but why did they have to give away so much

Can we talk about the importance of the “you knew it was me” scene and basically the whole room of requirement scene?

Okay so.
Draco has a wand pointed to Harry’s face. And so do two other people. And what does Harry James Potter do? He ignores the other two and talks to Draco.

“You knew it was me.” After everything, Harry just wants Draco to know that Harry knows he isn’t the terrible person he shows himself to be. After what happened in the manor, when Draco saved his life, Harry doesn’t feel threatened, even at wand-point, he wants to know why Draco did it. And Draco is hesitating. Draco is about to lower his wand. He’s about to make the choice Harry deems him capable of making if it weren’t for his company. Harry wants to let Draco know that there’s time to make the right choice. He wants to know why he didn’t give him away at the manor, when it would have made everything so much easier. And during the Fiendfyre, when Harry goes back, he just immediately reaches for Draco, doesn’t look at anyone else. And before Harry even reaches out Draco already knows he’s come back for him. Like… this scene is glorious.

“I’ve learned things about you, things that you wanted to keep secret. You had Nighteye as a sidekick who knows about One for All and who believes Togata senpai would be a better candidate for your succession. A successor I didn’t know about. And you didn’t tell me.

And while you’re keeping all these secrets, I’m left to be denied the truth about everything that involves me! I have no idea of your intentions and that’s just leaving me all confused and you’re just…running away from your problems!!

I finally know the truth! I know who you are! You’re a liar!!

I thought you wanted to help me become a hero, wanted me to be your successor because you believed in me! How could you not tell me all of this?! I don’t know what to do without you guiding me! Maybe it doesn’t matter to you to think I needed to know as much as hiding from the past mistakes you made! And that’s why I’m here isn’t it?! Did you give me One for All just so you don’t have to deal with your past mistakes?!

…Is that all I’m here for?”

So an idea struck me after re-reading chapter 130 to crossover the moment that broke my heart from SU with the Father/Son relationship from BNHA that has my heart.

Now I’m not saying this will happen, but I think it could after how Izuku was at the end of the newest chapter and I don’t know whether or not I want him to snap and yell at All Might outta frustration and anger in the next chapter, but I mean I kinda sorta wanna feel the feels if it does happen ya know. 

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Tbh kinda want there to be some langst in the form of Matt suddenly showing up and seeming like a the team wanting him to pilot blue lion

Lance didn’t mean to spy on them, okay, nor did he mean overhearing what they were saying. It’s just, he was going for some leftover goo after a well needed shower, and as he was rounding the corner, Shiro’s voice, laced with amusement, reached him and made him stop in his tracks.

“We’re gonna train you like a true paladin of Voltron,” he was chuckling, followed by a oh so familiar ‘oof’, meaning he had just patted the shit out of someone’s shoulder. The someone replied back, a little wheezy “Sure, because that’s exactly what I need” and- of course it was Matt.

Matt Holt, Shiro’s long time friend and companion, Pidge’s brother, miraculously back safe from the failure of the Kerberos mission. Everyone was overjoyed with having him on the ship, rightfully so, and he was a cool guy, with an acquired knowledge of Galra machinery that even the Alteans lacked. Had a smile for everyone, a biting humor that made even Keith laugh, and was also great with technical stuff. Basically, the perfect paladin.

And Lance was happy to have him back, of course, because he had never seen Pidge look so joyful, and Shiro looked less like he was contemplating leaving again to fistfight enemies in the astral plane. It was awesome, even.

But- lately his chest had inexplicably started to feel hollow. He was so happy, except for the constant pressure in the back of his eyes, and an annoying knot in his stomach. And sure, he could feel his control slipping with Blue, like their bond was just an echo of what it had been, like the connection was disturbed by a shitty cable plan, but it was going great. Zarkon was no more, Shiro was back with Matt, and the Galra army was still reorganizing itself, scattered and weak. They would be able to get it over with, finally, and go back home, leave all this shitshow behind and save the universe, whatever.

It only made sense to use every resource they had. And while Lance thought he had hidden his shortcomings well, what if he hadn’t? It didn’t matter. Of course they wanted Matt to pilot Blue in his place, because he was a shitty paladin anyway and wouldn’t it be better for everyone? He just wanted to go home, and him backing down was the faster solution.

So why couldn’t he bring himself to say it? To say, hey, Matt, I’m leaving Blue to you, treat her well, she’s a mighty lady. And why couldn’t his heart stop rabbiting in his chest, growing fangs to bite into his lungs and steal his breath? Why the fuck did he feel so empty?

He was surprised too, when a thud ringed clearly in the silence, and it was him hitting the floor, his legs suddenly giving out.

Confused, he watched two figures approach and- Shiro and Matt were looking at him weirdly, as he scrambled upright again, using the wall as a prop.

“Lance,” Shiro called, and he was frowning “Everything okay? We heard a noise.”

Lance laughed, although humorlessly. “Just tripped!” he lied, and now Matt was smiling, and he couldn’t bear it any longer, could he?

“No case of human slipperies, I hope,” Matt joked, and Shiro gave him a tight lipped, amused stare.

Lance winced. “Naah, I just took my shower a little too hot, I guess.”

Shiro looked relieved at that, but still suspicious, his eyes narrowed. “Good job out there, by the way,” he praised, slowly, clearly trying to make him feel better, and it hurt. Why did it hurt so much?

“A-Ah, of course! You, too,” he tried to hide the grimace behind a bright grin and a wink. An uncomfortable silence fell upon them. Huh. “Well!” he trilled “Now, if you’ll excuse me, my beauty sleep is calling me!” They laughed.

“Sure it is! Get some rest, Lance,” Shiro said, raising his hand to give him what would probably have been a reassuring pat, but Lance practically sprinted away, missing the troubled look Shiro and Matt shared.

Only when the door of his room was firmly closed behind his shoulders he let his legs fail him again, sliding down into a crouched position.

“Fuck,” he managed, low and broken, staring at his feet, as hot tears started streaming down his cheeks, “Fuck.”


SUMMARY - You break up with Bucky after a phone call from your bestie . But should you have trusted her?(idk , the summary’s is stupid)


WARNING- Angst , cheating

A/N - Thank you so much Taw @supersoldierslover . You are the best .


One call from your best friend and everything around you went dark . Everything at your vicinity seemed to come to a sudden halt . You couldn’t trust your ears . But she was your best friend , why would she lie .

The door bell rang and you opened the door to reveal the face of your boyfriend . You stopped yourself from pouring out your feeling in the form of tears and curses . You couldn’t , you didn’t want to.

“Hey , where have you been?”, you asked with a heavy heart and a heavier tongue , the words barely making it out of your lips .

“Umm , just out . You know….” , he said shrugging , walking past you into your shared house . How you wanted to believe that it was truth . Your mind and heart fighting over the honesty bore in his words , but for the first time your mind was victorious . You couldn’t believe him .

“I missed you.” Your words came out in a whisper , tears glossing your eyes .

He hummed not turning around to look at you . You walked towards him and wrapped your hands around his torso and inhaled his scent . He melt into the soft kisses you placed on his neck and shoulders . He instantly turned around and grabbed you by your waist and kissed you .

Even now his lips just fit perfectly around yours , you couldn’t help but melt into it . Your hands on his shoulders for support because your knees sure as hell gave out when his kisses trailed down your neck . You moaned . You hated it .

“You did miss me huh.” He removed his shirt while you removed yours . Completely bare in front of each other like the many times before, but for the very first time you felt naked . You felt his gaze disgusting . You wanted him not go through this out of guilt . You wanted him to confess his wrong doings , but he didn’t . He lusted over your body .He lifted you by your thighs and took you into the bedroom dropping you at the middle of it.

It wasn’t the first time that you had sex at the middle of the day but it was surely the last time . He pushed into you and you moaned at his length as your walls tightened around him eliciting a moan from him too. He was a man who got pleasure out of others pleasure . Hearing your moans and looking at your blissful face brought him close to his release . But today you turned around on all fours , hiding your face from him . He thrust into you harder and deeper , grazing at your pleasure spot , evoking deep moans from you . You put your hand on his hip and tried to push him harder. He pulled you against his chest and thrust into you wildly. Whispering confessions of love in your ear, which was now deaf to his sweet talk.

Your release soon came which brought about his as he filled you up . You both collapsed on the bed and he soon fell asleep , exhausted . But you couldn’t . You sat there with your knees to your chest ,not a single tear coming out , your eyes dry and your heart cold with no feeling , your mind blank. You wanted to be angry . You wanted to scream, slap him, scream at him, ask him why he did this to you , but you knew the answer would only hurt you more.

You did this because you wanted to feel and touch him one last time . But his kissed sting your skin and his I love you’s sting your heart . You walked over to the bathroom and freshened up , wearing a fresh pair of clothes .  You wanted to get away . You quietly packed your clothes , not wanting to wake him up and create a drama . You picked what you could , and walked out of the door  , but not before leaving a note.

Dear Bucky ,

I should have known that this would never work . But I didn’t want it to end like this . Do not contact me and do not even try to find out where I live.

-          Y/N .  


You went to meet up with your best friend in a coffee shop .

“See , I told you this would happen Y/N . I never thought he could stay loyal.”
You just nodded at her remarks , you wanted to forget about and not talk about it but she just couldn’t take a clue.

“But I am glad you broke it off with him . You deserve much more than that cheating asshole.”

At this you got up and said your goodbye to her. You went to your brothers apartment and started living with him .

Bucky did call you . He sent you a million texts before you blocked him . But he didn’t stop there. No. He came banging on your brothers door after a week .

“Please , tell him I am not here .”, your told your brother  .

He said what you told him to tell. But Bucky didn’t believe it but he still went away . It was the same thing the next 3 times . He would come around and your brother would tell that you weren’t home .

You thought about the days you just laid in his embrace, your heart swelling at his warmth and tender touches . You thought about the days his name was the only world that came out of your mouth in bliss. You thought about the days where he held your shaking body and sat through your nightmares calming you . You thought about how you did the same for him . There was so much love between the two of you and not once did you have any doubts. You would be lying if you said  you hadn’t thought about a future with him. But as soon as your friend called you with the news that she saw Bucky kissing another girl , and that she saw him come out of her house, all your fucking dreams about having a future with him was shattered .

You cried for days thinking about where you went wrong , what you did that made him seek pleasure from someone else’s body , seek happiness in someone else. Why weren’t you enough?

But in 2 months ,you came to understand that this wasn’t your fault . Bucky cheating doesn’t have anything to do with you but everything to do with him  . You couldn’t blame yourself . You found a job far away from the first one where you were sure to run into Bucky .

But as Bucky’s visits decreased and messages he sent though his friends phone decreased so did your best friends’s. But you didn’t give it much thought . Maybe she too moved on and got busy with life .6 months and you were honestly happy . Not the happiest you have ever been but still happy  . Colours seeped back into your life, you felt alive, not pulled down by the weight of betrayal .

Your new job was everything you had ever wanted . But you were being transferred to the branch where your old job  was at . If you had gotten it 6 months ago you would have declined it in fear of running into Bucky but right now you were more  than okay . You have gotten over him and nothing about the aspect of his existence hurts you anymore.

You got into an apartment nearby and settled in. It was your first day there and you decided you needed coffee to get through the hectic first day  .

As soon as you entered the cafe you were met with a familiar face , your best friend(maybe former) Sabrina .

“Hey , Om my god . Long time no see.” You say as she turned around holding two coffees .

“Y/N? Hi…I..What are you doing here?” She said looking a little worried. She didn’t really seem happy at meeting you .

“Oh , I got a job here . So..And you?” You asked but before she could answer you heard another familiar voice .

“Hey babe. Sorry , I slept in.” He walked from behind you and kissed Sabrina’s forehead taking a coffee from her hand .

When he turned around you were met with the blue orbs that you once called home . The blue eyes that once gave you comfort, the blue eyes that you fell in love with the first day you met him .

And the very blue eyes had love for someone else now. And not just anyone , but your best fr..sorry , your ex-best friend Sabrina .

His face too seemed to dull down as his eyes met yours .  You couldn’t believe what was going on .  You couldn’t understand what was going on .

“Are you two…?” the words came out with you even realising .

“Yeah , ummmm after you broke up with me ,3 months later . She was there for me . She cared for me .” Bucky answered with his head low.

“What???” , you asked in disbelief . She was with him?? Your best friend consoled your cheating boy friend .

Before you could ask Bucky about it , Sabrina was pulling you along with her out of the cafe .

“What the fuck!!!????” , you screamed pulling your hand harshly from yours .

“Y/N. Calm down.”, she said in a low tone . “People are watching , don’t make a scene.”

“I don’t care . You knew he cheated on me and still you went out with him? I thought you were my best friend . He could do this to you too.”  You were furious that she would make such an idiotic decision . But she still chose him over you . She chose a 6 month acquaintance over a 4 year friendship .

“He didn’t cheat on you .” , her voice came out in a mere whisper.

“What?”, you couldn’t digest what she was telling you .”But you were the one that called me and told me that he did.” You said in a high voice . A few people turned their heads but you couldn’t care less.

“Yeah , I lied. I liked him , I loved him .I loved him more than you ever could.  But you were with him . So…” before she could finish the sentence you slapped her right across the cheek , tears rolling down your face .

“How could you….” Bucky pushed you by your shoulder even before you could finish your sentence . He bent down to assess the slap mark on Sabrina’s face .  The girl who lied about him cheating so that she could have him for herself .

Bucky looked up at you , anger etched in his face .

“Go away . You have no right to hurt her.” You shrank at the disgust in his voice . He detested you and it made you even sadder . It wasn’t  your mistake , so you stood there , glued to the ground .

“Go away!!!” Bucky screamed at you and your body involuntarily jerked backward at the harshness of his words. He wrapped his hands around her shoulder .

“I hope you are happy with what you have done. ” You say to Sabrina turning around to your office .

All day you could only think about the betrayal .  What hurt the most was not thinking that Bucky cheated on you but the fact that your own best friend betrayed you . It stung like hell.

But then again you weren’t a heartless bitch like her , and you still wanted her to be happy after everything she has done to you.

Thank you for reading. I love to hear from you guys .

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Climbing [M]

Pairings: Reader X Hoseok

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 5086

Summary: An embarrassing moment from your past comes back to haunt you in the form of one of your cousin’s neighbours, Jung Hoseok.

A/N:  Jung Hoseok is that one guy who will come for your entire life and you would still return from the dead to ask if he needed anything else. So in honour of the birth of everyone’s favourite murderous golden hyung, here’s a long-ass fic and some good ol’ smutty smut smut. 

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“Okay, where? I don’t see-”

“There. Right there. There’s the top of one of their heads.”


“Look down – no, don’t get up they’ll see you. There, do you see him? Do you see them all?”

You crouch awkwardly behind the curtain, peering out of your cousin’s window and into the street below. You can just about make out the front door of her building opening before four men spill out onto the sidewalk.

You grin at how loud they are: they’re all speaking over each other and the calm, accepting way they seem to be going about it makes you think that this is their standard way of communicating.

“Which is the one is Nina obsessed with?” you ask, your eyes darting between them. “And how it is possible that they are all so good-looking?”

One is slightly taller than the rest, with perfectly upswept hair. The shortest one is pale with an expressionless face and a disinterested air about him. Next to him towers a sweet-faced kid wearing a cap. The fourth one is hidden behind the rest but something about him tickles at the back of your mind and you squint down at him, trying to make his features.

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It kills me that it’s pretty much canon that tsukishima is one of those people who could be actually dying inside and you would never know unless you knew information about his situation beforehand or accidentally hit a landmine. This boy not only played volleyball but he played it well enough to be a regular. He showed up for every practice and every game properly and only complained about the workload when asked to do extra. All this while he was not only playing the sport that he believed broke his brother on the same team he believed broke him, he was also suffering from what seemed to be a pretty bad inferiority complex. And he felt massive emotional turmoil over it. Did it show? Did we know about how he felt until it was explicitly revealed? Nope. And it’s not that we didn’t know something was off either, everyone and their mom could see that tsukishima’s heart wasn’t into volleyball for some reason and he let little hints slip by his mental defenses (i.e. telling asahi that his role isn’t that important in volleyball, when kuroo stepped on a landmine). Other than those tiny hints though, no one had a clue.  And for the most part it was packed away as ‘just tsukishima things’. He didn’t lash out or shirk on his responsibilities or blow up at anyone so why would anyone question it too much? The hints he did drop didn’t make it seem like anything terrible was up either. In fact, tsukishima could have very well carried his fears and insecurities for all three years of high school and no one would’ve known because he wouldn’t give them any reason to dig. I mean, no wonder akiteru and yamaguchi keep such close eyes on tsukishima. They know him. He’s not going to express pain, he’s gonna bury it and either try to work through it all by himself or wait until it all tides over.


Here are 20 tc questions for you. I hope you have fun answering them. I’d love to see you reblog this and let your followers ask you a few of those. (You can also ask me some of them 😂😅)
I tried to only take questions that don’t give so much private stuff of you and your tc away. I hope it worked out.

1. How old is your tc?
2. How old are you?
3. Does your tc have a loud voice or a silent voice?
4. Does your tc teach you this year?
5. Does your tc have fluffy hair?
6. Is your tc emotional or rather cold?
7. Is your tc a popular teacher at your school?
8. Why did you fall in love with your tc?
9. Do you know your tc’s favourite colour?
10. Do you know what music your tc likes?
11. Do you think your tc knows how you feel for them?
12. Do you and your tc have something like a friendship?
13. Do you know if your tc has any pets?
14. Do you know if your tc is in a realationship?
15. Do you know if they have kids?
16. Is your tc tall or short?
17. Do you talk about different things than school with your tc?
18. Does your tc have a nickname for you?
19. Does your tc tease you in some way?
20. Have you ever told one of your friends about your feelings for your tc?

supergaynow  asked:

Hello lovely lady. It's prompt time! Supercat: Frustrated and overwhelmed about Mon*El, Kara goes to Cat to ask for advice (because Kara had broken up with Mon*El and yet they're still together). Kara wants to know if she should give Mon*El another chance. Kara and Cat end up making out 😘😍

It only took me forever but here it is @supergaynow! I hope you like it.


Cat Grant had never been the kind of person to beat about the bush when she had something on her mind. Yes, she understood first hand the benefits of pleasantries but time was precious, so when she pulled the door of her hotel suite open to be met with her former prodigy and assistant, instead of the room service she’d ordered, she squinted slightly before uttering dryly, “Kiera, what a surprise. If you’ve come to beg me to change Snapper’s mind on firing you, you’ve wasted your time, but you won’t be wasting any more of mine.”

Instinctively, Kara cringed, her head dipping as if to tuck her chin against her chest while her hand nervously lifted to push her glasses up the bridge of her nose. A hesitant smile tugged at her lips, unsure of itself even as it appeared. “Oh, you heard about that.” Kara mumbled, her teeth worrying the inside of her lip as she fought the blood rushing to her cheeks.

It was too late, of course, she could already feel the sting of shame and taste the embarrassment as it coated her tongue and tainted the words she rushed to spit out, “Ms Grant, I-I’m not here about my job, I’m here because I need some personal advice and you,” Kara lifted her arm to flap her hand in the woman’s direction earnestly, “you’re the one person I always turn to when I feel lost. You see I, there’s this boy, man!” Kara all but shouted her correction, and winced at her own voice as it cracked. “This guy that I’ve been seeing and I, he’s not, I tried to break up with him. I mean I did break up with him, but he won’t listen and we’re still-”

“Of course I heard about it.” Cat quickly cut Kara off, more from mercy than cruelty. It hadn’t been the only thing she’d heard about Kara lately, but she’d spare her the details if only to ensure the girl had no more reasons to ramble nonsensically in the hallway.

Stepping aside to usher Kara inside, Cat waited until the door closed before she turned to scrutinize her privately. “The company you used to work for is CatCo after all. The fact that I’m not sitting in my office doesn’t mean I haven’t stayed involved; what kind of leader would I be if I did that? You don’t see Supergirl taking a day off just because crime is at an all time low, do you?”

Kara resisted the urge to roll her eyes, but her lips still pressed together as she swallowed back the sigh. “With all due respect Ms Grant, I’m not Supergirl.”

There it was, that flicker of emotion, that subtle tell that Cat had seen so many times. Honestly, who did Kara think she was fooling with those glasses? Alright, perhaps for a second she might have considered being wrong when Kara had taken such lengths to find someone to mimic her that one time at CatCo, but after the Bizarro fiasco? Now she was insulting her intelligence.

“Truer words were never spoken. You’re no Supergirl.” Oh, Cat made sure it was said acerbically, and she relished in the way Kara flinched at it. Sometimes the only way to get through to the girl was with claws, and if that’s what it took now, then so be it.

“Let me tell you something, Kiera. Women like Supergirl and myself, we don’t sit idly by while some manchild attempts to take over our lives. We know who we are and what we’re capable of, and we certainly don’t take a passenger seat when it comes to our own autonomy.” Cat held her gaze and raised her chin slightly, a silent challenge being given as she continued fiercely. “Do you think Supergirl would date someone who sleeps with her colleagues and has no work ethic and is, for lack of better words, the personification of white male privilege? Of course she wouldn’t, and neither would I, because we have integrity and self respect, things it’s becoming abundantly clear you are sorely lacking.”

Cat stalked towards Kara with slow, deliberate steps until she stopped mere inches from colliding with her. Even in heels, Cat knew she wasn’t the biggest person in the room, but her presence alone towered above her body, and she utilized it with precision. “Tell me something Kiera, how is it that in a matter of months you’ve gone from a girl I was so convinced had such potential, such greatness, and turned into someone so lackluster and spineless? Have you simply forgotten everything you are while I’ve been gone, or were you faking it all along?”

Kara shifted on the spot, the muscles in her jaw jumping as she fought the emotions that swelled up inside her. Vulnerability battled with indignation and she wrapped her arms around herself in an attempt to keep everything bottled up inside, “Ms Grant, please don’t talk to me like that.” It was a whispered warning, one she’d made before, one that ultimately lead to an outburst and cocktails with the woman. They’d bonded so wonderfully over the trials of what being a woman in a male dominated society really had to endure, but this felt different, it felt like an attack. It felt personal.

Ah yes, now she was getting somewhere. Cat didn’t have the luxury of smirking, it would give too much away, but she felt intensely pleased with herself. It wouldn’t take much to push Kara over the edge and when she did, the girl would finally be honest with herself. “You knew exactly how I would talk to you, Kiera. That’s why you sought me out. You said it yourself, I’m the only one that will give it to you without sugar coating it, so go on, let it all out, embrace the anger you feel and use it because if you don’t? This is the life you’ll be leading, and it will suck you dry. Find your fire, your passion, and when you do, grab onto it and don’t let go because that’s what you live for. Women need that, they don’t need a boy masquerading as a man, how incredibly pedestria-nmf!

So Kara did exactly that, she grabbed what filled her with passion, and she kissed her breathless. She kissed her until her lips tingled and throbbed, and only when she felt hands tugging at the buttons of her shirt did she finally come back to herself. “Ms Grant I-I’m so sorry, you said-”

“I know what I said, Kara.” Cat husked out between pants, her eyebrow quirking as she watched Kara uselessly try to conceal the bright blue and red crest now on display. “But I don’t think my legs can feasibly hold me up if you continue to kiss me like that, and I have a perfectly good couch going to waste. Chop chop, Supergirl, I’m not going to fly there myself.”

Laughter bubbled up and out of Kara richly, and for the first time in a long time she felt exactly like herself. “You got it, Ms Gr– Cat.”

And with a dazzling grin, Kara scooped Cat up and settled down on the sofa, where they indulged in possibly the hottest make out session either of them had ever experienced, but one they couldn’t wait to repeat from now on.

Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 4)

((A/N: Yay more writing! I found myself stricken with the writing bug out of nowhere today, and as @sarazzprime can attest I went to town despite having LOST A CHUNK OF MY INITIAL DRAFT *ahem*. But I’ve fixed the tags, hopefully. If you aren’t getting tagged, let me know, some tags aren’t working and I’m having to manually enter them each time because I’m difficult and stubborn.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader [FINALLY]

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 3k 

Catch up!: Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 ))

Steve hadn’t been wrong about Pegasus knowing the way, the creature beginning to move without being told as much. Pietro had been hesitant about letting you go, though Steve had reassured him it was necessary. You had a strong feeling Ares wasn’t the type to let a host of gods, goddesses, or anyone else for that matter to come traipsing into his palace.

But it felt nice to be moving on your own. You were tired, exhausted even, but this leg of the journey was yours to make. And it was reassuring to know that soon your father would be pulling in nets upon nets of fish and other marine life. You could see him smiling brightly, the ocean calmed as the water splashed against his weathered features. He was grinning like a madman knowing his family would be cared for.

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Seriously though, if you ever want to know why I hate Regina so much, just watch season 1.  And season 2.  Watch all of the horrible shit she did and got away with without so much as an apology.  Just because the other characters were written to turn a blind eye and forget about all her crimes doesn’t mean I have.  Everyone forgiving her is literally the most unrealistic thing about this show.

Creepypasta #1083: The Fairy Door

Length: Long

It was a little door set into the tree. It was disguised as part of the tree, covered with bark and with a little acorn cap for a knob. It was just the smallest little door, something only a child would think to look for.

My niece Jessie tugged my hand. “Look, a little door! Let’s go see who lives there!”

I let her pull me over. The door had been placed over a little hollow in the tree, so cleverly that I couldn’t even see the hinges. Jessie opened it and made a disappointed noise when there were no fairies, just broken acorn shells.

“Nevermind that,” I told her, “why don’t you leave something for the fairies?”

I took a gum wrapper from my pocket and my eyebrow pencil and told her to write a secret message. She did, with her back turned to me, giggling the whole time. When she was finished she rolled it up real tight like a scroll and we stuck it in the knothole.

Jessie went to one of those new-age schools where they were all about the wonder of nature in this hippy-dippy druid kind of way, so we walked at this park near the river a lot. I figured one of the teachers or maybe a parent had made the door, and maybe they’d talk about it in school.

I was going to tell my sister-in-law Tara about it when we got to her house, but she started off the minute she opened the door.

“Jessi-ca,” she said. The way she said my niece’s name, emphasizing the last syllable, always made me want to flap my arms and go ‘caw caw caw.’ “Mr. Gold hasn’t been fed yet. Do you think he’s been lonely waiting for you to get home?”

My sister-in-law never yelled at my niece, but the way she talked to her, I almost think yelling would be an improvement.

Jessie waved bye as she went inside. I said an awkward goodbye to Tara, who closed the door before I even finished speaking.

I forgot all about the door until the next day. I walked to pick up Jessie and saw her giggling with her friends in a pack.

“Can we go see the fairy door?” she asked when I drew closer.

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Forgive Me. [JHope/Hoseok; Angst]

“If I could see you again I, I want to show you everything I have. My heart that’s beating to hold you tight, I want to convey it all to you, I, for real for real, until you hold this sincerity in your embrace once again.” - J-Hope

[From “Hug Me” Taehyung & J-hope version; Trans cr; @BTS0222]

The sequel to “Hug Me”. [Please read that first.] 

Summary: How can one gain forgiveness from someone who is no longer in a position to give it? How can one be forgiven if they refuse to forgive themselves? How can one move forward to the future… if the past was so much better?  

Hoseok x Reader/ Hoseok x his daughter; Angst

A/N: So this is the REAL thing that I was writing during my plane ride >.< since it was safe to write with public eyes around lol I’m sorry for the April Fool’s joke, but anyways, here is the angst that no one asked for. :) 

Originally posted by hobiga

         Hoseok was never the same again after the death of his wife. No longer did his smile radiate like the sun, no longer did his laughter ring infectiously. Days after his wife’s death, he locked himself inside his house with his daughter, tormented by the questions of her young mind.

           "Where’s mommy?“ she constantly asked.

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right now i really want an apocalypse plot. okay? it can be any type. zombie, dystopian future, or maybe something like revolution where all of a sudden the power goes out. i don’t care. that’s something to be discussed. pretty much the worlds just gone to shit. i just want a plot where muse a and muse b meet in a situation where muse b saves muse a from basically being slaughtered. but then just walks away like it didn’t even happen. so muse a goes after them wanting to know why they did it. muse b doesn’t give an answer so muse a just keeps following them around. at first it’s so annoying to muse b because they are constantly having to look after muse a but after some time muse b grows accustom to always having them around. so much so that feelings start to develop and it scares the crap out of muse b for the simple fact that they can’t lose someone else. so muse a and muse b start to fight about everything! eventually it ends with muse b getting so frustrated that they shove muse a into an abandoned building/home/whatever and just start kissing them with all their pent up passion and craving they’ve had for muse a. in turn things get super hot and heavy between the two. when it’s all said and done. they are back to square one where muse a is again wondering what the fuck happened back there? only because muse a is also starting to feel something for muse b. so yeah. give me this kay? [and if you steal this plot and not credit me i will hunt you down! just be kind. reblog.]

A Clear, Dark Night

Originally posted by cierrasuee

Summary: Reader wakes up falling from the sky and isn’t quite sure why until she finds Dean…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,300ish

Warnings: mentions of death

A/N: This is kind of sad but not in that bad of a way…

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Gone (part 2)

“Can I have a request about dean and his wife the reader are fighting about whatever and dean says something about regretting marrying her and she says fine and leaves. He’s devastated and it’s up to Cas and Sam to save the day and reunite them”

“It can be a two part if you’d like”

Requested by: @nervousmemzie (If you want to be tagged in my other stories, tell me!)

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 1620

A/N: Finally, the second part! I’m sorry for the late. Enjoy it!
Flashback is in italic.

Gone (part 1)

Two days have passed since Y/n left the bunker, throwing Dean in total discomfort. He has been looking for her day and night. By now, he doesn’t sleep, doesn’t eat, doesn’t drink. Dean stands still, motionless, thinking constantly at that horrible night; he would have to stay home, with his wife, should have embraced her, make love with her. And instead..
Y/n.. is as if she had disappeared from the radar: the gps of her phone is dead, her car is still in the garage, and some hunters who know her.. no one had her news. Dean could only ask Castiel, but unfortunately, he wasn’t very helpful.

“Cas, you have to find Y/n. Use.. your angel powers! ”
Castiel sighs, continuing to look at Dean in his eyes; Is the third time the hunter prays the angel to do something, but unfortunately he doesn’t know how to find the girl.
“Dean, I’m not as strong as it used to be. I want to find Y/n, as want it you, and Sam. But I can’t use my powers. I’m sorry.”
Dean hits the kitchen table hard; first a punch, then another, and another one. He closes his eyes, and breathes deeply. As Dean tries to calm himself, Castiel approaches him, and puts his hand on the hunter’s shoulder.
“But I can ask some other angel to help me; a couple of them still have me some favors. Dean, we’ll find Y/n.”
Dean nods to his friend, while his hopes of getting his wife back are decreasing.

Dean is in the shower, and while hot water flows through his body, he continues to think about that night, to the words that came out of his lips. He tries to think of something else, and the first memory of him and Y/n is the night he asked the girl to marry him. Dean had bought the ring weeks earlier, but couldn’t make the proposal to her; Dean knew that Y/n loved him, but he was still afraid she would answer him no. Then one night Dean finally decided to declare himself. He had brought the girl to an Italian restaurant, very nice and intimate; there were candles, the perfect atmosphere, and the words came out of the hunter’s lips in a breath. Dean smiles, thinking back to that time, she was smiling, because she thought he was joking. Dean takes a hand in his hair, thinking of how much he misses his wife; how much he misses her smile, her eyes, her hair, her scent. Dean comes out of the shower, wraps a towel around his waist, and returns to his room; he dresses slowly, thinking back when he and his wife showered together, to her joking with him under the water..
Dean goes slowly in the kitchen, and sees Sam, as usual with his head on books; Dean remembers his wife in that same position when she does some research for some hunt. Sam looks up in Dean’s direction, and greets his brother with a nod. Winchester’s older brother approaches the coffee machine and takes a cup; on the table there is also a bottle of scotch, and looking at it, Dean is almost stomach ache. Suddenly, Sam and Dean hear the noise of the bunker’s entrance door; both on the alert, they head to the entrance, and they see Castiel slowly descending the stairs. His face is pale and looks very tired. Sam approaches him, and puts his hand on his shoulder.
“Cas, are you okay?”
Castiel does nothing but nod as he sits on a chair; meanwhile, Dean takes a glass of water and bring it to Cas. He knows the angel doesn’t need it, but it’s a courtesy. Cas decides to accept the water, and after drinking a long sip, finally, he seems to relax. The angel looks up, first to Sam and then to Dean.
“I think I’ve found her. I’ve found Y/n.”

Spring City, Tennessee.
Here is where Y/n is located. The girl, while she was locked in her old room, she didn’t want to wait for Dean to wake up the next day and talk to him. She needed to take some air, and get away from her husband for a while. She had turned off the phone, so that he couldn’t find her, and she had begun to walk and walk, until thought had tired her; she had decided to stop at the first motel she would find, and now, she is lying on the bed of her room, staring at the ceiling. To think about the last two days, to Dean’s words. She knows he was drunk, and that maybe he didn’t mean those things; but if he really thinks of those things? Y/n tries to figure out what’s wrong with her, what made her so wrong to bring Dean to think of something like that. Y/n turns into bed, trying to hold back the tears; she has been crying so much in these last days, and whenever she thinks that night, the tears begin to fall again. Y/n gets up from bed, and enters the bathroom; she takes off her clothes, and enters the bathtub. A hot bath will do me good, she thinks, at least I hope.
But it doesn’t change anything, what she wants is just to stay close to Dean, embrace him, make love with him. But him..
Toc! Toc!
The thoughts of the girl dissolve, when she hears a knock at the door; she decides not to get up to go to open up, but after a few seconds, still knocking at the door. Y/n sighs, and gets bored, leaves the tub, and wraps a towel around the body. She approaches the door and slowly opens it; she frozes. Y/n expected to be in front of anyone except him. Dean.
“D-Dean. How did you find me?”
“Can I come in?”
Y/n asks Dean for a few minutes, and after closing the door, she begins to dress; meanwhile, she thinks about what Dean needs to say.
Y/n opens the door again, and Dean is still there, waiting. The girl’s gaze meets the hunter’s, while he enters the motel room. Both boys remain silent for a while that seems endless; to make the first step is Y/n, which with Dean’s surprise, she is thrown into the arms of the man.
At first Dean is upset by Y/n’s behavior, but immediately that thought disappears, and the hunter does nothing but shake his wife’s strength.
“I missed you so much.” Dean says, as he touches the girl’s back; yes. She’s angry with Dean, he shouldn’t have said those things .. but, how can she give up the love of her life?
“Tell me you don’t think those things. Please tell me you love me..” Y/n’s words mingle with her sobs as tears flow over her face. Dean looks at the girl in her eyes, and taking her face in her hands, he lays his lips on her. God, how he missed the taste of her lips, wrap his fingers through her hair.. Y/n wraps her arms around the neck of the hunter and draws him closer to him.
“I’m sorry.. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry..” Dean goes on to say, while kissing his wife on the lips, on the cheeks, on the neck. Dean’s eyes meet those of Y/n, and with his thumbs dry her face out of tears.
“I didn’t mean those things, I was stupid. I love you, Y/n, and I will never regret having married you.”
“So why did you tell it? Is there anything true in what you said? Because I do nothing but think about what’s wrong with me. Do I worry too much about you? I’m too..”
Y/n’s words dissolve in the air when Dean slams back on her, and their lips clash.
“You’re not too much, you are my wife. And you are my life. I.. I was drunk. And I didn’t know what I was saying. I was an idiot.”
“You were an asshole. And you hurt me, too.”
Y/n moves away from Dean, and gives her back to him, while she runs a hand through the hair. Dean sighs; he knows it will not be easy to be forgiven by her, but he’ll not give up on her. He loves her too much.
“Come home with me, Y/n.”
Dean wrapped his arms around her waist, crashing the back of her with his chest.
“For me, exist only you. I need you.”
The hunter’s lips sit on her neck, and he begins to torture her soft skin. Y/n put the head on his shoulder, enjoying that little moment. The girl turns around, closing her eyes, wrapping her arms around the hunter’s waist, and hiding her face against Dean’s chest. He rubs her back, and puts soft kisses on her head.
“I swear to God that such a thing will no longer happen. I was wrong, and I was a jerk. But I love you Y/n, and I can’t live my crappy life without you.”
The hunter’s words make her shudder; the girl has never heard of it this way, not even when they got married. Y/n looks up to meet Dean’s, and without saying a word, she kisses him; their tongues collide passionately, and both feel the desire to deepen the kiss, to go further.
Y/n knows Dean has made a mistake, but she also knows he feels guilty of his mistake. And if he says he’ll not do it anymore, then she believes it. And deep down, Dean is her husband, and she is his wife; they love too much to stay angry forever. Their love is stronger than a hangover and a quarrel.

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Roses-Bucky x Reader

A/N: I’ve been missing for sooo long, I’m sorry. Inspired by le bae Shawn Mendes and his song Roses. Bucky is a complete ass in this omg


I woke up this morning with an uneasy feeling in my gut. Bucky has been back from his mission for a week now and with each passing day, he gets further and further away from me and there’s nothing I can do. I’ve tried staying by his side, encouraging him to talk to me and now, giving him space but all of that time he’s spending in his own head is not doing him any good. In fact, I think that it is tearing him apart. Calling Steve and asking him about the mission did nothing for me, instead, I just grow more and more worried. Bucky has never been this withdrawn from everything.

I walk into out shared bedroom and my focus is on Bucky. He’s sat on the bed with his head in his hands and he’s giving off a cold vibe which really takes me aback. He doesn’t even bother to lift his head up and a tear rolls down my face. I can’t help but feel my heart break with each passing second.

“Buck.” My voice is barely audible but he finally looks up and he looks blankly through me. His eyes are hooded and masked by the shadows on his face. “Bucky. Look at me. Please.” The sound of my voice is different, it’s hoarse from the tears I shed before I approached him.

“Just go away. Please. Leave me alone.” Bucky ran his metal hand through his hair, his face was detached and humourless. “I’ve tried to be with you so many times and it just doesn’t work.”

I felt as if I was slapped in the face. He didn’t want me anymore, and I didn’t understand why. There weren’t any signs, Bucky would tell me how much he loves me every night, and now, I just don’t understand. It makes no sense to me. I stood in the room, my knees wanting to give way. “Did you ever love me?” My voice was soft but broken, the tears may as well have filled my lungs because of the difficulty of breathing. “Are you throwing away everything that we’ve ever had? Every memory that we’ve made? Our home?” My voice got louder and louder but the bubbling of water in the back of my throat stayed, the salty tears dripped and I can’t bring myself to care.

“Don’t you get it?” There wasn’t anything in the first place? Nothing!” Bucky’s voice was raised but even with the noise, the silence of the malice rang through the air. His words didn’t slap me as much as the tone, he was gone. The Bucky I loved was gone and I have no idea how to bring him back.

“So, what was it?” I threw my hands in the air. My face was burning and I had no idea what to do with my body, it was tense and angry. And hurt. “Don’t just sit there, explain.” I tried to catch my breath but it was slow and shaky. “Give me something for fuck’s sake.” My throat was burning from the screaming and the crying. “You owe me that much,” I whispered and Bucky looked up. His eyes were cloudy and dark, nothing like a window to the soul.

“What would you like to hear? That I love you more than the universe will ever know?” My heart skipped and then sank as he continued with his barrage of anger and hatred. “But you know it’s not the truth, deep down you know that I don’t love you and I haven’t for months now.” He pulled his hair up and away from his face and I started to cower away. 

“No, no, don’t say that.” I put my hand to my mouth to try and stop the bile from rising. “Why would you wait so long, then? If you were so unhappy, what took you so fucking long to tell me?” I wanted to hit him, to throw something, to do something to make myself feel better but there wasn’t. There was nothing to patch my heartbreak.

“You wanted the truth, and now you have it. I don’t love you, I never did. It was great at first when we started dating but you aren’t the one, you never have been and you never will be.” Bucky’s voice was calm and level as if he wasn’t breaking my heart over and over again. “I was with you for the laugh. You were a good shag, but that was it, there’s nothing about you that I love. Nothing.” Bucky rose from the bed and walked into the living room and I chased him.

“Then leave.” My voice cracked and I braced myself against the door to stay up. “Just take your shit and leave, don’t come back.” Bucky turned to look at me squarely, he had no emotions on his face. “Once you leave, you’re gone. Don’t ever come back into my life, I want nothing to do with you. Nothing.” 

His walk was slow and he brushed past me on his way to the bedroom. Goosebumps rose on my arm when he touched me but they fell just as quickly as they rose. “Why didn’t you dump me sooner? It’d have saved you all the trouble of moving in with me, of promising a future for the both of us, it’d have saved you from introducing me to your friends.” I had to take a deep breath, he was ignoring me and I just kept talking. “I introduced you to my family. My family. I can’t wait to explain to them that after all of the talk of the future, you weren’t in it for the long haul. You weren’t in it at all.” My body shook from the tears and Bucky was quickly shoving all of his clothing into a duffle bag, not once looking my way.

Part 2 Part 3

  • Could you act human? Okay, I have neighbors. 
  • I’m glad I amuse you.
  • I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore.
  • Look, You gotta give me some answers.
  • I… I feel very protective of you.
  • You know your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash.
  • I only said it’d be better if we weren’t friends, not that I didn’t wanna be.
  • It means if you were smart, you’d stay away from me.
  • Okay well let’s say for argument sake that I’m not smart, would you tell me the truth?
  • Why did you hate me so much when we met?
  • I dream about being with you forever.
  • Well then I hope you enjoy disappointment.
  • I’m not even sure that’s legal.
  • You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you.
  • You are my life now.
  • I hate you for making me want you so much.
  • I’d rather die than to stay away from you.
  • You’re like my own personal brand of heroin.
  • Death is peaceful - easy. Life is harder.
  • I’m sorry, I’m just - I’m just trying to figure you out, you’re very difficult for me to read.
  • You can’t leave me!
  • Shh… Where else would I go?
  • We can’t be apart.
  • Okay, just don’t. You can’t say stuff like that to me. Ever.
  • I don’t like it. He looks at you like… you’re something to eat.
sign of the times (a riley matthews fic)

But she swallows the tightness in her throat, forces a small smile on her face and hangs up the graduation picture of her and her friends above her desk. Her heart tugs as she thinks of them all, scattered across the country. All off to find their own destinies. Her fingers ghost over her ribcage, the galaxy etched into her skin burning at the thought of them all. The pride that she often feels when she thinks of her friends comes crashing onto her like an ocean wave.

She ignores the bitter feeling of loneliness that follows it only moments later.

Chapter: 1 (Girl Meets New Beginnings) 
Ships: Riley/Lucas (main romantic pairing), platonic Riley/Clique Six, Riley/Charlie, Riley/Dave & Riley/Asher 
Word Count: 11k+ 

Notes: Well here it is friends, the first chapter of what will hopefully become my best work yet. I’m so excited for this fic and everything I plan to do with it and I hope you guys are excited too. Special shout out, as always to @friarlucas for editing and overall supporting this endeavor. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! Also, this fic takes place in the same canon verse as Maggie’s “Gravity on the Open Road” fic, you don’t need to read that fic to understand this one, although I highly recommend it, because it’s a wonderful fic!

Riley enters college under the complete and total assumption that she’s going to love it. She has no reason to think otherwise, especially after bidding all of her friends goodbye on their road trip across the country, and their wide-eyed and blinding smiles burned in her memory forever. They were all excited for the next chapter in their lives, and she was too. Of course she was nervous, but those nerves were overshadowed by something stronger, an anticipation and excitement of things to come.

So when she drudges across the main lawn of New York University, her backpack on her shoulder and duffle bag in hand, her parents bickering behind her and her younger brother by her side, a smile finds its way across her face. Things are going to be different – no friends, no Lucas, no dad as her teacher, but she has faith that it will be a good different.

Her room is a cramped double in the third floor corner of the largest freshman dorm, and her roommate merely nods at her when she first enters. While this dampens her spirits momentarily, she catches a glimpse of the New York streets below her window and realizes that things aren’t all bad. She’s Riley after all, always finding the good in otherwise unsatisfactory situations.

She won’t lie and say the less than pleasant living arrangements she finds herself in makes the goodbye she bids to her family hurt any less, but she plasters on her ever-present Riley Matthews smile and knows that things will get better in time.

Her roommate, as she learns over the next couple of hours is named Hannah, is a chemistry major and is not in college to make friends. That stings a little and Riley’s childish dream of being best friends (as best of friends as one can be with her true best friend across the country in California) with her college roommate immediately crumbles around her in a cloud of dust.

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Sucking at Keeping Secrets / Day 2: Drinking

Part 2 of the silliness for @juminzenweek! But can be read on it own. This one is SFW. If you want more smut, day 3 will be NSFW again. ;3 Hope you enjoy!

“Here is the wine you requested Mr. Han. But don’t you think it’s a bit too early to dr-“

“Thank you Ms. Kang. Please close the door behind you.” Jumin watched his assistant leave his office, ignoring the frown on her face.

As he poured himself a glass, he reminisced on last weekend. That had been a mistake. Questioning if he should try rapping as stress relief had been a mistake. Asking Luciel for his advice and going through with it… A mistake.

Standing on stage wasn’t a problem; he had given difficult speeches to much larger crowds in the past. Rapping felt bizarre, but that wasn’t the issue either. Zen had been there. Zen had followed him into the dressing room. Zen, with his tousled white hair and pale skin flushed, had challenged him. And like a foolish sailor, he had fallen for the siren’s call.

Jumin downed the wine like it was a shot, coughing from the sudden burn.

It was his own fault. He should never have indulged his foolish crush. Jumin had been content with teasing Zen in the messenger and seeing his reactions, but now that he actually had a taste of him…

God, he needed another drink.


Jaehee Kang: Guys, I’m worried.
Jaehee Kang: This is the third time this week Mr. Han is drinking at work.
ZEN: The fuck?
707: That’s bad
707: I need him sober so he can buy my cardboard! 8D
 Yoosung★: You’re still going on about that? ;;;
 707: It’s a booming industry~!
ZEN: Is that why he’s been absent from chat the whole week
ZEN: Seriously what the hell is he doing
707: Aww Zen is worried how cute
ZEN: NO I’m not (•̀_•́)
ZEN: I don’t want him to slack off for the RFA event tomorrow
ZEN: Just because it’s small doesn’t mean I won’t kick his butt
MC: It’s fine, we’ve finished preparations already
Yoosung★: Maybe you should check if Jumin’s okay, Zen?
ZEN: Why the fuck do you suggest that to me??
ZEN: Whatever, I’m off, tell that jerk to get his shit together
- Zen has left the chatroom -
707: (¬‿¬)
MC: (¬‿¬)
Jaehee Kang: -.-


Jumin vowed to control himself so he could network a bit at the party. A promise he broke in 5 seconds when Zen arrived, all sparkles and big smiles and none for him. He had a high tolerance for wine, though perhaps not for alcohol when he also drank a few martinis in between. Soon the room was warmer than a sunny afternoon and he sat on the couch, ignoring clients trying to mingle with him.

“Is Jumin okay?” Yoosung asked, peering at Jumin who looked uncharacteristically out of it. That was all it took for Zen to march over, pissed off.

“Yo Trust Fund! You’re supposed to be working, what the hell are you doing?”

Jumin stared at the actor and decided his stomach was a good pillow for his head. Zen nearly jumped when Jumin’s faceplanted himself into his jacket, looking around him in panic, not wanting to make a scene and have everyone stare at them. “Jesus, are you drunk?!”

“I’m not… completely drunk.” Jumin slurred, smelling the familiar scent of beer on Zen. It reminded him of that bar night and made him sad. Why did Zen not want him? Was it because of the silly cat allergy he keeps going on about? Does he see Jumin as a cat? Well, maybe he was one!

“Meeowww~ *hic*” Jumin rubbed his face against Zen’s stomach, causing Zen to look extremely flustered and uncomfortable. In the distance, the RFA couldn’t suppress their giggles.

“Don’t meow like a cat! What is wrong with you?!” Zen tried to pry Jumin off but failed miserably, as the dark-haired man dug his fingers into his jacket, using his fingers like claws.

“*Hic*, I like your hair. And your ass.” Jumin mumbled, trying to move his hands to said ass but unable to locate it, all sense of orientation lost in the drunken haze.

“You need to speak up, I can’t hear what you’re saying. Are you okay? You’re scaring me.”

“I’ll be fine soon. I need to lie on my stomach. *hic* Why do you care? You’re just a statue anyway. I don’t want to scratch Seven, I just want to scratch you.” He rambled on, lost in his own dream world where Assistant Kang was a kettle, omurice Yoosung tried to dress himself with ketchup, cardboard Seven would keep harassing him to invest. It was fine, because he could flop his adorable cat body over bust Zen’s marble head and hug it forever.

“What?! That’s it, I’m bringing you home.” The actor had enough, hoisting the executive up who let him, hit by the sad realization; Zen wasn’t a bust and he could never lie on top of him.

Jumin pretended to be asleep by the time they got into Driver Kim’s car, after the RFA reassured Zen they could handle the small event on their own. It gave him a good excuse to let his head lie on the actor’s shoulder - he was going to let himself touch Zen as much as he could now before forcing himself to shut down his emotions and his horrible infatuation in the morning. Zen didn’t say a word or even move and Jumin was grateful for small mercies.

Zen’s training as a dancer served him well, being able to carry Jumin into the penthouse with ease and gently lowering him on the large bed. To Jumin’s surprise, the edge of the bed dipped, indicating Zen had taken a seat.

“You’re such an asshole, letting Jaehee and the others do all the work. Seriously, why are you trying to turn yourself into an alcoholic? I’m going to tell your maid to throw all your wine away.”

Not the Château Margaux, Jumin wanted to protest, but realized Zen would leave sooner if he knew Jumin was awake. Never mind, he could easily get more. He heard the actor sigh.

It was quiet for a long time and with his eyes closed, Jumin found himself truly nodding off. He was barely aware of Zen leaving until the actor muttered something.

“God, my life would have been so much simpler if I didn’t give a shit. Why did I have to fall for a jerk like you…”

As the doors closed, Jumins eyes shot open in the darkness, mind instantly sober.

To be continued on Day 3~