but why did we have to wait a whole effing season for it


Connecting the dots; Will Regina return to being the EQ?

Includes Rumple and Hook

Throughout S4 and S5 I have been on a constant roller coaster with how I feel about Regina as a character. Why do they keep having her suddenly doing something odd and wrong (ex: Emma with the dagger x2, the stuff with Sidney glass and Marian, with Lily, etc) or being a hypocrite (ex: her times with Zelena)? These “small” and similar recurring events all had me scratching my head but I was not looking at the big picture. It wasn’t until talking about it with a friend and realizing some connections and hints that it all clicked at once. What if the reason Regina is so up and down with her actions is because she herself is not aware of what she is subconsciously wanting? Another words, right now she is thinking that she is a hero and wants to be sided with the heroes but what if deep down she is actually missing her time as EQ and it is manifesting here and there? Don’t take me saying all this the wrong way. I’m talking about this because I love Regina as a character. This recurring scenario of her doing fine characterization wise then suddenly doing the odd or wrong things I stated above is getting has been rather annoying (I wish characterization wise they would either decide to have her fully continue through with hero development without these odd occurrences or go ahead and have her fully embrace being EQ again and develop that way) and looking at it closer there has to be more than what meets the eye here. I dedicated some time to get a closer look at what’s possibly going on here because I do like Regina as a character. This also includes talk about possible foreshadowing. 

Under the cut because this gets lengthy. As a warning, this is all strictly speculation from what I’m seeing/thinking as a viewer, talking with friends, and some from speculation I’ve seen on here throughout the seasons. I’m trying to piece everything together in one place to try and see what is going on here. To be safe, I’m going to go ahead and call this an anti-Regina (Possibly anti-OQ and anti-Rumple for a portion) though characterization wise I would consider it the opposite for that is my intention. I’m trying to figure out what is going on here with her character. 

This post also has a little bit of Hook and Rumple stuff because I felt it all connects and no use to make another separate post. 

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TEA Categories

Here are the categories for this year’s TEAs. Nominations wont actually be accepted until the 17th but now is the time to look over the categories and see what you want to promote and start planning your nomination process. 

 These are final but if you have any questions or concerns about the categories please feel free to message us!

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Why I’m actually glad there was no Rumbelle TLK aka 10:02 pm aka S4 finale, final thoughts.

So I knew what was going to happen from Tumblr and a couple of my east coast friends and I had some time to digest the finale’s plot points before sitting down and watching it live on the west coast.  Having been on Tumblr through both broadcasts, I totally understand the wide variety of reactions and emotions as a result of said finale. 

And being on the west coast, I’m late to the meta party, but hey stick it out with me. Oh and probably unpopular opinions ahead.. Onward! 

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Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015 Part 2: Saturday aka Melissapalooza

This is gonna be long, so grab a coffee and settle in. Melissapalooza started right when the con opened. We got there early and had some time to spend before getting in Melissa’s line. We saw Josh McDermitt first, and he absolutely LOVED Tina’s @tinarakowski cosplay and told her she’s the “sexiest Eugene he’s ever seen.” Walker Stalker Con apparently agreed :) It was very cool to see them give us a little shout-out.

 Connor also made Josh a custom pop vinyl of Eugene that he thought was “AWESOME.” Josh was super funny (as everyone knows) and he gives great hugs!

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