin would randomly come in your shared room and when he saw you tossing and turning he’d ask what’s wrong. “I’m just uncomfortable” you paused, “because you’re not next to me.” He smiled and came closer, “Why didn’t you tell me you were having trouble sleeping without me?” Then, without waiting for you answer, he would climb into bed and cuddle up to you. “I don’t think I could sleep without you either.”

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V/Taehyung: You were in the dorm with the boys and since it was late, you decided to take a shower and go to bed. “Where’s Taehyung?” You asked this after you finished your shower and noticed he wasn’t with them. “He said he was going to bed” Jin would reply and you would go see if he was in bed. Once you walked in the room, you would see him already laying under the covers. “Did you think I would forget?“ He’d ask this while patting the spot on the bed next to him, “I love that you can’t sleep comfortably without me.”

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kiyu-123 said (a):
Berry, I can take you to myself, though still living with me Kyi, I think he will be able to share the room with you)))
Anonymous said (a):
I want to build a house for you?
Anonymous said (a):
Poor. And where you have parents? Maybe you need a separate house. Take my house in the woods, I still go to the city forever.

flinsyatina said (a):
Aww so cute ~~ you kun! New vayf! Why do not you find a colt and ask him to live ~~~

shaperon-trown said (a):
Why are you no one want to live?

coolmulticorn said (a):
Denise: Well, then I can just bring you something right :О

Samdy:I am very grateful to you. But I have already moved. Now temporarily living in Berry. I will rat if you see me.

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could you do an Exo's reaction to you (their gf) taking care of them when they're sick? I love your blog by the way <3 Where do you even find all these gifs? They're so cute!

I just get them from gifsets, or if another reaction pops up on my dash I grab the ones that I don’t have. I swear to god if you saw these folders … there’s probably at least 1,000 per member, each sorted into different emotions/reactions. It’s crazy, I swear. And thanks for the request!

Xiumin: Wow … you’re pretty good at taking care of me. I’ll make sure to do the same for you once I get better.

Luhan: Why are you still up? I know you’re taking care of me, but you should be asleep by now. 

Kris: Can’t I take care of myself? I’m not a child. 


You: Wow, you sure are sick. 


Lay: You can’t be taking care of me like this, or else you’ll get sick too.

Baekhyun: *you make him food but it turns out bad*

Chen: But aren’t you gonna get sick too? What about your health? Isn’t that more important?


You: I’ve got to go to the store to pick up some groceries. 

Chanyeol: Nope. You’re staying here with me. The store can wait. 

Kyungsoo: Yah! I told you not to clean! I’ll help you once I’m better - don’t try to do it all on your own!

Tao: This is stupid. I’m not even that sick. 

Kai: You’re so sweet. You didn’t have to take care of me like this. 

Sehun: *calls for you every five seconds* Jagiyah~! Come get me a blanket!

Hope you liked this! Feel free to send in reaction/scenario requests, as well as any questions/thoughts! My inbox is always open!


BTS Spam

So our exams are almost over–actually Tiffany is totally done–and we decided to do this for you! This spam will be both “cute” and “sexy” and for each member. So enjoy!



(Picture but he still looks adorable)

Suga: (okay he’s just naturally cute)


Rap Monster: 

(He’s honestly too cheeky here…)

(okay he’s just too darn cute)



(I just find him really cute making this face… dunno why but he’s just too cute!)


Okay so that was cute! I was going to do sexy tonight, but it’s getting pretty late (eh sorta) and I have my last exam tomorrow, so I’ll be doing sexy tomorrow instead! Hope you enjoyed this spam (which I made because Tiffany was feeling down today) and don’t forget you can request! We don’t really have much to do, so go ahead and request anything you’d like! After a few more reactions we’re thinking of starting up ships so look forward to that! Good night!

-Admin Sammie


request: school hate to love scenario with Mingyu

literally all I could picture this whole time was Mingyu in the gray/pink mansae uniform rip

You sat at your desk, trying to focus on what your teacher was saying as someone was kicking at one of your desk legs. You didn’t even have to turn around to know who was kicking it, at this point it was a daily occurrence. 

“Could you find something else to do other than kick my desk?” You whispered angrily as you turned around when your teacher finally looked back at the board. Your question was answered with a smirk from Mingyu.

“Now, why would I do that? It’s fun seeing you all worked up.” He said as he gave your desk another kick, knowing you wouldn’t do anything. Mingyu constantly annoyed you like this every opportunity he could get. You still don’t know why he targeted you, but he did. You didn’t necessarily hate him, but if he wasn’t so cute you probably would’ve snapped by now. As you heard the bell ring, you gathered up all of your things and started towards your locker. Stood at your locker, you were switching books in and out of your bag as you felt a rush of air go past your face as someone closed your locker and then grabbed your wrist before you even had time to process what was happening. 

“What are you doing?!” You asked as you realized the hand that was grabbing your wrist belonged to Mingyu. 

“Just come with me.” He said as he continued to drag you through the halls, finally opening the door to a random empty classroom and pulling you inside. 

“Why did you bring me here?” You asked as he closed the door behind you. “What? Did you want to annoy me some more?” You said as you crossed your arms, looking at him. 

“No, um actually I-” He started as you interrupted him.

“Do you know how much you actually annoy me? What did I do for you to target me?” You asked as he shoved his hands in his pockets, looking down. 

“I don’t mea-” He started again as he walked closer to you.

“You’re nice to everyone else but me, I don’t understand.” 

“If you just listened…” He started again as he got even closer to you. You could feel your cheeks starting to turn pink and your heart speed up. You’ve seen how nice he can be with others and you loved that side of him, but it was a side that you never got to experience yourself. 

“Do you hate me or something?” You asked him and that’s when he had reached his point. In the matter of seconds, his hands were on your waist and his lips were pressed against yours. Your eyes widened as he closed the gap between you two. You didn’t know what to do at first but then he started moving his lips against yours so you naturally went along with it. Before you knew it, your hands were wrapped around the back of his neck and he was picking you up to sit you on one of the desks, maintaining to keep the kiss going. You could feel his tongue graze your bottom lip so you parted your lips so your tongues could finally meet. After he finally pulled away, you both took a few breaths of air before saying anything. 

“So i’m gonna take it you don’t hate me?” You asked, still a little out of breath from the kiss that had just occurred. 

“You think?” He asked sarcastically, letting a small laugh out. “I tease you constantly because I like you, that’s why I brought you here but you didn’t let me get a word in so I took the matter into my own hands.” He said, a smirk forming on his face. 

“Ah, well maybe if you weren’t trying to annoy me all the time I would like you too…” You said playfully. 

“Okay how about this, I stop annoying you and you give me a chance?” 

“Hmm… I don’t know…” You said, seeing if you could get anything else out of him. He came back closer to you, placing another heated kiss on your lips. 

“How about now?” He asked, pulling away from you.

“Fine, we have a deal.” You said, still a little flustered as you smiled at him.